Hey Guys!! I am making another Hunger Games as you can see. This will be my third Hunger Games and I have a really good idea. I am still writing my other games The Xerothermic Games as well as this so, just have fun and enter a tributes.


I know, I know rules... who likes them, but there still have to be a few but not a lot.

1. There is a maximum of  3 tributes per user

2. I would like you guys to comment and give me a lot of encouragment because in my last few games I wasn't given a lot and I didn't feel that inspired to write. Plus I am doing this for your entertainment!

3. Please no swearing/ Sexual references!!

4. Have fun ang give your tributes lots of advice.

5. Districts 1-12 will participate








Appearence (Real life Picture)



Schedule For The Disasters

Day 1: Draught

Day 2: Fire

Day 3: Tornados

Day 4: ???

Day 5: ???

Day 6: ???

Day 7: ???

Day 8: ???

Day 9: ???

Day 10: ???


1. 2 tributes will be loaded in certain areas of the arena together

2. Tributes that have to much supplies will most likley be knocked off some how if you know what I mean.

3. A new natural disaster shall occur each day!

The Amazing Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon
1 Male Topaz Grace 17 Katana, Knives
1 Female Saffron Starr 16 Katana, Bow and Arrow
2 Male Chlorine Brandt 17 Axe, Sword
2 Female Chloe Black 16 Swords, Throwing Knives
3 Male Phenyx Rouge 17 Obsidian Dagger
3 Female London Speed 16 Knives, Axe
4 Male Walu Escalor 14 Trident
4 Female Sandy Moral 15 Trident, Nets
5 Male Harley Swoop 14 Blowgun, Knife
5 Female Detria Glace 14 Throwing Knives, Blowgun
6 Male Zak Siege 17 Sword
6 Female Melusine Lark 18 Bow and Arrow
7 Male Grant Dean 13 Spears
7 Female Yasmin Veleno 17 Poison, Knives, Awl
8 Male Joshua Zane 16 Labry
8 Female Jamiena Sadora 13 Blowgun
9 Male Xavier Doron 18 Long Curved Knives
9 Female Kaila Maze 17 Traps, Knives
10 Male Teach Rebel 18 Pick axe
10 Female Elk Chien 14 Axe, Throwing Axe
11 Male Wolf Fang 15 Kunai, Shuriken
11 Female Saveon Gold 17 Battle Axe, Barb Wire
12 Male Bartholomew Scandal 18 Cutlass, Axe
12 Female Noiri Blanche 15 Scimitar, Close Range Weapons

  • Topaz Grace (D1)
  • Saffron Starr (D1)
  • Chlorine Blanche (D2)
  • Chloe Black (D2)
  • Phenyx Rouge (D3)
  • London Speed (D3)
  • Walu Escalor (D4)
  • Sandy Moral (D4)
  • Harley Swoop (D5)
  • Detria Glace (D5)
  • Zak Siege (D6)
  • Melusine Lark (D6)
  • Grant Dean (D7)
  • Yasmin Veleno (D7)
  • Joshua Zane (D8)
  • Jamiena Sadora (D8)
  • Xavier Doron (D9)
  • Kaila Maze (D9)
  • Teach Rebel (D10)
  • Elk Chien (D10)
  • Wolf Fang (D11)
  • Saveon Gold (D11)
  • Bartholomew Scandal (D12)
  • Noiri Blanche (D12)

The Arena

The arena is giant and divided into 4 sections. The first is a small village with many huts made of grass and mud that can provide little shelter. The second is an ocean beach area with steep cliffs. The third is mountains that stretch high and firm. And the final is an open plain with tall wheat grass.

  • The Ocean
  • The Huts
  • The Mountains
  • Wheat Fields

The Tribute Parade

District Male Outfit Female Outfit

Tapaz wears a silver suit with purple jewels incrested in his collar, his sleave cuffs and his bright white belt. He wears purple dress shoes with purple jewels at the tip of both shoes. He also wears a purple see through cape and a silver crown with incrested purple jewels. His hair is slicked back with gel and has purple flecks of glitter weaved in.

Saffron wears a similar outfit as Topaz. She wears a see through silver dress incrested with diamonds and a pair of purple undergarmets. She wears a pair of purple stilleto heels with the purple diamonds colecting up the heels. She also wears a see through silver cape and a silver tiara with purple jewels. Her hair is in a bun with purple glitter sprinkled through.

Chlorine wears a skin tight  v-neck jumpsuit with a pattern of thin bricks of the colour orientation of greeny browns and creams. He wears dark grey boots that chop up to his knees and grey gloves that go up to his elbows. Chlorine holds a concrete smoother in his right hand. His hair is normal and some what messy.

Chloe wears a jumpsuit that dips down to her lower back showing of her tanned skin and toned muscle. Her jumpsuit is in the same patern as Chlorine's but is in more of the redy-green tones of colour. Chloe wears dark grey thigh length high heel boots, and dark grey shoulder length gloves. Chloe holds a long concrete rake in her left hand. Her hair is let down and falls in curls.
3 Phenyx wears a dark green full body suit with green, red and yellow wires climbing from his bare feet up to his head which then forms into a crown of wires. Phenyx's hair is put of in spikes to resemble the crown of wires on his head, his normal brown hair has been tinted into a geeny-brown. London wears a dark green full body suit as well with green, purple and orange wires clinmbing up her body and up onto her head which they then form into a giant bow of wires. London's hair is put into dskinny dread locks resembling the shape of the wire and her hair as well is tinted a greeny brown colour.
4 Walu wears a black and blue diving suit that cuts off at his neck and goes down into 2 shoes made out of the diving material. He holds a gleaming light blue trident that glows in the night. His hair is dampend to look like he just came from the ocean and is brushed to the right side of his head. Sandy wears a black and blue diving suit that cuts off at the neck and goes down into high heel shoes made of the same material. She holds a fish on a chain in her right hand that has the same glowing blue capacity. Her hair is let down and falls in whisps to her waist, it is dappened as well to make it look like she is fresh from the ocean.
5 Harley wears a gold muscle shirt decorated with light bulbs that flash off and on with a yellow colour. He also wears a pair of shorts with the same kind of idea, a small pair of yellow slippers and a head piece that is a giant light bulb. His hair is not seen. Detria wears a strapless knee length flowing dress that is decorated with yellow light bulbs that flash off and on. She wears yellow flats that decorate her feet and a headband with three light bulbs that shine her brown hair that is straightened and goes down to her lower back.
6 Zak wears barley anything on his body. He has one tire that circles his waist covering up his valuables and that is it. His feet are bare, his head holds know head peice and his hair is flipped in a comb over to one side. Melusine wears a similar outfit as Zak. She wears a tire around her waist covering her valuables and a tire covering her breasts. Her hair is done up in and elaborate braid-bun and draws the attention off of her practically naked body.
7 Grant wears a pair of brown shorts that go down to his knees. He also wears a pair of green shoes that shoot up vines that wrap around his legs up across his chest and turn into branches that shoot out of his head. The vines carry some leaves and his hair is dyed a dark green to resemble Yasmin's hair colour. Yasmin wears a pair of brown short shorts that barley pass her higher thigh. She also wears a pair of green slippers that shoot up vines that go up her legs and thicken on her chest covering her breasts and turn into branches that fire out of her head. Her dark green hair is strung in the branches to resemble as leaves.

Joshua wears a tuxedo with different layers of fabric in diferent colour shades of red and orange that flow down his sleeves and back. He also wears a pair of red shoes that compliment his outfit. His hair is straightened forward and dyed streaks of orange and red.

Jamiena wears a dress with diferent layers of the same orange and redy colours, that flow down into a big poof at the bottom of hert ankle length gown. Jamiena wears red lacd slippers with two red ribbons that circle up her legs. Jamiena's hair is wavy and dyed with the orange and red streaks like Joshua.

9 Xavier wears a piece that covers his lower area made out of wheat strands that fall to his knees wrapping all they way around his waist, with some strands decorated with orange and blue beeds. His hair is extended and tied into a braid at the back. He wears light yellow slippers with strips of wheat running across. Kaila wears a knee length skirt made of strips of wheat that wraps around her waist. Some strips are decorated with orange and bue beeds. She wears a shawl made of wheat aound her neck and a pair of yellow slippers. Her hair is let down and extended with some brades that tie into the theme of wheat.
10 Teach wears a full body suit made of black wool from sheep that is soft and makes him look like a sheep with it's wool. He also wears black shoes and black gloves making it look like sheep hooves. His hair is curled to resemble to the wool. Elk wears a similar full body suit but the wool is white. The wool as well is soft and silky and turns into whips at the edges. She wears black shoes and black gloves that also resembles sheep hooves. Her hair is dyed white that is curled and falls down to her waist also resembling sheep wool.

Wolf wears a shirt that is made of grape vines with snmall grapes that grapple down to his waist. He also wears a pair of purple shorts and a pair of green shoes tht stitck up in the back. His hair is is brushed to the side and has a crown made of grape vines in it.

Saveon wears the same kind of grape vine shirt as Wolf and she also wears a green skirt. She wears dark green high heel boots that stretch up to her knees. Her hair is tied up into two ponytails that curl on there way down to her shoulders.

