This is my first games so let's hope it goes okay!

I'm skipping stylists, mentors, gamemakers, and escorts. I'm also skipping interviews and all that jaz.

The limit to tributes is 5 per person, so pick wisely.

Please do not be upset if or when your tribute gets killed 23 have to die.

Regular games. Please sign up! Also, fill the required info from the chart.

Hungergamescatchingfiremockingjay (talk) 21:12, July 10, 2012 (UTC)KHungergamescatchingfiremockingjay (talk) 21:12, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

Name Gender Age District Appearance Personality Weapons/Skills Weakness Allies Token Other User

James Will Male Age: 12. District: 1 Appearance: Fit, muscular, blonde hair, and shocking blue eyes. Personality: Likeable, friendly, fun, and bubbly. Weapon: Spear and Slingshot. Stregnth: Camoflauge, hiding, and aim. Weakness: Scared of the dark, too relying on his allies. Allies: Careers. Token: A locket with pictures of his family. User: JWW

Laurel Dunbryll Female Age: 17 District: 1 Appearance: Petite but not short, flowing platinum blonde hair, muscular, but not grotesque, thin, gorgeous. Personality: Sweet, charming, and can lie her way to the top. She doesn't like competition and wants to hold the affections of the best boys. She pretends to be perfect and kind when really she is lethal and cruel. Weapon: Sword, knives, bow and arrows. Stregnths: Climbing, swimming, hiding, plant identification, strong, accurate, flexible, and good at survival skills. Weakness: Afraid of spiders and huge beetles, and has nightmares of her brother, Greg, getting brutily murdered in the games, she is also not very good at knots. Allies: Careers. Token: A quartz pendant. User: Readwritelivenikki
Dan Calinti Male Age: 18 District: 2 Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, 6'1', athletic, and strong looking. Personality: Almost always angry, coldhearted, and very sarcastic. If you get on his good side he might talk nicely to you. Weapon: Swords, spear, knives, had to hand combat. Stregnths: Swimming, physical stregnth, and running. Weakness: Climbing, shooting with a bow, and plant knowledge. Allies: Careers Token: A rat skull. Other: His grandparents and sister died in the games so he was determined to win for them. User: Pierulesnotyou
Marla Kantoon Female Age: 18 District: 2 Appearance: Short black hair, big grey eyes, pale rounded face, 5'8'. Personality: Solitary, brash, unforgiving. Weapon: Sword and spear. Strgnth: Career training, intimidation, and physical stregnth. Weakness: Swimming, running, and most people fear her so they don't like to be near her. Allies: None, definately not the careers. Token: none. Other: Her parents abandoned her when she was 8, so she lived in care homes. She was small for her age, so she was bullied alot, she had no friends, and was very quiet. When she was of age to career train, she did so alone hoping she would never get reaped. User: Thena.airice14
Preston Emery Male Age: 17 District: 3 Appearance: Combed black hair, gorgeous black eyes, pale skin, dresses cassually, and looks nothing like the geek he really is. Personality: Smart, funny, geeky, clever, know-it-all, kind, and caring. Weapons: Anything techy, spear, and bow and arrows. Stregnths: Technology, strong, climbing, attractive, fast, plant identification, amazing memory, smart, and accurate. Weakness: Can't swim and niave. User: Readwritelivenikki
Enigma Fay Female Age: 18 District: 3 Appearance: Silky dark brown curls with lighter streaks, flawless milky skin, perfect white smile that allures boys, very curvy and fit, petite, muscular, and no doubt gorgeous. Personality: Quiet, mysterious, sneaky, alluring, magnetic almost, intillegant, sly, graceful, and elagant. Weapon: Bow and arrows, spear, blow gun, throwing knives, and close up knive battles. Stregnth: Accurate,, strong, small enough to fit through little openings, very quiet when moving, can kill with ease, fast, smart, swimming, and climbing. Weakness: Allergic to cats and asthmatic. Token: An obsidian bracelet. User: Readwritelivenikki.
Jacob Lotinee Male Age: 15 District: 4 Appearance: Short light brown hair and sea green eyes. 6'0' and skinny. Personality: Outgoing and funny. Aways with his friends. He can be very mean if he wants to be. Weapon: Trident. Stregnth: Making nets, tying knots, fishing, swimming, running, plant knowledge, and smart. Weakness: Climbing, strength, and knives. Allies: Careers. Token: Seashell from his girlfriend. Other: Good at spearing with a trident. User: Pierulesnotyou

