This is my second hunger games and this time I will need tributes, mentors, escorts, stylists, and gamemakers.

You can have up to 8 tributes. You can have as many escorts, stylists, and mentors as you want. You can have 2 gamemakers. If you have a tribute you cannot have a gamemaker. Fill out things on the chart. Thank you!


District Gender Name Age Weapon/Skills Weakness Appearance Personality Allies User
District: 1 Gender: Male Name: Justin Armstrong Age: 16 Weapon: spear Skills: strength and good looks Weaknesses temper and swimming Personality: nice but gets mean in arena and doesn't care about anyone but careers Appearence: fit muscular body has a handsome face audience loves him Allies: Careers User: Catonumber1
District: 1 Gender: Female Name: Marisa Strangler Age:15 Weapon: bow and arrow Skills: lieing and swimming Weaknesses: climbing Personality: mean and and self centered Appearence: pretty brown hair with dimples audience loves her Allies: Careers User: Catonumber1
District: 2 Gender: Male Navy Wonders Age:16 Apperance: Stocky, 6"2 green eyes, perfect teeth, short black styled hair Personality: He is confident but caring. He can lose him temper, and then it isnt good. He has a kind loving side that may be hard to find/ get out of him. Weakness: nose bleeds, and falls for girls Weapon:Close range ( sword, axe, spear) Stength: Attractive, muscular, fast, Smart Allies: Careers/ big allience User: 2legit2quit
District: 2 Gender: Female Name: Shermaine Willson Age: 18 Weapon: Double swords and crossbow Strengths: speed in fight/running, hand-to-hand combat, edible plants Weaknesses: Stubborn, brute strenghts, gets really mad if set of Appearance: Dark brown hair to her shoulders, tall and slim not that muscular, green eyes Personality: Coldhearted and fearless. Has a 'battle armor" of coldheartedness that she can "put on" so that her emotions won't get in the way however she will go really crazy. She is stubborn and always ready for a fight but will never start it. She is very serious and will only fight for pratice or for her life or cause, she will never fight just for fun. Allies: Careers User: Annamisasa

District: 3 Gender: Male Name:Jackson Crews Age:16 Personality:Wild,Sweet Strengths:Mines Weaknesses:Can't kill Allies:District Partner Token:Nothing User: Ms.finnickodair

District: 3 Gender: Female Name: Isa Guard Weapon: Bow and arrow, knife for close combat Strength: Bow and arrow shooting, edible plants, traps, edible animals, climbing Weakness: Can't swim, no trust, brute strength Apperance: blonde almost white hair, green eyes. She is taller than most girls that are 13 year she is skinny and dosen't have many muscles. Personality: A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and dosen't say that much. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She has a good memory. Allies: ? User: Annamisasa
District: 4 Gender: Male Name: Mickey Starp Age:16 Weapon: trident and net Weakness: Has a huge crush on district partner Allies: careers User: catonumber1

District: 4 Gender: Female Name: Mary Seaweed Age: 16 Weapon: trident/ mace Weakness: Has a big crush on district partner Allies: Careers, mainly district partner User: catonumber1

