Now happy? We need to talk about chat, we have like 10 blogs about it. And still we can't agree. That's pathetic. You guys disgust me, really.

What the duck is this blog about, about us coming to an agreement:

Chat Ideas (opinion):

1: When someone spams, ban them for 3 days.

2: When users are having a fight, try to solve it. Do they continue. Ban them for 2/3 days.

3: Add an edit limit to join chat + use the idea of Skyandbray;

4: When an user has done a spam attack, ban them forever. They won't behave when you unban them.

5: More mods; other wikis have many mods. And they don't have this problem.

6: Be more strict. We are too soft.

We are doing our best, but what if your best isn't good enough?

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