The Final Crop Of Recruits

The 200th

Hello guys. I know, it's been a very long time since I made a Hunger Games, and the fact is, is that I have been extremely busy. But, now it's summer holidays for me and my business has started to slow down a bit. So here are my new games! I have a twist that will hopefully keep you guys interested.

Rules & Information

1. There will not be any reservations in these games, I find they slow down the game's process and half the time, people don't fill in their reservations anyway. So these will be first come first serve.

2. In these games I am going to be very picky when it comes to tributes, this may be my last games so I want them to be great. I won't accept any with names like Jack or Sarah, I want unique names. I also won't select any perfect tributes, the careers though, actually have to be careers because otherwise I won't accept them. Finally, if they have a crazy background, I won't accept them, but interesting and a little over the top is okay.

3. Ok, so the way you can submit tributes is a little different. You can either submit 2 or 4 tributes, only even numbers, and let's just say you submit two, there has to be an equal gender balance, so one boy and one girl, you can't submit two of one specific gender. You will see why later on in the games.

4. You can't ball or get mad when your tribute dies, there are 48 tributes in these games, at least one of them is bound to die!

5. There will be 48 tributes, Districts ranging from 1-12.

6. I accept links from THGRP Wiki.

If you read these rules say in the comments "Kaeghan is amazing."


District Male Age Female Age
1 Midas Dalcassian 18 Evaine Mejai 18
1 Anders Longtail 16 Sharpe Cindre 12
2 Soul Silence 14 Raven Silence 14
2 Bert Buel 18 Naomi Ambrose 17
3 Puppet Marionette 14 Lolita Fey 13
3 Jrue Maclin 17 Dayta Techni 16
4 Drayden Blaze 15 Annabeth Chartain 15
4 Bellamy Blake 18 Octavia Blake 15
5 Pompey Watson 18 Nichole Peyton 15
5 Lance Ampere 16 Samsaya Rian 15
6 Star Sunkin 14 Luna Sunkin 15
6 Zulfiker Zambrano 14 Bethany Rhode 14
7 Ellis Oaken 14 Emma Rocke 15
7 August Rose 18 Amity Rose 14
8 Erhen Flemar 18 Cynder Fabric 15
8 Theo Black 15 Saika Tan 18
9 Icarus Crete 15 Ashley Curtis 14
9 Ash Harper 14 Clarke Griffin 17
10 Henry Punch 17 Ember Fladgate 12
10 Augustus Damience 17 Madeleine Constane 13
11 Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 Nikhita Akshaya 16
11 Durian Cane 16 Vanilla Drip 14
12 Taylor Dett 14 Celicia Fen 15
12 Monty Green 17 Ivy Walen 17


Twist 1

President Alstain walked onto the stage, scanning over the audience that sits anxious in front of her, cheering, and screaming her name and ultimately wanting to hear the first Twist of the 8th Quarter Quell. The President looked down at her Capitol citizens, a devilish smerk crossing her powdered and plastered face. The antisipation for these games have been going on since the years previous, and you can tell that the Citizens of Panem are a wanting of hearing the twist. Some, like the Capitol people, wanting to hear what the tributes will have to face and wanting the bloodshed, and some like the parents of the tributes reaped previously, wanting to know the horrors that their poor children will have to face. And above all, President Alstain is wanting to tell them.

With one wave of her gloved hand, the audience was silent and seated, ears opened, listening to the President speak.

"Welcome, welcome, Capitol citizens, and to everyone watching in the Districts. And thank you for attending this divine celebration, that will mold these games forever," she says with much expression. The audience roars with excitement and President Alstain continues. "Now, we might as well dive in to the main course of this event. As you know, to add to the excitement, double the amount of tributes were reaped this year, giving you an extra flare of fun and the struggles of survival. But here, is the true first Twist of these games."

A small girl in a white floral dress, with soft pink flowers in her hair hands Alstain a small envelope, and the President unfolds the edges and pulls a small slip out. The audience falls silent, only to hear the distant sounds of birds, and the whistle of the wind through the Capitol Square. "To remember that the Capitol wasn't the only one that defeated the Districts in their rebellious acts, and that they destroyed and defeated themselves as well, the same gender from each District will fight in a head to head duel, the victor of each of those duels will proceed to the final Hunger Games event with 24 Tributes. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

President Alstain smiled and left the stage, leaving all of Panem in a group of chatter and some of panic.

Twist 2

"Hurry up, turn the microphone on, I need to be out of here in 5 minutes to proceed to a meeting regarding various issues in Panem, make it snappy, or you will be my greatest issue in Panem," President Alstain chirps, sounding everyone into mad rush turning on all the important camera equipment and sound systems.

"President Alstain, you are on in, 3, 2," A man in a long silver jacket, motioning to "her majesty" when she is on air. The President shines a toothy grin into the cameras, and waves with a cupped, gloved hand.

"Welcome people of Panem welcome," she says cheerfully as an artificial applause dances in the background, and the national anthem of Panem plays through it's symphonies. "As you all know, yesterday, every single tribute was put into the miniature arenas, and fought to the death against their District other according to gender. Only the strongest of the tributes prevailed, proceeding into our Final Hunger Games round that shall take place in a few days. Now, this was only the first of three twists as many of you may know. Today I am here to read the second, and share with the world the second gift that I can give in this special event."

Alstain pauses to clear her throat, and open a slip of paper that was given to her in a small mahogany box. She unfolds the slip, and starts reading with her monstrous voice.

"During the time of the Dark Days, men and women played two very different, significant rolls. The men were sent out to fight for there Districts, only to be shot down my the Capitol, and the women stayed home and cared for the dying and the sick, as well as their own children. So to show that the men and women, even seperatley couldn't defeat the power of the Capitol, in the arena, it shall be a Men vs Women onslaught." She smiles to the camera. "Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

The cameras go black, and President Alstain is whisked away to her meeting.

The Battles

All the tributes, every single one of them were gathered together in a small. The walls lined with shining sheets of metal, empty all around, except for the large gleaming door near the rear of the room, labeled with bolded letters, "The Arena". The tributes sit there, dressed in a dark grey jumpsuit with black boots and belt, some resting on benches, some pacing across the room, thinking about the possibility of death to come, and the expectations placed upon themselves. It's nly one tribute. One person that they have to beat in order to make it to the final games, a person that could push them forward and advane them to the next level, or a person to advance them into the dark abyss that is death.

Most tributes look at their feet, not daring to make eye contact with one another, but a few look up when they see a tall red haired woman appear from beneath the floor. Her beautfiul gingered hair pulled up into a high ponytail, and her black outfit showing of the curves of her body, and the muscles in her arms and legs. Her statuesque physique is enough to make a career quake when approached, but there is something in her blue eyes that make her look kind and gentle. She stands there for a moment, and then begins to speak.

"Hello Tributes, I would like to begin by introducing myself, my name is Shanna. I am head trainer this year, and I'd like to start off by apologizing to you," her words catch the tributes off guard and now she has everyone's attention. "For the past few days, you have been congratulated, and praised for being reaped, but I won't do the same. Nobody should have to endure this kind of thing, and sadly, you were the unlucky ones chosen to do so." She pauses and clears her throat. "You and your battle partner have been randomly selected and alloted a certain time to fight, our first battle of the day is between the two District 5 Males. Prepare for launch, good luck".

