Ok, so I know I haven't been active lately, and I apologize for that, sometimes school and life gets in the way. Plus I applied for a job and hoping to get it *crosses fingers*. Anyway, my last games are officially canceled, I know, it's terrible, but I've realized the flaw that always happens to me during these games, and why they are always incomplete. I do to much pre-games entertainment and I lose interest in my writing. Well, in these games, I will be going straight to the games, so enter away!!!


Yes I know, but deal with it hun.

1. The Districts for these games will be every District including 14, 13, 0 and Capitol.

2. I AM BOLDING BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT. In these games, you can enter tributes, but I prefer if you just give me the page of your tributes and I can select from there, if you don't have a page for them, link me to the Category page or just all your tributes.

3. Don't get upset, harrass others or spam my page, and especially don't give me grief when your tribute is killed off, and I say when because I know it's going to happen. Only one will come out, at least one of your tributes is going to die. And if you can't deal with it, then I'd politely ask you not to enter.

4. No advice please, these are my games, and I will portray them they way I want.

5. Always support your tribute, and comment to ensure I know you are reading.

6. There may be some minor cussing and sexual content in these games, so be warned.

7. If you read the rules, please comment Halo is my cousin, three times removed.

The Tributes

District Male Age Female Age
Capitol Lionel Armani 17 Lucille Mayflower 17
0 Orlando Johnson 15 Armania Alpha 14
1 Echio Silverbead 17 Sydney Zaelia 15
2 Julius Spring 17 Giselle Terrence 18
3 Wire Elec 18 Luna Glitchturn 17
4 Dylan Murrow 17 Avery Hollis 15
5 Favian Thread 15 Lucinda Irongate 13
6 James Dant 15 Harper Shaint 12
7 Henry Polyester 12 Sakura Ni-Lang 13
8 Saibi Deller 12 Aeralene Ekiert 18
9 Jacob Antio 14 Bailey Snowbelle 16
10 Eli Winersin 14 Rosette Lilith 15
11 Trent Korey 18 Willow Thorn 15
12 Jamieson Erie 14 Artemis Moonsliver 13
13 Korrin Resonance 16 Zoey Proasheck 15
14 Veles Koshikadu 16 Amber Tempest 17
  • Lionel Armani C
  • Lucille Mayflower C
  • Orlando Johnson D0
  • Armania Alpha D0
  • Echio Silverbead D1
  • Sydney Zaelia D1
  • Julius Spring D2
  • Giselle Terrence D2
  • Wire Elec D3
  • Luna Glitchturn D3
  • Dylan Murrow D4
  • Avery Hollis D4
  • Favian Thread D5
  • Lucinda Irongate D5
  • James Dant D6
  • Harper Shaint D6
  • Henry Polyester D7
  • Sakura Ni-Liang D7
  • Saibi Deller D8
  • Aeralene Ekiert D8
  • Jacob Antio D9
  • Bailey Snowbelle D9
  • Eli Winersin D10
  • Rosette Lilith D10
  • Trent Korey D11
  • Willow Thorn D11
  • Jamieson Erie D12
  • Artemis Moonsliver D12
  • Korrin Resonance D13
  • Zoey Proasheck D13
  • Veles Koshikadu D14
  • Amber Tempest D14


Itallic- Person is leader

Bold- "Second in command"

Careers: Echio Silverbead (D1), Julius Spring (D2), Giselle Terrence (D2), Dylan Murrow (D4), Avery Hollis (D4)

District C, 0, 8, 9: Lucille Mayflower (C), Armania Alpha (D0), Aeralene Ekiert (D8), Saibi Deller (D8), Jacob Antio (D9)

Favlow: Favian Thread (D5), Willow Thorn (D11)

District 6 & 13: James Dant (D6), Korrin Resonance (D13)

Female Alliance: Bailey Snowbelle (D9), Rosette Lilith (D10), Artemis Moonsliver (D12), Zoey Proasheck (D13)

Loners: Lionel Armani (C), Orlando Johnson (D0), Sydney Zaelia (D1), Wire Elec (D3), Luna Glitchturn (D3), Lucinda Irongate (D5), Harper Shaint (D6), Henry Polyester (D7), Sakura Ni-Lang (D7), Eli Winersin (D10), Trent Korey (D11), Jamieson Erie (D12), Veles Koshikadu (D14), Amber Tempest (D14)


The Games

Day 1: Bloodbath

Across the television screens, of every citizen in Panem, flashes the dazzling arena, unfolding in different shapes and sizes, vibrant and dull colours, sounds and sights. Beautiful, is the only word to describe the scene that the Capitol citizens see in front of them.