District: 5 Gender: Male Name:Richard Morter Age:15 Weapon: Knives. Weakness: Over protective Appearance: Blonde hair blue eyes Personality: Funny and crazy User: Ms.Finnickodair
District: 5 Gender: Female Name: Detria Glace Age: 14 Weapon: Throwing knives and close combat knives. Strength: sneaking, stealing, being unoticed, hiding and she is hyper intelligent. She is also good at hearing and observing. She is also a very intuitive. Weakness: She isn't outstanding, and is not good at making new friends. She can't make any kind of impression at all, hates when there is many people looking at her. Brute strength and hand-to-hand combat Appearence: She has grey eyes and black long hair and very pale skin. She's 170 cm tall. Thin with almost no muscles Personality: Detria has a minor form for autism. She stays away from most people unless she likes the person a lot. She almost never speaks but she is hyper intelligent. People seems to treat her like she is crazy but really she is not that much diffrent. She really just want people to stop stare and treat her normal. She dosen't wanna cause trouble and almost never fight with anyone. Alliance: She will probaly only make a alliance with one person in the whole game (If someone did something that would make her like them) and she dosen't wanna be in a alliance with more than two people. User: Annamisasa
District: 6 Gender: Male Name: Reggie Miller Age: 14 Weapon: blowgun Skills: Fast Weakness: not very stong Allies: Anyone Apperance: Short, Not very muscular, long black dreadlocks, brown eyes, African American User: 2legit2quit
District: 6 Gender: Female Name: Demi Campbell Age: 14 Personality: She is very selfish, she believes everything belonogs to her, She is kind of bratty and self-centered, she loves to be by herself and make songs about what is happening, She was abandoned at the age of 8 and has been living in an abandoned building since, she finds ways to get food in the woods, she built her own blowgun and kills animals Appearance: She is 5"6, skinny but not frail, she has hair that she has had to cut herself, so it is uneven but straight, Her eyes are dull blue and look lifeless and beat down, her hands are boney, she has oddly nice teeth Weapon of Choice: blowgun Skills: She works alone, she is fast,climbing, blowgun, stealth, she keeps calm with her songs, ruthless Weaknesses: She works alone, strength, making friends, swimming ( she can but it takes her a long time )Alliance?: No If an Alliance then with who?: nobody User: 2legit2quit
District: 7 Gender: Male Name:Gabriel "Gabe" DiPablo Age: 13 Personality/Backstory: He is very caring and wise for his young age, He loves to talk and be with older kids to feel cooler. He Has had 2 sisters and a brother go into the games and get killed. For this he is very vengful and is ruthless when it comes to killing. He is very violent and will do anything to get home to his mother who has already lost 3 of her 4 children to the hunger games. Appearance: He is short with black messy shaggy hair, He has a scar on his cheek from wrestling with his brothers when he was younger. He is pale. he wears a shell necklace that all his family members wore when they went into the hunger games. He still has a childish look to him Weapon: Sword, knives Strengths: (besides weapon) He is small and fast. He is kind of strong but he can be overpowered. If he developes a relationship he will protection them at all costs and treat them like family. He can climb and can swim if needed to Weaknesses: Is very interested in girls, he will do anything for someone^(could be strength and weakness) Not the strongest. User: 2legit2quit
District: 7 Gender: Female Name: Callope Shade Age: 12 Appearence: Long blonde hair, large blue eyes, tan skin, sweet appearence Personality: Sweet, kind, determined, brave Strengths: plants, running, climbing, surviving Weaknesses: weak, hand-to-hand combat Weapon: Spear Allies: Kopesh (D10 Female), Alicia (D8 Female), Anti-Careers and anyone who asks User: Brynn1999
District: 8 Gender: Male Name: Quentin Pointe Gender: Male Age: 12 Appearence: Golden eyes, dark blonde hair, tan skin Personality: Quiet, hard, Like Thresh and Cato mixed Strengths: Strong (But doesn't look strong), fast, lying, plants Weaknesses: Seeming like an easy target Weapon: Just about anything Allies: None User: Brynn1999
District: 8 Gender: Female Name: Alicia Thread Age: 16 Appearence: Grey eyes, Rose Red wavy hair, tall, pale skin Personality: Cautious, tentive Strengths: Runnng, climbing, swimming, strong Weaknesses: Doesn't cope well with death Weapon: Bow and Arrows Allies: Callope from 7 and Kopesh from 10, Anti-Career group User: Brynn1999
District: 9 Gender: Male Name: Mickey Mcalister Age: 17 Weapon of choice: trident Strengths: fast and strong Weaknesses: falls for girls too easily Appearance: (Include height) 6"3, Built, short spiked black hair, attractive ( to girls ), deep sea green eyes Personality: Confident but not cocky, violent, but sweet and caring. He has twin younger siblings so he has a special feeling for young kids, 12 year olds. He would lke to be in an allince with them so he can remember his siblings. Allies?: carrers or breakoff with district and/or another district User: 2legit2quit
District: 9 Gender: Female Name: Mercedes Benz Age:15 Gender:Female Personality:Crazy,Ugly,Strange,Unpredictable,Strong Strengths:Scythe,Spear,Speed Weaknesses:None Allies:Careers User: Ms.finnickodair
District: 10 Gender: Male Name: Gunner Pann Age: 15 Weapon: Sword or knives Skills: He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too. Weaknesses: He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers Personality: Bloodthristy ( 3 brothers have been in games and have all been killed by the D 1 male) He is sort of crazy and messed up in the mind, He is very sarcastic, and very good at lying, He is oddly very smart Appearance: He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned pale skin ( like in the middle ) Alliance?: Depends/ maybe If an Alliance then with who?: A small one, like 4-7 people
District: 10 Gender: Female Name: Kopesh Taylors Age: 17 Appearence: Strawberry Blonde hair, brown eyes, tan skin Personality: Quiet, sweet, kind Strengths: Lie detecting, climbing, hand-to-hand combat Weaknesses: Missing her family Weapon: Swords and Darts Allies: Alicia (D8 Female), Callope (D7 Female), Anti-Career group User: Brynn1999
District: 11 Gender: Male Name Quincy Williams Age 17 Weapons spear, sword, axe Strengths:close range and hand to hand, Speed Weakness :bow Allies :district 6 and district 8 or anybody Apperance: Tall, muscular, african american, black cornrows, deep blue eyes User: 2legit2quit

District: 11 Gender: Female Name: Jasmine Webb Age: 14 Weapon: Throwing knives Skills: Plant Idenitfaction, Climbing and running Weakness: Swimming and tying knots Appearance: Short brown hair, Brown eyes, olive skin and she is 5'9 Personality: Loud and hyper Allies: Anyone User: Rueforever

District: 12 Gender: Male Name: Matt Gunner Age: 17 Appearance: Light Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Strong, 6"2 Personality: Mean, Ruthless, Arrogant, Wild, Crazy. Strengths: Strong, Climbing, Fast, Able To Adapt To Weather. Weaknesses: Swimming, Being Told To Do Things, Death. Weapon: Sword, Large Knife, Dagger.. Allies? Careers User: HKTLovesGlimmer
District: 12 Gender: Female Name: Natasha Grey Age: 15 Weapon: Throwing knife Strengths: (besides weapon) edible plants/animals, sneaking, stealing, being unoticed when she wants to be unoticed. Weaknesses: She will probaly not socialies herself and the only way she get an alliance is if any ask her. Also there probaly be one person in whole arena that likes and can't kill probaly someone young and friendly like her brother. Brute strength. Appearance: Black long hair and grey eyes like people from the seam. She is skinny but not just bones and she dosen't have that many muscels Personality: She usually very serious and coldhearted. However there is some people that can make her smile and she is very protective towards them she might even sacrefice her own life. She analyses everything and feels best when knows whats going on. She dosen't like to small unless she really likes the person she is talking to) talk and would rather get to the point fast. Allies: Maybe someone young User: Annamisasa

Gamemakers You have to report to the page in 48 hours

Position Name Gender Age Appearance Personality User
Position: Head Gamemaker.Name: Kiersten Nicole.Gender: Female. Age: 19 Appearance: Long brown silky hair, green eyes, and skinny and pale. Personality: Mean, ruthless, and has a bad temper. User: KNKHungerGames
Position: Co Head Gamemaker Name: Caesar Minster Gender: Male Age: 38 Apearence: Dark Black Hair, Has A Black Handlebar Mustache, And Is Very Tall, 6"6 Personality: Mysterious, Sly, Quiet, Sometimes Mean. User: HKTLovesGlimmer

