This is my first Hungergames, so I'm sorry if I will do anything wrong. I hope you will send tributes to die (0.O). Cause that will be fun. If you want to sponser a tribute, then write a comment.( Every tribute starts with $0, if you have 1 sponser you get $100, if you have 2 sponsers $200 etc.) If you want to ally with a another tribute leave a message at my talkpage. If you have any questions or comments leave a message at my talkpage. I hope that it will work out alright

Gifts that you can send the tributes (When you sponser them)

Blowgunwith poisonous blowdarts Weapon Price $125
Mace Weapon Price $90
Sword Weapon Price $100
Bow and arrows Weapon Price $150
Throwing knifes (5 knifes) Weapon Price $100
5 apples Food Price $20
3 banana's Food Price $30
A meal (potato's, Broccoli and Meat of cows) Food Price $45
A blanket Material Price $75
Gloves Clothes Price $50

The arena

The mutts in the arena

Tributes of the 164th hungergames

District Name Gender Age Death
1 Allie Rose Evans Girl 13 Killed By Evelyn (day4)
1 Will Pryor Boy 14 Killed By Kente (day1)
2 Kiera Mellis Girl 13 Killed By Allie (day4)
2 Karo Mellis Boy 16 Killed By Allie (day2)
3 Anna Grenwism Girl 15 Killed By Drowning (day2)
3 Joe Grenwism Boy 15 Killed By Waves (day4)
4 Anneliese Tides Girl 15 Killed By Karo (day1)
4 Waves Odair Boy 16 Killed By Jason (day4)
5 Celine Cracat Girl 15 Killed By Snake mutt (day2)
5 Tyler Jones Boy 13 Killed By Evelyn (day4)
6 Secia Foud Girl 17 Killed By Sally (day1)
6 Bas High Boy 14 Killed By Kiera (day1)
7 Jasmine Greft Girl 15 Killed By Evelyn (day4)
7 Jason Neel Boy 17 Killed By Jymeco (day4)
8 Sally Satin Girl 13 Killed By Evelyn (day2)
8 Kente Nole Boy 13 Killed By Snake mutt (day2)
9 Demi Thoud Girl 12 Killed By Hedgehog mutt (day1)
9 James Bastt Boy 15 Killed By Waves (day4)
10 Lavender Pooti Girl 15 Killed By Joe (day3)
10 Jymeca Evacuo Boy 18 Killed By Allie (day4)
11 Evelyn Grace Girl 16 VICTOR
11 Justin Bieber Boy 16 Killed By dragonfly mutt (day3)
12 Serena Grace Girl 16 Killed By Lance (day1)
12 Lance Grace Boy 12 Killed by Jymeco (day4)

Day 1

Day 1 Will Pryor

I’m waiting for the tube to go up, after 10 seconds waiting. It goes up. I see at one side a forest, and at the other side a swamp. I don’t care. I will have to run to the cornucopia and grab weapons. The gong goes, I run to the cornucopia. But there are already other careers, stealing my weapons, we didn’t make a pact this year. I don’t know why… I have to focus right now! I’m almost at the cornucopia when I see a spear coming straight to my chest, and then everything gets black.

Day 1 Kiera Mellis

I’m scared, I know I’m a career. Most of the time they win. But that’s because of their strategy. We don’t use that strategy, and I don’t know how to take care of myself. That’s in my mind when I’m running to the cornucopia. But now I have to get a sword. I see a sword, just where that boy from district 6 is. I push him to the ground. I kick him, I hit him. I run to the sword, and then I realize the canon didn’t go off. I turn around, and finish bas off, after that I go to the swamp.

Day 1 Anneliese Tides

“I hate it! I hate it!” When I scream that already 5 people are dead, I just found a net. Just when I wanted to walk away. I see that Jason almost being killed by Karo the boy from district 2. I jump, between Jason and Karo. The mace from Karo hits me in my face. The pain is afwul, when I turn my head around I see Jason running to the forest. 5 seconds later the mace of Karo comes down.

Day 1 Secia Foud

“What the **?!” The arena is a forest and swamp all the things I hate. I’m just disappearing between the tree’s of the swamp. I look back. And I see still 4 people fighting. Yeah the cornucopia is dangerous. Luckily I found a blowgun with 25 poisonous darts. But I couldn’t find any food. I will have to steal some food. I’m thinking so badly about my strategy, that I don’t see Sally is walking before me. We see each other, I shoot a dart at her, when she throws one of her knives at me. I duck to the side. But the knive hits me in my back. I scream. “Thank you for the blowgun.” she says, while she is aiming a knive at my heart...

Day 1 Demi Thoud

I’m still living, yee right that’s a reason to be happy… I don’t know why, but there’s a conversation in my head. I hit my feet against a spiky ball. I recognize it, somehow… And then I know it! It’s a hedgehog, he is so cute. Wait his spikes are getting longer and thicker instinctive I run away, but it’s already too late. He shoots his spikes. They go straight through me, and at that moment all the other tributes hear a canon going off.

