The Idea

I will be searching through THGRP Wiki in hopes to find the top 50 best tributes. I will list bellow who I will probably use a tribute from. Then I will use these 50 tributes and they will go through an ultimate game together. Lots of challenges, death and obviously blood. If one of your tributes come out on top, you will be the ultimate wikian and you will have a badge for your page!

Users I May use Their Tributes












and more if I see your cool tributes :P

The Tributes

District              Name Age Weapon Gender User
2            Tirana Balcony 18 Butterfly Swords Female PumPumPumpkin :3
5 Penolpe Janet "PJ" Hoopes 17 Throwing Knives, Brass Knuckles Female Madgeical
8 Rufus Silks 16 Knife, Brass Knuckles Male HybridShadow
6 Zak Slaughter 16 Anything Male Nightlock Kryptonite
6 Mimic Slaughter 16 Anything Female Nightlock Kryptonite
3 Vienna Forte 17 Metal Claws Female HawkWD
1 Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux 17 Dagger, Spear Male District3
4 Scorpius Flame 15 Sword, Trident Male Jabberjay78
C Shay Cobblestone 17 Knives Female Annamisasa
1 Jules Vanity 16 Knife, Axe Female Nommehzombies
11 Cyprian Arys 13 Sword, Axe Male TBWTPT
5 Shade Spectrus 15 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps Male Mistfire333
2 Lotus Eater 18 Poisoned Food Female HawkWD
10 September Rollo 18 Bow and Arrow Female EvilHariboMadness
4 Mistina Seabreeze 14 Long Knives Female XxXMidgetInaBikiniXxX
13 Acheron Bane 16 Throwing Knives, Scythe Male HybridShadow
3 Buzzy Tee 12 Awl Male XxXMidgetInaBikiniXxX
4 Cassandra Oracion 15 Trident, Throwing Axes Female PumPumPumpkin :3
8 Ana Shadowsinger 15 Bow and Arrow Female Annamisasa
10 Bella Mustang 15 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Female Hybrid Shadow
3 Twix Juniper 14 Shurikens, Sais Male PumPumPumpkin :3
9 Xavier Doron 18 Long Curved Knives Male Wesolini
10 Sable Rose 18 Throwing Axe, Whip Female TBWTPT
7 Barkley Bennett 18 Axes, Throwing Axes Male WiressFan21
2 Tony Driver 12 Dagger, Metal Claws Male LivesInDistrict1
3 Atlas Aura 17 Axe, Crossbow Female Iron Berry
7 Mist Scorchil 15 Tomahawk, Dagger Male Mistfire333
14 Ophid Carne 12 Long Knife, Dagger Female TBWTPT
6 Shock Horror 17 Axes Female Prezziesnows9704:)!
6 Doomsday Terror 17 Knives, Axes Male Prezziesnows9704:)!
12 Kohl Cyphers 15 Bow and Arrow Male Jabberjay78
1 Penny Dawson-Tishler 15 Swords Female XxXMidgetInaBikiniXxX
C Zodiak Astro 18 Butterfly Swords, Mace, Kusarigama Male Hybrid Shadow
7 Arsenic Sludge 16 Poison Male Jabberjay78
13 Selina Nela 16 Crossbow Female EvilhariboMadness
11 Bayleaf Mangolia 15 Slingshot, Blowgun Female TBWTPT
10 Anubis Pyramid 18 Sickle Male Hybrid Shadow
9 Lucas Sunsong 13 Sickle Male Annamisasa
4 Rivv Seasy 15 Crossbow, Trident, Awl Female WiressFan21
14 Piper Quinn 18 Bow and Arrow Female Nightlock Kryptonite
2 Artemis Kane 17 Bow and Arrow Female Beetee19
3 Cyber Bytes 17 Sword, Mace Male TBWTPT
5 Detria Glace 14 Throwing Knives, Blowgun Female Annamisasa
6 Lillian Pierrot 17 Meteor Hammer, Knives Female PumPumPumpkin :3
7 Yasmin Veleno 17 Poison, Knives, Awl Female Wesolini
8 Dome Citadel 16 Hatchet, Knives Male Hybrid Shadow
14 Harley Swoop 13 Bow and Arrow Male Nightlock Kryptonite
11 October Fest 18 Scythe, Sickle Male Angry birds12
12 Vixen Ice 16 Knife Female Jabberjay78
3 Petra Mines 17 Knives, Traps Female District3


