Hey. As you can see from the title, these will we my final games on this wiki. I am moving on to bigger and better things... nevermind that isn't true I am just getting really busy and only have time for one more games.
The 80th Hunger Games


1. Only tributes from Districts 1-12 will be accepted in these games

2. You cannot make your tributes invincable

3. I accept links from THGRPW actually I prefer that

4. No specific template for the tributes (but more info equals better winning chances)

5. Don't get all wah when your tribute/if your tribute dies

6. 1 tributes per person

The Tributes

District Male Name Age Female Name Age
1 M Jax Sheer 17 F Mistina Seabreeze 14
2 M Roman Teilo 17 F Amor Rune 13
3 M Otto Fellatio 18 F Phoebe Kressila 16
4 M Konami Aretino 14 F Tyche Rivers 17
5 M Fergus Wishart 15 F Skye Silverguard 13
6 M Cecil Gaper 17 F Violet Clareson 16
7 M Crayolaya Licorice 17 F Hana Rio 16
8 M Banette Tsukomogami 15 F Rebekah Ure 12 (13)
9 M Kainell Swartz 18 F Eve Grace 12
10 M Xavier Callina 15 F Olivia Alisu 17
11 M Gill Sherman 16 F Lulu  Glades 14
12 M Willie Fry 15 F

Ebony Grenslev



Careers: Jax Sheer D1, Mistina Seabreeze D1, Roman Teilo D2, Amor Rune D2, Tyche Rivers D4

Anti-Careers: Violet Clareson D6, Crayolaya  Licorice D7, Hana Rio D7, Gill Sherman D11, Willie Fry D12

Chariot Rides

"Welcome people of Panem to the 80th Annual Hunger Games chariot rides," a booming voice of Fray Garren shouts. "I am your host Fray Garren, and tonight shall be a night to remember. Tonight panem will get their first look at this years tributes, everybody disregards this moment in time, but this could be a decision to sponsor you or not! And here comes our first chariot!"

District 1

District 1 comes out of the gate and instantly mesmerizes the croud. Mistina, the beautiful young girl she is, looks like a gorgeous young women tonight with what she is wearing. Her hair is tightly pulled up into a high ponytail, silky and glossed. Hair extensions flow off her golden blonde hair and flow all the way over her body, covering her breasts and her lower area, giving her a sense that she is covered up, but an edge of sexual in the midst. She wears a silver necklace around her neck, that reflects the light from the town square and sparkles into the crowd. Mistina is also covered in glitter from top to bottom throught her hair. Jax, in a very similar outfit shines aswell. His hair is brushed to the side, and extensions as well move throught his body, covering his groin, and showing off his toned abbs that her worked hard to get. He wears matching silver bracelets, similar to Mistina's necklace, around his wrist and he is also sprinkled with glitter and shine. Both tributes seem confident. Mistina waves to the crowd, smiling and blowing kisses, she catches a flower at one point and puts it in her mouth. Jax as well smiles and waves, he pretends to dance at one point and the crowd loves him so much. They were very impreses with District 1.

District 2

District 2 doesn't go for suddel this year, in fact they are over the top, and the Capitol adores it. Roman is dressed in a skin tight grey suit, showing off his abs and large muscles. Slwoly through the process his costume slwoly starts to change, and a patern of bricks starts to form all over the suit and in all of a flash the bricks become 3-D and pop out of his suit and cascade all the way down his suit in a flowing pattern until he is coverd in bricks, only his face is showing, and his glowing blue eyes. Amor wears the exact same outfit, starting out in a grey skin tight outfit, showing of her curves, which are extrordinarily good for a young girl like her. And then her costume slowly changes into the brick suit like her patner, with only her face showing. Roman doesn't wear any makeup, just leaving his face normal, but Amor has a small bit of mascara, and black eyeliner which gives her a little more edge compared to Roman. Th Capitol loves them as much as they loved District 1, but not because they are waving or smiling, because they aren't. Both tributes have intense looks on their faces, looking mean and ready to fight in the arena. The Capitol citizens realize this and are extrememely amazed by how straight they can keep their faces. The stylists of District 2 have done a very good job with these two.

District 3

District 3's chariot costumes are nice, but they just don't stand out like some of the other chariot costumes. Phoebe, looking as beautiful as ever wears a flowing white gown, encrusted with tiny blue jewels throughout it. It dips down at the neck showing off a bit of her breasts, but other than that she is quite covered up. She wears a small silver tiara encrusted with the same blue jewels. Otto wears a very similar outfit. He wears a full body uit, that is only white, the under shirt has frills going down the front, matching Pheobe's dress. A blue bow-tie and a pair of blue dress shoes ties together his outfit and he wears a matching silver crown. As soon as the tributes enter the square, their outfits eluminate with shining blue numbers and patterns, looking like some kind of code you would see in a computer, giving the look like technology. Both tributes seem confident. Phoebe waves and smiles, a little bit shyer than Otto, but she is more exposed than Otto so he gets off a little easy. Otto is very confident smiling and waving and laughing with the crowd, pointing at certain crowd members. Not the best chariot, but still very beautiful.

District 4

As District 3 finishes their flash works, District 4 pulls through and the crowd shouts with glee. Konami, looking heavily attractive tonight has seaweed covering his groin, put in a special area so the Capitol doesn't see "all" of him. His hair is down and wet, looking like he has just came from the oceam ready to go. His fit body reflects off the light in a shine and he carries a fishing rod in his hand. Tyche wears something similar. Her breats and lower area is constructed carefully to be covered by the seaweed and her hair is also wet, but pulled back with a head banned that has a fishing loure through it. She also holds a fishing rod in her hands and also looks as attractive as Konami, or even more. The tribute's fishing rods are constructed carefully to be able to cast into the square and be reeled in without a care. Both tributes cast out and back in, Tyche smiling and blowing kisses to her "catches", and Konami pretends that he catches a large fish and struggles with the rod, giving the Capitol a good chuckle. Without the tributes acting like this, this outfit wouldn't have been the same.

District 5

District 5, power and electricity. Without this District panem wouldn't be the same, and this chariot deserves to be one of the best. Skye, so adorable, so beautiful wears a long black gown that touches the very bottom of the chariot. It looks plain and un-rashinal for District 5. She wears a pair of black flat slippers and her hear is pulled back in a high ponytail. Makeup is splattered over her face, dark eye-shadow and eyeliner, a soft pink lipstick and a different variations of powders. Fergus, wears a very similar outfit. He wears a full black jumpsuit that touches the floor of the chariot, covering his black sandals, his short black hair is slicked back with some hair gel and he wears makeup as well. Some powder on his face and some kind of eyeshadow to make his eyes look darker. As the chariot starts out, both tributes just stand their, plain looks on their faces like District 2's faces, the crowd doesn't like them, nor wants them in this year's chariot ride. But once they get mid way through the ride, their costumes light up into different sorst of colours. Greens, pinks, oranges and purples, all swirling and moving in waves. The Capitol starts to cheer when they realize what it is, it's the northern lights. A beautiful concept from District 5, and as soon as the northern lights start to flash, both tributes start to wave to the crowd, but don't put that big of smiles on their faces. Well dond District 5 stylists!

District 6

Compared to the amazing District 5, District 6 was somewhat of a let down. Cecil, looks very plain in his outfit, he wears a red and white skin tight jumpsuit that stops at his ankles and gives room for a pair of big white boots. On his arms, two wings pop out, airplane wings, resembling an airplane and the same goes on his legs. His hair is blown back, looking like he went through some wind and he wears dark red lipstick, making him look some what feminin. Violet wears the exact same jumsuit, red and white that stops at her ankles, and two white boots stretch up to her mis calf. She also has airplane wings popping out of her arms and legs. Her hair is curled, and broght back with a red head banned. She wears the matching red lipstick and some soft browns and whites eyes shadows and powders. They both wave looking somewhat confident, even though they think they look silly in their costumes.

District 7

With the downerof District 6 passing by, District 7 shows up and the crowd doesn't have that much of an approvement in mood. Hana looks very plain, yet very beautiful at the same time, she is completley nude, with only a small amount of leave covering her breasts and groin area. Her skin is painted to look like t4ree bark, a dark brown colour with some blacks and a tiny amount of greens tied in there to look like moss. Her hair is pulled up into a bun and has leaves strung through it. Crayolaya wears pretty much the exact same outfit, his body is painted like tree bark, except it is more like birch bark then any other tree. He has a small ammount of leaves that cover his groin area and his hair is let flowing down, but also has small green leaves strung between his locks. Hana waves and smiles and blows kisses, she catches flowers and winks. Wjile when Crayolaya waves he looks goofy and a little scared. District 7 could have been better represented.

District 8

District 8 fallows District 7 and definitley picks up everyone's spirits. Banette wears a long black robe, covering every inch of his body, except his face. His outfit is very plain until you get to the back of him and you see his two large wings appear out of his back. The wings are made of patchwork materials, that have the basic cold colours on it. Purples, blues and greens. His hair is in it's normal messy self and he still wears that bandana over his face, which is hard to tell if it's a part of his outfit or not, most people leaning to not. Rebekah on the other hand wears a full white robe that covers her whole body except for her face. She has a matching pair of wings except hers have warm colours decorating it. Reds, yellows, oranges and pinks -to give it a more girly flair- decorate the wings making them even more beautiful. Her hair is let go long and lows down her body in curls. She wears soft pink makeups and a pair of pink shoes. Rebekah waves to the crowd and smiles, getting lots of attention while Banette just stands their, looking extremely angry. Nobody knows why but in a way he has brought the outfit down in the Capitol's eyes.

District 9

District 9 appears and everyone starts to smile and all of Panem thinks the stylists represented District 9 very well. Eve, the very youngest tribute in these games, wears a knee length yellow dress when reaches to her legs turns into stocks of wheat an they frill with the movemenys that she makes, making it look like wheat flowing in the wind. She also wears a pair of yellow high-heels, she seems a little wobbily on them, but she still remains to stand. Her hair is pulled back into one frenchbraid and she wears minimal makeup. Just some light pink eye shadow and some yellow/brown blush to accent her cheekbones. Kainell wears a very similar outfit. Her wears a long yellow robe that flows down to his ankles, but when it reaches his legs it turns into wheat, flowing in the movements of his waving and smiling. He wears a pain of yellow dress shoes and his hair is layered with yellow highlights and is sweeped to one side. Both tributes wave and smile, the crowd screaming and shouting as they pass by. Eve seems a little more confident than Kainell, she smiles and waves, giggling. While Kainell just waves and tries to keep the smie on his face. Well done District 9.

District 10

As District 9 passes, District 10 appears and not only does the Capitol get a kick out of them, they also somewhat feel bad forthem, but there mouths druel anyway and it boosts there appetite. Olivia is dressed as a large bacon strip, the sostume flows straight down to her her legs and then cuts off there, letting two knee high leather boots strech up. Her hair is pulled back into a high curly ponytail and her makeup is an assortment of dark browns and reds. The costume is very well painted though. Xavier wears a meat based costume as well, accept his meat is steak. He is dressed as a large t-bone steak with delicious spices and herbs covering on top of them. He has similar knee high leather boots and his hair is gelled down to his head. Both tributes smile and wave the beat that they can, trying to calm themselves down from the embarrasment that there stylists have put on them. At least they have a pleasent arroma, and they won't be forgotten this year.

District 11

District 11 appears and they look beautiful and very different at the same time. Lulu, silly 'ol Lulu wears a bright purple dress to match her long flowing hair, which is pulled up under a large hat that is covered in bright fruits and vegetables. Her dress is covered in vines, with small grapes appearing everywhere, making her look like back at home. She wears a pair of large green highheels and a golden bracelet around her wrist and ankles. She wears lots of makeup platsered on her face, different colours and patterns, she slmost looks like a clown, but the stylists made her so beautiful that she couldn't look like a clown. Gill, wears a long purple jumsuit with the same vines growing all around him, grapes appearing everywhere. He wears the same hat with fruit all over it as Lulu and he wears a pair of green sandals. He also wears a golden choker round his neck and holds a bowl of fruit in his hand. Both tributes look cheeky and delicious, they wave to the crownd and eat the fruit. Lulu even starts throwing some fruit into the crowd eats with them as well. They look very impressive, but will it hold up to the competition?