Pompey Wattson vs Lance Ampere

Both boys stand up, and slowly start walking towards the door. Pompey wipes his sweaty palms on his pants and a look of intense concentration crosses his face, while Lance glances back at his fellow tributes and catches the gaze of Samsaya who gives him a reassuring nod. Lance takes a deep breath and turns back around. The large steel door opens into a short hallway that splits off into two different directions, one that Pompey follows down, and the other Lance does. The small hallways lead to another door, with a small clock counting down above it from 60. Both boys wait patiently as the clock counts down, both boys are ready to fight, and know what they have to do to win. After a long minute of aiting, the clock finishes it's count down and the door above them slowly opens upwards, and each of them walk in.

Pompey slowly walks into the room, a small grey room, not like the typical arena that you would see in The Hunger Games, but suddenly a light flickers above and the room starts to change, the walls start growing vines, trees sprouting out of the ground, mosses growing in different colours on the wall, and the temperature slowly rasing until everything stops and the arena is silent. Pompey doesn't know what to do, his conflction tells him to hide, but also to look around and try to find something. While near the center of the arena, Lance has already found the stash of weapons and is slowly picking through the bunch. He grabs a set of throwing knives and slowly ducks behind a set of ferns.

Pompey slowly creeps through a set of plants, quickly looking around, making sure that every angle is open for him to see. He can feel his heart pounding in his chest and his brain running a thousand miles per second. He slowly scales around a fallen log when suddenly a knife flies past him and cascades off the ground to his right. He looks over and sees Lance running at him full tilt, grunting as he passes through trees.

Lance watches as Pompey takes off in a sprint, but he follows quickly on his heels. He grabs another knife that he stashed in his pocket and chucks it as Pompey, just as he makes it to the pile of weapons. The knife interacts with Pompey's leg and he yelps in pain. Lance feels his heart jump as he knows that he has wounded his prey, that if he can gain the upper hand, he knows he can finish him. Lance pounces on top of Pompey, just as Pompey manages to grab a knife from the pile of weapons. Lance pins Pompey to the ground and punches Pompey in the nose, sending a flow of blood running down his nose and a sense of dizzines in his head. Lance grabs another knife from his pocket, and smirks a little as he holds it to Pompey's neck. Lance knows that he has won, he just has to finish the job. But to his dismise, he didn't realize that Pompey's arm was loose, and he was grasping a knife in his hand. With one quick motion, the knife impales Lance in the back of his neck and he falls limp.


Ellis Oaken vs August Rose

Both of them stood there, different entrances, different clocks counting down, but the same determination to win. Although the two had so different lives, and so different standards to live for. August needs to win, win for his sisters, to put food on the table and to keep his family alive. While Ellis has nobody left to love or live for, he needs to win for his own gain and his own survival. This small battle could morph two different people's lives forever.


The door slowly slid open, and Ellis cautiously entered the arena, while August sprinted in as fast as he could. The arena was very simple, a blowing, waist high wheat field, with a golden sunset sky sparkling above, and an opening in the center where the weapons lay. August caught eyes with Ellis, they both realized that whoever got to the weapons first would be the one to win, so they both took off in a ferocious race, at the exact same moment in time. Ellis ran at a very quick pace, faster than a usual person would, but sadly for him, August was a little faster.

Ellis knew that August was going to get to the weapons first, so he quickly turned to the side and ran in the opposite direction. He only glanced back to see if August would grab a weapon, which he quickly obtained, a gleaming silver axe, ready to be used at a short term's notice. Ellis let out a faint shreak as August started his way. Ellis being a very serious person, has never experienced an emotion quite like this, an emotion knowing that you are so close to death, and a feeling of going under.

August was approaching, and at a very quick rate. Ellis, started slowing down, there is only a certain amount of time that someone could run at a speed that Ellis did, and sadly for Ellis, he was running out of energy and the precious time to keep on going. August was ten feet away when he decided to make a move, although the axe was the only weapon he had, he knew that it was now or never. With a quick motion, he sent the axe through the air. It twisted and flipped, and flew along as August prayed it would make contact with Ellis' body. But it missed Ellis by a far amount. Ellis realized this, and saw it as an oppertunity to gain the upper hand. He knew that if he got that axe, that he could use it better than anyone here. He could kill with this thing, like he's done to animals in the past.

Ellis ran towards the axe buried deep into the ground, August on his heels. Ellis finally reached it, and tried scooping it up, but August managed to grab Ellis and throw him to the ground with such a force that it knocked the wind out of him. As Ellis gasped for air, he managed to grab the handle of the axe and swing it at August, who quickly averted it and kicked Ellis in the face. Ellis doubled over in pain and fell backwards. He knew he was going to die, he didn't care though, he wanted the pain to end soon.

August pulled the axe from Ellis' grasp and stood over Ellis' weak body. August's body ached, and his heart sunk to his feet, knowing that he would have to kill someone this way.

"I'm sorry," he sayed, before leveling the axe into Ellis' head. BOOM!

Madeleine Constane vs Ember Fladgate

Two fo the youngest tributes are about to compete next, both so innocent and so beautiful. It's a shame that they will be fighting each other, to gain the upper hand, and kill the weaker. Both of them had so much to live for, both of them could have gone places, but they had to be reaped and sucked into the lifeles abyss of the games. Even if one of them do manage to win, the scarrs of the games don't heal, and the memories would be enough to drive either of them from sanity.

Both girls step into the arena, both of their hearts pounding a mile a minute. Ember looks around the room, dark grey walls, caving in on her, and Madeleine at the other end, staring her right in the eyes. Ember gasps, how will she be able to kill her District other? Ember is a person that wouldn't be able to kill a fly, let alone being able to kill another person, but she knows in order for her to succeed and move on, Madeleine has to die. Ember quickly looks around for a weapon or something that she could use to defend herself against the advances of Madeleine. But there is nothing for her to use, just an empty grey room.

Something pops into Madeleines head, an answer to something that puzzled her as soon as she entered the room. The answer to why the room is empty. The Gamemakers want them to use their bare hands to kill each other. She quickly looks up at Ember who seems to have realized the same thing and has started to back away. Madeleine's face grows stiff, and she charges at Ember, ready to fight. Ember shrieks and waits for Madeleine to inflict pain on her body, but suddenly Madeleine is halted. Halted by a mechanical type sound coming from the walls beside her. Both girls look up, to where the wall touches the ceiling and see large black holes emerging from around the room. Ember backs away from the walls, a scared look crossing her face, but Madeleine stands there, studying the holes.

Then all of a sudden, a sudden drop of water comes from one of those holes, and then a tidal wave of water starts flowing into the room. Both girls scream in fear as they are swept off their feet by the sudden burst of water. As the room quick starts filling up, both girls start panicking, treading water. They both kick and flap their arms around, attempting at swimming, which neither of them have ever done in their every day lives.

In a matter of seconds, the room is half filled, and we can see that both girls are struggling to stay afloat. There constant set of panic doesn't help them swim any better as the water continues to poor in the room. Suddenly, Ember submerges under the water, and can't seem to paddle herself out. She sruggles as she slowly sinks to the bottom.

This wouldn't be a bad place to die, she thinks to herself. At least it is calm underwater.

But just like that her instincts kick in as she hits the floor, she pushes her feet to the floor and kicks upwards, spiraling towards the surface as Madeleine continues to struggle. Ember emerges from the cold water and clings to the wall as more and more water keeps pooring in. They are now only a foot away from the ceiling, they can already feel the pressure on there lungs as the air in the room starts decipating and is replaced by the chilled fluid.


