"Hello Panem and Capitol citizens welcome," he starts. The crowd roars and President Tromp gestures for them to silence. "Now as you know this year is the year of the 11th Quarter Quell, before we get to the twist I just want to give a congragilitory round of applause for the victors of the past Hunger Games. The crowd claps and cheers. They love all the victors and respect them highly.

President Tromp again gestures for the Capitol to silence and then smiles.

"And now for the selection of this years Quarter Quell twist." The avox holds the box out and President Tromp opens the lid and pulls out a card labeled "11."

"And now to show that the Capitol is fair and kind the Quarter Quell this year will be elected by the Districts," President Tromps smile turns into a frown. "What an unlikely tirm of events he says," he pauses and clears his thoat.

"This is what we are going to do," he says. "Me and some of my officials will choose the 3 most favourited Quarter Quell ever and you can choose from them." I brushes by the Avox and walks off stage without saying his final speech.

Quarter Quell event results:

Vote on the tributes= 70% of votes

Xerothermic 24

Tribute Template






Appearence: Lunaii







Bloodbath strategy:


1. I don't care if you swear because there will be some in the games, just keep it to a minumum

2. The normal Districts are enterd aswell as the The Capitol and 13, 0 and 14.

3. Enter up to 3 tributes

4. Don't hate if your tribute dies

5. Spamming isn't allowed unless you ask me on my talk page

7. Reservations last 2 days then I will open the spot


District Gender               Name                         Age    Weapon

Male               Marcos Tamborine          14

Capitol Female           Shay Cobblestone           17     Knives
0 Male               Achilles Lovelace             14     Knife
0 Female          Calliope  Loveswords       16     Swords
1 Male              Densley King                    16     Awl, Axe, Knives
1 Female          Hallee Waren                   13     Axes
2 Male              Bain Dreary                        17 Bow and Arrow
2 Female          Artemis Kane                     17     Bow and Arrow
3 Male              Damian Byte                        14    Blowgun, Chain
3 Female         Onuidra Curant                    16 Club, Sickle
4 Male              Luneth "Pi" Wave               13     Harpoon
4 Female         Ariel "Delta" Reef                13 Trident
5 Male             Neon Winters                      14 Blowgun & Slingshot

Female       Oleum Graisser                     16

Throwing Knives & Axes 
6 Male           Keurin Geurkink                  12        Knife and rope
6 Female       Ophid Carne                        12 Long knife, Dagger
7 Male              Arsenic Sludge                  16 Poison
7 Female         Basil Dewdrop                    13 Bow and arrow
8 Male             Perth Mlane                        15 Traps
8 Female         Celia Myer                          14 Throwing axe
9 Male             Wheat Bleanem                   15 Fire and Traps
9 Female        Cleopatra "Cleo" Royalty     18 Metal Claws, Whip
10 Male              Rey Nwonkwo                     18 Sword, Knife
10 Female           Estrella Espo                     16 Bow and arrow
11 Male              Dread Clinkle                      18 Scythe
11 Female         August Lake                        13 Bow, Rope
12 Male             Connar Quinarry                  16 Sword
12 Female          Quinny Tail                          13 Pick axe
13 Male                 Charlie Ryder                   14 Explosives
13 Female             Kiara Michel                     14 Throwing knives
14 Male               Uliver Twist                         15 Spears
14 Female            Dove Fyred                       17 Machete and Sword

Tribute Gallery

  • Marcos Tamborine (C)
  • Shay Cobblestone (C)
  • Achilles Lovelace (D0)
  • Calliope Loveswords (D0)
  • Densley King (D1)
  • Hallee Waren (D1)
  • Bain Dreary (D2)
  • Artemis Kane (D2)
  • Damian Byte (D3)
  • Onuidra Curant (D3)
  • Luneth "Pi" Wave & Ariel "Delta Reef (D4)
  • Neon Winters (D5)
  • Oleum Graisser (D5)
  • Kurin Geurkink (D6)
  • Ophid Carne (D6)
  • Arsenic Sludge (D7)
  • Basil Dewdrop (D7)
  • Perth Mlane (D8)
  • Celia Myer (D8)
  • Wheat Bleanem (D9)
  • Cleopatra "Cleo" Royalty (D9)
  • Rey Nwonkwo (D10)
  • Estrella Espo (D10)
  • Dread Clickle (D11)
  • August Lake (D11)
  • Connor Quinnary (D12)
  • Quinny Tail (D12)
  • Charlie Ryder (D13)
  • Kiara Michel (D13)
  • Uliver Twist (D14)
  • Dove Fyred (D14)

The arena

School-map annotated

The arena (school)

This years arena is a school. The tributes start out on the playground. The Cornucopia is located on the playground inside the baseball diamond (which is that round thing.) The inside of the school containing six classrooms, a bunch of offices that contain special surprises. There is also a library full of books, a studio with instruments, a small medical room with medical supplies. The only place that you can find water is in the kitchens, the bathrooms or a fountain outside in the Foundation Outdoor Learning Enviroment Sector. Also you may find food in the kitchens, but very little. There is also a small forest near the edge of the arena. And finally the gymnasium (labeled Hall) will be all trampoline for the floor and you can find some weapons in the storage room. Overall this arena is very dangerous and there might be some starving mutts around waiting to sink their teeth into one of the tributes.

  • One of the Classrooms
  • The Gym
  • The Kitchen
  • Teachers Lounge
  • The Music Room
  • One of the Bathrooms

Sponsorship Items

  • Food (Bread, Cheese, Soup, etc.)- 100$
  • Water, or water cleaning supplies, such as drops or a pump- 205$
  • Weapons-250$
  • Clothing-50$
  • Blankets and/or sleeping bag-75$
  • Matches, a magnifying glass or fire starters-50$
  • Medicine or first aid supplies (Burn healing cream)-100$
  • Rope-30$
  • Pack or bag (empty or full)-150$
  • Water container (empty or full)-60$
  • Night vision glasses-150$
  • Arena-specific items, like a spile or a tube of ointment-100$
  • Weapon specific items, like arrows, spearheads, or darts-75$
  • Silverware-40$

The Selection of the Tributes

I am doing 3 randomly selected reapings!


