'Well, I don't like you. So I don't have to have respect for you!' My answer is; Yes you have to.

We are all a bunch of teenagers, obessed with the Hungergames. But teenagers have to have respect too. We make too much drama, and even I was thinking about leaving. I know most of you don't even know me, But that's a annother problem for now. We have to stop this, stop the drama, or else there will be no one here on this wiki, after a time. Believe me. A lot of user hate the drama, and I think some of them are thinking about leaving too. I know most of them want to stop the drama too. But the question is: How? That's a question I can't answer alone, but together we can. Yes this is a lame blog, about helping each other. But if we don't help each other now, there will soon be no one to help anymore....


click on it. ._.

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