Okay, Guys I am making another Hunger Games as you can see, I just can't stop. It's just to much FUN! And that's what I want it do be, fun because I am the funnest person ever.


So this is going to be Part 1 of a series of 4, with the final one being a Quarter Quell with special proportion. I just want everyone to post a tribute, I would like a variety of many different tributes, psycho, shy, hopless romantic, anything. I want tributes that I can work with. Also I would like your imput on lots of things so I want this to be very interactive. By the way you are your tributes life line, you give them information. Also if you don't give your tributes support than they are not likley to last long.


Ya I know rules, bleck! But there has to be a few to go by

1. There will be Districts 1-12 (Not the Capitol, D13 or 14) sorry

2. Reservations will last 3 days and only 3 days no exeptions (Erlend)

3. Support me and your characters

4. Post coments and tell me if I am doing a good a good job because I am doing his for YOU!

5. I will look at profiles and pages on THGRPW

6. No being overly upset or dramatic that your tribute dies, one comes out... deal with it!

7. No fighting with other Users or that causes imediate death of your tribute







Appearence (Lunaii)










District styling for

Boy outfit

Girl Outfit

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon User
1 Male Shimmer Gold 18 Discus, Machete, Scythe Thresh Is Best
1 Female December DeClare 17 Scythe EvilhariboMadness
2 Male Markey Primal-Omega 18 Tomahawks, Crossbow EvilhariboMadness
2 Female Hunter Gold 15 Bow, Axe, Knife, Sword Kayleigh Rockstar
3 Male Kent Beat 17

Axe, Swords

3 Female Caramell Waltz 17 Bow and Arow PumPumPumpkin :3
4 Male Evan Harrison 18 Trident, Spear, Sword, Knife MissRandomStuff
4 Female Aqua Shields 17 Spear, Trident, Knife Kayleigh Rockstar
5 Male Jupiter Axis 18 Sword and Throwing Knives PumPumPumpkin :3
5 Female Allana Darkbloom 17 Metal Claws Nommehzombies
6 Male Revenus "Chase" Locke 17

Curved Sword, Knives

6 Female Paula Twoson 15 Bow and Arrow, Awl Annamisasa
7 Male Ransom Overman 17 Double Bladed Axe, Sledgehammer Hybrid Shadow
7 Female Duskus Sinrood 16 Scythe Mistfire333
8 Male Yuki Kokyu 18 Mace, Brass Knuckles Mistfire333
8 Female Catalina Tweed 14 Spears Misytmolla
9 Male Jake Price 16 Sword, Knives TheFireJay
9 Female Lioness Kamtura 13 Throwing Knives, Spears PumPumPumpkin :3
10 Male

Derek Gown

18 Axe, Whip Hybrid Shadow
10 Female Charlotta Pinkstone 18 Knives Misytmolla
11 Male Call Hernandez 18

Bow and Arrow, Rapier

Thresh Is Best

11 Female Eileen Shade 17 Throwing Knives, Knife Annamisasa
12 Male Spark Pyrrhus 14 Knife, Bare Hands Junior ii
12 Female Haley Edwards 15 Knife, Axe MissRandomStuff

  • Shimmer Gold D1
  • December DeClare D1
  • Markey Primal-Omega D2
  • Hunter Gold D2
  • Kent Beat D3
  • Caramell Waltz D3
  • Evan Harrison D4
  • Aqua Shield D4
  • Jupiter Axis D5
  • Allana Darkbloom D5
  • Revenus "Chase" Locke D6
  • Paula Twoson D6
  • Ransom Overman D7
  • Duskus Sinrood D7
  • Yuki Kokyu D8
  • Catalina Tweed D8
  • Jake Price D9
  • Lioness Kamtura D9
  • Derek Gown D10
  • Charlotta Pinkstone D10
  • Call Hernandez D11
  • Eileen Shade D11
  • Spark Pyrrhus D12
  • Haley Edwards D12


The arena is a disgusting sewer infested with rats, bats and alligators. It will be dark and dingey with the odd oplication of lighting around them. To start each tribute will be put out (as in put asleep) and stood over a sewer grate inside a glass tube. The glass tube is very fragile so if the tributes touch the side of the glass they will be electrocuted. Once the tributes are in the tubes for 1 minute  the sewer grate below them will slade away from there feet dropping them 20 feet into the grotesque green sewer water. The tributes then have to locate the Cornucopia, which rests about 100 feet in front of them. They will have to swim to get the supplies and then it unfolds like that.


