Hey my little humans. I have made my decision. And I guess its pretty sad.  I have mad amazing friends and some enemies *coughDBD*couh*..But he isn't here anymore so lets cherish that ;D. Well I have lots of people to thank

People I love

Pika <333

MOG!! You were my first friend. You helped my through the bad times on this wiki. You were one of my best friends on this whole wiki. I will really miss you and hope when I come back your still going to be here <33

Dani <3333333333

Dani! You and I had a rough start..But that one night when we started watching Spririted Away we became actually best friends. I felt so close to you. Now you are my best friend in the whole wiki I seriously will miss your spunkyness, sassyness and awesomeness

Anna <33

BFF. You and I have had our awkward and argumental moments...But you were seriously nice to me.


BFFFFFF!!!! You and I are ANTM buddies and remember we have to audition with eachother at the "Boys & Girls 2.0". :D I will miss your "hawtness".


Hai...You were my friend. Then there was this moment where I hate you for something then we became best friends again. You may think that you are the "Head Bitch In Charge" but still we all now thats my title

Vinny <3333333333 

Hai...You have me inspiration and I sadly didn't get to D10 reaping and your goat had to die...But I will surely miss you!

Others <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

I may have liek totally forgot you! But remember you have the most hearts up there ^ cause I love you. Remember each of the people I forgot but know. We have always had our inside jokes and funny moments and those "I love you moments" But I love you all

Here is for all of you. Like seriously press it. It will explain everything <3

HeadBitchInCharge Outties <3

And in that moment I swear we were infinite 03:18, February 17, 2013 (UTC)  

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