A canon fires, as the water touches the ceiling. One of the two have managed to overcome death, and survive the mass of water while the other's body slowly floats down to the floor bellow, and that tribute who managed to survive is... Ember.

Taylor Dett vs Monty Green

"Taylor Dett and Monty Green of District 12, you two are up next," Shanna says, scanning over a clip board. Both of them get up and proceed to the door which slides open with ease and lets them in. They walk down their seperate halls, and wait at the final door, looking up at the clock.

District 12. The District that is looked upon as the weakest, and least likely to win in all of Hunger Games history. And the tributes that were selected this year, gave off the same kind of feeling, that's why they put this battle fairly close to the beginning, just to get it over with. District 12 is never really a favourite of the Capitol audience. But now, it is Monty and Taylor's job to show them that District 12 is something that you should look out for.

The countdown stops, the doors open, and both tributes step into the unique arena placed in front of them. The first thing both of them notice as they enter is the intoxicating smell coming from beneath the ground, as geysers shoot patches of warm fumes into the air, and the glass bottle green sky flashes with bright lightning, bright enough to set you blind. Taylor, puzzled by the arena steps forward onto the black cracked ground, and steps just in the reach of a geyser as it sprays it's mist, melting the flesh right off the tips of Taylor's fingers. Taylor screams in agony as he stumbles backwards and trips over the roots of a dead tree, falling to the ground. Monty sees this and knows he can use this to his advantage.

He scans over the arena, and sees the pile of weapons, placed in a neat pyramid, only a couple yards away from him. He sprints as fast as he can over to them, dodging the spray of geysers as he goes along. Just as he reaches the pile of weapons, he looks over his shoulder, and Taylor still remains there, doubled over in pain from the burn inflicted wound. Monty sorts through the pile of modern looking weapons, weapons so weird looking, they could be alien. Monty curses as he tries to find a weapon much more simple to use. Isn't that a simple enough thing to ask for, a simple weapon that doesn't have blades popping out of every angle, or chains hanging off the side. Obviously for Monty, it's too simple of a thing to ask for, because there is nothing of the sort to be found. Finally Monty gives up and settles for a long ragged blade, almost saw like, that has two sharp spikes touching out at the tip. He knows he wasted precious time trying to find a weapon, and that he lost his advantage that he had over his opponent.

Monty is just about to turn around when he feels a large blow to his back and is sent forward into the pile of weapons, different sized gashes start forming on his face as he cascades with the blades. Taylor has managed to regain his strength and fought through the initial pain of his wound. He quickly kneels down to the ground and grabs a random weapon from the pile. A short handle and ball attached together by a chain. He quarries over his weapon for a moment, wondering how to use it, and then decides on just dropping it on Monty. The blow of the heavy ball would be enough to hurt someone. And just as Taylor thinks, he does, dropping the ball over Monty as the boy on the ground attempts to get up. The ball hits him hard, square in the back, and Monty lets out a blood curdling scream as he is sent back to the dirt bellow. Taylor kicks Monty in the side, and then kicks him again. Monty knows he has to act quick, he let Taylor get the advantage over him last time, but he won't let him get it this time. Monty manages to regain himself just for a short moments notice to swing his long blade in the direction of Taylor. The blade stabs into Taylor's side and he screams with agony as he falls to the ground, blood spewing from his wound, a wound that is sure to be enough to kill. Monty slowly gets up and looks over at Taylor struggling on the ground with his dizzy eyes.

Monty was never the one to be a killer, and if anything, he wouldn't want Taylor to suffer. So with one flick of his wrist, the blade stabs through Taylor's heart.


Raven Silence vs Naomi Ambrose

Out with the boring, and in with the excitement. Raven vs Naomi. This is the battle that everbody in the Capitol has been raving about since the Twist was announced. The small mute with the hidden talent of assasination, going up against the red head whose parents trained her for this moment day in and day out. Two girls with two different backgrounds, but the same goal that they both share. The goal to get out alive and kill the other, while showing the Capitol that it should be them who wins the games. As both girls step into the arena, their goal places firmly in their minds, and they are ready to fight.

As the wind slowly blows above them, shaking the trees and making the swampy water bellow them swirl, the pile of weapons is placed high up in a decaying tree. It's leaves being blown off in the gusts of wind, and it's bark slowly peeling off like a banana's skin.

Naomi is the first one to make a move. She dashes straight for the tree, not hesitating on what she has to do or thinking about the options that she has. She has to get her hands on a weapon, before Raven does. Naomi attempts at running straight to the tree, quickest route to it, but in order to do so, she needs to run through the dark brown water, not knowing what lurkes beneath it's surface, or if anything lurkes there at all. But without hesitation, she leaps off the land and into the brown swamp. She tries to step again, but she struggles to move her leg, trudging through the mud based water. While Naomi is struggling, Raven in already at the tree, taking the safer route, hopping from the pieces of ground scattered all over, to the next, and finally ending up at the base of the tree.

Raven places her foot into the fork of the tree and starts climbing. This is something that she excells in. The art of climb comes easy by her, being able to pull herself from branch to branch and move in different ways that an average person wouldn't even think to try. By the time Naomi pulls herself from the water just before the dying tree, Raven is half way to the top. Naomi knows that if Raven gets to the top, she will get a weapon, and kill her. She knows that Raven is stronger and a better fighter than her. But she won't allow this to happen. She isn't going to die this easy.

Quickly, with much persision, Naomi snaps a branch from the tree, easy enough because of it's dying weakness, and throws it straight for Raven. The stick hurdles through the air as Naomi stands stiff, watching in anticipation. Her whole life could be riding on this whole stick. The stick misses by a few feet and comes crashing to the ground. Naomi curses, and pushes herself to start climbing, wondering if some miracle will happen and she will win.

Raven finally reaches the top, just as Naomi nears the halfway point. Quickly, Raven scans around the pile to find some kind of throwing knife, or some weapon that she could use to throw at Naomi, who is slowly getting closer to the top. Finally, Raven splerges something from the pile, a hand full of throwing knives and turns around to see Naomi. Naomi just notices that Raven is armed when the first knife is thrown. Quickly, Naomi ducks under the branch that she grasps onto as the knife passes just where her head used to be less than a second before. Raven throws another knife, but once again Naomi manages to advert the shot.

This angers Raven, not ever in her life has she missed a shot, and missing twice to a girl who is in a very compramised position, isn't how she wants to show off her skills. With a grunt, Raven fakes a throw and Naomi moves, thinking that she needs to dodge another knife coming towards her. But that was all a part of Raven's trick. Raven quickly aims up and fires another knife which impales Naomi in the head. Her body goes limp as she starts plumeting towards the ground.


The canon sounds just before her body clashes with the earth.

Luna Sunkin vs Bethany Rhode

"Luna please, win it for me," Star, Luna's brother called after her, just as she was about to step through the door to the splitting hallway. She halted in her place, and scrunched her eyelids together, fighting back tears as the feelings mixed around in her head. Finally she turned around and nodded towards her brother. Her lip started to quiver, but she bit it before anyone noticed. Taking one last glance at her brother, she turned around, and the door slid shut behind the two girls.