District Stylist Name Male Chariot Outfit Female Chariot Outfit
2 Jet Blaze Silver and Iron full body armour that covers there whole body. Hemet mask is flipped up to see his face. Carries a sword. Hair is spiked. Silver and Iron full body armour that covers there whole body. Helmet mask flipped up to see her face. Carries a sickle.  Hair shows down her back in a braid.
3 Katie Clemonns Wearing a morphsuit that changes every ten seconds to a arena wear, then a tux for formal wear, then a completely black outfit, next the most popular casual wear in the Capitol and finally the most popular formal wear in the Capitol. The hair is in it's normal form. Wearing a morphsuit that changes every ten seconds to a arena wear, then a dress for formal wear, then a completely black outfit, next the most popular casual wear in the Capitol and finally the most popular formal wear in the Capitol. The hair is in a ponytail.
4 Hillter Ram Top of the line fishing hat, shirt, pants and boots. Hair is let down in a wave. Top of the line fishing clothes made of fish skin. Hair is in 2 ponytail.
6 Kasey Rymonds The boy will be wearing all silver, however the outfit will be marked so it looks like a spaceship about to launch. About halfway through, rockets on his back will fly off of him and create fireworks that say "DISTRICT 6" Hair is in a way so that the rocket's flames will not burn it.  The Girl will be in almost the same outfit as the boy, however her "rocket ship outfit" is a light pink. Hair is in a low side ponytail or low pigtails
7 Shana Corkflaw The boy will have a muscle a green muscle shirt, his arms will be dyed a sparkley green.  He will also have a pair of green shorts made of leaves. His hair will be in curls. The girl will have a green strapless shirt, her arms will be dyed green. She will also have a green mini skirt that is made of leaves. Her hair will be curld and dyed green to look like vines.
8 Kanya Mary-Am The male tribute will wear what appears to be a steampunk-style wardrobe. His hair will be in a rmodern egal hairstyle, slciked back and combed. He will wear a dark brown tenchcoat with bronze along the edges, and have a top hate seemingly made out of stone. He will have dress pants striped with gold/silver and part of his face will look like a statue. with a flashy monocle showing the district's symbol on the glass. As footwear he will wear cubic boots that again, look as if they are made out of concrete. A magma glow will emit from the top hat and the dress shirt will be a vine red. Smoke will emit from the top hat to represent the factories from his district. The smoke from this will create half of an 8 along with the female tributes' smoke that will rise up and form above the other chariots when they all stop to show how they will be on top of everyone in these games. The female tribute will wear what looks like a steampunk-like wardrobe. She will wear a black and white dutchess dress with a belt with the district 8 symbol on it. The belt has a design to look like stone flakes and a magma glow will emit from the belt. She will wear gray high heels that have a stone-like texture as well, and her hair will be in long, graceful curls. She will have gray eyeliner with gold streaks coming from the sides of her eyes like tears, and she will have a crown on her head emitting smoke like the factory smoke from her district. The smoke from this will create half of an 8 along with the male tributes' smoke that will rise up and form above the other chariots when they all stop to show how they will be on top of everyone in these games.



D1-Shimmer Gold, December DeClare

D2-Hunter Gold

D4-Evan Harrison, Aqua Shields

D8-Yuki Kokyu


D6-Revenus "Chase" Locke

D12-Haley Edwards

D7-Duskus Sinrood

Tag Team Allies

D3-Caramell Waltz

D10-Derek Gown

Triple Alliance

D3-Kent Beat

D7-Ransom Overman

D9-Jake Price


Day 1

Lioness Kamtura D9

The elevator doors slide open both in opposite directions and I step out into the training center for the first time. A bunch of careers push by behind me, eagerly awaiting the training. Shimmer nudges me as he walks by and I stumble backwards a bit.

