aka Aradia Megido

  • I live in In Alternia :3
  • My occupation is A student ;3
  • I am Troll
  • Kaaitlyn

    Hello there! Welcome to my Surivor: Chat Edition 2.0!! I copied Wesley cause I am a bitch like that :)

    • You can only claim one spot
    • You only have to include your name. The name you use on chat.
    • Be active on chat.
    • After every round you will need to vote. Vote on chat by pming me (wesolini).
    • Say something like Dark Magician Girl is awesome
    • Twelve spots, fist come first serve.
    • Conspiracy is allowed, betrayal is even more funny x3
    • Being vote out means you are not allowed to vote anymore.
    • Only people in this can vote!
    • Most of these games will be based on excluding the voting system.
    • Merge Day 7

    Castaway Tribes Finish Votes Against
    Original Merge
    Asher Tractus
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 4-0
    Bella Spera

    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6

    2-2; 3-1
    Wesley Spera Amare TBA TBA
    Atelda Spera…

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  • Kaaitlyn

    Dont worry

    February 17, 2013 by Kaaitlyn

    Hey my little humans. I have made my decision. And I guess its pretty sad.  I have mad amazing friends and some enemies *coughDBD*couh*..But he isn't here anymore so lets cherish that ;D. Well I have lots of people to thank


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