Bartholomew wears nothing at all. His body is sprinkled with coal dust and glitter that shimmers in the moon light. His hair is spiked up with gel and has coal dust splatted in it.

Noiri wears nothing at all as well. Her body is sprayed with coal dust and glitter that also sparkles in the night. Her hair is straightened and sprikled with glitter and coal dust.

Training Scores and Odds

District Name Training Score Odds
1 Topaz 10 8-1


Saffron 10 3-1
2 Chlorine 10 5-1
2 Chloe 10 5-1
3 Phenyx 7 14-1
3 London 5 24-1
4 Walu 10 8-1
4 Sandy 10 8-1
5 Harley 2 54-1
5 Detria 6 18-1
6 Zak 7 11-1
6 Melusine 7 9-1
7 Grant 7 34-1
7 Yasmin 9 17-1
8 Joshua 6 25-1
8 Jamiena 4 30-1
9 Xavier 5 18-1
9 Kaila 4 26-1
10 Teach 9 4-1
10 Elk 5 18-1
11 Wolf 8 9-1
11 Saveon 6 20-1
12 Bartholomew 6 10-1
12 Noiri 5 23-1


District Name Money Left
1 Topaz Grace 500$
1 Saffron Starr 500$
2 Chlorine Barandt 500$
2 Chloe Black 440$
3 Phenyx Rouge 270$
4 Walu Escalor 500$
4 Sandy Moral 500$
5 Detria Glace 500$
6 Zak Siege 290$
6 Melusine Lark 500$
7 Tasmin Veleno 500$
9 Kaila Maze 340$
10 Teach Rebel 500$
11 Wolf Fang 500$
12 Bartholomew Scandal 500$

Items To Send


Burn Cream-100$

Wound Cream-125$

Pain Killers-75$

Sleep Serum-100$

EPI Pen-75$

Needle For Wounds-200$



Tenser Bandage-55$

Food and Drink


Orange Juice-40$

Apple Juice-40$

Fruit Juice-40$

Protein Shake-50$







Clothing and Other Items








Water Bottle-100$


Weapons and Armour




Battle Axe-250$


Throwing Knives-200$

Throwing Axes-250$


Curved Sword-300$




Current Request

Death Chart

Place Name District By Who District How
24th Jamiena Sadora 8 Phenyx Rouge 3 Obsidian Dagger
23rd Harley Swoop 5 London Speed 3 Knife
22nd Noiri Blanche 12 Bartholomew Scandal 12 Pushed off Cliff
21st Grant Dean 7 Detria Glace 5 Tree branch fell
20th Joshua Zane 8 Zak Siege 6 Sword
19th Saveon Gold 11 Yasmin Veleno 7 Knives
18th Xavier Doron 9 Kaila Maze 9 Knives
17th London Speed 3 Phenyx Rouge 3 Obsidian Dagger
16th Elk Chien 10 Saffron Starr 1 Arrow
15th Bartholomew Scandal 12 Arena --------- Tornado

The Games

Death has Occured

Day 1

Teach Rebel D10

I step into my tube, the glass door slides shut and I slowly start to rise into the arena. I have no alliances, no knowlege of what the arena is going to be like, and my mentor was no help at all. She just sat and mourned her mothers death. My sister was prosecuted and you don't see me balling every second of the day, but I don't focus on that, I have to focus on making it to the Cornucopia and possibly taking out some other tributes.

Hopefully I'm not considered a threat, even though I got a 9 in training which surprised me highly.

Suddenly bright light blinds my eyes and the arena lyes before me, my eyes widen as I see only one other tribute and a smll pile of supplies. The other tribute is Melusine from 6.

Melusine Lark D6

My eyes meet the eyes of Teach. Confusion, that's what his eyes glow of. I am sure that mine glow of the same thing. I swear that the minute I see him and only him, I know that I am going to die. Even though that we are the same age, he got a 9 in training, way stronger than my 7.

The time counts down, hopefully I can gain a Bow and kill him.


The gong rings through my ears loud and solitary. I burst off my plate in a sprint and I get to the pile of supplies before Teach does. I grab a bow and a Sheath when suddnly I am pushed to the ground. My face smashes off a crate and a flow of blood stems from my noes. I flip over and Teach holds a gleaming sword up to my fragile neck.

I gasp as he presses it against my neck. I don't plead, I just stare into his eyes. The confusion has turned into determination and the ease to kill. His eyes get fiercer and fiercer until they get so fierce that he relaxes his body and drops the sword.

Now I am confused, he had the chance to kill me, but now he has rendered his sword and practially retreated. His hand shoots out in front of me. I gape at his lag hand, warm and inviting. I grab it and he lifts me off the ground.

Phenyx Rouge D3

I stand there, my pedestal sits 10 feet away frm Jamiena from 8's. Her eyes focus on the pile of supplies and her body is at a ready stance. I copy her and place my feet ready to jump off, my eyes gaze onto the pile of supplies and focuses on a obsidian dagger, perfect, my choice weapon sits in front of me waiting for me to grasp it in my clutches.

I feel a rush of content fly through me for now I remember what Jamiena got in training. Only a 4, and that doesn't really compare to my 7. I feel better now who I know who I am going up against, lucky me getting an easy tribute.


Jamiena Sadora D8

The gong sounds and I fly off my pedestal racing Phenyx for the best weapons. We get to the supplies at the same time and I grab a Blowgun. I grab a small package full of darts. I rip it open spilling the little darts everywhere. I grab one, load it in it's shaft and aim it at Phenyx. I turn arund to see Phenyx charging right for me.

I blow the dart and it nails him in the leg. He winces but keeps on charging at me, I load another dart, but it's to late he tackles me to the ground and pins me. He holds some kind of dagger in his hand and jabs it just under my heart. I scream a shreak of pain. I know that my time is over, but I am not going down without injuring him. I grab a dart off of the ground and plunge it ino his eye.

He screams and rips the dart from his eye. With great force he plunges his knife between my breasts.

London Speed D3

I am shocked to see only one other person standing beside me, and it's Harley. I know he's strong, even though he didn't show it in training he is probably one of the strongest out here.

I gaze over at the pile of supplies, I wouldn't have gotten any supplies if it was all 24 of us lined up, but since it's only Harley and me I think it'll be fine. I have my eyes dead set on a large blue pack, full of supplies that could spare my life I presume.

All I know is that if I don't have to kill Harley, I won't, I'd rather have him kill me.

I gaze back at Harley, he gazes into my eyes for a short amount of time and then looks back where his eyes were occupied before.

Harley Swoop D5


I sprint off my pedestal and charge right for the pile of supplies. London gets to the supplies just seconds before I do. I grab a knife, a pack and a water bottle. London digs through the supplies, searching desperatley to find something. I know that it's my time to take a jurastic move.

I pounce on London tackling her to the ground. She shrieks and punches me in the face. I punch her back, grab her hair and drag her to the closest tree. She screams as I drag her across the ground. I lift her up and pin her up against the tree, I swing my knife up against her neck and pin her there. She winces and her breathing is heavy.

I hold her up for a second, giving the Capitol one last second to see London.

Suddenly she spits in my face and jabs her knife straight into my chest.

I scream and cough blood all over London's body.

"I'm sorry," she says before she runs of into the distance.

Chloe Black D2

I ascend into the arena and my eyes are blinded with light. As my vision refocusses I see only one person standing beside me. It's Walu, perfect one of my great allies stands beside me.

"We still allied, right?" I shout.

"Yep," he smiles and his eyes gaze back at the pile of supplies.

I relax a little to know that I am not going to die, that Waslu still has my trust and I still have his. I peer around the arena, Walu and my current position is at the edge of a giant field of wheat. To my right is the field of wheat and to my left is a giant stretched ocean, the deap blue waves crash up against the cavernus rocks that sore sky high, spraying us with dew.

I don't have to worry about geting supplies, because I know that Walu isn't going to run off with it. I just get ready to officially be in this years Hunger Games


Walu Escalor D4

I jump off my plate and start to sprint over to the supplies when I see Chloe walking for all the weapons.

"Why are you running?" she asks. "It's not like I am going to steal all the supplies from you."

I blush as Chloe looks at me like I am a retard. I stop running and walk over to the supplies. Chloe walks a long side me and we kneel down in front of the supplies. I grab a large pack and start dumping the continents of smaller packs into my bigger bag. I do the same with another and retrieve a gleaming metel trident that sparkles in the reflection of the sun.

I take two hatchets and slip them into my second bag and sling them onto my shoulders. Chloe has a pile of supplies that she will take with her. She slings all of the supplies onto her shoulder including a sword and a knife and we start walking off.

Chloe stops walking for a moment.

"Before we go," she says. She turns around with a smirk. She piles a small amount of wheat on top of all the leftover supplies and scrapes her knife and her sword together causing sparks to ignite. The wheat catches fire and it with the leftover supplies bursts into flames.

Chloe looks back at me.

"If we can't have all the supplies, no one can," she hisses.

Bartholomew Scandal D12

The person that stands a couple feet away from me on her pedestal is Noiri, my District partner. I never thought that I would have to kill her, but I guess now I might as well.