District 12

Usually when you see all the chariots you kind of forget the one in the very back, District 12, but not this year. They are shining like diamonds, literally. Ebony wears a full body tight black suit, very plain and original. Her black boots stretch up to her calves and her hair is let flowing down to the ground. She has coal dust splattered all over her face and body, giving the illusion that she was just in the coal mines. Willie wears a full body black suit and his boots just reach his ankles. His hair is left alone and dyed black, letting it fall like it normally does and he is also covered in sut and coal dust, giving him the same illusion as Ebony! The only thing that makes these outfits better than thr most is that they are covered in diamonds. The rumour of coal turning into diamonds here is true in this case. Both there outfits are covered in little sparkley diamonds, and Ebony holds a large hadful in her hand. Willie waves to the crowd and smiles, while Ebony stands their, hip out and the hand with th diamonds sticking out as well, looking very sexy and beautiful. Very good way to finish off this year's chariot rides.

Placing of The Chariots According to The Capitol
Placing District
1st District 5
2nd District 12
3rd District 2
4th District 1
5th District 8
6th District 4
7th District 3
8th District 11
9th District 9
10th District 10
11th District 7
12th District 6

Training Scores

District Name Score Reasoning Odds of Winning
1 Jax Sheer 9 For his use of knives and his combat skills 30-1
1 Mistina Seabreeze 10 For her ability to swim, her speed and her strength 9-1
2 Roman Teilo 10 His skills using swords and his strength 4-1
2 Amor Rune 9 Her impecable strength and speed 10-1
3 Otto Fellatio 6 Flexability, but lack of initiative               
3 Phoebe Kressila 7 Ability with knives and knowledge of plant ID 13-1
4 Konami Aretino 10 His skills in the water, weilding a trident and his physical strength 47-1
4 Tyche Rivers 10 Her swimming ability and combat 6-1
5 Fergus Wishart 7 Stanima and Agility, but bad in hand-to-hand combat                  
5 Skye Silverguard 6 Her ability to make traps and her skill of climbing trees 35-1
6 Cecil Gaper 5 He is good with a whip, but average or bad with everything else                  
6 Violet Clareson 5 Good with snares and shelter making, lacks in combat and fighting                  
7 Crayolaya Licorice 8 Good with long range weapons, not a very good climber 16-1
7 Hana Rio 7 Good speed and accuracy 29-1
8 Banette Tsukomogami 9 Use of decoy making and needles 8-1
8 Rebekah Ure 4 Quick and good climber, lacking in everything else                 
9 Kainell Swartz 5 Good arm and quick, not very intelligent                 
9 Eve Grace 5 Very good at weaving, speed and camouflage 28-1
10 Xavier Callina 6 Good with a Scythe, horrible swimmer and climber 12-1
10 Olivia Alisu 7 Animal knowledge, and very good with knives                  
11 Gill Sherman 8 Very Strong, one of the strongest                  
11 Lulu Glades 6 Camouflage skills, accuracy with a blowgun, but has a very low intelligence                  
12 Willie Fry 5 Bow and Arrow skills, not very good with other things 15-1
12 Ebony Grenslev 8 Archery, and everything hunting related 13-1

Capitol Favouritism (After Every Update/Death)


+: Up in standings

-: Down in standings

=: Same Standings as before

Red: Will stay the same for the rest of the games

Placing District Name
1 2 Skye Silverguard +
2 4 Roman Teilo -
3 12 Tyche Rivers -
4 2 Amor Rune -
5 8 Ebony Grenslev -
6 10 Banette Tsukomogami -
7 1 Konami Aretino +
8 4 Hana Rio +
9 3 Jax Sheers -
10 7 Mistina Seabreeze +
11 7 Willie Fry +
12 5 Xavier Callina -
13 1 Crayolaya Licorice -
14 12 Eve Grace +
15 9 Phoebe Kressila -
16 11 Gill Sherman
17 5 Fergus Wishart
18 11 Lulu Glades
19 6 Violet Clareson
20 6 Cecil Gaper
21 8 Rebekah Ure
22 10 Olivia Alisu
23 9 Kainell Swartz
24 3

Otto Fellatio

The Games

Part 1: Recognizing Fate

Day 1

Rebekah Ure D8

I step inside my glass tube, in my alloted room under the arena. I get one last glimpse at my stylist that has done wonders for me over the past few weeks and she gives a slight wave. I give her a weak looking smile back, the best that I can do right now. I can't say that I am looking forward to the games, but I can't also say that I am afraid. Maybe a little bit of me is afraid, since I have the lowest odds of winning and the lowest training score. But that means I won't be a big target in these games, and I can stay low and hide out until I am threatened. Maybe that is a good thing. Suddenly my glass tube closes around me and I am trapped, there is no going back now, well there was no going back once my name was pulled from that bowl at the reaping. In my tube I hear an echoing voice say "comence launch" it's very muffled and my tube starts to rise. My heart sinks to my tows and butterflies fill my stomach. I look up and all I see is white, which slowly approaches me. I start to coward away from it, my brain reacting as if it's death itself and I start to feel tears streaming down my face. "Get it together Rebekah" I hear myself think and with that I am blinded fully, and when my vision slowly returns I see the golden Cornucopia in front of me and the arena all around.

Roman Teilo D2


I stand on my pedestal motionless for a moment, taking in my surroundings, the arena and its diverse nature. All around me is a large coniferous forest, that as i can tell has different pines and ceder trees that inhabit it. It's very thick and hard to see through, dark and somewhat mysterious. The sky up above is light blue, with white puffy clouds floating through the air and the sun streaming through, enlightening my path. The Cornucopia rests at the end of an up-hill sloap. The grass is somewhat long and thick looking, but very fresh and green as well. I snap out of my gaze and stand at a ready position on my pedestal. Ready to run when it's time. My vision locks onto a gleaming silver sword with a black handle engraved with some kind of writing. Just the way it reflects off the sun I know it's for me, and I have to get it. I crave it's presents and I can already feel it in my grasp, slashing across some of the other tributes' body. Me thinking this sends shivers down my spine. I know in my mind that I am somewhat psychotic, I just never, until now, knew how much.


Crayolaya Licorice D7


I feel disclosed from the group, far away from the group. Cut off from my allies and other tributes. I stand on the very last pedestal on the left. Every single tribute to my right. The girl that stands beside me has very light blonde hair and freckles that decorate her face. I think she is from District 5, but I didn't really focus on anyone else during training, not anyone that didn't seem like a threat. Now the majority of the careers I know quite a bit about. Jax from District 1 favours an interesting looking knife that I can't quite put my finger on to know what it is. Mistina from 1 uses all sorts of knives, varying in size and shape. Roman from 2, he always uses a sword. He occupied the sword station the majority of the time in training. I didn't get a chance to try. Amor from District 2 is super strong, and surprisingly quick but quiet and reserved. Now Konami from District 4 isn't part of the career pack, but he can use a trident in many deadly ways. And finally Tyche from District 4 is a very good swimmer, which won't come in handy in this arena. I did my fair share of research on the others, the important ones anyway. The ones that didn't seem threatening, I didn't bother.


Olivia Alisu D10


I'm not sure what to do. There is so much supplies to choose from, but I was instructed by my mentor to go for something close and easy to get at. But the only thing close to me is a small black poncho and a small bag of nuts. Deeper in the Cornucopia on the other hand are the good items, the items that can cost people there lives. Knives are layed out in an aray of shapes and different swords and bladed weapons lay on hooks attached to the Cornucopia, or lean up against fully stocked crates. The larger backpacks are farther in, as well as tents and tarps that I could use for almost anything. There is a split second when greed takes over my mind and I decide to go deep into the cornucopia, but then I rethink and decide to stick with my mentor's plan. He has survived before, I haven't yet. He is my life line in these games and I should respect that.


Lulu Glades D11


I know half of the time has gone away, and I need to get ready. I know what I am getting, it sits carefully in the mouth of the Cornucopia. A large black pack with a red stripe down the middle. At the bottom it attaches onto a large sleeping bag, which could come in handy for the nights, if they are very cold. I look over the weapon selection, but I don't see a blowgun. It's most likely in a crate hiding somewhere, and I am willing to find it. I feel my palms getting sweatier and my heart beating faster. This is truly it, I am in The Hunger Games. I will have to kill, I will have to hide, I will have to do whatever it takes to live. And I am ready. Ready to kill, ready to hide and ready to anything it takes to survive. I would even kill my own District partner if I have to, it wouldn't affect me any. Even though they gave me a six in training it was because of my size, and I didn't show them my full potential so they just scored me on what I provided to them. Not what I have kept inside me the whole time.


Otto Fellatio D3


I glance to my right, and I see that small girl from District 9. Her hair is pulled back in two small braids like usual. She looks scared, terribly scared. And I don't blame her, I feel exactly the same, but the person on my left has no emotion. It's Konami from 4, a name that is unforgetable. He stands ready to run for the cornucopia, and get supplies. I copy his position, obviously he has trained for these games, he knows what to do and I am sure he had a very smart mentor. Unlike me who's mentor was always smoking, and talked in the scratchiest voice, it hurt your own throat. I start to look up into the sky, I imagine myself up in the clouds, floating and just being at peace. I am sure the cameras have been on me at one point, or on me currently so I say a quick prayer to myself and then close my eyes. This is it for me, I am going to die and there is no chance that I will survive. Not even a slim one. I have one of the worst training scores, one of the worst pairs of odds. It would have to be a miracle for me to survive longer than a day. Which I doubt I could even succeed in that.


Banette Tsukomogami D8


I feel my heart start to strain, will there be any needles in this years games? I need them, would the Capitol especially put them here just for me? Or would they even care? The Capitol can do decieving things and they would for sure deprive me of my needles. Probably because of my rebellious act in the interviews, refusing to wear the fancy Capitol clothing and choosing to use my everyday clothes. I didn't exactly mean to show rebellion, but now that I did, I like it. I tighten my bandana around my face, securing it so it won't fall down when I am running. This is it though, I count down in my head and there are only a few seconds left, a few seconds until I have to kill and survive on my own. I'm ready.



Eve Grace D9

I burst off my plate, content on getting a knife in the cornucopia. If I have something that I can use for defence it will further me in the games. I look to my right and the girl from 2 is along side me. We seem to be leading the pack until I see her glance over. It was to quick for me to react, but she pounces. We slam hard onto the ground and she instantly gets on top of me. Her hand slips around my throat and her knee digs into my stomach. Her other hand pins mine to the ground, and my free hand is stuck behind my back. I start to riggle and squirm, but I can't get out of her hold, she has to good of a grip around me. I feel her hand around my neck starting to tighten and my lungs starting to get heavy. I gasp for air, but nothing seems to flow in. I start to feel light-headed, and I know now that if I don't act quickly I will die. My hand. My hand pinned behind my back. If I can just get it out I may have found something to save myself. I start squirming more, even though her grip starts to get even tighter. Suddenly my hand slips from behind my back and I swing at her face. My nails digging into her skin and she instantly lets go of me. I take a huge gulp of air into my lungs and start to squirm more. I punch Amor in the leg and riggle out from under her. I know I have lost my chances in the bloodbath so i head straight for the forest, but I can't come out empty handing so I snag a small pack that fits around my wrist and start sprinting as fast as I can. It's only a few seconds before I am at the tree, line. I turn around to see if Amor is chasing me, but I see that she is occupied by some weapons in the cornucopia. I take a quick sweep of the bloodbath, and then tale off into the brush, in hopes of shelter.

