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The Olympic Games-Not What Anybody Thought

Yes, anotther games is what you see, I just can't stop because it is so fun :3. I am currently still writing my other two blogs, but they won't be on hold, they will just go with the flow right now.


1.You can have only 6 tributes. I may lengthen it to 8 if I don't get very much interest.

2. The Districts 0-14 will be entered in the games and The Capitol aswell. Also there will be twice as many tributes.

3. Don't fight with other users or hate on my writing, if that occurs then your tributes will meet death immediatley.

4. Don't be upset when your tribute dies, and I am saying when because it is going to happen. Plus only 1 out of the 64 tributes will live.

5. Reservations will be allowed, but they will only last 3 days, no less, unless you request something from me.

6. Spamming is not allowed under any circumstances.


The template will be different then the normal one.





Sports that they are good in:

Sports they are okay in:

Sports that they suck in:



Appearence: Real Person Photo

Sports That Will Be Taking Place

100m Sprint

110m Hurldes

400m Sprint

1500m Race

High Jump

Long Jump

Javelin Throw

Pole Vault




The Tributes

District Gender Name Age User
C Male Jayden Cloud 16 XXToxicScreamxx
C Male
C Female Kelly Freefly 15 XXToxicScreamxx
C Female
0 Male
0 Male
0 Female Violet Cascade 16 Nightlock Kryptonite
0 Female
1 Male
1 Male
1 Female
1 Female
2 Male
2 Male Trigger Storm 18 Nightlock Kryptonite
2 Female Katey Neo 17 ~glitterday~
2 Female
3 Male
3 Male
3 Female Melina DuBronx 17 Andy1854
3 Female Karla Flake 16 Nightlock Kryptonite
4 Male
4 Male
4 Female Liv Seasal 15 Nightlock Kryptonite
4 Female Reserved for Rainfacestar
5 Male
5 Male
5 Female
5 Female
6 Male
6 Male
6 Female
6 Female
7 Male Shade Spectrus 16 Mistfire333
7 Male Mist Scorchil 14 Mistfire333
7 Female Reserved for Rainfacestar
7 Female Lydia "Lid" Hollow 15 Nightlock Kryptonite
8 Male River Greene 16 Sapphire Lad
8 Male Bruce Wayne 17 Prezziesnow9704:)!
8 Female Harley Anne Quinn 17


8 Female Reserved for Misytmolla
9 Male
9 Male
9 Female
9 Female
10 Male Reserved for Misytmolla
10 Male
10 Female
10 Female
11 Male
11 Male
11 Female
11 Female
12 Male
12 Male Reserved for Rainfacestar
12 Female
12 Female
13 Male
13 Male
13 Female Reserved for Rainfacestar
13 Female
14 Male
14 Male
14 Female Reserved for Misytmolla
14 Female Christina Shatter 13 Nightlock Kryptonite

  • Kelly Freefly C
  • Jared Cloud C
  • Melina DuBronx D3
  • Mist Scorchil D7
  • Shade Spectrus D7
  • Harley Anne Quinn D8
  • River Greene D8
  • Bruce Wayne D8

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