Welcome to the 250th Hunger Games. This year is the year of the Quarter Quell, the 10th one in fact and the Gamemakers and some high officials of the Capitol  have been thinking of what they can do to make the Hunger Games even more amazing than it was in the past Hunger Games and they have dicided this:

There are 12 girls chosen and 12 boys. The girls are put into one arena and the boys another. Once there is only 1 boy and 1 girl left they open the force field on one of both arenas sides to make 1 huge arena where the 1 boy and girl fight to the death.!!!!


1. I don't care if you swear

2. You can only enter up to 5 tributes

3. I dont care if you spam

4. Tell as many people about this Games

5. Dont be upset if your tribute dies

6. The more info you give me of the tribute the better chance of it's survival

The arenas


Boy's arena

The boys arena is a huge jungle with the Cornucopia being placed right in the middle near a giant rock formation. The only water in the boys arena is a small pond near the back of the arena and a small creek near the other end. The vegitation in the arena is large trees with some poisunous mosses and plants scatterd around the arena.


Girl's arena

The girls arena is the opposite of the boys. It is a huge freshwater river that is too thick to swim across. There is a small island about 60  mile long and half a mile wide which has some poisunous plants and most of the animals. Also most of the fish in the river is poisunous. There are few trees on the island, just mostly large bushes and plants.

The tribute form 

Please copy this down for your tributes and for appearance please post a picture of a Lunaii. (put them wearing black or they wont be used.)














District             Female                        Age                     Weapon

1               Mercury Shifter                  17                Whip & Lasso

2                Ivy Flora                          16        Poison-tipped spear
3               Eliza Conway                  17  Throwing knife &Blowgun
4              Aqua Reeds                          18                        Nets
5            Illuminate Sensorium              15          Qilinbian & Whip
6          Rhonda Tim                                        Dagger, Knife, Awl
7              Selena Kyle                           17                      Whip
8             Raquel Numez                        17                    Sword
9             Glitter Sparkle                         14                   Knife  
10             Brianna Abberdeen            18  Whip & Throwing knife
11            Bayleaf Mangolia                 15    Slingshot, Blowgun 
12           Astoria Lovelace                  17    Throwing Knife, Bow


District  Male                       Age                         Weapon
1         Orion Nightlock             15                            Sword
2      Avias Nitroni                  18                      Scythe, Axe
3     Gauge Down                 15      Throwing Knives, traps
4    Leon Rivers                    15                              Trident
5     Veto Magnate                 13     Nunchuks, Metal pole
6    Constantos Pilotines        13           Dagger & Hammer
7      Kai Shadows                 15                  Sword & Knife
8      Asher Lairith                  17                  Spear, Dagger
9      Brett Ward                      15      Sickle, Scythe,Sword
10     Dirge                              18                            Scythe
11      Fabeae Vicia                       14           Whip & Lasso
12       Willian Stock                      14               Sai dagger

Rellish= Deceased

Tribute slots are full!!!!


  • Mercury (D1)
  • Orion Nightlock (D1)
  • Ivy Flora (D2)
  • Avias Nitroni (D2)
  • Eliza Conway (D3)
  • Gauge Down (D3)
  • Aqua Reeds (D4)
  • Leon Rivers (D4)
  • Illuminate Sensorium (D5)
  • Veto Magnate (D5)
  • Rhonda Timor (D6)
  • Constantos Pilotines (D6)
  • Selena Kyle (D7)
  • Kai Shaddows (D7)
  • Raquel Numez (D8)
  • Asher Lairith (D8)
  • Glitter Sparkle (D9)
  • Brett Ward (D9)
  • Brianna Abberdeen (D10)
  • Dirge (D10)
  • Bayleaf Mangolia (D11)
  • Fabeae Vicia (D11)
  • Astoria Lovelace (D12)

Death Order
District       Name              By who         Place       Overall
11             Bayleaf              Mercury         12th             24th
3              Gauge                Avias               12th    23rd
5              Veto                    Leon               11th          22nd
3              Eliza                    Ivy                   11th           21st
12          Astoria                Brianna            10th           20th
9            Glitter                  Ivy                     9th             19th
8            Asher                   Dirge                 10th 18th
12         Willian                  Leon                    9th  17th
8           Raquel                  Ivy                      8th  16th
6           Constantos           Kai                      8th  15th
11         Fabeae                 Brett                   7th   14th
6           Rhonda         Drownding in Oil        7th   13th
4           Aqua             Bleeding out               6th    12th
7          Selena                  Brianna                5th    11th
9          Brett                      Leon                     6th    10th
7          Kai                        Dirge                     5th     9th
4          Leon                     Forest Fire             4th     8th
2          Avias                    Forest Fire              3rd     7th
1         Mercury                 River monster         4th      6th
2         Ivy                         River monster          3rd      5th
5         Illuminate              Brianna                     2nd      4th
10       Dirge                    Orion                         2nd       3rd
N/A       2nd

Tributes th

The tributes

Part 1: The Reapings

District 1

Mercury Shifter- D1 female

The Hunger Games are back again. They have been for over 100 years. Panem used to be a happy place after the Rebellion was over and Katniss Everdeen was our Mockingjay until she was assasinated by Capitol spies. That's when the Capitol took back over and decided to make the Hunger Games an annual tradition again.

I stumble out of bed and grasp my head board. Today is the day of the Quarter Quell Reaping. I can't help feeling that the girl tribute this year is going to be me. I slowly stand up and steady myself to walk downstairs. I am greeted by my mother.

"Good morning Mrs. Mercury," she blurts.

"Morning mom," I reply.

She breezes past me holding a basket of laundry.

"Breakfast is on the table."

I walk into the dining room and sit beside my dad and across from my brother. I pile a couple scoops of home fries and boiled eggs onto my plate.

"You know what," my brother starts. "I don't care if i'm chosen, i'll win any way."

My brother isnt very modest and loves to brag. The rest of breakfast is silent. When I'm finished I scrape the remainders into the garbage and return to my room. I slide open the doors to my closet and pull out a creme white silk dress and a pair of black dress slippers and lay them out on my bed. I enter in my bathroom and draw myself a warm shower. When i finish i re-enter my room and slip on my dress and dress slippers and brush my hair to one side of my head.

I walk out to the kitchen and here the horn sounding it's time to go to the reaping. My brother and i look at each other. He smirks and I have a sad look on my face. My parents enter the room and guide us outside.

Orion Nightlock- D1 male

My sister Trina and i hear the horn sounding for us to come to the reaping. I run over to her and give her atight squeeze.

"We are going to be okay Orion," She says."And if one of us is chosen, we will win."

It's true that my sister might win if she's chosen she has been training for a long time. I'm 15 years old and she is 17. She trained since she was 6 just for these games, if i am chosen i will certainly not win because havent trained and if I'm not chosen I'm not volunteering. I slip on my grey dress pants and my sister and i walk straight for the reaping. My parents follow close behind.

The walk to the reaping is silent until I here screaming and see a Peacekeeper dragging a 12 year old my the hair towards the reaping. I honestly hate the Peackeepers and i don't think they are needed in Panem. When i arive at the reaping i wait in line to get my finger pricked. I don't always see why we should have our fingers pricked but my dad said it has to do with identification. The women pricks my finger and smeers the blood on the paper. She says "Next" and i stand with the 15 year old boys.

I wait for a minute standing there when our escort Tulip Osberry walks on stage aswell as our mayor and a couple other officials.

"Welcome District 1, welcome," She says. "It is now time again to select our 1 lucky man and women to be enterd and represent District 1. But first here is a little speach from the mayor."

Our mayor walks up and says his little peice and then sits back down. Tulip walks back over to the micro phone and clears her throat.

"As you all know the this year is the Quarter Quell, and I'm sure all of you know the twist from seeing the announcement last week. So now we shall start with the girls," she smirks. She walks over to the girls bowl and dips her hand in. She digs around for a second, then retrieves a slip. She Unfolds and blurts into the micro phone "Mercury Shifter." A 17 teen year old girl walks out of the crowd and is guided on stage by the Peacekeepers.

"And now for the boys who will be participating in there own arena," Tulip blurts. She reeches her hand in and instantly pulls out a slip. She unfodls it and looks into the crowd as District 1 falls silent. "Orion Nightlock," she screeches. My worst fear has come true. The crowd forms a path in front of me and the peacekeepers guide me on stage. I look into the crowd and see my parents. They both look worried and upset. I gaze over to my sister and she gives her head a nod and her face a smile.

District 2

Avias Nitroni- D2 male

I wakeup and it's late morning. I lay in bed thinking what today is. It is the day of the Quarter Quell reaping where 2 scrauny 13 or 14 year olds will be chosen to represent District 2 and fail horribly. That's why this year I am going to Volunteer, so I can bring bring pride to my District. I flop out of bed and start myself a shower. It's warm and inviting. When I finish i rap the towel around my waist and walk back into my room.

On my bed my mother has layed out a light green dress shirt and a light brown pair of Khaki pants. I put on my outfit and meet my parents down stirs for breakfast. I sit next to my brother Klos and my other brother Hill sits across from me.

"Morning Av," Hill chuckles.

"You ready for today," Klos stares at me. I look back at him and i want to say something witty and something funny.

"Hell ya, I am going to volunteer since I am the only one left in the family that are eligable," I reply. I am the only one eligable though. My brothers are both 19 so they are out.

"So you are going to volunteer," Klos says. He leans back in his chair.

"10 bucks he chickens out," Hill shouts. They both laugh histerically like they made the joke of the century. My mother comes in the room holding our plates.

"Now both you two nimrods shut up," mom interupts hitting them with a dish rag. "Avias is going to do it and he is going to make our family proud, aren't you Av?" I look at them and smirk.

"Of course," I reply. Mom sets a plate in front of me that has some eggs, ham, strawberries and some potato dices. I gobble down the food and walk into the kitchen. I plop my plate on the counter and return to my room. I sit on my bed and fiddle with a pollished rock. It is going to be my District token. I found it when I was 5 and my father took me to work with him in the "Nut." My dad the day after polished it and inbeded, "Avias" in the middle. Suddenly the horn sounds and it is time to go to the reaping. My brothers and my parents and I walk outside and start our walk toward the Justice building.

Ivy Flora- D2 female

As I am watering my Nepenthes Eymae plant I hear the horn sound. Yes, finally the time of the reaping has come. I set down my watering can, put some vials of plant poison in a cupboard and I feed my Venus fly trap some dead flies. When I finish, I exit the greenhouse and meet my parents at our walk way in front of our beautiful mansion  full of plants, everywhere.

"Darling, you look beautiful," mom mentions.

"Thanks, it's the only thing that wouldn't look similar to any of the other stupid kids in District 2's outfits," my parents and I laugh histerically. It is true that I do look pretty, I am wearing my favourite green gown and my red hair blends perfectly.

"Well we should be off," dad says and we start towards the Justice Building. As we walk there I see what some of the other girls are wearing and now I know I am the prettiest girl in 2.

