Well I was totaly thinking randomly , and suddenly I knew it; Ducks are fat. But that's another story for now. I'm making a shape shifters game, and yes it's a USER GAME. The game is from the country Halen (See: <a class="free" href=""></a> ) But well you can choose ONE ANIMAL you can change into. I hope you will like my idea, and this game.

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Choose a provincie -------->

(I've forgotten P8 -Noord-Brabant- It produces fruit)


If you want to allie with someone, or place a reguest to allie just comment.

The tributes/shape shifters


P1 Girl; MnkyGrlsj/ Grey Wolf (Training score: 9) Killed by Trap (day2)

P1 Boy; KEAP/ Cobra (Training score: 10) 
P2 Girl; Rose Hathaway/ Artic Wolf (Training score:8) 
P2 Boy; Julian Espinoza/ Wolverine (Training score: 6) 
P3 Girl; Iluvgale/ Dragon (Training score: 11) Killed by trap (day2) 
P3 Boy; Moviepopcorn123/ Hummingbird (Training score: 8) 
P4 Girl; Debopama/ Tiger (Training score: 7) Killed by Anon 
P4 Boy; Kwankwan44/ Eagle (Training score: 7) 
P5 Girl; QuinnQuinn/ Pegasis (Training score: 5) Killed by Clove1999  
P5 Boy; Everdeen/ Shark (Training score: 6) 
P6 Girl; Anon.../ Owl (Training score: 7) 
P6 Boy; Bellscullen/ Catterpillar (Training score: 5) Killed by Iheartpeeta 
P7 Girl; Iheartpeeta/ Lion (Training score: 8) 
P7 Boy; Thomasb97/ Hippo (Training score :7) Killed by Angry birds12 
P8 Girl; Clove1999/ Pheonix (Training score: 9) Killed by Iluvgale (day2) 
P8 Boy; Mrweare121/ Polar Bear (Training score: 2) Killed by Iluvgale 
P9 Girl; Necterine411/ Hornet (Training score: 7) Killed by Iheartpeeta 
P9 Boy; The severus snape/ Dragonfly (Training score: 6) Killed by Anon 
P10 Girl; ~ilovepeeta~/ T-Rex (Training score: 5) 
P10 Boy; Angry birds12/ Anaconda (Training score: 10) 
P11 Girl; Team Peeta Anna/ Lynx (Training score: 6) Killed by ilovepeeta 
P11 Boy; Barbieklaus1029/ Serval (Training score: 5) Killed by Julian 


1: MnkyGrlsj, Keap, Rose Hathaway, Julian Espinoza, Iluvgale and Moviepopcorn123.

2: Anon... and Barbieklaus1029

3: Everdeen, QuinnQuinn and ~ilovepeetaAs I'm standing in my tube, I feel my legs turning into rubber. I'm scared, scared for what will come. But I don't have too. As a career I am; I'm totally save. Well saver than the other tributes. The tube goes up, and I see the Cornucopia, in the middel of a lake. I can't get there! Well if I swim, I can. But the chances aren't in my favor. I know for sure. BOOM! I start running, and see everyone transfroming into their shapes. A huge anaconda kills a hippo, a dragon swallows a polar bear. And when I'm almost at the Cornucopia, I turn around and see already 6 people dead laying at the ground, just dead.. 'Rose look out!' a serval comes my way. I'm paralysed. I will never see a sunset again. But yes I will, Mnkj and Julian are biting the serval. And after 6 seconds she's dead. 'Thank you guys.' 'You're welcome...'</p><p data-rte-fromparser="true"> </p><p data-rte-empty-lines-before="3" data-rte-fromparser="true"><b>P4 Depobama

Luckily, I'm still alive. I have made the right decision; to run away from the that long thingy. Or how it is called. The forest is getting darker and I see I'm deeper in it. I change back to my human shape, and climb a tree. I pick some leaves, and start to chew on them. They taste awful, but I can eat them. So that's good enough. I feel so lonely. I decide to take a nap, the last thing I see before I fall asleep; is a owl sitting on a branche.

P7 Iheartpeeta

I have to run, I just have to.. suddenly my breathe cuts off. And I know why, a hornet stings me once, and twice. Without thinking I start running again, I run faster than the hornet flies. So in a couple of minutes. I'm unable to see for the hornet. When I turn around, I see a girl, from Provincie 9. But she has to die. If I want to win this game, she just has to die. With a loud RAWR, I tear her neck apart. And the canon goes off, and a another one, and after that also a canon goes. 9 in total. Not much for the first day, but alright they have plenty of time.