Shay Cobblestone C- Selection

I sit down on my sofa in my small section in President Tromp's mansion. I lived here ever since I was 8. My mother soled me to the president because we were in terrible debt. We spent all of our money that we had and stole for medication for my father who had a horrible case of brain cancer. My father died and that's when my mother sold me. She noticed how good I was at stealing the money so she figured I would come in handy with the President. Which I did, now I kill everyone who threatens President Tromp. I'm his own little assasin.

I grab the television remote of my metalic coffee table and flick on the Television. The voice of Train Sye enters my ears. He disgusts me, his voice is squeeky and annoying and he is very selfish. He is always the one that does the tribute interviews, for the kids selected to enter into The Hunger Games, and that is what I am watching right now.

This years Quarter Quell is when Each District, or the Capitol in my case selects there own two tributes.

"Hello Capitol and viewers of Panem, and welcome to the selection of the two brave Capitalion teenagers," Train's voice screeches. "Now the votes have been casted and whoever the two lucky tributes are, The peacekeepers and your escort will be at your house to pick you up."

Train pauses and takes a breath. "And now here are your two lucky tributes," he says. He pulls a card off the table to his side and reads. "Shay Cobblestone and Marcos Tamborine!"

I can't beleive it, it's me. I'm the girl tribute for the Capitol this year. Why would it be me though. Do people know what I do or do they just think I have no social ability?

Suddenly President Tromp slams through the door that leads to the hallway. I don't think he was expecting to have to get out of bed because he wears a blue velvet robe and black fluffy slippers and he holds a mug. We look at eachother. I probably look scared and he is like a deer in headlights.

The door to outside flies open and peacekeepers rush in and grab my arms. The President trots over and drops his mug.

"You can't take her," he shouts. "She's an asset." He stomps his foot.

"I'm sorry Mister President but it is the rules," one Peacekeeper says through his helmet. The President stands there and dissmisses us. A peacekeeper opens the door an brushes me outside. Cameras film the whole thing and lights and speakers hang above me. A woman wearing a bright pink skin tight dress, purple stilettos and a giant hat skips over. "Hello dear," she says as she brushes me into the car.

Marcos Tamborine C- Selection

I embrace my mother and I don't want to let go. My little sister snuggles her way between us and we all share hugs. Radiating with love I kiss my mother on the cheek as tears start to form in her eyes. She strokes my hair and my sister starts to cry. It surprised me that she knows what was going on being that she is only 4.

I peak over the television screen and see the car that they took the girl in has pulled up in front of my house.

"Mom, there here, please don't let them take me," I sob. We both start to cry and water falls run down our faces. The door creaks open and a bunch of Peacekeepers come flying in. One grabs me and rips me from my mothers embrace. My sister clings onto my leg, and a Peacekeeper grabs her to rip her away but she bites his finger.

"Go May, please let go, I will see you in a couple weeks okay," I comfort her. She looks at me as tears swell in her eyes. She blows me a kiss and then runs into her room. My mother yells to me "I love you," and the Peacekeepers wisk me out my door and into the car.

In between Shay and me is our mentor, Flina Drousery. She talks on about how much we will love the Capitola nd she divies out tissues for me. Shay doesn't cry, not one tear. I have seen her around, and I do know what she does. She murders people. Anyone that could threaten the President in any way possible sh kills. Want to know how I know... It's because she killed my father.

District 6

Ophid Carne D6- Selection

I sit down on my wooden floor in front of our projector screen. My two older brothers sit beside me and my mother raps me in a wool blanket. I am going to admit it, I am scared. This year is my first Hunger Games that I am eligable to participate in and it isn't the normal reaping kind. The Districts have voted on there tributes and the commentator appears on screen. It's Train Sye, the man that does the tribute interviews.

"Greetings Panem to our District 6 tribute selection," he starts. :In my hand lyes a card that tells me who District 6 has voted for there two lucky tributes." He pauses and clears his throat. He pulls up the slip to his face, examines it for a moment and then reads; "Ophid Carne and Keurin Geurkink."

I gasp and my mother shrieks. It is me a 12 year old and Keurin another 12 year old, why is it us. Also to add to the horrible factor I know Keurin. We are in the same class. We do projects together, we are partners for some things, we are on the same sports teams!

My father comes rushing into room and his sad eyes meet mine. He runs over and lifts me off the ground and snuggles me in his arms. My mother and my two brothers join the hug. We all sob and my family kiss me several times.

Suddenly the door bursts open and Peacekeepers file in the room and rip my father off me and throws him to the ground. My oldest brother punches a peacekeeper and then a peacekeeper pulls out a gun. He steadies it at him and then shoots a volt of electricity at him.

Another Peacekeeper grabs and drags me into the car where my escort Geovan Trabolt sits waiting for me.  

Keurin Geurkink D6- Selection

No! No, no, no, no, no. How can this be happening. Why is it me and Ophid. We are both just 12, why would anyone elect 12 year olds to participate in the games. This is crazy, mental, why me!!!

I feel a swoosh of air come up behind me and I am rapped up in my older brother Slaz's arms. He has taken care of me all my life, the best brother ever since my parents just dumped us. We both start to cry.

"Why is it you, why is it you!" My brother sobs. Ifeel his tear drip onto my back as he strokes my hair. He sets me down and pulls something out of his pocket.

"Take this," he says as he hands me an orange and black head band. "It's something so you can remember me by," he sobs.

Suddenly the door his smashed open and a handful of peacekeepers come filing in.

"I love you," my brother says. A peacekeeper  grabs me before I can respond. I am broken from my brother, from my old life. The pull me out of my house push me into the car. A peacekeeper slams a door after me and the driver floors it.

"Hello young fella'," our escort Geovan Trabolt greets. "Hi," Imanage to choke out. I sob and wipe the tears away with my sleeves. Ophid does the same.

"It's going to be all right," he says. He pushes my head onto his shoulder and I snuggle up onto his arm.