"Watch where your going," he says cruely with a smile.

I just stare at him back and wait for him to keep walking. Once he does I walk over to some tributes who stand around a trainer who is talking about some kind of weapon that catapulte 3 spears into your throat. I hope that it isn't in the games.

One by one the other tributes file in, taking in the whole training center and all it's quirks. The Head Trainer gathers us around a small platform that she stands on and she starts her small speech.

"Welcome tributes to the Training Center where here for the next 3 daysyou will be training to ensure your life in these games, which obviously we can only asure one of you to come out alive as the reigning victor. There are 3 basic sections, survival, endurance and combat. Most of you will most likely go for a sword and start taking out dummies, but pay close to every detail for everything could help you survive." She stops for a moment to clear her throat. "Here is one more thing for your encouragement, in a few days 23 of you will be dead, goodluck."

Derek Gown D10

As all the other tributes dispurs to different sections in the traing room, some endurance, some survival, I go where most tributes do go, combat. I need to show the gamemakers the damage that I can do with my whip, and that I shouldn't be observed as a week kid that slaps a whip around. I walk over to a stand that holds a gleaming silver whip. The handle is incrested with red jewels and the tip of the whip has a small spike shooting out on each side.

I stand before a dummy and take my first swing. I impale the dummy across the chest opening it's fabric and spilling out foam and a few springs. I take another swing and slap the whip across the dummies stomach opening the fabric again. I stand back for a moment looking over at the dummy and I smirk. I toss the whip to my other hand, swing the whip around in the air to make a cracking sound and whip across the dummies neck. The whip slowy wraps around the neck of the dummy until it sits there firmly like a snake wrapped around the branch of a tree.

With one tug of my arm the dummies head lides off of it's body and falls to the ground. I look up at the Gamemakers who sip whine and eat different meats. Some look at me with great impressment, yet others don't pay attention and look at some other tributes. I walk over to another dummy and start to work away.

Haley Edwards D12

I stand in line, only one person stands in front of me and a few stand behind me. The boy from my District, Spark, shows the trainers his running skills. He is fairley fast, but I am probably faster, but maybe not. As I see him run more and more he increases in speed, he is most likley good at log distance running.

I look down at my feet and brush my hir behind my ears. I hear a wrustling and a form of movement, I look up and see the boy in front of me looks straight at me. His light blue eyes meat mine, they focus hard on me, and my expression.

"Your from 12, right?" he says.

"Ya, and your from 6," I reply.

"I'm Revenus, but you can call me Chase," he streches his tanned hand out in front of me. I look down at it and find that it is kind've weird that he wants me to shake his hand, who does that?

"I'll pass, but I'm Haley," I reply giving a smile. "By the way I'm not looking for a relationship, it's The Hunger Games, I will probably die before anything happens," I say. Chase's expression changes to a more dosile expression.

"Don't worry that won't happen, I am making an anti-career alliance, you in?" he asks.

I think for a moment before cracking a smile and saying; "Ya, I'm in."

Markey Primal-Omega D2

Me and the other careers spread out, we have decided to show the Gamemakers our skills seperatley and then go together at the end and do some really good group training. I decide to show the gamemakers my aim with a crossbow, but I am stuck behind the girl from 8, who is attempting to shoot the crossbow.

Every time she misses the target and the arrow plunges into the wall. I chuckle to myself, she can't even hold it right! Finally I get sick of her and take the crossbow awy.

"Watch and learn retard," I say as I snatch the crossbow away and push her out of the way. I loa another arrow into the shaft and fire it at the target. It nails it right in the middle and I turn around to face the girl.

"Better keep practising," I say. "Or you'll be my first kill."

Eileen Shade D11

I grab a ball of string, some wire and a few wooden sticks. I look up and a couple Gamemakers have there eyes glued on me, they wangt to see what I can do. So I work my magic and construct a snare when triggered stabs a sharpenned stick right into the thing that triggered it.