When we arrive I butt in front of everybody In the line and get my finger pricked. When the woman dissmisses me I get some dirty looks from some of the other kids and one boy cusses at me. I scowl back and the boy should be very careful of what he eats because one of my vials of plant poison just might slip and end up in his lunch. 

I go and stand over with the 16 year old girls as our escort. Lemon Rouge walks on stage with our mayor Resdel.

"Greeting District 2 and welcome," she starts. "Before we begin our Mayor has a little speech to say," Lemon gives a girly clap and sits in her seat. Mayor Resedel says his little piece and it's nothing special, he just goes on and on about how proud he is and it's a load of garbage.

He sits back down and Lemon trots back up to the Mic.

"Now it is time to selet the tributes for our 10th Quarter Quell," Lemon chirps and walks over to the girls bowl. I am truley excited to see who it is and If it is me I will win, I'm sure of it. Lemon grabs a slip and unfolds it.

"Ivy Flora," she screams. I had a feeling it was going to be me, I did eneter my name in there 42 times. I quickly walk up on stage and stand on the left of Lemon. I look into the crowd and see my parents. They are both smiling, and they are proud. Lemon grabs a slip from the boys bowl and reads "House Jillo." A 14 year old emerges from the crowd and stands on the right of lemon.

"Now are there any volunteers," Lemon asks. Everyone looks around and no one says anything but suddenly a tall muscular boy's hand shoots straight up. 

"I volunteer," he shouts. House jumps off stage and runs to his parents. The boy who Volunteered walks on stage and stands where House stood.

"And your name is?" Lemon asks.

"Avias Nitroni," he says. 

District 3

Eliza Conway- D3 female

I am woken by my dog. He licks my face and I shove him away.

"Stop Ren," I say. She jumps down off my bed and scurries into the kitchen, She is a cute little thing. I found her eating out of the dumpster behind one of the factories. I took her home and always feed her half of my meals. I get out of bed and go to my closet and grab my best gown. It's lavender coloured and has short sleeves and it goes down to my lower calf. I grab a pair of white shoes and I tie my hair into a bun.

I walk into the dining room and my parents and sister Willy look at me. I grab a plate plop some porrige on it and sit at the opposite end of the table. I don't really like my family, I try to avoid them as much as possible. My parents are ashamed of me because I am not very knowlegable about all the technology in District 3. They are so ashamed of me that they aren't seen with me in public. Then there is my sister. She is the perfect one, my parents love her, she gets amazing marks in school, she works at one of the factories making televisions with my father and she is beautiful. I am not jealous of her, I'm jealous that my parents treat her so much nicer than they treat me.

When I finish with my plate I set it on the floor so Ren can eat the scraps. I leave the table and play with Ren for a bit. I throw her a stick she retrieves it. Honestly Ren is my escape from all the madness with my family. When I finish I go back inside and enter the kitchen. My parents aret talking to Willy and when I enter the room they look at me and walk out the room not saying a word.

That's it, I am sick of being ignored I storm into where Willy and parents are talking again.

"Listen, I am sick of being ignored. I will show you three that I am worth something and that I am good at certain skills. I will show the District that I am not an outcast or a bad egg. I am going to volunteer for the Games," I yell.

Suddenly the horn hollers and I stare at my parents and sister furiously. I storm of outside slamming the door behind me and I walk towards the reaping.

Gauge Down-D3 male

Once I hear the horn sound I feel a wave of terror file over me. I grab my spectacles off of the table and my younger brother Volt walks in the room. We both look at eachother, he's as terrified as I am. He stands straight and tall as my father walks in the room.

"You boys ready," he asks. We both nodd and we walk out the door. As we walk towards the reaping a boy older than me throws a rock and it hits me in the side.

"See you at the reaping, Gauge," he says and he runs ahead of us.

"You okay?" My father asks.

"Ya, I'm fine," I reply. I rub the area where the rock hit me and I keep walking. I am used to this kind of abuse. People are always mean to me because of how smart I am. In my school I'm known as a nerd. I am always focusing on either school work or making trap blue prints for the peacekeepers to catch crimminals. If I am chosen for the Quarter Quell it is likely I won't win. I am not very strong and there are some tributes that would be a lot taller than me. Although I would be good at setting traps. I see the giant television screens up ahead and the group of kids form a line and the parents go and stand in there section.

Volt and I stand in line waiting. One by one the other kids get there fingers pricked. The lady gestures for my hand. I stick it out and she pricks my finger. I then go stand with the 15 year old boys and wait for someone to go on stage. After a bit our escort Trent Yully is on stage.

"Hello District 3, and welcome to the 10th Quarter Quell reaping where 2 of you, one young man and women will be reaped to represent District 3, but first here is a little message from Mayou Plunt. Mayor Plunt talks for a little while then sits back down. Trent walks over to the girls bowl and chooses a slip. "Ursil Mink," he screeches. A 17 year old girl emerges from the crowd and walks on stage. Trent walks over to the boys bowl and dips his hand in, swirls his and in the bowl then selects a tribute. "Volt Down," He whines.

What, that didn't just happen. My little brother has been chosen for the games. He slowly walks up on stage and stands beside Trent.

"Now are there any Volunteers?" Trent asks. At the exact same time me and another girl yell Volunteer. We both start to walk up on stage. I hug Volt and tell him to go to dad. He doesn't want to let go but he does anyway.

"Two volunteers how exciting," Trent says. "What is your name." He holds the microphone to the girls mouth.

"Eliza Conway," she says.

"And yours." Trent holds the mic to my mouth. "Gauge Down," I blurt.

District 4

Leon Rivers- D4 male

My alarm clock goes off and it's early morning. I smash the button and get dressed in my training outfit. I go into my training room in my giant mansion and pull a trident off a hanger on the wall. I set up a dummy and start throwing the trident at it in case I am chosen for the Games. Which if I am I will win, there is no doubt about it. I hit the dummy in the head, chest, stomach and groin.

When I finish I lift some weights and then enter my bathroom and start a shower. I am actually very excited for the games, If I am chosen good, I can win, I can kill a hand full of tributes. If I'm not chosen I won't Volunteer, at least not yet, but maybe when I am older. I hop in the shower and rinse myself off. When I finish I go into the dining room where my parents are eating breakfast.

I pile a load of food on my plate and sit beside my mother.

"So, are you going to volunteer this year," mom asks.

"Not this year, but if I am chosen I will win, from what I have been seeing from the other reapings I won't have too much competition," I reply.

"I know you will win if it is you, Leon," Mom says.

My mother does this every year on the reaping day. I think she thinks I am scared but I am very excited and anxious to see what loser is chosen for the games.

When I finish with plate I set it on my kitchen counter and return to my room. I strip off my training outfit and slip on my outfit for the reaping, a dark blue dress shirt, a creme coloured vest, creme pants and black shoes.

When I finish this I go outside and walk to the ocean. There are some fishing boats out in the distance and some stupid 11 year olds attempting to surf. A boy starts down the beach. I look closer and it's Vinny Restello. He's one of the boys I tease.

"Hey Vinny," I shout. He looks at me as  I pick up a chunck of seaweed and fling it at his face. It hits him and all his reaping close get all wet and dirty. I laugh my head off, It was perfect. Suddenly I here the horn to go to the reaping. I sprint back up to my mansion and meet my parents who are sitting on the front porch sipping sea weed tea. 

Aqua Reeds- D4 female

Once I hear the horn I know what time it is. Reaping. One of us girls and boys will be chosen and most likely die, I hope it is not me. I put my bathing suit on and shuv my reaping dress and a towel into my water proof bag. I walk out of my house and start to swim to shore.

There are a lot of rumours about me that travel around District 4. Some people say that I live on a island sucluded from anyone else and some people say I emerged from the sea as some kind of wierd creature. Well the first rumour is true. I do live on an island. The reason is because I have no family and I don't really like people. If I had a choice I would stay in the water forever but, I can't.

Once I make it to shore on the beach I pull the towel out of my bag and dry myself off, I also pull my dress out and slip it on. I walk up the beach and onto the main road to the reaping. Once people see me they scatter. I guess that's the only good thing about all the rumours, nobody bothers to talk to me so I don't have to talk to them.

When I get to the reaping everyone in line lets me go in front of them, then I get my finger pricked and I stand with the 18 year old girls. After everyone has piled in our escort walks on stage. Rebecca Grim.

"Hello District 4 the beautiful water District," she starts. "As you all know this is the Quarter Quell reaping, so here is Mayor Trump with his speach." Mayor is a thin man with dark grey hair and giant hands. After Mayor Trump says his speech he sits back down and Rebecca walks back up.

"And now the time we have been waiting for the tributes," she says as she walks to the girls bowl. She dips her hand in and grabs a white slip. She slowly unfolds and takes a breath.

"Aqua Reeds," she reads.  I can't beleive what I am hearing, I am chosen. I slowly walk up on stage and I stand beside Rebecca, she looks at me strange and steps away from me a few feet.

She grabs a boys slip and reads "Leon Rivers." A 15 year old boy walks up on stage. We shake hands and we are this years District 4 tributes.

District 5

Illuminate Sensorium- D5 female

I am woken by the sound of Peacekeepers beating a couple men. I look out my window and there are three Peacekeepers and two District 5 men. This isn't strange, it is actually normal in this part of District 5. I turn around to go to the bathroom and I smash into my bookshelf causing a bunch of books to fall over. I start picking up my books and it reminds me I have to take a few books that I took out back to the library.

Awwww, the library just the thought of it calms me down and makes me forget about the reaping today. I love the library it's one place where I can just let loose and relax. I especially love the librarian, Ms.Silens. She is an amazing person and she has a beautifully kind heart. I have become very close to her since I am at the library every chance I can.

I start to hear yelling and I run to the kitchen. Oh, it's just my parents. It's no biggy they do it all the time, and most of the time it's about some stupid things. Like one time they were fighting about what grade my older brothers are in. I role my eyes and start to walk back into my room when I bump into my brother Dennver.

"Oh hey Ill," he says. That's what him and my brother sparks call me. Ill, it is so childish and stupid, but you can't spell childish without my brothers. I brush by him and slam the door to my room and lock it. I fling open the doors to my closet and grab my finest dress. It's faded yellow with arm length sleeves. I slip it on and tie my hair into a messy bun.

When I finish I grab the books that I have to take to the library and a slice of cheese and exit through my back door. I look in the air and see smoke. I don't really think anything of it, it could be really anything. I start to run because I will get there faster. As I run the smoke gets more apparent and I eat my chunk of cheese. I get even closer to the library and the smoke is much thicker and sprawls everywhere. I break out into a sprint and turn the corner to see the library on fire.

"No," I shout. I sprint towrds it and a Peacekeeper grabs me.

"You can't go in there, it's to dangerous," he says.

"But I need to know, I need to know," I shout.

"Need to know what," he replies.

"Were there anyone in there?"

"There was the librarian and a few other people."

"And are they okay?"

There is a long pause and he looks at me. "There have been no survivors," he says gentley. No, no, no that means Ms.Silens is dead and all the books are gone. I look to the ground and see a ring. It's glowing and I pick it up and grasp it in my hand. The horn sounds for the reaping.