Jennifer Davario Female Age: 14 District: 4 Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes. Weapon: Any long range weapon. Weakness: Will only kill if threatened. Allies: Careers. User: Jenniferdavario

Leo Firaro Male Age: 16 District: 5 Appearance: blonde hair, brown eyes, and tan. Personality: Smart, kind, polite, and sweet. Weapon: Spear and Throwing knives. Strength: Climbing, swimming, running, and plant identification. Weakness: Can only hear out of one ear and is loud. Allies: His district partner. Token: A bracelet with a weird pendant. User: A wikia contributer

Detria Glace Female Age:14 District: 5 Appearance: Black long hair, grey eyes, and very pale. Personality: Minor autism, usually stays away from people, doesn't fight, and hardly ever talks. Weapon: Throwing knives and just in general knives in close combat. Stregnth: Sneaking, Stealing, being unoticed, hiding, hyper intelligent, good at hearing and observing, and very intuintive. Weakness: Isn't outstanding, not good at making friends, HATES people looking at her, and hand to hand combat. Allies: Maybe 1 or 2 people. Token: Black work gloves that belongs to her boyfriend. Other: Her favorite victor is Wiress. User: Annamisasa

Name: Xavier Woods Gender: Male District: 6 Age: 17 Appearance: Xavier has short dark black hair and green eyes. He is tall but very thin. He is 6'2", and weighs 140 pounds Personality: Xavier is shy and quite as prefers to be by himself resulting in him having few friends. He spends most of his free time running or walking because it gives him time to think, however he has trouble staying still for too long. He dislikes getting in trouble so he always tries to abide by the rules and is always nervous whenever he is near peacekeepers or strangers. Strengths: He is very fast and can run long distances without tiring due to his years of running. Weakness: Water Weapon of Choice: Spear User: Attackcobra

Emma Ryder Female Age:13 District: 6 Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes. Weapon: Throwing knives. Allies: Anyone trustable. User: Jenniferdavario

Howard Diley Male Age: 17 District: 7 Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes. Personality: Annoying and Stupid. Weapon: Mace. Strength: Climbing and quiet. Weakness: Swimming, plants, and the dark. Allies: none Token: none User: A wikia contributer
Katriona Greystone Female Age: 18 District: 7 Appearance: Physical, 195 centimeters, lot of muscels, red hair that goes to shoulders, and grey eyes. Personality: Threatening, people are afraid of her, quiet, loyal to friends, masculine, long anger fuse, but will lose it if you set her off. Weapon: Axe throwing and sword. Strength: Brute strength, running, and wrestling. Weakness: Trust, loud, can't control anger when she loses it. User: Annamisasa
Kyle Serar Male Age: 15 District: 8 Appearance: Short and chubby. Curly red hair and hazel eyes. Personality: Funny and Nice. Weapon: Axes. Strength: Swimming and knots. Weakness: afraid of heights and spiders. Allies: Maybe Token: none User: A wikia contributer
Jillian Patch Female Age: 15 District: 8 Appearance: Very physical, skinny, black hair, pale, green eyes, 5'5, and lanky. Personality: friendly, caring, tough, hard-working, sneaky, and not always to be trusted. Weapon: throwing knives, knives, axes, and hand to hand combat. Strength: Careful, smart, determined, tricks people, speed, endurance, aim, and adaptable. Weakness: trust issues and she thinks she knows everything. Allies: anyone. Token: A patch of silk. User: Bkeith17
Elias Caldeu Male Age: 14 District: 9 Appearance: Mousy brown hair in a ponytail, ice blue eyes, pale skin, hoop earing in one ear, and a scar on the right side of his face. Personality: Laid back, chilled, and accepting. Weapon: Spear. Stregnth: Crafting and stamina. Weakness: Speed, size, sometimes too laid back. Allies: Maybe 1 but won't sacrafice himself for them. Token: His earing. Other: Only child, when his parents go to work he would walk, that's what built up his stamina. User: Thena.airice14