"One moment I say," as I walk towards the combat station where some tributes hack at some dummies. I pick up a knife, stand before a dummy and slice off it's head with one quick swipe. I pick up the styrofoam head and walk back over to my snare.

I lean down and slowly place near the snare. It sets it off and the stick stabs right through the dummies head.

Allana Darkbloom D5

It's sordove sad how most of the other tributes fight. Half of them can barley pick up a sword, and others don't even bother trying. Of course the careers are good, because, well there careers and I notice that the boy from 10, I think his name is Derek, is very good with a whip. But tha's really all, the rest are just losers that were reaped here just for the blood and guts. I decide that I should give the gamemakers a little taste of my talent with metal claws.

I walk over to the station, slip on the gloves and do up the velcrow strap. The claws stick out right at the tips of my fists. I walk over to a dummy and slice away at it's neck, head, chest and stomach. By the time I am finished with it, it doesn't even look like the dummy that I started with, just a big ball of fluff and springs.

Jake Price D9

I sit at the edible plant station and wait for a trainer to come aid me. As I wait I watch the other tributes at the other stations. The weight station sits unoccupied and it pains me to not be over there, but my mentor told me not to show my true skills untill it's private training with the Gamemakers.

A trainer kneels down beside me and we go over some basic edible plants that I am already aware of. He tels me some new edible plants that I had no clue existed, mesquite, ficus and some other plant that had a very long name to it. Once we finish I thank the trainer and look for another station to work at.

Yuki Kokyu D8

I pick up the natter head and aim it to throw across the room. It's weight is heavy, but not to heavy for I can lift it easily. I look around and some careers stand there staring at me. Okay Yuki hold your composer, this throw could men life or death for you in these games. I back up a few step and then brace forward and throw the giant weight over my head, taking out a dummy 50 feet away from me.

I glance over at the careers and they look impressed.

"He's pretty good," the boy from 1 says, I think his name is Shimmer. I grab another weight and throw it over my head again and take out another dummy a couple more feet behind the last one.

I turn around to look at the careers and Shimmer stands right in front of me.

"How would you like to join us?" he asks with a devilish smirk.

Hunter Gold D2

I stand there, waiting for the boy from 8 to respond. He seems shocked, like someone asked him to be the president of Panem, which that will probably never happen. He contimplates before replying; "Ya, that would be cool."

"Great," Shimmer says. "Now we just need to scope for more people that could be possible threats, because we don't need anymore careers. "

I am just about to turn around to go to the axe station when a trainer calls us in for lunch. I moan and sit around a table with all of the other careers. We all talk starategy and what we should do in the bloodbath. My job is to stay alert incase someone attacks one of my fellow careers behind there back. Once we finish our giant feast, I go back to training and hack away at a dummy with my axe.

Training Scores and Odds of Victory

Ya I was getting bored of the actual training so here are the scores.

  • Note the odds change as the games go on
District Name Traing Score Odds
1 Shimmer Gold 10 4-1
1 December DeClare 9 6-1
2 Markey Primal-Omega 11 2-1
2 Hunter Gold 9 8-1
3 Kent Beat 7 14-1
3 Caramell Waltz 8 11-1
4 Evan Harrison 10 4-1
4 Aqua Shields 9 10-1
5 Jupiter Axis 8 9-1
5 Allana Darkbloom 7 9-1
6 Revenus "Chase" Locke 8 12-1
6 Paula Twoson 6 17-1
7 Ransom Overman 8 11-1
7 Duskus Sinrood 5 21-1
8 Yuki Kokyu 7 18-1
8 Catalina Tweed 4 25-1
9 Jake Price 8 13-1
9 Lioness Kamtura 7 8-1
10 Derek Gown 7 14-1
10 Charlotta Pinkstone 6 18-1
11 Call Hernandez 3 33-1
11 Eileen Shade 7 16-1
12 Spark Pyrrhus 5 22-1
12 Haley Edwards 8 14-1