Bethany slowly walked down the second hall, where she was alone at last, to let herself cry in peace. Tears formed in her eyes and streamed down her face, in the beginning she wiped them away, but afterwards she didn't care. She was going to miss her family, the circus back home, and District 6 in general. She wondered why it was her that was sucked into this mess, and why it wasn't some normal girl from town. Why was it her? Fate just wasn't on her side. The time was coming to an end, and Bethany calmed herself down, she wouldn't let the audience see her in tears, or her opponent for that matter.

1 second. 0 seconds. The door slid open and slowly, they both walked into the arena. Examining it and taking in the scene. It was beautiful, a short grass field, decorated with small purple, white and pink flowers, slowly rocking back and forth in the wind. The cool breeze brought along a pleasent smell to their noses, a smell of sweet lemon grass and lilac. This isn't that bad of a place to die, they thought. Quickly, the girls snapped out of their trances put on by the arena, and sprinted directly towards the pile of weapons, that was placed at the bottom of a sloped hill.

Both girls made quick work of the hill, Luna stumbled a little, almost sending her forwards, but she regained her footing and continued sprinting.

Bethany was the first one to make it to the weapons pile, but not even a second after, Luna was at the pile as well. Bethany grabbed the first thing she saw, a shining silver awl, and lunged at Luna. She hardly managed to move out of the way, but the awl still found it's way to nick her side, sending a trickle of blood down her body. Luna shrieked in pain, smashing her hand into Bethany's arm, and grabbing a small knife from the pile. Luna knows that she is bad in hand to hand combat, and if she can get her hands on a spear or a throwing knife, that she will be able to use it better that what she posseses now.

Quickly, Bethany lunges again, and Luna jumps out of the way. She swings her knife, but Bethany with her acrobatic like reflexes managed to duck out of it's way. While Bethany is distracted, Luna kicks her in the leg and Bethany falls over, giving Luna enough time to grab a spear from the weapons pile.

Bethany gripped her awl tightly in her palms and jabbed at Luna once again while she was busy with the spear, and the awl made impact with the back of her leg. Luna screamed in pain as Bethany ejected the awl from her flesh. Quickly, Luna turned around and fired her spear straight for Bethany. The weapon lodged itself dead center into Bethany's chest. The girl coughed up blood all over the ground in front of her, and crumpled over in pain. Her body went still.


Luna slowly fell to the ground, knocked out by the pain in her leg.

Theo Black vs Erhen Flemar

The sun in the sky just barely met over the tall pine trees that covered the arena, throwing an aray of shadows over the tributes' faces. The small breeze slowly blew through the trees, knocking off pine cones and sending small needles fluttering towards the bright green grass on the ground.

Theo quickly crept up behind one of the many pines, and frantically jolted his head around, trying to see if he can get a mere glimpse of his District other, but there seems to be no sign of him. Theo quickly, yet silently moves onto a tree a couple feet away, and continues to do so. His heart pounds hard in his chest, and his hands shake with fear. He quickly looks around again, with his dilated pupils, so large that you can hardly see the blue around them. Theo takes a deep breath, he hates this, hates this feeling. He could possibly be hunted at this very moment in time, but not knowing of it because of the overgrowth of the trees and shrubbery around him.

He takes another glance to his right and sees something, but the view is tangled in a patch of Prickly ash. Theo stops for a moment and thinks to himself, should he chance it to look? Or would it be smart to stay put and wait for something else. No, he must go look, and that is what he does. He slowly walks closer to the patch of Prickly ash saplings, and hides himself behind another pine tree, with much hesitation he looks out behind the bark, and sees the pile of weapons laying there. He sighs in relief, but the feeling quickly flushes away when the sight of Erhen slowly creeping up to the pile enters his head.

Erhen quickly rushes to the pile, and looks through the large amount of weapons. He slowly starts sorting through them, but there is no sense of variety, only large wooden clubs. Erhen feels a cold chill go through his body as he realizes what the gamemakers have intended for him and Theo to do, they wanted them to beat each other to death, until the other couldn't take the pain anymore. Erhen hates the idea of it, but he knows that he has to entertain it, to get out for Saika, even though she volunteered to protect him, he still has to protect her. Erhen grabs one of the clubs in his hand, and shifts the weight around, even though it doesn't look very lifty, it is extrememly heavy.

Suddenly, Erhen hears a snap of a twig behind him, and he quickly jolts around to see Theo stepping out from behind his tree. Both boys freeze, as their hearts jump out of their chests. Erhen is the first one to thaw, and make a move. He quickly starts towards Theo, who swiftly turns around to run, but is caught in the same patch of Prickly ash that helped him find the pile of weapons. Erhen quickly catches Theo who still struggles with the Prickly ash, and grabs him by the shoulder, throwing him to the ground. Theo smashes against the hard earth, hearing a snap in his left arm. He screams in pain and kicks Erhen in the leg. Erhen curses and retaliates, but kicks Theo in the side of the head. Theo coughs up blood all over himself as he starts seeing stars. He tries to get to his feet, but Erhen just continues to knock him back down. Finally Erhen decides just to end this fight for good, and put the boy out of his misery. He swings his giant club and makes impact with the back of Theo's neck. He hears a snap, and knows that it's all over.


Midas Dalcassian vs Anders Longtail

Both boys from District One, halted at the ready for the games to start. Both ready to put on a show for the Capitol, and prove to the ones at home that they can do this. Both of them have the thirst for blood, and the same way of thinking. "I am going to slaughter him". Midas smirks to himself as 10 seconds appear left on the clock above, and Anders raises his eyebrows, and looks bored waiting there. The Capitol citizens love this, love how both boys are so cocky and confident that they are going to win. The Capitol is ready to see a show put on.

The door slowly slides in, and the boys both run into the arena and quickly look around, trying to find the attention of a weapon. The arena is a large cliffside, with rocks sticking out of the ground at randomly selected spots, while long fans of grass peek out of the ground, and dark green moss covers the mountainside like a blanket. Quickly, Midas spots the pile of weapons, and then gazes over a patch of rocks to see his opponent alreay making abreak for the weapons. But quickly, Midas sprints for the pile of weapons. Even though Anders started his run before, Midas is quicker on his feet than Anders, who is below average in speed for even a person who isn't as bulky as he is.

Midas swiftly makes it to the pile before Anders. He quickly grabs a mace in his hand and just as quickly, whips it towards Anders with a grunt. Anders hardly has any time to react, but he manages to jump out of the way, sending the mace in a large rock behind him. Causing a large ring throughout the arena. Midas reaches into the pile and pulls out a sword just as Anders makes it into the pile. He swings his sword, but Anders manages to dodge and tackle him to the ground, knocking his weapon from his hands. With a great force, Midas punches Anders straight in the jaw. Anders flies backwards onto the ground dizzy, his head buzzing and the world around him spinning.

Midas quickly retrieves his sword from the ground, and slashes Anders across the back, opening a huge gaping wound, and flow of blood all over his body. Anders screams, and almost doubles over in pain, but not before he can deal a hit onto Midas. He rears up, and digs his foot into Midas' crotch. Midas screams in pain and falls to the ground holding himself, a sick feeling in his stomach and his head ringing. Anders carefully grabs Midas' sword, wincing as he moves certain ways, sending pain through his body. He raises the sword with a scream of pain and anger and digs it into Midas' right leg. Midas screams, but this time louder than his previous, and he forgets the pain between his legs and focuses on this one. Anger fills his eyes, and rage starts bubbling in his chest. With a scream that could terrify any normal person, he lunges at Anders, rapping his hands around his sweat covered neck. Midas squeezes harder as he watches Anders face turn red. Anders, who tries to free himself starts going numb. He knows he can't get out of Midas' grip physically, so he spits in Midas' eye, and even bigger mistake. Midas roars like some kind of creature, definitely not human, and smashes Anders' head off the ground, and then does it again, and again until Anders stops squirming, and a canon fires.