Lia Mainwaring Female Age:18 District: 9 Appearance: Tall and skinny with few muscels ideal for sprinting. Long black hair, tanned skin, and nut brown eyes. Personality: Helping, friendly, and in the right time serious, she will risk herself for friends. Weapon: Bow and Arrows. Stregnths: Sprinting, edible plants and animals, hiding, escaping, and climbing. Weakness: Hand to hand combat, Can't kill 12 year olds, isn't cold hearted. Allies:? Token: none. User: Annamisasa

Freddy Frongal Male Age: 13 District: 10 Appearance: Tall and skinny with glasses over his green eyes and auborn hair. Personality: Normal. Weapon: Not good at any. Strength: Running. Weakness: Loud and almost everything! Allies: ? Token: A glass ball. User: A wikia contributer
Ashlynn Gates Female Age: 16 District: 10 Appearance: Somewhat physical, not very athletic, dark blue hair, and purple eyes ( used to be in the capitol. ) 5'7' skinny. Personality: Stuck up, stubborn, determined, shy, and blunt. Weapon: Throwing knives, crossbow, bow and arrow, and slingshot. Strength: Independant, knows what to expect, herbalist, good with animals, hiding, climbing, swimming, running, and sly. Weakness: Her size makes it nearly impossible to fight hand to hand combat with anyone bigger than her. Allies: Preston. Token: gold chain with her dad's initials. User: Bkeith17
Lion Scrapes Male Age: 18 District: 11 Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, tall, aand very strong. Other tributes fear him. Personality: Not a shy guy, loves killing other tributes. Weapon: Mace. Strength: Knows a lot about plants and is a good swimmer. Weakness: Daydreams a lot and likes pretty girls. Allies: Careers. Token: None Other: He volunteered. User: Robin040197

May Morningleafs Female Age: 14. District: 11 Appearance: Looks like Rue except she has straight hair, she's small, and has eyes so dark they could be mistaked for black. Personality: Responsible, happy, friendly, but can be serious and alert. Weapon: A machete and a sling. Stregnths: Climbing, edible plants, survives most conditions, and hiding. Weakness: Hand to hand combat and can't kill 12 year olds because it reminds her too much of her family. Allies:?. Token: A green necklace with a wooden leaf as a charm. Other: Climbing is the only time she feels 14 again. She has a dead father and is taking care of her two siblings. User: Annamisasa

Royce Deneath Male Age: 13 District: 12 Appearance: Freckles, silly grin, and chubby. Personality: Cheeky and Naughty. Weapon: Axe and Slingshot. Stregnth: Climbing, being hungry, and knotting. Weakness: Slow, gullible, and unstable. Allies: none. Token: A green stone with his name carved in it. User: JWW

Eileen Shade Female 18 12 Appearance: Small with black hair and grey eyes. Has a little scar by her right eye. Personality: She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first. She rarely smiles. She is best alone and don't do good social.She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. Pretty much everyone thinks she creepy and mysterious so people are rather intemidated by her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first and is very coldhearted. She rarely smiles or shows any emotions. She is best alone and don't do good social. She dosen't trust anyone because of her rough life and can be rather unforgiving. Weapons: Throwing knives and hand to hand Skills: traps, edible plants & animals, survival skills, climbing, and sprinting. Weakness: Social, making people like her, trust, and swimming. Token: A robelike necklace Allies: None. Other: She was abused and then moved to the forest. User: Annamisasa


For every tribute you have you get 3 gifts, so if you have five tributes you get 15 gifts, two tributes you get 6 gifts, etc. You don't have to give the gifts out evenly say if you have two tributes and you favour one more the give that tribut 5 gifts and the other tribute 1. You also don't have to give the gifts to your tribute. If your tributes die and you have extra gifts you may give the gifts to another tribute so they don't go to waste. You get one extra gift for every kill you get. You can also write a note to your tribute in the gift you send to tell them to go somewhere, do something, etc. That is how the sponsering works so Happy Hunger Games and May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!

Annamisasa- 13 gifts

Pierulesnotyou- 6 gifts

Readwritelivenikki- 10 gifts

JWW- 8 gifts

Robin040197- 4 gifts

A wikia contributer- 13 gifts

Attackcobra- 3 gifts

Bkeith17- 5 gifts

Thena.airice14- 6 gifts

Jenniferdavario- 7 gifts


The cornucopia is in the center of the arena right by a lake. To the North is a forest with deadly and edible plants. To the East is a tundra with extreme temperatures and with a small pond that you can drink out of. To the South is a bunch of buildings with mutts but also food. To the West is a swamp with quicksand, fog, and poisonous water, but there are weapons hidden in the swamp.


