So I have been wanting to get new material to write with, new people and tributes that will give me inspiration for my other games. So I have decided o make the Peril games. The Disaster Games and The 197th Games- Part 1 of Series are currently going on so if you are entered just know that they aren't cancelled and I will update them as frequently as possible.


1. Only Districts 1-12 will be participating in these games, because I would like them to only last a certain amount of time.

2. You can have up to 5 tributes, no exceptions.

3. Dont hate if your tribute is murdered to death (fail).

4. Don't argue or fight people in the comments because this blog isn't for that it is for my games.

5. Have Fun Reading and entering a tribute.












Anything itallicised is optional.

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon Gender Name Age Weapon
1 M Zaphire Beaux 18 Dagger, Spear F Insomnica Frevalute 14 Axe
2 M Alexander Sidorov 16


F Vanessa Jimenez 15 Scimitars
3 M Hybrid "H3" Three 15 Anything F Holly Smiley 18 Knives, Swords
4 M Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 Whip, Mace F Jacey Reed 18 Throwing Knives
5 M Shade Spectrus 16 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps F Sorcera Spectrus 17 Dagger, Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Poison
6 M November Rubeski 16 Crossbow F Greta Maverick 13 Meat Hook
7 M Rarrinder Lysce 18 Scythe F Pandora Raven 16 Whip
8 M Mist Scorchil 14 Tomahawk, Dagger F Reserved for Erlend
9 M Panthern Agrios 14 Knife F Mistina Seabreeze 14 Long Knives, Knives
10 M Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 13 Anything Useable F
11 M Mordecai Darah 18 Scimitar F Chakara Fatalis 17 Dagger and Scythe
12 M Thatch Heathcliff 18 Axe F Reserved for Erlend

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