Arena 12345
The Tributes are scattered throught the arena. Some could be lifted up in the rock formations, some could be lifted into the forest and some could be lifted right beside a lake. The Cornucopia is located in the very center of the arena. The Cornucopia holds supplies and goods for the tributes, but the chunk of land that it sits on is surrounded by cliffs. You would have to be A good climber to get up. Around the chunk of land is a salt water lake, that has many predators swimming around it. You would be very lucky to get to the Cornucopia without being killed or injured. There are a few large rocks that stick out of the water, as well as a small island that ataches to the island that is quite rocky and hilly, but very large. There is a small passage of land that leads from the Cornucopia island to the part of the arena that is mainly rock formations. The only vegitation that thrives there are different kinds of mosses and small bushes. There is only one water source and that is a large river thatstarts in a valley at a lake where the water connects and flows into the salt water lake. The rest of the arena is mainly forest with a few hills and fields, but the forest would be the best bet to stay concealed.


Death Chart

Place District Name By Who District Method Day
50th 11 Cyprian Arys Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux 1 Throat Slit 1
49th 2 Lotus Eater Rufus Silks 8 Head Stabbed 1
48th 7 Arsenic Sludge Muttations ______ Head Impaled 1 (Night)

The Games

Part 1: The Awakening

Day 1

Mist Scorchil D7

My eyes fly open and I feel my throat tense. Sounds of suffocation break free from my lungs and I clench my knuckles. My mind is everywhere at once and I can't think sraight. I take big gulps of air in and out of my mouth. My throat burns and restricts like a cobra ready to strike and I flip myself to my side as I feel my stomach rumble. The fluids already flow out of my mouth before I know what is happening. A clear colour of a liquid sprawld across the ground in front of my face. Tears water in my eyes as the vomit burns my nostrils. I stop heaving for a moment and sit up and look at my surroundings. A lush forest? What is this? Where am I?

I look over to my side and spot a pack leaning up against a tree with my District number, 7, sewed on in a vibrant orange fashion. That's when I realized what this was and I start to vomit again.

Lucas Sunsong D9

I slowly pull myself to my feet, avoiding my retch that I spewed all over the ground beside me. I blink rapidly, trying to get everything into focus, but everything is bright white. It is like looking at snow when the sun reflects off it and stings your eyes. My vision slowly comes back and I can make out objects now. Trees. Grass. Rocks. Basic things that surround me. I lean against a tree trunk, trying to keep my balance stable. I try to walk a few steps, but am sent forward falling over something. As I regain my stabability I look down at my feet and see a sac just at the ends of my toes. I turn my body over and reach down, grabbing the bag by one of its handles.

I sit up and un-zip the zipper. I dump the components of the bag onto the ground and stare down at a water bottle, a bag of dried beef and a knife.

Bayleaf Mangolia D11

This makes to much sense now. It's scary. When they cancelled the games last year, I knew something was up, its not like the Capitol to cancel the Hunger Games. I mean its their favourite source of entertainment. They wouldn't cancel something they love just because. I knew there was a reason why. And now I have figured it out, it was to prepare for this years games. They tried to play off last year's cancelation as budget trouble, I knew they were lying, like the dogs they are. As soon as I saw that bag, and the knife that was in it. I knew what this ones and what I am. I am a tribute in this year's Hunger Games.

Detria Glace D5

I feel the tears start swelling in my eyes when I figure out that I am here, in a Hunger Games, but I hold them back. Trying to look stronger than I am to the crowd. I sling my pack over my shoulder and start climbing up as large boulder. All I see around me is the huge rocks, a rough terrain to walk around in, but luckily I am a good climber.

My first priority is to find water, that is my main focus now, because if you find water you will last a lot longer than you would without. Once I find water, I might as well stay hidden and enclosed somewhere like acave or a forest if there is one. I am sure there is something like that around here, and I guess once I do that the rest of the games will be going to chance and instinct.

Tirana Balcony D2

Static fills my ears, the kind that you would here when a microphone is turned on, and then I hear the voice from every angle. "May The Eternal Games Commence," the manly voice blasts through the air. The Eternal games though? What the hell is that? Is it a Hunger Games? Could I really be in a Hunger Games! Yes, I know I am, finally my dream has come true. All my life I have wanted to be reaped for these games, and I guess this year I was specially selected. Finally someone notices me.