Position: Head of Arena Name: Sara Book Gender: Female Age: 19 Appaerance: Red-Brown Hair, Brown eyes, light skin. Always has on a neclace, most likely 2 b an owl. Personality: Isn't scared of violence & very smart & creative. Favorite color is orange. Likes owls. Knows what tributes will be expecting & not expecting. User: Everdeen7000

Position: Co Arena Name: Eel Striker Gender: Male Age: 50 Appearance: Gray hair and Green eyes Personality: Very tall, kind and likeable User: JWW

Position: Head of Mutts Name: Gravel Smith Gender: Male Age: 20 Appaerance: A small man with short blond hair and green eyes. He has a little beard. On his body are several kind of mutts tattooed. He wears always black gloves, and his favourite colour is yellow.Personality: Cruel, he wants that the tributes have the most painful deads. The only thing, he likes district 3 and 6, so he doesn't send (or tries to do so) mutts to the tributes of those districts. User: Robin040197

Position: Head Traps Name:Maria Pashmig Gender:Female Age:28 Appearance:Short blonde hair, 6'9, brown eyes Personality:Loves fire, will only dress in blue or yellow, loves to torment tributes, intelligent User: IHeartHungerGames

Position: Gamemaker Name: Star Radious Gender: Female Age: 25 Appearance: Black hair with gold tips on ends of her hair and bangs, pale skin with a star gem on the end of her eye that sparkles at night and only night. Personality: Sweet and generous but cruel when it comes to the hunger games. User: District4IsAmazing

Position: Gamemaker Name: Sibrena Faether Age: 22 Gender: Female Appearance: brown hair and brown eyes but her senses are dramatically enhanced, to the point where like animals she can sense things like when a storm is coming. Personality: Sweet and charming, but with a lot of bloodlust. She feels like by being a gamemaker, her inner animal is satisfied. User: GlimmerandSparkle


District Name Age Gender Appearance Personality
District: 1 Name: Ferry Dennisa Gender: Female Age: 32 Personality: Shy, quiet, and kind of rude. Appearance: Pixie ears, pink eyes, green hair, pale skin, and she has glittery wings.
District: 2 Name: Coco Emery Gender: Female, Age: 27, Appearance: brown hair ( it used to be blond, before... Chocolate) same with her dress, surprisingly skinny for all the chocolate she has, Personality: always happy, addicted to chocolate, thinks everyone should enjoy it like her,
District: 3 Name: Perestia Yulonde Gender: Female Age: 29 Appearance: Red hair and yellow eyes. Personality: Keeps to hersself, she always gets large headahes.
District: 4 Name: Nevous Rinky Gender: Female Age:34 Personality: her self, takes time to get on her good side Appearence: Snake like eyes that are red,Green skin with scales on elebows and neck
District: 5 Name:Telate Derrute Age: 51 Gender: Male Appearance: Purple hair, green eyes, and red skin. Personality: Loves the hunger games.
District: 6 Name: Donna Horrade Age: 31 Gender: Female Appearance: Pink hair and orange and yellow streaks, brown eyes, and dark skin. Personality: Always tired.
District: 7 Name: Gensen Tewel Age: 19 Gender: Female Appearance: Brown hair with green highlights, hazel eyes, green skin with leave patterns. Personality: Nice, but agrees with the capitol.
District: 8 Name: Urkson Reden Age: 45 Gender: Male Appearance: Orange and Purple hair, blue skin, and grey eyes. Personality: Loud, Crazy, Abnoxious, and Insane.
District: 9 Name: Potreso Foperta Age; 22 Gender: Female Appearance: A white afro, Green eyes, and pale skin. Personality: Mean and Frightening.
District: 10 Name: Lora Mello Gender: FemaleAage: 31,Aappearance: white wavy hair with black streaks, white eyes, wears a VERY poofy dress, Personality: OBSESSED WITH MARSHMALLOWS, very happy but only when she has marshmallows, she gets very grumpy if she's not eating marshmallows
District: 11 Name: Kara Locke Age: 20 Gender: Female Personality: Friendly, quiet, helpful, and caring. Kinda opposite of her sister Tara. Appearance: Blonde hair that goes to her butt with light lavander tips, light green eyes, and pale skin. 5'2' < Pretty.
District: 12 Name: Tara Locke Age: 28 Gender: Female Personality: Caring, Bubbly, Crazy, Friendly. Appearance: Black Hair With Red Streaks, Shimmering Blue Eyes, 6"1