Day 1

Eileen's POV

Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord. I thought as the numbers ticked down 54 53 52 51 50 49. I spot some knive in the middle. That's not too far, I'm going for them.

Lion's POV

YES! I'm gonna kill him and her and him and him and her. This is gonna be fun... James looks at me and I give him an evil grin, he smirks back at me. We are gonna dominate. 36 35 34 33. Come on now, come on!

Jennifer's POV

Lion givess me an evil smile as if to say that he is gonna kill everyone. I smile back with cruelness across my face. That trident is mine! 29 28 27 26, Okay to be honest I guess I am a little scared I mean what if I die? I won't I keep telling myself. Here we go.

Lia's POV

I am shaking! 16 15 14 13,

Freddy's POV

12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GO! I run to the bloodbath just as I get my hands on a pack my vision blurrs and everything goes dark. BOOM!

James's POV

Stupid boy! I think as I retrieve my spear from his head. Time to get another. I grab some more weapons and wait for idiots to come along. Ha!

Laurel's POV

I see that girl from 11 trying to run away with that girl from 9. Ya Right! I threw my knive and it was about to pierce the girl from 11's heart when the girl from 9 jumped in front of her. BOOM! The girl from 9 is dead and the girl from 11 makes a gesture that means she is going to kill me! I'd like to see her try! Then she goes off. Wimp!

Emma's POV

I look for someone to allie with franticly! Uh oh. The careers are coming towards me, I grab a pack and start to run, but just then they ask me for an alliance. " Sure!" I reply. But I'm gonna take off over night..

Royce's POV

I grab a pack just when Kyler does too he pulls out a sickle. Ohh no. I grab a knife and we grapple each other. I stab him in the stomach. Yes! I won. But no, he throws the sickle and it lands deep in my skull. All I feel is pain, all I see is darkness, all I hear is laughing, and all I taste is blood. BOOM! BOOM!

Lion's POV

There's only a few more people here! We have only had four kills, that's not enough... BOOM! I turn just in time to see Jacob fall with a spear in his head. I see that district 2 chick, why isn't she a career? I go up to her and say "Allies?" She shakes her head and starts to run so I put her in a headlock and quickly snapped her neck. BOOM!

End of Bloodbath

Ashlynn's POV

As I run through the forest I see someone. It's the boy from 7 and he has supplies! Maybe allies? What if he says no? If we were allies we would have to share supplies.. I look around and see nightlock berries. I grab my slingshot. He opens his mouth to eat some bread, Nows my chance. I load and shoot the berries. I close my eyes and then open them too see I made the target. BOOM! He had two full backpacks! Ha! Mine now... I grab the supplies and run.

May's POV

I got one backpack and a machete. I stop running to examine the insides of the bag. There is a loaf of bread, a sleeping bag, some matches, some rope, some dried fruit, and two unfilled canteens. I was thirsty! Wait what was that noise? I whip around and see the boy from five with his back turned towards me. I grab my machete and throw it. Bullseye. BOOM!

End of Day 1

Death Chart

Place Name District Day Killed How By Who
24 Freddy Frongal 10 1 Spear in the head James Will (1)
23 Lia Mainwaring 9 1 Knife in the heart. Laurel Dunbryll (1)

22 Kyler Serar 8 1 Knife in the stomach Royce Deneath (12)

21 Royce Deneath 12 1 Sickle in the head Kyler Serar (8)

20 Jake Lotinee 4 1 Spear in the head Marla Kantoon (2)

19 Marla Kantoon 2 1 Snapped neck Lion Scrapes (11)

18 Howard Diley 7 1 Nightlock shot into his mouth Ashlynn Gates (10)
17 Leo Firaro 5 1 Machete in the chest May Morningleafs (11)

Day 2

Katriona's POV

I managed to grab a pack at the bloodbath. It contained Knives, four canteens full of water, some dried fruit, meat, and a spile. I decided to go to the buildings and I found pantries full of food! Opening the cabinets I found axes. Yes! I grabbed some bread out of the pantry and ripped it in half, I slipped some in my mouth. To my surprise the bread was warm! I sat down and dozed of a little. Buzz! What was that? Just then to my left I see a bunch of little flies. Some started landing on me. I moved my arm, but they wouldn't come off! I peeled one off and it removed part of my skin. "Ouch!" I yell a bit louder than I should have. Some one comes in the house I'm in... The district 8 girl. I start to panick when she pulls something out of her pack, she sprays something on me and the flies leave. My skin is back to normal! "Bug spray." She says a little nervously. I nod and reply, "Alliance?" She nods and looks a little more relaxed. BOOM! We both turned around but nothing was there.

