This is a (User)game, with candies Ö. I need tribbies -duh-, I hope you like it, and if you want to send a sponser gift, blabla, leave a comment. The usual, you know.. The arena will be a candy world! But every day, Katy Perry will come out of her cupcake house. And she will kill one tribute, o.O. When a tribute kills Katy, he/she recieves a guarded cottage where the trib can stay the rest of the games, but there isn't food in the house. I hope you will enjoy this game, if you need to say something desperatly just leave a message at my talkpage. Have fun! But watch out of Katy;S

It's katy Ö

Every tribute, starts with $0, When you get a sponser, you get $100, with 2 sponser, $200.. You know what I mean, and you can tell me, how to use that money for your tribute. A weapon is $100, 3 kinds of food are $75, 2 kinds of food are $50 etc... Extra clothing, is $80. You get how it works, I hope. But there's something special, something that other games, don't have. A cupcake bomb. That could kill Katy right away, or any other tribute. Use it wisely, the price of the bomb is $500, You can leave a comment for the gifts, at this page, or at my talkpage.

You can eat, from the candy in the arena. But after 1 bite, you will be really fat, so fat it will be hard to run. But if you need food.. it will be your only chance to survive. xd I really want fat tribbies..

The arena! :O

  • The house of Katy :O, That's in the lolly valley
  • The forest, with the chocolate river, somewhere in that area is The Cornucopia
  • Giant eatable mushrooms, but be quick, or they will eat you >:D
  • This guarded house, is for the tribute who kills Katy

Tributes of The Candy Game!

District 1 Girl; Team Peeta Anna Killed By Duck-Predator
District 1 boy; MarvelD1 Killed by Gummibear
District 2 Girl; ArleneLove'sTHG Drowned by wave
District 2 Boy; Xzibit447 Drowned by wave
District 3 Girl; Iluvgale Killed by Primrose
District 3 Boy; Tartus Killed by Mikalmt
District 4 Girl; MrandMrsPeetaMellark -Elise- Drowned by wave

District 4 Boy; Hnhnh2 -Octavian Caesari-

Killed at interview, by guards.
District 5 Girl; ~ilovepeeta~ Drowned by wave
District 5 Boy; Bartus Killed by Gummibear
District 6 Girl; DenaliLover Killed by Tartus
District 6 Boy; OneMillionEigths Killed by Gummibear
District 7 Girl; QuinnQuinn Killed by Gummibear
District 7 Boy; TDR97 Drowned by Wave
District 8 Girl; Jabberjay25 Drowned by Wave
District 8 Boy; Duck-predator Killed by Mines
District 9 Girl; Everdeen Killed by Safeandsoundhg
District 9 Boy; Snupper Killed by Tartus
District 10 Girl; Safeandsoundhg Drowned by Wave
District 10 Boy; Thomasb97 Killed by Gummibear
District 11 Girl; PurpleGirl23 Killed by Marvel
DIstrict 11 Boy; Mikalmt Drowned by wave
District 12 Girl; Primrose33 Victor!
District 12 Boy; Moon Beam Killed by evil ducks
May the odds be in your favor!~ Effie Trinket


District 1 Team Peeta Anne:

Caesar: 'What do you think of the games?'

Anne: 'I think it's a very amazing thing. I love to see children die >:D.'

Caesar: 'And what is oninion of ducks?'

Anne: 'I think; they are mean, evil and soo hot.'

Caesar: 'Uhu, yes ducks are hot. But do you think you can win the games?'

Anne: 'Of course, that's why I volunteered, stupid..'

Caeser: 'Excuse me!?' Go back to your place, you ****!'

District 2 Xzibit447

Caeser: 'Could you win the games, and kill the others?'

Xzibit: 'Of course, they are not strong, unprepared, and ugly. So that will not be a problem. I will have enough sponsers, because I'm so handsome'

Caesar: o.O

Caesar: 'Alright, but how are you doing?'

Xzibit: 'Yeaa, I'm sure that I can kill the others; I will tear them apart. Eat their hearts, and spit op them, while they are dead.

Caesar: 'The question was; How are you doing?'

Xzibit: 'Ohh, Well I don't care, I will kill them anyway!'

District 3 Iluvgale

Caesar: 'Hi, what do you think of The Capitol?'

Iluvgale: 'OMG< OMG. I'm going to a party with Gale! I just love him, so much! I have to prepare things for my party. OMG I'm so excited. Maybe I'm dead tomorrow! But I'm going with Gale to a party, MY PARTY! Yeaaaa! This is so freaking awesome...!'

Caesar: 'Uhumm?'

Iluvgale: 'Yeaa, it's quite coowl. But Gale is coowler!'

Caesar: 'Focus, please...'

Iluvgale: 'I will better go...' *Runs away*

District 4 Hnhnh2

Caesar: 'Hey...'

Hnhnh2: 'Uhmm..... Hey.'

Caesar: 'Are you nervous?'

Hnhnh2: 'Nooo. I'm hungry! Do you have any food? A apple is fine?'

Caesar: 'No I don't have any food!'

Hnhnh2: *Goes mad and tries to kill Caesar!*

Caesar: 'HELP! HELP!'

