Hello there! Welcome to my Surivor: Chat Edition 2.0!! I copied Wesley cause I am a bitch like that :)


  • You can only claim one spot
  • You only have to include your name. The name you use on chat.
  • Be active on chat.
  • After every round you will need to vote. Vote on chat by pming me (wesolini).
  • Say something like Dark Magician Girl is awesome
  • Twelve spots, fist come first serve.
  • Conspiracy is allowed, betrayal is even more funny x3
  • Being vote out means you are not allowed to vote anymore.
  • Only people in this can vote!
  • Most of these games will be based on excluding the voting system.
  • Merge Day 7

The Outcast

Castaway Tribes Finish Votes Against
Original Merge
Asher Tractus 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Bella Spera

2nd Voted Out
Day 6

2-2; 3-1
Wesley Spera Amare TBA TBA
Atelda Spera Amare TBA TBA
Gareth Spera Amare TBA TBA
Emma Spera Amare TBA TBA
Jade Spera Amare TBA TBA
Beetee Tractus Amare TBA TBA
Rainie Tractus Amare TBA TBA
Erlend Tractus Amare TBA TBA
Lauren Tractus Amare TBA TBA
Caylin Tractus Amare TBA TBA


Day 1

There is a helicopter in the horizen heading towards an island on the coast of Rome. It reaches the island and 12 people step out. They will begin a journey of treachery, blindsides, fights and maybe romance. They all step out and start to take in the landscape.

"Welcome to Survivor: Rome. I will divide you into tribes in a moment. Take a look around these people may be your friend or enemy or blindsider." say Anna.the host. The outcast look at eachother with wide eyes. Just then Anna gains their attention.

"Jade, Atelda, Wesley, Bella and Gareth. Stand infront of that black buff and flag. You will now be known as Spera. The rest of you go under that green buff. You will now be known as Tractus." say Anna. Everyone then looks at their tribemates. 

"You will decide your leaders. Consult for a moment these maps will help you to your camp. If you can not decide I will decide for you" say Anna firmly. The tribes look at eachother then suddenly Caylin speaks out saying she should be leader. Lauren, Asher agree. But Raine and Erlend think that Beetee should be leader. They then start throwing why they chose this person. In Spera they all agreed that Jade should be leader due to how pretty and professinal she looks. They then scream to Anna that they have finished picking their leader.

"Okay Spera who is it?" says Anna.

"Its Jade ma'am" says Atelda

Anna then gives a map to Jade that will tell them where their camp is. The sky looks black and cloudy like it will rain. Spera then heads off to their camp. Tractus can not still decide. Anna then raises her eyebrow and puts a rock in a bag.

"Okay you will pick rocks. whoever gets the purple rock is leader." Anna then proceeds to make everyone stick their hand in the bag. Once every is finished she tells them to firmly stick their arms out and clench their fist tightly. She then tells them to open it and Caylin has the purple rock making her the leader. She then gives Caylin the map as it start to rain.

In the Spera camp the camp has been built and everyone is under their little overhang cave they made. Once they rain stops everyone scatters. Wesley then takes Jade into the forest to talk

"Hey do you want to be in an alliance?" asked Wesley curiously

"Sure" says Jade quickly like she didn't even think about it. They both stand in silence until Wesley breaks it.

"I think we should invite someone else just so we have the majority. I think Emma. She seems quiet and seems to know her Survivor." Says Wesley. Jade agree and they disband. They eagerly wait for their challenge.

Immunity/Reward Challenge - Day 2

The tribes all walk towards Anna who is infront of an obby. 

"Today outcast you will be participating in a Reward and Immunity Challenge. You guys will have to race out of a bamboo cage underwater. You will be carrying a heavy treasure chest. Once on the shore the other half of the team will have to pull it on a platform using grappling hooks. The first tribe to finish wins!" Everyone looks at eachother determined to see who wins.

"Also may I add a twist this season. If a tribe is at tribal council the leader has to put someone up for elimination. For their effort in this challenge. The tribes then have to vote out whoever they want. You will each receive 3 Immunity Coins. The leader can pick one person who gets 5." This news shows everyone. Its a twist that was never ever been done before. This will surely be a fun season. Anna then tells them to get ready. 3 people Lauren, Caylin and Asher will be pulling the treasure chest for the Tractus Tribe, Rainie, Erlend and Beetee will be trying to grapple it and push it onto shore. Emma, Jade and Wesley will be  pulling the treasure chest for Spera, while Gareth, Bella and Atelda will try to grapple it.

