I will write a story of Foxface in the game. Her story that nobody knows;

This is fanfic.

Chapter 1:

"Wake up, it will be a great day," says my mother. "sure," I mutter. I hate my mother, I have always hated her. She thinks it's a great thing to compete in the games. Imagine; Marissa de Winter as a victor! she thinks I can win, because I'm smarter than most of the other tributes. Sure I can.

I take my green dress, which my mother gave me. It's really ugly, but I don't want to hurt her. After I've dress, I go downstairs. "Where's dad?" I ask. "You know him, he's trying to steal food again of the Peacekeepers,' replies my mother. After I have eaten an apple, -that's all we have- I decide to go outside. When I've opened the door, and took a step, I fell over a branch. A big brach. Luke, you fuilthy rat!" I shout. My little brother is trying to make a treehouse. He has been working for like 5 months to finish it. And now he's decorating. He's 10 years younger than me; I'm 15, and he's just 5. I say goodbye to my little brother, and before I go away I look to our house; a small, broken house of stone, nothing more than a memory of our old house, and then I run away, trying to find Jessa.

The streets are full of people; children, adults, and older people. I run between them, my hair dances like the wind around my head, suddenly I fall down. I don't know how, or why. But when I hear a voice I see Jason. Jason! I give him a hug. And we almost fall over, calm down, my little fox," he says. Jason gave me this nickname after I found a little vixen, and took it home. But the Peacemakers noticed, and took Luna away, my little friend. Jason and I walk together to the reaping. Jason, my best friend.

When we're almost there, we hear laughing, screaming and shouting. I see a fight. Jessa punches a guy in his face, he kicks her. Jessa falls, the guy who kicked her tries to beat her up now. Jessa stands up, and kicks him between his legs. He falls, Jessa kicks him several times. And then got dragged away by Peacekeepers.

"Jessa!" I shout, but she already left my sight. It doesn't matter, I need to go to the square. And after some minutes of walking I see the square. I quickly go get my blood pricked; 'De Winter, Marissa. 15. No tessare.' When it's done, I'm walking to the female roped-off area. When I'm there, with all the other kids of 5, I wait. District 5 has not many children, like 200. When I look around I see my mother. She whispers to me: "You will volunteer, promise me. We will be famous."

I just stare at those heels, those purple heels. Melanie Snare walks towards the microphone, Welcome, Welcome." she says, "Girls have the honor to go first." I look around, and see my mother and father. Hugging. My mom looks my way, and smiles. "Jessa Halen. Shocked I turn around, I see Jessa walking to Melanie. My best friend, dead. "I volunteer!" I shout, my best friend turns around. And she's crying. 'Noo!' she replies. Jessa runs to me, but before she can hug her, my mother grabs her, and drags her away. I don't like my mother, nobody likes my mother. "Girl, could you come?" says Miss Snare. "Of course," I reply. Melanie gives me a hand, and pulls me on the stage. I stare at the distance, "Bart Paain." I don't care who Bart is. I don't care who Melanie is. "I volunteer.." All I can see is Jason coming. Mom is the happiest person in the world. Father is shocked. Luke has no idea what's going on. And Jessa has a black eye, my mother slapped her. I hate my mother, everybody hates her. "Give each other a hand," says our escort. I look Jason into his eyes, and I wish I could drown in his tears.

Come, come." Sure, Mrs. Halen," Jason replies. We go to the the Justice building. And when a peacekeeper has closed the doors, I start talking to Jason: "Why did you volunteer! No we will both die!" "He doesn't look me into my eyes. My blue eyes. I hug him, but then peacekeepers try to drag me away; "Let me go! Please, please.." Of course they dragged me into a small room, but fancy. And there she is, the devil herself. My mother thinks everybody likes her. I want to stab her. "Marissa! Why are we here? Did we win something?" asks Luke. We won the chance of life, I reply. I sit down in a red chair. She keeps smiling, Are you happy now?" I ask. Yes, yes I am," replies my mother.

When I've said goodbye to my family, a small boy comes to me, and says: "You're Marrisa, right? I'm Yuri. The little brother of Jason, he doesn't want me to tell you this but: "He has a crush on you, he has been whispering your name in his sleep for like 2 years now. Some people say that the world has happiness, but you need to find it. They need to shut up. "Thank you, Yuri. Have a nice life." Then he walks away. Someone opens the door, and I see Casandra, and Thomas. Our mentors. Thomas is an alcoholic, and Casandra is.. Casandra.

Chapter 2:

White. Our train is white. Jason keeps holding my hand. White. Our train is white. The doors open, and I know that nobody opens them. They are opened by machines. "Come, darlings," says Casandra. And we enter the train, Capitol people. Disgusting. Cake, coffee, drinks, candy. The whole train is red in the inside, it's not nice. It's beautiful. I decide to explore the train with Jason. After a while Casandra shouts: "Little sweathearts, come!" I know how she won her game. She annoyed everyone to death. When we reach the monster, Casandra, she tells us we will watch the reapings now.

A really tall guy from District 1, shouts, punches, does everything to volunteer. Glimmer just says; "I want to volunteer, and she wins the battle of volunteering. A guy, blonde and quite handsome, does the same as the District 1 boy, Cato. Cato is the male tribute of 2. Clove ran to the stage, and said: "I'm Clove, and I'm your female tribute." Idiots. A small tiny guy from 3 has been reaped, and no one volunteers. At least they're not idiots. The same happens to Amber, the girl from 3. The other careers from 4 do the same as the other careers. And then we are on the screen. We look weak. Weak. The ugly tributes from the transport District cried. They will die. The girl from District 7 volunteered for a girl, who seems to be her best friends. Why did Kelly volunteer for her friend? The boy is just to stunned to talk. I didn't pay attention to 8. A boy with hazel eyes is reaped, and thinks it's all a big joke. Do you see me laugh, Alex? The female tribute cries, weak, this tributes of District 9 are weak. District 10, a girl with a really round head. I assume she's an alien. I don't like aliens. A cripple boy, I should kick him on his leg. I should kick Bartholomeus on his leg. A tiny girl from 11, Rue. When the escorts asks if someone wants to volunteer only the wind answers. She's dead. The boy is really tall, and has the shape of a bear. Tresh is not a bear. I will have to watch out for him. Katniss, Katniss Everdeen. And Peeta Mellark. Katniss volunteered for Prim, her little sister. Peeta, nobody volunteers for him.

Why did nobody volunteer for me?

Casandra, do you think we have a chance of winning?" ask I. "Of course." replies Casandra. After a conversation about the best strategy, we decide to have dinner. Little chickens, flying on your plate. Pudding. Chickens aren't able to fly. Soup. Pudding again. Hey, are we having dinner of breakfast?" asks Thomas. Poor Thom. He won the 54th hunger games, but lost his best friend. She died in his arms. Dinner." I reply. "Casandra, how did you win?" asks Jason. I haven't heard him since we got in the train. "Well, after I blew up people at the Cornucopia, I took the careers down. One for one, and then it was just a matter of time for I would find the other tributes," replies our mentor. "Go to bed now, kids." Thomas, it's the first time I heard him in my life. "Sure." says Jason. That night I can't fall asleep. Nightmares.

The morning light comes as an attack. And I can't protect myself.

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