District Name Gender Age Appearance Personality Stradegy

District: 1 Name: Lauren Henderson Gender: Female Age: 18 Appearance: Long golden curly hair, bluish green eyes, and amazing complection. Personality: Seductive, mean, cruel, and blunt. Stradegy: Female: Make guys like you, then use them and win. Male: Kill everyone. Stay with careers.
District: 2 Name: Darrell McClain Gender: Male Age: 17 Appearance: Tall aand muscular, brown hair, and brown eyes. Personality: Mena, Ruthless, and Satanic. Stradegy: Allie with careers and kill everyone, then kill your allies when the time comes.
District: 3 Name: Silas Venture Age: 41 Appearance: Short brown hair, dark brown eyes, and tan. Personality: Sarcastic, funny, and helping. Stradegy: Teach them everything. Use electronics, they're something you should know well. Stick to what you are good at.
District: 4 Names: May Mist age: 24, Jake Mist age: 24 (brother and sister won game together Appearances: both have blond/brown hair, blue eyes, average height, Personalities: friendly, clever, determined for district 4 to be the best, Strategies: best weapons: trident & sword, go to the water where you'll be safe and force your opponents to come to you, and hunt fish, go for an island if there is one
District: 5 Name: James Broker Gender: Male Age: 26 Appearcence: Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall Skinny, Scar On His Forhead (From Being Cut In His Games With A Knife). Personailty: Quiet, Helpful, Doesnt Like Being Mean, Caring. Strategy: Teach The Tributes Camoflauge And Good Ways To Stay Hidden. Also Teach Them How To Make Supplies Last And Survival Skills.
District: 6 Name: Luke Trynn Gender: Male Age: 19 Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes, and very tan. Personality: Nie, Funny, and Chilled. Stradegy: Learn everything, use your skills, don't trust anyone who isn't trustworthy, find food and water.
District: 7 Name: Brian Pine Gender: Male Age: 41 ,Aappearance: tall, very muscular, Personality: doesn't talk much, serious, Strategy: fighting: get an axe, if you can't, do things hand to hand, axes are the weapon for district 7
District: 8 Name: Beatrice Gadert Age: 91 Gender: Female Appearance: Grayish white hair, pretty dark blue eyes, and really pale. Personality: Nice and kinda grandma like. Stradegy: Make them feel as comfortable as possible before the games, and lets pick whatever stradegy they want.
District: 9 Name: Frank Berrtle Age: 67 Gender: Male Appearance: Gray hair, blue eyes, and a gray beard. Personaity: Shy, Quiet, and Kind. Stradegy: Run away from the violence and hide. Find food and water. Don't really trust anyone.
District: 10 Name: Meranda Skillwaski Age: 23 Gender: Female Appearance: Curly red hair, dark brown eyes, and perfect skin. Personality: Crazy, < not like fun crazy, but literally crazy. Ever since her games, when her and her boyfriend were in the final two and her boyfriend commited suicide so that she could go home, she has been totally nuts. Stradegy: Ridk yourself for your allies, you'll never be able to live with yourself if one of them dies.
District: 11 Name: Kattie Peirara Age: 14 Gender: Female Appearance: Long light brown curly hair and hazel eyes with flecks of gold. Personality: Sweet, loving, and caring. Stradegy: Don't rely to much on your allies, bbut learn from them. Never betray them they could help you win. In training don't just use weapons, use plants, healing, traps, and other things to. Find water, get food. Take everything in and don't forget it.
District: 12 Name: Clint Marshall Age: 28 Gender: Male Personailty: Caring, Helpful, Shy, And Talks Quietly. Apearence: Light Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Muscalur, 6"4 Strategy: Teach The Tributes How To Survive In Different Weather, And Teach Them About Edible And Nonedible Plants, And Show Them How To Use And Make Different Weapons So They Wont Have To Be In The Cornucopia.