Xavier's POV

I don't know why I decided to go to the swamp, but I'm glad I did! Sure the place has fog everywhere and, as I just recently found out by watching that district 10 girl sink, quicksand, but it also has weapons, I just found a spear! I still don't have any food though, at least I have my weapon and some water! That Lion guy is a real jerk, he cut my arm pretty badly, IF HE DOESN"T GET MEDICINE BY DAY 3 HE WILL DIE!. I don't have any allies yet either..

Emma's POV

I left the careers overnight since it was my job to guard. It was actually pretty easy, when everyone was dead asleep I grabbed a backpack slipped five canteens full of water, 4 packs of dried fruit, 5 packs of dried meat, 3 loaves of bread, some matches, rope, burn medicine, and a first aid kit in and grabbed 20 throwing knives and just left. I should be good for a while. Being in the swamp is kinda creepy though... I've only heard one canon today, but it's still pretty early. A boy jumps out at me, Xavier, from my district, and I almost threw my knife at him when he holds up his hands. "Allies?" He asks. I contemplate this in my mind for a moment before saying yes. He looks relieved and to tell the truth I am relieved.


Me and Preston are in the forest, we managed to get 5 packs, a bow and 20 arrows which is Preston's, and a blow gun with 30 darts which is mine. Our packs contained 3 coils of wire, 5 packs of dried fruit, 3 packs of jerky, 7 loaves of bread, 2 vines of grapes, 9 canteens, 5 filled, 4 empty, 3 packs of matches, a spile, one sleeping bag, 4 things of rope, cut medicine, burn medicine, and a first aid kit. We are set, plus neither of us got injured during the bloodbath. I did manage to shoot a dart in the district 5 girl's stomach, but I never saw her face so she must have survived.

Detria's POV

My stomach hurts so bad. I only got a pack from the bloodbath before escaping to the tundra. Luckily I got a huge coat, a loaf of bred, some dried fruit, one canteen full of water, and 5 knives. I'm losing a whole lot of blood though. SHE NEEDS MEDICINE OR SHE WILL DIE ON DAY 2! I look up and see stars then everything goes black. Then I know I'm unconsious.

Elias's POV

I'm in the tundra right now currently freezing! Deciding to go to the forest I start walking but trip over a girl, I don't know what district but I think her name is Detria? She is unconsious, but not dead. She is pretty badly wounded, though. I decide to stay until she wakes up to ask for an alliance.

May's POV

Ever since Lia died I'm a little shakin up, but I got my first sponser gift. My sponser gave me water, THANK YOU!, and a note that says to kill the district 1 girl. That's what I plan to do. I've been watching that girl all night, I saw that Emma girl leave with some supplies, so I went in, but just as I was about to make my move someone stirred in their sleep, so I grabbed a sling and ran. I'm watching them now and they're about to go hunting while Laurel is guarding, this is going to be easy.

Dan's POV

We decide to go hunting for tributes today, while Laurel is on guard duty. That Emma chick stole some supplies last night and took off. Lion was so upset he said we were going hunting for her... After we took off we found the district 3 alliance and Jennifer shot the boy, BOOM!, the girl took off running though. We are still looking for more....

Laurel's POV

I'm on guard duty... PSH! Lion told me to, apparently Lion's the leader, Whatever.. But, I did stay and now I'm looking out at the buildings. That's when I felt a sharp pain in my back and fell. I felt my back and a rock was stuck in it! I pulled out the rock just as the district 11 girl that I tried to kill shoves the machete through my chest. "That's for Lia!" Ishe shouts. She runs back into the forest while I bleed out. BOOM!