Ebony Grenslev D12

I rap my hands around the night black bow that hangs from hooks on the wall of the Cornucopia. It's handle is smooth and slick, and the string is like barb wire, strung and sturdy. Just as I am about to pull the bow off the hanger, another hand grabs onto the other end and starts to pull it the other way. I whip my head over and see that the hand belongs to Crayolaya from 7. The boy with extremely good looks, yet one of the weirdest names in the games. I give a large tug and pull the bow my way and it knocks him off balance. He falls to  his knees and gives a tug his way, but my planted feet don't give in and my legs lock. I know the only way to get the bow away from him is to play dirty, and playing dirty is the only way that I am going to win. I swing the bow towards the Cornucopia and Crayolaya follows with it and his head slams against the hard metal, instantly rendering his grip useless. I pull the bow from his hands just as I hear someone yell Crayolaya's name. I turn around just as the blonde girl from six punches me right across the face. My nose starts to instantly flow blood, and it starts to anger me more. Just before she can land another swing, my elbow makes contact with her stomach and then the butt of my bow with her nose. I hear a crack and her nose starts to flow blood, she suddenly starts making a weazing sound. I grab the quiver that lays on the ground next to me. I start to run off, I look up and see Violet starting after me. Blood covering face. She never gives up. A threat. I load an arrow into my bow and turn around quickly and shoot. It hits her in the lower part of her leg, rendering her useless as she doubles over in pain. I sprint off and wipe the blood from my face.

Jax Sheer D1

I wrap my hands around the handles of the knives and pull them out of there holders. It isn't my preference weapon but it will do. I turn around and watch as most tributes are either occupied by my allies or grabbing small packs and weapons. A couple feet away from me is Otto from 3 digging through a crate desperatley searching for something useful. Too bad he will be cut short. I run over to wear he kneels and grab him by his wavy blonde hair. I pull his head back and hold my knife up to his delicate throat. He starts squirming and flailing his harms. One of his hands land on my wrist and he digs his nails in. I let out a scream of pain as they start drawing blood, so I decide to finish him quickly. I drag my knife a long his neck with a quick flick of my wrist and he falls down to the ground motionless. I reach down and stab him in the back one time for reassurince. I look around and it seems that I have gotten the first kill. What a pleasure it is. I run back into the cornucopia and start gathering up a pile of supplies that I will guard so nobody can get it.

Konami Aretineo D4

I turn around with my trident that I retrieved tightly grasped in my hand. I have a pack strapped around my back and a water bottle shoved into my pocket. I have what I need and now I am ready to go. I start running away, jogging slowly and then picking up speed as I get a little farther away. Suddenly I stumble a little, which distracts me when a machete just sweeps over my head. I duck just in time as Banette from 8 swing his machete again. You can tell this isn't a weapon that he is very strong with, but he still knows how to use it. This time I am ready for his attack though. He swings at me, aiming for my neck. But I put my trident in the way, and knee him in the stomach. He falls to the ground and I hold my trident up to his neck. We both look into each others eyes, him out of breath and angry. Me looking a little perplexed. We stare at eachother for a while, in silence until he breaks it.

"If you going to kill me do it quick." I just look at him a little longer before replying.

"I don't want to kill you, alliance?" I say. He looks at me confused like I was moments ago, but eventually he nods and gets up. We run towards the forest not looking back.

Gill Sherman D11

I start gathering small things at the edges of the Cornucopia. The little things that everybody looks over, as everyone fights for the big items. So far I collected a bag of dried beef, a water bottle, a thermis, a pair of gloves and a poncho that I carry everythig around with. Eventually I run out of things to grab and I start running off. I quickly look into the cornucopia to see who's left, there is quite a large amount of tributes still alive. I start to turn around when a mace leaning against a crate catches my eye. I stop for a moment as my greed takes over and I lust for the mace. If I have it, I will definitley go further in he games. But if I go in, there will be a chance that I won't come out alive. I start running but in my head I tell myself that I will get in, grab it, and come out, no fighting. I start sprinting as fast as I have ever run. Very quick and stealthy. In a few seconds I am at the cornucopia and I pull the mace into my grasp. Just out of the corner of my eye I see soemone coming right for me and without hesitation I swing my mace and it makes contact with the person's head. The other tribute falls to the ground and it's the boy from 9. He lays there making curdling noises as blood flows from his mouth. I nearly scream at what I have done, I quickly run off. Running away from what I have done. Leaving the boy to lay there and die.

Mistina Seabreeze D1

I run across the cornucopia with a pack in my hand and a long knife that I hold close to my breast. I toss the pack in a pile of supplies that Jax has started for the careers. I turn around to gather some more items and nearly trip over something. I look down and it's the weak looking boy from 9. He just lays there clenching a knife close to him, a large dent in his head and blood spewing from his mouth like a stream. He isn't dead because I can see his chest moving up and down in rough motions, he is just barely holding onto life. I could just leave him to die, or I could finish him off, the humane thing to do. I hesitate for a moment and then kneel down beside him. I quickly look over my shoulders to see if anyone is going to attempt to attack me, but everyone is occupied. I put my knife up to his throat and push down. I watch the life leave his dark brown eyes and his face turn a shade of a pale peach colour. This was the right thing to do, it gave me a kill to impress the sponsors, but it also let him feel no more pain. I get up and stick the boys knife in my belt and run back to the supplies, looking for other possible tributes to kill.

Hana Rio D7

"Here," shouts Willie from 12, my ally, as he tosses me a sleeping bag. I rap it around my back with a long rope that I snatch from a crate, and stuff two knives in my belt and grab an axe for weapon use. I turn around to see Crayolaya dragging Violet from 6 across the ground. She looks beaten to a pulp. Her nose drizzling a dark crimson colour of blood, and an arrow sticking from her leg which is now coated in a fine layer of blood all up her pant leg. Her face is a ghostly sort of white and she just lays in Crayolaya's arms like a rag doll. Who could have done that to her? I quickly think of who I saw with a bow, and I remember the girl from 12, Willie's District partner running off with one in her hand. She would be one of the only ones that had enough accuracy to hit Violet in the leg without killing her. Crayolaya doesn't have that good of accuracy, besides he is one of Violet's allies too and wouldn't bother doing that.

"We have to get out of here now!" Crayolaya shouts, hoisting the now unconcious Violet onto his shoulders.

"What about Gill, where is he?" I question, scanning the other tributes.

"There is no time to look for him, the careers will be finished with the others soon and then we will be like the rest. Dead." He says starting to run as fast as he can with Violet, towards the forest. I have no time to reason with him, and Willie has already started to follow. So I trail on Willie's heals, holding my axe ready to give a death blow if needed.

Tyche Rivers D4

I watch as the four allies trot off into the forest. A blonde girl on the boy from 7's shoulders and the other two, the boy from 12 and the girl from 7 running right after him. There is no point in going after them now, they are too far away. I will deal with them later. For now though I need to focus on who is still at the Cornucopia. I look around, and tighten my grip on my knife as I watch the girl from 10, with her flowing red hair retreive a pack. She starts to get up and I run towards her. There is no net at the cornucopia, so I make do with a rope that I untie and and bring back to my body. I launch it forward at the girl, it tangles and loops in the air until it makes contact with her legs and ankles. She takes a few steps before it becomes to complicated to run further and falls crashing to the ground. I pounce on her and dig my knee into her shoulder blade, the tip of my foot stabbing into the back of her knee. She starts screaming a sound of true terror, that I can feel rushing through her body. I almost hear her heart pumping as fast as a race horse, and adreneline starts flowing through me as my knife makes contact with her spine. I dig it in and she freezes, her scream cut off. I twist my knife and then eject it with a spray of blood that squirts onto my coat and pants. I dig my knife into her back again, with such a force that it makes my hand tingle as I do it. I pull my knife from her again and then drag it across her back, making sure she is dead for good. It would have been easier for me to kill her if I had a trident, but I can make do with what I have.

Xavier Callina D10

I have gotten everything that I need, and am ready to flee. I managed to grab a large backpack that I have tossed over one shoulder, a water bottle that I stuck in my pack for good measure, and a large sword that I keep close to myself. I see no scythes which dissapoints me, I won't be able to work with my choice weapon, but I am just lucky to still be alive. I start sprinting away and am shoved into the side of a crate. I flip over knocking over supplies and sending my sword sprawling a few feet away from me. I don't bother to see who it was that pushed me, I just quickly slide myself to my knees and start tearing off towards the forest, when I remember my sword. I curse to myself, but I know that it is too foolish to crawl back in there just to get a sword. I quickly take a glance back and see Roman from 2 picking it up and running towards a group of tributes that grapple over a box of supplies. He must have been the one to push me, it would make sense. It was a push of brute force, not a weak trip or anything similar. I step forward and feel something under my feet. I look down and see Olivia lying there, coated in blood. I jump back and then lunge toward the forest in a sprint. She's dead. Olivia, my District partner that I spent the last week with in training and in quarters. She reminded me of my sister, and now she is dead with some of the others. I realize now that I need to win these games, not just for myself and Xena, but for Olivia too.

Skye Silverguard D5

I kneel down and pick up a black first aid kit, with a red cross on the front. I get up and look for some other supplies that is far away from the Cornucopia, but everything seems to be taken. And that's when I notice the three dead tributes on the ground. The first looks to be the boy from 3, who I saw in training working with snares and traps and admired. The next is a boy with medium length brown hair who I recall is from 6. I don't remember much about him. But I do remember that he was one of the only ones that fell off the gauntlets during training. The final is Olivia from 10, who I did manage to talk to. She seemed like one of the kinder tributes, she was extremely beautiful too. I admired her positive additude and her red hair was beautiful in itself. I freeze for a moment thinking that they are gone, and they can't come back. I feel tears start swelling in my eyes, but I am snapped back into reality as I see Fergus from my District running towards me. I start backing up in a panic, but he runs right passed me, and I know that he has no intention in killing me. I see that there are only a few tributes left at the cornucopia, and the careers have expanded their territory. I decide that not another piece of supplies is worth risking my life any longer and I rush into the forest. My first thing I need to do is find water. Then I will just try to survive.

Roman Teilo D2

Now that I have gotten my sword away from the boy of District 10, I am ready to pick off the last bit of tributes that still remain. I look over as the girl from 11, the 12 year old from 8 and Cecil from 6 grapple over a large crate. They take turns pulling it to and fro. It almost brings a smile to myself seeing how oblivious they are to not notice what's going on around them. They hardly even notice me sneaking up on them. I raise my sword over my head and slash Cecil's hands clean off his wrists. The crate goes flying towards the girl from 11 and she falls backwards, hitting her head off the ground hard. Her vision looks off and she wears a confused look. She slowly gets up and stumbles off, I don't pursue her, she will be dead in less then a few hours if her head injury is serious enough. The girl from 8 sprawls onto her back and I know it's the perfect time to get her. I swing my sword and it digs right into her chest. She suddenly goes limp and I force my sword out over body with my foot. I look over to Cecil and blood squirts out of the sockets that used to belong to his hands. Amor has his arms pinned around his back and she digs her knee into his neck.

"Do it," she tells me, and I know exactly what she means. I swing my sword and it pierces into the place over his heart. He suddenly becomes as limp as the girl from 8 and Amor drops him. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Phoebe from 3 running off, but I let someone else persue her.