"You better be going," the Peacekeeper says. I look up at him, my eyes all teary eyed. I turn around and start to run towards the reaping.

Veto Magnate- D5 male

I flee the scene with a bunch of Peacekeepers chasing me. I duck into an allie full off smoke from the library as the horn sounds to go to the reaping. Why am I being chased by the Peacekeepers, well I don't have the best reputation. I am in a gang and I do bad things but I could care less. This morning I was hanging out behind the library lighting one up when I see the Peacekeepers. They saw me aswell and charged at me. I through my cigarette away and hid behind the library dumpster. In a matter of minutes the library was up in flames and the Peacekeepers found me. I took off and hid which brought me here.

The Peacekeepers search around but luckily can't see from all the smoke of the library. I start to back up through the allie and hopefully manage to get away when I bump into someone, it's the head Peacekeeper. He grabs me and pins me up against the wall of the building by my neck. I don't bother squirming because it could cause more trouble.

"Listen kid," the head Peacekeeper starts. "We are sick of you and your gang of delingquints, now you listen to me, you are going to volunteer for the reaping or else we will kill you and all of you gang friends, understand." I say nothing back. He strikes me across the face.

"Yes," I manage to cough out. He spits in my face and two other Peacekeepers grab my arms and start to drag me to the reaping. When we arive the Peacekeepers push everyone out of line and stick my hand out in front of the woman. She pricks my finger and smears it on a sheet. The Peacekeepers throw me and point towards the crowd. I limp over and stand with the 13 year old boys.

A plump man walks on stage. "Greetings District 5," he starts. "Here is a small speech from our mayor."

Our mayor blabs along with his stupid speech and then sits back down.

The man walks back up to the front of the stage. "And now for the reaping." He walks over to the girls bowl and chooses a slip, he unfolds it and reads "Irrin Jalliy." A 15 year old walks up on stage. The man chooses a boys slip and reads "Fall Trip." A 15 year old walks up on stage.

"And now is there any Volunteers?" I raise my hand and so does another girl. We walk up on stage and we tellt he man our names. And for the firts time, this year two Districts have both tributes as Volunteer. 

District 6

Constantos Pilotines- D6 male

I wakeup, it's warm. I move the cardboard covering off of me. I get up and look through the dumpster that I slept beside. I am poor, I have no family and I don't have a home. When I was 5 my parents died and I ran away. Now I live on scraps and what some people give me.

I have only one pair of clothing and I am all dirty. I don't manage to find any food in the dumpster which doesn't surprise me. Every small peice of food that you can get, you eat in District 6. I don't really have anything to do or anything to see so I sit down and lean against the dumpster.

I wish my life did'nt come to this, I could've probably have had an amazing life with my parents, not worrying about starvation or where I will have to sleep tonight, just a normal life for a boy from 6. A giant truck goes by carrying train parts. It rumbles the ground as It passes by. I chase after it and hop on, and jump off as it passes by the market. I grab a rock and walk up to a stand.

"Ma'm," I say to the lady running it. "Do you have any apples in storage?" She looks at me and then walks back into her small hut. At this time when nobody is looking I throw the rock and it hits a shelf causing bottles of wine to fall down and shatter. The lady walks back out and cusses. She throws the apples onto a table and starts to pick up the shards of glass. I slowly tip-toe behind her and grab the bag of apples and run off.

I duck into an allie way and start to eat an apple. I don'y usually do that unless I am starving and in need of some food. The bag containing 7 apples will last me for a week.

I don't really do anything else very special for the morning. When I hear the horn it startles me and I gasp. I totaly forgot it was reaping day.

I hide my bag of apples behind an old crate and start to run towards the reaping. 

Rhonda Timor- D6 female

Once I hear the horn I am excited. Today is the reaping, I am excited because I am going to volunteer. I  made a bet with myself that if I Volunteer for the games that I'll win. I know that I am still young and that I am probably going to be the smallest one there, but I have high confidence for myself and every bet that I made with myself I have accomplished, so I have an even better chance of victory.

I walk outside of my small house fallowed by my father, mother and my little brother Seth, he's 5 and I love him to death. I alsom love my father, he is very wise and has taught me so many things. He takes me to work sometimes and I help him make tires. My mother... she's okay I'm more of a tom boy and my mothers a girly girls so we don't get along as well.

We start our walk. All th kids from 6 and there parents walking with us. I think I am the only one taht is some what happy about today. My parents don't know, and if they did they wouldn't of let me volunteer. I don't really like keeping secrets, but if I have to I will.

Once we arive at the Reaping I stand in the line to get my finger pricked. I stand behind a towering boy.

"Rhonda we will be in the crowd, okay," my father says.

"Okay," I reply. Once my finger is pricked I stand with the 13 year old girls and wait. Our mayor walks on stage with aour escort Tella Orum. 

"Hello District 6 and welcome to our 10th Quarter Quell reaping, in a few moments we will draw our tributes, but first here is a speech from our mayor. Our mayor stands up, clears his throat and says his little speech. I like it, it was kind and enthusiastic. He sits back down and Tella walks back up.

"And now for the drawing of our tributes," she says. She walks over to the girls bowl and digs around for a second and pulls out a slip. "Grace Iree." A 16 year old girl walks up on stage and stands beside Tella. Tella grabs a boys slip out of the boys bowla and reads; "Constantos Pilotines." A boy my age wearing all raged and dirty clothes walks on stage. "And now are there any Volunteers?" Tella asks.

I take a deep breath and yell "I volunteer as tribute," I march up onto stage as Grace walks down.

"And what is your name, dear," Tella asks.

"It's Rhonda Timor."

I look into the crowd and see my family, they all look sad, but there is nothing I can do anymore, it's official, I am a tribute.

District 7

Selena Kyle- D7 female

"Selena it's time to get up," my sister Freya calls. She is my twin and I love her to death. I plop myself out of bed and walk into my kitchen.

I look out the window and see my dad chopping wood. My sister tosses me an egg.

"Here's breakfast, go nuts," she says. Since she said go nuts I do. I jump and down like a monkey and make these awkward sounds.

"Selena, you... are....a...MORON," she says. I stop jumping up and down and pretend to cry, I run out of the kitchen and into my room. Imediatley I start laughing. My sister and I goof around like this all the time, we are practically bestfriends.

I quickly chew the egg up and swallow. After I have a bath in our crappy wooden tub and pick the leftover chunks of egg out of my teeth. When I'm finished I go back into my room and see a dress on my bed with a little note. It reads: "Dear sis, here is a dress, I'm just helping dad outside with the wood."

I have never seen her with this dress before. But it is very nice for someone in District 7. I take off my other clothes and put on this dress. It is a black knee length dress with very thin straps at the top. It is a little baggy foe me but It is still one of the nicest things that I have ever worn. I go into my closet and grab a pair of my dress slippers when something catches my eye on the top shelf.

I jump up and grab the object and pull it down. It is cat ears, fake ones obviously. I remember now that when I was little I used to wear thes all the time, they were a gift from my mother before she died in a logging accident. I clip them into my hair and walk outside.

"So what do you think," I say to my father and sister, I do a little twirl then stand still.

"Wow," my father says."You look beautiful and I like the cat ears." I giggle and the horn sounds to go to the reaping. All our smiles fade away into looks of horror and sadness.

Kai Shadows- D7 male

I here the horn sound. My two sisters come running out of there rooms. There is Faith who is 18 and there is my little sister Una, she is 12. We all hug.

"We are going to be okay," Faith says. "It won't be us, it will be someone else."

My parents walk into the room. There eyes are big and full of worry.

"Come kids, it's time to go," my mother says gentley. I put my grey dress shoes on and my parents guide us outside. The walk there is always silent. No kids talk, no parents talk, all everybody does is walk. I hold my younger sisters hand since this is her first reaping. She said she wasn't nervous, but you can tell, Imean she's shaking.

When we get there we stand in line to sign in. "Okay Una we are just signing in rigt now," I say. "They are just going to take a little blood from your finger, okay." She nods her head. I go in front of her to show her how it's done, that it is not that big of a deal. The woman pricks my finger and dabs it on apeice of paper. She shouts "Next" and dissmises me.

I stand with the 15 year old boys. There over 50 of us. Our escort Sellie Hannah walks on stage and gives a small wave as ou Mayor Truut and some other Capitol officials walk on stage.

"Shalom District 7 and welcome to our 10th Quarter Quell reaping," she says. "Before we begin selecting our 2 fine tributes here is a little speech from our mayor." Sellie skips back to her seat nearly triping over high heels.

Our mayor says his little speech, it's nothing too special, he sits back down and Sellie walks back up to the Microphone.

"It is now time," she says with a big grin. She walks over to the girls bowl and pulls out a slip. "Selena Kyle," she reads. A 17 year old emerges from the crowd and walks on stage. Sellie goes over to the bowls bowl and chooses a slip from the very bottom. She opens it and reads "Kai Shadows." My worst nightmare has come true. The kids in front of me make a path and I slowly walk up to the stage.

"Now are there any Volunteers?" Sellie asks. I cross my fingers and hope really hard, but nobody comes forward.

"Now then, here are your tributes from District 7!" Sellie shouts and Selena and I shake hands.

District 8

Asher Lairith- D8 male

I am woken by my mother. She gentley rubs my forhead and brushes hair out off my face.

"Asher it's time to wakeup," she says. "And I finally finished your outfit for the reaping." My eyes fly open and land on the outfit. It's a green button up shirt and a pair of black dress pants. I know it will look good on me, I can wear anything. I grab the outfit out my mothers hands and race to the bathroom.

"Asher, you have one hour in there," she hollars. I don't think that that's fair, it just takes me that long to do my hair, but I will have to make do. I start myself a bath and scrub away the dirt between my fingernails and my feet. When I finish with the bath I drain the water out and dry myself off.

I look into the mirror. I flick my hair to one side, not good looking, I flip it to the other side, it's okay but not me. I spike it up, definatley not, I let it fall straight down, perfect. I slip on the outfit and button up the shirt. I do look good, good enough to get any girl in the world. But I don't want just any girl, I want Amalia. I have liked her for the longest time, I have sent her notes, gave her flowers, I even tried talking to her and she still hasn't acknowlged me. That's okay though, someday she will notice how sexy I am and go out with me.

After I am done in the bathroom, I go into the kitchen and eat some bread that my mother got from the bakery. It's fresh and warm, just like Amalia.

"Hey son," my father walks in the room. "You are dressed really fancy today, more han usual anyway, I have never seen you wera that before."

"Mum just finished making it for me," I reply.

Suddenly I hear the horn to go to the reaping. I gasp and put my hands on my cheeks. I almost forgot that today is the day for the reaping. I slip on a pair of black dress shoes and walk out my door. I see Amalia and run over towards her.

Raquel Numez- D8 female

Once I hear the horn I feel anxious. I don't know if it's in a good way or a bad way, all  I know is that if it's me I'll win. My family is the richest in District 8. My father owns a factory that makes clothing.