"When I say start you may begin"- Anna. Anna then gives the signals and the outcast run frantically against the current until they have to swim. Caylin and Wesley both make it to the cage at the same time with their tribemate behind them. They start to untie it. Jade and Emma then catch up when Lauren and Asher do they are all trying to help in the end Wesley opens it. He then takes the treasure chest out and then Caylin unties it and swims inside. She takes the treasure chest and swims out with Lauren and Asher right behind her not helping. Wesley and he team are advancing since Emma and Jade are helping. They get it to the first platform as Caylin isnt half way since she is the one doing the pulling. Atelda, Bella and Gareth quickly untie the grappling hook and start to chuck it. Caylin finally makes it by herself and Beetee, Rainie and Erlend start to untie it. Atelda and Beetee are a perfect against eachother as they have the brains. But Spera's lead lets Atelda throw it and it hooks perfectly. She, Bella and Gareth are trying to pull it as it is filled with 5 pound rocks. Beetee unties it and starts chucking Beetee o his first try hooks it perfectly. Its anyone game. They are both pulling the giant monster. Its halfway up the slope for Spera when its only just beginning for Tractus. They are sweating trying to pull it up. Spera pulls it and and starts to cheer

"Spera wins Immunity and a Reward! Sorry Tractus I have nothing for I will meet you in tribal council." says Anna. Spera is cheering while Tractus leaves.

Tribal Council - Day 3

Tractus go up to their first tribal council. Caylin puts her torch behind her while she sits next to Rainie. Beetee puts his torch next to Caylin then sits next to Gareth. Anna is looking at them then summons Caylin.

"Caylin as the Survivor Twist who will you put up for Elimination?" asks Anna. Everyone has their eyes open praying it isn't one of them. Caylin building the suspense says

"I chose Lauren and Asher. You guys didn't help me in the challenge I pulled it all the way" says Caylin then sits down. She stares at the Lauren and Asher.

"Please go sit in the two seats right here" says Anna as she points to to chairs on the far left corner. Lauren and Asher. Everyone then proceeds to vote. After the last to vote Beetee comes back and sits. Anna then gets the basket and opens it up. She then puts the paper to her face and reads the first vote. 



"This vote can decided whether Asher goes home....Lauren"

"One more vote it can be a tie or Asher will leave..."

"1st person voted out of Survivor: Rome is...Asher." Asher stands up and grabs his torch from behind him. Everyone says their good byes and Asher walks to the front. Anna then puts out his flame and he leaves.

Day 4

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Welcome back to Survivor: Rome. Last night Asher was voted out of the Tractuus tribe from a vote of 4-0. Today the tribes will have their immunity and reward challenge. In Tractus Lauren looks a little pissed from her being moninated. She claims she did nothing. The Spera tribe starts walking to Anna when the Tractus tribe leaves. They both make it to Anna at the same time who is standing at a puzzle.

"Welcome. Spera look at the new Tractus tribe, Asher voted out last night" she points to the Tractus tribe just then their are scratches on Caylin and Lauren and their hair is a mess

"So Tractus what happened?" Anna ask. Caylin the looks at Lauren and steps forward. Lauren then does the same thing. Caylin then gives Lauren a cold stare and Lauren pounces on Caylin. They both lare fighting on the ground. Rainie is trying to pry Lauren off Caylin but Lauren just punches Rainie. She falls backward on the sand. Anna loos at them in disapproval. Jade and Atelda and Rainie come and finally pry her off Lauren then licks her lips and stays quiet

"This little bitch she attacked me this morning cuz I nommed her" says Caylin as she finally gets up. Lauren goes to attack again but those 3 girls hold her back

