Well I just love D5; so I thought why shouldn't I make a blog about D5, and yes, yes, yes I will make a journey about D5. I hope you can send me some citizens or a family to put in this blog, so I can write a story about it. The average life of D5, etc.

How it looks


Family ster

Name: Feline Ster

Age: 12

Family: Twin brother, and mother (Father killed by accident)

Personality: Sneaky, but kind to people she like. Intelligent, and generous.

History: Father got killed by an accident in the factory, her mother did not believe it. And ran away, Feline had to take care of her twin brother, she stole food of the peacekeepers to stay alive, 3 months later her mother came back. But Feline still has to do it on her own.


Name: James Ster

Age: 12

Family: Twin sister, and mother (Father killed by accident)

Personality: He's not very sneaky like his sister, but he is a very friendly person; everybody likes him, he's also good with animals (He owns chickens)

History: Mostly the same as Feline's but he sold chickens, eggs and their meat in the Fair, (District 5's hob)

Name: Anna Ster

Age: 32

Family: 2 children (Man killed by accident)

Personality: Nice, closed, a dream and not very clever.

Job: Owns the candy shop of D5

History: Got mad when he rman died, ran away. Lived in the woods for almost 3 months and then got back.

Their house:


Family ?

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