District 13

Kiara Michel D13- Selection

Sitting in front of the projector, waiting for the two tributes to be selected is probably one of the hardest things in my life. I don't think the hardest though, the hardest was when my parents and sister was murderd, and the worst part is that I killed them. Not intentionally, but when I'm angerd I go crazy. Except I was not angry at my parents or my sister, I loved them too much, I was angry at the peacekeepers for accusing my sister of theft. So when my sister was going to be executed, I lit the field that they were in on fire and nobody survived.

My anger hasn't gotten out of hand since then, but if something does happen I won't be able to control it.

A voice on the television speaks up and the commentator Train Sye appears.

"Welcome District 13 to our 11th Quarter Quell and the selection of our 2 tributes," he says. "Now for the moment we have all been waiting for," he smirks. He holds a slip up in his hand and reads the two "lucky" tributes names. "Kiara Michel and Charlie Ryder."

I cannot believe that it is me. I was probably chosen to be this years female tribute because people think that I am a psycho. I freeze up and think of all the gruesome ways I can die. Knife to the kneck, axe to the hip or even Samurai sword through the head. If I do die, at least I will be with my sister.

Suddenly the door is pounded open and a bunch of peacekeepers come trotting in aswell as my escort, Harrisa Aaslin. A peacekeeper grabs me by the shoulder and I unfreeze. I starts to drag me out when I go nuts. I was hoping that this wouldn't happen but it did.

I bite the peacekeepers arm and I break from his grasp. I run into my room while a couple more peacekeepers chase me. I hide behind my bed as a peacekeeper attempts to grab me. I kick him away and he smashes into my bookshelf. Another trys to grab me, but I twist his arm, then jump out of my room. I stand in the hallway and come face to face with Harrisa. She shreiks and runs away. I smirk and then am grabbed from behind. A peacekeeper slides a cloth of chlorophyl over my mouth and after a moment of struggle I am knocked out.

Charlie Ryder D13- Selection

Me. IT'S ME! I can't beleive that I am the tribute this year. Was I voted because I blew up the power plant a couple years back, are people still holding that grudge?

My mother and father here what happened and embrace me tightly. We all start to cry and my parents tears drizzle my hair.

"Mom," I sob. "Dad, I am so sorry."

"It's okay Charlie, it isn't your fault," my father replies as my mother rubs my back.  Suddenly our door flings wide open in our underground room and a bunch of peacekeepers come flying in. The brush past my parents and grab my hands. I don't resist them because it will just cause more trouble. I just wish I had a tiny bomb to set off on these buggers.

The peacekeepers pull me up each level of District 13's underground facility, until we gat to the very top. They open a hatch and pull me up into a car, where a girl my age sits aswell as my escort. I sit down beside her and buckle my seatbelt.

I wait for the driver to drive away, to haul me off into my new life, the rest of my life!

Chariot Rides

Capitol- Leadership

The first chariot emerges from the tunnel and it is the capitol's. Usually the Capitol chariot is splashed with man colours, but this year it isn't. The chariot is spray painted a gold colour and is pulled by two white horses with golden dyed mains. The tributes bothe look beautiful and they caputre the chique style of the Capitol. Shay wears a red striped dress with a lighter red background. At her shoulders are 2 golden poofs and at her stomach is a golden vest that attatches by a vibrant pink button. She has a pink collor on her dress. Shay also has black high heel boots that have a space in the middle that shows off her feet. She wears 2 vibrant pink elbow length gloves. Her beautiful black hair is pulled back into 2 buns and her head sports a giant vibrant pink bow. Morcos looks very similar. Her wears a red stripes shirt wityh a light red background, over that is a golden cover vest that atatches with buttons and only falls under his chest. One sleeve goes down to his wrist and the other goes to his elbow. He also wears vibrant pink dress pants, black dress shoes with the space in the middle and a bow on his left wrist. Shay has vibrant pink lipstick, blush and eyeliner and Marcos has vibrant pink blush. Both tributes look stunning. Marcos waves and smiles to the crowd, while Shay stands there with her arms crossed with a look one her face like she does not want to where her outfit. The Capitol chariot was amazing.


Shay and Marcos- Tribute Parade

District 0- Meteorology/Astrology

As the Capitol chariot rolls by, the District 0 chariot appears. The chariot captures the the eye of the Capitol completley. The chariot is pulled bt two grey horses with black tails. The chariot itself is quite messy... Which goes with the theme entirley! It has a dark grey back ground, but is covered with leaves, branches, shingles and other things that you woud not normaly see together. Then there is the tributes, they both look identical. Calliope has a grey strip of fabric that falls down her body from her shoulders, just down to her shins, that gets skinnier as it goes making it look like a tornado. She wears an identical piece of bacric on the back of her. She also has a bluey-grey cloud on her head. Her nails are painted blue and yellow and her hair is let down. Achilles wears the same kind of outfit as Calliope, the same tornado, the same cloud and they both have light blue slippers on. The only thing different about the two is that Achilles wears a blue bracelet on his rght hand and a yellow on his right. His hair is it's normal wavy and blonde colour. Thay both where limited makeup, both just wear silver eyeliner and Calliope has silver lipstick. Both tributes wave and smile confidentley. They definatley went with the meteorology more then astrology, but they still had an amazing chariot.


Calliope and Achilles- Tribute Parade

District 1- Luxury

District 1's chariot appears and the Capitolians scream and shout even louder. The Chariot is a dusty rose colour and is decorated with diamonds that have a blue tint to them. It is pulled be two white horses. The tributes look stunning and attract both the female and male eye. Hallee wears a tan slightly see through full body suit that is bejewled with the same diamonds as the chariot up her right side. She wears light blue shoes and her hair is straightened and let down. Densley is shirtless. He has a tan slightley see through pants and he is bejewled with the diamonds up his right side. Hallee has red eyeliner and lipstick and Densley wears no makeup, not that it was needed. Both tributes smile and wave to the crowd, blowing kisses and catching flowers. The District 1 chariot is amazing and the Capitol definatley think so aswell.