District Name Age Gender Appearance Personality Chariot Chariot Design Interveiw Design
District: 1 Name: Estel Forra Age: 21 Gender: Female Appearance: Shiny silver hair, with sparkles sprayed in, really light grey eyes, so light to the point where the'ye almost white, and very pale skin. Personality: Quiet, expectant, and very hard concentration. Chariot: The chariot is shiny and sparkley, in the middle the chariot shoots out glitter. Male: A silky and shiny silver shirt, with a sparkley light green vest, Black dress pants, and white sparkley shoes. Female: A long flowy silver sparkley dress, with a light green sparkley shaw, her shoes are high heels with that are shiny light green. Interveiw: Male: A white undershirt that sparkles in the light, a black jacket over it, plack dress pants, and shiny glittery silver shoes. Female: A sparkley pink dress, the dress is a little above her knees, and is super tight, the dress has little white spakrles on it too, she is wearing glittery pink shoes that are super hard to walk in but she pulls it off. Her hair is long and curly.
District: 2 District 2 stylist: Name: Mason Onyx Gender: Male Age: 37 Appearance: tall, very muscular, imposing stare, frightening Personality: always seems to be angry, very forceful Chariot: A large boulder with spikes sticking out of it and seats that look like mallets Chariot costumes: female: a dress made of overlapping plates of lightweight stone, male: ( at first you don't see him, but then he comes out of the boulder armed with a cannon) he looks like he's made of stone ( the cannon shoots out rock candy) Interview outfits: female: a dress made of overlapping fangs ( bones ) and a silver crown, male: a tuxedo made of overlapping claws ( bones ) and a gold crown
District: 3 Name: James Tyler Age: 29 Gender: Male Apearence: Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Always Wears Black Eyeshadow, 6"3 Personailty: Mysterious, Quiet, Shy. Female Chariot: She Is Wearing A Long Silver Silk Dress That Wraps Around Her Legs. The Straps Of Her Dress Are Covering In Silver Metal Jewels. The Dress Is Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. She Is Wearing Grey High Heels And Is Wearing A Grey Top Hat Thats Covered In Tiny Metal Jewels. Her Hair Is Curly Instead Of Straight, And Is Spray-Painted Silver. Male Chariot: He Is Wearing A Grey Silk Suit With A Black Undershirt His Left Shoulder Is Covered In The Tiny Metal Jewels. He Is Wearing Matching Silk Dress Pants And Shiny Black Shoes. He Suit Is Also Designed To Look Like A Circuit Board To Represent Electronics. His Hair Is Spiked Up And He Is Wearing A Very Bright Gold Necktie U der His Suit Jacket. His Hair Is Also Spray-Painted Silver. Male Interview: The Male Is A Wearing A Grey Silk Tixedo And Grey Dress Pants. He Has Grey Shoes In A Circuit Board Print. And His Tux Looks Like It Is Covered In Bright Silver Glitter. Female Interview: She Is Wearing A Short Silver Dress That Is Covered In Silver Glitter. She Is Wearing Grey High Heels And Lots Of Jewerly. She Is Also Wearing A Grey Top Hat
District: 4 Name: Taylor Coral: Age: 32 Gender: female Appearance: always wears shells in any way possible, has light blue hair and blue eyes Personality: tries to use shells in EVERYTHING, doesn't like anything exept shells Chariot: a huge sparkling oyster, it also shoots silver glitter Chariot costumes: girl: a mermaid tail + top, the scales are made of thousands of tiny shells, the top is also made of shells, and a pearl crown to top it off Boy: (sorry Mickey Stark, district 4 male) a merman tail made of shells with no top, a large crown on top Interview outfits: Female: a tight blue/silver silk dress with a silver crown and silver heels (and of course a shell necklace) Male: a shiny blue tuxedo and a shell crown
District: 5 Name: Electrica Jolt, female, age 24, appearance: looks like everything is static-fyed, personality: electric, excited, chariot: a huge sparkling atom (fake:) outfits: both genders have outfits that sparkle like electricity, Interview outfits: girl: tight, silky golden dress with light up crown, boy: light up tux and light up silver crown
District: 6 Name:Name: Melissa Roads Age: 27 Gender: Female Personality: Kind, Quiet, Caring, Fun. Apearence: Short Curly Black Hair, Apple Green Eyes, Skinny, Always Wears Pink Eyeliner And Green Lipstick. Male Chariot: The Male Is Wearing A Tradional Black And White Silk Suit. The Suit Has Pattern That Looks Like A Railroad Track. He Has Black Shoes And Is Wearing A Seat Belt Strap Across His Chest. Female Chariot: She Is Wearing A Long Black And Grey Dress And It Also Has A Railroad Track Print And She Is Wearing Grey High-Heels And Is Also Is Wearing A Seat Belt Strap Across Her Chest. Male Interview: The Male Is Wearing A Red, Yellow, And Green Formal Tuxedo To Represent Street Lights. His Shoes Are Red, He Is Wearing A Fadora That Is Green And He Is Also Wearing A Small Yellow Chain Necklace. Female Interview: The Female Is Wearing A Red, Yellow, And Green Dress To Represent Street Lights. Her Shoes Are Red High Heels, She Is Wearing A Green Top Hat, And Is Wearing Lots Of Yellow Jewelry.
District: 7 Name: Jade Green Gender: Female age: 26, appearance: jade colored hair and eyes, very pale skin: to give her hair and eyes a more bold appearance Personality: Serious, but friendly, Chariot: large golden tree stump with jewel encrusted vines and branches that the tributes sit on, it also shoots out autumn colored leaves. Chariot outfits: female green and autumn colored dress that looks like it's made of leaves and a crown of leaves, male: same except in shirt and pants form, Interview outfits: female: silky green dress with heels and lots of jewelry, male: green + black tuxedo, both of the tributes eyes are green ( temporary contacts )
District: 8 Name: Garsell Bellamere Gender: Male Age: 31 Appearance: Short spiky hair that is pink and yellow, purple eyes, and green tinted skin. Personality: Bad attitude, wants a different district. Chariot: The chariot looks like an old patchwork quilt but with vibrant colors and different designs. Chariot design: Male: He has a blue and green silky and poofy shirt that gives theeffect of textiles, pants are the same as shirt, he has white shoes with the look of colors weaving through each other, his hair is slicked back. Female: She has a poffy dress that goes just above her knees with colors weaving through eachother, shoes that are gold and silver that look like textiles, and her hair is french braided on one side going down her head to a poofy bun. Interview design: Male: A white tux with an undershirt that has green and blue silk, black shoes and his hair is spiked. Female: A shirt that is one sleeved and has different colored jewels going down diagnolly, a skirt that goes to the floor with jewels going diagnolly the other way, her shoes are ballet flats with jewels at the toes, and her hair is in a braid down her back with tiny pale pink crystals embeded in it.
District: 9 Name: James Wheat, male, age 30, appearance: very normal, except he has a tail, personality: mild-mannered, usually lost in thought and still, chariot: a platform wheat field with a HUGE loaf of bread that the tributes sit on, outfits: they're both dressed as different kinds of patch-work bread, interview outfits: boy: normal black and white tux with a round loaf of bread on his head, girl: simple blue dress with a crown of golden wheat
District: 10 Name: Roofus Horseman Age: 46 Gender: Male Personality: Country, Loud, Happy, Supporting. Apearence: Dark Brown Hair And Sideburns, Dark Brown Eyes, Tall, Muscalur, Always Wears Cowboy Hat, 6"5 Male Chariot: The Male Is Wearing A Classic Country Outfit With A Black And Gold Button Up Shirt, Black Levi Jeans, Gold Boots Covered In Black Glitter, A Gold Cowboy Hat, And Using Rope As A Belt And Has A Long Rope Strapped Around His Chest. Female Chariot: The Female Is Wearing A Golden Knee Length Poofy Dress With A Black Pattern On It. She Also Has Gold Boots Covered In Black Glitter, And A Gold Cowgirl Hat. But Her Dress Is Made Completely Out Of A Long Fabric That Looks Exactly Like Rope. Male Interview: The Male Is Wearing A Brown And Green Print Tuxedo With Brown And White Pants. He Is Wearing The Same Gold Hat From His Chariot And He Is Wearing Brown And Green Cowboy Boots. Female Interview: The Female Is Wearing A Brown Dress That Flows Down Her Legs. She Is Also Wearing A Gold Cowgirl Hat And Is Wearing Brown Heels. Her Dress Is Designed To Look Like Dirt To Represent District 10.
District: 11 Name: Katrina Galley Gender: Female Age: 23 Appearance: Creamy blonde hair with shiny sparkles going all the way through her hair, hazel brown eyes, pale pink eye shadow, and sparkley lips. Normal and pretty. Personality: She believes in her tributes, she is funny, creative, and very jazzy. Chariot: Painted a light green with dark green vines and pink and purple flowers covering it. Every fourth of the way the chariot shoots out flowers. Chariot design: Male: Light green overalls with a white dress shirt underneath that has little designs of flowers on it, black dress shoes with plants on them, and his hair has a grassy headband on it. Female: A long light green dress that flows has little green jewels making vines and then has a little bit bigger pink and purple jewels making flowers trail up the dress, black dress shoes with the same jewels making more flowers, and she also has her hair up in an intracite updo with pink and purple daisies stuck in it. Intreview design: Male: A light green suit with darker green patterns making vines with white and yellow flowers, white dress shoes with green vines and white and yellow flowers,, his hair is slicked back with green wash out streaks that give the appearance of vines. Female: A white dress that is silky and flows along the floor when she walks that has dark and light green vines with all different kinds and colors of flowers that are done in jewels, white dress shoes with colored jewels, she has curled hair that shimmers with sparkles and wash out streaks of light pink and violet, and she has jewels on the sides of her eyes that sparkle, she looks sweet and innocent.
District: 12 Name: Karma Mona Age: 26 Gender: Female Personality: Funny, Likeable, Bubbly, Always Happy. Apearence: Long Curly Black Hair, Jewel Purple Eyes, Skinny, Pale Skin, 5"8 Male Chariot: The Male Is Wearing A Bright Ted Dress Shirt Covered In Tiny Black Pieces Of Coal. He Is Wearing Glowing Red Skinny Jeans That Look Neon And Is Covered In Ruby's That Come Straight From The Mines Of District 12. His Shoes Are Black And Are Knee Length And He Is Wearing A Red Hairband That Brights Up The Chariot. Female Chariot: The Girl Is Wearing A Really Poofy Knee Length Dress That Is Dark Black And Looks Like It Is Covered In Ashes. Her Dresses Is RCovered In Tiny Little Marble Sized Rubys That Light Up Her Dress. She Is Also Wearing A Glowing Red Hairband And Is Wearing Red Slip On Shoes. Male Interview: He Has A Black Formal Tuxedo That Looks To Be Covered In Ashes (Just Like Females Chariot Dress). He Is Wearing Long Long Black Dress Pants And Has On Black Dress Shoes. His Hair Is Spiked And His Tuxedo Has A Red And Orange Flame Print. Female Interview: The Girl Is Wearing A Flowing Yellow Dress That Is Really Long And Is Glowing And Really Bright Which Makes Her Look Like A Shining Star. She Has On Black Heels That Are Covered In Red Glitter And She Has A Huge Red Ruby On The Shape Of A Heart That Is Right Over Her Heart