Bert Buel vs Soul Silence

One Silence twin has already battled, fighting hard against her District other and prevailing. Now it's up to Soul. the other of half of the Silence twins, to live up to the expectations put upon him, and the hope that his sister has for him. In his mind he knows that he has to get out of the battles alive for Raven, to be with her in the next step of the games, and until the end. But for Bert's case, he isn't going to let that happen. He's trained too hard and too long to let a boy younger than him, and smaller than him, beat him in a physical duel to the death. All he wants to do is make his father proud, and that's what he is going to do.

Both boys have already made it to the weapon pile, and retrieved the weapon of their choice. Soul, a large, glimmering scythe and a few small throwing knives. And Bert, two long spears with points so sharp, just looking at them could cut you. Soul managed to get to the pile first, before scurrying off into the overgrown bushes that were the arena's foliage. That is the only reason the fighting hasn't ensued yet.

Bert slowly creeps through the bushes around him, his spears ready to attack with, at any sign of movement. He resembles a carniverous lioness, stalking her prey in the African savannah. The intense look of concentration crosses his face, and he bites his lip as he continues walking. All of a sudden, a couple feet ahead of him, the bushes start shaking quickly, viciously.

Bert panicks, and throws one of his spears, without even putting any thought into his attack, at the moving bishes. He waits for a moment, the rustling of the bushes has stopped, and he sits there, paralized as to what will happen next. He hopes to himself that his spear made contact with Soul, and that he killed him right then and there, but that would be too easy. He slowly starts to edge closer, unfrozen from his short frost, readying his other spear to throw or attack with. Just as he is a couple few feet away, a knife quickly comes flying out of the brush, and cuts across Bert, opening a large gash in his forehead. Bert quickly falls backwards, flailing his arms around as a trail of blood trickles down his face and into his eyes, blinding him from the world and his opposing player. He attempts to wipe the blood from his eyes, but as he does so, more blood flows in, to replace the other lost droplets.

Quickly out of the bushes trots Soul, he looks down at the struggling Bert and pauses for a moment, he doesn't like what he sees. He doesn't enjoy seeing Bert suffer like this, knowing that he is going to die, but still blind and unable to defend himself. A weird feeling grows in Soul's stomach, uneasy, confused, but he knows he has to finish Bert off, to put him down.

Soul raises his large scythe over his head, and brings it down into Bert's stomach.


Star Sunkin vs Zufikar Zambrano

Star sits there, waiting in mystery if his sister survived her battle, or if she was killed brutally. No tribute is allowed the satisfaction to see who made it out of the battles, not even any of the siblings are allowed to see if their brother or sister made it out alive. They have to wait to the end, when all the surviving tributes are reunited with one another. And this small thing, is what is killing Star inside. He needs to know if his sister made it out or not, knowing that the entire population of Panem knows what happened to Luna, and her own brother can't know, isn't something he is enjoying.

"Okay, the next pair are the males from District 6, Star, Zulfikar, you're up," she says, and both boys stand up. Zulfikar slowly approaches the door, with Star at his side. Zulfikar knows that he has to win this battle, win it for his father, so that he won't be alone in life, and have to deal with the death of his wife, and the death of his only son. His father would have nothing, nothing to live for, no reason to keep going in life. Zulfikar can't be the one that would drive his father to do this.

As the time nears close for to enter the arena, both boys brace themselves, and are ready to fight for there causes. Star, his sister. Zulfikar, his father. A few seconds later, the time reaches zero, and both tributes step into the beautifuly laid out arena.

Both boys step out on a golden beach, with waves slowly washing up on shore. Behind them stretches an open field of bright green grass with small blue flowers sprouting out of the ground, slowly hovering in the wind. In front of them lays a small pile of weapons, mostly consisting of Bow and Arrows, and other long range weapons. Zulfiker curses to himself as another wave crashes up on shore, long distance weaponry isn't something that would be useful for him, especially in circumstances like this where quick thinking and fast pace battling takes place. On the other hand, Star is happy, because this kind of weapon would benefit him greatly.

Quickly, both boys make a b-line for the weapons, both of them moving at a steady pace. Zulfikar reaches the pile first, clearly being the faster runner, and grabs a crossbow and a handful of arrows, before making a quick break towards the ocean, leaving Star to have the rest of the pile to himself. Star reaches the pile just as Zulfikar breaks into the turquoise sea water. Star takes his time looking through the pile, scanning over all the different weapons that he can choose from, finally settling on a black bow and arrow, and a sheath full of fiercly pointed arrows. Quickly, Star loads one into the bow, and aims for Zulfikar, who is now chest deep in water, not daring to go any further, due to the fact that he can't swim. Star slowly steadies his bow, and lets the arrow loose. It soars through the air, but misses Zulfikar completely. Splashing a few feet away from him. Startled, Zulfikar tries to load an arrow into the crossbow, but the weapon being so foreign to him, he struggles doing so. Giving Star the advantage to shoot another arrow, this time, the arrow misses by less than a foot, and sends Zulfikar into a state of panic. He quickly ditches the crossbow, and starts running deeper into the water, until he can't touch anymore. Zulfikar doesn't realize what he has done, until the water washes over his head and he is quickly swept deeper by the undertow.

Star watches as Zulfiker dissapears under the water. For a moment, he stands there, examining the water, to see any sign of his opponent. He quickly loads his bow, so that he can make a quick shot when Zulfiker emerges, if he does indeed emerge from the ocean floor. A couple more moments pass by, and then out of the water surfaces Zulfikar, gasping and clawing at the air above him. Star takes less than a second to aim up, before leting the arrow go. It strikes the water in front of Zulfikar, and nails into his leg. Zulfikar lets out a huge hollar as the salt water mixes with his wound, and the water turns a dark crimson around him. Star aims up another arrow, he can feel how close he is to seeing his sister again, if in fact his sister survived. He brings the string of the bow to his cheek, and points the arrow towards Zulfikar. He takes a breath and lets the arrow fly, It sizzles through the air and stabs into the right side of Zulfikar's chest.


Lolita Fey vs Dayta Techni

As both girls step into the arena, thunder claps around them, shattering through the open grass field around them. Quickly, a wave of rain falls over them, cold, with larg droplets of water. Soaking them as they try to see through the thick white sheets of rain. Dayta slowly starts running in front of her, as she sees something in the distance, something she isn't exactly sure of what it is. A figure? The pile of weapons? Anything. It could be anything from what she sees right now.

She starts picking up pace as the rain falls hard onto her face, and whatever it is starts forming into something intelligable to see. But before Dayta can reach it, she is tackled to the ground, her head furiously bashing off the ground, sending pain through her body. She turns onto her back and sees Lolita pinning her to the arena floor. Dayta tries to squirm out, but Lolita has too good of a grip on Dayta's wrists. Quickly, with one swift movement, Lolita punches Dayta in the nose, not a very hard punch, but it renders Dayta stunned and in pain just long enough for Lolita to get to the weapons pile, and get a weapon to finish Dayta off.