Post Bloodbath- Day 1

Phoebe Kressila D3

I only stop sprinting when I hear the first canon sound. I stop dead in my tracks and stare into the sky, which is futile since their is nothing to see, but it reassures me. The next one sounds and I lean against a Pine tree that's branches only start growing about 20 feet upwards. A third one sounds, and I start wondering who they belong to, then a fourth and a fifth. I wait for a sixth, but seconds go by and I hear nothing. Only 5 tributes dead in the bloodbath. That is one of the smallest amounts I have ever seen. It leaves 19 of us left, more competition, and more of a chance of a brutal death. I shake myself out of my thoughts and open my small pack that I retrieved from the cornucopia. It holds a small bowl, which may come in handy for water or berries. A small coil of wire, a rope and a small bottle of pain killers are tucked into the bottom, and in the front pouch is a pair of socks. I have seen better supplies, these may last me a few days. I could use the rope and wire to make traps, and the bowl to gather plants. But other then that I won't need anything more. I might use the pain killers if I am attacked and escape. But it's unlikely.

Fergus Wishart D5

I quickly tie a knot around a tree and drag the rope to another. I tie another makeshift knot and then slide the rop down to the ankle of the tree. Where the ground and the trunk meet. It makes a perfect trip wire. It's not very ellaborate, but it is the best that I can do. I sit down on a soft patch of light green moss, ehich acts like a cushion, and I twidle my knife that I managed to get rom the Cornucopia in my hands. I start to stare off into space and my thoughts go back to the bloodbath. I managed to escape, but five of the others didn't. I only remember seeing two of the tributes that died. Olivia from 10, who you couldn't miss because of her hair, and the boy from 3. The other three, unknown. Is one of them Skye? My district partner. No, I don't think she would die right away. She is too smart and cunning to be killed like that. I only remember seeing her as I ran out from the bloobath, but that means, at the most three other tributes died after I left.

Willie Fry D12

"Put her down here," I tell Crayolaya, refering to Violet. He does what I say, and rests her down beside a tree. I put my pack under her head, to keep her elivated. "Okay, the first thing we have to do is to take the arrow out of her leg." I tell Hana and Crayolaya, but they just look back at me like deer in headlights. I can tell that they are nervous, and I am as well. I am good with first aid, but I have never done anything as severe as this. I look down at Violet. Her face has gone a colour of paper white, which makes her facial tattoos stand out a large amount more.

"Crayolaya, you just have to hold her down, and Hana, it would be good if you found some water. We have to keep Violet hydrated, or else she will die," I tell them. Hana nods and takes her pack, and her axe. Crayolaya positions himself over Violet and pins her arms to the ground.

"Like this?" he asks a little shakily.

"Yes, exactly like that," I say reassuring him. "Cover Violet's eyes, make sure she doesn't see me take it out." As I say that, he takes the strap from the pack that Violet rests on and slips it over her eyes. "Okay, here we go." I rest my right hand gently on the arrow, and the other on the knife. I slowly take my knife down to her wound, carefully and gently. I take a deep breath before I slide my knife into her injury and Violet lets out a huge cry of pain. She starts to riggle around, but Crayolaya keeps her in place. I start rigglig my knife into her cut, trying to find the tip of the arrow. Violet starts screaming louder and squirming about more violently.

"Keep her still!" I shout out of anger. I can almost feel the pain that Violet is in, and I know that I have to be quicker. I start pulling on the arrow, and twisting it around. I know Violet is crying now, she screams through her sobs and I start pulling harder. Blood starts coating my fingers as the wound gets larger,and blood starts trickling down her leg. I feel the arrow getting looser, and I pull one more time, and the arrow comes out with a splash of blood. I put my hand over her wound to stem the bloodflow. "Get the first aid kit in my pack!" I shout to Crayolaya and he follows my orders. He reaches into my pack and pulls out the supplies. "Now get the roll of gauze, quickly."

He quickly flicks the kit open and pulls out a small role of medical gauze. I snatch it from his hand and start rapping it around Violet's leg round and around, until there is no gauze left for me to use. I tuck the end of the gauze under the rest and back away from her. She has stopped screaming, but i see tears streaimng down her face. I move the strap off her eyes.

"We are done for now," I say out of breath.

Amor Rune D2

I kneel down beside the pile that we all contributed to. I sift through it, passing by packs and an assortments of knives and water bottles, looking for a sickle that I can call my weapon. I am joined by Mistina who kneels down beside me, I look up at her for a moment,  she smiles, but then I return down to the supplies. To my dismay there are no sickles, of course. One of the only weapons that I truly want and they don't have it. Instead I choose a worthy enough axe that looks like I could use easily.

I get up from the ground and walk over to Roman, who seems to be lecturing Tyche and Jax about something.

"What's going on," I ask quietly, interupting Roman.

All three of them look at me for a moment, there eyes bear down on me like I am a lower class then they are, and somehow I have insulted them. But the Roman breaks the silence. "I was just finishing telling Tyche and Jax about how horrible we were in the bloodbath today, only 5 tributes dead, pathetic," he says like he is spitting fir at me. "I mean look at you, you didn't even get a kill, and somehow that puny girl from 9 got away from you."

"Hey, I could have chosen to kill that boy from 6, but instead I chose to hold him back for you, so you could kill him," I hiss, but then almost instantly regret it. RToman just looks at me, his eyes bearing down on me worse, like weighted air on my shoulders. His glance looks me up and down and then he disregards me. He walks past me and bumps my shoulder. I hopefully shut him up for a little bit. Even though I am not usually like this, it feels good to be like this. It feels good to stand up for myself. It leaves Tyche, Jax and me standing there. They look atme the same way, and the brush past me. I can already feel that I am not wanted here, that I am just here for numbers. I feel that the tension between us is just starting to rise. and I know that it is just going to keep getting higher and higher before someone snaps, and takes out somenone else.

Banette Tsukomogami D8

I walk a long with Konami, he stands a fair distance to my right, looking at his feet, while I stare up ahead. Konami is a little taller than me, not by much, maybe one or two inches and his blue hair falls to his neck in small strips. I hold my machete close to my body, in case we are attacked by the careers or someone else that is possibly very strong. I scan Konami up and down for a moment, and just the way he presents himself, I can tell that he is very similar to me. He is an outcast like me, same personality, mean and cruel, but just lusts to be loved. And since he is so similar to me, I don't trust him. Anyone that is like me must have had a horrible past, and is ready and vicious to kill.

I could leave him right now, this way it would be better for the both of us, I wouldn't have to deal with him and he wouldn't have to deal with me. Or I could kill him right now, he isn't paying attention, looking at his feet. His trident is faced low to the ground, he would be dead before he could react. I let my thoughts engulf me for a moment, choosing what to do and what is the right desicion.

But for now I just decide to keep the alliance and to let him live. He could be benefitial, knowing some survival skills that I don't or something like that. Beside, two is better than one.

Lulu Glades D11

My feet start to loose traction and I fall to the ground. I am too weak to put my hands out in front of me, so my head hits first. Adding to the trauma that I recieved at the bloodbath. I decide not to get up, to lay there. I already know I am on my death bed. I might as well just stay here, and die somewhere peaceful. My mind goes back to the bloodbath. As soon as my head came in contact with the ground after the boy from 2 sliced the boy from 6's hands off, I knew I was a goner. It hurt so badly, and I can't manage enough strength to examine it. I am surprised that I made it out of there alive. My vision is so blurry that I hit atleast seven trees running away. I put all my energy into my escape and I am sure that I hardly made it into the forest. If the careers started hunting now and came this way, it would only be a few minutes before I died.

I take in where I lay and make a mental picture of my surroundings. I lay on a soft bed of moss that sits across from a tall standing pine tree, the smell in the air smells like ceders all around. I hear birds chirping and singing small tunes, and I can feel under myself the soft, moist green of the moss. It feels so heavenly, this would be a good place to die I guess.

Hana Rio D7

I have walked for at least an hour, and I have had no luck with finding water. I wonder how Violet is doing, poor girl. If I find the girl from 12, I will kill her and make her pay for what she did to Violet. I hope that her, or someone else is the next to go. I have a bad feeling that it is going to be my ally, but I hope she can hang on just a little longer.

Suddenly I feel something clip the tip of my hear and I stumble to the side.

"I told you I have horrible aim," I hear a female voice say. I turn around and see the careers behind me, I shreik and turn to run. I start sprinting away, in the direction where my allies are. But then I realize that if I lead the careers there, all of us will be as dead as the bloodbath victims. I turn a sharp corner and start leading them somewhere else. I can feel them at my heels, but I don't dare turn around, not yet anyway. I feel my lungs starting to heat up, and my throat is already on fire from the lack of water. I watch as another knife skids past my hip, and another by my shoulder. Whoever is throwing them, does not have very good aim. I can't help it, andflick my head around for a second to see how far away they are. I look for only a second, but I saw everything. The girl from 2 is the closest to me, and then the rest are farther back. Mistina from 1 is the one throwing the knives. I can tell because she has another one ready to throw. I move behind a tree just as she lets the knife go.

I can't keep this up for much longer, I think to myself. What can I do! All of a sudden an idea comes to mind, it means that i will be trapped, but i will be away from them. I catch eye of a tall lookin tree, it's branches very close together, perfect for climbing. I grab the first branch and pull myself upwards, slowly but surley I make my way up, as I sense the careers down at the base of the tree. I only stop once I feel the knife enter by shoulder.

Mistina Seabreeze D1

I can't help but smirk a little when the knife enters the girl from 7's back. Finally after 4 attempts I hit my target. I watch as the girl slips and stumbles a little. Blood starting to soak into her jacket. I watch her grab onto the knife's handle and rip it out. She squeals and then throws it down at us. It lands witha clang in front of me.

"Your going to have to do better than that," Roman shouts, and all of us join in hooting.

"I'm coming up," Jax shouts in a laugh. I hear my allies start hooting and laughing at the start, but then there shouts of laughter and joking turn into something more serious. They seem almost determined, mad, craving for Jax to kill that girl. The girl who managed to dodge all of my knives, and is probably laughing at how I failed to hit her the first few times. I start joining in, soehow I start feeling angry, and i want this girl dead.

Jax has managed to get at least half way up, and I can tell that he is going to get to her in a matter of seconds. He is going to kill her, and I feel a little relieved about that, until I see the girl throw the axe and it slices into Jax's shoulder. I starts falling and hits the ground with a large bang. All four of us look up at her in shock.

Ebony Grenslev D12

I haven't stopped walking, through this thick forest. I have my sheath strapped tightly to my back and my bow grasped tightly in my palms, loaded with a black pointed arrow. I haven't set it down since I got it from the cornucopia, since I smashed Crayolaya from 7 against the hard metal and shot the the girl from 6 in the leg. I know that all the tributes are close to each other, and I am sure I am not to far away from someone right now. There are 19 of us left and I am positive that there is going to be quite a bit of death in the next few days. Heck, someone is probably fighting right now.

Suddenly I start hearing shouts and screams, starting silent, but as I approach getting louder and louder. I crouch down and slowly start to walk towards the sounds, just to investigate what is happening, and maybe get myself an alliance. It only takes me a minute or so to get to the screams and the scene unfolds in front of me.

The careers all stand around a tree, but the boy from 4 is absent, maybe he died in the bloodbath. The boy from 1 lays down on the ground, his eyes shut and an axe stuck in his shoulder, blood coating it. I wince as I imagine the pain that he is most likely in. The rest of the careers look up into the tree, and scream and shout death threats and worse. I follow there gaze up into the tall pine and I am surprised to see the girl from 7, Hana I think her names is. I thought she was with an alliance? With Crayolaya and the girl from 6. She must have run off since the tension was getting too much.

I sit there examining her for a moment, her position that she is in. I could take her out easily right now, since the part of the tree that she is in is fairly open. Or I could somehow get her down and reason with her for an alliance. I watch as the beautiful girl from 1 throws her knife up at her. Hana manages to duck just in time as the knife flies by, it sticks in the bark above her and she pulls it out.

"Thanks for the knife," she shouts down at them. I smirk a little, because I can tell that the careers don't like it.