  • Guards come, and shoot Hnhnh2. Killed right away*

District 5 ~Ilovepeeta~

Caesar: 'Lets continue'

Ilovepeeta: 'Are you okay, he tried to kill you!'

  • Capitol audience metling for her*

Caesar: I'm okay, thank you.'

  • Caesar faits*

Ilovepeeta: 'Caesar! Help him! Please help him!'

  • Guards take Caesar away, and Ilovepeeta goes crying back to her seat*

District 6 OneMillionEigths

  • Caesar is replaced by Effie Trinket*

Effie: 'Alright, now that boy with clearly no manners, is gone. We can continue.'

OneMillionEights: 'Wow that was just.. Terrible.'

Effie: 'We have 1 minute left! What? Oh yaa that's for sure, it was... terrible.'

OneMillionEights: 'You like you don't care..'

Effie: 'Umhhh... 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1..'


Effie: 'Bye!'

District 7 TDR97

TDR: 'There's a chicken being bold'

Effie: 'Excuse me! Who do you think you are!? I'm Effie Trinket the escort of District 2! Almost the highest District there is... So you rat, go back to your place... And go learn some manners!'

TDR: 'That's just my sentence!'

Effie: 'I don't care. It was rude! Now go back!'

TDR: '****'

District 8 Jabberjay25

Effie: Hi! How are you doing? I hope good, but I don't care..'

Jabberjay25: 'Why is your hair geen? You look like a damn apple!'

Effie: 'That is called fashion, something you've never heard of.'

Jabberjay25: 'That's right, but clearly I know more about it, then you.'

  • Audience starts laughing*

Effie: 'Why so are you so happy? You can be dead tomorrow. So enjoy the time you have.'

Jabberjay: 'Yes, I can be dead. But you too... So enjoy the time you have apple.'

District 9 Snupper

Effie: 'What's your name?'

Snupper: 'Snupper, sir. Oops sorry you are a lady, right? It's hard to see, you know... The apple thingy.'

Effie: 'Everybody here is rude! What a afwul hungergame! I don't want to be here!'

Snupper: 'Just go then, we won't miss you. At least all the tributes won't.'

Effie: *Starts crying, and runs away!'

Snupper: 'Just run away, coward! I should go back to my seat, that would be better..'

District 10 Safeandsoundhg

  • Effie is replaced by President Snow*

Snow: 'Hi. Did you know, I love to kill children?'

Safeandsoundhg: 'Everyone does, you kill every year 23 children, at least. Did you know. You look like a fat, old, snake?'

Snow: * Is clearly offended* 'Enjoy the sunrise tomorrow. Because it will be the last you see!'

Safeandsoundhg: 'Uhu. Done with wining, you are really boring, you know?'

Snow: 'Take her back to her seat!

Safeandsoundhg: 'I will go myself. I'm not stupid...'

District 11 Mikalmt

Snow: 'Hi, what's your name?'

Mikalmt: It's Mikalmt. A beautiful name, much better then Snow. That fails, you know? Surely you do. Or else it would be lame...'

Snow: 'Uhumm'

Mikalmt: 'I'm not finished yet, so that name fails. That is why you fail too. It's your name, so try to change that, if you can. Because you're old, very old. Like 100 right? That's very old, even for someone like you. So behave, and don't kill me.'

Snow: *Unprepared* 'Ummh.'

District 12 Primrose33

Snow: 'Are you going to insult me too?'

Primrose33: 'No. I don't want to. Just don't care. I do care about the fact; I'm the last district, we are poor, and not very healty. We need more victors, then it will be better. So I swear, I will win this game, and save our district. I'm going now. Bye President!'

Day 1

District 1 Team Peeta Anna

I'm waiting in the tube. When I turn around, I see my stylist, he is so lame. Well; I still have to say goodbye, just when I want to move my lips, the tube goes up. And I'm in a..... CANDY ARENA!? What!? 'Omg, I love candy! :D' Yaa, that is Everdeen. 'I love candy too!' I start jumping, I want to get the candy! It's so delicious, I think. I see the D9 boy, he forgot about the mines, and walked straight to a Lollypop tree. BOOM! 'Well that is one less!' It's Marvel, my afwul District partner. 'I'm busy with hating him so much, that I don't see the lost leg of the D9 boy, coming to me. It hits me. I fall off my plate, and then the mines explode. I just can hear Marvel say: 'Well that are 2 less!' Before the mines tear me apart...

District 3 Tartus

BACKPACK! BACKPACK!!! I need it! The sixty seconds are almost gone. TUDUDUDUUDU And the sign goes! I run to the Cornucopia, take a sword. And start stabbing random people. 'There's tartus, get him!' That are the careers :O, I start running away, and when I turn around I see, DenaliLover and Snupper laying, at the ground. Dead. I killed him, I start running, running away from myself. But who can beat hisself?