Quickly, Lolita searches through the pile to find something small and useful, but she doesn't get enough time to grab something before she is ripped to the ground by two small hands. Lolita looks up at Dayta, who's nose slowly drips with blood. Dayta kicks Lolita in the side, and then again and again. With each time Lolita lets out a scream as the blow hits her, almost knocking the win from her lungs. She tries to get off the ground, but kicked back down everytime she tries.

Dayta looks down at Lolita, who has stopped trying to get up, and lays motionless on the muddy ground.

Pathetic. Dayta thinks.

She kneels down beside Lolita who struggles for air. "That's what you get when you are lower than me. My brain is most likely twice the size of yours, and in order to win, you need to put your brain to good use, and sadly enough for you, your brain can't be put to good use. Mine though, it's superior to every other tribute here, I mean have you seen them, they are almost as stupid and foolish as you are, but I don't blame you, you are a hopeless child. Now, to finish you off."

Dayta slowly looks over the weapons pile, and carefully selects a long, silver knife from the pile. The rain still pounds down hard overhead as Dayta slowly makes her way over to Lolita, who still remains on the ground, slowly awaiting her death. Dayta holds the knife over Lolita and whispers into her ear; "Brains before Brawn little girl." And with that, all of a sudden, Lolita springs up from the ground and kicks Dayta straight in the face. She falls backwards in a scream and drops her knife on the ground. Quickly, Lolita scrambles for the weapon through the mud, and retrieves it with her two wet hands. She jumps on top of Dayta and holds the knife over her this time. "I guess brawn does come in handy sometimes," Lolita says, and plunges the knife through Dayta's throat.


Drayden Blaze vs Bellamy Blake

Both boys step into the arena, and are halted in their feet as they see their surroundings unfold around them. Both of them stand, just on the bare edge of a cliff if front of them. At the very base of the 100 foot drop, is a pool of greeny blue tropical water, that reflects the sunlight from the golden sun in the sky. Strung throughout the cliffside are long thick vines, presumably good for climbing, and green in complection.

Quickly, without much thought, Bellamy jumps off the side of the cliff. Instantaneously as he does, he regrets his actions. He has no clue how deep the pool bellow is, or what in fact is in the pool bellow that could challenge him. All his mind focused on was the pile of weapons centered on the floating raft drifting in the center. Bellamy tightens his arms to his chest and his legs together as he braces for impact. As he breaks the water's surface, he is thrown sideways and pushed deep under the lagoon. Luckily for his sake, it is just as deep as the cliffside's height. Quickly, Bellamy regains his shaken head and kicks towards the surface, meanwhile, Drayden watches with an eagle eye, looking to see if his opponent survived the fall. A few seconds go by with nothing but wake from Bellamy hitting the water. Drayden smirks to himself.

This idiot already died and I didn't even have to break a sweat, he thinks to himself. Just as he is about to celebrate, Bellamy surfaces, gulping for air, and almost immediately swimming for the pile of weapons.

Drayden curses to himself and with a spilt second of courage, jumps off the cliff. He closes his eyes and bites his lip as he hits the water bellow him, once Drayden regains his composure and has surfaced, Bellamy is already at the weapons pile looking through the assortment and choices. Bellamy quickly settles on a pair of double sided spears that he quickly retrieves and puts to use. He spins around, locking eyes on his opponent who viciously treads through the water like a bullet.

Bellamy never met Drayden in person, but he heard about him. He was one of the fastest swimmers in the District, and Bellamy knew that getting into the water with Drayden, would be a mistake. The best thing to do, would be getting him on land for a hand to hand combat fight.

With much finesse, Bellamy quickly throws a spear, heading straight for the boy who is just feet away from the pile of weapons. The spear smoothly cuts through the air, but misses Drayden, flying a foot over his head. Suddenly, Drayden realizes that he is being attacked, and knows that if he lets Bellamy throw another spear, it could be the one that kills him. So he dives under the water, kicking his feet at a downward spiral, only changing courses to go straight up once he is right next to the floating raft. Bellamy peers into the water after Drayden, and is startled as he splurges from the agua. Drayden quickly swipes his hand at Bellamy's leg and grabs his ankle, he pulls Bellamy off his feet and drags him into the water. Bellamy kicks and squirms to break free, but it's too late, he is already submerged under water, still gripping his spear in his clutches.

Drayden pulls his arm back, and delivers a punch into Bellamy's jaw. Bellamy cringes and tries to return a punch, but the water around him slows his punch, and is completely futile. Again, Drayden delievers a punch, but Bellamy bounces back and grabs ahold of Drayden's face, digging his nails into his cheek and part of his eye until Drayden lets go. With a huge scream from underwater he does, and Bellamy quickly kicks Drayden in the stomach and skewers him through the same place with his spear. Drayden slowly stops moving and Bellamy lets his body float to the top of the lagoon, as he kicks upwards and emerges from the water.


Cynder Fabric vs Saika Tan

Both Saika and Cynder stand once there names are called, and proceed forward towards the door. An uneasy feeling settles in Saika's stomach as she misses Erhen. She wishes she could see him just once before her battle, and give him one last hug, maybe forever. The very last hug that she would ever recieve. But that time has passed, he already took place in his battle, now it's Saika's turn to fight for her life, and hopefully win.

Both girls walk through the door and into the hallway. Cynder gives Saika a worried glance, but Saika doesn't do anything in return. At this point, Cynder knows what Saika is thinking. And she should be thinking the same thing if she wants to win. To kill the opposing person. Cynder glances away from Saika as they dissapear down their seperate halls and wait patiently as the clocks slowly start ticking down from sixty.

Almost like it was a snap of fingers, the time was already at zero and the doors slowly start to rise open, revealing the arena in front of them. Cynder shakes as she steps forwards in, a nervous look on her face, but Saika looks determined and ready to fight. As both girls step in, they are surprised to see what is their surroundings around them. As the doors close in behind them, they scan the arena with a fine tooth comb, looking for every single possible detail. Both of them, stand on a 1 foot long platform, that is raised at least 20 feet over a bubbling, hot pit of lava. There is nothing else around them, not a weapons pile, not any other form of land mass, only a long metal cable that stretches from one side of the room to the other.

"What is this?" Cynder asks, her voice shaking and cracking through her nervousness.

"I don't know," Saika replies, her face morphed into true concentration. "But whatever it is, it's not making it easy for me to kill you."

Baffled by Saika's response, Cynder looks around for a sign of something that she has to to do, something that can help her win. Her mind slowly starts to trail off into deep thought, wondering if in fact the other tributes didn't have to battle each other, instead, facing this same challenge as the girls do. Suddenly, the platforms beneath them slowly start to move, and both girls wobble as they start to lose balance, but quickly regains their stances. The platforms under them, start dissapearing into the wall, as each second goes by, another inch dissapeared, and the standing space decreases. Cynder started to panic, frantically backing her way into the wall, trying despertley to stay on the pedestal, while Saika already found a way to survive.

In a split second of thinking, she launches herself forwards, flying through the air, almost in slow motion, she snagges onto the metal cable in front of her. She slips a little, do to the sweat that cased her hands with wetness, but she ragaines her grip and holds on as hard as she can. By this point, Cynder has noticed what Saika has done, and with only a couple inches of foot room, she mimics Saika's moves and jumps for the cable as well, landing a couple feet adjacent to her.