Slowly, the cameras pan over the dense green forest, catching the sunlight off the leaves, sending ripples of light across the screen, flashing around everywhere. The cameras continue to catch the calm of the forest, the slight breeze that blows around the long grass tuffs that sprout of up beside the trees around. Small critters scuffle across the ground, dodging over logs, and jumping over a stream that runs throughout the arena. The cameras continue along the stream, over the mossy rocks beneath and down a steep incline that leads to a small waterfall, dumping into a gree lagoon, encircled by tall red rocks, with their mountainous stature, and firm physique that shoots down another cliff, the rocks slowly grow vegitation and thin strips of trees are lined across the red dirt sand. And then there it is, the most iconic figure in all of Hunger Games history, the Cornucopia. The golden horn stands there, on the edge of a red sandy inlet, with large rock walls surrouding it a good 100 feet aroound. The very edge of the Cornucopia touching water, the water of a ginormous ocean, with it's rough waves clapping as they smash into the large rock figures, yards away from the Cornucopia, that hold the pedestals, the empty silver disks sitting, there, just asking for a tribute to be placed on it, to stand tall and get the games started.

Slowly, a red strand appears from one of the pedestals, and then another, and suddenly, the form of a person slowly emerges onto the silver cyllinders. The tributes have risen, there bodies positioned, ready on the pedetals, as the countdown commences, and the booming voice of Alcander Horriday booms over the microphone, static filling the air. 

"May the 101st Annual Hunger Games Commence!"


Armania Alpha D0

I'm not sure if it was me jumping forward, or falling forward, but none the less, I am propelled off my glowing sliver pedestal and plunge into the cool sea water. I feel the quick undertow of the waves pull me around, I am flipped over, and feel my shoulder scrape across the the rocky ledge that my pedestal was positiond on. Quickly, I swing my arms around, trying to make contact with anything that I can get ahold of. I claw my arms through the water, feeling my throat tightening, I need to get oxygen into my lungs, but I am unaware of where the surface is. Slowly, a burning sensation fills my throat, and it intensifies as the seconds go on. I start to panic, and splash around with more urgency than before, and then I grab something, jagged and rough to the touch, but cold and hard. A rock. Quickly I open my eyes, the salt of the water burns for a moment, but it gives me enough time to see where I need to go. I push myself upwards, kicking my feet and paddling my arms, swimming is an activity not greatly practiced in 0, so it would be likely I'm one of the weakest here. Finally, I break the ocean's surface, and air fills my body, I take long gasps of air in and out of my mouth, as waves lap up around me. I face the way of the Cornucopia, there are already a few tributes that are pulling up onto the red beach, both tributes from 4 are there, no surprise there, the boy from 1, and the girl from 12, which does surprise me. All the other tributes are splashing through the water, or still remaining on their plates, too scared to venture into the water.

I've wasted enough time, I quickly pull myself to my senses and stride towards mainland, with my makeshift swimming skills. I will be there soon enough, hopefully my allies will be as well.

Echio Silverbead D1

I scan over the pile of weapons that are laid out before me, different assortments of blades, mainly axes and knives. Closer to the back I see larger, more devilish looking weapons like Scythes and Long Swords, I even see a pair of metal claws resting up against the side of a crate. I jog into the back of the Cornucopia, where both my fellow careers from District 4 retrieve weapons, I take another look around, pushing different packs and bags out of the way, sorting through piles of crates, but nothing, of all the assortment of weapons here they don't have a damn trident. I'm just about to settle on an appealing looking sword, when out of the corner of my eye, at the very edge of the cornucopia, I see it, a fierce looking, metallic trident. I quickly run over to it, adreneline pumping through my veigns, finally these games will start, now that I have my trident. I quickly rap my hand around the shaft of the weapon, and yank it from the golden horn. I turn around, now that a lot more of the tributes have arrived at the scene, more tributes to pick over. To my left I see a girl with bleach blonde hair sorting through crates, but I leave her, and focus on a boy, I think from District 14, running off to a cluster of rocks, presumably leading to shelter away from the Cornucopia. I'd rather have my kill running instead of sitting still. Quickly, with the flick of my arm, I send my trident flying through the air, cutting through the wind, and piercing the boy in the right calve, exactly where I wanted it. I hear him shout in pain, and double over, hitting his face off the rocky ground and grasping at the trident impaled in him. I quickly sprint towards him, and kick him in the face, he yelps, and falls backwards, laying flat out on his back. I rip the the trident from his leg, tearing a chunk of his flech out with it, another scream is heard from his mouth. Quickly I pull the trident over my head and plunge it deep into the chest of the boy from 14, he spits blood from his mouth, and instantly falls silent. First kill of the games.