End of Day 2

Death Chart

Place Name District Day How They Were Killed By Who
24 Freddy Frongal 10 1 Spear in the head James Will (1)
23 Lia Mainwaring 9 1 Knife in the heart. Laurel Dunbryll (1)
22 Kyler Serar 8 1 Knife in the stomach Royce Deneath (12)
21 Royce Deneath 12 1 Sickle in the head Kyler Serar (8)
20 Jake Lotinee 4 1 Spear in the head Marla Kantoon (2)
19 Marla Kantoon 2 1 Snapped neck Lion Scrapes (11)
18 Howard Diley 7 1 Nightlock shot into his mouth Ashlynn Gates (10)
17 Leo Firaro 5 1 Machete in the chest May Morningleafs (11)
16 Ashlynn Gates 10 2 Sank in quicksand Quicksand
15 Preston Emery 3 2 Arrow in the neck Jennifer Davario (4)
14 Laurel Dunbryll 1 2 Machete in chest May Morningleafs (11)

Day 3

Eileen's POV

BOOM! I jump awake and nearly fall out of the tree I'm in. Hmmm. I wonder who just died. Only seven tributes have ided so far, it's the third day I believe. My stomach starts to growl, but I want to save my food. I got a pack and my throwing knives. The pack contained a loaf of bread, dried fruit, two full canteens, anti venom, and cut medicine. Adding on to that I got some berries that I eat in the woods by my house, apples from this tree, and I also have two rabbits that came my way. There is also a lake close with drinkable water. Finally I give in to the hunger and eat an apple, then I realize that I have been in this tree for the entire time only getting down for food or water purposes. I could win this without killing anyone.

Lion's POV

I wipe the blood off my mace and look down at the boy I just slaughtered. District 9, I think it is. The district 3 girl, Enigma saw me and started running. I sent Dan to go kill her. Me and Jennifer waited for a canon. "Nice job with that guy." She said. "Yea, you too with the district 3 boy." I reply. Hey she did do a nice job. "Thanks." She says as she beams. "Where's the canon, and where's Dan!?" I yell. He should be back by now. BOOM! There it is. Phew. "Dan come on!" Yells Jenn a little annoyed. He doesn't come. I pull Jennifer along to go investigate. There he is. But he's the one that got killed, not the girl.

Detria's POV

I wake up to a beeping sound. It's just my imagination, I'm about to die. Wait, there it is again! BEEP! Crawling over to the parachute I clutch my stomach to stop the blood and wince in pain. Opening the container I find medicine. Screwing off the lid took so much effort for that little gesture. I rub the cream on gently, and the pain goes away. "Ahh" Escapes my lips. I look all around before deciding nobody heard me. "Thank you." I mouth to my sponser. Getting up still took a little time, but I had to be on the move. I had no idea how long I'd been asleep and who died. Going in to this cave made me so weak. I tried to eat but threw up. So going back to sleep was the best option.

Jillian's POV

I got a sponserr gift today, it told me to forget everyone, run, kill May the district 11 girl, and when the time comes kill Katriona too. Wow, dark. On the bright side it came with food and water which me Katriona scarped down. I decided not to tell her about the note though. Katriona got a sponser gift too. But hers is a sword. She looked happy with the gift, and I didn't want to worry her with the note so I let it be.

May's POV

I got night vision goggles to go night hunting from my sponser. Still, being alone kinda irratates me. At least I avenged Lia's death! BOOM! Another death. So deciding to test the sponser gift, I went night hunting. "Cool" I whispered. "Ya" says a girl's voice. I turn around fast and throw my machete. Missed. Oh crap, now I Don't have a weapon. The girl raises her hands. "Hey I just wanted to ask for an alliance, a simple no would suffice." The girl says while she snorts. I giggle a little bit. Wow, I haven't giggled since I was back home in my favorite tree. "Sure." I reply. "I'm Emma," She says. "I'm May," I say. Then suspicion got the best of me and I ask, "Do you know who that canon was just for?" She nods. "My allie, Xavier, he got a pretty bad cut, because of that imbusle Lion. He didn't recieve a sponser gift in time and died." She said sadly. "Oh." I say stupidly. BOOM!

James's POV

I pull the spear out of that 5 girls heart. Poor girl, I wish I didn't have to kill you, but I want to go back home! I leave her supplies with her. Walking back to the careers, I think about Jennifer, Lion always yells at us. Maybe we should get rid of him. I tell her this when we are alone. "Ya. But not yet he's too big of a help." she says. I nod. We agree to take him out tomorrow.