I gaze around the arena and gock at it's beauty. I am purched right beside a cliff that has at least a 1000 foot drop until you reach the bottom. Shivers crawl down my spine thinking of falling down, just hopefully I can gain the upper hand and push Noiri off if it comes to a pushing match.

I look up and see a giant mountain that soars sky high piercing the air with it's devilish point. I already know that I am on high groun because the rest of the arena lyes before me. An open ocean, with waves splashing against giant rocks, an open field of wheat with a small creak running through, beautiful.

I just hope that I can explore it before I die.

Noiri Blanche D12

Bartholomew looks clueless gazing around the arena while I am dead set on a gleaming sword that shimmers in the sunlight. I know that I am not stronger than Bartholomew, far from it ctually but if I can obtain a weapon I can easily take him out.


I burst off my plate and sprint towards the supplies. Bartholomew stumbles a bit, but then races close behind. I snag a rock from the ground and throw it at my District partner. It hits his leg and he trips over, buying me more time to get a weapon. I dive into the pile and retrieve the sword that I wanted desperatley and whip around at Bartholomew that stands right behind me anticipating a move.

I slash across his chest open a small cut and a drizzle of blood. He winces and then shoves me to the ground causing me to drop my sword and smash my head against a rock. My vision goes all blurry and my head spins.

I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and make out the figure of Bartholomew stbing some kind of sword into my stomch. As he draws it out I start to back away quickly and manage to boost myself off the ground. Defensless I stand there, barley able to see I make out the figure of Bartholomew charging for me.

My legs lock and I can't move. Barth plows me over and I start to fall, farther and farther. Not knowing that i was even close to the cliff I close my eyes and wait for death to come.

Chlorine Brandt D2

Saffron smiles at me.

"So to make this more interesting since we aren't going to kill eachother, let's have a race," she says smirking.

My head perks up when she mentions a race and I look at her dead set.

"First one to the suplies wins," she finishes and turns back facing the supplies.

"Your on," I reply.

I stand at a ready stance and slide my one and forward and arch my back like I am about to run a sprint. I probably won't win, but I am not losing this race without a fight, it's not in my personality to lose without even trying.

I feel giddy with antisipation for these games to start as a wave splashes me getting my coat all wet. Perfect, the beginning of the games and I ma already soaked. I just have to stay in the sun for a bit and I will hopefully dry off. Being probably one of the smartest here I don't consider myself a huge threat, just a good player.

Saffron Starr D1

Time to win this race.


I burst off my plate, my feet pounding the ground in a fury of speed. Chlorine fallows close behind, almost in arms reach. I pick up my speed and manage to make the gap wider between us. I am almost at the supplies when I feel a giant force hit my body and I tumble to the ground rolling and flipping with the force that hit me.

I stop rolling and tumbling and lay on top of what hit me off my feet. It was Chlorine. We both laugh and I gaze into his eyes. The deep blue off them sparkle with little flecks of grey colour. I look down at his soft pink lips, so warm looking and I can't resist. I kiss him, his lips so soft and inviting taste like candy on mine. I pull away and look into his confused eyes. The expression turns into happiness and I kiss him again.

I pull away and in my head I scream at myself. Why did I kiss Chlorine, I know that I love Topaz and Topaz loves me back so why did I kiss Chlorine my ally. I just hope that Topaz doesn't find out.

We get up and start gathering supplies.

Grant Dean D7

I look over at Detria and I am surprised that there is only one other person standing beside me. I was hoping to have someone else so I can actually have a challenge but at least I will be able to kill her easily. She is such a weird person and she looks like a total moron. She has no capability to fight, she can't communicate and she is darn right retarted, and that is why I am going to beat her.

My feet sit firmly on my pedestal, we are located in some kind of old villaage with tiny huts scattered everywhere, I haven't really seen an arena like this before. I like it.

I know that the time is counting down and I am ready, ready to slaughter Detria the moronic girl from 5.

Detria Glace D5

I keep my head down not looking at Grant. I undo my hair that my foolish Stylist put up in a ponytail and let it fall over my face, that way no one can directly look at my face, even though millions of eyes are probably looking down at me right now anyway.

One thing I hope though is that people don't know about my small amount of autism, and if they do I hope they don't think that it is a disadvantage for me, because it is the exact opposite.


I jump off my plate and sprint towards the carefully stacked supplies. I grab a bag of apples and a pack. I watch as Grant grabs a apear and hurls it towards me. It sizzles through the air and skins my shoulder ripping open my coat and cutting my arm. My hand drops the apples and the pack and my eyes lock on a couple knives. I swiftley grab them and start to run for a tree 20 feet away. I hear another spear fly through the air and I duck just in time as it flies over my head and nails into the tree.

I quickly pull myself up onto a branch of the tree with the little strength that I have and start to climb. I get to a high enough branch as Grant throws another spear. It misses the tree by an inch which gives me time to throw a knife. It nails Grant in the face and a giant gash opens and blood blinds his eyes. He fals to his knees dropping his spears. He frantically tries to find them but his eyes are blinded by all the blood. He is directly under a giant branch that if dropped could kill him... I have to do it. I reach out and rip the largest knife from my belt and start hacking at the baranch. Slowly it chops through, small chips of would hit me in the face, tiny slivers dig under my fingernails until I have practically have chopped through the whole branch.

I kick the branch and it falls, tumbling down it impacts with the ground and Grant, as I hear one last hollar spit from his body I know that he is dead.

Zak Siege D6

I am baffled to see that there is only one other person besided me. Where are the others? Are they dead? No they can't be dead because the games are just starting, the gamemakers must have spread us out throught the arena. I look who at the person standing beside me. It's the boy from 8, I think his name is Joshua.

He eyes up all the supplies, whie I gaze around the arena. All I see is wheat field upon wheat field and in the distance soaring mountains. A huge gust of wind blows by and the wheat brushes up againdt me, tickling my hands as they swing by.

I am pretty sure that I can beat Joshua, I got a 7 in training and he got a 6. All I know is tat it's going to be a close battle, and the stronger one wins.

Joshua Zane D8


As soon as that Gong echoe through my ears I pounce off my plate and race towards the Cornucopia. I swiftley pass through wheat brushing it out of my way. I make it to the supplies before Zak and rip a sword out of it's scabbard. Zak grabs a sword and we stand off.

Eying eachother up, waiting for one of us to make a move. Zak swipes my at my chest but I block with my sword. I dive at his chest and he hits my sword away. I want to draw his blood, someone needs to win this fight.

I swipe at him and dig my sword into his hip. He screams a painful screech and stabs his sword into my shoulder. I fall backwards, my yellow coat dying a red colour I lye on the ground with Zak's sword impaled in my shoulder, waiting for him to finish me off.

He stands before me, gripping my sword dripping his blood over my body. He slices the sword through my neck and I have vanished from earth.

Elk Chien D10

Wolf is strong, smart and he is standing a couple feet away.

We stand high up in the air on this giant rock formation, water cracks around us. The only way to escape is to swim, I haven't really ever had the chance to swim, but I guess it's my only option of escape.

The sun beats down, heavy and scorhing. Even more now I want to get into that water. Hopefully I land properly and don't ened up landing on a sharp rock like I have heard some people do in Distrct 4.


I whip around and start sprinting to the back of the large rock. I don't look for Wolf and is current position, I just focus on jumping. The edge of the huge rock is in front of me and I jump.

I clamp my arms to my body and my legs together and brace myself for the impact of when I hit the water.

I plunge deep down under the water, the blue blanket swarms around me, bubbles everywhere as I kick upward to the water's surface. I bust out and take a deep gasp of air. I kick my legs and swat the water with my arms trying to stay a float. I locate land about 1000 feet away and I kick my way in that direction.

Wolf Fang D11

I grab a shuriken and whip around to throw it Elk, when I see that she is gone. I peer off th cliff and see her doing some what of a swim to shore. There is no point in going after her, besides I'm not a good swimmer.

I look over the supplies, there is enough to last me the entire games, lucky for me Elk didn't take any. There is nothing that is going to persuade me to get of this rock. I will rest here for the night and maybe get off tomorow, but it isn't likley.

Saveon Gold D11

It's hard to breath as the sun beats down on me and the altitude is piercing. I am stationed at the very tip of a mountain, with... Yasmin. Perfect an easy kill, this way I can get sponsors quicker and make it back home to Liam. Right now he is probably still working hard in his orchid field.

A couple feet in front of me lyes the supplies and a giant battle axe waiting fo me to grasp it in my hands and to spill the blood of Yasmin. I look over and Yasmin stands there, her hair blowing in the warm breeze and her piercing eyes fixated on the supplies. I know that I am faster than her, so I will get to the suplies before she even gets off her plate.

My destiny lyes in front of me, being one of the only few District 11 female victors of th Hunger Games.

Yasmin Veleno D7

Over the last few weeks every Capitalian has thought that I am a weakling, that I have no shot at winning these games. When I got that 9 in training, it felt so good just to show the Capitol that guess what, weakling does not describe me, and hopefully I can show that right now.


I stumble off my plate, tripping over my two own feet, falling to the ground and eating a face full of rocks. I watch as Saveon races towards the supplies, which promps me to get up as fast as I can and keep on running. I do the exact thing and make it to the supplies.