I step outside with my parents and start to walk towards the reaping. My beautiful orange dress blows in the warm breeze and I look to be the most beautiful girl in 8. The other girls are wearing old and crappy blue and black gowns, whle mine is beautiful and bright.

Once we arive at the reaping I wait in line to get my finger pricked. Once the woman has I stand with the 17 year old girls and wait for our escort to walk on stage. She does, her name is Trew Valeniinn. She is beautiful, but I am more.

"Hello District 8 and greetings," she starts. "As you all know this is the reaping for the 10th Quarter Quell, but before we choose this years tributes here is a little speech from our mayor."

Our mayor walks up out of his seat and starts to read a small speach off a small peice of paper. When he finishes he sits back down in his seat and Trew walks back up. "Now it is time to select our tributes," she says.

She trots over to the girls bowl and plops her hand in. She digs around for a moment and then pulls out a slip. She unfolds it and reads, "Raquel Numez."

It's me. I am actually quite anxious because I have a very high chance of winning. I stand up on stage as Trew selects the boy. "Asher Lairith," she reads.

A boy my age emerges from the crowd and we shake hands. We are both the tributes from 8.

District 9

Glitter Sparkle- D9 female

I wakeup, it's late morning. I hop out of bed and skip into the kitchen.

"Good morning mom," I say. "Where is dad?" My mother looks up from her cooking.

"He's at the reaping, he had to go early to set things up," she replies. My dad is head Peacekeeper of District 9, we used to live in the Capitol but when my dad got offerd the job we moved to 9. I consider 9 my home, since this is where I live and I was excepted right away.

I sit down in a chair at our kitchen table and my mom sets a couple slices of wheat toast on my plate.

"Eat up," she says. "It is going to be a long day." I munch down my pieces of toats and then enter back into my room. I pull back the doors to my closet and examine all my dresse, which one should I choose? I decide on a light blue knee length dress with shoulder straps. I also grab a pair of light blue leggings. I slip my clothing on then sit down at my desk.

I exmine notes that I have taken down from watching old Hunger Games. I know everything there is to know about the games. Sometimes my father and I bet on tributes together and we are usually right on the victor. I have researched for so long that I know that I am ready, I know that I cn do it, I am going to volunteer.

I know I would win because I have studdied them for so long that I even kno what weapon I will prefer, a knife, it's simple but definatley deadly. I brush back a few papers on my desk and find a picture of me and my father in the Capitol. I have the exact same light purple colour hair as I do now, except I was a lot smaller. I here the horn sound for the reaping and I know that it's my time, it's my time to Volunteer.

Brett Ward- D9 male

I hear the horn sound. I run outside of my house and see my holw family waiting for me.

"Come on Brett," my brother Brett calls. There are 5 of us in all. Brian who is 17 is the oldest, fallowed by me, then Brianna (14), then Brad (13) and then Brenda (12). We have a huge family, and a hard working one at that. We own a couple small farms and I work in the feilds every time I can.

All 6 of us plus our parents start our walk towards the reaping. Brenda is on my left and Brianna on my right, we all hold hands. I am horribly scared, if I am chosen I certainly won't win, but I won't go down without a fight. Once we arive at the reaping I get my finger pricked, like every year it feels soar after, then I go and stand with the 15 year old boys. We all crowd around and wait for something to happen.

Our escort Erique Flay walks on stge fallowed by our mayor.

"Greetings District 9 and welcome to he reaping," he says. "Here is a little speech from our mayor. Our mayor gets up, says his little speel and then sits back down. "Thank you Mr. Mayor for that wonderful speech," Erique says. "And now finally for the time everyone has been waiting for, the selection of the tributes."

He waltses over to the girls bowl and grabs a slip. "Sallin Perse," he calls out. A girl my age walks on stage. Erique wals over to the boys bowl, reaches in, digs around for a moment and the retrieves a slip. "Brett Ward." I gasp, it's me, I can't believe it's me. I rub my forhead and walk up onto stage.

"And now are there any Volunteers?" Erique asks.

"I volunteer," a girl screams from the crowd. She starts to walk up onto the stage. I recognize her, she is the head Peacekeepers daughter, she is very annoying and a little know it all. I lean over and shake her hand.

District 10

Dirge- D10 male

I wakeup, It is the morning. I look out the window and see the wineding feeld in front of my house. I live alone, I have no parents and nobody knows much about me except that I am a creepy 18 year old that is freakishly tall and wears a black cloack and a skull mask and I only show myself when it's the reaping time. Well I don't really like people and the only reason that I where the mask is because I don't want anyone to see my face, It won't be what anyone expects.

I walk into my small kitchen and quickly make myself some eggs that I got from my chickens. After I eat I go outside, grab a bag of feed and throw the seeds everywhere. The chickens go bizurk trying to get every last peice of the seeds.

I go back into my house and slip on a black pair of pants, a black trench coat and my cloack and skull mask on. I enter the bathroom, brush my teeth and then scrb the dirt out between my fingers. You would be surprised about how much dirt you can have between your fingers from being from 10.

I sit down at my table and just wait, wait for the horn can sound to go to the reaping. If I am chosen I don't really care because my life is a shit hole anyway. But if I was chosen I wouldn't mess with because I am dangerous enough to kill, I prefur scythes.

I wish I knew more about my life, all I can remember is that my parents died and I have no family, but that is all. I hear the horn go off. I get up and stride towards the door. I turn the handle and fling open the door. The warm air hits me as I slowly walk down the path to get to the main road, to go to the reaping. 

Brianna Abberdeen- D10 female

The horn sounds and I am bairley ready. I grab a black ankle length gown, a pair of white dress slippers and I let my hair down. I put my outfit on and then burst out of my front door. I see my family, thaey are all waiting for me.

"Sorry," I say. They all still look at me, my parents look upset, my older brother looks mad and my younger brother has a constipated look on his face. We all laugh and then start towards the reaping. I grasp my siblings hands and my parents hold hands. I have a fairley happy life. I have a roof over my head, a nce happy family and I am kind've a legened in District 10. I am known as "The girl who takedown bulls." Which I can, when someones cows or bulls run a stray I can run up and tackle it to the ground.

We arive at the reaping and my siblings and I sign in and stand with our age groups.

Our escort Quen Opal walks on stage and greets us. "Welcome District 10 and greetings," she starts. "This is the reaping for the 250th Hunger games and the 10th Quarter Quell, before we begin here is a little speech from our mayor."

Our mayor gets up on stage and says his nice little speech then sits down in a chair beside Quen. Quen gets up and proceeds to the microphone. "Now for the selection of the tributes," she says.  She walks over to the girls bowl and grabs a slip and reads. "Brianna Abberdeen." I can't beleive it, out of everyone it's me, I walk up on stage as Quen chooses a boys slip and reads "Dirge."

A boy wearing all black and a skull mask emerges from the crwowd. Oh no not him, I have avoided him all my life, he creeps me out.

"Can you take off your mask?" Quen asks. He shakes his head. Some peacekeepers walk on stage and grab him and they start to tusstle. They finally manage to rip off his mask and I can't beleive what I am seeing. Under that scary mask is a very pail boy with soft skin, almost impossible, he opens his eyes and they are tomato red, he is kind of beautiful.

District 11

District 12

The Tribute Parade

District 1:

The first chariot roles out onto the streets and the Capitol is amazed already. The chariot is  pulled by two white horses with tails and mains dyed purple. It is made of purple stainless steel with a bunch of little light blue diamonds bejewled around the rims causing a disco ball efect as the light hits off of them. The back drags purple fur, the Capitol people are impressed by the chariot and even more impressed by the tributes. Mercury is wearing a beautiful dress with the top made of the same kind of light blue diamonds that dips down in the center showing off a bit of clevage. The bottom half is made of purple fur that starts very high on her left leg and travels down diagonally down to her right knee, showing off her beautiful legs. She also wears  a lighter colour purple high heel boots that travel up to her mid thigh with the same light blue incrested diamonds at the top. Her hair is tied up into a fairley odd shape. It is like a volcano and out of no where purple, white and pink confetti shoots everywhere stunning the crowd. She also wears two braclets both imbeded with with diamonds and a necklace that at the back atatches into a giant collor (like vampires where) that has the same purple fur. Orion is very similar. He wears a diamond incrested muscle shirt that does what is intended, showing off his muscles. He wears shorts made of the purple fur that flows in the wind as the chariot move. His hair is all spiked up into a fo-hawk. He eears two diamond incrested arm bands and a choker that has the collar at the back which is made of diamonds instead of the fur. The tributes from District 1 has amazed the Capitol once again and made a huge impression on Panem.

District 2:

District 2 emerges from the gates and the crowd starts to cheer loud, very loud. The chariot resembles a giant rock that has just been mined from the nut. It is pulled by two black and grey horses that triamphutley trot along. The tributes are amazing and jaw dropping beautiful. Ivy wears a mid thigh dress that when nears the bottom turns into a rock with metal spikes sticking out at random spots resembling knives and sticking out of rocky walls. The top of her dress are large metal triangles that spike up to her shoulders resembling armour. She wears pionted metal high heels. Her hair is tied up in an elaborate braid that cris-crosses and loops. Stuck through her hair are two of the giant spikes. She has minimal makeup on, just a bit of blush to rosy her cheaks and some black eyeliner. Avias is weraing his shirt as a giant rock similar to Ivy's with the metal spikes sticking out everywhere. His pants are very interesting, they are similar to the top of Ivy's dress. It starts out as a metal rectangle covering his valuables and then forms into two metal triangles that cover the majority of his legs. He also wears minimal makeup, just some black eyeliner. Both tributes wave confidently to the crowd and smile. The pair from District 2 have stunned the crowd and made sure that they will get lots of sponsors.

District 3

There is only one word to describe District 3's chariot: Mess. The chariot is pulled by two small grey horses that drag the cart along. The chariot is made of giant plates that resemble computer hard drives and it drags giant wires on the back. The two tributes do not look any better. Eliza is wearing a shirt that has the same patterns, the computer hard drive that flow all the way down to her rists then dissperses the wires again. Her pants are made of all the wires chris-crossed and flipped which causes an ugly look as all the colours are mashed together. Her hair is staraightend to make her hair look blocky and she wears a headdress that is made of all the wires wrapped around. Gauge wears his clothes the same way Eliza does. He has the computer hard drive shirt that instead coils at the back of his shirt that at his wrist and he has the same wire pants and head dress. His hair is all straightended upwards to make the same kind of block efect. Both tributes have makeup on. Eliza has light green eyeliner with  long fake eyelashes and her cheeks are pamperd with a green glitter. Gauge has a green lip liner circled around his lips and then up to his eyes encircling them. He also has the green glitter on his cheeks. Eliza waves confidentley but Gauge seems a little shyer than her. Overall the Capitol was dissapointed with District 3 and thought they had too much to look at on.