Julius Spring D2

Dammit, the first kill didn't go to me, instead, to Echio. I hate him, I do, I hate all my fellow careers. Every single one of them, especially my District partner Giselle. She is stupid, and blonde, and a down right bitch if I do say so myself. I mean she was chosen as leader of us careers, over me, just proving how stupid my fellow allies are to even consider her. I mean she is vile, and devious, like me, but she is stupid and doesn't even know how to spell her own name.

I look back to all the tributes that remain on the pedestals, there are a handfull, including Giselle. Pathetic.

But if I must survive in these games, I have to do what's beneficial, and stick with the careers until the tention becomes too harsh, and then slaughter them in their places. For now though, killing everyone in sight is my goal, and I plan on succeeding. With the gleaming silver sword that I grasp in my palm, I start off in a sprint, locking visual with a girl who has platinum blonde hair, desperately searching through a crate of supplies. I fiercly sprint towards her, my feet pumping the ground, and my heart beating rapidly in my chest. I grip the blade even tighter in my hands, as the weapon makes contact with the girl. I slit the blade across the girls back, and she shouts in pain, and falls to her hands and knees. At this point she has disregarded the crate completely, and tries to crawl away, a steady flow of blood starting to soak her arena outfit. A crimson patch. I kick her in the hip and she rolls onto her side, grunting in pain. I look down at her, she hardly looks like she could be 13. Small, barely any meat on her bones. And that's when I raise my sword at a ready stance, and swing my sword at her repeatedly. Every time the blade makes contact with her, she screams in pain, blood spewing from her wounds, and now her mouth. I can't help but smirk a little in my mind, I know that all the cameras are on me as I destroy this pretty little girl, and her tiny composure. Finally, I deliver one last swing, and I know that at this point, she couldn't be alive, and she doesn't have any signs of being alive anyway.

Take this my allies, let's see who's worthy enough to be career leader now.

Favian Thread D5

Meet at the edge of the Cornucpoia, then we can escape together.

Her voice rings through my head as I stride through the water, swimming to the best of my ability. The plan seems so simple, yet so difficult at the same time, there are so many factors that could go wrong. What if once we both get there, and the careers are on us like wolves? What if one of us can't get there, and are forced to retreat alone? What if one of us dies before we get the chance to make it to the Cornucopia? So may factors, but I try to flush them away, and focus on the task at hand. After a few more seconds of swimming, I drag myself out of the water, dry red sand cover me like dust, and look around for her.

For my ally, Willow.

But she is no where in sight. I see tributes fighting, and two soaked in blood on the ground, luckily everyone else is occupied to not bother with someone like me. I look around again, I can feel my heart start to jump. She isn't here. Oh no, what happened. Is she dead in the water? Or did she ditch me to find shelter? I turn around and look through the water, she isn't on her plate like some of the others...and that's when I see her, and her too. Before I know it, I'm back in the water, my legs slapping the water, and my arms pushing the cool liquid behind me. I look up, and the girl pushes Willow under the surface, the girl from 4. She didn't seem like a career in training, but I guess looks can decieve. And I'm swimming faster, when Willow isn't fighting back as hard, she doesn't resurface, but the girl still continues to hold her down. Just a few more seconds, and I'm on top of the girl. I grab her water soaked hair and pull her backwards, I wind up and punch her in the back of the head, and give her another blow to her nose. I grab at her face, just as Willow resurfaces, gulping for air. I feel my teeth gritting together, as I dig my nails into the girl's face, I hear her scream in pain, and then she bites down on my hand, and I'm the one screaming. Luckily enough though, Willow comes to my rescue and delivers a fist to the girls head, and she releases my hand. Quickly, I push her off with my feet and we start swimming away, Willow right beside me. The girl from District 4, doesn't follow, I thinks she knows at this point, that two have better odds against one.

Death Chart

Place Name District Name (killer) District
24th Veles Koshikadu 14 Echio Silverbead 1
23rd Artemis Moonsliver 12 Julius Spring 2

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