Saveon swings a giant battle axe and I duck, for if I didn't I would have been headles. I swipe my leg at Saveon's feet causing her to tumble backwards as I retrieve two long knives. I swipe at her, but she swiftley backs away. With battle axe in hand she swings at me. I roll over and her axe impales the ground. She tries desperatley to yank the giant blade of the axe from the ground, but it's to late. I know that I have her. I jump to my feet and plunge my knives into her body. One through her neck andthe other through the side of her cheek.

Her limp body falls to the ground, blood spewing from her wounds.

Topaz Grace D1

I rise into the arena, not knowing what to expect. Light blinds me and I see only Sandy from 4 standing beside me, and a small pile of supplies is spread out instead of the well thought Cornucopia. So there is no bloodbath, that's a rip-off, I want to spill the blood of another tribute, but now I can't because it's only Sandy and I.

I could kill Sandy, it's an option, and the other careers will never have to know but I won't.

The sun beats down hard, toasting my skin quickly. I stand at the bottom of a huge cliff, with mountains soaring above, and a wheat field scrounging beside me. No clouds perch in the sky, no birds chirp. The only sound present is the sound of the wind brushing through the fielded wheat.

I have never seen an arena quite like this, it's very beautiful, a beautiful enough place for 23 deaths to take place in.

Sandy Moral D4


The gong sounds, piercing through my ers like a suddel humb. I jog off my plate and start towards the pile of supplies. I reach all of the life saving things and start slipping them into a large pack. Apples, water bottles and nuts are just a few things that end up in my pack.

I grab everything that I can including a shining green tinted trident that shimmers in the sunlight reflrctng on my face.

Topaz carries 4 giant packs on his back.

"So what do we do now?" I ask facing Topaz as we walk.

"Well, one thing is that we need to find the other careers and then start killing some of the others," Topaz replies with a devilish grin.

The way he said that sounded so mean and psychotic. I mean I like being a career, but I don't do the trash talk like that, it's just craziness.

Kaila Maze D9

Already risen into the arena, already seen who I will be fighting and already seen the ginormous arena.

I stand on my pedestal, the time counting down to my final seconds alive I am sure. Xavier stands a couple feet away. I gazes around  the arena as I do. We are in some kind of tribal village with grass huts and dirt ground. The smell of dried mud slips into my nose.

The giant pile of supplies rests just in front of me. A bag of peanuts rests beside a knife that attracts me instantly. It's blade sharp on one side and then ragged and sharp on the other. It's handle a dark purple colour with extra black griop.

It will be perfect for what I need to do, for killing Xavier. Which hopefully I can do quickky and calmly wihout injuring myself.

Xavier Doron D9

3 long curved knives lay there, dangling off the side of a crate. I am going to get those knives, and then I m going to kill Kaila, if it's the last thing that I do.


I blast off my plate sprinting as fast as I can towards the supplies. Kaila makes it to the supplies just before I do. I grab the three knives and plunge one into the top of Kaila's leg. She screams and rips a knife off of a crate and slash my face.

I fall to the ground blinded by blood swinging my knife rappidly, hoping that I can hit Kaila with one of my swipes. I am unseccesful. I try to get up, but Kila pushes me over again and plunges a knife through my stomach. I shriek pain and fall over, laying on the ground waiting for Kaila to finally kill me. She doesn't though. I wipe the blood from my eyes and se her running off with a pack and some other supplies leaving me to die.

Slowly the blood drips from my wound and I lay there whining and mourning in pain and lowly my vision goes white.

Phenyx Rouge D3


The canon fires through the air, I count 7 times, 7 dead, 17 left to dwindle down. I slam my hand over my eye as blood and other fluids spew out. I wince in pain as I search through the supplies looking for some kind of banage that I can stop the flow of fluid from my eye with.

Luckily, I find a first aid kit and rip it open, spilling the continents all over te ground. I search through the ground and grab a roll of gauze and a bottle of disinfectant. I squirt some of it on the gauze and wrap it around the side of my head, stopping the blood flow and soothing the pain. The disinfectant stings at first, but the soothes instantly after.

I sit down near a tree, taking a little rest after the fight that just occured between Jamiena and I.

Teach Rebel D10

Melusine and I walk side by sde down the moutain, helping eachother over rocks and kicking stones under our feet. The sun beats down, blistering hot and feeling like it's getting hotter. My mouth is dry from all the walking, and ther is no shade to walk under as we go along.

All I know is that we have to keep going or there isn't any chance of our survival. The first thing that we need to find is water, yes, water will help us graciously, the next is a good shelter for the night, something concealed, something cool out of this hot weather and the last thing is some other tributes. If we can find at least one other tributes and manage to pick them off, sponsors will go crazy for us.

Melusine slips and starts to fall, to the stone caked ground. I catch her in my arms, we lean to the right and see a giant cliff peaking down, and to our left a safe path. If Melusine would have fallen, she would ave fallen off the cliff and died from the impact on hitting the ground.

"You okay?" I ask, glaring into her eyes.

"You saved my life, thank you," she says joyfully and digs her face into my chest. I wrap my arms around her to hug her, to give her the comfort that she needs.

Chloe Black D2

We both walk through the wheat field, Walu and I. The wheat just passes over my head, and s over Walu's by a couple of inches. I cary a couple packs on my back and a sword in my right hand, right to slice someone open if we come in contact, which I hope we do. I haven't had the pleasure of killing anyone yet, and already 7 are dead so I better get in a kill soon before there are only a few left, and that's when tyhe kills get more varied and spread out.

But also they get more gruesome, just the way I like it, more blood the better, and when I kill someone I want them to scream, a high pitch squeel or some kind of gorry gargle. Something that the Capitol will remember me by, the girl that mad people scream, or the girl that showe mercy to no one, that's what I want.

London Speed D3

I run away, only carrying a knife and a pack. I try to flee the scene, the small bloodbath that took place. My main purpose was not to kill anyone, but I already broke that promise. Which I have no clue why I did it, I guess it might have been adreneline or the urge to stay alive but I still feel horrible and sick to my stomach.

Every time I stride the food in my stomach sloshes around, and I throw up. Spilling my last meal all over the ground. From all that running my moth is like a prune, I need to find water soon. I've been in the arena only a few minutes and I am ruff shape, not from being injured, but from normal causes.

I wil never win, there is no chance of my victory. There are 17 people left and 16 more have to die... It will probably be me.

Bartholomew Scandal D12

I'm torn.

I have two options, both could decide my fate in these games.

My first option is to stay up here, it's high ground on this mountain and it makes me feel safe and secure. My second option is to leave the mountain, and the heat that beats down on me at the moment. If I leave the mountain I will have a better chance in finding water, but if I do leave, I won't be on high ground.

I weigh my option for a few minutes before I start climbing down the cliff.

Step by step I descend down the mounatain, grabbing onto large chunks of rock and planting my feet firly on little indents on the grande wall. I look down and my vision goes blurry, I am high up, so highthat if I fall, I will die. My palms grow sweatier and sweatier before I slip.

Cascading towards earth, my hands scrape against the rock wall. Gashes form and blood spurs from my hand. I almost me the bottom of the cliff, when my coat snags on a rock pointing out, catching me in my most dearest time. I regain my strength and continue climbing down the cliff.

Saffron Starr D1

Chlorine and I walk along, I grasp a Bow in my hand and an axe rests in his. I kick around sand under my feet, disturbing the little homes of hermit crabs and rocks. Waves wash up on shore, making a synphony of beautiful music. A lone bird chirps in the distance, forming a tune with the waves.

The arena is beautiful, one of the prettiest ones that I have seen in a long time. Just the way the sun sparkles off the ocean and the way the blowing wheat meats the mountans fills me with much warmth and content. There really isn't anything to complain about in this arena ecept for the fact that we are in the Hunger Games and the heat beats down on us llike 100 pounds of fine diamonds.

As we walk I look up at Chlorine.

"Just to let you know that kiss didn't really mean anything, right?" I ask.

"It kind of met something to me," he says looking a little distraught.

"Well Chlorine you are a nice guy, but I love Topaz, ever since the reaping I felt a strong connection between us, and I think he is the one that I want to spend te rest of my life with," I reply trying to let him dow as easy as possible.

He stops dead in his tracks, which causes me to as well.

"Is there any way I can change that," he says smiling.

"I don't thinbk so," I reply. Suddenly he grabs my hips and plants a kiss on myh cheek, I try to pull away, but I can't. He wraps me in his warmth and I let him kiss me. He eases hs grip on my hips and slips his lips off mine.

"You happy now," I say gazing into his deep blue eyes. He just laughs and continues walking along.

Zak Siege D6

After gathering enough supplies, I jog away from the scen, leaving the body of Joshua from 8 and little supplies. Seven have died, which surprises me highly. I would have expected mopre deaths to have occured and more cannons sounding those. It won't matter anyway, those cannons will come soon enough, sounding the vicious murders of 16 more tributes, one most likley me.

At this point I feel as if I'm being fallowed, which it wouldn't be hard to track me down. Every step I take flatens a mound of wheat, trailing a giant line of the wheat that my feet trampled over behind me. If anyone wants to find me, all they have to do is fallow the trail, and soon enough hey will find me.