District 4

The District 4 chariot emerges onto the streets and picks up the crowd from the Dissapointment of District 3. The cart is spray painted a blue background and has different coloured, shaped, and sized peices of coral sticking out at place wavibg in the air as the cart breezes through the streets. The cart is pulled by two night black horses. The tributes are amazing and they capture the Capitol's attention. Aqua is the prettiest she has ever been since she has arived in the Capitol. She wears a flowing ankle length gown that has different coloured blue and green fabrics that are piled on top of eachother that flows down to her ankles. She wears light pink boots that at the top branch off into the coral that is seen on the chariot itself. Her her his a lighter colour then her usual green, it is more of a dark blonde with a green tint. It flows down to her mid back just like the dress flows. She wears a small pearl necklace and a pearl head peice. Leon looks very hansome. He wears a small chunk of the blue and green fabric that covers his valuables and is tied at his right hip with the pearls. He wears no shirt attracting a lot of excitment from the female Capitalians. He also wears the same pink boots but instead of coral it branches of to the sides making it look like fish fins. He wears the same pearl head piece and necklace as Aqua. Both tributes wear little makeup. Aqua wears pink eyeliner tying into her boots and some pink lipstick. Leon's cheeks are rosier in the pink colour. Both tributes are waving confidentley to the crowd smiling. The District for tributes are eye cathching and stupendous, they will definatley be racking in sponsors.

District 5

District 5 has improved highly from last year. As the chariot emerges the crowd goes wild. The chariot is pulled by two white hoses with light blue paterns dyed around it's body. The chariot is a normal black chariot that has bolts of light blue electricy zooming around the chariot captivating the audience. The tributes both match the theme of Power perfectly. Illuminate wears a light blue vest attatched by 3 black strips that show off sme of her breasts. The vest cuts down at her hips into a giant poofy mid-thigh dress coloured light blue and black, truely captivating. She also wears beige high heels. Her hair is tied up in a bun with two curls that fall down at the sides of  her forhead. Veto wears a light blue jacket and a white button up uder shirt. He has 4 chris-crossed black strips that attach  the jacket sides together. He also wears a light blue bow tie. He wears beige calve length pants that attatch up to his shoulders with black suspenders. Both tributes have metal attracters sticking off there clothes that have electricity flying between them. Both have a sparkler with light blue sparks flying off. Illuminate has dark eyeliner aroun her eyes and bright red lips. Veto also has dark eyeliner. The crowd is enchanted by the chariots and with this improvment from last years chariot Illuminate and Veto are a shoe in for first place.

District 6

The District 6 chariot comes flying out and the crowd has died down a bit from District 5, but there are still many cheers. The chariot is pulled by two black stalions. The chariot itself is painted a bright red colour and decorated with different sized tires. Both tributes match the theme of transportation well. Rhonda wears a dress made entirley of tires. The tires are smaller at her waist and grow larger as they dip down to her ankles. The same thing happens with her arms. She wears a two tires spray painted red on her head and bright red dress slippers. Constantos wears the exact same pattern instead it's in the form of a tuxedo. The tires are a lot smaller at his waist and only grow a little bit in size at his legs and arms. He wears a white button up shirt under the annicial jacket and a ski-doo tread is painted red and cut properly to make his tie. He also wears the same headpiece as Rhonda. Both tributes wave confidentley and blow kisses to people in the crowd. Rhonda and Constantos where little makeup to make themselves look natural. Rhonda wears red lip-stick and some black eyeliner. Constantos' cheeks are powderd with red blush. This has been a lot better than usual for District 6 but is it enough to place 1st?

District 7

District 7 chariot and costumes: Awesome!! The chariot is pulled by two magnifisent brown and white horses that pull the amazing pair a long. The chariot is decorated in a bunch of branches sticking out and coverd in the fall coloured leaves, yellow, red, and orange. Some leaves fly off sprinkling the crowd with tokens of the tribute parade. Selena wears a v-neck lumber jack shirt that shows off some clevage. Her bottom is a skin tight brown skirt that goes down to the ground and disperses out making her legs look like a tree trunk and the bottom tree roots. Her hair is tied up into a messy bun and is decorated with the fall leaves. She also wears a leaf braclet. Kai has the same thing going on. He wears a lumber jack shirt and skin tight pants that spread into roots at the bottom. He wears a crown made of leaves and he holds a lumber jack axe. Both tributes wear quite a bit of makeup. Selena has a light yellow eye liner, fake black eyelashes, an orangey red coloured blush and her nails are painted in the fall leave colours. Kai has a little less makeup, just some yellow eyeliner and some orangey red blush. The stylist that did this years District 7 costume should be comended because they kept theme of trees, but made it more modern and sexy. The pair from District 7 are eye catching and beautiful.

District 8

The district of textiles has captured the crowd once again. The chariot pulled by two beautiful brown horses looks amazing as usual. It is draped in a light pink see through sheet that spreads all the way to the back making a train like you see on wedding dresses. Raquel wears a light grey onsie that cuts off at the legs making it look like a bathing suit. Draped over her is the same fabric that is used on the chariot that she uses as a cape. She wears light blue high heels.Her hair is made into a bun which seems to be the girls hair of the night, except what's different is that there is a giant sewing needle shoved right through. Asher wears only a small grey article that looks like underwear over himself. He has the same cape draped over himself and he is has light blue slippers. His hair is brushed over to one side. Both tributes wear makeup. Raquel has light pink everything, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadow. Asher has a little light pink eyeliner and that is it. Both tributes look stuck up and snobby not waving to the crowd making them even more wanted. The tributes from eight are at the top of the best dressed and at the top of the sponsors list.

District 9

Ouch District 9 has failed a gain. The horses are just plain brown hoses that pull a normal chariot with a buch of wheat stuck to it. The tributes don't look much better. Both Glitter and Brett are practically naked with just strips of wheat covering there most valuable areas. Both are in bare feet and have no makeup. Aside from there horendous costumes both wave confidentley and have smiles on there face. Sadly because of there stylist the pair from 9 will definatley drop in sponsors and give them a horrible out look for the rest of the games.

District 10

District 10 has picked up the crowd from the terrible slump of District 9. Actually the Capitol is cheering the loudest thay have tonight! The horses are vary ironic. They are normal horses but they have cow pattern all over themselves! The two cow-horses pull a normal chariot, painted a light brtown colour and decorated with different sized racks from cows and goats. Then there is the tributes. Dirge still has his skull mask, except it's a little different, its the skull of a cow, which is just a little creepy except it is spray painted a light green colour. Dirge wears a light brown cow hyde coat with the colour a dark brown. He also wears a light brown pair of short shorts and a pair of dark brown leather boots that go up to his knees. His hair is spiked up and he wears a huge bull rack on his head. Brianna looks very similar to Dirge. She wears the same cow skull mask. She also wears a strappless, sleevles top made of cow hyde that foms down to her legs, but cuts off at her high thighs. She wears low thigh leather boots. Her hair is flowing down her back and two little goat horns pop out of her head. Brianna waves while Dirge just stands there looking into the crowd. Both the tributes from District 10 look magnifisent and the crowd agrees 100%, koodos to the stylist.

District 11

The crowd was picked up by District 10 and now the excitement has died again because of the District 11 chariot. The chariot is pulled by two white horses. The chariot is decroated with an assortment of fruits and vegetables, probably the best part of the chariot. The tributes on the other hand are very grotesque. Just like District 9 the tributes are wearing barely nothing except some fruit cover their privates. Now the Difference between the chariots of 9 and 11 are that 9 is wearing no makeup, but 11's face is plastered with it. Batleaf's face is powdered white with an assortment of coloured blush's, eyeshadows, lipstick, eyeliner, and lip liner. Fabeae the same. Overall both tributes are not the best of tonight and maybe the worst.

District 12

The final chariot emerges and the crowd gets ready for the huge dissapointment, put is srrised highly. The chariot is pulled by two night black horses, and the chariot itself is a normal black chariot with pick axes and shovels attatched to it. The tributes themselves are usually dressed in coal miner outfits, but this year they are not. Astoria wears a black, leather, skin tight suit, that has short shorts at the bottom showing off her legs and elbow length sleeves. On her legs, coal peices are attatched to her making it look like coal is popping out of her. She is in bare feet. Her black hair is let down to her mid back section. Willian looks very similar to Astoria. He wears the same black leather suit with knee length shorts and it looks like coal is popping out of his legs. His blond hair is slicked back. Both tributes smile and wave confidentley. Astoria has some black eyeliner and a dark red lipstick. Willian's cheeks are rosied. Overall the chariot of District 12 chariot was a huge improvement from last year and the stylist made a beautiful choice in clothing.

Tribute Parade Standings

District                            Tributes                                                                  Place

1                                   Mercury & Orion                                                          4th
2                                  Ivy & Avias                                                                   5th 
3                                  Eliza & Gauge                                                              11th
4                                  Aqua & Leon                                                                 6th  
5                                  Illuminate & Veto                                                           3rd
6                                  Rhonda & Constantos                                                   9th
7                                  Selena & Kai                                                                  2nd            
8                                 Raquel & Asher                                                              8th
9                                 Glitter & Brett                                                                  12th
10                               Brianna & Dirge                                                              1st
11                               Bayleaf & Fabeae                                                           10th 
12                               Astoria & Willian                                                              7th

Sponsorship and Items

Each person gets 500$ of sponsor ship money and I am keeping track of who spends what. Once your 500$ are up there up. Here are the items:


Sword- 150$

Knife- 75$

Trident- 175$

Nets- 50$

12 Spears- 175$ Axe- 50$

12 tomahawks- 125$


Burn cream- 75$

Wound ointment- 100$

Pain killers- 50$

Sleep Medecine-100$


Bread- 50$

Water- 45$

Stew- 50$

Broth- 50$

Meat- 75$

Rice- 50$


Empty pack- 30$

Empty water bottle- 30$

Matches- 30$

Night vision glasses- 75$

Sleeping Bag/ Blanket- 60$

Spile- 40$

Socks- 40$

Shirt- 50$

Pants- 55$

Boots- 75$

Jacket- 60$

Bellaclava (mask)- 30$

Training Scores and Odds of Winning

District                     Name                       Score                        Odds
1                            Mercury                           9                              7-1
2                            Ivy                                   10                             5-1
3                           Eliza                                  6                              25-1
4                           Aqua                                 9                              10-1
5                          Illuminate                           7                              19-1
6                          Rhonda                              8                               26-1
7                          Selena                                8                               14-1
8                          Raquel                                7                               21-1
9                          Glitter                                  9                              19-1
10                        Brianna                               10                             4-1
11                        Bayleaf                                5                              30-1
12                        Astoria                                 8                             15-1

District                    Name                          Score                         Odds
1                            Orion                                  9                           7-1
2                            Avias                                  11                         3-1
3                            Gauge                                 4                          39-1
4                            Leon                                    10                        4-1
5                            Veto                                     6                          24-1
6                            Constantos                           4                         35-1
7                            Kai                                        9                         10-1
8                            Asher                                    7                         16-1
9                           Brett                                       7                          23-1
10                         Dirge                                     10                         9-1
11                         Faebeae                                4                           37-1
12                         Willian                                    8                          15-1



-Careers: Ivy, Mercury,  Brianna

- Selena and Illuminate and Rhonda


-Careers: Avias, Leon and Kai

-Brett and Constantos


Girls Day 1

Selena Kyle D7- Cornucopia

As I emerge from the ground I am blinded by sunlight. My eyes slowly adjust and I scan the arena. All around me is a huge flowing river, the only land I see is a large island with greenery in the distance. I guess if I'm going to win I have to go there. The Cornucopia is in front of me. Thank God there are thin strips of platform in front of each of us spreading all the way to the Cornucopia, because I cannot swim. I look to my left and there is Illuminate she has her gaze focused on the Crnucopia and she is not looking away. Then a couple more pedestals down there is Rhonda, small and hopeless Rhonda. The only reason I allied with her is because I felt sorry for her. 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53...