I grasp my knife tightly in my hand and start to walk around, throught the forest. It's plush and green, and the smell of fresh cedar is everywhere, a smell that makes my heart pound faster and my smile gropw larger.

Anubis Pyramid D10

I wrap my arms around my knees and pull my legs to my chest. My bottom rests on a patch of sand at the edge of the land, the water washes up on shore, slowly and calmly. I am not going in there, I can't go in there. It is to calm, there is something bound to happen, something to get the audience excited. I slowly gaze over at the pack, and the knife that I rested just beside it. In a few days I may have to use that knife, to protect myself or worse, to kill someone as innocent as I am. I feel a lump in my throat form and my body start to tingle. Would it be a good idea to let Dark Anubis take over for a while?

Zak Slaughter D6

I have been walking for a while now, my feet slowly becoming soar in my thick souled shoes, obviously not meant for running. Besides my shoes I wear a light black jacket with a silver zipper down the middle and green stitching around the edges, with just a plain pair of green cacky pants. My knife grasped in my sweaty hand, ready if someone tries to attack me. Or if I attack them. I am not concerned about dying, I just want to play these games well and keep going. If I have to be concerned of one thing though, it would be if Mimic was in these games as well. That is the only thing that worries me at the moment, but I have to go and tell myself that Mimic can handle herself and I won't always be there to protect her.

Zaphire "Zaph" Beaux D1

I hear movement in the bush beside me and I swing around with my knife. I slowly and carefully walk towards the bush, a lump in my throat. What could it be? Another tribute, or a deadly mutt? I reach out and push a fw of the branches out of the way when the silver blade travels right past my nose. I only have a second to jump backwards, but I fall to the ground in the process, dropping my knife. My eyes quickly shift back to the bush as a boy with green and black hair steps out, weilding a knife as well. I crawl backwards on my knees, lunging for the knife when he runs over and kicks it away, under a patch of dirty leaves. I know I can beat him in a fight, he is small and doesn't look like he has a lot of meat on his body so I doubt that he could stand a chance against me. I quickly regain my balance and start throwing punches.

Cyprian Arys D11

I swiftly dodge a punch that is thrown by the brute with the 1 on his pack. I duck and swing my knife at his stomach, but he leaps back and in a quick reaction punches me in the jaw. I fall backwards and hit the ground hard. The blow has made my vision blurry and I can't see very far ahead of me, only shapes and outlines. At this point I start randomly swinging my knife, in a failed attempt at claiming a target. A sharp pain is brought to my arm as I feel the boy from 1's foot come in contact with my elbow. I hear a pop and know that something is dislocated. I let out a small gurgled cry as I drop my knife. I try to get up, but there is a force against my chest that won't allow me to. I feel the sharp blade touch the edge of my throat and then it all went blank.


Rivv Seasy D4

A kill. Already. It hasn't even been an hour in these games. Or has it. How long have I been here, I how long will I be here. All I know is that I can't focus on that, I have to keep my head in the game and not worry about anything else except survival. You never know, I may win. I will win, I must win.

I slimb over a rock and jump onto the next one over. This is the only terrain that is seeable from here, so I will most likely be here a while. Hopefully there is some source of food and water. I won't be able to survive on dried beff for to long. I will most likely die from dehydration. I keep walking for a while, in hopes to find some source of water, but I have no luck. No stream or lake, just rocks and boulders that keep getting in my way. I alowly become frusterated and deside to take a rest, just for as little while and then I will be up on my feet moving again.

October Fest D11

The thought that someone has already died is horrific. I feel anxious because I have no clue who that person was, for all I know it could have been Summer if she was selected for these games too, and I couldn't live without her, I love her too much. Since she is my only sister and all.

After a while of walking I start to get bored. I know that I won't find anything for a while so I might as well stop and attract some attention to myself. I saw a few branches off a tree with a thick knife that is smooth on one side and ragged on the other. Perfect for if you want to draw a lot of blood in kills. I pile the sticks and branches on top of each other, as well as a few dead leaves on the ground and start rubbing to sticks together rapidly. Smoke appears and one cinder flashes from the branches and the fre egnites. Come and get me other tributes!