End of Day 3

Death Chart

Place Name District Day Killed How Killed By Who
13 Elias Caldeu 9 3 Mace in the back, then chest. Lion Scrapes (11)
12 Dan Calinti 2 3 Dart in the neck. Enigma Fay (3)
11 Xavier Woods 6 3 Died by cut on day 1 enflicked by Lion Scrapes (11)
10 Detria Glace 5 3 Spear in the chest. James Will (1)

Day 4

Enigma's POV

No sponser gifts yet, hmm, I would think a pretty girl like me would get millions of sponsers. BOOM! I spin around to see the boy from 1 fall and the girl from 4 ran up and grabbed my arm.

Jennifer's POV

James and I were supposed to kill Lion today, but Lion got a new mace. When James snuck up behind him, Lion whipped around and threw the mace in his back. He ooked at me and smiled an evil grin. I ran. The girl from 3 saw me, so I grabbed her arm and ran. She looked startled. When we got far enough, I turned to her. "Alliance?" I ask. She nods. I smile just as a knife lodged itself into my neck. BOOM!

Eileen's POV

I see two girls and throw my knife at one of them. BOOM! I hit the girl from 4. The girl from 3 watches her as she goes down and looks up at me. She loads her blow gun as I pull out another knife. Just as I'm about to throw it a dart goes straight into my temple. BOOM!

Jillian's POV

Today there were already 3 canons. Only seven of us left. Should I, no I can't kill Katriona, she's become my friend. I look at her. I need to go home. I pull out my knife, and she must've thought the same thing because she pulled out a sword. "I-I need to go home." I say quietly. "No" she says "I do." I throw my knife just as she throws her sword. It hits her eye. BOOM! Just then I feel a sharp pain. I look down and see the sword sticking out of my chest. I collapse and take my last breath. BOOM!

May's POV

5 canons today. Emma and I look at eachother. "Till the end?" I ask. "Till the end." she replies. We smile and hug eachother.

End of Day 4

Place Who District Day How By Who
9 James Will 1 4 Mace in the back. Lion Scrapes 11
8 Jennifer Davario 4 4 Knife in the neck. Eileen Shade 12
7 Eileen Shade 12 4 Dart in the temple. Enigma Fay 3
6 Katriona Greystone 7 4 Knife in the eye. Jillian Patch 8
5 Jillian Patch 8 4 Sword in the chest. Katriona Greystone 7

Day 5

Lion's POV

I woke up really early this morning, because I know that the gamemakers are gonna mash us all together. So my plan was to get to the cornucopia first and just kill all the tributes when they get here. To my surprise Enigma, the district 3 tribute was already there, she was also asleep. After thinking through what I was gonna do, I decided to slit her throat, because as horrible as I seem on the outside, I don't want her to feel pain. I step closer and- BOOM! I'm blown into the sky. Wait she's from the technology district I forgot. I land on the ground in pain, and then I black out. BOOM!

Enigma's POV

Ha, faking being asleep was an awesome idea! I remembered something Preston said about rearranging the mines, and I guess it worked pretty well. Now I just have to wait for those girls to run into my trap.

Emma's POV

May wakes me up this morning, this morning with some interesting news. She's been watching Enigma all night and says she has traps up to blow us up. She also says that the traps killed Lion, the career that was from her district. So we make a plan, and a pretty good one if I do say myself. May also got medicine, a first aid kit, poison, and more night vision goggles. I also got some rope, wire, and barbs for the wire.

May's POV

We walk to the cornicupia and see that she is faking being asleep. "We know your faking it." Emma says. "Whatever, you make the first move though," she answers with a smirk on her face. "Okay," I answer. I dip some barbed wire in poison and throw it at the mine I see. It blows sky high and goes straight into Enigma's arm, just like I thought it would. "Ahhhh!" she screams. Shortly after that her canon goes off. Now it's just me and Emma. "I-I can't kill you," I say. "I can't kill you either." she replies. I look up at her. We have a secret conversation there. We both take out our weapons and put them up to our necks. "One," I say. "Two" she says evenly. "Three" We both say. We dig the weapons in just enough to cause a trickle of blood. "WAIT, NO STOP! Congratulations to our victors of the 29th annual hunger games, May Morningleafs and Emma Ryder!" The voice booms! We hug eachother and start crying.


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