Duckish Intro

So duck you reader of this, this game will be just a my game I just finished (

You choose 1 or 2 tributes, and you will own them, don't forget to sponser them, and I will write a game about it, choose one of the tribs below


  • D1 girl (16) Nesta
  • D1 boy (18) Mark
  • D2 girl (17) Princeps
  • D2 boy (17) Danny
  • D3 girl (14) Amber
  • D3 boy (15) Robin
  • D4 girl (15) Anastacia
  • D4 boy (13) Wave
  • D5 girl (15) Marissa
  • D5 guy (16) Maarten
  • D6 girl (13) Mandy
  • D6 boy (15) Max
  • D7 Girl (18) Sparkle
  • D7 guy (15) Damian
  • D8 girl (16) Dana
  • D8 boy (170 John
  • D9 girl (13) Menia
  • D9 guy (17) Aaron
  • D10 girl (13) Autumn
  • D10 guy (13) Chester
  • D11 girl (12) Spring
  • D11 boy (18) Ber
  • D12 girl (17) Therse
  • D12 guy (14) Ferry
All of the tributes are related to one of the tributes of the 74th hungergames, the boy is related to the male tribute of his district tribute in the 74th HG, the girl is related to the female tribute of her district tribute in the 74th HG.

Tributes table (Will be online later)

D1 Girl; Owned by Quinn D1 Boy; Owned by
'D2 Girl; Owned by Rainbow Shifter
D2 Boy; Owned by Okibunny
D3 Girl; Owned by SilentStabb
'D3 Boy; Owned by SilentStabb
D4 Girl; Owned by Fishtail
D4 Boy; Owned by Fishtail
'D5 Girl; Owned by Madrigalmagic
D5 Boy; Owned by
D6 Girl; Owned by
D6 Boy; Owned by
D7 Girl; Owned by
D7 Boy; Owned by Iheartpeeta
D8 Girl; Owned by
D8 Boy; Owned by Thejman3
D9 Girl; Owned by
D9 Boy; Owned by Thejman3
D10 Girl; Owned by
D10 Boy; Owned by
D11 Girl; Owned by EliseMellark
D11 Boy; Owned by EliseMellark
D12 Girl; Owned by Okibunny

D12 Boy; Owned by Quinn

Because you have Katniss, or Peeta, It doesn't mean you will win!


The arena is the same as the one of the 50th hungergames, trolololol.

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