Roman Teilo D2

I look down at Jax. The axe still tightly stuck in his shoulder, blood slowly oozing out. The impact must have knocked him out, or he is dead, the Capitol just hasn't sounded the canon yet. I kneel down beside him and stick my fingers onto his neck, checking his pulse. I feel around for a moment, before I find a source of movement, quick and frantic. Just like the way he was climbing up the tree. I get up from beside him and a  look crosses my face, a feeling of diagust fills my body. I don't feel sympathy for him, I don't feel as if I need to help him. We need to leave him, he'll just slow him down. Plus he hasn't shown himself worthy enough to stay with us. Getting taken down with a girl almost a foot shorter than you, pathetic.

"Is he dead?" Tyche asks with the same look of disgust on her face. I look up at her and her bright blue hair shines in the sunlight, like flowing water.

"No, but he will be soon," I reply. My gaze shifts towards the tree, and up at the girl. The look on her face shows that she is in pain, and she holds her back, blood coating her hand, curtesy of Mistina. I slowly approach the tree and grab onto the first branch that is close enough. "I'm going up."

I slowly start climbing up, making sure my feet and hands are securely placed on branches and forks. My sword stuck in my belt, the blade bobbing up and down with every movement that I make. I stop climbing when I reach halfway up. I take a short breath and the look down. All of my fellow allies look up at me, except Jax of course. None of them cheer like they did before when Jax attempted to get the girl, but we all know how that ended. I return to climbing, scaling up the tree. My right hand reaches towards the branch abopve me when I feel something fly across me and cut open my wrist. I shout in pain and fall backwards. I only have enough time to dee the arrow stuck in the next tree over.

Tyche Rivers D4

My head whips sideways when I see the arrow hit Roman. I watch as I see movements behind a dense patch of thicket, and see a girl sprinting away.

"Get her," I shout just as Roman hits the ground. I can tell the blow has knocked the wind out of him, as he clwas the air, gasping for air like a fish out of water. Luckily the branches of the tree cushioned his fall a little. I watch as he regains himself and gets up.

"Wht about Jax?" Amor asks, I look over at her with a glare.

"Leave him, he's as good as dead anyway." I start after the girl, my fellow allies following close behind me. Amor manages to catch up to me and surpass me, her speed is mutch better than mine, but if we were in water she would have no chance. I keep running though, as fast as my legs and body allow me to. My knives tightened in my hands. I see the girl clearly now, she is not as fast as we are and she slowly starts falling behind. Mistin throws a knife, it sizzles through the air, but to my dismise misses. Something I would expect from her now, but I keep running anyway.

All of a sudden the girl just dissapears and I am halted in my tracks. My fellow allies stop as well and we all have confused looks on our faces.

"This could be a trap," Roman says, as I step a few feet closer to him. I wave him off and slowly approach where the girl dissapeared. I wave my hands around, seeing if there is some kind of trip wire or net that could have been set off, but there is nothing. I take a few steps closer and finally notice the cliff. I move to the edge and wave my allies towards me, signaling that its safe I look down and I don't see the girl. It isn't too large of a drop, but it definitley could kill you.

Xavier Callina D10

I slowly sort through my pack. It's quite large and contains a fair amount of supplies. A sleeping bag, a rope, wire, a water bottle with water -although it's a little stale- a pair of socks and a small knife which I would presume to be a throwing knife. Overall useful items. I tuck the knife into my belt, just in case I'm attacked. Since the loss of my sword I have been frantically looking for weapons that I could use, I guess this knife will have to do.

I look up into the cool sky, the cool evening air runs through my hair, giving me a feeling of serenity. The sky slowly turning into different colours. Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purples. Beautiful, like a piece of artwork frexh off a canvas. I close my eyes and take in the scene, the forest almost feels peaceful. The trees swaying to the movemens of the wind. The smell, fresh and and pine like back in District 10. My heart beating slowly, calmly, the first time since the games started.

The sun has almost dissapeared permanently, leaving the sky in waves of colours, and night creeping in quickly.

Crayolaya Licorice D7

I sit down beside Violet. She doesn't move, doesn't speak, at this point I'm not even sure that she can do any things. An ache has formed in my stomach ever since we removed the arrow from her leg. Her face is even more pale from the hours that has passed. Her hair looking like she went through a thunderstorm, messy and soaked with sweat that covers her body, yet she shivers at the same time. Now I was never really good with medecine or identifying sickness, but I definitley know that she isn't well.

Suddenly I see a figure running towards us in the distance, at top speed, holding some kind of weapon in it's hand. The figure looks somewhat female, but I can't tell because of the darkness that now sourrounds the arena. I get up and pull my knife from my belt, and hold it up ready to attack. The figure approaches closer and closer and a lump starts to form in my throat. I gulp as the figure comes close enough and I see who it is. Hana. She falls beside me, out of breath, and looking exhausted. Sweat covering her face and shirt.

"What happened to you," I ask concerened.

She slowly starts to get up off the ground and regain a normal breathing pattern. "I didn't find water," she says and we both start laughing, until I see the blood on Hana's axe.

Konami Aretino D4

The sky has officially gone black, like a vail going over the sky, like the bride of the devil on her wedding day. The air around me has gone chill, I can feel it through my bones, luckily I got a blanket from the Cornucopia, or I doubt that I would make it through this night. Banette has his own too, but he sleeps a fair distance away. I stare at Banette for a while, watching him just lay there in silence, but slowly my mind goes off to the other tributes. I wonder how the ones without blankets or sleeping bags are doing. Obvioulsy not very well, since this blanket gives minimal heat radiation anyway. Probably most don't have blankets or protection, but that's fine anyway, the night will knock them off easily tonight. Leaving the better rested and stronger tributes for tomorrow, and however long these games will go on for.

All of a sudden I feel my eyes start to get heavy, as the cool night air sings a sweet lulaby for me. I can't resist the urge, so I doze off and dream. I lay on the ground where I am currently, staring upwards. The sun beems down brightly and all the possible threats in these games stand before me. All the careers lined in single file, there weapons drawn like guns on a soldier. Next stands the boy and girl from 7, leaning on eachother like they need each other's support to survive, then stands Ebony, her bow at her side and her sheath of arrow's reflecting the golden sunrays. Next is the girl from 3, Phoebe, her looking down at me with disgust, the boy from 10 beside her. And finally stands the small girl from 9, having the same expressions as the others, and my very own ally Banette, machete shining. They all look down at me, and there is a long moment of silence, almost peace, but the uneasy feeling in my stomach grows. And I only burst awake when Ebony shoots an arrow down my throat. I am coated in a layer of sweat and Banette looks at me with uneasy eyes.

Violet Clareson D6

Black is the only thing that surrounds me, like an endless abyss of terror. I can hardly make out the figures of my allies that sit around me, and the white spots that slowly encroach onto my eyes don't help either. I know I am going to die, and I know it's going to be soon. I can't move, can't communicate with my allies, can't hardly hear. I am just a sitting duck, that is pleading to die. Hopefully someone, and soon, puts me out of my stone cold misery.

All of a sudden I hear the faint sounds of the anthem, which I am sure is playing much louder than I hear it, starting in the distance. My vision surfaces to the sky and I see the Capital seal appear. Now I shall see who the first 5 deaths were. The seal slowly fades away, and the first face appears. It's the boy from 3, meaning that the tributes from 1 and 2 are still alive and hunting. The next is Cecil from my District. My heart sinks a little, he was a little strange, but he was from home so he meant something. The tributes from 4 and 5 are still alive then. After Cecil, I see the small 12 year old from District 8, then the boy from 9 and Olivia from 10. After that the seal appears again and the anthem finishes. The forest goes black once again and I close my eyes, and take deep breaths that seem to struggle on the way in. Five people are dead, and the sad thing is that I don't care.

  • Otto Fellatio- District 3
  • Cecil Gaper- District 6
  • Rebekah Ure- District 8
  • Kainell Swartz- District 9
  • Olivia Alisu- District 10

Day 2

Eve Grace D9

As the deaths of the tributes still sink into my head I slowly lay backwards in the tree that I managed to climb about an hour ago. Now that Rebekah from 8 is gone, I am the youngest tribute left. Well technically I was always the youngest tribute, but now nobody shares the same age as me. I am all alone, scared, nervous. I don't know what to do, I guess the best thing would be to hide and prey that nobody finds me. Maybe I could find an ally, but it's doubtful that someone would want to ally with me, since I'm an easy target to take out.

I feel my quench for thirst starting to come along, it's only been a day, but I'm sure if I wait too much longer than I will be toast. My pack sadly didn't conatin any kind of water substance, only some gauze and a needle for medication. I'm going with a hunch in saying that it's a very important pack, it looked to be the only ones like it there.

Willie Fry D12


I fly up awake as I hear the canon sound in the distance, sturdy and strong. The night sky still decorating the open air. My allies don't seem to have heard it, since they all lay fast asleep, Crayolaya even snores a little, while Hana and Violet are silent. I decide I should wake them, let them know that somebody else hase fallen to their death. I crawl over to Crayolaya and shake his shoulder, he hazily wakes up and looks at me.

"Somebody died," I tell him, and his eyes grow wider.

"What? Who?" he asks a little confused, he pushes himself to a sitting position and his warm green eyes look into mine.

"I don't know, but a canon just fired." I crawl over to Hana and shake her awake, telling her the same message that I told Crayolaya, she just gets up and looks into the distance.

"I wonder who it was," she says in a hushed tone.

"I guess we'll find out tonight," I say as I crawl over to Violet. I try to be as gentle as possible, as I slowly shake her arm. But she doesn't wake up, her eyes still remain closed. I shake her arm a little harder, and again she doesn't respond.

No, it can't be Violet, I think to myself as I put my ear on her chest, checking for a heart beat, but nothing registers in my ear drums. I put my fingers on her neck and I don't feel a pulse. Death has taken Violet, and Ebony from District 12 is the cause of it.

Fergus Wishart D5

Another person dead, and another person out of my way. It's only been a few minutes since the last canon sounded, but I manage to fall asleep. But the sleep isn't like the pleasent kind, no, far from that. It isn't like the kind that you would have at home, a gentle slumber that is wrestless and pleasent. No, it's the kind that you can't stop stiring from, the kind that is full of nightmares, and the kind which in you wakeup, the demons and monsters from your head still haunt you as you move forward. That's the kind that festered with me tonight, and eventually I had to force myself awake. I couldn't take it, so I just sit there looking off into the distance, thinking of who that canon could have belonged to. The girl from 9? That girl with long black hair and the bow? Or that boy who has an identical sister back home? It could belong to anyone, and I have no idea who. But I do know something, that it didn't belong to me, and I can't let a canon belong to me. I have to get home, no matter how long it will take. I have to get home. Back to District 5, so I can see my family again. So I can work in the factories like my fellow citizens of 5. I need my life back.

Lulu Glades D11

My vision has gone 100% blurry. I can only make out shapes, it's like I need glasses, but I know at this point they won't even help. My head still aches, the pain is undiscribable and in my mind I hope that I am ended soon, even though my heart tells me to keep going. But sometimes logic should overpower what your heart tells you to do. Right now though, my heart seems like the only thing that is functioning properly in my body. It never stops pumping, especially when the careers passed by me without noticing. My heart was running like a racehorse. Luckily though, I managed to camouflage myself. My body somehow allowed my arms to grab some sticks and moss from the ground, and I covered myself, especially my hair. My face was already dirty so I didn't really need any motivation from the ground to hide me. When the careers came around though, I slowly dragged myself close to a tree and under a log. They didn't notice me, but I knew that if I wasn't camouflaged that I would be dead. Right now though, I wish I hadn't camouflage myself. I wish that the careers did find me, and killed me off like I was nothing to them. Because right now, I feel like nothing, and I feel like I shouldn't be on this earth.