Brianna Abberdeen D10- Cornucopia

I am very nervous. I shouldn't be though, I am quick and strong. I mean I take down bulls in 10. Plus I'm allied with the careers, which I did not expect. I look into the giant golden Cornucopia and see a pack of throwing knives rested perfectley on a crate. That's mine, I will be the first to get it since I am the fastest girl here. But I am not the strongest, although I'm not the weakest. The weakest is probably Rhonda. She only got the high training score because she is good with plants and is smart. I can't think of anyone else though, I have to think of what will be right for me, because one wrong move and I will be dead. 52, 51, 50 , 49, 48, 47, 46...

Raquel Numez D8- Cornucopia

Just a few more seconds before I can show Panem what I am made of. To show Panem that I am not just looks, even though that's a main part of me. I wonder who I am going to target first. Probably Bayleaf, she seems like an easy target to pick off first. I am going to survive this, there is no doubt about it, half of these girls can't even hold a knife. While there is me who can hold a sword, and I got a pretty respective 7 in training, so I am a shoe in for the victory spot. 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39...

Aqua Reeds D4- Cornucopia

I take slow and gentle breaths. I stay calm as much as I can before my death will happen. I know it is going to happen, I just hope it's not any time soon and when I do die, I hope it's painless. The water swirls around my pedestal. Koodos to the Gamemakers for giving me the advantage of water. I mean I practically live in water so if I need to make a quick get away I know where to go. Beside me is Ivy. I hate her, she's a bitch. Always rude to people and stuck up. She will probably win. 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32...

Rhonda Timor D6- Cornucopia

I shake out my lims and steady myself on my pedestal. Half of our time is up and soon all of it will. I'm hoping no one will go after me because I'm small and that I don't look like a huge threat. Or maybe that's why people might go after me. All I know is that if I make it past the bloodbath I will probably win, hopefully. 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25...

Illuminate Sensorium D5- Cornucopia

My eyes have been focused on the Cornucopia all this time. I haven't really noticed my surroundings except that we are surrounded by water. I have already planned out what I am grabbing. On a crate there is a whip, I will grab that. Also there is something I am extremley grateful for, there are canoes. I'm glad because I cannot swim. Hopefully all of my alliance makes it out alive. Me, Selena and Rhonda. Deep breaths Illuminate, deep breaths. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18...

Ivy Flora D2- Cornucopia

I can't wait for that gong to sound because once it does me and my girls are going to draw some tribute blood. I'm not really worried, my whole alliance is going to make it throught today. Maybe not all my alliance. The only reason Glitter is with us is because her father has a lot of pull in the Capitol, and we could use this to our advantage.

I will kill Glitter, I just don't know when, it depends if she is going to act retarted as she usually does. 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, EHHHHHHHHHH!!

Bayleaf Mangolia D11- Cornucopia

Oh no the gong. I race off my plate into a firey sprint, I am one of the first girls there. I grab a sleeping bag and go for the Blowgun in the mouth of the Cornucopia. Sadly I wasn't the only one with this idea. Eliza grabs the Blowgun the same time I do and we start grappling over it. I have the strength advantage. She smirks at me and then lets go. I tumble back and smash my head against the Cornucopia. The back of my head starts to bleed and my vision goes all blury. I make out a figure in front of me. The girl has dark blond hair and she is really tall. It's Mercury!

She raises her whip and slashes me across the face. A huge gash forms and a splatter of blood splashes down my face. I get on my hands and start to crawl away. Mercury whips my bag and another gash forms. I lay on the ground. I'm finished. Mercury keeps whiping my back and I lay there motionless. My life slowly fades away. I'm sorry mom and dad I love you.

Eliza Conway D3- Cornucopia

I already know that Bayleaf is dead. I grab the blowgun that she dropped and quickly load a dart ina nd steady it near my mouth and aim for Ivy. I blow in and the dart flies through the air and nails her in the leg. She shreaks and stares razors at me. Shit. She grabs a spear and chucks it at me. I roll over and dodge death. She throws another and I manage to escape death for the second time. She throws one final spear and it nails me through the back. I cough out a puddle of blood and remain motionless on the ground. There is no point of me even trying to move, the spear has taken too much life out of me. I see out of the corner of my eye Ivy comes racing older and pulls a knife out of her belt. Good bye Eliza. I close my eyes and wait for the pain. Luckily there is none. Ivy stabs the knife it my neck. I had a good run.

Aqua Reeds D4- Cornucopia

I grab a pair of flippers and a snorkel with a mask and dive into the water. It's cold. But not freezing, just not as warm as District 4's oceans. I start to swim away, quickly as possible. The faster I can get away to safe land the better of a chance that I will survive today. I head straight for the island. No looking back just swim Aqua, swim.

Raquel Numez D8- Cornucopia

I have my hands full with gear. A pack and a sleeping bag are draped over my shoulder, I hold a sword in my hand and a loaf of bread is in my mouth. Astoria fires an arrow at my chest. I flip the sleeping bag over and the arrow nails the sleeping bag. I kick Astoria too the ground and hop in a canoe. I throw my supplies to the other end to level myself out and grab a paddle and start paddling away. What a bunch of losers. I got a bunch of supplies and I got away un harmed. I am going to win.

Illuminate Sensorium D5- Cornucopia

There are only few of us left at the Cornucopia. Selena holds a pack and hold some paddles. All three of us head for a canoe and plop it in the water. The careers are on our tails. Right beside me is a net. I grab it and throw it on top of all 4 of them.

"In the boat now," I shout. Selena and Rhonda jump into the boat and I push off. Rhonda and Selena paddle like crazy. Ivy manages to get out of the net and she throws a spear at my head. I duck and it nails into my paddle.

"Nice aim," I shout at her. She gets frustrated and helps her alliance out of the net. We escape.

Astoria Lovelace D12- Cornucopia

I should've left the Cornucopia when I had the chance because now the careers are out of the net and all staring at me.

"Who should kill this one," Mercury laughs.

"I think Brianna should," Ivy smirks. The other three nod in agreement.

"If I have to," Brianna says.

She whips me across the chest and I fall backwards into a crate. A bunch of large slivers of wood stab into my back. If feels like 100 dull needles being stuck into my back. Brianna jumps on me. I look into her eyes. It looks like this is hurting her more than it's hurting me.

"I'm sorry," she whispers as she plunges a knife into my stomch. My eyes go blank. The last thing I hear "I'm sorry."

Ivy Flora D2- Cornucopia


The canon goes off three times. Only three dead. That's shameful, it means 5 girl got away. 5 girls that I could have easily killed.

Suddenly Glitter starts dancing around. "Oh yeah, oh yeah," she says repeadiatlety. Her dancing is horrible and she is acting like a child. She reaches in front of me for a high five. This is the perfect time. I reach up to high five har and grab her wrist, twist her arm around and push her to the ground.

"What the hell!" she screams. I pull the knife out of my belt and hold it up to my face. I smirk.

"Wait, no, NO," she shrieks. I plunge the knife into her stomach and then stick it into her chest.


Aqua Reeds D4- Island

Finally. After about an hour of swimming I am at the edge o the island. A small beach. I drag myself onto the beach and lay down for a moment. I catch my breath, I know that some other girls are going to be coming so I get up. In the distance I do see a canoe. I take off my flippers and run into the small forest. Well it really isn't a forest. There are just a bunch of bushes that just reach over my head with the odd sapling tree. The island slopes upwards and now I'm at the very bottom. The best thing to do is to get to high ground, I just hope that there isn't some Gamemaker trap hiding quietly up there awaiting my arival, because if there is I'm as dead as the other 4 girls.

Selena Kyle D7- Middle of river

I am so thankful that all three of us got away from the bloodbath safely. I look through the supplies as Illuminate and Rhonda row. In the pack there is a water bottle with some iodine, a package of dried fruits, some matches, some crackers and a speel of wire. It's not a horrible pack, but I have seen better in the games before.

"So where are we going," I ask.

"Well we shouldn't go to the island."

"But that's where all the food will be!" Rhonda interupts.

"Yes but also that's where everyone else will be," Illuminate finishes.

Rhonda shuts up and keeps rowing.

"I think we should just stay out here, I mean we have enoug food to last us and it won't be hard to find water," she says.

"Well that is true," I say. "So we are staying here then." The other two nod and set down there paddles in the boat.

Mercury Shifter D1- Cornucopia

The Gamemakers have just taken the bodies of the dead tributes away. All 4 of them dead, I had the liberty of killing the first one Bayleaf. I knew she was going to die in the bloodbath because she wasn't the... let's just say smartest tribute in these games. I sit down on a crate and fiddle with a dagger.

"What do we do now?" Brianna asks.

"Well we sould probably make camp," Ivy blurts. "Not a perminent one because tomorow we go to the island."

"I'll set up the tarp," Brianna offers.

"And you Mercury should make a fire," Ivy demands. I get up and gather the chunks of crate that Astoria slammed into. I pile the pieces up and grab some matches. I quickly scrape the match on the side of the match box and lights up and I toss it on the fire. The wood instantley bursts into flames and I sit back down on another crate.

Raquel Numez D8- Island

I finally make it to the island and just in time too. The sun is starting to set and the nightcreatures are starting to come out. I drag the canoe on shore and toss a bunch of bush branches and leaves on it to hopefully camouflage it. I walk into the forest with all my supplies and hide under a willow sapling. I look through my pack. I have a first aid kit, a water canister with some iodine, some wire, a rope, some crackers and dried meat. It's a good pack, it will come in handy.

Night has fully come upon us and all you hear are the hoots and howls of night animals. I lay back and gaze into the sky. The moon is full and very bright. Suddenly the anthem starts and I see the Capitol seal through the wavy willow leaves. The first portrait I see is Eliza. That means Mercury and Ivy survived, the next is Glitter. Which means all the tributes from 4-8 has survived. Then there is Bayleaf, indicating Brianna is still alive and the final portrait is Astoria. The anthem does it's last little flourish and I pass out from fatigue.

Day 1- Boys

Leon Rivers D4- Cornucopia

I rise into the arena and my vision goes blury for one second than I can see the arena. It's a huge jungle. There is no open field area to get to the Cornucopia, but there are trees and logs that block my path. To my right there is a huge rock pile up. That would make a good shelter or a good trap. I'm so excited to get my Games on. I've been waiting for this moment all my life. I can't wait to get my first kill. 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53...