P3 Moviepopcorn123

'All the careers are still alive, and we have all the supplies. We rock!' 'Not yet Julian. We first have to survive.' 'Ummhh, okay?' After we packed all the supplies we swim away from the island. Except of me, I fly away from it. When we are out of the lake. 7 hovercrafts come, and take the dead boys and girls away. They don't have to fight anymore, they are safe. As we are careers, we have the deadliest weapons you can imagine. I get a sword, and a thing I don't know the name of. But I have weapons. Just like the each other, we could kill each other easily. And would I survive, or could I better flee. That's an good idea to think about. Tonight, in the dark.

P10 ilovepeeta

Everdeen and I. Everdeen and I, an alliance. Everdeen and I, an alliance, with us two. 'What are you thinking about?' 'Nothing Effie,' I say. Well Effie ain't her real name. It's her nickname. And mine is Peetalover. I'm totally coowl with that. But I still have one question. Why does Everdeen want to stay at the lake? The careers went to the hills, but there could be other dangers and tributes. 'Because it can provide food,' she always says. And who am I to think it wont? 'But still... How do we have to get food out of the lake?' 'I will show you,' Everdeen says. She turns into a great white shark. And in no time she has caught 7 big fishes. We decide to eat the tomorrow. When we can make a fire...

P6 Anon

My allie is dead. Killed by careers. In 6 seconds she was dead, blood everywhere so far the eye can reach. At least that was in my imagination, just like the girl from 4 I killed. Everywhere blood. Why do they do this? Why do they make a monster of me, I'm not a monster. I killed a innocent girl, I'm a monster. Just like they wanted to. I have to pull through. For my family, for myself, for Jake.... I miss him so much. We had a long goodbye kiss, he would have volunteered if he could. But I don't care, he has to live his life, also without me. I start crying, and wish I could drown in my own tears.

Day 2

P3 Moviepopcorn

'We could do it, leave the careers.' 'We wouldn't make it 5 miles, Rose.' 'Do you want to end like the 1 girl. Caught in a cage, and being smashed into little pieces?' 'Of course not! But the careers will kill us in 3 seconds.' Rose is behaving strange, earlier she said, she doesn't want to leave the careers. But now she wants to. 'Well I will stay with careers,' says Rose. I really don't know what she is thinking. But after our break, we walk further into the woods, so dark because it's night. 'What is that?' Says Julian. A bush is moving, and suddenly Clove jumps out. Before she can transform, Our dragon ally spits fire, and the only thing left of Clove is a pile of ash. We all take a small piece, so she can't be reborn. As a Pheonix she is. Rose also takes a small piece of the ash. I don't know why, but I don't trust her. I should flee tonight,

P6 Anon

I wake up in a tree, on a branch. My face wet of my tears, It's early in the morning. 'We have to kill the owl girl, I don't trust her.' The careers! I hide my knees in my face, and I'm trying to be quiet. 'Well there she is,' Says Julian. The P3 girl transfroms into a dragon, but then I'm already flying. I raise, she raises. I drop, she drops. I make a loop. But suddenly I see the sky turning black, and I know the gamemakers are trying to distract or kill is, or maybe both. Thunder comes down, and we fly, and fly. But my chaser still gets hit by a lightning bolt. She screams and falls down.

P7 Iheartpeeta

I've found a good hiding spot, a big tree near the waterfall. There's a hole in it. Which makes me able to climb into it, as a human. Hollow tree's are always a good hiding spot. I know for sure, and suddenly I hear a noise. Snorring, I think... I go to the direction of the sound. And see the careers, they are all sleeping. This could be a perfect situation to get food, I take some food out of the backpacks. Just enough. But no one will ever notice, so that ain't a problem. I put some of my poisonous berries in the backpacks. I hope they don't mind.

P5 Everdeen

My ally was right, the waterfall is a better place to stay than the Lake. I notice that Ilovepeeta behaves a little bit wacky. Like whispering one word, stare into the distance. And more like that things. But that isn't important for now; we need food for now. That's important. But we have already eaten all our other fishes. So I decide to hunt and after half a hour I've caught 2 fishes. One for me, and one for my little ally. She needs it more than I do

P4 Kwankwan44

When I fly in my eagle shape; I can see whole the arena. The hills, the woods. And the lake of course. I've also been to the end of the arena, the force field. A scary place. Like someone or something was watching me, but that ain't true. I hope... But nevermind, I'm going back to the lake. To find a hiding spot,

spot, I see the Cornucopia, and decide to take it as my hiding spot. I change back to my human shape, and I'm going to have a nap, inside the Horn. Here I'm totally safe, at least I hope so

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