Vixen Ice D12

I allow myself to peak out of the forest a small bit, but only enough to see the small clearing. I take a quick breath a peak my head out. I duck buck and recall what I saw. I large clearing with a lake that travels farther than the eye can see. My mouth almost druels when I see the water and I jump with joy. I am just about to walk out to the lake when I see him. A boy, wait not a boy, a man. My guess 18 with short brown hair and pale skin, sitting right beside the lake. I pull my knife out from my pant pocket but then recall to myself that I am, not a killer and I am foolish for thinking so. Maybe I can reason with him, maybe I can form an alliance.

I slowly start to walk out of the forest and closer to him, to maybe my death. I still have my knife at the ready, just in case I have to use it. As I slowly approach him I see on his pack that he is from District 9, the grain District. I stand a couple yards away from him now, not knowing what to say. If I do one wrong thing it could be the end of, so I start with something easy.

"Hello," I say wincing a little as he turns around. His face looks smooth and his eyes a light blue coulour that looks almost feline.

"Hi," he replies, slowly reaching for his knife.

"I want to form an alliance, I don't want to kill you, I think it would be better if it was the two of us." I manage to stammer out of my mouth. He slowly gets up off the ground and I see how tall he is, my eyes slowly widen and I feel my mouth drop. "Im Xavier." He sticks his hand out for me to shake it. "Vixen," I stutter and place my small hand inside his.

Mistina Seabreeze D4

The wind surrounds me. Wrapping me in it's cool lushesness and scent of sweet lemongrass. My hair is tossed around, in every wich direction, but I don't care, this beach next to this lake gives me a sense of home, a false sense but still a sense. And that's good enough for me.

I wonder what Alejandro is feeling right now. Is he proud of because I am here? Is he scared for me, that I may die? Or did he shun me, pretend that I am not even his girlfriend to hide the pain? My head is telling me that its the first one, but my heart says the last one. And that almost sends tears into my eyes. Has he ignored me? Pretending that I don't even exist so that he won't be hurt? He can't, he hasn't, he won't.

Penelope "PJ" Janet Hoopes D5

I have been walking for a while now, not knowing exactly where I a going, but hoping that I will find something or someone. I climb over a fallen down tree and scurry through a mound of long grass. I don't like this one bit, its too dirty here, I would rather be back home with my makeup and jokes, but I am sure every tribute would want to be. But one of us is already dead so I can't lose focus now, or I will be like the other tribute. I stop as I stand at a small clearing. A large river (or small lake) flows in front of me, each water droplet in unison with another. The sound of dripping water fills my ears and I feel the particles of water that have evaporated around me.

Its a beautiful scene, the trees just form over it, like an arch or a bunch of arms protecting a child. I slowly start to walk out but halted when I see the girl running to the lake. I nearly throw myself to the gorund and duck behind a patch of grass. The girl is fast and stealthy, her wavy brown hair flops in the wind as she takes strides across the ground. She is pretty, beautiful actually.I can just make out a 1 on her pack but then something unexpected happens. Her feet are taken out from under her body and she is sent forward. She lands in a pile of mud, covering her soft face. I can hardly contain the laughter. I squeak a little but then crawl back into the forest un-seen.

Dome Citadel D8

I yawn and lean back against a tree.

Time for a nap, I think to myself. I close my eyes and rest my head on a bed of moss against a patch of roots. You may say that it is foolish to sleep out in the very open, but I am not worried. I  have set dry and old leaves all around me for a boarder of at least fift feet in every direction. If someone even attempted to attack me, I would hear them, and even though I wouldn't like it, I would have to fight them. But only as a last resort, allying would be my first priority and if my fellow tribute isn't convinced I would defend myself, and then escape somehow. These games are sick, and fighting is what the Capitol wants, and I don't want to give them what they want. I was proclaimed dead once, I don't feel like actually dying now.

Rufus Silks D8

I walk along the edge of a small creek. The sunlight just barely peers through the treetops and sparkles off the water. Its a truly beautiful sight, to bad I don't care. I feel my stomach growl and me and I decide to eat a few strips of dried beef that I got from my pack. I know the Gamemakers well enough that they put this food in our packs to keep us going for a while, but not for too long. Smart.

I slowly walk along the river bank until I see this girl. She has blonde wavy locks that flow down to her mid back, a cold look on her face, but happy in a strange way. She sits there against a tree staring down at the river bank, like it's some form of entertainment. I pull my knife from my belt and slowly start approaching her. She doesn't see me quite yet, and as I approach I makeout the colour of her eyes. Light blue, pretty. I grip my knife tightly between my fingers and circle around to behind the tree that she rests on. She looks like a woman, a young beautiful woman.