My body stops running. My heart pounding and telling me if I stop runningmy death will be soon, but my brain telling me to stop running, for my hip wound can't take it no more. I flip a pack off my shoulder and rip it open, hoing to find something to stem the flow of my blood.

To my luck, a long role of tenser bandage sits at the top of the pack. I unroll the banage an strat wrapping it around my waist, tying it tight around my wounding, stoping the flow of blood immediatley.

I flop to the ground for a short amount of time, regaining my breath.

Detria Glace D5

I slowly climb down fromthe tree that I perch in. Grant's spear stuck in the base of the trunk and his body laying there under the giant tree branch. I hip off the loest branch and land firmly on the ground. I yank his spear which plunged deaply in, from the tree and hold it in my hands tightly.

Three knives stick in my belt and my shoulder drips the red fluid which is coated all over Grant's body, like pint that a painter spilled all over the floor in his art room.

I slowly approach Grant's body. A couple minutes ago I heard cannons go off, seven to be exact. One most likeley sounding the death of Grant, but there were 22 other tributes out there, it could have been every one and for all I know Grant is in some kind of coma. I stand over his body, his hair dyed a burgany coloured, mixed with the blood and his hand resting on his chest.

I poke him in the arm with my spear, he doesnt move. I poke his arm again and it slips off my chest. I jump in the air startled by the movement of Grant's body and plunge the spear where his heart sits. I rip the spear out, but no canon sounds. I crouch down over his body, and slowly reach my hand out to his neck.

I check for a pulse, but I feel nothing,. just the cold neck of Grant. He is dead, there is no doubt about it. I feel a small tap of something sharp on my back and I jump backwards holding the spear, ready to plunge it into whatever or whoever touched me.

"Wait, stop," the voice of Kaila from 9 croaks.

She drops the knife that she held tightly in her hands moments ago, it makes a cliking sound as it hits the ground.

"I don't want to kill you," she says to me. "I want an alliance."

She sticks out her hand in front of my chest. An alliance? I have never thought of having an alliance, besides who would want to ally with me? If I say yes, I will hopfully last longer with Kaila and I sharing supplies and so, but if I say no it will most likley trigger Kaila into attack.

"Okay," I reply shaking her hand.

Elk Chien D10

I am washed onto shore by a giant wave. I drag my waterlogged body onto it's feet and I start walking. I don't bother looking behind, I know that Wolf didn't fallow me, and if I was him I don't think that I would have fallowed me too.

The beach stretches on for at least a mile before it breaks off into some kind of... village I think. In the distance I see something, but I'm not sure what, all I know is that I want to find somewhere safe and secluded, not on this beach, where everything is out in the open.

The gaping sun quickly dries off my soaking wet body, and leaves my hair damp. My feet hit theground as I walk and my eyes scan every inch of the beach, just to make sure no one knows my where abouts.

As lond as I can keep hidden, the longer that I will last in these games, for I am not that good of a fighter, but if needed I am not afraid to rip someone's head off.

Sandy Moral D4

Topaz and I walk alonng, we have abandoned the mountain and scrounge through the field of wheat, that reaches up to my neck.

"So what do w have to do," I ask Topaz, trying to break the silence that was before.

"Well probably the main goal right now is to find the other careers, Chlorine, Chloe, Walu and especially for me, Saffron. Then I guess after we find them, we have to get water, because the heat is unbearable and I have only been under it for a couple hours and my tongue has gone dry. And the last thing, is that we have to kill the other tributes, my goal was and still is, that we kill all 11 other tributes and then I guess we go for a free for all at the end," Topaz smirks.

I smile back, fakely obviously, if it was my choice I wouldn't want to find the other careers, especially Chloe, I hate her, and the only reason I allied with her is because the other careers are with her and I don't wnt to pass up the oppertunity of career-ship just by hating one single person. That would be the stupidest move that I have ever made.

But since it isn't my choice, I'm guessing in the next 3 days we will find them and blood will be drawn.

Wolf Fang D11

I sit on top of this rock formation, by bottom toasting because of the un heating the rock. A fine smog layer forms lower bellow, making it harder for people on the ground to breathe and see. Perfect, another advantge that I have now being so high up here.

Waves crash down bellow me and I fiddle with a shuriken in my hand. Twisting it around, flipping it in the air, scratching it against the rock, anything that will keep me occupied, I do.

Slowly I get up, my muscles screaming for me to sit back down, but I ignore and roceed to the pile of supplies. I grab a pack, wrip it open and grab a bag with some dried beef in it. I take a piece, start chewing on it and then sit back down, waiting for something to happen.

But nothing does realy happen up on this rock, everything goes in a loop, the water splashes up and then files back out. It's like the ocean is caught on replay and I am the victum having to watch it.

Yasmin Veleno D7

Walking for hour after hour, trying to get to the lowest ground possible wear water might rest, in a fine lake or a cool stream. I don't care how I get the water, I just know that I need it soon, or it will be the death of me.  The sun slowly dissapears and I watch night creep up.

As I sit up on a ledge that leans precariously over a cliff I watch the sunset glow, bright colours of Orange, Deep Red and a faint Purple paint the sky with many colours. Day 1 is quickly coming to it's climax, 7 of us dead so far, 16 more soon to come, to attack all of us and slit our throats.

I flip my pack off my shoulder and pull a small bag of peanuts out. I bite down, sucking on the shells and then spit them out, watching as the shells float slowly to the ground below, at least a 300 foot drop, scary as hell. I tuck my feet up to my side and rest my head on my pack, I fiddle with my fingers and wait for the day sky to be absorbed and spit out into the deep, villainous sky of the night.

Melusine Lark D6

I curl up beside Teach, we ret under a ledge that perks off above, shielding us from any of the elements that may occur. The sun sets in a slow motion, the sky beautiful with many colours.

I look over at Teach. He notices and gazes into my eyes.

"What?" he asks looking puzzled.

"Oh nothing," I reply looking away. "It's just that I'm sorry..."

"For what," he says looking more puzzled than he was befor. "It's not like you did anything wrong."

"I'm sorry that you got stuck with me, I mean I don't think that I was your first choice of an ally," I say looking bak into his brown eyes.

"No, you aren't that bad, I mean you are really strong and quite beautiful, you have a good shot at winning," he replies, as a smile crosses his face.

"You don't mean that," I say moving closer to him.

"No I don't," he says chuckling to himself.

"Shut up!" I say laughing. I slap him across his shoulder. We both start laughing, he pushes me and I fall over. My heart pounds and my head fills with laughter. He grabs my hand, rips me off the ground and pulls me close to him. I stop laughing and plant a kiss on his lips. He pulls away and his expression looks shocked. He kisses me again, his lips warm and happy.

Suddenly interupting our kiss, the speaker booms and the voice of the head gamemaker shouts.

"Attention Tributes. Congratulations to the 17 of you reamining. As I am sure that most of you have seen the arena, it's wide fields, blue ocean, giant mountains and dark village. Well over the next few weeks the arena i going to change, each day a Natural Disaster will occur, rendering you helpless, day and night. Only the strong will survive, and the strongest shall be the victor of The Hunger Games, or better yet The Disaster Games."

Phenyx Rouge D3

As the microhone booms, sounding that the gamemaker has finished what he was saying, I start to think... I deep thought of what could come. Random Natural Disaster's flash around in my mind, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms. Which all of them I am sure that they will come.

But if they do come, I have to prepare, to prepare for the worst because if I don't an unexpecting tidal wave could hoplessley take me out with no regretion.

I keep waling through the night, I don't care that I need some sleep, all I care about ow is that I need water to cool y body down and rehydrate me for tomorow.

So I will walk through the night, not caring who I wakeup or what I wakeup, which I should but all I care about is water!

London Speed D3

The sun has fully set and night has sprawld upon all of us. I lay down, my head resting on a mound of wheat looking up at the stars above. Each one of them sparkle like little diamonds incrested in a black velvety gown that covers the sky.

I hear the crickets chirp, making a small synphony. In the distance a loan owl hoots, and flaps over me, swirling in the sky and drifting off into the horizon.

Suddenly the anthem starts to sound through the sky, deafining the sounds of the crickets and night animals. The seal appears, illuminating the sky with it's bright light as the first tribute fatality appears.

It's Harley, the boy from 5 who I murderously killed just to live to see tonight. Next I watch as the face of the boy from 7 appears, I think his name is Grant. His face hallows into a froun that matches his blonde pony-tail. The tribute that appears after is Joshua from 8, with his glowing blue eyes which is fallowed by Jamiena from 8, and her perfect hair.

Also the faces of Xavier from 6 appears, sad and misterious, Saveon from 11 who looks lost, her eyes gazing into no where, and the girl from 12 who I vaguely remember as Noiri. With that the anthem finishes, with the first set of 7 tributes dead.

My eyes still gaze into the sky as if the seal is still there, trying to process all the deaths. District 8 has no tributes left, both dying in vain and sorrow. My eyes slowly get heavier and I fall asleep.

Kaila Maze D9

I rest my head down on a small clump of dirt, a few feet over Detria lays down with me. We lay in a hut, it keeps us out of the elements, and It will shield us from any other tributes that stops by.