Marisa: As I make my way to the square, a girl about my age pushes past me. This really angers me because no one overlooks me. "Umm excuse me?" I ask in my most snotty voice. The girl turns around and looks at me. "What?" she exclaims impaitently. Oh, heck no... nobody talks to me with that tone of voice. "Get. Out. Of. My. Way." I then say. "Or what?" she made the mistake of asking. Quickly I grab her hair in my hand and pull as hard as I can. A chunk of hair is in my hand and she is inraged. We slap at eachother then I run my long and polished fingernails down her face causing blood to run down her cheek. "Ahh!" she yells. A peace keeper comes and breaks us up. When I get to the square the escort is just putting her hand in to the bowl. "Diamond Drera!" she says. The girl that I fought with comes on stage with a proud smile. I can't stand the smugness in her smile. "I volunteer!" I call out. She looks mad. I smirk at her and say. "Better luck next year." Then the escort reaches for the name of the lucky guy who gets to see me for the remainder of his days.

Justin: I plan to volunteer today, it's the perfect day! The sun is shining not a cloud in the sky. On my way here I got to see a catfight against two insanely hot girls too! The escort plucks a name from the boys bowl. " Gary Twindlehouse!" She calls. "I volunteer!" I call. The escort smiles. My district partner happens to be one of the two girls that got in a fight. She smiles sweetly and wiggles her fingers. I wink at her and and smile. Oh lord....


Shermaine: While walking to my next reaping, I stop and actually examine my district. It all looks so new... like I've never actually noticed how many kids are training to kill other human beings. Like a whole new-"Wait, no. STOP!" I tell myself. Other people turn to look at me. I turn away and put on my armor of coldheartedness. Why would I care what those ignorants think? "Welcome District 2, to our 30th annual Hunger Games!" "Just get on with it!" People call. Our escort huffs loudly. "Fine," the escort shoves her hand in the jar. "Shermaine Willson!" I slowy but surely walk on to the stage, as if daring the peacekeepers to try to touch me. They know me, the girl who will never start a fight, but one who will finish it and win.

Navy: Shermaine, I know her. She kinda scares me when people touch her.. "Now for the boys!" Our chocolate crazed escort calls. "No, I volunteer!" I scream just as others start to volunteer. I walk on to stage as it was evident that I was first. Some people scowl, other such as my parents beam with pride. I smile and we walk into the justice building.


Isa: I intently observe our escort as I get to the square, red hair and yellow eyes, but her red hair looks like a natural red and her eyes are actually knid of- "Oh look it's daydreamer." Says one of the really pretty girls in my district. She laughs as I turn away. With tears gathering in my eyes, and using all my courage I walk away. "Where are you going?" The girl asks tauntingly. I'm about to run just as the escort says, "Isa Guard!" "Huh?" I ask. "You have the honor of representing district 3 in the hunger games!" she replies while rubbing the side of her temple. I must have missed everything while getting tourmented. "I-I," I try to spit out that I couldn't go just as the peacekeepers started pudhing me to the stage. My face must have been as pale as my hair. "Jakson Crews" she says.

Jackson: Seriously?!? Me! I slowy walk on to the stage next to the female tribute. "Allies?" I ask. Silence. Ok then. I slowly walk in to the justice building.


Mary: Just as I get to the main square the video ends. "Now let's turn things around a bit! Boys first.." Our snake escort calls in her weird voice, probably caused by the split tounge. I look around and try to find Mickey, but I can't find him. "Manny Starp!" Nevous, the escort calls. Wait, no! "I volunteer!" Mickey calls. "No!" I scream. He has been my lifelong friend and I've always liked him. He gives me a sympathetic look, as if to say I'm soory I'm going to die. "For the girlsss!" Our escort practically hisses. "Mary Seaweed!" My heart falls to my stomach and shatters into a million pieces.

