Mentor Games

This is my first Mentor Game, so if you want to complain; STFU.

You can only send advice and sponsor gift:

*Every tribute gets $500

*You can send gifts to -not- your tributes

*You can only send gifts to tributes if your own tribute is still alive


Tribute Mentor Training Score Money left


Justafox 7 500


Catnipkatniss 8 500


RueButtercup 5 500


Tobi99 6 420


Catnipkatniss 9 295


Nommyzombies 10 345


Georgy23 11 500


Italicos 8 290


Theatreboy12 8 500




Mbakdewi 10 500


Shadow Seer 5 405


FHT 7 500


NerdDFTBA 6 500


Rainbow Shifter 9 500


Italicos 8 500


Tothedoom 7 200


RueButtercup 3 500


Tobi99 5 450


Theatreboy12 7 500


Theworldscolloding 6 285




District11 4 275


Georgy23 8 500


Skyandbray 6 500


The Arena consists of a forest, a swamp, a mountain range, and a savannah. At the end of the arena there's a huge hedge, which stops the tributes from escaping. In The Arena are some ponds, and a small river. The weather may change.


Sword (2)


Knife (6)




Axe (3)


Gloves (3)


Coat (5)


T-Shirt (4)





Whole meal (2)


Sleeping syrup (3)


Normal Medicine (3)


Wonder Medicine (1)


Every day the cost will increase by $15

Death Chart:

25: Beetee, killed by Brutus (snapped neck)

24: Glimmer, killed by Cato (Cato thought it was Maysilee and punched her to death)

23: Woof, killed by Blight (Stabbed him with a stick spear he made)

22: Peeta, killed by Johanna (Got thrown a spear through him)
21: Chaff, killed by old careers (Beaten up)
20: Finnick, killed by Johanna (Set to fire)
19: Clove, killed by Foxface (Foxface threw a rock to her head)
18: Rue, killed by Titus (Eaten by Titus)
17: Titus, killed by Katniss (Katniss shot him)
16: Brutus, killed by Lion mutt (While searching for Cashmere)
15: Katniss, killed by Butterfly mutt (While hunting)
14: Cashmere, killed by new careers (Hit by sword, finished off by mace)
13: Seeder, killed by Johanna (Axe in Seeders back)
12 Johanna, killed by Seeder (Poisonous apple)
11: Tresh, killed by Grasshopper mutts (While sleeping)
10: Blight, killed by Enobaria (Stabbed with sword)
9: Cato, killed by Gloss (stabbed with knife)
8: Maysilee, killed by Marvel (hit with mace)
7: Haymitch, killed by Enobaria (Stabbed with sword)
6: Foxface, killed by ? (?)
5: Wiress, killed by ? (Hung on tree)
4: Marvel, killed by Snake mutts (While looking at Wiress)
3: Gloss, killed by Earthquake (Earthquake)
2: Cecelia, killed by Enobaria and Sister (Stabbed with knife and sword)
Victor: Enobaria

The games begin!

Day 1:


“You can win, you’re my diamond.” “Shut up,” I reply. Stylists are idiots. A woman voice says I need to go stand in my tube. After 15 seconds I’m standing in my tube. No one says Cashmere what to do. The tube goes up, the other careers are waiting for me. When I’m on my plate, I see… Nothing. Just a savannah. Then I go out to find my alliance.


Mountains. I’m alone in the mountains, I hope I’ll find my districts partner. My mother always told me if I’m alone, hide. After searching for 1 hours, with only hearing 2 cannons, I find a cave. A small cave. As I’m entering the grass replaces itself for rock. I need to be alone, I need to find Beetee. Please, stay alive friend. I start singing: “If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away.”


‘’No, we need to find Johanna, and Katniss. They are the real threats,” says Brutus. “No, we need to find my sister,” I reply. Now I’ve found Brutus and Enobaria, we only need to find Cashmere. “Okay.. Come guys,” says Enobaria. I only hope those 3 cannons weren’t one of hers. We decide to go to the mountains.


Cato is mourning, for Glimmer. He killed her as he thought she was Maysilee. Poor Cato. Poor Glimmer. We know that there are 2 career packs, us and the other group; the siblings, Brutus, and gold teeth. Clove named Enobaria gold teeth. “I know we are all mad because there isn’t any supplies. But we have Sponsors, we only need to ask for gifts.