Day 1 Evelyn Grace

I want to go home. I saw people die, I saw people survive and I saw people survive. “Wait where am I?” “You’re in the swamp.” It’s sally, the female tribute from 8. “Want to become allies?” “Alright, together we will live longer.” “I couldn’t get any weapons at the cornucopia, but I found food there.” Say I ashamed. “That doesn’t matter, I have a weapon, a blowgun with poisonous darts.” Something in my head says that this pact will not work very well. But I already have a plan if it’s necessary.

Day 2

Day 2 Allie Rose Evans

I survived day 1, that’s a good thing. I couldn’t grab a bow, or throwing knives. The only thing I have is a dagger. And I can’t handle them. So that will be a problem. Wait what is that there? “It’s us, and you’re dead” I turn around and see Karo and Anna. Why did they make a pact!? Karo steps forward with his mace, but he is slow. And my dagger drills into his left eye. Anna tries to run away. But she falls over a tree trunk, into a pond. After 40 seconds she is still under water. And then I hear the 2 canons. I take the mace of Karo. Walk deeper into the forest. Look back, and see a hovercraft coming.

Day 2 Celine Cracat

Everyone says I look like foxface. She lived about 75 years ago. I don’t know her. But I know she died by a nightlock berry. How stupid can you be? She didn’t had any weapons. I have… A sword. I don’t know how to handle it. But it’s oke. At least I have something. Wait. About 100 meters further there are people fighting, No not people… One person, and a giant snake!? The person fighting is the boy from 8. I scream: The snake is eating the boy. I hear the canon, the snake looks at me. Before I realize he is standing for me. His mouth opens. 30 teeth’s that will kill you in 5 seconds. 5 seconds later you can hear the sign of death

Day 2 Sally Satin

My alliance with Evelyn works out well. We always have enough food. She hunts, and I gather. She is very nice, I don’t want to kill her. But I think she doesn’t have a problem with killing me. “What are you thinking about?” “Oh nothing Eve” Eve is her nickname. She says I will gather this time. You can stay here, and look for enemies. When she comes back, there is a smile on her face. “I found a bush with berries.” She gives a berry to me. “They are really… Yummie!” I don’t trust it, but I take one. “You are right, they are nice.” I look down and see blood on the ground. Where did it come from? “There is something around my mouth.” “Yep, that’s blood.” Says Eve with a evil smile. “You.. You..” Everything gets black. “Thank you for the weapons” is all I can hear.. Eve sees me being grabbed by a hovercraft.

Day 2 Jymeca Evacuo

Luckily I have a spear and sword. So I will everyone who crosses my path. Weapons, got them. Food, got none… After I thought about food. I get so hungry. That I would anything for food. No, keep focused, and keep going on. Why didn’t I grabbed some food at the cornucopia? A regrettable mistake. After 2 hours I see: Waves, Jason and James. So they made a pact. I think I’m going to break that pact. Oh they see me! I climb into a tree. Way too high. And wait till they go away. But they don’t go away, I hear them say “He can’t be in that tree forever, and then we are here. For him” The sunny sky, gets dark and cloudy. It’s becoming night. I hear the national anthem of Panem. The face of: Karo and the girl from 3. The girls from 8, and the boy from 9, are up, high in the sky.The last thing I see is the face of Sally, before I fall asleep

Day 3

Day 3 Joe Grenwism

I managed to stay alive, for 3 days. That is very good of me. I feel like, I can beat the world. Yeah you can’t even take care of yourself. That’s right I can’t even take care of myself. But I found wire? I need wire to survive, but I didn’t use it at all. But now I’m working on a trap. It’s wrapped around a tree, everyone in the surrounding area would die. That will work. I’m working on my trap. I found out the wire is very dangerous. If there will be one drop of water on it. There will be a huge explosion. I just finished my trap, I walk away. Back to my shelter. I’m about to fall asleep. When it starts to rain. There’s a explosion. I see a hovercraft coming. But no one died?. It grabs for time pieces of a body. Don’t knowing what piece, what is. I wanted to see, who it is. I’m not sure.. But I think I see pink/purple hair.

Day 3 Justin Bieber

I haven’t have food for about, yeahh…. 3 days. I had to run very fast away from the cornucopia because of my hair. There would get all blood and that sort stuff in it. But now I regret. I’m starving of hunger, and I think I went mad because of the need of water. Yesterday I saw a Dragonfly 1 meter big! Hee. There is the dragonfly again. Maybe if I kill it, it can use as food. I run to the Dragonfly, I fall over a tree trunk. The dragonfly is coming closer and closer… His tongue is coming out of his mouth. It stings in the back of me. I scream, but nobody hears me. I wish I didn’t go to the swamp… After 1 minute the canon goes off.

