Lets just start, people are coming and people are leaving. Sometimes because of problems in their life, sometimes they stop liking the subject. And sometimes people want to go, because everyone hates them. At least they think they do.

Yes, you can't be always nice. And I'm not asking to be nice to each other, but be respectful to each other. And don't shout awful words at them. Because words can hurt. Yes I have already made a another blog about the same subject. But you guys just don't get it, people still want to leave. Because of you, hating comments, just ignore someone. Destroy her because she did something at a another wiki. Call people a whore. Say we are racists. But fine, it only matters how you guys are doing. Right? We don't give a fuck about each other.

You can compare this wiki to a high school. There are the populair kids, the middle kids. And then you have the last kids. A high school also has bullying problems. So why don't here? Lets start hurting someone, because they did something bad. Yes you make mistakes, but nobody's perfect. So we have to forgive each other. Or else you're just a hypocrite. I think we should start all over again, and forget everything. I hope you can, and don't forget:

I wont let anyone get hurt on this wiki.

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