District 6 OneMillionEights

I ran straight away. I couldn't survive the Cornucopia Bloodbath. At least, I think so. But I'm in a candy arena :D, It's greater then disneyland. Well... Before Snow blow it up. It's getting dark, I should find a hiding spot. But where? The only thing I saw, was a tree. A kind of tree, it was more a bubblegum thingy. I run back to the "tree". And see a hole in the Trunk, I open the hole, door thingy. And see a shelter under the tree.. Well at least I found a hiding spot. MOEHAHAHAH, oh thats just marvel... MARVEL!!! THE CAREERS ARE HERE :O, ö, o.O. I got to be quiet. 'I saw the OneMillio.' 'I Dont care!' 'Okk.... But I saw him running this way, just like the girl I killed!' I hope they can't hear my heart, Yaa sure.. This is greater then disneyland. Disneyland didn't want to kill me! The voices are getting vaguer, and I know they are walking away. I decide to follow them...

District 8 Jabberjay

WHY!? WHY!? 'Why did you eat the candy?' But Everdeen you ate the candy too!' 'Thats totally different!' OMG why did I ally with her? She is so strict, But she is right. We are both fat now, and it's hard to run now. Certainly for a enemie... 'Ever, did you see that!?' 'What?' 'It was something blue, there behind the Sugarthingy's!' She turns around, and before we can stop her, she starts singing: Last friday night. Luckily I made hat of Cotton candy :D. But my ally has less luck then me. And is killed by her... KATY PERRY. Her blue hair is already disapearing by the sugarthings. 'I will kill you Katy, for sure..'

District 12 Primrose

I've heard Last friday night, by Katy perry! Mikalmt Believe me! Please.. Please. We are allies, and they trust each other.' 'I still dont believe you..' 'Ahh. F*ck you!' I need to, get food. Luckily there are plants in this arena too. Just what I wanted, Well... What my ally wanted. I don't no the difference between A carrot, and a Nightlock. But I have him! :D 'Come lets collect food, or later?' 'No let do it now. We won't be easy to see in the dark. And I'm a super ninja, so I can see in the dark. Snappie?' 'Snappie?' 'Oh that's something from Luke, he is a little bit wacky' :O 'He like ducks, and think a head rounded actres, is a alien' 'Oh Dakota Hood?. She is an alien ;s' I'm sure..' We walk into the candy forest, and then the dark swallows us..

Day 2

District 12 Primrose

'Duckie's, duckie's..' 'Mikalmt wake up!' 'Sure, my favorite allie.' -.-;. 'Will we go gathering?' Mikalmt does't answer, and just runs into the woods, I run after him, and I hear a scream. It's tartus, Boom! 'And he is dead.' We go gathering, and find a good meal. Suddenly the ground is shaking, we think it's a earthquake, but we couldn't been more wrong. A wave, higher then skyscrapers, is coming this way. We scream, and Mikalmt runs away, against a tree. 'I will help you!' 'No go rose, save yourself.' 'This ain't a movie?' 'That doesn't matter go!' I run, run, and run. The wave goes faster, and I clim into a tree. All I can see, that the way isn't alone.

District 1 MarvelD1

Wait, is that a gummibear!?? It is coming, boom goes a tree, boom goes another, and he broke all the trees. But what does it want? And then I know it; Tributes. I see the other careers, crying, or I don't know, being hysterical, The gummibear grabs me, and takes me high, into the sky xD. I start to scream, and turning my head. 'There's a wave coming!' I scream. And it floods, through the whole arena, but I know; There will be enough people dead when this day ends.

District 6 OneMillionEights

And sure I could follow the careers, but they are dead. Luckily I'm high in a tree, and the wave can not grab me, with his waterish thingy, water. But there is an another problem; Gummybears, evil gummybears. They ate Marvel, I feel a giant gummyarm coming, and jump out of my tree. But the bear grabs me out of the air, with his paw. And do you know? Gummybears, eat humans very nasty.

District 9 Everdeen

Well I like trees, they saved me from the wave. But there aren't gummybears here. That's good, at least not bad.I can relax, and wait for it's over. But that ain't the truth. Safeadnsoundhg, is coming. Carrying, what!? 20 knives. I hope she is terrible at aiming, but that isn't the truth either. I say goodbye to my family. And then the knife hits me.

District 10 Safeandsoundhg

I'm swimming, but I'm not strong enough. I can't hold on for ever, neither does this wave. So that's my only hope for now, that it will stop, somehow. But it keeps going on, and on. Well I will not have a very long POV, I will die pretty soon. I know luke, he's lazy, and wants to start his other game. Make him start his game. Let him kill me... I don't care any more. I stop swimming, and sink to the ground.

District 12 Moon Beam

Evil ducks are mean, like they are sitting beneath my tree. I surived the other disaster, so I can survive this one. Well, ifn't Luke wanted to kill me! And yes, there's the cotton candy, ape. And he cuts of my branche. And I fall down. And I hit the water. And the ducks are hungry. And they try to eat me. And my canon goes off

District 12 Primrose

And the last canon goes off, I've won! I will be rich, and I can make fun of Snow. MOEHAHAHAHAHAHAH. The wave goes away, so as the gummies do, I see ducks? Well it's a game of Luke. Obsession with ducks. And the ladder goes down, I grab it, and being pulled out the real arena, but how about my mental arena?

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