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  • Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

    I just have a question because I've been trying to use the Classic Mode, but the non sourced version, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I went into preferences and it was set to the Classic editor, non source mode because it confuses the hell out of me, but it wasn't working, so I reset it and checked but it still resorts to the Classic Editor, source mode.

    I'm only asking this because I'm not too savvy with the source mode and coding and I find it confusing to use, so I was just wondering if anyone else is being affected by this, or if anyone knows a way to help me?? Thanks.

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  • Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

    Ok, so I know I haven't been active lately, and I apologize for that, sometimes school and life gets in the way. Plus I applied for a job and hoping to get it *crosses fingers*. Anyway, my last games are officially canceled, I know, it's terrible, but I've realized the flaw that always happens to me during these games, and why they are always incomplete. I do to much pre-games entertainment and I lose interest in my writing. Well, in these games, I will be going straight to the games, so enter away!!!

    Yes I know, but deal with it hun.

    1. The Districts for these games will be every District including 14, 13, 0 and Capitol.

    2. I AM BOLDING BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT. In these games, you can enter tributes, but I prefer if you just give me the page…

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  • Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

    The Final Crop Of Recruits

    Hello guys. I know, it's been a very long time since I made a Hunger Games, and the fact is, is that I have been extremely busy. But, now it's summer holidays for me and my business has started to slow down a bit. So here are my new games! I have a twist that will hopefully keep you guys interested.

    1. There will not be any reservations in these games, I find they slow down the game's process and half the time, people don't fill in their reservations anyway. So these will be first come first serve.

    2. In these games I am going to be very picky when it comes to tributes, this may be my last games so I want them to be great. I won't accept any with names like Jack or Sarah, I want unique names. I also won't select any p…

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  • Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

    Okay, so, if you have seen Charlie's The Survivor Games: Borneo, you would know the premis around these games. And I would just like to give a disclaimer and say that, Charlie made these games up. I was just inspired to make a games like this and had no clue how to incorporate The Hunger Games theme in it, and once I saw his, I new I wanted to do something like that. So once again, give him the credit, it was all his idea.

    There will be 24 tributes that go in, and they will have their own miniature bloodbath. They can kill whoever they want, it doesn't matter, just like the actual Hunger Games. And once there are only 16 people left, the killing will be halted. The remaining 16 people will be formed into two tribes and the game of Survivor …

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  • Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

    Okay this is pretty straight forward since everyone knows it's a lunaii competition.

    There will be 12 users that will participate at the beginning of the games. Each round you will have to make a lunaii of a specific topic that I choose that is from The Hunger Games. You will post the lunaii in the comments and I will add it to the blog. Every round I will make a lunaii of the specific topic and once all the lunaii's are in I will choose the winner by who's is closest to mine and the person that will lose the round will be decided by you. You will vote the person that you want out. When it gets to the top 4 instead of me choosing the winner, you can choose the winner of each round. The finals are when there are only 2 people left.

    1. You nee…

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