Welcome, welcome at the chosen one game.

This game will have 20 tribute, and only 12 parcitipate in the games. The tributes chosen by the voters (YOU).

You can vote when I've got all the tribute, you can't vote for your own tribute. (I will write reapings and interviews, that might help you)

Oh yeah, if you're not chosen, you will die.

Please submit your strategy on my talkpage. And you can submit up to 3 tributes. (:

(Another great game: Needs tributes!)








Thalia Combe 2 Female 16 Knife throwing, Archery, Speed. CatnipKatniss
Bryan McHouston 1 Male 18 Spearing, Sword, Strength. KEWLBEN
Aria McHouston 1 Female 18 Knives, Axe. KEWLBEN
Saffra Keene 4 Female 17 Trident, Spears, Swimming. CatnipKatniss
Audacia Undersee 3 Female 13 Knives, Bow. Srish3211
William Undersee 3 Male 18 Sword, Axes. Srish3211
Jackson Jackson (Mad Jack) 10 Male 17 Axes, Knives. Srish3211
Lauren Hill 11 Female 12 Knives, Climbing, Plants. Rue District11
Lewis Rye 11 Male 14 Combat, Sword, Camouflage. Rue District11
Gem Ivis 5 Female 16 Mind, Plants, Running. Gale's Girl
Kat McCoran 7 Female 16 Seduction, Lying, Backstabbing. MySims
Rachel Edmond 6 Female 16 Seduction, Running. MySims
Johnathan Hunted 7 Male 17 Sword, Knives, Strength. MySims
Emily Scott 9 Female 17 Mace I am really awesome
Mackenzie Marinas 8 Female 18 Knife, Bow and Arrow, Sleuth. AML
Samantha Brune 12 Female 14 Snares THGG




After reapings.


Will be revealed after Reapings.

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