Yes, anotther games is what you see, I just can't stop because it is so fun :3. I am currently still writing my other two blogs, but they won't be on hold, they will just go with the flow right now.


1.You can have an 'unlimited amount of' tributes. But you can't have more than a quarter of the tributes.

2. The Districts 0-14 will be entered in the games and The Capitol aswell. Also there will be twice as many tributes.

3. Don't fight with other users or hate on my writing, if that occurs then your tributes will meet death immediatley.

4. Don't be upset when your tribute dies, and I am saying when because it is going to happen. Plus only 1 out of the 64 tributes will live.

5. Reservations will be allowed, but they will only last 3 days, no less, unless you request something from me.

6. Spamming is not allowed under any circumstances.







Appearance (Lunaii)







The Tributes

The 333rd Hunger Games Tributes
District Gender Name Age Weapon
0 Male Comet Ash 16 Knife
0 Male
0 Female Venus Blizzard 16 Bow and Arrow
0 Female Calla Frostwind


1 Male Travis Touchdown 18 Katana
1 Male Jack Cayman 18 Sword, Daggers, Spear
1 Female Oceana Galaxy 16 Dagger
1 Female Victoriana "V" Sylvester 17 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives
2 Male Reserved for Misytmolla
2 Male Yuki Kokyu 18 Mace, Brass Knuckles
2 Female Teresa Silver 18 Trowing Knives, Swords
2 Female Reserved for Misytmolla
3 Male Crick Storm 13 Blowgun
3 Male Aston Hughes 13 Sickle, Axe
3 Female Liliana Jones 12 Wires
3 Female
4 Male Reserved for PumPumPumpkin :3
4 Male Kodai Hitorogoshi 17 Whip, Spiked Rod
4 Female


for PumPumPumpkin :3
4 Female Reserved for Everderp
5 Male Shade Spectrus 16 Dagger, Crossbow
5 Male Johnathan Wolfe 14
5 Female Lailac Unerin 15 Spears, Swords, Throwing Knives
5 Female Olivia Abner 17 Throwing Knives and Bow and Arrow
6 Male Acorn Fields 14 Spears
6 Male


for PumPumPumpkin :3
6 Female Reserved for PumPumPumpkin :3
6 Female Aurora Rose 14 Poison Darts
7 Male Mist Scorchil 14 Axe, Dagger
7 Male


7 Female Kyala Oakwood 16 Throwing Axes
8 Male Reserved for Sgirl11
8 Male Jax Griffin 16 Throwing Knives, Sword
8 Female
8 Female Laila Bennett 16 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow
9 Male Kyler Harte 13 Knife
9 Male Tyler Harte 13 Sword
9 Female
9 Female
10 Male Silver "Clocky" Clockson 16 Double Knives
10 Male Halloween Smiley 17 Knife, Swords, Needles
10 Female Karolyne Stuard 14 Whip, Lasso
10 Female Xenia Bloodhound 17 Triple Mace, Long Knives
11 Male Trent Korey 18 Spear, Sword, Trident
11 Male
11 Female Ally Mya 15 Knife, Dagger, Poison
11 Female
12 Male Jake Lehouk 15 Spears
12 Male
12 Female Martha Miller 12 Knife
12 Female Kassilana "Kassie" Kastellon 18 Sword, Blowgun, Pickaxe, Knife, Spear, Axe
13 Male Ares Dos-Santos 15 Throwing Knives
13 Male Acheron Bane 16 Knife, Throwing Knives, War Scthe
13 Female Elieth Lightstorm 13 Blowgun
13 Female Felicity Tagater 16 Knife, Throwing Knives
14 Male Reserved for Everderp
14 Male
14 Female Reserved for Everderp
14 Female Julia Wolfheart 18 Chained bear Trap
C Male Reserved for PumPumPumpkin :3
C Male
C Female Sona Heart 14 Throwing Knives, Knives
C Female Esmerella Xeneras 15 Bladed-Whip

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