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  • Justafox

    This isn't her whole games. Just one night she experienced with the careers.

    And don't correct my English, I'm trying, okay?

    We are surrounded by darkness and the stars look down on us. All of us gathered around the bon fire, to discuss the main threats.
    The moonlight shines through the gaps in the trees; making the forest haunting and the fog visible.
    I notice Marvel is looking at me and as mad as I am I fall out against him: ‘What are you looking at!’
    He quickly looks away, blushing as red as a strawberry. ‘Sorry…’ he mumbles.
    Idiot, I think to myself.
    Cato winks at me and I follow him to a place covered by bushes. ‘“What was going on there between Marvel and you?’ he asks me.
    ‘Nothing, Cato,” I tell him. “Leave me alone.’
    He grabs my arm and smash…

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  • Justafox

    The 45th Annual Hunger Games

    September 2, 2012 by Justafox

    Stop the whole world from turning into a monster.

    I just want to write again, so here is the 45th Hunger Games! May the ducks be ever in your favor!

    Okay, I want to upset you guys with my awful spelling and grammar. Yes, we all know my english isn't that good. But that is because I'm not a native speaker. So don't judge, I try. *cries*


    *You can have 4 tributes.

    *No reservations.

    *No sponser gifts.

    *Send your tributes advice.





    How to provide food

    Lelek Smortith


    Hiding, Speed, Bow and Arrow, Traps. Swimming, Hand to hand combat. Hunts down tributes and eats them.
    Lysander Dalton


    Daggers, Swords, Running, Hand to hand combat. Swimming. Doesn't eat much. …

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  • Justafox

    The Marto Love Story

    August 24, 2012 by Justafox

    I look down at the world and it start so shrink, and shrink. All what is left is nothing. And it's all I have.

    Terrified I wake up. Why is this happening to me? The nightmares are getting worse..

    I get my beige pants and green shirt, and put it on. The reaping is today... Downstairs my parents are waiting for me.

    'Cato, it's your day to shine!' says my dad full of joy.

    'Yeah..' I reply.

    I don't want to volunteer. I want to stay here.. With my family and friends.. But then the training would be wasted. Everything.. For nothing. Why does my dad want me to volunteer? I can't win this.

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  • Justafox

    145th Annual Hunger Games

    August 22, 2012 by Justafox

    "You stood tall, now you will fall." - President Snow

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  • Justafox

    Hunger Games Camp

    July 14, 2012 by Justafox

    This is the Hunger Games Camp, where you can go in summer. Whatever. You may bring along one HG character (tribute), to Camp. In Camp you will be taught the art of survival. And after 1 week, you will enter the arena with your partner you've brought alone, and fight till death. 2 people can win, if they came together to Camp.

    If you want to join, fill in this application:


    Age (12-18):


    Country you're from:





    B = Boys

    G = Girls

    R R = Reception Room

    Name: Alex Donaque

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Country: Scotland

    Personality: Creative, Funny.

    Skills: Writing, Talking, Charm.

    Strategy: Career.

    Partner: Glimmer


    Name: Lauren Hill

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Country: England

    Personality: Shy and Quiet.

    Skills: Climbing, Spee…

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