Both girls dangle there for a moment, slowly sweating as the bubbling lava bellow roasts them like they are on a rotisserie. A few more moments pass by, and that's when the tension starts to rise. Saika can feel her hands starting to slip, in her mind she panics, but outside of her is a blank slate, almost fully emotionless. Cynder also starts to slip, she tries to re-position herself, but her hands are jut too moist with sweat. She thinks for a moment, and with the little strength that she can muster up, she pulls her light body on top of the wire, laying down on her stomach, rapping her legs around the cable and stretching her arms out for balance. Saika knows now that if she doesn't make a move, and soon, then she is going to be the one scalded alive.

Slowly, she starts rocking backing for, quickly picking up speed and momentum, almost like a penulum, and once she gets her feet high enough, she kicks Cynder in the leg. Cynder wobbles a little, but doesn't fall. She looks down at Saika with horrified eyes and tightens her grip on the cord. Quickly, Saika starts rocking back and forth again, this time a little more aggresively than before. Finally she festers up enough speed and momentum, she lines up to kick and...she slips. With a scream of true horror, her sweaty palms break ties with the cable, and she plumets towards the pit bellow. Cynder watches in shock as Saika splashes into the lava, and instantly burns to nothing. Tears of joy and fear stream down Cynder's face, as she waits for what is to come.


Training Scores and Original Odds

District Male Score Odds Female Score Odds
1 Midas Dalcassian 10 7-1 Evaine Mejai 8 12-1
2 Soul Silence 10 6-1 Raven Silence 9 7-1
3 Jrue Maclin 6 19-1 Lolita Fey 4 28-1
4 Bellamy Blake 10 6-1 Octavia Blake 9 9-1
5 Pompey Wattson 7 15-1 Samsaya Rian 5 25-1
6 Star Sunkin 6 17-1 Luna Sunkin 7 14-1
7 August Rose 8 10-1 Emma Rocke 3 31-1
8 Erhen Flemar 7 19-1 Cynder Fabric 4 24-1
9 Icarus Crete 4 23-1 Clarke Griffin 7 15-1
10 Henry Punch 6 17-1 Ember Fladgate 3 32-1
11 Akumai Kubaya 5 20-1 Nikhita Akshaya 8 10-1
12 Monty Green 4 29-1 Celicia Fen 4 30-1


Careers: Midas Dalcassian (D1), Evaine Mejai (D1), Erhen Flemar (D7), Nikhita Akshaya (D11)

The Silence Twins: Soul Silence (D2), Raven Silence (D2)

The Sunkin Siblings: Star Sunkin (D6), Luna Sunkin (D6)

The 100 Alliance: Bellamy Blake (D4), Octavia Blake (D4), Clarke Griffin (D9), Monty Green (D12

District 3, 5, 10: Jrue Maclin (D3), Pompey Wattson (D5), Henry Punch (D10), Celicia Fen (D12)

Current Loners: Lolita Fey (D3), Samsaya Rian (D5), August Rose (D7), Emma Rocke (D7), Cynder Fabric (D8), Icarus Crete (D9), Ember Fladgate (D10), Akumai Kubaya (D11)

Capitol Favouritism

Place Identification Current Odds
1st Bellamy Blake- District 4 6-1
2nd Soul Silence- District 2 6-1
3rd Octavia Blake- District 4 9-1
4th Midas Dalcassian- District 1 7-1
5th Nikhita Akshaya- District 11 10-1

Raven Silence- District 2

7th Evaine Mejai- District 1 12-1
8th Erhen Flemar- District 8 19-1
9th Pompey Wattson- District 5 15-1
10th Jrue Maclin- District 3 19-1
11th Luna Sunkin- District 6 14-1
12th Henry Punch- District 10 17-1
13th August Rose- District 7 10-1
14th Clarke Griffin- District 9 15-1
15th Celicia Fen- District 12 30-1
16th Star Sunkin- District 6 17-1
17th Ember Fladgate- District 10 32-1
18th Akumai Kubaya- District 11 20-1
19th Cynder Fabric- District 8 24-1
20th Lolita Fey- District 3 28-1
21st Samsaya Rian- District 5 25-1
22nd Icarus Crete- District 9 23-1
23rd Monty Green- District 12 29-1
24th Emma Rocke- District 7 31-1

Part 1: The Bodies Start To Fall

Day 1


Samsaya Rian D5

I wouldn't be as scared now, if I knew that he would be here with me. If I knew that the only person who I truly did love, and understood as a genuinely kind person was going to fight this battle with me. I wouldn't be as scared if I had any of these things. But to my dismay, Lance was ripped from the grasp of life days ago, at the hands of my new District partner, Pompey. I know it was out of survival, like me killing Nichole. It was either her or me, and if it was me, I wouldn't be standing in this very room at this very moment in time. But the thing that kills me inside, is that I know Pompey didn't have any remorse. He practically said so in his interview when speaking about his battle. I felt remorse though, once my sickle entered Nichole's back, and I know that if the scenario was the other way around, Lance would feel the same way that I did. But it isn't, and I have to face the facts that this is what this vile game is all about. A game that I volunteered for to keep Lance safe. Failure.

30 Seconds. I hear an automated voice say, snapping me out of my own abyss in my mind.

"Are you ready dear?" my Stylist says to me. I shrug my shoulders and look to my feet. Not really listening to what she has to say.

"Here, put this on," she says, and I slip a light feeling coat over my shoulders. The dark charcoal colour of my coat matches well with the dark black and cloudy coloured jumpsuit that I wear fitted over my body.

20 Seconds.

I take a deep breath, and turn around as my stylist pins my brown hair back into a loose ponytail, that flows down my back in straight slips. I close my eyes for a moment, and imagine myself in the arena. What I will do, what I will see.

10 Seconds.

I open my eyes, as my Stylist gestures me over towards the tube at the far side of the room, a misty feeling swirls around it like it's something mysterious. And I feel my stomach start to fill with butterflies as I urge closer towards the glass cylinder. As I step in, I feel my heart beating in my throat, and I take one last look at my stylist, and her plastered makeup face. She nods, and puts a toothy smile on her face as the clear window shuts in front of me, and I feel myself start to rise. My breathing slowly starts to increase, and my mind, races in every direction, following suit. At this point, I am cut off from the launch room, not being able to see any part of it whatsoever and slowly start to look up. All I see is a giant white light, slowly approaching me. I take one last breath, clenching my fists together, as the white light engulfs my body, placing me in the arena.


Icarus Crete D9

As my eyes slowly adjust to the highlight of the sunshine in the sky, the arena unfolds around me. Resting before me, is the golden Cornucopia. I gasp when I see it, and all the supplies and weapons that it posseses around it. A television screen can never capture the true elegance of the gleaming structure. How it stands tall and sturdy, the wind whistling through the horn. But also, the darkness that will soon surround it, and the pure evil that it relates to. Quickly, my gaze is averted from the object, and slides across the unseen landscape around me. The list of us tributes, and Cornucopia is gently placed in an open field, the ground covering with a layer of fine pink flowers, that dance as the wind blows up against them. Behind me, and to my left, the field of flowers continues on, stretching up into a small hill, and branching off into a rocky looking segment, with various black cave heads peering out upon us, beckoning us to explore it's inside caverns. To my front, just beyond the Cornucopia's tail, is a glittering, blue river, that splaches up against a rocky shore, sending water in various directions. Overhead, a few small birds sing, and swoop around, growing in mass as other birds join in their play. Suddenly, I am startled, when I hear the announcers smooth, but deep voice boom around the arena, echoing off the rocky caves, and swimming through the arced river.