Densley and Hallee- Tribute Parade

District 2- Masonry

The District 2 chariot rounds the bend and the Capitol is pleasentley surprised. The chariot is decorated with brown, taupe, gold and orange bricks that go perfectly with the District 2 life style. The chariot is pulled by 2 black stalions. The tributes themselves are amazingly breath taking and unique. Artemis wears a strapless v-neck outfit that cuts off at he legs. It has the same brick pattern as the chariot. She also has a gold crown, boots and a gold sword to tie in the look and her hair is let down. Bain wears a one-peice knee length outfit with same brick pattern. He also wears a crown, which is much larger than Artemis', a gold sword and gold boots. Both tributes smile and wave, while Artemis looks all happy, Bain looks mad. Both tributes wear no makeup, which ties into the outfit. The District 2 chariot... AWESOME!  
Scan0007 cool

Bain and Artemis- Tribute Parade

District 3- Technology

District 3, the District of technology, they showed an amazing chariot. It is pulled by 2 white horses with black mains. The chariot itself is made of  clean slick platinum white, with little blue lights flashing on and off. Then there are the tributes. Onuidra is wearing a a futuristic robot outfit made of the platinum white material, that goes down into a short dress at the bottom. She also wears large high-heel boots that go up to just above her knees. All over her outfit is those blue flashing lights and her hair is done up into a high pony-tail. Damian wears the same outfit, except it doesn't go down into a dress. His hair is straight down and in it's usual form. Both tributes wear no makeup and they both wave to the crowd. Onuidra seems a little more confident than Damian but both seem fine.   
Scan0008 j

Onuidra and Damian- Tribute Parade

District 4- Fishing

The chariot of District 4 appears and the Capitol gasps in beauty. The chariot is pulled bt two black horses with there manes dyed the colours, blue and red and there tails dyed orange and pink. The chariot itself has a fish scale pattern with the colours that the manes and tails are dyed in. Once the Capitol layed their eyes on the tributes, they were stunned, and then cheered with great power. Ariel, or "Delta" is wearing a skin tight top with fish scales that are pink, blue and red. The bottom half of her is a skin tight pink dress that slowly turns red at the bottom and turns into a fish tail. She also has fish fins on her shoulders and a fish fin crown. Her hair is let down in waves. Luneth or "Pi" wears a very similar outfit. He has a top like Delta, but the scales are coloured blue, red and orange. He has skin tight red pants that go down into blue shoes with blue fins. At his waist behind him attatches a orange and red fan fin that flows down to his ankles. He also has fins on his wrists and a crown made of fish fins. The crowd loves the two tributes and the tributes are loving the attention they are getting from the crowd.
Scan0009 k

Pi and Delta-Tribute Parade

District 5- Power

Costumes resembling solar panels!

District 6- Transportation

An ugly tire outfit.

District 7- Lumber

The usual tree out fit.

District 8- Textiles

Beautiful flowing outfits with orange fabric.

District 9- Grain

Straw dress and suit.

District 10- Livestock

Costumes made of chicken feathers.

District 11- Agriculture

A fruit outfit.

District 12- Coal Mining

Coal mining outfit.

District 13- Graphite and Nuclear

Toxic waist suits on.

District 14- Mutts 

Butterfly mutts.

Training Scores and Odds

Training Scores and Odds
District Name Score Odds
C Shay Cobblestone 10 4-1
C Marcos Tamborine 3 27-1
0 Calliope Loveswords 7 17-1
0 Achilles Lovelace 5 20-1
1 Hallee Waren 8 12-1
1 Densley King 9 5-1
2 Artemis Kane 9 6-1
2 Bain Dreary 10 3-1
3 Damian Byte 2 32-1
3 Onuidra Curant 6 18-1
4 Ariel "Delta"  Reef 8 14-1
4 Luneth "Pi" Wave 8 14-1
5 Oleum Graisser 7 13-1
5 Neon Winters 5 21-1
6 Ophid Carne 4 26-1
6 Keurin Geurkink 3 29-1
7 Basil Dewdrop 5 20-1
7 Arsenic Sludge 7 14-1
8 Celia Myer 3 30-1
8 Perth Mlane 4 21-1
9 Cleopatra "Cleo" Royalty 9 7-1
9 Wheat Bleanem 4 27-1
10 Estrella Espo 9 6-1
10 Rey Nwonkwo 8 7-1
11 Dread Clinkle 8 10-1
11 August Lake 3 31-1
12 Connar Quinarry 5 20-1
12 Quinny Tail 12 2-1
13 Charlie Ryder 6 17-1
13 Kiara Michel 5 19-1
14 Dove Fyred 7 13-1
14 Uliver Twist 2 35-1

Death Order

32. Marcos Tamborine (C)- Arrow through skull by Bain Dreary (D2)

31. Damian Byte (D3)- Sickle through neck by Onuidra Curant (D3)

30. Celia Myer (D8)- Axe to the chest by Hallee Waren (D1)

29. Perth Mlane (D8)- Metal claws through head by Cleopatra Royalty (D9)

28. Uliver Twist (D14)- Knife through stomach by Dread Clinkle (D11)

27. Quinny Tail (D12)- Blade through spine by Bain Dreary (D2)

26. Wheat Bleanem (D9)- Knife through throat by Kiara Michel (D13) 

25. Ariel Reef (D4)- Arrow through chest by Artemis Kane (D2)

24. Luneth Wave (D4)-  Arrow through neck by Artemis Kane (D2)

23. Connar Quinnary (D12)- Bear attack with multiple wounds

22. Kiara Michel (D13)- Metal Claws through throat by Cleopatra Royalty (D9)

21. Hallee Waren (D1)- Arrow through forehead by Basil Dewdrop (D7)

20. Arsenic Sludge (D7)- Stabbed through heart by Densley King (D1)

19. Onuidra Curant (D3)- Beaten with rock by Achilles Lovelace (D0)

18. Rey Nwonkwo (D10)- Arrow through chest by Bain Dreary (D2)

17. Bain Dreary (D2)- Torn to shreds by mutts

16. Densley King (D1)- Torn to shreds by mutts

15. Ophid Carne (D6)- Throat slit open by Shay Cobblestone (C)

14. August Lake (D11)- Dehydration

13. Cleopatra Royalty (D9)- Blown up by Charlie Ryder (D13)

12. Dove Fyred (D14)- Temple smashed in on counter by Oleum Graisser (D5)

11. Calliope Loveswords (D0)- Stomach sliced open by Shay Cobblestone (C)

10. Neon Winters (D5)- Arrow through right lung by Artemis Kane (D2)

9. Artemis Kane (D2)- Arrow plunged through throat by Oleum Graisser (D5)

8. Keurin Geurkink (D6)- Blown up by Charlie Ryder (D13)

7. Dread Clinkle (D11)- Blown up by Charlie Ryder (D13)

6. Estrella Espo (D10)- Neck sliced open by Shay Cobblestone (C)

5. Charlie Ryder (D13)- Decapitated by Achilles Lovelace (D0)

4. Oleum Graisser (D5)- Knife through face by Shay Cobblestone (C)

3. Shay Cobblestone (C)- Arrow through back by Basil Dewdrop (D7)

2. Achilles Lovelace (D0)- Arrow shot through neck by Basil Dewdrop (D7)

!Victor!: Basil Dewdrop (D7)