Death Chart

24. Call Hernandez (D11)- Trident through head by Evan Harrison (D4)

23. Duskus Sinrood (D7) -Slashed to death with a Scythe by December DeClare (D1)

22. Spark Pyrrhus (D12)- Gutted with a machete by Shimmer Gold (D1)

21. Catalina Tweed (D8)- Sliced across the back with sword by Hunter Gold (D2)

20. Kent Beat (D3)-Head smashed against the Cornucopia by Markey Primal-Omega (D2)

19. Paula Twoson (D6)- Drownded by Markey Primal-Omega (D2)

18. Charlotta Pinkstone (D10)- Stabbed with knife in the neck by Yuki Kokyu (D8)

17. Shimmer Gold (D1)- Neck snapped with mace by Markey Primal-Omega (D2)

16. Jake Price (D9)- Drounded under tons of water

The Games

Day 1

The Bloodbath

The Tributes wakeup, standing on there sewer grates with the giant glass tube standing over them, trapping them inside, making sure that they don't get out. The tributes look around, confused looks split there faces when they see that no Cornucopia lays in front of them. No supplies, no weapons, nothing. The camera shifts to Lioness as she plants one hand on her head and the other softly against the glass, which was one of the biggest mistakes she has ever made. An electric volt shoots up her hand and through her body, sending her into a state of shock and firing 100 volts of electricity through her body. She lets out a tiny squeak as she falls to the ground, her hand slipping off the side of the tube. She lays there motionless, not moving, but definatley not dead, just passed out.

All the other tributes gaze over at Lioness, some gasp and some chuckle to themselves. The only one that doesn't look over at Lioness, is Shimmer. His eyes still stay where they first glanced to, on Markey. When they arived in the Capitol Shimmer and Markey were like bestfriends, but when Shimmer saw that Markey got a higher training score than him, he dispised Markey. He will not rest untill Markey is put in his place, or dead. The final camera view pans out to all the tributes standing there sewer grates. The time counts down.


The grates slide away under the tributes feet and they all fall, slowly decending into the water. Catalina shrieks as she hits the water as well as the other 24 tributes. The instant jolt of water wakes Lioness and she tries desperatley to stay afloat. Evan and Aqua instantly start swimming towards the Cornucopia, with the other careers attempting to swim as well close behind. Jake just notices the Cornucopia lying there on a floating platform. He looks behind him and sees a long drain pipe that is a safe way away from the Cornucopia. He swims the best that he can towards the drain a riggles his way in, hopefully getting away from everyone else.

Evan and Aqua get to the Cornucopia and start grabbing weapons. Evan slips a trident off of a hook in the mouth of the Cornucopia, and turns around to see a target. Evan's eyes catch Call from 11 trying to stay afloat and he hurdles his trident straight for Call, the tips pierce through Calls head and he dies instantly. Evan smirks, for he knows that he got the first kill. He races back into the Cornucopia to grab some other weapons.

A handfull of other tributes swim onto the platform that hold the Cornucopia including the remaining careers, Duskus, Paula, Catalina, Kent, Spark and Allana. Duskus dives into the Cornucopia and grabs a Scythe, when December spots the girl from 7 and grabs a Scythe herself and tackles Duskus to the ground. Duskus shrieks as December grabs her hair and pulls her back, ripping chunks of her shining black hair out in balls. December drags Duskus up against the Cornucopia and slashes her across her chest. Duskus coughs blood all over herself as December slashes Duskus across her face for the last time, killing her. December wipes some of Duskus' blood off of her face and kicks the dead body into the water, dying it a gross bergandy colour.

Derek swims over to the struggling Caramell and helps her swim to the side of the sewer where he sets her against the wall.

"I'll be back in a second," he says, as he swims toward the Cornucopia. He climbs onto the platform and looks up at all the other tributes fighting. He glances over as Markey throws a tomahawk straight for him. Detek has no time to react and the tomahawk slits open his shoulder, running blood down his arm. He winces in pain as he falls backwards, he just has enough timeto grab a pack before he falls into the water and slowly swims back to Caramell.

"Your hurt," she says looking conserned.

"It's just a scratch," he says as the two start to swim away, Derek guiding Caramell.

