This isn't her whole games. Just one night she experienced with the careers.

And don't correct my English, I'm trying, okay?


We are surrounded by darkness and the stars look down on us. All of us gathered around the bon fire, to discuss the main threats.
The moonlight shines through the gaps in the trees; making the forest haunting and the fog visible.
I notice Marvel is looking at me and as mad as I am I fall out against him: ‘What are you looking at!’
He quickly looks away, blushing as red as a strawberry. ‘Sorry…’ he mumbles.
Idiot, I think to myself.
Cato winks at me and I follow him to a place covered by bushes. ‘“What was going on there between Marvel and you?’ he asks me.
‘Nothing, Cato,” I tell him. “Leave me alone.’
He grabs my arm and smashes me against a tree. ‘Not before you tell me what was going on there.’
‘Let me go!’ I yell and I desperately try to push him away.
Finally his grip loses strength and I manage to join the other Careers.
‘… And that is what we should to Clove,’ I hear the other careers saying to each other. Not noticing I’m near them.
‘Yes, what should we do to me?’
Betrayal. Hate. Death. That is what you can expect in the Hunger Games.
I need my knives, they are the difference between life and death.
My coat isn’t where it’s supposed to be.. It’s been all thrown away… everything I’ve worked for. ‘Where are my knives!’ I say about to have a hysteria attack. ‘Where are they! Please, tell me!’
Glimmer looks at me and smiles. ‘I think Marvel put them away.’ I turn to Marvel and scream: ‘Where are my knives!’
Marvel is stunned and mumbles: ‘Ummh… I put them on that log there.’ He points at a log and I rush to get them. When I open the coat all the knives seem to be there and just like they were before. One of them belongs in my pocket. They will protect me against him.
His eyes are stabbing my back and I’m determined to get away from here and him. ‘We should sleep, so we can find her,’ I tell the rest of the group.
They all agree and settle down for a sleeping place. Aurora is sleeping on the outside of our little circle. To the left of that, Glimmer is sleeping on Cato’s arms and to the right sleeps Marvel.
I look at him and realize I’d never want to lose him. But then again, Cato will kill me if I don’t. We are “soul mates” according to him. The bon fire is dying out slowly, so I look around. No danger anywhere as I can see.
Except for Cato, who is smiling at me.
‘Go to sleep, my little Clovey.’
‘Please tell me you’ll let me go, Cato.’

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