"Let the 200th Annual Hunger Games Begin!"


Ember Fladgate D10

It hasn't settled in until now, but my emotions have risen, and I feel tears start to flow into my eyelids. Is this really happening? Has the day actually came where I was sattled up, and now sent to my slaughter? Is this truly, in all seriousness, happening to me at this very moment? I feel my palms starting to sweat and I clench my teeth, wishing the tears away.

Yes, it is actually happening, and there is no way of stopping it.

But instead of dwelling on the fact that in a few seconds, it could be my iminent death, I prepare myself for what will happen next. I sharply turn myself on my pedestal, facing the rocky caverns in front of me. I feel a little uneasy travelling into the mouths of one of these caves, but it seems that this may be one of the only ways I can seal myself a little bit of protection. The field of flowers wouldn't do any good, no hiding spots there, and the river, I guess I could venture there, I am a fairly good swimmer, but it doesn't look like there would be any far off islands that I could take refuge on. So I am set with making it to the caves, and hopefully finding myself a place to hide, and conceal myself for the majority of my time that I have left on this planet. I quickly look to my left, and see that the girl from District 5 stands, positioned ready to race towards the Cornucopia, or so it may seem. She posseses a look of intensity on her face, but her eyes look as frightened as I feel. To my right, is the boy from District 1. I feel a chill run down my spine as I see him, the cold stare he has on his face, and the clenched fists that rest at his side. He will be a huge contendor in these games, and I hope I never see him face to face in the arena.


Pompey Wattson D5

I can feel it, the time has already dwindled down, half of it gone, the other half still waiting to be ticked off releasing the gong to blare at us full scale. I think I am ready, ready for what is to come next. Blood will be shed, and my main goal is to get enough supples without mine being sliced over the flowered grounds around us. I have a feeling with my alliance that I managed to scramble up, I will be able to do so.  I mean, there is the perfect mixture of brain and brawn.

I have Jrue, and intillect such as myself, who was the first person that I decided to approach for an alliance. He also seemed fairly handy with some other skills, so I have a feeling he will do well at keeping us alive, as well as understanding the plan that I am formulating in my brain. Then we have Henry, who is a brute force. Strong and built like an ox. I figured that having some muscle power in the mix wouldn't be such a bad thing, especially if it came to the case where protection was needed, or someone to throw in the way would of a throwing knife. In the end, just like Jrue, he would be needed at some point in the games. At this point, I was set with my alliance, I thought that we had te perfect alliance, but Henry insisted that we had someone else, preferably a female, added to the mix. I managed to scrape Celicia from the pool of tributes. She was hesitant at first, actually denying me straight off the bat, but I talked to her, and convinced her that going in alone and in-experienced may be a death sentence, and a way easier target than a larger alliance of 4. Eventually she agreed, and for the better. She is also quite smart, and quite a profound young girl, I think talking to her about a plan would definitely be something to look into.

Slowly, I shake myself from my mind, and focus my gaze on the Cornucopia, the gold sheen and curved tail, time soon will tell what victims it claims, and what plan I can formulate with it's powerfulness.


Luna Sunkin D6

I catch my breath as I look up and down the arc of tributes, trying to lock gaze with my brother. At first I can't see him, but after a moments of looking, my eyes catch his copper toned hair, and I stare dead into his face. Him, trained specifically on the supplies gathered in front of him, sadly it being only a laught of peanuts and other assorted packages. I try to get his attention by staring at him with hard eyes, but he doesn't seem to notice me, almost changed from his usual self. His cheeky, go getter, troublemaker personality wiped out of him like chalk on a chalk board. After a few seconds, I force myself to look away from him. As much as he means to me, I have to worry about myself too. Worrying about just Star, could cause me to make one deadly mistake, and end in a stone-cold death.

I start looking around, my last look at all the other laught of tributes before the corpses start to rise, and the number of us gets smaller. Beside me I believe is the girl from District 7, I think her name is Emma, she scored worst in training, tied with the 12 year old from District 10 who seemed afraid of her own shadow. You can really tell at this point who isn't going to make it far, me most likely being one of the few. I glance away from the orange haired girl, and gaze to my left. There stands the boy from District 1, the one with the high training score and eery feeling swarming around him. In my head I make a mental note to avoid him all costs, no matter what supplies is near him.


Evaine Mejai D1

I've already lost track of how much time has passed by, in the beginning of the count down, I had a mental clock stored in my head, but by now I find it futile. I might as well prepare myself for most likely the worst games in history. I mean just look at the careers, there are only 4 of us, and the other 2 aren't even from career Districts. I mean, Midas was just so desperate to have other allies that he scraped the bottom of the barrel with these two. Although they got fairly high scores, I won't be treating them the same as us. I'm not here to play silly little games with career wannabes, I'm here to slaughter, and win this stupid thing o gain more knowledge, because knowledge is power. And power is what I crave.

And I know for a fact that I will win. I mean just because I got a 8 in training, doesn't mean I am a lesser career. It just means that gamemakers were too butthurt after I yelled at them for laughing at me once I missed a target with my knife. It's sordove a pathetic predicament really.

But I can't dwell on that too much, I can take all my anger out on all the male tributes I'm about to slaughter, thanks to the twist, I was probably going to go after the male tributes anyway. Harder to kill, but more fun to torcher.

Against the wall of the Cornucopia I see an array of knives dazle in the sunlight, calling my name. I need to get to them. There is no doubt in my mind that those were placed there for me, they are practically in the shape of an 'e' for Evaine anyway.


Let the bloodshed begin.


Death Chart

District Name By Who District How
5 Lance Ampere Pompey Wattson 5 Knife to the Neck
7 Ellis Oaken August Rose 7 Axe in the Head
10 Madeleine Constane Water N/A Drowing
12 Taylor Dett Monty Green 12 Sword to Chest
2 Naomi Ambrose Raven Silence 2 Knife Thrown in Head
6 Bethany Rhode Luna Sunkin 6 Spear to Chest
8 Theo Black Erhen Flemar 8 Club to Neck
1 Anders Longtail Midas Dalcassian 1 Head Smashed In
2 Bert Buel Soul Silence 2 Scythe In Stomach
6 Zulfikar Zambrano Star Sunkin 6 Arrow in Chest
3 Dayta Techni Lolita Fey 3 Knife Through Neck
4 Drayden Blaze Bellamy Blake 4 Spear in Stomach
8 Saika Tan Lava N/A Burned to Death
11 Durian Cane Akumi Kubaya 11 Axe to Throat
9 Ashley Curtis Arena Traps N/A Crushed by Rock
7 Amity Rose Emma Rocke 7 Gutted With Knife
10 Augustus Damience Henry Punch 10 Beaten With Club
1 Sharpe Cindre Evaine Mejai 1 Knife in Various Spots
12 Ivy Walen Celicia Fen 12 Knife to Stomach
11 Vanilla Drip Arena Traps N/A Skewered with Spear
9 Ash Harper Icarus Crete 9 Arm Chopped Off
4 Annabeth Chartain Octavia Blake 4 Arrow through Heart
5 Nichole Peyton Samsaya Rian 5 Sickle to Back
3 Puppet Marionette Jrue Maclin 3 Stabbed to Death

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