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The Hunger Games Movie: What surprised you while watching it, and what made you upset?

Jynx87 April 25, 2012 User blog:Jynx87

So I was just curious what things surprised some people while watching the movie?


For me it was District 11's response to Rue's death. While I was watching it in the theatre I was like, "Yes, you brave man go and collect money, and buy Katniss some brea--Oh snap that wasn't his objective..."

Then I guess at the end of the movie when Katniss didn't break Peeta's heart. Even though I'm totally for PeNis I felt like people who haven't read the book, and only seen the movie should know that she was just faking the love.

Oh I was also looking forward to Peeta becoming a cyborg! I was upset that he didn't get that fake limb, and become a cyborg! >>;

Anyway, so tell your feelings about, some of the changes.

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