Spark rips a knife off of a crate and grabs a sleping bag from the ground. He runs past Paula crawling on the platform, trying to get away from Markey. Distracted he tribs over a pack, smashing his face off a crate and rolling over onto the ground. Shimmer jumps over his body and plunges his Machete straight through Sparks stomach, he coughs blood all over his own face. Shimmer guts Spark with the machete and walks away satisfied.

Allana snags a pair of metal claws off a crate right at the edge of the platform. She slips them on her hands and dives back into the water, she swims past the dead body of Duskus and up into a drain pipe, where she has just enough room to crawl in. Allana has escaped the clutches of the Cornucopia and the dread of the blood-shed, but 17 tributes still remain, fighting for there lives.

"Duskus is dead," Haley says swimming over to Chase.

"What?" Chase says suprised.

"I said, Duskus didn't make it," Haley replies back with a sad look on her face. "Shit," Chase curses. "Well we can't go up to bloodbath, we need to swim away since it's our only chance."

Haley nods and they swim side by side, until they get to a different tunnel that leads to a different part of the sewer. Haley and Chase slowly step in and make there way towards the end, Haley holds her hands over her ears trying to drain out the sounds of dying people.

Catalina holds a pack and a spear in hand, she shrieks as she runs as fast as she can away from the person that follows only a few feet behind, and that person is Hunter. Hunter swings ate her with the sword she obtained from the Cornucopia, every swing she takes gets closer nd closer to Catalina, but it's no use. Hunter drops her sword and grabs the only bow from the ground. She loads an arrow and aims up at Catalina, she takes one deep breath and let's the arrow go. It sizzles through the air, zooming by other tributes' heads, but only sticks itself into the back of Catalina. It plunges deep into her back and she falls forwards, dropping everything that she grassped in her hands. Hunter drops her bow and swipes her gleaming sword from the ground. With much rage, with much anticipation to kill this girl, Hunter races over to the motionless Catalina and ends her with one swipe of her sword.

In the midst of al the fighting Eileen Shade grabs a couple throwing knives and stuffs them in her coat pocket. She grabs a pack and then jumps back into the water, and swims away escaping. Jupiter does the same, but only manages to snag a pack from the bloodbath. Tributes fight everywhere and little Lioness doesn't bother going in for the supplies, she figures it's just a death sentence waiting just to be given. She swims away empty handed.

Paula ducks behind a crate as Markey pins Kent up against the Cornucopia. Markey grabs the back of Kent's head and smashes him against the Cornucopia rappidly. Paula winces everytime Kent's head hits the metal surface. Finally one last smash against the Cornucopia kills Kent with one last squeak of his voice. From a distance Ransom watches his ally die. He curses to himself. Why didn't Jake help us? Why did he leave us? Those questions fly through Ransom's head as he swims away.

Markey turns around all fired up, he notices out of the corner of his eye Paula ducking behind the crate. He pretends that he didn't see her and grabs a knife. He lunges at Paula, but she swiftley ducks. Markey kicks the crate at her and it hits her in the face, giving her a bloody nose and distracting her for a second. Long enough for Markey to stab her in the chest. Paula let's out a shriek and falls to the ground. Markey grabs Paula and forces her under the sewer water. She doesn't struggle, she just stays still, anticipating her own death. After a few seconds Markey let's go of Paula and her dead body floats on the surface of the water.

Charlotta kneels down looking through a crate, not noticing that she is the only one left with careers.

"Foolish 10 girl," Yuki says. Charlotta looks up and screams as Yuki plunges a knife into the back of Charlotta's neck. Charlotta drops dead and all the careers look at eachother.

Shimmer looks over disgusted at Markey, Shimmer notices that Markey got 2 kills and he only got. Shimmer feels anger rise in him and he grabs a sword off of a crate. Aqua realizes what is going to happen and tries to stop Shimmer. Shimer just pushes her into the water and charges Markey. Markey jumps out of the way and grabs a mace off the ground. Shimmer swings for Markey's neck, but Markey ducks and smashes Shimmer's knee caps with the mace. Shimmer falls to the ground and drops his sword.

"I do not want to fight you," Markey says.