After seeing the seal tonight, I am not actually that surprised to see who died. Most of them were small and meak but then there are some guys like Joshua from 8 who kind of baffle you a bit but ten you think he must've gone up against someone strong, someone not afraid t kill. Like me, I won't hesitate to kill someone, if it means difending my life then yes, I am all over it. Also if someone is just sitting aound I'll kill them too, but not if killing them could get me killed.

But I don't think that I should worry about my demise, I am strong, fast and smart. I have a long way to go before I die.

I peak over at Detria and se her fast asleep, her soft eyelids shut. So I take her as an example, that I should get some sleep. So after a while I drift off.

Topaz Grace D1

Sandy and I walk, we manage to get away from the mountains and enter into a huge field of wheat that streches on for miles. Even though my vision is impared from the night darkness, I know where we need to go. We need to find the other careers, and then get our kill on, it's part of my nature to kill someone if I'm in the Huger Games and since I haven't yet it drives my thirst to draw blood even more.

Sandy stops dead in her tracks and slouches to the ground in a sitting poze.

"What are you doing?" I shout. "We need to keep going."

"Why Topaz, why do we need to keep going," Sandy hisses back at me.

"Because we need to find the others," I scream.

"Well I am not going any further without time to rest!"

"Well than I'll leave without you," I treate.

"Fine," she says not giving in.

I think for a moment and then say with a smile. "You have 10 minutes."

I hate giving into her, but if it means thatwe will be p on our feet walking again, then it's worth it.

Catarstake Ferray: Head Gamemaker

"Well Day 1 is over and 7 are dead, it is not enough. We need more to die, more blood, more gore, and especially more death.

Each day at least one person has to die, no matter what 1 death each day no matter how or when in takes place.

Other than that, an amzing first day of the Hunger Games, I mean Disaster Games."

Day 2

Sandy Moral D4

It is still te middle of the night, but I bet you that 12:00 has past and Day 2 is upon us. Topaz and I still walk, he relentkly tells me to push forward when I whine about my ankles that pinch every time I take step, or the fatigue that sunk in as sunset last night roled in.

As we walk I get my doubts about staying with Topaz. Is it worth it taking his abuse? Should I just kill him now? No I can't if I do Saffron will surley hate me and probably won't rest until I'm dead.

So for now I will stay with Topaz, and take his vilness.

Bartholomew Scandal D12

I wakwup and the sun just barley peaks from the earth, no cannons went off, no other tributes died. I sit up and inhale the morning air. The side of the mountain cold, cooling my han a I stroke it softly. My stomach grumbles and I figure that I need something to calm it down for a little while. So I open my grey pack and pull a bag of dried fruit out. I chew on the dried slices of banana and kiwi. It's dry and no fruit juic squirts out, soothing my throat that feels on fire from my lack of water intake.

When I finish having a few chips of dried fruit, I slip the back with the remaining food back in my pack and I start my walk. The sun still peaks up, giving me just enough light to see my surroundings. The small village with huts lays in front of me and I walk in, anticipating another tributes presents.

London Speed D3

As I sleep I feel a hot, sharp sensation on my left leg and my eyes burst open. All around me, fire, fire everywhere surrounding me like an animal in a cage. I look down at my leg and it has caught fire. I pat it out with my hands and fly onto my feet, looking for a small gap in the fire. To my luck a small gap opens and I take it to my advantage and burst through the flames.

I swiftley run away, but the fire still chases hot on my tail. Suddenly a burst of fire flies up before me and I fall right through it. The instant surge of flames singe my pants and melt my boots, and socks until it's the bottoms of my bare feet running on the hot ground.

Another burst of fire flies up in front of me, but I manage to jump around it, dodging the burning. I eventually manage to make a farther gap between me and the fire and no mor surprises of fire fly up in front of me. I bet the Capitol people are loving this, but niow I have lost my pack and managed o save my knife.

I run still, pushing the wheat away from my body until there is no more wheat to push. Instead a beach lays in front of me, with waves crashing on shore and two other tributes standing in front of me. It's Chloe from 2 and Walu from 4. I pull my knife out frm my belt and hold hit tightly in my hand. I know I said that I wouldn't kill, but the reality is tht if I don't kill, I won't make it out alive.

Chloe Black D2

I stand on the beach with Walu when suddenly I hear a crack and both of our vision turns to the side. Phenyx from 3 stands there knife in hand ready to throw. I shield my eyes as he pulls back to throw. I figure that my time is up, that the boy from 3 has taken my life. The first career to die. I wait for the knife to penitrate my body, but I feel nothing.

I slowly move my hands and see that Phenyx has no more knife left in his hand. I look over my body, no knife is plunged into me. I look over at Walu , no knife. Where did that boy throw his knife? Was he aiming for me but missed? Was he aiming for Walu? I hear a groan behind me and I see the girl from the 3, Phenyx's Obsidion dagger plunged into her side, and her knife raised over my head. I push her over and she falls to the ground with a thud.


The canon sounds, sounding her death. Walu aims his trident to throw, but I hit it from his hands. Phenyx runs off and I hear some familliar voices behind me. I turn around and see Saffron and Chlorine.

Zak Siege D6

I wakeup as a cannon shatters through the air, and I wakeup at a good time too. A giant wall of flames surrounds me, taking me in it's grasp circling around me. I cough and puke up bile as I attempt to flee the scene. I fall to the ground and search for my packs that I sling over my back and keep crwaling, looking for my sword. I feel it's sharp blade in my hand and then I grab the handle, jumping onto my feet I start to run off.

I pull my shirt over my mouth and nose to try to block the smoke from my lungs as I try my best to intake oxegyn. A sudden burst of fire illuminates in front of me, singeing my eyebrows off. I immediatley stiop and fall backwards onto the ground.

The fire slowly toasts my hair, burning it ever so slightly. I pat the flames out on my head and get up, I have to keep running and escape this hell field of fire.

Elk Chien D10

In the distance a light forms, not sunlight or lights that would form from a lightbulb, fire light. Except it isn't like a small campfire, it's more like a field fire that would burn you up ever so slightly. I start walking in the opposite direction of the fire, I don't want to go there. If I do, I will surely die, and I don't want to be like that canon earlier today, who most likley died in that fire.

I look over my shoulder once and a wile and it seems as if the fire is getting closer and closer. I walk faster, hopefully I can get away from the fire, it most likley get onto the sand, but his is The Hunger Games, the gamemakers can practically do anything they want.

The fire is so close now, probably 100 feet away and it slowlyburns onto the sand.

"No!" I shout and start sprinting away as fast as I can. My fear came true and the flames chase closley on my tail. Suddenly a giant burst of flame splurges in front of me. I jump and dodge the flame instantly, and keep running, another flame bursts up in front of me and this time I don't have as quick thinking as I did before. I shield my face as I burst through the flames. It singes the bottom tips of my hair, taking almost 3 inches of my hair off.

The ocean lays in front of me and I dive in, I bust out of the water and float. The fire shading the water an orangey-yellow colour. I watch as the flames slowly crawl down the beach.

Detria Glace D5

Kaila and I sit in the hut. I cross my legs and slip little peanuts from Kaila's pack into my mouth. They are dry no doubt about it. It is an odd thing. Coming from somewhere poor where you don't get to much food, and then you get  to go somewhere where you get pamperd and preped and if you wnt food they give you a platter full in seconds. Then your in hear and food gets even more scarce then at home. That's The Hunger Games.

In the far out distance I hear cracking and sizzling. What could that be? Is it some kind of mutt? Is someone out there? I tuck my feet up behind me and reach for one of my knives. I clench it with hard restrain and I am not letting go. Kaila grabs her knife and then we look at eachother.

"What is that?" I say, and just then the fire bursts in the hut, blocking the entrance and catching the whole thing on fire.

"Get out," Kaila screams at me and she starts banhing on the side of the hut, chipping the sturdy dried mud and sticks. "You have to get out!"

She keeps pounding on the wall while I sit there coughing and sweating trying to grab my pack. Kaila finally smashes a hole in the wall, a fair sized one. She grabs me and throws my pack out of the hole. She then slides my body out and leaves herself in there.

I stand there looking at the hole.

"Come on Kaila, come on," I say thinking that the fire has gotten her. Suddenly a hand shoots from the hole and Kaila slides half her body out, when the hut collapses trapping half of Kaila's body uner the burning. I scream and race towards Kaila. She lays there passed out. I grab her hand and pull her out of the hut. Half of her body has singe marks everywhere and the other half slivers of wood.

I drag her out of the fire nd I keep going until the fire is clear.

Yasmin Veleno D7

I sit on the ledge, my legs dangling over the edge that dips down into the field. And everywhere, and I mean everywhere fire sprawls. The field is completely lit like a torch that is grasped by the hand of someone in the night. In the distance two figures run through the fire, trying to escape as giant towers of flames burst in front of them.

The only thing that I make out of the two people are there blonde hair. Which that could only be a few people. Melusine from 6, Sandy from 4, and Topaz from 1. I doubt that it is Melusine because the other one has to be a career and I don't think the careers fancied Melusine the greatest.

Topaz Grace D1

The flames surround us in a passion of true beauty, whisping in the wind and scorching high in the air. Even though the flames are truley beautiful, they might be the death of Sandy and I.