Careers: Densley (D1), Hallee(D1), Artemis(D2), Bain(D2), Estrella(D10), and Dove (D14)

D6 alliance: Ophid and Keurin (D6)

D4 alliance: Luneth and Ariel (D4)

D5 alliance: Oleum and Neon (D5)

D7 alliance: Arsenic and Basil (D7)

The Games

Day 1

All 32 of the tributes rise into the arena. They scan every inch. Some look behind them at the school, others stare into the forest and some focus on the mouth of the Cornucopia. The people in the Capitol are all giddy with excitment and antisipation to see the tributes draw each others blood. They want to see if they sponsored the right tributes. The camera focuses on the face of Cleopatra. Her sharp teeth hang slightley out of her mouth and her cat eyes dagger into the Cornucopia. The Camera switches to the face of Neon. His expression is blank, but you can see the terror in his blue eyes. The camera switches to Connar as he turns around to face the school, ity isn't hard to tell where he is going. The time ticks down and most tributes stand at a ready pace.







All the tributes fly off their pedestal and sprint into the mouth of the Cornucopia. The only tributes that run away are Connar and Rey.

Marcos is one of the first tributes there. He selects a gleaming Blowgun from the side of a crate and loads a dart in the shaft.  He turns and his eyes meet his first target, Bain. Marcos steadies the Blowgun up to his mouth and blows out the dart. Bain just turns as the dart skins his hip. Bain growls at Marcos and loads an arrow in his bow. Marcos starts backwards as Bain lets the arrow fly and it zips into Marcos' shoulder causing him to fly backwards smashing to the ground. Marcos shrieks in pain as Bain loads another arrow and lets it go. It nails into Marcos' head and he is dead instantly. Marcos is the first casualty.

Stunned by Marcos' death, Shay grabs 4 daggers from the mouth of the Cornucopia, slides 3 into her boot and turns around to take off, but comes face-to-face with Damian from 3, who is holding a large shining sword. Even though he got a low training score anyone can be dangerous with a sword of that size. Damian lunges at Shay's heart, and Shay swiftley dodges to the side and slices across the top of Damian's back. She kicks Damian to the ground, grabs a pack containing many helpful items, and flees to the giant school that's about 1 kilometre away.

Damian lyes on the grass, a pool of blood drips around the poor boy, he doesn't try to get up, or crawl away, he knows that he is finished for good. Onuidra with sickle in hand, sees the pain that her District partner is feeling. She quickly runs over and with one swipe of her sickle across Damian's neck, Damian dies and he feels no more sorrow, or painful spazms. Onuidra only did this out of pity and friendship. Onuidra makes her way past the fighting tributes and rushes towards the woods.

Hallee who managed to obtain a giant battle axe searches around for her next victum. Every other tribute seems occupied at the moment, except for Celia who is trying hard to rip open a crate. Hallee chucks her axe directly at Celia, it spins through the air and impales her in the side of her stomach. Celia literally flies 5 feet backwrds and smashes her body off the side of the Cornucopia. In pain Celia lays on the stones of the Cornucopia. Her back on the ground, the axe wedged into her side and blood quickly spilling out of her wound. Celia is practically stuck to the ground, paralyzed from the impact on her body, and her body quickly cooling. Hallee though isn't finished with her, not yet anyway. She pounces on Celia and holds another small axe in her hand. She smirks at Celia, and stabs the axe into her chest. Celia lets out a gut wrenching scream. Her eyes quickly get droopy and go blank.

Perth has a pack, sleeping bag and multiple rolls of string. He turns around to take off he strides forward and dodges the body of Damian.His sights onthe school, he almost has escaped the bloodbath when he hears footsteps right behind him, and two icey cold hands reach out and grab his neck. The hands wrap around and rip Perth from 8 to the ground. He looks up and sees his attacker, it's Cleo from 9, th most scariest tribute this year. She smirks a devilish smile and pulls out a pair of metal claws from her coat pocket. Once Perth sees them he starts to crawl backwards. He knows that if Cleo gets ahold of him that he will be done for. Cleo kicks him to the ground and in no time at all, stabs her metal claws into Perth's head and slides them down to his neck. Meanwhile Oleum escapes with Neon and Calliope and Achilles escape seperatley.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dread sees little Uliver from 14 charging him with a pointed spear in hand. Dread has no time to react and Uliver tackles him to the ground. Uliver manages to get on top of him and stab him in the right shoulder. Agany shoots through Dread and with a great force he manages to flip Uliver off of him. Dread    looks around for something to defend himself. He spots a knife laying on the ground a few feet away. Uliver gets up off the ground and charges Dread again. Dread reaches for it, for he knows that this knife will choose his survival. Uliver jumps as Dread grabs the Knife and sticks it over his body. Uliver falls onto the knife, stabbing him through his stomach. Uliver coughs a handfull of blood onto Dread's face and then becomes motionless. Dread brushes the body of Uliver off of him, he retreives a scythe and then powers away from the Cornucopia.

The two 12 year olds from 6 manage to grab a pack each and Keurin has a knife tucked in to his right pocket.

"Let's go Keurin!" Ophid shouts. Keurin and Ophid turn around and start to run. They pass a fight between Quinny and Bain and turn around to see Basil load an arrow and aims it straight for Keurin's head. Keurin sees what is about to come and makes a swift move. He rips the knife from his pocket and some how reflects the arrow. Both Keurin and Ophid make it to the School.

