Yes an RP games obviously, I just want to try it out.


1. My main rule is no godmodding because that is just annoying, if that happens you will be killed :3

2. No crying if you die, cause no one likes a cry baby.

3. Also you can't make yourself invincible, youi have to get hurt and obviously die at one point.

4. There is one person from each District and the Capitol, D0, 13 and 14 are included

The Tributes

They are so Lucky...
District Name Weapon
C Danny Blowgun and Whip
0 Beck Chain Scythe
1 Cass Trident
2 Wesley Knives and Whip
3 Missy Poison
4 Sam Trident, Nets and Knives
5 Haley Throwing Knives and Bow
6 Tyrone Mace
7 Justin Axe and Knives
8 Nolan Hammer
9 Kally Sai Daggers
10 Kaeghan Throwing Knives
11 Jason Knife and Bow
12 Dylan Bow and Arrow
13 Emma Sickle and Long Knives
14 Sasha Long Knives

Note: I won't win


The arena is a beautiful, giant pear orchard that stretches across an open valley. The pears aren't at the fruit stage, so they are beautiful white flowers. The valley stretches up into a mountain that is breath taking on how it meets with the sky. The Cornucopia is located on a path that stretches through the aren and dissapears in the mountain. The temperatur is usually cool, but not freezing, just nice cool air. Usually a nice warm breeze blows through the arena.


The Arena


Killed By Who
Kally (D9) Haley (D5)
Nolan (D8) Justin (D7)
Sasha (D14) Sam (D4)
Dylan (D12) Kaeghan (D10)
Missy (D3) Kaeghan (D10)
Danny (C) Danny (C)
Cass Eagle Mutt

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