Constantos Pilotines D6- Cornucopia

Come on Constantos don't be scared, you can do this, you can do this, I can't do this. There is no way in hell that I will win. I'm the youngest tribute here and I'm not strong, not fast. But I do know how to take care of myself. I mean I have been a street boy for as long as I can remember. So maybe while everyone else is killing each other off or dieing of thirst, I can be thriving in this very, very creepy arena. Just don't die Constantos. 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46...

Orion Nightlock D1- Cornucopia

I have a plan. Just get in, then get the hell out of there as fast as I can, and don't fight unless someone goes at me. I hope I just don't have to kill anybody period. I mean I have never killed anyone in my life and I don't really want to start now! I mean if I have to I would probably draw blood, but if I see someone in the jungle and they don't see me I won't attack unless they are a major threat! I think I see a nice gleeming sword in the mouth of the Cornucopia, so I am definatley going for that! 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40, 39...

Kai Shadows D7- Cornucopia

I was surprised when the careers confrunted me and asked if I wanted to be in their pack. Of course I said yes, but it was just surprising. They must of noticed something about me that's valuable. Any way I'm just glad that I have an alliance that will have my back, hopefully. They seem trustful enough. There is this sword in the mouth of the Cornucopia. It's practically calling my name. Kai, com get me Kai. I'm going for it. 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32...

Dirge D10- Cornucopia

There in front of me is a huge spread of weapons and supplies. I'm going in, I'm going to grab a scythe hopefully a pack and some kind of food. There is an adavantage that I have over all the other tributes. I am tall, 6'8 to be exact. The only other tribute that is close to my height is Avias, but he is only 6'3. I am not going to hesitate to kill, because if I win, I might gain a lot more respect in my District. I have a feeling that I am not going to win, but if I do I'll be almost famous. And that'll be a huge step from the creepy boy with the skull mask. 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25...

Asher Lairith D8- Cornucopia

Maybe if I win Amalia will finally go out with me. Awww that'll be the day. I guess that day will be comeing soon because I am going to win this. I see a bunch of spears in the Cornucopia, and I'm going to get them. I can't wait to spear my first tribute. That'll be a brilliant accomplishment. First kill, yay!!! On another note I don't think one of the deaths today is going to be me because I'm not stupid enough to go after a career. Not yet anyway. 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18...

Avias Nitroni D2- Cornucopia

Just a few more seconds before I can get my kill mode on. I hope I put on a good enough show for the Capitol because those are the people that are going to sponsor me. I know I have sponsors because I got the highest training score and I have the highest odds of winning. Yes, it is going to be me the soul victor, I already can taste it. 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ehhhhhhhhhh!!

Gauge Down D3- Cornucopia

The horn! I jump off my plate and head straight for the cornucopia. I try to grab as much supplies to make traps as I can. I rip open a crate and grab some wire, string and a knife. I grab a pack, stuff my supplies in and turn around to run when I get a knife to my back. I cough up blood and tumble into a crate. My vision is blurry and I dropped my glasses. I g4t up to run when a figure slices my forhead. Instantly a gush of blood drips down my face and I am totally blind. I fall to the ground spitting out blood. I feel a boot plant on my stomach and a axe stab into my chest. Goodbye Gauge.

Brett Ward D9- Cornucopia

I grab a pack and a sleeping bag in the Cornucopia. I need to get out as fast as I can. I turn around and I smash into Asher. He cuts my leg with a knife and I kick him in the face. I get up and start to run off. The wound on my leg isn't horrible. I can survive from it, it's not fatal it just really hurts.

Right now all I want to do is to get a safe distance away from the Cornucopia.

Veto Magnate D5-  Cornucopia

I grab a pair of nun-chucks and tackle Leon to the ground. He drops his trident and I start wacking him with my nun-chucks. This will be a story some day. The small boy from 5 killing a career. He punches me in the face and I flip off him. He grabs his trident and I know at this point it's time to run. I break out into a sprint and Leon throws the spear and it stabs through my back. I scream as loud as I can. I am not getting up from this. I drop my nun-chucks and Leon comes over and jumps on my back. He puls the spear out of my back, flips me over and stabs be in the throat. I feel the air leave my body and I am gone.

Orion Nighlock D1- Cornucopia

I get to the sword the same time Kai does. I push him into the Cornucopia. I grab the sword and a pack and quickly make my way out of the bloodbath. I'm lucky to be alive, I'm not even injured so I have a huge advantage. I run away from the Cornucopia as fast as I can, looking back once and a while to make sure that no one's following me.

I manage to get far enough away from the bloodbath. I feel comfortable in the place where I am, so I climb a tree and rest up on high ground.

Fabeae Vicia D11- Cornucopia

I need to grab a pack, then I will leave. There is no point in staying to fight, I will easily be picked off by others. I sneakily duck behind a crate and reach for a pack when Asher kicks it away. He grabs me by my coat collar and lifts me in the air. He holds a dagger to my cheek.

"Say goodbye liitle Fabeae," he says. I need to think of something quick. I panick and knee him in the groin. He drops me and he falls to the ground holding himself. I feel his pain, but hey he was about to kill me!

I grab the pack and a whip from the Cornucopia and run off. I can't believe I survived the bloodbath, I got a horrible training score and my odds are not the greatest. But maybe I do well under pressure. If that is true I might win because this is pressure to the max!

Asher Lairith D8- Cornucopia

That little prick Fabeae kneed me in the balls and it hurts like hell. I hold myself on the ground and rock back and forth moaning. I will get that little kid Fabeae if it's the last thing I do. Suddenly over my body stands Dirge. H e olds a sharp scythe. I start to crawl backwards and he slices my stomach.

Blood starts to flow out and I start puking up bile. I hold my wound still backing away and Dirge slices me again but this time it's in the chest. I stop backing up and look up into Dirge's eyes.

"Finish me," I say. He smirks and raises his scythe and slices my face. I just wish I could see Amalia's face one more time, but it's too late. I'm dead.

Constantos Pilotines D9- Cornucopia

There are few tributes left at the Cornucopia. I see Dirge flee with a scythe and a sleeping bag. I think I should too. I run away holding a small dagger in my hand. Stupid me didn't grab a pack but there is no time to go back so I keep running. My adreneline is high and me feet hit the ground hard with every stride.

The creams from the Cornucopia are drained out but I keep walking. The farther I can get away from any other tribute, the better chance of surivival.

Willian Stock D12-  Cornucopia

It's time for me to make my move. I have a sai and I'm not afraid to kill. I duck behind a crate and the careers start looking around for people. Avias gets closer, my heart starts to pound. He has gotten to close. I jump at him and tackle him to the ground. I slice his  arm and he hits me off of him. I gat up and slice his leg.

He gets up aswell. I'm practically dead anyway so I don't run. We stand off at eachother. Our eyes meet and we don't move. Suddenly I feel a trident stab through my head and I fall over dead.

Leon Rivers D4- Cornucopia


There goes the canons. I am proud to say that I caused two of them. I rip my trident out of Willian's skull and I wipe the blood off of it with my coat. Willian was an extra bloody one, but it probably doesn't help that I stabbed him in the head.

"Boys we have to gather some supplies and then lets go hunt some tributes down!" Avias says with antisipation. I grab a dagger and shove it in my belt. Avias and Kai grab some packs and we set out. I personally don't think that we are going to find anybody, but I have been wrong before, no not really.

"Who's our target," I ask.

"I would probably say Dirge or Orion," Avias starts. "They are the two strongest other then us."

"But we will kill anyone we come across, right," Kai asks.

"Of course you moron, that's why we are here, to kill," Avis insults.

It's true, it was kind've a stupid question on Kai's part.

Brett Ward D9- Jungle

I keep running. I am out of breath quickly but I know I need to keep going. If I don't there is a chance someone will find me and that is not good. Suddenly out of nowhere a root appears and I trip, fall and a large stick stabs into leg wound. My flesh rips more and more blood starts foaming out. I start to scream which probably isn't the smartest thing to do, but my wound has just cut open more and it's killer.

I sit up and rip the half of my pants off that the wound is above. The stick sticks out of the wound and when I touch it, pain shoots through my whole leg. I stop screaming and bight down on my coat. I have to grt this stick out, but it is going to hurt. I grab the stick, take a deep breath and rip it out of my leg.

I cuss and scream. The pain is unbearable, It feels like putting salt on a cancker. This would be the perfect time for a sponsor gift, but no one probably sponsored me. I'm just the small kid from District 9 which rairley wins. When I think of District 9 I wonder how Glitter's doing. I hope she isn't dead, not yet anyway. If she is still alive and I die soon I hope she makes it to the final with the last boy and girl standing.

I slowly get up off the ground and rap the pant leg that I ripped off around my wound. I tie it tight so hopefully the blood will stop squirting out. If I don't get something to help me soon, it could be fatal. I start to walk, I turn around a tree and I smash into someone else.

Constantos Pilotines D6- Jungle

I fall backwards as I smash into someone. I drop my knife and stare into my opponent. It's Brett, he stands over me looking into my eyes, not even blinking.

I quickly look at my knife off and on. If I go for the knife he will surely kill me. But I honestly need that knife, so it's either go for the knife and take a chance, or just sit here and be killed. I think I will take the first.

I lunge for the knife, but he reacts quickly and kicks the knife away. No, this is where I die, good bye Constantos. Brett is going to kill you. But he doesn't do anything except stare at me. What is wrong with him, has he gone crazy already, we have only been in the arena for a couple hours.

"Do it quickly," I say. He doesn't respond. "I said do it quickly," I shout at him. He still doesn't respond. "Kill me!!!!" I scream.

He still doesn't respond. He just looks at me. I wish right now I could kill myself, It would be easier then what Brett is doing right now.

"If I really wanted to kil you you would be dead already," he says. Oh look it speeks.

"Then why haven't you killed me," I reply.

"Well number one I don't have a weapon, just some supplies, and number two," he pauses. "I want an alliance." An alliance. Why would he want an alliance with a small little kid from 6, but it would be a good idea to use him for his resources, since he has a pack and a sleeping bag.

"Alliance," I say. He helps me up and we start to walk along.

Orion Nightlock D1- Jungle

I look below and see two boys forming an alliance. I don't attack, there is no point. There has been enough blood shed today.

I open my pack and see all the supplies inside. This pack is very usefull. It contains a water bottle with iodine, a small first aid kit, some dried beef, a rope, some wire and a sleeping bag. I place everything back in my bag as carefully as possible, then I unroll the sleeping bag and slip myself in. Since it's brod dy light anyone could see me, but I carefully selected this tree that has long leaves that provide clogure.

I wonder how my family is doing. Mom, Dad, Trina my sister. All three are probably watching the games on our television closley, not missing a thing. I hope I can win. So when I get home to feel the warmth of my family as they hug me to death. That's the feelings that I love. Not killing, like Avias or Poison like Ivy. Love from my family.