Bain towers over Quinny she quickly tries to back away but no matter what he is always standing over her. He tightly squeezes a blade in his muudy hand. Quinny waits for him to strike, to feel the blow of the blade across her face, to die. She closes her eyes and winces, but Bain doesn't attack just yet, he talks instead.

"I can't beleive you got a higher training score than me, a 12, you probably bribed a gamemaker," He says. Quinny opens her eyes and pears into Bain's.

"Well lets see what the gamemakers think about this," he says as he he swings the blade across Quinny's face. The impact of the hit flips her over. She tries to crawl away but Bain stabs the sword throgh her spine paralyzing her in the spot. She shreiks and the light dissapears from her eyes and little Quinny dies.  Bain looks please, for he killed the highest scoring tribute.

Wheat brushes by a crate and swoops down a knife. Hw would prefur traps, but this is just for now. He snatches the knife into his hands and decides that he needs to prove himself worthy. He needs to kill another tribute. With high confidence he charges straight for Kiara from 13. She notices him as he swipes the knife at her neck. She ducks and suddenly something comes over her. A flush of anger, a suit of strength. Her face turns dark and she lets out a shreik. Wheat had no time to run or let alone be surprised. Kiara grabs the boys wrist and twists it. Wheat let's out a scream in pain. Kiara slings the pack off her back into her other hand a smashes Wheat's knife away. Kiara still holding on to Wheat kicks the knife up into her hand and impales the boy through the throat. Kiara's madness leaves her and now she is stunned. She can't beleive she killed him. In terror she runs away with a pack straight fr the forest.

Artemis layed back for a bit in the Cornucopia for a while hoping that no one would find her. She isn't the strongest, but more the smartest so she dicided to sit out unless she is threatened, which exactly happened. Artemis looks around, bow and arrow loaded just in case of an attacker. Sudenly out of the corner of her eye she sees Ariel and Luneth the 2 annoying Career rejects heading straight for her. Ariel whips a sea blue coloured trident right for Artemis' head. Artemis at the last second ducks and the trident skins her hair. She gets back up and fires an arrow straight for Ariel. It nails her in the chest and she falls backwards. Luneth looks at the body of his dead District partner. With fury in his eyes he charges at Artemis with a harpoon in hand. Artemis fires an arrow but Luneth swiftley dodges. He nails Artemis and pins her up against the Cornucopia. He holds his harpoon just over her head and she holds his arm up, they both are locked in a steady position, nobody is getting out. Artemis thinks quickly and spits in Luneth's face. He romoves one hand from Artemis to wipe it off and theat's when she strikes. Artemis kicks him to the ground and sends an arrow through his neck. August and Basil with Arsenic flead the scene at this point and onward.

Cleopatra watches as Artemis finishes off Luneth and no one is around except her and the careers. She knows it's time to go. She snags a pack and runs straight for the forest, the careers don't trail her because she is long gone.


Rey, the first person to make it to the School, runs around front and walks through the gleaming metal doors of the entrance. As he does he hears the canons go off.


"9 dead already?" he says to himself. He shrugs his shoulders. "9 less to deal with I guess." As he steps into the school he sees a small section with no rooms, just another set of doors in front of him. He walks forwards and opens the doors and is confronted by two hallway directions. To his right is a short hallway that turns off into another, to his lefy is a much longer hallway that has many classrooms attached. He manages to see the letters on a sign on one of the doors. "KITCHEN," it says in bold white letters. Instantly the word "FOOD" pops into his mind ane he walks straight for the room.

He flings open the wooden door and seesa grand kitchen with oak cabnetry, and granit counter tops. It's nothing like you would see in a school. In front of him is a giant black refirgerator, beckoning the boy in. I slings open the heavy door and a mountain of food lays out in front of him. He doesn't hesitate and stuffs as much food as he can into his pockets. He has a large advantage now over the others, as he takes all the other food and hides it in a crack in the wall.

"No food for anyone else," he says as a huge grin crosses his plain face.


Back at the Cornucopia the tributes stand a distance away as the hovercraft takes away the 9 dead bodies of the tributes, including the District partner od Dove.

"Dove, you have barley said a word since the beginning of the bloodbath, why?" Artemis asks.

"Well... It's Uliver, my District partner, He is dead now and I really liked that boy and I miss him," Dove replies. All the other careers just sit there, no response because they are trying to process whatever just came out of her mouth.

"Well if you are going to be with us, you can't be a softy school girl!" Bain shouts at her. "And also, Densley you have been awful quiet since the bloodbath too."

"I'm always like that stupid," Densley hisses back. Bain scowls and starts to walk back over to the Cornucopia. The others get up aswell and trail behind the boy from 2. Once they get back to camp they start looking over the supplies, and if it's any use then they stack it in a pile directly in front of the Cornucopia.

Artemis, Dove and Estrella put up a large gren tarp, and they start a fire. It might attract attention, but if it means putting on a show, then they are all for it. As the sun sets all the careers are finished with their tasks, so they sit down around the campfire and eat a bag of apples and some dried fruits.

"Okay," Bain starts. "We should hunt down some other tributes tomorow, you know just to show the Capitol that out of the others that we are the strongest. And then when the numbers are few we let the others finish each other off!"

The others think that it is a worthy idea, they just hope that it will be enough to bring one of them victory.


Shay swiftley bursts through the gym door and bounces off the trampoline floor and smashes onto another trampoline. She bounces for a bit not purpousley, but eventually stops and lays on the tramopline floor.

"What a weird gymnasium floor," she says to herself.  She slowly gets up and regains balance on the floor. Shay has used trampolines before. When she was training to become the assasin for President Tromp, she used trampolines to train.

She scans the room and her vision focuses on the west side of the gym, where a rock climbing wall with a small perch at the top sits. It's the perfect place for a hiding spot, and that is exactly what she is thinking. 

She takes a few minutes to jump from trampoline to trampoline and end up on the very bottom of the climbing wall. She slides all of her daggers into her boots and one into her mouth and grasps the first peg. She starts to climb. Placing her feet on certain pegs and making sure that she is sturdy. In no time at all she is a half way up.

