Okay so me and my friends are making a Hunger Games movie that will be taking place in The 58th Hunger Games (it will be posted on Youtube.) I just need help with some names. I already have some, but I will give a small description of the tribute and then you can hopefully suggest a name.

District 1

Male: Zaff

Female: Astelle

District 2

Male: Ace

Female: Aunnika

District 3

Male: Shock

Female: Caia

District 4

Male: Dundee

Female: Sandy

District 5

Male: Ostio

Female: Salana

District 6

Male: Turbo

Female: Evven (Pronounced: Ev-an

District 7

Male: Cedur

Female: Birch

District 8

Male: Flax

Female: Fleece

District 9

Male: Faust or Troi

Female: Fern

District 10

Male: Kiefer (played by me, Victor)

Female: Cadence

Distrct 11

Male: Samus

Female: Zerro

District 12

Male: Ash

Female: Sim

Thanks for the help!

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