Really excited about these, hoping to get tributes fast!!!!!


1. No getting mad when yourf tribute is killed, that makes me so mad because as everyone says "24 tributes go in, 1 comes out" so the odds of your tribute winning 1/24 obviously.

2. You can enter up to 4 tributes, but if people aren't taking a large interest, I will up the anti to 5.

3. Only Districts 1-12 are going to be included in these games.

4. Please no fighting with other people in the comments cause if you do it will be immediate death for your tribute, and a very gorry one at that.

5. Make your tributes interesting, but I want human looking lunaii's cause, well I don't want a lunaii that looks like a frog.

6. No Reservations.

7. I will do training scores and the games, maybe if I feel up to it I will do chariot rides, training and interviews.


Things needed:








You can add other things too if you want, I do except links.

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon
1 M
1 F
2 M
2 F
3 M
3 F
4 M
4 F
5 M
5 F
6 M
6 F
7 M
7 F
8 M
8 F
9 M
9 F
10 M
10 F
11 M
11 F
12 M
12 F


It will be revealed when I have all my tributes.

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