I slowly get closer and closer until I can almost touch the tree. I slowly start to raise my knife over her beautiful head full of gold locks. Time for my first kill of the games. I bring the knife down right into her head and her body becomes limp against the old brown tree.

Barkley Bennett D7

I slowly take sips of water that I retrieved from a stream that cuts through the forest. It almost has a sweet taste to it. Like lemongrass or strawberry juice. Whatever it is I like it. I have been walking for hours, I have no idea where to go or where I am going so I am perminintley lost. I decide to climb a tree, maybe that way I can get a better view and see other places that may be important to me.

I choose a large maple, its branches a sturdy and easy to climb up. One after another I boost myself upwards, pulling at heeving my body. Surprisingly I am lighter than i expected since I haven't climbed in a while. I finally get high enough that the branches can't support me anymore, so I stop and start looking around, all I see is forest and maybe very far in the distance mountains? But nothing else. Dissapointed I sit down on the branch, my feet dangling down. I rest my hands on the branches under me and sit, taking a rest. All of a sudden I heart something, it sounds like static on a microphone, and that is when I hear the man speak.

"Attention tributes, you may want to listen to this message since it is very important to your well-being. Starting at noon tomorow there will be a Cornucopia placed in the middle of the arena that will contain supplies that will benefit your survival in these games. Momentarily you will recieve a compass that will guide you to where the cornucopia will be. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor." The line goes dead and I watch a silver parachute fall from the sky, holding my compass.

Cassandra Oracion D4

It's actually quite beautiful here. The way the rocks grow larger and larger as you go on. And the sun refelcts of the large boulders radiate comforting heat. I like it. It would be more comfortable if there was some place to hide since the boulders are so close together tha you can't fit in between them. But it will have to do, actually it must do since I am going to have to survive here for a while.

I hold my compass out and the small red needle points in front of me. I must be going the rigt way. Suddenly I see her. Her hair pulled tightly up into a bun, and she skips along the rocks like I do. She looks taller than me, older than me too, I know I can't fight her. I can't run because I will lose balance an fall. I have to make an alliance with her. I slowly start to approach her, she hasn't noticed me yet so I stride cautiously across the boulders. It takes a few moments for her to look up and see me, and when she does, she instantly pulls a knife from her belt and points it at me.

"No, don't I say," I say to her, but she still points the knife at me. "I don't want hurt you, I don't want to fight." She looks at me a little confused, her face reads calm, but her glowing green eyes read soemthing else. "I want an alliance." It takes me a few minutes to say that. She looks me up and down for a few seconds and then purses her lips.

"Okay." She replies. "I'm Petra."

"Cassandra," I tell her shaking her hand.

Arsenic Sludge D7

The sun quickly starts to set, and I start to get a feeling that someone or something is watching me. I pull my knife out, and ready it in my hands, the grippers digging into my palm. I face the blade low, so I can easily swing at whatever is after me. It's only a few more minutes before night is upon us, and the stars just barely peak through the canopy above. In my mind I curse at the gamemakers for making it so dark, but I can't do anything about it so I continue walking.

I reach into my pocket and pull out my compass, I flip open it's silver lid and look into it, I can just hardly see it by moon light. It points in the direction beside me, to my left. That's the direction I want to go, to the cornucopia where all the supplies is. I feel as if I need to go, if it will put me farth in these games then why not, I may even win. But that's doubtful. There must be stronger tributes than me still alive, I mean there was only two canons today, which are probably two young tributes that couldn't handle themselves.

All of a sudden I feel a cold chill run down my spine and then a sound of claws scratching on a tree fills my ears. I turn around and see a giant beast standing behind me and I freeze. It was so quiet sneaking up on me, how could it with it's size. It large body is a shade of dark brown with a patch of a orangish-yellow on it's back. It has two large fangs that hang down from it's mouth. And it's two flourescent green eyes stare into mine, bearing into my soul. And just like that, it pounces on me. I just have enough time to stick my knife out and it impales through it's forehead. It's limp dead body falls on me, and I can hardly feel my body under all the weight and just like that, 3 more appear at my head. The one looks down at me, and I know that I am good as dead. It puts a look on its face, almost like a smirk and then it dives down on me and sinks it's cold fangs into my skull.

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