I manage to flip myself onto my back and my vision goes fully black, I am blind. I start to panic, my lungs taking in air at a rapid rate, my heart pounding faster than it did when the careers passed by. And then all of a sudden everything stops, like my body just gave up and gave into death. The pain has gone away and I let one last breath out


Amor Rune D2

My eyes slowly flutter awake as the canon sound fires through my ears. Frantically, I look around, seeing if my allies are still alright, and living. They all seem fine though. Tyche is a few yards away, curled into a ball, tucked under a blanket. She doesn't make a sound, reminding me of a mouse for some reason. Her small yet strong physique, shrunk by the moonlight. Mistina, her blonde hair swept over her shoulder, is tucked away under a sleeping bag. I can see her shivering, and I start to feel colder. Finally, Roman sits beside Mistina, fully awake. He offered to take first guard, and I didn't bother saying anything else. I knew that I needed sleep, since I didn't get any from the night before the games, I was too afraid as to waht was coming. I feel more comfortable now. I gaze into Roman's eyes, but he doesn't look back. He doesn't know that I'm up. I would expect him to be tired, to look tired at lest, with bags under his eyes or yawning, but instead he looks angry.

In my mind I wonder why, but I know better not to ask him, I know that I should stay out of his way for a while. He could kill me so easily, he won't even break a sweat. That's why I have to stay on his good list. And try to agree with him every time I can, even if what he says is foolish or stupid. I just have to nod my head and go with it, it can't be that hard.

Skye Silverguard D5

The sun slowly starts to creep up beyond the horrizon. The colours sharp orange and yellow, beautiful. I rub eyes with my hands and then slowly dangle my feet off the tree branch that acted as my bed last night. It's not that far a distance off the ground, close enough that If I fell my wounds wouldn't be anything serious. I make sure my first aid kit is tucked snug into my pocket and then I slide myself off the ground. The moments that I'm in the air I feel like a bird, flying, being free. The sensation of the wind around me makes me feel alive, more awake. But all of that changes when I hit the ground. I feel as if my wings can't support me anymore and that I am back in the games. Hiding for my life.

As soon as I hit the ground, I noticed how thirsty I was. My mouth dry, my throat having a burning sensation. I searched almost all yesterday for water, I might as well continue my search today, and hopefully find some. Because if I do, I will be put further in these games. I will have something that most tributes won't. Something to keep me hidrated. I start walking and looking around, but making sure that the Cornucopia and the careers are towards my back. Hopefully thet won't find me.

Gill Sherman D11

With mace in hand I hide behind a tightly strained thicket. I watch as a small girl with blonde hair passes me. I think she is from 5. She doesn't notice me, and I guess that's a good thing. It would be too easy to sneak up on her and kill her, but I know I wouldn't be able to. She is too small, to fragile looking. It would be like killing small helpless puppy or shooting a fawn. I'll just leave her for the careers to get her, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if I followed her. I mean she might lead me to something valuable, maybe she knows something in this arena that I don't. Maybe she found water! Just the thought of water makes my mouth drool, and once she's a few yards away I scurry over to a tree a few feet away from the thicket I hid in previously. Making sure I have enough distance away from her so that she doesn't see me. This plan could pay off, or it could end up killing me. In the long run, I guess it's worth seeing through.

Hana Rio D7

I pull open my bag and shuffle through it. Setting aside usefull items that I could use later. Focussing on certain items that I need currently.

"All I have is a small package of dried beef sticks and a container of dried banana slices," I say, setting the food in the middle of us. Crayolaya, Willie and I sit in a circle, my legs crossed, sorting our foods. Now that Violet died last night, and Gill took off somewhere else, we are only a group of three. In a way I guess that's a good thing. I don't have to worry about protecting anyone else anymore. Willie and Crayolaya are capable enough to care for themselves.

"I have some apples, three to be exact," Willie replies. He sets them beside my package of meat sticks.

"Well I guess I got the best pack with the best loot because I've got some peanuts, a bag of pears and a packet of soup mix," Crayolaya says pursing his lips.

"That would come in handy if we had any water," I say, looking to the ground. Just the thought of water makes my stomach growl, and my throat tighten. Crayolaya sets his food down in the center of us and we all just stare at it. I can tell just from the looks on my allies' faces that they want to dive into the food and eat it all. And I know myself that I could do the same thing. But the only smart solution to this problem is to ration our food so that we can survive longer.

"I say we eat the apples and then leave the rest for later in the games," I tell them, distracting the boys from their glances at the food. "And maybe split the food up between us, just incase someone is split from the group, that way they will have enough food to last them longer."

Crayolaya looks at me and then smirks, "It sounds like you are planning something Hana, you leaving us?"

I smile back, "I would never leave you, besides, you guys wouldn't be able to survive without me around." I smile and the other two burst out laughing. It takes them a minute to calm down, and once they regain their cool, we each take an apple and start eating. The juice in mine replenishes my thirst a little, but not enough to last long.

"We could hunt later, and gather some more food," Willie says. "Maybe even find water."

"I doubt we can hunt," Crayolaya replies. "If I had my bow maybe, but all we have is Hana's axe and a few knives." I don't know if I should be insulted or not at this statement. Does he not think I am useful with an axe? Does he think I am not good enough to weild one? I hardly even comprahend what I am doing, but I am ended up throwing my axe towards a near by tree. It whistles through the air and sticks into the bark, dead center. I smirk to myself, and avert my attention from the axe to the expressions on the boys' faces.

"I stand corrected," Crayolaya says, gulping a little. Willie chuckles and my smirk slowly fades away. My shoulder is in so much pain, from when the girl from 1 hit me with her knife. I can see the concerned look on Willie's face.

"You okay?" he asks, reaching for his first aid kit.

"Fine, just a scratch," I tell him, but in reality it's not. A deep wound that I patched up with some faulty tree moss. If I keep it a secret too long, it may become infected. But I won't tell them now, I don't want them to picture me as a set back in their game lives.

Eve Grace D9

I continue walking. Even though I have no clue what I am looking for. I already found water. There was a small pond near the base of the cliff that slopes down, easy enough to walk down it. The water was cool and sweet tasting, nothing like the water I have ever tasted back in District 9, stale and mildew flavoured. But we still drank it anyway. I am just hoping to myself that the water is safe and that I just didn't conceal my death by drinking poison, but I seem fine so far.

I slowly redirect myself around a thick tree. It stands tall and quite bulky, but I stop in my feet at what I see next. I look down at her. The girl laying there. Her bow stuck under her back, her arrows flung in different directions scattered around her body. And a large gash down the left side of her face. It doesn't look too deep, but it looks deadly. I slowly approach her and pick one of her arrows off the ground. Is she dead? Is she uncouncious? Or is she playing a trick on me? I take a few steps closer to her and reach my hand with the arrow out and gentley poke her in the side. Nothing happens. I poke her again, but again nothing happens. Finally I poke her cheek, just a little harder than I poked her before and I watch her eyes fly open. I stumble backwards, and she grabs her bow, loads with an arrow and aims it at me, with much swiftness.

I freeze, not wanting to make any sudden moves that could conceal my fate. I gulp as I drop the arrow that belongs to her and I close my eyes.

"If you are going to kill me, make it quick," I tell her, my voice shaking as I say it. Her eyes narrow at me and I watch as she slowly lowers her bow and I can breath again.

Ebony Grenslev D12

Feelings play a chess match in my head right now. And the emotion that is currently winning is sympathy. As I slowly lower my bow I think of my sisters. And then my mind goes back to the small girl from 9. She reminds me of them a little. Not the way she looks, but her innocence.

"I won't kill you," I tell her putting my bow down. My hand reaches to my face and I feel a sticky, warm substance between my fingers. I pull my hand down so my eyes can see them and a thick red liquid covers my fingertips. Blood. "By any chance do you have anything for this in that small pack of yours?"

The girl smiles a little and nods. I feel a rush of relief run inside me, my wound won't get infected, and I won't have to worry about it for the rest of the games. The girl pulls a small roll of gauze out of her pack and starts rapping it around my head, with shaky hands. I don't think she trusts me enough.

"It's okay, don't be nervous," I try to comfort her. "I am not going to hurt you, you are too young to be here, you shouldn't be here anyway, and that's why I will protect you."

She looks down at the ground and pauses rapping the gauze around my head. "Does that mean we're allies?"

I nod, "I'm Ebony, I'm from District 12."

"Oh ya, you got that 8 in training, it surprised my prep team, they wouldn't stop talking about you the night of the interviews," she tells me with a small, cute giggle. "I'm Eve by the way, I'm from 9."

I smile a little, and then she continues rapping the gauze around my wound.

Jax Sheers D1

In the time that I was left by my fellow careers, my old allies, I have managed to pull out enough strength from my weak body to lean up against a tree. It stretches high into the sky, like a skyscraper, just barely touching the clouds. Beautiful I guess. But my mind doesn't settle on anything like that, it is too focused on the pain fom my shoulder than shoots down my arm every time I move. My blood soacked coat just hanging off me, limp like my body. I have lost too much blood, I know that for sure. And I know that I'm done for soon if I don't get some kind of medical attention.

I look to the ground, close my eyes and bite the inside of my cheek. I am so stupid, I wouldn't be dying if I didn't try to show off to the other careers that I am a killer. I knew the girl from 7 had the upper hand, she wasn't the one climbing the tree, she was already safe at the top, she didn't have to scramble around for her weapon in her belt loop, she had her axe already held in her hands. And that's why she got me. The pain when she did hit me though, when that axe pierced into my shoulder. It was excruciating, it felt like somebody whipped me across the shoulder with a log and pushed me off a cliff. The last thing I remember from that incident was hitting the ground, then passing out.

All of a sudden I hear a thump on the ground not too far ahead of me. My eyes fly open and I grab my knife from my pocket, the sudden jerk sends pain down my arm and I scream a whail of pain. I hold my knife up in front of my face, in case I am attacked, but there is nobody. My breathing is shakey and tears are sprung into my eyes. Just a shining silver parachute with a small box attached to it lays there on the ground. I slowly reach for it with my good arm, and slowly open it. I peer inside and see a needle and a small spool of thread. I know what this is for, sealing my wound. But I know I won't be able to do it myself, I am going to have to find someone else to do it. Someone naive enough to trust me, and then once my arm has healed a little, I will kill them. It's the perfect plan, I just have to find someone gullible enough to fall for it.

Phoebe Kressila D3

I take a deep breath of warm air. I look up to the sky and squint as the sun gets in my eyes, by the way the sun shines in the sky, I would say that it is noon. The day is half over, and I still have no water. I've managed to survive a day and a half without water, but I know that I can't last that much longer. Ina nother day I will be dead, already I can feel the effects of not having enough water. I feel weak, tired and my tongue is as dry  and bumpy as sand paper. I don't want to know the effects that dehydration will have on me in another day, but I have a good idea as to what it is, and I can't help shivering when I think of it.

And that's what brought me here in the first place, the cornucopia. It has been unguarded since the bloodbath. The careers took off in search for the others yesterday, and were never back since, I kept a close eye on the Cornucopia. But I knew it would be foolish to go in, now I'm starting to second guess myself. I don't think it would be foolish, if it means saving my life, then it should be worth the risk.

I slowly step out from the brush, and look around, scanning the the thick grass plain. I don't see another soul in site. They are all gone, all gone fighting and trying their best to survive. The bigger groups having a better advantage, while the weaker tributes not very high. Obviously the careers are the dominating alliance right now, for now.

I don't take anymore time to think, I decide to just go, thinking has got me into some trouble in the past, so I don't want it to screw me up this time. I start out in a fast paced sprint, as fast as my legs will allow me to go. I take in air through my noes and out through my mouth. It only occurs to me once I'm half way into the Cornucopia zone that the careers could have someone keeping guard of the cornucopia, waiting for tributes like me to come flying in to kill. I quickly dissregard that thought and dive into the mouth of the cornucopia. I snag a small knife off a pile of supplies that looks like it was abandoned a while ago, and sift through a large amount of water bottles. I try my best to find one that is full, I go through at least 8 before I find one that fits my standards. I take a deep breath, and sprint as fast as I can out of there. I made it out alive, next time I might not be as lucky.