"To late for that," Shimmer replies swinging his feet at Markey's ankles tripping him. Markey falls to the ground and drops his mace. Both of the boys reach for there weapons, both so close, there hands touching the handles. At the same time both of the two grab theere weapon and swing at the other, except only one dies. And that one is Shimmer, his sword only scrapes Markey's arm, but Markey's mace uppercutted Shimmer's chin and snapped his neck.


Allana slowly crawls down the drain. She is startled by the sound of the canons.


"Only 8 dead?" she thinks to herself. "There should be way more dead, because there are way more tributes that suck than 8."

She shrugs her shoulders and keeps crawling. The sounds of her metal claws click against the metal of the drain, making a distinct chime. It sounds terrifying, like some kind of animal walks closer and closer and there nails click against the ground, sharpened and ready to tear you a part. But Allana i much worse then any mutt, or giant animal. She is blood thirsty, red to claw the eyes out of anyone she sees, no acceptions and no regrets. She will not rest until the all the careers are dead, and are killed by her. She will rip every single one of there throats out if needed, with her teeth. She dispises the careers and will make them suffer in any way possible.


Back at the Cornucopia the careers regroup and stand over the dead body of Shimmer. Yuki looks back and sees Markey swimming off.

"Should I do something about that," he says, bloodthirsty.

"No, just leave him," December says feeling a little simpathy for the guy. "He'll die on his own."

December looks back at Shimmer's dead body and picks up the sword from his now cold hands. The handle marked with where Shimmer's hands were once placed, and the tip covered in some blood. The careers don't speak, they just pile up there supplies into a nice and neat formation and then sit down against the Cornucopia. Aqua splits open an orange and peels off the skin.

"Can I have one?" Yuki asks.

"You have arms and legs," hisses back at him. Yuki glares at her for a moment, but then gets up and walks over the crate that holds fruit and breads. Ever ince he joined the career alliance, none of the careers really treted him well, none of them expected him to succeed in these games, and they thought that they he was just there little servant. Yuki knows this, and it enrages him, he hates that the other careers think that they are stronger than him, and that they are better. He slowly comes up with a plan to over throw them.


Jake still riggles his way through the tube, like a worm in dirt, trying to get away from a flock of angry crows which in this case are the careers. Jake wiggles and riggles until he is just to tired to go on and frankley stuck a little. His arms wedge in between the two sides of the pipe and press up against his body, like a clamp, making him stuck in the middle of the tube.

"I wish I didn't do this," he whines. He let's out a huff and then relaxes his body, there is no point in waisting his energy on something as futile as this, something that will never happen. In the distance Jake hears something, just a faint movement, omething coming towards him. The sound becomes louder and and more ditinct, it sounds like running water. Jake starts to squirm and panick, he tries to wiggle hi way out of the tube, but he just manages to make himslef more stuck. The water sound only a couple feet away and Jake braces fdor impact and closes hi eyes, because he figures that this is his time to leave.

The water shoots over his body and knocks him around, hi head smashes against the side of the drain causing him to pass out. The water still keeps flowing over him, 100's and 100's of pound pressure him backwards, his body lets out one last squeak before he goes motionless and the water stops flowing.



Caramell sits Derek down, his face lookin a little pale from the wound he was given at the Cornucopia. She opens the pack that Derek managed to retrieve and pulls out a small first aid kit. She opens it and looks over what it contains. A small tin of wound cream, a bottle of pain killers, a roll of gauze and pills that can kill someone instantly. Caramell's eyes open widely when she sees this and slips it in her pocket.

Wouldn't want to mistaken these for painkillers at one point, She thinks.

She applies the cream over Derek's wound softly and gentley. Like a mother caring for her child. Derek winces a little as the cream stings for a moment, killing any bacteria inside, but then a sigh of relief slips his mouth as it stops and just soothes the area. Caramell raps te gauze slowly around his shoulder and then coaxes a painkiller into his mouth.

"You should rest," Caramell says softly. Derek doesn't disagree, he just lays down and shuts his eyes. Knowing that he has a person like Caramell caring for him, he feels safe.


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