"Well today you will be doing a puzzle. Spera you will have to sit on person out and I have decided who. It will be the brains Atelda" Spera looks uneasy as Atelda is the smartest. They then goes to their panel. They will have to chuck balls on a net until big peices fall out and they can collect the puzzle. Anna gives them the start and they start. Jade chucks on and it misses. Beetee chucks it and makes it a huge puzzle peice comes out. He takes and and throws it on the floor. Caylin then takes a ball and throws as Wesley does but she misses and Wesley makes it. The peice comes tumbling down and he takes it and throws it to Jade who catches it. Bella takes the ball and throws it but misses Rainie then takes a ball and throws but slightly misses also. Emma quickly grabs a ball and throws it she makes it. Spera needs 4 more peices while Tractus needs 5. They are all chucking balls. Jade tries again and makes it as Beetee does. Lauren grabs a ball from the bucket and throws it it also makes it. Bella takes a ball but misses. Tractus needs 3 more and Spera needs 3. Its neck and neck. Emma quickly grabs it and throws it she makes it. Then Gareth takes a ball and throws but misses. Wesley and Caylin go head in head and they both make it. Spera needs 1 more and Tractus needs 2. Jade throws it and makes it. The last peice comes topping and down and she grabs it. The Spera tribe start. Rainie throws it but missess. Lauren then with Rage chucks it and makes it. The peice comes down and they start the puzzle. Beetee is directing them while Spera is totally confused. It goes like this. Atelda is looking in horror. She then starts to scream what to do. With her help Spera is finally advancing. Its neck and neck Atelda tells Wesley to put the last peice on the right but Wesley miss heard it and puts it on the right. Atelda then quickly screams that he did it wrong and he takes it out but Tractus screams for Anna to come over

"Tractus wins immunity! Spera you will have a date with me to tribal council"

Tribal Council

Spera walks into the tribal council. Anna swiftly ask Atelda to sit in a seat on the far right away from everyone

"Atelda you did not participate in the challenge. You do not get a say in who leaves only in case of a tie" Everyone's eyes dart to Atelda as she sits down. Everyone puts thier torch behind them Anna then ask Emma who she puts up

"Anna I am sorry but I put up Wesley and Bella. Bella you did nothing. Wesley you messed up the challenge." She says then sits down.

"Okay Bella and Wesley sit beside Atelda" Wesley and Atelda do that. Anna then instructs Everyone to go and vote. After a gruling 10 minutes Anna takes the box and pulls the first card out

"Since Atelda does not have a say we did a fanvote here it is." says Anna

"Fanvote goes against is Wesley..."

"Next vote....Bella"

"1 Bella 1 Wesley"


"1 more vote...Wesley. Its a tie Atelda go stand infront of everyone and say who you are going to vote off" Atelda sadly goes infront of everyone she takes a deep breath.

"I sadly vote Bella to leave I am sorry." Bella then gasp and burst to tear she walks up to Anna as Anna burns out her torch

"Bella is the 2nd member voted out of Survivor: Rome" - Anna

Day 3

"Welcome outcast today you will be known as Amare. Meaning "love" in Latin. Since I know there will be known of that I have decided to make one person leader for the whole remainder of the game. But she/he can back down and we will have to pick a new one" - Anna

"Okay please line up Today the leader will be chosen" ~Anna

"You have to fight eachother by pushing eachother off the plank and into the water...Begin" -Anna

Everyone starts charging at eachother Atelda satys in the back with Beetee and they have a pleasent conversation on the periodic table. While they do that Erlend is thrown off by Wesley and Bella and Jade. They then proceed to attack Caylin and Rainie and Lauren. Its and even match. Atelda and Beetee decide to split up and go to where their loyalties lie. Gareth tries to fight becide Emma against Lauren but he sadly fails. And gets thrown off. Emma then gets picked up by Lauren and Gets thrown off the plank. Jade and Wesley look in horror but they then get attacked by Caylin and Rainie. Again Beetee and Atelda leave and go have another conversation on reproducting cells. Jade and Wesley pushes Caylin and pick up Rainie in usion. They throw her off. Caylin then takes the upper hand and clotheslines Wesley threw the plank. Jade and Caylin are fighting until they notice Beetee and Atelda talking. They go and start to fight them. Atelda and Beetee and strong....In the brain but are physcially weak and they just have to blow on them for them to fall down. Caylin then starts smack talking Atelda as to why she fell and Jade comes out of no where and pushes her.

"Congratulations Jade. You are now the Leader of Amare"

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