“Finnick, don’t follow me.” “I won’t let you be harmed,’’ he replies. Tears dance on my face, creating a waterfall. “We can’t win both, get out of my sight!” I shout. “Never.” “Okay then, come we need to set up a camp.” We take some sticks, and branches. Create a hut, and put grass on the ground. “I like it here in the swamp,’’ says Finnick. Strange friend, my strange best friend. After my stick is sharp as a spear, I notice Finnick is missing. Where is he!? “FINNICK!” I hear a sound from the bushes behind me, and throw my spear. Boom! And the tribute is dead. Then I see Finnick, holding a sword. “Nah, he wasn’t a threat. But good job.”


Haymitch and I are walking through the savannah. Tik Tock, Tick tock. “What is that?” asks Haymitch. “I don’t know,” I reply. When we look around, we see nothing. Not even a single movement. “Oh, a parachute reached the ground,” says my ally. For Maysilee Donner, District 12 tribute. “Oh my blowgun!” Then we hear them coming, the new careers. We quickly hide in the high grass. There’s a big distance between Haymitch and me, as we both ran to the other side. “Look guys, I’ve found us a new ally,” says a girl with dark hair. They take Haymitch with them, and I only can watch how they are dragging my districts partner away.


“We haven’t seen her all day, she’s probably dead,” I say. “Shut up! She’s alive,” shouts Gloss. “Okay, calm down guy,” replies Brutus. The mountains are hard to travel through, with all the height differences. Suddenly we see a movement, we look around and see Chaff. As we don’t have any weapons, we need to use our legs, fists, and heads. Gloss punches him in his face, Brutus kicks him in his croth and I bite him in his neck. Blood starts flooding, his cannons goes. And then we hear the singing.


Katniss, Rue and I have allied. We found each other in the forest, and we’re still there. We’ve found a small pond, with many trees so we can hide. Our girl on fire made a bow, Rue made some arrows. So Katniss could hunt, she’s been away for 2 hours now to hunt. Then I hear her coming. I see her with.. Seeder. “We have a new ally!” says Katniss, “Yeah,” I reply. Knowing that we need to watch out for our new ally.

End of Day 1

As you guys know there has not been a bloodbath, the tribute entered the Arena on a random spot, and there are no suplies. Don't forget to send gifts, and give advise!

Day 2:


We all cuddle up in the blanket Enobaria received, she is holding her axe. The water and the crackers lay between us. We’ve bound Wiress to a tree, our nerd. She will guard our camp when we have set it up. The sun is rising, the dawn greets us. Enobaria holds Wiress, and we make our way to the forest. When we reach the empty Cornucopia, there’s nobody. Gloss holds his knife which he stole of our nerd. We set up our camp, and wait till we will hunt.


Finnick is sleeping, I don’t want to kill him. I just can’t. But I need to win, what should I do. When Finnick stops with snoring, I know he’ll awake soon. I take my axe and my bottles of water. Outside of the hut lay some stones, I take two, and start making a fire. Finally I’ve made a fire, I take the burning branche. And set the hut to fire. As I run away, I hear Finnick screaming. Boom!


They have captured a cute guy, with curly hair, I think his name is Haymitch. Clove cuts him with his knife. And Haymitch can’t move because the District 1 boy is holding him. I take my rock, and throw it at Clove’s head. She falls down, and is knock out. The remaining careers chase me, just enough time for Haymitch to flee. Cato throws a spear made of wood at me, and it goes through my leg. I roll over the ground and scream: “Poisonous liquid gas! Quick go!” The guys are scared, and run back. When I enter my cave I pass out. I can only see a boy with curly hair above me before everything turns black.

Seeder: Cecelia, Katniss and I are hunting and gathering. We've only heard one cannon, not Rue's. Rue is waiting at our camp. I'm sure.. I've gathered many plants, and Katniss shot some birds. Then we hear the scream: “Katniss! Katniss!” “Rue!” replies my ally. We all run toward Rue, Katniss on the lead. Our leader shoots her arrows, and Titus falls down. Grabbed by death. He ripped his victim apart, and ate her heart.


“Thanks for saving me, I hate birds.” “Okay,” replies my ally. I was almost killed by birds in the swamp, giant red birds. When I think back I squeeze my knife. And yes, I cut myself. “Damn knife,” I say. Tresh laughs. I make a bandage of moss, and put it around my wound. We decide to go to the savannah. When we reach the area of high grasses, blonde hair flies between it. “Stop!” shouts Tresh. “Yes?” says a woman voice. “Come here,” replies the guy from 11. “Sure,” she runs toward us, and cuts Tresh with a teeth of a .. Lion! I stab Cashmere, and she kicks me between the legs. Then her head’s being swallowed in the distance.