Dirge D10- Jungle

I stop running. I think it's safe to say that I am not being fallowed. If anyone did fallow me I won't hesitae to kill, but no one did fallow me. I climb a tree and rest in a fork where the branch of the tree splits in two. I stick my scythe between two overlapping branches and I rest. I didn't manage to grab any supplies from the Cornucopia except for my scthe and a sleeping bag, so it's going to be a challenge finding food and I won't have any iodine for water.

The night sky has already started creeping in and the sun is starting to slowly disapear. I unfold my sleeping bag and slide myself in. The sleeping bag is warm and I'm guessing it keeps the warm air in. That's usefull in my case because the jungle temperature is starting to drop.

I rip off some bark from the tree, it looks to be edible, I smell it and it smells fine. I nible at it and the bark is soft. I eat some more strips of bark then just lye in my sleeping bag waiting for the seal to appear.

Fabeae Vicia D11- Jungle

I rest leaning on a boulder. I wish I could find a nice tree to rest in, ut the arena area that I am in at the moment is just rock and boulder. The night has fully came upon us and I wait for the seal in the sky to appear. I wonder who is going to be up there. It doesn't really matter to me, but if there are any careers up there then I will be very pleased.

Suddenly the anthem starts to play and the Capitol seal appears with a sign that reads "the fallen."

The first tribute appears. It's Gauge. Which means Avias and Orion lived. Then appears Veto. Leon has lived to see another day. Then it's Asher, he is not a career but I am still happy with his death because he was snobby. The final partrait is Willian. It's a shame that Willian died because I was starting to actually like that boy. None of the careers died sadly but a lot of future challenges did and I am glad I was not up there.

I rest my head against the rock and eventually fall asleep.

Girls- Day 2

Rhonda Timor D6- Middle of river

I wakeup and the fresh orange sun just peaks over the river. It's a beautiful sight, the sky is pick with hints or orange and purple. I wish I could capture this moment right now, just stay here forever with Selena and Illuminate. Sadly I can't I have to make it back home, since I made the bet with myself that I would win, I have to come through.

The other two wakeup. Illuminate first and Selena shortly after.

"Did we miss anything?" Illuminate asks. "Canons, food, tributes anything?"

"Nothing that I saw," I reply. I scan our surroundings, there is nothing in sight except for the island in the distance. I open our pack and pull out the bag of dried fruits. It's a fairley nice size, it will last us a while if we are careful. I scoop small portions into the other two's hands and a small portion for myself. Out of all the dried fruits (orange, banana, grape, apple and blackberry) I prefer the banana, it is still very sweet with flavour and it has a nice crunch to it.

I sit back and lean on a ore. I wonder who is going to die today. I hope it's not one of us, if it is I will probably cry. I like my alliance, they are both good people.

Brianna Abberdeen D10- Cornucopia

I wakeup and yawn. The sun has just come up and the sky is a orange colour. Ivy leans against the side of the Cornucopia.

"Morning," I say.

"Morning," she replies. Ivy isn't really the most or best communicator in the world. She only talks when giving orders or planning strategies, and when she does happen to talk it's practically a mean toned growl. Mercury rest on a small platform beside the fire which is bairly smoking. I grab some crate chips and throw into onto the fire and then I sit back down in my sleeping bag. Instasntly the vision of me killing Astoria appears in my head.

The way I wipped her and she flew back into the crate causing her to have huge chunks of wood stuck in her. The way I pinned her down and her sad eyes met mine and I stab her, so hard that she instantly fades away. I try to shake the vision out of my head but it keeps coming up.

I don't like death. I didn't think I was going to have a hard time with killing anybody but already the first person that I killed is haunting me. I don't belong in the career pack, what was I thinking. They kill practically all the tributes, but I can't run away now. They'll kill me. I will just have to stick it out until it is time. Mercury wakes up and I divy out some bread between the three of us.

Aqua Reeds D4- Island

I didn't sleep last night. I knew I wouldn't, so I didn't bother to. I just kept walking upwards. Like  I said I am trying to get to the highest ground possible.

I take a break for a second and rest myself under a large bush. I take a leaf off and smell it. It doesn't smell poisonous and I recognize it from my small island back in 4. These are the only type of plant that I do recognize, the others are very queer. Their leaves are very skinny and a purple-red colour. They are probably the tallest bush here and most likely poisoned.

I eat some of the leaves from the bush I'm under and they aren't actually that bad. They are a little bitter, but have a sweet after taste like honey. Once I finish eating some leaves I get up and keep walking. I hope their is some kind of water source near the top of this island. Even though the river is about 50 feet away, I don't want to go there. It could be too dangerous.

Raquel Numez D8- Island

I un-zip my pack and pull out the package of dried-meat. I rip open the top and pull out 3 strips of meat. I re-seal the bag, stick it back in my pack and start to rip pieces of meat off. I slip the little chunks in my mouth and still rest on my willow sapling.

I decided that the little willow will be my camp. It has all the necesities that are needed right now.

The hanging leaves block me from any tributes watchful eye. The river is only a couple feet to my right so I can easily get water, and if I run out of food  there are some nice plants that are around me. I have a huge advantage over the others now and if they want me, they can come and get me because I am not tired and I am not going to die.

Suddenly I hear a branch break and I grab my sword. My heart starts to pound at a faster rate and my hands tightly grasp my sword. The bushes in front of me start to shake and my hands start to sweat. What is in those bushes? What does it want? Is it going to kill me? Am I going to kill it?

The thing that rattled the bushes jumps out and I throw my sword. It peirces right into the head of a lonely rabbit.

"Perfect," I whisper to myself. "Dinner."

Ivy Flora D2- Cornucopia

I plop the canoe in the water and grab a bunch of packs and supplies and throw it into the canoe.

"Come on girls lets go," I demand, "the faster we can get going the water we get to the island and do you want to know what that means."

The other two both stare at me like I have two heads, or that they are complete retards.

"Which means that we can start killing others faster!" I shout. They both nod, grab a pack and some weapons and hop into the canoe. I grab 2 padddles and toss one to Mercury and push off the Cornucopia. Hopefully I will see it again after I win so I can take a tour when I'm older and re live how I killed the last few and won the Hunger Games.

I just can't wait to get to the island and draw some blood.

Illuminate Sensorium D5- Middle of River

We have drifted so far down the river that the Island is out of sight. That scares me a bit, because there is nothing in sight and what is out here.

"Girls should we start paddling, because the island is gone?" I ask. The other two start to look around for the island or another type of land, but there is none in sight.

"Maybe we should just keep going," Selena says. I just look at her to explain. "Well maybe if we keep going we could find something else, or other landforms that we could use to our advantage."

"Ya, that sounds like a good idea," Rhonda chymes in.

I personally don't think that it is a good idea, but they probably won't listen to me.

"Fine have it your way, we'll keep going," I blurt. I lay down on the bottom of the canoe and think.

"If we die, it's on you two," I whisper.

Selena Kyle D7- Middle of River

I don't know why Illuminate is in such a bad mood all of a sudden. Well on the other hand she hasn't really been the cheeriest tribute around, but she isn't horrible, definatley not the worst.

"Okay Illuminate what is up, you are acting really stubborn and snobby, what's wrong?" I ask.

She lifts her head up and her cold eyes meet mine.

"Well if you want to know, I will tell you." She clears her throat and sits up.

"On the day of the reaping I went outside to head to the library to return some books, I saw smoke and didn't really think anything of it. Then I got closer to the library and the smoke got thicker." She pauses for a moment and tears start to swell in her eyes.

"And then when I got there the library was up in flames and the women that makes me feel like family is dead and burnt to death. My one place that I could relax and avoid the stress of the world is gone, burnt to a crisp, and now I have nothing."

She sobbs and wipes away the tears with her coat sleeve. She must be in pain. It's horrible losing something you love. Especially if it's someone. I should know, my mother died.

Mercury Shifter D1- Middle of River

We are about a kilometer away from the Cornucopia and the Island isn't  that far away now. The sun is high in the sky and I would predict that it is getting close to noon. Ivy hands me an ore since that it is my turn to row. I dip the ore into the water and stroke.

The water here is beautiful. It's like a pale blue and once in a while you see a fish jump out of the water. It's a beautiful arena, it's just to bad that 11 murders will take place in it. I hope though that I do get to kill at least one other tribute, just to show the Capitol what I'm made of.

I wonder who we are going to come across on the island first. I wonder how the boys are doing. I am wondering to many things, and right now I just have to focus on paddling to the island.

Aqua Reeds D4- Island

I have shoved a bunch of the leaves in my pocket and I keep waliking. I have to keep going in order to make it to the top. I wonder what is at the top of the island. Food, mutts, traps. I'm hoping that it is something that I can use to my advantage, and if it is my death up there... well I'm just not going to think about it.

Up in the trees a couple birds sing a mid-day tune. It's a beautiful song. I look up in the trees and it is mockingjays singing the tune. I know about these birds and what a significants they were to a special victor some time ago.

I whistle and they all suddenly stop there tune. The forest goes quiet. Nothing makes a sound until the mockingjays start up again. Except it isn't there beautiful song, it's an ear murdering screech. I slam my hands over my ears to block the sounds of the birds.

Out of the trees they swoop down and at this point I know that I'm in grave danger. I start to run up the island as fast as I can to get away from these demon birds. I peak over my shoulder and there has to be at least 50 of the birds. I spin my head around just to see me get close lined by a bush.

I squirm on the ground as the birds start to attack. They bite and peck down on my skin causing blood to fill onto my body. I start to crawl away, but the brds still attack me. How do I get them to leave, how. I can't beleive my eyes when I see it. Thank god. I jump up off thr ground and rip a wasp nest from the tree. Acouple wasps sting me as I chuck the nest at the birds and hit the dirt. The wasps swarm around the birds stinging them. The birds finally give one last shreik and then fly away. I pass out on the ground.

Final Day

Orion Nightlock D1- Between the two arenas

Suddenly a light flashes before my eyes and I am face to face with the final girl. It's Brianna. I remember her, she is good, amazing actually since she got an 10 in training. I am wounded, the final fight between Dirge and I was killer, he left me with a huge gash on my chest and no weapon. She has no weapon either and a lot of whip marks across her arms and one across her cheak. She limps towards me and then falls into my arms crying.

"Kill me Orion, just finish me off," she sobs. We fall onto the ground and I start to cry too.

"I can't," I reply. "I'm too weak,m you need to win." She just shakes her head and blood drips down from her face.

"Then who is going to win," I ask. She looks at me and then at the river behind us. I know what she is thinking.

"You want to pull a Katniss and Peeta?" I ask.

"I do," she says. "Let's do it," I tell her.

We both slowly raise up off the ground and stride towards the river slowly. I grab her hand and she smiles. We stand infront of the river, and since we both can't swim, we ready ourselves to drowned.

We both look into a camera on a tree and then say; "Farewell Panem." I peer into the water and then squeeze Brianna's hand tighter. I look up at her and she nods. Just before we jump a voice appears on the loud speaker.

"Presenting the Victors of the 10th Quarter Quell!"


Brianna Abberdeen and Orion Nightlock!

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