Fergus Wishart D5

I finally decide to take a brake, all this walking, through this thick terrain of a forrest, it's hard work. Not that I'm complaining, people in District 5 have had to endure worse every single day of their lives. Walking through a tightly compacted forest would be a blessing to them.

I decide to lean up against a tall cedar tree, it's thick branches with abnormal leaves start about 10 feet, giving me more head room and space than I need to rest. I adjust my shoulde to make me feel as comfortable as possible, and then I shut my eyes, blocking the world out from around me. I slow my breathing rate, to a nice steady pace. Breathing in the breeze slowly and exhailing it even slower. I finally feel relaxed, and I feel myself slowly drifting off. This is nice, this feels too good to be true. My mind keeps shouting at me to wakeup, to abort falling asleep and keep on walking, but my body just say, It's ok, go to sleep for a little bit.

And I find myself yawning.

All of a sudden I hear a wooshing sound and a loud bang come from my right. My eyes flash open at the speed of light, and I feel as if i have been awake the whole time. I frantically look around and see a large silver trident laying next to a tree with a fresh looking knick out of it. I hear a shout and the sound of footsteps in front of me. I quickly look up and see the boy from 4 and Banette from 8 sprinting towards me. I gasp and my breathing starts to go heavy again, rapid, so much for calming my breath.

In a quick second I am running away, moving as fast as I can, but i know, I'm not going to be a match for the other two. They are both faster than me, and once the boy from 4 gets his trident back I am done for. And almost like on cue, I feel a piercing pain on my back and I double over forward. I scream and hollar in pain and agony. It feels as if somone has taken a large stick and whipped me in the same place ten times. I feel a warm substance move throughout my back, and I know right away that it's my blood. I take a deep breath as I feel footprints beside me.

"Time to die," I hear Banette's unmistakenable voice shrill over me. I hear him draw a blade from his belt and I bite down. The next thing I see is blackness.


Xavier Callina D10

As the sound of the canon registers through my ears I feel myself gulping. It sounds so close, yet so far away. Like it's right beside me, but in some different world out there. I wonder if it's like this for every other tribute as they hear the canons.

I can't help feeling sad hearing the canon, as much as it benefits me to hear that canon sound many times before me. It means that people are losing there lives. Teenagers, just like me are dying at the hands of people their own age. A few weeks ago we were all just normal kids, trying to live through life without any worries. Just trying to fit in. Some of us just trying to hold onto life, while others walking through it like it means nothing, everything handed to them. Back in District 10, there is nobody like that, nobody gets anything handed to them on a silver platter, we have to work for it, work hard for it.

Suddenly I am halted in my steps, and I gulp again. I tighten my grip around the throwing knife that I hold in my hand as I see the large boy from District 1 sitting there, laying there. Blood soaked and dying. I could easily walk up to him and end his life now, but would I have enough strength to do something like that? I try to back away slowly, trying to be unseen, but it's too late, he sees me.

"Wait, don't run away," he says with a soft purr. "I'm not going to hurt you." He looks me up and down with his dark brown eyes and tries to put the best smile on his bloodstained face.

"How do I know I can trust you?" I ask, not getting any closer. This could be an easy trap, the other careers could be close.

"If I wanted you dead, you would be in the hovercraft by now, I am not going to harm you, just please come closer, I need your help."

"Why don't you get your career friends to help you, why ask me?" I say, trying to sound as mature and smart as possible, while trying not to start anything too dangerous.

"Once that girl from 7 got me in the shoulder with her axe, they left me, they didn't even give me a chance to get up," he says looking to the ground. "Now I want them dead as much as you do I am sure."

I clench my jaw and scrape my teeth together. I bite the inside of my cheek and fiddle around with the throwing knife. Could he possible be telling the truth, did the careers really leave him, and he wants revenge. Or is he just playing with me and has intentions beyond mine. Whatever it is, I guess I might as well see what he as to offer, and stay if it's good enough.

"What do you need help with?" I ask him, and I can tell by the look on his face that he seems releaved.

"I need you to sew my shoulder up. A sponsor dropped me some thread and a needle, I just can't manage to do it myself."

"And what would be in it for me?" I ask a little too cocky for my oppinion. Even though the boy is crippled, he could still be dangerous.

"Protection," he says slowly, like he was trying to make an excuse for something. I almost laugh at this remark.

"Like a cripple as yourself could protect me," I say with a chuckle in my voice.

"Fine I will give you food, and anything else that I could possibly give you."

"Do you have a scythe?" I ask quickly, I might as well see if he has one, it could benefit me.

He looks at me like I'm stupid for a moment and then speaks, "Does it look like I have one."


"Correct, I don't, but I have lots of knives and things in my pack, is it possible that those things could be a form of payment?" he asks trying to seem more innocent than moments ago. I think for a little bit, would this be worth it? Would this offer be worth risking getting back to Xena? Worth risking my life?

"Ok," I nod, and take the needle in my hand.

Mistina Seabreeze D1

The sun has already started to set in the sky, only in it's first stage of descent, but most likely in an hour it will be gone. I have started to get accustomed to the short days in the arena, and the long, freezing nights that follow. The arena is a strange place, full of strange secrets that will be unvealed soon I presume.

My thoughts are interupted as I hear a loud bang and look to my side. I see Roman, as he beats a pack against a tree in a fiery of anger. You can tell by the expression on his face that he is getting madder, and that's when it's a good time not to speak up, but obviously one of my allies is stupid enough to.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Tyche spits out like poison, with no effort. Roman stops smashing the pack for a moment and then looks over at her. If you look close enough, you can almost see red in his eyes, but that might just be my mind playing tricks on me. But then Tyche continues, "Well come on, spit it out, why are you pissed?"

Roman throws the pack to the ground and then slowly walks over to Tyche, he gets so up close to her, that it looks like he is going to lean in for a kiss. "Do you hear those canons?" he asks.

"No of course not, because they aren't bloody loud enough anyway," Tyche says in a mocking voice, mimicking Roman. And in a quick flash, Roman strikes Tyche across the face with the back of his hand and she falls to the ground. I gasp and my eyes meet with Amor's. She looks as stunned as I feel. Tyche slowly looks up from the ground, she whipes blood off of her lip and slowly backs away from Roman.

"As I was saying," Roman spits, glaring over at Tyche with vengeful eyes. I've never seen Roman this mad before, I knew he was vile, just not this cruel. "Evertime one of those canons go off, and we aren't the cause of it, it means there is someone else out there that is killing tributes off. Somone else strong."

"It could be mutts," Amor says quietly, and I wince waiting for Roman to do something to her, but instead he keeps on going.

"We need to get our acts together, we need to find tributes and kill them. If it wasn't so damn cold at night I would suggest that we go, but since it's deadly cold, we will have to start tomorrow morning, Mistina you will take first guard when night comes."

I sigh but slowly nod. I don't remember anyone apointing him leader, he kind of just became that role all by himself, now that Jax is gone, that canon probably belonging to him, Roman has even more power over us. And the only one brave enough to speak up was Tyche, and I don't thnk that will happen ever again after what just happened.

I watch Tyche get up off the ground and pull a knife from her pocket. She walks over to a sidetracked Roman and pulls the knife on his throat. I guess I have been wrong before. My eyes go wide, and my heart starts to beat faster. Could this be the end of Roman? "Touch me again, and this knife just may slip next time." She says, pulling the knife away from him and tucking it back in her pocket. I had no clue being a career was so dangerous, I better stay low, out of Roman and Tyche's ways. They are forces to be reckoned with.

Banette Tsukomogami D8

I sit there, on the grass tiled ground. Small brown needles littering the ground like sprinkles on a cake from the pine trees up above. Watching the sunset is like watching someone fall asleep in front of you. It's quite boring and even if you close your eyes for a second, they both go down. I sigh through my nose, not out of anger or bordome, just out of fatigue. Today has been a long, tiresome day. Konami and I kept searching for water, with no luck once again, we had to stop because of a cliff that drops off far from the ground. We doubled back and went to a part that slowly slopes down like a hill. And on top iof it all, I killed someone, my muderous personality was tested today, and it beat the test. The last thing I remember is my machete entering the back of his soft neck, and his canon sounding his death. Now that I have managed to kill someone, I have realized the hardships of this arena, this "game". One moment you could be climbing a tree, and the next, you could be dead on the ground with an aroow through your throat. You don't see what's coming for you, and I guess that is what the people in the Capitol enjoy the most about these, you never see it coming. But they do, they watch as the person stalks you as you run through the forest. But they don't do anything about it, they sit there and toast another death with champagne and alcohol. I guess I have to watch my back the rest of the games, and not trust anyone, not even Konami for that matter.

Gill Sherman D11

Night has come upon us once again. The moon and the stars brightening the forest, but only enough to see just in front of me. Making every howl or hoot in the distance even more menacing. A couple yards away from me, the small girl from 5 has scaled a tree to rest, her small, fragile body just barely made it up the thick branches, but she is there, and safe from the creatures that lurk the ghostly ground, searching for morsals of tributes to sink there fangs into. I almost shudder thinking of the things that could be watching me right now. If I was stupid enough I would climb a tree right now to get away from them, but I have never been the best climber, and I dont want to attract any attention to myself. So instead, I fix myslef a small bed of soft green moss and manage to cover myself up with a few leaves, hopefully camouflaging myself good enough that I can't be seen at first glance. I nuzzle up against a thicket, which blocks the cool breeze of the arena from touching me. I look up into the night sky, at the stars. In my District, people have said that each star in the sky represents someone that has fallen, someone that has passed away. And I know now, that there were three more joining the sky tonight, three more that I will soon find out who. And almost on que, the seal appears in the sky.

I hear the anthem start to play, deafening the sounds of the night creatures, turning the whole forest blue from the light of the seal. It slowly dissapears and the first face of the dead tributes shows up. Its the boy from 5, I don't recall his name. Actually, I hardly recall him at all. My mind only managed to snatch around the people that posed a threat to me, and I guess he didn't seem like one. The next face shown is Violet from 6, my former ally. The sight of her face makes my stomach tighten. She looks so beautiful in her portrait, yet so fragile, like a porcelain doll. If Violet is up in the sky, what is it to say that my other allies aren't? But finally the final portrait is the girl from 11 who seemed so sweet, but when she thought nobody was looking, so cruel. And with that the seal appears again, with one last flourish of the anthem, the sky goes black again. The cries of the night animals resume playing, and the sway of the trees from the breeze is the only thing soothing. Violet is my only ally that is dead, but there is nothing saying that my other allies are in trouble. Heck, they could be on their death beds, or they could be thriving. At this point I don't know what to think. I f they are in trouble or not. The only thing I do know for certain is that I have to get to them.

  • Fergus Wishart- District 5
  • Violet Clareson- District 6
  • Lulu Glades- District 11

Day 3

Skye Silverguard D5

My eyes fly open, and in a split second, my body falls into a state of panic. A loud boom blows my eardrums, and I am sent to the ground. I hit the ground just as I hear another boom go off a couple feet away. Not a boom very familiar, not the boom of a canon, or the boom of a tree falling down in the distance, which can only lead me to the suspision that this is some kind of explosion. I am pulled out of my thoughts by another loud boom, and this time, I am sent into the air. I soar at least ten feet into the sky, my limbs and body parts being flailed around like a rag doll. Like I'm a feather on a bird, being uprooted by a gush of wind and pushed through the air. As I fly through the air, the whole world ceases for a moment, and everything stops. It's almost as if someone has paused this moment in time so that they can capture it in their minds. And just like that, everything resumes, and I am flung into a tree, my back taking the worse of the blow. The rough bark tears rips through my coat, and the impact knocks the wind from my system.