When they come back, I only see Enobaria and Gloss. Gold teeth doesn’t even seem sad at all. Such an awful woman. They sit down around the campfire, “Hello, can you get this rope away?” I ask, “I don’t like trees.” Enobaria comes my away, and says: “Sure sweety.” She raises her arm, and I feel hell going through my face. “That will let her shut up,” says my attacker. Then a parachute comes down, filled with a meal, medicines, and a sword. “Thank you Brutus,” says Gloss. “Such a pity you aren’t alive anymore.” I let myself down against the tree, and cry. I only see that Gloss has caught a parachute..


“So we’re all sadden because of Rue.” “Yes,” reply my allies. I hold my sword, drink my water and put away my crackers. “Let’s eat,” says Seeder. We eat in silence, sad because of Rue. When we’re done with lunch, we decide to hunt. I see a little butterfly, and it strikes down on my hand. “Watch out!” screams Cecelia. Then the insect stings me. The world escapes right before my eyes.


I unpack my parachute; a mace and water. Cato’s got a sword, and a whole meal. “Why does rock always beat Clove?” asks Cato. “I don’t know..” I reply. “Well, let’s hunt!” We go to the forest, out of the swamp. And see Cashmere, I nod to Cato and we both run. Cato throws his sword, and it goes through her back. I raise my mace, and say: “Game over.”

End of day 2

Day 3:


“Hello, remaining tributes. There will be a feast at 1 PM. But you guys don’t have a watch, so duck you! There will be a map for every tribute, which says where they can find their loved ones, as they have the supplies. And if you can’t find them.. they will die. Have a duckish day!” “Y U NO DEAD YET CLAUDIUS!” I shout. I don’t want to put my sister in danger. Not at all, or maybe Laura. Laura Everdeen, my best friend.


“I don’t have any loved ones anymore.. So duck you, Claudius!” “I heard that, Johanna. That’s why we have put Annie in here, as she was Finnicks wife,” says Claudius. Oh no, not Annie. I pack my bag, eat an apple, however I have no idea how I got that apple. So that’s quite strange, it was just in my bag. Strange.. Do I know stories about apples? Oh yes, about Snowwhite. I look around, and see Seeder laughing. “SnowJohanna,” she says. “Oh god, such a lame joke. Awkward. Well Johann I’ll rescue Annie.. Kidding.” She turns around, and I throw my spear into her back. “I’m sorry Annie,” I mutter, then my eyes close.


He’s dead, killed by grasshoppers. Well, I said goodbye. And I need to save Max now. I’m sure they used him as my loved one. My little brother. I take my and Tresh’s bag, and run to.. he hasn’t said a place to meet.. well I’ll go to the center of the arena. The careers will be there too. “I love you, knife,” I say. I do wish I had my axe now.


“Come, we need to go,” says Haymitch. “To the cornucopia.” “Not everybody knows the cornucopia, but everybody does know the mountains. So we will go there.” We walk towards the mountains, not knowing where the other tributes are. It’s almost time.


We’re waiting at our camp, the same place where the feast will be. We’re just waiting, everybody can see us. But we don’t care. Cashmere is dead. My sister is dead. I see the other tributes waiting for the maps. Then we hear Claudius: “10, 9, 8 … 6, 5, 4 ,3 … 1.” Nothing. Just nothing. Enobaria gets angry, runs toward Blight. And stabs him to death ... Now the real fight starts. I hold my sword tight.


Savannah, oh I love this map. When I’ve finally reached the Savannah, I see Thaia and someone else. My girlfriend. Surrounded by mutts. I hold my knife, ready to kill. When I’ve killed the first mutt, and I’m fighting with the second, I look around and see Enobaria killing another mutt. We help each other, and kill all the mutts. I say thanks, turn around and I see a sword through my body. “Oops,” says Enobaria.


My map says I need to go to the swamp, okay then.. *30 minutes later* Okay, I've heard two cannon since the big fight.. And I see a small boy, surrounded by huge snakes. Who’s that? “Tim!” My grandson. I don’t have any weapons, I look around and see .. nothing. I run away, and see how the mutts eat Tim.


I don’t care if anyone dies. I’m done. I want to go home .. I hear a canon, and I look up. No one. I walk around in the swamp, and see her. Hanging on a tree, the female of 3. Is she winking at me? No.. Urgh, creepy. I turn around, and see the giant snakes.


The ground starts shaking, and the world seems to end … “Come on, Maria!” I take her end, and together we run down the mountain. But the earthquake tears the mountain apart.. And I fall in the dark.


I see Enobaria with her sister, I couldn't save my brother. Now Liam is dead. I take my sword, and run toward Enobaria. She sees me, and throws her bottle at my head. I duck, she runs to me. And I hold my sword ready for the fight, suddenly Enobaria laughs. And I look around, seeing her sister holding a big knife, with a big smile on her face.

Enobaria's won, well done girl.

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