She takes a glance down and she is high. She takes a deep breath. Her hands are starting to sweat and she can't afford falling. She pauses for a minute to regain her stability.  Suddenly she slips. Falling closer to the ground, Shay panicks, but regains herself and jabs the knife that she held in her mouth into the wall. Hanging by one hand, Shay dangles 30 feet from the ground. Even though there are trampolines under her, there would have been no chance that she would have surived.

Angerd by the loss of time Shay returns climbing and makes it to the top in less than 10 minutes. Her breathing is heavy as she lays on the small perch. She dicides to sleep for a bit, because she does her best work at night, when the others are fast asleep.

Onuidra Curant D3- Forest

I race through the forest. Jumping over logs, dodging trees and branches. I look back every few seconds, it feels like I am being fallowed. I am scared, and my stomach feels like throwing up. The canons were shot moments ago and I know 9 are dead and my District partner Damian is 1 of the 9.

I can't beleive that I had to kill him, I was hoping someone else could have done the job, but not me, it was probably one of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life. Killing a friend is like chopping away half of your heart, and that's what it felt like to me.

I start to get tired but I have to keep running, the farther distance that I can make between the other tributes and myself, the better, but I don't know if I can even keep up the pace that I started with. 

A few more minutes go by before my fatigue gets more serious and I stop running. I sit down on a log and wait for my heart rate to slow. I take deep breaths and put my hands on top of my head to open up my air way. I look around the forest and it's breath taking. The evening sun peaks through the canopy of the trees and sparkles off the evening dew on the grass. The birds swoop in and out of the trees, chirping little tunes and chasing eachother.

Just in front of me a squirell starts to run up a tree holding a nut in it's cheaks, I take a swipe at it with my sickle and it falls to the ground. I have just killed my dinner.  

Oleum Graisser D5- School

I walk down the long hall with Neon. Our feet click against the tiled floor and the sun through the stain-glassed windows cast a colouful shadow on the wall.

Neon stands closely beside me. I know what he is feeling, he is scared. Which is 100% okay because I am the same way. I don't know where anyone else is, I don't know if we are being fallowed, and I especially don't know who is dying next. I hope it's the girl from 9, that girl truley scared me. Just the way her cat eyes glared off her sharped teeth sent shivers down my spine.

Hopefully I don't have to deal with her again. We both make it to the end of the hall. There are three rooms that we can choose from. One syas Classroom 2, another says Clasroom 3 and the last says bathroom.

"Which one should we go in," I ask Neon.

He shrugs. "It doesn't really matter to me except that the bathrooms may have running water," he replies.

I look at him for a second and process what he just said. Yes, the bathrooms should have running water, Neon is so smart. I reach for the door handle and then a flashback appears in my head of a past Hunger Games.

They were in a huge hallway and whenever you opened a grey door you exploede and whenever you opened a light blue door, you would end up with a spear theough your heart.

I retract my hand away from the metal handle and stare at the door.

"What's wrong?" Neon asks. He looks at me concerned.

"I don't know if this is some kind of trap," I say. "I don't know if we should go in."

Suddenly a sword flies by my face and pins the door. Neon and I both whip our heads around to see Calliope, drawing another sword.

"Get in, Get in!" I scream and rip open the door. I push Neon in, then I dive in and slam the door. I look for something frantically to jam he door with, and to my rescue a plunger sits at the other wall.

I sprint straight for it and rip it off it's holder. I race back down to the door and jam the plunger between the door handle and the floor. Calliope bangs on the door frantically trying to get in.

Achilles Lovelace D0- Forest

I grab the branch of a giant Ash tree and boost myself onto it. I quickly scuttle myself up to a high enough fork on the gaping tree and sit down for a rest. I managed to snag a pack from the Cornucopia. I was one of the lucky ones that escaped un harmed, and deadly.

I jerk open the bag and peer into the mouth. I pull out a water bottle with some iodine, a small pouch full of some dried hazel nuts, a small piercing dagger and a sleeping bag. This was the item that I was most looking forward to, it will keep me warm at night and that's what I was hoping for.

I open the pouch of nuts and plop one in my mouth. After I set everything back in my pack and unroll the sleeping bag. I slip my body in the black heater and snuggle up in the bag jamming myself down into the fork of the tree.

Night is approaching and the sun is halfway gone. The scene that the sun causes through the trees, is amazing. The orange and yellows of the sky blend perfectly with the greens and the browns of the tree, making a collage of pure beauty. Nature is wonderful, except I wish I wasn't enjoying it out here in this death trap for 31. In this personal hell. I just hope that I can escape from this torture and be with the gentle hugs of my family again.

Arsenic Sludge D7- School

Basil and I sit under a table against the wall. The library that we are currently in is huge, and lined with many shelves of books, which one of them Basil reads as I watch guard.

"What are you reading," I ask Basil.

"It's um... just a book about this girl who gets lost in the woods, it's no good," she says as she slams the book and dust flies up into her face. She coughs into her arm for a second and then looks up at me.

"So what do we do now?" she asks.

"We could eat a bit of food," I say as I pull a bag of dried beef from my pack. The beef also came with a first aid kit, a water bottle and a blanket. I rip open the beef and hand Basil a peace while sticking a slice into my mouth. It's dry and doesn't have a lot of immediate taste to it, but right now I don't care because food is food.

I close my pack and lean my head against the wall. My head aches and every time I blink pain shoots into my neck. I have never had this happen to me before, all I know is that it is painful.  

Connar Quinarry D12- Forest

I knew it was smart of me not to go to the Cornucopia when the gong sounded because now there are 9 of us dead and if I was an occuring factor in the Bloodbath there would be 10 dead.

I walk along a dirt path surrounded by tigerlilies. This arena is beautiful, I have to give the gamemakers koodos for that. The sky right now is a dyed orange and the groun a dark green. I continue on the dirt until I end up in the forest.

The birds have started settling in for the night and the night creatures have started to come out. I watch as a fox and it's cubs peak out of a burrow under a rotted tree log. I know I should take shelter because there are going to be worse animals to come out.

