Okay, so, if you have seen Charlie's The Survivor Games: Borneo, you would know the premis around these games. And I would just like to give a disclaimer and say that, Charlie made these games up. I was just inspired to make a games like this and had no clue how to incorporate The Hunger Games theme in it, and once I saw his, I new I wanted to do something like that. So once again, give him the credit, it was all his idea.

How It Works

There will be 24 tributes that go in, and they will have their own miniature bloodbath. They can kill whoever they want, it doesn't matter, just like the actual Hunger Games. And once there are only 16 people left, the killing will be halted. The remaining 16 people will be formed into two tribes and the game of Survivor will start there.

If you are not familiar with the concept of Survivor, here is a link:


1. Don't post advice, there is no point because I won't use it

2. Don't get upset if your tribute is killed or voted off. Usually I have a hard time killing people off, so it's hard for me too :P

3. You can have up to 2 tributes each

4. District 1-12 will be used.

5. If you are to post two tributes, they have to be a male and a female, no certain opposite sex

8. I do accepte links from HGRP wiki.







These are a must, but you can add more.


District Female Age Male Age

Kitty Mew

12 Jayson Huff 17
2 Constance Belrose 17 Akumi "Teshin" Kubaya 17
3 Acacia Paragon 13 Odin Amarth 18
4 Realy Cooper 15 Leon Aslan 17
5 Nichole Peyton 15
6 Rosalina Rockwell 13
7 Kirsten Stafford 14 Kotnie Wildde 17
8 Crimson Typhoon 15
9 Lavender Morton 16 Mathew Haper 13
10 Ewa Thyren 16 Sebastian Keefe 18
11 Rubin Jett 17

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