Both of us run side by side, dodging flames and instant scortches of flame that shoot up into the air, planning to roast us like as turkey on Panem indapendence day. The fire melts the souls of my shoes and burns the mid-drifts of my coat and shirt off. The flames slowly climb up my coat, burning it ever so slightly until there is barley and shirt left. So since there is barley any of my tops left I rip the last bit of them off and run shirtless beside Sandy.

She looks over at me and them rolls her eyes.

"Well there was hardly any of my coa and shirt left," I spit out through my gasping. I cough on the smoke tht surrounds us and hope tht we make it out of this soon.

Teach Rebel D10

I don't know what is going on, and the only thing that leads me to know is that I hear crackling and rippling in the distance, and that is just faint.

Melusine and I sit side-by-side under the ledge. I grasp her hand tightly in mine. The heat from the sun radiates off of the hot rock from the mountain, toasting our rears. I sit on my coat hopefully stopping the heat.

No action has happened with Melusine and I, and we are settled pretty well. All I know is that we need water  despiratley, everyone does. The lack of H2O weakens me and I feel tired, I can barley stand. Hopefully my mentor wracks in some sponsors for Melusine and I.

Chlorine Brandt D2

"I'm glad to see you," Saffron says hugging Chloe like they are best friends and haven't seen eachother in ages.

"Hey," I say to Walu.

"Anything happen to you guys before we met up," he says sitting down on a rock.

"Nothing really," I say as flashbacks of Saffron and my kisses that we shared. "Nothing at all."

I sit down beside Walu and watch as the other two catch up. They show eachother there weapons, they talk a bit of strategy and I thinkI see Saffron tell Chloe about us. When they finish there reunition, they sitdown in front of us and we pile our supplies in a small pile.

"So we just need to find Topaz and Sandy now I guess," Chloe says purking her lips together.

"Ya, but we don't really need to find them if we don't have to,"  I say looking to the ground.

"Yes we do," Saffron says.

"No, we have to find them, especially Topaz," Saffron says looking at me mdly.

"Not really, I mean Topaz is no stronger then any of us," I say looking at her.

"Topaz is strong, stronger thanyou anyway and he can break your neck in a second!" she snaps at me. She gets up, raises her hand and slaps me straight across the face.

Wolf Fang D11

I wakeup and my eyes shoot open. The sun is straight up high, it looks almost mid-day. I scan the open water, and then my vision moves to the land and I see that it is coverd in fire. I shoot straight up and smirk, while chuckling to myself. I can't imagine how the others are doing right now, hopefully burning to death and putting on a good show.

As long as nothing happens to me, I'm fine with the Gamemakers lighting up the arena in flames. I sit down and open my pack. I grab an apple, and start biting off little chucks off and suck up the juice. I throw the rmaining core away and then lay back.

I look behind me and all of a sudden a giant burst of flame splurges from the rocks. I scuttle to my feet and grab my pack. The fire dissapears and I stand at a ready stance, I look around, waiting for the fire to pop up and to my greatest fear it fires up my rear and I start to run towards the edge.

I groan and then jump into the water.

Phenyx Rouge D3

I lye up against a sand doune when suddenly I hear a beeping noise. I sit up and listen more carfully. The sound that splits through my ears sounds familiar, I have heard it in past games. It is the sound of a parachute. I look up and see 3 parachute's floating down from the sky with three items atached to it.

I catch the parachtes in my hand and the first one has a sickle attached to it. I smirk as I toss the sickle around in my hand. It's sharp and deadly, perfect. The second holds a container with a big chunk of ham in it. I flip open the lid and peel a small strip of the meat off. I slip it into my mouth and the juiciness spreads through my lips and drips onto my tongue. I chuckle about how good it is.

The final parachute holds a something that I needed for a while. A cold black water bottle dripping with the fluid is graspped in my hands. I quickly flick open the lid and chug down most of the drink, I save most for later because I don't want to waste it all now.

Kaila Maze D9

Detria leans me up against a tree and then loks over my singed legs. I wince as she touches the burn marks, nd tears stream down my burnt face.

"How bad is it?" I ask not bothering to look down at my red legs.

"It-it isn't that bad," she says a little shakey.

"Don't lie," I reply, knowing that what she told me wasn't the truth and that my legs are probably horrible.

"Okay it is bad, terrible actually. You legs are all red and blistery, some foaming with blood, others foaming with other liquids. Kaila to be honest, I have no clue what to do," she says looking frustrated and sad. "I just wish we had some water."

At that moment we hear a beeping come from the sky, and both of us look up. A parahute cascades down from the sky holding what looks to be a water bottle and some kind of jar. Detria hops to her feet and grabs the parachute as it floats above her head. She grabs the water bottle and flicks open it's lid.

"Here," she says handing it to me. I take a few gulps and then hand the bottle back to her.

"You need some water too." She grabs the jar and un-screws the lid off. She takes a small wiff of the substance inside and looks at me.

"It smells like medecine," she says and then a look on her face appears, and I swear I saw a lightbulb flash over her head. She takes a glob of the substance on her fingers and rubs it all over my burns. It stings at first, but it slowly soothes after a couple seconds. When she finishes it feels so much better.

Walu Escalor D4

A jolt of pain shoots up my back as the fire splurges up. I fall to the fround and roll back and fourth, hoping to extinguish the fire. All the other careers crumble to the ground as well, there body on fire, and there skin burning and peeling. I manage to get rid of all the fire on me and I jump to my feet.

"Run," I shout to the other careers. I race towards the water and look back, all the other careers hop to there feet and run away to the giant wall of fire thet smoked right behind us. I turn back around and see another wall of flames roll in front of me. I put on the brakes and turn  to the side, the only place not occupied by the rippling fire. I sprint as fast as I can towards the opening and suddenly it closes. I stop once again dead in my tracks as the flames ripple in the air.

The other careers stand beside me, and they look around to hopefully see a opening in the flames, but none appear evident. A tear streams down Saffron's face.

"I nevr though that this would be the way that I would "go"," she says glumly. No, this can't be the way that the careers go, not yet, and certainly not now.

To our luck a small opening appears in the fire.

"Over here," I shout as I jump out of the fire and stumble onto something else. Laying in front of me is Elk from 10.

Elk Chien D10

I jolt awake from a small nap that I currently was with going an Walu from 4 stands over me. Shit, I jump to my feet and start to run away. Walu chases close behind, with the other 3 carers fallowing a few feet behind him.

"Were going to get you 10," screams one of them.

"You better run faster, we are catching up," says another. I take what the career said and start to run faster, as fast as I can, but it just isn't good enough. I feel a hand reech from behind me and grabs my hair, and rips me backwards. I fall backwards as Walu jabs his trident into my shoulder. I scream as he slips it out and goes for another stab, but I react to quickly. I roll out of the way, and his trident sticks into the ground. My blood covers the ground as I manage to get to my knees and I start to crawl away.

I feel three sharp pains through my back and I look down to see three tips of Walu's trident sticking out of my stomach. I fall to the ground, my muscles resist my brains pleads to move and my eyes slowly droop down. I am dying, there is no doubt about it, and the arrow shot by Saffron concludes my thoughts killing me instantly.

Zak Siege D6


The canon blast through the air, filling the arena with it's giant sound, and then slowly fades away. Another one dead, who could it be. That small girl from 5? That strong boy from 10? It could be anyone, even a career. Shrugging my shoulders I lay back against the a rock. The waves of the ocean splash up and down, while I lay safe and sound away from the fire that nearly put me up in flames.

That was a close call but I managed to escape with everything on me intact, except for s few burns and holes in my coat, and some of my hair got singed off. The sun looks like it's just past mid-day, and two deaths have already occured before lunch. I pull an apple out of my pack and munch down on the juicy fruit. It's splended taste delights me in my darkest days and it reminds me of my family, and that there is hiope of my return. 

Melusine Lark D6

The day goes by, the sun slowly dropping, the dehydration slowly increasing and the bordum of sitting up on this ledge increases too, but not slow, and definatley fast. I burry my head into Teach's shoulder, and he strokes the back of my hair.

"I'm so thirsty," he says. "Our sponsors, if we have any, better send some water soon, or I won't be able to go on."

I lift my head up and look into his eyes. "If you can't go on, then I definatley can't," I say trying to change his attitude.

"So your saying if I die, you will too?"


"No you won't you will win when I die," he says laughing a bit. I am just about to tell him how much he means to me, when the seal apears and the anthem starts to play. I look up and see the first portrait, it's the girl from 3. It doesn't surprise me that she is up in the sky, she looked weak and her training score reflected that. The next portrait appears and I see Elk from 10, now this surprises me. Elk was so smart and good with a knife, it's too bad that she is gone, she could have been a cool ally. The seal disapears and and I barey my head back into Teach's shoulder. 

Day 3

Bartholomew Scandal D12

I wakeup and gaze into the sky. It's covered in darkness, grey clouds as far as the eye can see. I sit up and the wind swirls around at a rapid rate. Fast, swirling, blowing branches of trees and tearing the roofs off of the huts that surround me, blocking the elements from touching me. I can almost predict the Disaster that is going to take place today, Tornados. The only thing that I can think of is to find shelter and hope for the best, the best that can happen to me in these games. I look around the huts and spot one that stands tall above the others, lined with branches that come out in npoints at the top, and the best thing is that it has it's roof.