Mickey: I was calmish when my brother was reaped, because I could do something about iit, I was calm when I volunteered, but when Mary got reaped and no one volunteered, I lost it. "No,NO!" By now I was practically hysterical. "She can't go! She won't go! No Mary!!" I was still screaming as they pushed me and Mary into the justice building. I held Mary cheeks in my hands for a second, then I kissed her. She pulled away though and just started sobbing.


Detria: Another year of the hunger games, another year of 23 absolutely innocent kids fighting and killing eachother till there's one lone victor. Ridiculous! This is absolut- my thoughts are cut off by our weird escost, "OOOHH! The hunger games again! Ladies first!" He literally shoves his hand in and pulls one out. "Detria Glace!" He calls out. PHEW! Wait what? People start to snicker and push me to the stage. The escort is quite offended when I don't take his offered hand for help, and pull away so that he can't touch me.

Richard: I feel really bad for Detria, people already make fun of her, but I've seen her around before, and she is perhaps the smartest girl that I know, and now she's going into the hunger games where she could quite possibly get killed. "Now for the gentlemen." The escort says sounding somewhat annoyed at Detria's actions. "Richard Morter!" I frantically look around for my mother, I find her sobbing into her hands. "No, mom, it's okay! I'll be back!" I yell to her as the peacekeepers start to pull me and Detria into the justice building.


Demi: As I make my way to the town center, I stop and look at the victor's village where Emma Ryder, who won last year is no doubtablly at, I stick my tounge out hoping she was just somehow at the window and saw me. She was my friend, but as soon as she won, she dropped everyone to talk to that May girl on the phone every second of her life. This is my third reaping and I'll never get used to our escort, Donna. Such a simple name, but she has pink and orange hair! "So, for the girls..." she twirls her wrist and then grabs out a name in an admittedly graceful motion. "Demi Campbell!" I freeze, then I think of Emma and her stupid victor friend. That could be me.... "Yes!" I call and run to the stage taking my lace next to Donna. She looks shocked and pleased. "Why is there the sudden burst of enthusiasm?" she asks. "Well, because now district 6 will have yet another victor!" I call out.

Reggie: I watch silently as Demi calls herself a victor before the games even start, some people are gasping, some are yelling, and then I see Demi's old bestfriend, Emma the victor from last year crying. Lots of mixed emotions.. I guess mine was just utterly shocked. "Calm down, everyone just please calm down!" the escort calls while yawning. "Shut up!" Demi calls and everyone goes silent. "Thank you dear, and now for the boys," the lady calls. "Reggie Miller!" It takes me a second to realize that I'm Reggie Miller, but I know right away that Reggie is going to die in the bloodbath.


Callope: I 'never knew how brutal the Hunger Games were until I watched Archer and Dewayne die. Archer died in the 23th annual Hunger Games, age 17, and Dewayne died last year at age 14...Fauna is now living with Blaike, her boyfriend at age 22 and Blade, my 18 year old brother, is at his last year. So now I am alone and starting my first reaping. I stand and wait in the square and look for Blade. Fauna and Blaike are behind me, and are waiting patiently to celebrate afterwards. Gensen walks to the stage and I awe at her skin. Why would someone want leaves tattooed into their skin? I'm from the tree area and I am SICK of trees! She smiles kindly and does her little speech. Her hand is suddenly in the reaping bowl, and she begins to unravel it. '"The lucky lady is.....Callope Shade!!!!" I am in shock. I am going to die. Only a small nudge from my friend Andrew Mason (Yes, a relitive of Johanna Mason) can awake me. He smiles at me and pushes me forward, knowing that he won't see me again. The boy, Gabe DiPablo, is a thirteenyear old, just a year ahead of me. He seems fixed into my eyes as we shake hands, as if curious about me... and I am him...How will this end up?

Gabe: As I make my way to the stage, I see my mother, she is running away crying. When I get to the stage, I notice my parteners eyes, they are so big and blue, I'm kind of unsure and perplexed about her. But, I can't think of this, all I can think of is my stradegy and how I will get back home to my mother.

District 8

Alicia:I awake to a kiss upon my forehead. My father is sitting on my bed, smiling grimly. Today is the reaping. He takes my hand and leads me to the reaping. I am in a beautiful cashmere dress, silkey and beautiful. I await in the square for the reapings. Urkson, our crazed escort, walks to the stage. "I am just going to skipppppppp, the reapings! Yay!" Wait, did he just say he was going to skip...the reapings?!?!?! He really needs help. "And the Lucy Lady issssss!!!!!!!! Alicia Thread!!!!!!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!!" Oh god, it's me. I walk calmly to the stage, accepting my fate. "AAAAnnnnndddddddddddd!!!!!!!! Quinten Pointe!!!!!!!" A 12 year old boy walks onstage. I recognize him. He's the boy who always stared into my house to watch the Hunger Games. Surely he remembers the rose haired, grey eyed girl that watched her mother chase off the little orphan. We shake hands and he gives an evil smirk. No, I think. He doesn't remember at all.

Quinten: Reapings, reapings...they are totally boring in my opinion. I used to watch them frm the sidelines when I was a starving three year old. Every year, I remember the names, and I peek into some person's house every day, just checking up, and it's always the bloodbath, or the next day or night that kills the people I saw. Sometimes I wouldn't see the deaths at all, because the man or wife of the house would chase me off, muttering something about dirty, no good orphans. But now here I am, waiting to see who will be killed off now. Urkson walks, no, prances onto the stage and sighs. "I am just going to skipppppppp, the reapings! Yay!" Sorry about that, he's a bit on the abnormal side...he needs to go to an asylum.... "The lucy lady is......Alicia Thread!!!!!!!Yippeee!!!!!" Lucy Lady? Man, he really needs help. Alicia walks to the stage calmly, as if preparing herself for her fate. Her grey eyes tell a magnificent tale, just looking at them, but I am ready to accept the boy's name. "Quinten Pointe!!!!!" I am going to win. For all of the people that died, for my own sake too. I was either going to die a noble death, and people would forget me, or I was going to come home, alive, having bring honor to the dead tributes, and people would not turn me away. I won't say until later which I chose. I shook Alicia's hand, determined not to smirk at the worry in her stone like eyes. We walk into the Justice Building, bored out of my wits, because I knew no one was coming. No one care about little old Quinten Pointe, because he was hardly a threat. That was going to have to change. I chose both...