I finally hit the ground, my body flung into a thick underbrush of ferns. For a moment, I can't breath. I gasp for air, my body working its hardest to get oxygen through my lungs, but it's futile. Until one breath breaks free, and I can finally breath again. Once I regain my strength, I push myself onto the souls of my feet and try my best to run. Once I take my first step I stumble to the side, a sharp pain throbs in my side, and every time I take a step, it shoots up my back. There is no doubt in my mind that I have ruptered or broke something. I hardly feel that I can go on, I lean myself up against a tree, and regain my breath. Taking in large gulps of air and wincing of the pain in my right side. I know that death is inevitable, it is coming soon, just like it did for the last 8 of my fellow tributes that die, but I know I can't give up so easily, I am Skye Silverguard. I'm a survivor. But I am only sent running again once another large bang explodes from behind me.

The next few strides are a struggle, I hardly make it forward, but a constant voice in my head pushes me on, keeps me moving forward. Then the unexpected happens, and I am sent to the side as a bomb goes off directly beside me, only a few feet to my left. Just like last time, I am flung through the air, but the base product has a diferent ending. Instead of my back, it's my head that takes the blow, and I am put uncontious. The pain goes away as I fall into a slumber, but only for now, if I do manage to get back up, or survive the attack of the bombs, the pain will be waiting.

Hana Rio D7

I can't take it anymore. The pain, the agony that shoots through my body as I make the slightest of a move. I'm tired of hiding it, the wound that I recieved on Day 1. When the girl through her knife into the back of my shoulder. I managed to bandage it up with some moist moss, but now, that won't be enough to keep me alive. Although I may look like a weakling to my allies, I am going to have to tell them, so that Willie can patch me up. He is almost a miracle worker with medicine and medical issues. He managed to patch up Violet, my former ally from 6, although her wounds were too severe and there was really no hope for her. But now, I guess I am just going to have to embrace the fact that my allies will find out sooner or later about my cut. And I might as well get help now before it becomes too severe.

I slowly look up from the ground, as I carve a pattern into the muddy soil, a sharp stick in hand. I scan over my allies. Crayolaya stands at a tree a few yards away. I let him borrow my axe for a moment, since he doesn't have a weapon, and he practices his throwing. I watch as the axe flies by the tree, a good 2 feet to the right. His accuracy with a bow is much better, although not the greatest either. But better than his aim with my axe, his just lacks the certain finess with the weapon. The certain something that you get when using an axe almost everyday in life. Willie sits across from me, his face burried in his arms which rest on his knees. He looks peaceful, but I know he isn't sleeping. Acrually, I don't think he slept a wink last night, eeing Violet in the sky has reminded him that not even the people he bonds with are safe, and I think that has affected him in a way that I will never comprihend. Although my mind tells me to let him rest, I slowly crawl over to him and shake his shoulder. His head slowly lifts off his forearms and he smiles.

"Hey," I say, with a little smile.

"Hi, he replies. "What's wrong." I think he can tell by the look on my face that I am in pain.

"Well you know the time when I went looking for water, and I had a little run in with the careers," I tell him, he nods. "Well there is something about that little encounter that I didn't tell you about." I slowly take my coat off, revealing my bare arms, which have gotten more pailer than they were before, since I haven't taken my coat off in days. I take a slow deep breath and close my eyes, I grab the edge of my green t-shirt and slowly start raising it above my head. I feel my cheeks start blushing as I do so, I have never taken my shirt off in front of a guy before, not only him though, the whole Capitol is most likely watching, unless there is some kind of fight going on. I open my eyes, and Willie looks at me with wide eyes. "Don't get too excited." I laugh, and it feels like a little bit of the awkwardness has been lifted. I slowly turn my body aroun and show him the moss covered scar. He reaches out and peels the moss off, and I bite my lip and whine a little.

"Oh Hana, why didn't you tell me sooner, if this got infected, you would be dead in a few days," he says and I can sense a little bit of concern in his voice, but also condescending.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't want you guys to think of me as a weakling," I try to tell him.

"It doesn't matter, would you rather have been viewed as a weakling, or someone on their death bed?" he asks. But I don't reply, just look down to the ground.

"By any chance do you have any medical supplies left?" I ask.

"No more gauze," he says looking through his pack. "But you are lucky, I have a large enough bandage to cover the wound, and some ointment that good take some of the possible infection away." He slowly unscrews the lid of the cream and takes a little in his fingers. He gently touches my wound with the ointment and the cold radiates through my body, but also the pain of somethong touching my wound. He quickly shuffles, and places the bandage on my cut.

"Your lucky that it wasn't a very deep cut," he spits out.

"Ya," I reply. "The blade was hardly an inch long, useles in my oppinion."

Suddenly I am interupted by a loud bang, and I feel the ground shake. My head turns in the direction of the noise, Willie doing the same. I don't here Crayolaya throwing the axe anymore, but instead he stays still, his feet planted on the ground beside us.

"What was that."

Gill Sherman D11

That girl, the one from District 5, just lays there motionless in the thicket. Her body bruised and battered, thrown in the air, and beaten around like baseball. I was lucky enough to not be affected by the explosions, somehow the Capitol was fixed on getting her, but from my recelection, I am not sure why. I have been stalking her since Day 1, and I don't think that she did anything to offend them, anything to tease them off, unless I missed something that they didn't. But I guess in a way I am thankful for them going after her instead of me, I mean I am not the one unconcious right now, but if I had a choice, I would have set the bombs on the career pack, just to shake a few things up.

I slowly take small strides towards her, ducking behind trees, being careful where I step. I am startled when I hear shouts in the distance and loud booms. Somebody is close, and they are being attacked by the bombs as well. I listen closer if I can make out what they are saying, but everything is muffled, like they are talking through their hands. But the voices sound strictly feminine, with the odd break of a deep voice. And it sounds like they are getting closer, and closer, and finally my mind kicks in, and tells me to flee. But it is already too late, as I quickly duck behind a tree and grasp my mace tighter in my hand, I watch as the careers quickly sprint my way. But the boy from 1 is missing in action, maybe he was a victim of the bombs and I just lost the sound of the canon within the sound of the bombs.

My breathing starts to get heavier, and my heart starts beating faster and faster. It is almost like my body is gasping for air after I have run a marathon, but I haven't ran at all.

"Thank god those effing bombs have stopped," says the girl with the blue hair, from 4.

"Jesus these gamemakers are trying to kill us," says Mistina, and I can't help but smirking. Of course they are, that's there job, to put us through hell before we are sent to our death.

"Do you hear something" says the girl from 4. My smirk slowly fades away.

"No..." says the boy from 2, Roman.

"Well I do," District 4 says. "Someone's here."

"Who Tyche, who is here?" asks Roman.

A small smirk crosses thr girl from 4, Tyche's face, and I see her grab a knife from her pocket. "Him!" she shouts, and the last thing I see is her arm whip around, and the knife coiming straight for me.


Konami Aretino D4

"Do you hear that?" Banette asks. I lift my head up from my trident and glance around.

"Hear what?" I question him, but in return he shushes me instead of giving me a reasonable answer. I roll my eyes, and listen for a moment, letting my body and my mind stay perfectly still. But I still hear nothing, it's as if the forest paused in time and nothing moves. No breeze running through the trees, rustling the leaves to make a calming noise. No stream trickling off a moss covered rock in the distance. Nothing, just pure silence, which in my oppinion, is not a good sign.

"It's getting closer," Banette says, his voice choking on the last word, struggling to spit it out.

"What is," I ask, anxious, yet afraid of the answer to come. His response could be anything, but instead, he shushes me again. I feel my heart start pounding, beating faster and faster and faster, and my anger starting to rise.

"Jesus Christ, why don't you fucking tell me!" I shout, and he looks up at me, his mouth wide open to say something. His brows furrowed, I can tell he is angry, he is about to hiss something vile to me, but he is cut off, and it is too late to tell me what is getting closer, because it has already attacked. All of a sudden a huge explosion is set of, only yards away from me, and we are both sent backwards.

I hit the ground with a large thud and my vision flashes off for a moment. For a split second everything goes black, I can't see a thing, nor hear a thing, only touch and smell are my guide. I feel around, trying to find my trident, sifting through the ground covered in leaves and branches. I curse to myself as I can't find it, but finally, my hands touch something cold and smooth and I grapple around the handle of my trident. My vision slowly returns, but my hearing doesn't. I hear nothing at all, not a sound, not a squeak. The explosion took my hearing away.

I know now that I am not going to win these, you need every single sense intack in order to prevail against the odds in these games, and now that the gamemakers took my hearing away, there is no hope for me. But I am not going to stick around and let them take anything else from me, so I take off in a run. Not caring if Banette is following or not.

Roman Teilo D2

The explosions have stopped, and the forest has returned back to normal. I guess the Capitol is satisfied enough for the moment, seeing enough bloodshed for this morning, but by the end of the day I know the Capitol will be bored once again, and find some way to draw us out to fight each other. It's just the nasty circle of life in these games, and we are the pieces that are being tampered with. The pieces to the puzzle that will only be complete once these games are finished. And only one of us remain. That one most likely being me. I mean there is nobody really in these games that are left that have a strong chance at beating me. My allies, I can handle them. Amor, she is tough for her age, but she is easily scared. Mistina, she's clueless and wouldn't know what was going on even if I drew it out, and Tyche. She would be the hardest to dispose of, but I could manage. All I would have to do is knock her off her feet and she would be as good as dead. But there is no point in doing that now, why take the risk of picking off people that will care for you now. I might as well wait until later, when there are a fewer number of us left. That's when I will strike the coar and kill them. And the other tributes, they are just jokes. Throan in these games just to be laughed at by the Capitol, to be extra blood spilled. They all have no chance at victory. The strongest out of them is Jax, but that girl from 7 wounded him enough on Day 1 that I am not surprised he isn't dead yet. But his death will soon come.

Phoebe Kressila D3

I stumble along, not knowing where I am going, not knowing what to do. Just walking along for the sake of it. I'm so deluted by thirst that I can't think straight. My tongue is as dry as scotch tape, my body as weak and brittle as a stick, and my tiredness is at an all time high. I haven't gotten a full night sleep since the games have started. At the most, 2 hours is the amount I have gotten. I am too afraid that if I do end up falling asleep, I won't wakeup. And that's why my amount of sleep is so low. Hardly enough to sustain me for a long time.

All of a sudden, I hear the noise of running water. I feel myslef jerk up and sniff the air. It feels moist and cool. I start stumbling forward even faster, breaking through tree branches and bushes. Not caring if I make a sound. If I don't get to this water, I am dead anyway. So I might as well get to it now before it is too late.

I quickly run past a small bush and am halted once I see the fresh stream creak trailing down the forest and stopping into a shallow pond. I gasp and almost dive into the water. I stick my head under and quickly gulp water down my throat. The sweet taste replenishes my throat, and I feel myself gasping for air. I quickly take a breath and dive my head back under the water. I take my shoes off and let my feet soak in the water for a few moments and then I release my hair from it's ponytail and scrub it off in the stream.

I am not letting this creek slip out of view.

Death Chart

Day District Name By Who Method
1 3 Otto Fetallio Jax Sheers Throat Slit
1 9 Kainell Swartz Mistina Seabreeze Throat Cut
1 10 Oliva Alisu Tyche Rivers Stabbed
1 8 Rebekah Ure Roman Teilo Chest Slashed
1 6 Cecil Gaper Roman Teilo Heart Impaled
2 6 Violet Clareson Ebony Grenslev Died From Arrow Wound
2 11 Lulu Glades Roman Teilo Head Injury, died later
2 5 Fergus Wishart Banette Tsukomogami Slashed Across Back
3 11 Gill Sherman Tyche Rivers Knife To Chest

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