I look around to see something worthy of being a hiding spot and to my rescue I see a large rock formation and in the rock formation a cave.

"Perfect," I think to myself as I dive into the cave.

It's dark, damp and dreary but it will keep me warm. I lean up against the rock wall and close my eyes.

"If I'm going to die I hope it's not paifull," I think, and as I think those few hopeful words I hear a growl. My eyes shoot open and scan to the right. A giant grizzly bear makes it's way from the back of the cave.

I freeze hoping that the animal will think nothing of me, but my breathing is heavy and it approaches. It's nose sniffs the air, for it is now 2 feet away. I feel fear building up inside of me as the bear plants it's wet nosee on  my head.

It sniffs through my hair and around my face, I don't make any movements and I stop breathing. It sniffs down my arm and I can't hold my breath for longer. I let out a huge gasp of air and that's when the animal attacks.

It latches it's gaping jaws onto my arm and rips me to the ground, I let out a shriek of pain before the animal attacks me again. It sinks it's monsterous teeth into my leg and starts to whip me around, I smash into the wall of the cave and once I hit the ground I start frantically crawling away.

The blood quickly gushes from my wounds as I take each crawl and at this point I know that it is too late for me. The giant bear comes running over and pins his giant paw onto my back and reaches down and chomps on my neck.

Artemis Kane D2- Cornucopia

BOOM! That's the sound that flares through my eardrums. I look up at Bain and he smirks.

"10 dead," he says.

Densley and Hallee stand in the Cornucopia going through the supplies to see if we have any sleeping bags. They come out holding armfulls of them.

"Okay we only have 5 sleeping bags so someone is going to have to sleep on the ground," Densley says.

"Well it isn't going to be me!" Bain chymes in.

"I won't," Hallee says behind a sleeping bag that covers her face.

"I guess I will," Dove says kindly. "I mean it can't be that bad, it isn't that cold."

"Okay then Dove," Bain says sharply, "Don't come crying to me when your freezing your ass off."

"Really Bain, do you have to be a jerk all the time," I say.

"Yes," he growls back.

"Okay whatever," I say.

Bain is an ego-maniac. He is totally involved with himself and only himself. The only reason I allied with him is that he is strong, and he is my District partner, other than that I hate him.

I unfold a sleeping bag that Densley has tossed to me and I lay it beside Estrella's.

"How are you holding up," I ask.

"I'm okay," she says. "I just miss my family, I hope that it is me that gets to go home... and if it's not I hope it's you."

I smile, Estrella is really kind to be a career, I don't know why she decided to ally with us. I zip myself into my sleeping bag and cozy myself in. Heat radiates through my body and I feel no cold chills. I stroke the green grass under me. It's soft, almost like hair of a persian kitten.

"Estrella if I fall asleep, wake me up when the seal appears," I say. She nods and my eyes start to get heavy. It is probably only a minute before I fall asleep.

Keurin Geurkink D6- School

Ophid and I take shelter in the studio. We hide behind a giant oak organ. It's brass pipes shoot into the air tall and sturdy almost touching the rafters above. As soon as Ophid and I were enterd in these blood thirsty games, I knew we would be allies.

Ophid is one of the kindest girls I know. She wouldn't wait and think to help someone with something, she would help them in a heart beat. As I stare into her eyes, shuddering in the corner of the studio warmth fills my body. I smile at her.

"Who is going to die next?" I ask calmly. Ophid looks up from the pack that she was starting to open and gazes into my eyes.

"I don't know, why would you ask that?" she questions.

I don't know how to respond, I thought she would have answerd with a tribute name.

"Well... um... I was just trying to break the silence," I say hoping she will understand.

"That's a stupid question to ask to break silence, don't you think," she spits out.

I shrug, "I just thought that you would have a thought."

"Well I don't," she rips the zipper closed on the back pack and digs her face into the strap. The warm feeling I felt a minute ago is gone and I sit there feeling like a moron.

Cleopatra Royalty D9- Forest

I squeeze myself into a hallowed out log and slip  my metal claws off my fingers. I use my pack as a pillow and rest my tired head on the warm fabric. Flashbacks of my kill today flush into my head. I smirk, it was the best and certainly not my last kill of these games. I will kill every other person in these games if it means victory for me.

I pick some dried meat from my sharpened teeth and pee outside a small hole in the log.

The sun barley peaks up and I know that night is encroaching on us quickly, perfect, maybe I can get some kills in before dawn breaks.

I hope that I have the liberty of killing the girl from 10, Estrella. She seems like a stuck up pompus girl that thinks she can win it all, and when I do get the chance to kill her, it will be slow and painful and I'll make sure that every single drop of her blood will be spilled out of her frail body.

Other than her I could care less of who I kill next, I have a feeling that it is going to be one of the 12 year olds from 6 to bite the dust next, they seem like easy targets. 

Dread Clinkle D11- Forest

Night has fallen fully, creatures like posums and raccoons rome around me as I rest at the bottom of a giant oak tree. My feet hurt from allthe running that I did today, my face coverd in the blood of Uliver and my shoulder aching from my stab wound. I have ripped off a strip of my coat and wrpped it around my wound to hopefully stem the blood and it seems to be working.

I lay back against the trunk of the tree and watch as the seal appears, illuminating the sky with light. The fist picture to show up is Marcos from the Capitol, then its Damian from 3, both Luneth and Ariel from 4,  both Perth and Celia from 8, Wheat from 9, both Connar and Quinny from 12 and not surprisingly Uliver from 14.

A number of tributes still remain, the careers from 1 and 2, Onuidra from 3, Oleum and Neon from 5, Keurin and Ophid from 6, Arsenic and Basil from 7, Cleo the creep from 9, Estrella and Rey from 10, August and I from 11, Charlie and Kiara from 13 and Dove from 14. 19 of u remain and over the next couple of weeks the numbers will drop jurastically, hopefully it isn't my time soo, and if it is, I will die in honor.


Basil Dewdrop-District 7!

Current Arena Positions

The School: Shay, Oleum, Neon, , Keurin,  Basil,

The Woods: , Achilles, Dread,   Charlie

The Cornucopia:  Artemis, Estrella

Other: ?

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