Disrtict 9

'Mercedes: I walk through the center and people stare in fear as I come by. "Good," I think. They should fear me.. no one knows what I am capable of. Our dumb escort drags her hand through the bowl and snatches a sheet of perfectly folded paper. "Heidi Cratch!" She calls out. "Umm no, that sheet said my name!" I call out. The escort looks at me in disbelief as I push the wimpering 12 year old out of my way, and she falls to the ground her arm surley breaking. "What's your name?" She asks with her voice which is usually hard as a rock, now a little scared. "You all know my name." I say bluntly. "Whatever." The escort says.'Mickey: Mercedes is ugly and barbaric. She's just cruel and I would hate to go to the games with her. Mercedes looks at me and our eyes meet, I want to throw up. "Come on Mickey." Shae says harshly. I'm taken aback by surprise when people start to push me to the stage, then I notice the escort has a boys sheet of paper that says my name on it. Oh crap...

District 10

Kopesh:Fluffy clouds, fluffy...sheep....sheep, Little Bo Peep. I am dressed in a jean skirt and a pretty green top, the prettiest I have ever been or felt. My brothers Sean and Gage sit in the 18 and 14 year old sections, waiting. Lora Mello walks up to the stage, bits and pieces of leftover marshmellow on her scary white grin. "HELLOOO!!!!! Where are my marshmellows Dean? I asked for them, like, 20 seconds AGO!!!!!! Hello, tributes, let's start with the marsh- sorry, reapings!!!!!" I hold my breath. Someone I know will be sent to their death. "Kopesh Taylors." I widen my eyes. I am going to die. But my mother always did say expect the unexpected. The boy I recognize, but I am two years older than he is. We stare at eachother, and I try not to cry. I might die.

Gunner: The escort calls my name, I walk up to the stage and smile. Now's my chance to kill that retched district 1 male that killed my brother! I see my district partner almost in tears. Sissy. She's even 2 years older than me. Watch out District 1 guy, cause here I come...

District 11

Jasmine: Reaping day is the only day of the year when I'm not my normal, happy self. I slowly walk and mope around, "Get going!" The people yell at me. While picking up my pace, I make it just in time to see the very same video we watch every year.. "I'm sorry guys, but now it is time to pick the girl representing district 11 for the 30th annual hunger games." She says softly. I've always kinda liked this escort, she is more normal then capitol. "Jasmine Webb." She chokes out. I make my way to the stage, while people look away from the usually happy and bubbly girl that everyone adores.

Quincy: The escort calls my name after Jasmines. I am calm as I make my way to the stage, but everyone knows I probably have a chance at winning and Jasmine is toast. Well, she had a good run...

District 12

Natasha:I walk to the citycenter. My little brother Horace walks beside me holding my hand. He dosen't say anything. I hate the games. Hate what they do to people. The tributes who die. The family left behind. We reach the place where they take your bloodsample. I hug my father then I kneeled and hug Horace. "It's gonna be okaay" I whisper softly. I fell his warm tears on my shoulder. "I'll be fine". I reach for the little stone Horace gave me a week ago. It has a weird hole in it and it was my father idea to wear it around my angcle in a string. "Horace...It's okay. Follow daddy and then I will meet up with you right after" I tell him. I let go of him and walk up to get my bloodsample then I walk over to the other 15 year olds. Some of them walks a step away from me when I near. They still remember how hostile I was. Our escorts steps up. Tara Locke with her weird eyes and unatrually long body."Weeeelcoooome and may the odds be ever in your favor" she almost purs. She walks over to the girls bowl and dig her hand deep into the bowl. "NATASHA GREY" she yells. We all go silent and some girls stare at me. I take a deep breath and take a second to put my sorrow aside. Then walk calmly up to the stage.

Matt: After Natasha was reaped, I know I'm going to volunteer, she's not even strong. All she is, is a dirty theif. "Matt Gunner!" I smile. That saves me the trouble of even volunteering. I know that I will be in the career pack, I also know I'll be the best career there is. She reaches to shake my hand, and I pull back. "I don't touch theives." I say rudely. She looks hurt and walks away. Victor's Village here I come.

CHARIOT DESIGN PLACES. (decided by gamemakers)

1. District 1

2. District 4

3. District 12

4. District 11

5. District 3

6. District 10

7. District 8

8. District 6

9. District 2

10. District 7

11. District 9

12. Dsitrict 5

TRAINING SCORES. (decided by gamemakers)

'Marisa Strangler - 10'

'Justin Armstrong - 10'

'Shermaine Wilson - 9'

'Navy Wonders - 12'

'Jackson Crews - 6'

'Isa Guard - 9'

'Micky Starp - 8'

'Mary Seaweed - 10'

'Detria Glace - 9'

'Richard Morter - 7'

'Demi Cambell - 8'

'Reggie Miller - 9'

'Callop Shade - 5'

'Gabriel DePablo - 8'

'Alicia Thread - 11'

'Quinten Pointe - 10'

'Mercedes Benz - 7'

'Mickey McAllister - 9'

'Kopesh Taylors - 8'

'Gunner Pan - 10'

'Jasmine Webb - 6'

'Quincey Williams - 9'

'Natasha Grey - 9'

'Matt Gunner - 10 '


Mairsa, Female from district 1


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