I duck inside and curl up in the corner, trying to keep myself warm from the wind that swirls through the doorway. I would have rather had the weather that we had a few days ago, even though it was blistering hot, over the weather we have now.

Yasmin Veleno D7

As I sleep I slowly dream, a dream so un-true that it doesn't even feel like it could exist. It's a dream where I win, and I make it home to District 7. As I dream, fast asleep I am oblivious to what happens around me and I'm taken away. Just as I am lifted off the ground I burst awake and grab the side of the ledge. I grasp it with dear might as the wind pushes against my face, and between my fingers trying to make me let go. I turn my head as a tornado ripples through the field, and soars into the sky. It slowly moves closer to me and my strength slowly deterierates. One os my hands slip, causing one of my packs to fly off my shoulder and be sucked up into the swirling vortex of death. Killing anything in it's path.

I push against the wind and grab back onto the ledge. The tornado slowly moves even closer to me and my strength is no match for it. It swoops just at my feet and t takes me in. Just as I am sucked in I instantly pas out from the pressure on me. I swirl around, being blown in every which direction, until the twister throws me 100's of feet and I crah down in the field, exactly where the tornado rippled through moments ago.

Chloe Black D2

Wind blows around me in every which way possible. I lay curled up in a ball, the fire that Chlorine made last night is out of flame. I am the only one that ways awake, feeling hopeless and weak. It is practically a sin for a carer to think like this, but t's true. I have no strength right now, I'm tired and hungry and confused. Ever since the boy from 3 saved me yesterday I haven't thought of anything else. I know I have feelings for him, but I can't quite figure out if there positive or negative. I mean, he is cute, and he seems strong, but no career could be with him. Besides, when I win this I won't have time for love, so why start loving someone now.

"Hey, Chloe, you awake?" I hear someone whisper. I turn around and Walu passes me an apple.

"Thanks," I say as I take a large bite out of it's skin.

"I guess the Disaster for today is obvious," Walu says looking into the sky. I nod and think to myself, I currently don't know what the Disaster is, but I'm guessing by the wind that it is something big and deadly.

Detria Glace D5

I huddle up beside Kaila. Her wounds have gotten better, the burnt, raw skin has dried up and she can move around more.

I think for a moment about the incident with the fire when my thoughts are interupted by the wind knocking me over.

"This wind is terribly strong!" I say to Kaila.

"Yes it is," she says. "I advize we take shelter the best way possible."  I get up and look around for something that could shield us from the wind. There isn't much in this little forest, but my gaze focuses on a tree with roots that stick up out of the ground, providing a coverage.

"Over there," I point and Kaila looks the way of my finger.

"It's perfect," she says. I crawl under the roots and lean against the ground. I use my pack as a pillow and Kaila lays down beside me. I pull some moss off of the roots and suck on them, some water replenishes my throat, and I lay back, ready for the Disaster that will take this day.

Sandy Moral D4

I stretch my hands over my head and yawn. I open my eyes and my heart practically leaps out of my chest.

"Topaz wakeup!" I scream. He doesn't even budge, I lean over him and slap him across his face. "Wakeup you moron."

His eyes shoot opes and he grabs my neck and throws me to the ground, choking my throat. "Don't you ever wake me up again!" he shouts in my face, bearing his teeth like a wild dog.

"But, I, b-" Is the only thing I can say to warn him. He doesn't respond so I point, I point in the direction of a tornado bareling towards us. He slowly turns his head, but it's to late. The wind swooshes by and picks him up and sucks him in. I shreik and grab on to a chunk of wheat, it barley holds me in. The tornado lifts me off the ground and tries it's hardest to pull me in. I resist my hardest but the wheat that holds me down, strapping me to the ground breaks free and I'm sucked into the tornado, with all my supplies.

I swirl in the tornado, screaming in terror. I see in front of me my pack, I reach out, grab it and squeeze it in my arms. As I twirl I close my eyes, ready for the pain and death to come upon me. I open my eyes just to see my trident scrape across my forehead. Opening a large gash, blood fills my eyes and I am shot out like a torpedo. I smash on the ground and my pack cusions the fall a small bit. I slowly open my eyes as my spear flies through the air and stabs into the ground right in front of me. I look around and I sit at the edge of the beach. Topaz?

"Topaz!!!" I scream but I hear no answer.

Zak Siege D6

The wind swirls around me, angrily, violently and no regrets as to who's lives it will take. The sky dark, grey and lifeless. I wrap my arms around my knees to try to stay warm in this cool weather. The waves splash violently against the rocks, rupturing the sand around, washing the shore away with the erosion.

Suddenly a hear a faint beeping noise, coming from up above and I know exactly what it is. I jump up off the ground and look up to see a shining silver parachute floating down from the sky, attatched to it is a dripping black water canister. I jump up and catch it in my hands, the water on the outside of the bottle wetting my hands as I un-screw the lid and start chugging down the fresh water.

It quickly quenches my throat as it slowly drips down into my stomach, filling me. I smile and mouth the words "Thank you" I say into the air. I sit back down and sip water as the wind swirls in my hair

Bartholomew Scandal D12

The wind outside my hut swirls faster and faster, I can hear it's cries as it flows through the wind. I can feel the cool air up against my body as it blows through the open door way of the hut. I feel helpless curled up in the corner of the hut. Like a child hiding in his closet away from the monsters under his bed.

I shiver and shiver, and I know my body heat is dropping at a rapid rate. If I don't start a fire soon I am sure I will freeze to death. But there is no way a fire will light in this weather. Not now, not here. I would have to be somewhere closed and safe from the elements. I flip my hood over my head, for my protection from th wind. I take a small tarp from my pack and put it in front of the dorr way, using it as some sort of wind break. It aidsme a little bit, but not much.

I blow into my hands for a moment until I hear the wind getting stronger and stronger. The sound of something hurdling towards me is evident. I just have time to slam my hands over my head and clench my eyes before the tornado breaks into my hut and picks me up. Swirling me around in around in its grey. I take a blow to my lower leg by something that I can't recognize. I don't know where my pack is, or my cutlass for that matter. Most likely swirling in the wind. I feel the tornado take me and flip me around, twisting me in every position possible. I just open my eyes to see the tree straight in front of me, and that's when the fatal blow to my head happens.


Kaila Maze D9

Through it all I manage to doze off, through the wind and the falling trees. But I am woken when I hear the canon sound. Who could it be? Saffron from District 1? Wolf from District 11? I will never know until tonight, if I even get to live that long.

I roll over onto my side when suddenly a huge force uproots the tree and I hear a faint scream. I look over and Detria is gone and I feel a pulling at my legs. I look over and see yards away a tornado is beckoning. I manage to grab the tree just as it is fully pulled from the ground.

I rap my arms around its trunk, bear hugging it for dear life. I just catch a glimpse of Detria as the tornado flings her out. I feel my teeth biting into my cheeks and the taste of bllod fills my mouth.

Come on Detria, survive, survive. I think to myself, but the choice isn't up to me. It's up to the tornado and the gamemakers. I feel it throw the tree and I out and a falling movement jerks my stomach and I throw up some kind of clear bile. When I hit the ground it has such an impact that I let go of the tree and roll about 20 feet on the ground. I jerk forward in a throwing up motion, but nothing comes out.

I am alive though and that's all that matters. Until I realise something.

"Detria!" I shout but I hear no reply.

Teach Rebel D10

I cover myself with my sleepingbag, my arms wrapped around Melusine like another blanket all on its's own. The wind swirls around us rapidly, blowing through our and hair and making our muscles clench in the cool temperature. We have moved to the very back of the cave, so we wouldn't be as effected by the wind, but it still manages to chill our bones. I hear Melusine's teeth chatter as she curls up against me.

"You all right?" I ask, feeling her heart beat.

"Ya, I am fine," she says, just as she finishes the last few words the wind gets faster and more rapd, and I have a feeling what is going to happen. I shove our packs inside our sleeping bag, aand clench against her even tighter.

"What are you doing?" she asks in a nervous tone.

"I can't explain, just brace yourself," and at that very moment I peer outside the cave mouth and see the grey mass of hotand cold air swirling around, with chunks of land inside.

"Oh my god," Melusine says as the tornado starts sucking us towards it.

Chlorine Brandt D2

I gather a few things around camp together. Shoving the items in packs and bags, leaving behind some of the useless items like wrappers and peelings. The waves brush up on shore in a swfit fashion. The wind swirls around me, almost knocking me over, but I regain my stability and keep cleaning up.

"We have to go soon," I say with no expression whatsoever.

"Ya," Saffron chymes in. "It doesn't seem exactly safe here, the waves are to big for comfort."

"Your such a woos," Walu says to Saffron in a mocking tone.

"Shut up," she replies throwing a water bottle at his head. He ducks and it sails into the water.

"Would you ass-holes cut it out, that is valuable supplies you are throwing away," I scold them, they look at me the way a child would after being told to sit on time out, nervous and anxious. Once we finish gather our things I pile a few packs on my back and everybody else takes some supplies as well.

"Let's go," I say and they follow.

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