Day 3 Jymeca Evacuo

I’m sleeping in a tree, when I suddenly wake up. Because of noise below me. It are the voice of the Waves, Jones and James. I scream at them, horrible things. Then the ground is shaking. It goes open, there is a gap. I don’t know, how deep. But I think it will take long to fall on the ground. Suddenly the tree shrinks. I fall, right into the gap. I scream, I cry. But I don’t reach the ground. Suddenly I’m back in the tree. I say to myself “Calm down Jym it was just a dream.” Well most of it was a dream. I was sleeping in a tree, and Waves and the gang, are still below me. But now they are sleeping. I can’t kill them, the only thing I can do is flee. I throw my spear into the tree next to me. It gets stuck, just what I wanted. All jumping I grab the spear, pull it out. And do the same movement to the tree next to me. After 14 minutes I’m out of sight. The gang will wonder where I am. Luckily I left a note, for them. Try to find me, but don’t forget I already found you then. I just realized I was standing for a pond, I run into it. And drink so many water as I can. It’s raining I know, but this is much better.

Day 3 Lance Grace

Oh god, what have I done!? It was an accident, I didn’t mean to. But still… I killed her. Killed my own sister. How could I? I don’t deserve to life, but I have to win this. For her. I hear something in the bush before me. I have thrown my dagger into it. When I see that I killed a rabbit. Yes, now I have food! But I have to cook it. Or else you can’t eat it. Oh I have plan! My feet’s start running, to the place where this morning the explosion was. I’m not very fast. Because of the rain, but I make it. I see a small fire, and after half an hour. I have eaten my rabbit.

Day 4 Allie Rose Evans

Pampampam What was that!? I look around, and see… Nothing. 5 seconds ago I saw nothing, now I see Kiera. She has a sword in her left hand, maybe she could kill be, maybe not. But I don’t want to find out. I throw a rock at her, she swears, to loudly… Suddenly there’s a small bird, It starts to sing, so lovely.. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Oh gosh I’m getting tired. I see Kiera is already sleeping. Already running I throw a dagger at her, I can hear her ear breaking. There’s a whole gap in her head now. Just when I want to finish her off, the bird sings me to sleep.

Day 4 Waves Odair

‘Maybe it’s better if we break up now.’ ‘But then..’ ‘I’m the leader, so decide!’ ‘Okay Waves.’ James gives it a another try; ‘Wait. I think we should..’ My trident drills just through him. Boom! Jason and me, walk away, to let the hovercraft come. We are on the edge of the swamp now. And I see… What do I see? The boy from 3! I throw my trident at his face, it goes through his face. Suddenly there’s a painful feeling in my back. I look around, and see that Jason stabbed me. Before I could attack him, he attacks me again..

Day 4 Jasmine Greeft

Boom! That is the fourth canon today. I can’t survive this, it’s too hard. No I can’t think like that. I have to hold on. But why? For my family and friends. ‘Yes I will win this’ I said it too loudly. But there’s no one here, right? ‘Yes there is’ I turn around, and see a dart coming straight to my neck. Suddenly I start coughing blood, and I know I won’t win this.

Day 4 Jymeca Evacuo

Wow there are not many tributes left. If I kill two of them, that’s is enough. ‘Wait, there is one!’ Say I with a smile. It’s Jason. He has a sword in his hand, but I have this spear. I throw it, and he falls death at the ground. ‘One dead, not many left.’ It’s Lance, and I kill him too, just the same way as I did, 5 seconds ago. Behind me stands someone, I can feel it. I turn around with a twist, with my sword ready. ‘Calm down!’ And then Allie stabs her dagger in my neck.

Day 4 Evelyn Grace

Oh my gosh, 3 tributes left! I can win this! I can go home! What should I do now? I will go to the Cornucopia, after 2 hours of walking. I see Tyler, standing at the Cornucopia. My mouth is closed against the blowgun, but then I see a spear, coming… Not to me, to Tyler. He doesn’t hesitate, and duck. But he is slow, and get killed by the spear. There are only two tributes left now, me and the District 1 girls. She is a career, she has better chances. But I’m smarter. ‘What is happening!?’ The ground is shaking, and the other tribute gets scared. I use this shaking thingy, in my favor. And run back into the forest. I run so fast, that I’m already at the end of the arena. I stand at the end of the cliff, I look into the dark, and see no ground. But I know you will get throwed back by the force field. I can hear.. She is screaming like a pig, so that isn’t an issue. I have only my knives, and blowgun -with darts.- She has a sword, I throw one of my knives at her, Two knives left. She is too strong, I can’t win this. She cuts one of my finger of, I have to be quick or I will die, Without hesitation, I run to the cliff, and let me fall into the dark. Suddenly I stop, and hang in the air. Then I get threw back, holding my knives in my left hand. When I see Allie, she is scared. I think.. But that doesn’t matter, I aim my knives at her heart. And when the canon goes off, I know, I can aim well. The hovercraft comes out, and I start to cry, knowing, that I will be in this arena forever.

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