Hell, one of the most violent and torturous places in the universe. Nobody knows it, because know one has been there and lived to tell the tale. Although hell is the scariest place ever, it is the home of the most hostile and murderous person ever, the fallen angel, Lusipher or you may know him as the Devil.

The Twist

Every Year the devil takes a handful of helpless teenagers into his home and forces them to do challenges, challenges that will put them to the test. Only one person makes it out, and has the chance to be his child or to be a preacher of his word. This lone person will represent the devil in himself, the person that outwitted everything, and kept sane, but wasn't afraid to murder if needed.

To prove you read this you have to say "Devil, I agree with your terms, take me in."

The Sacrifices

Just say if you want to join.








Sam 2.0, 20








Jessica, 22




Claudia, 21




(Btw to Callam, Jade, Erlend and Oli, I put you in with it if you don't like it or if you really don't want to be in them I'll kill you off in a painful way c:)

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Eyes Open

The soft tired eyes of 22 young teenagers slowly awaken, hazily they see the scene. A dark and dreary dungeon with falling a part grey brick walls and a hard cement floor with a red cross imbeded with perfect shiny tiles in the middle, glowing and lightening up the room. All 22 of these darkly dressed teenagers dangle from the walls, attached with cuffs and chains, hanging from there wrists.

Oli is the first one to awake, a mad look splits his face and he gazes around the dim room. The red cross immediatley catching his attention.

"What the hell is this place?" Oli asks confused, he looks around to see his fellow competitors dangling from the wall, he sees some of his friends, Dani and Mia, but he also sees people that he knows much less like Haley and Sam 2.0.

The next person to awake is Caylin, her eyes slowly flutter open and once they open she never closes them, looking around the room scared as hell, tears start to flutter in her eyes and she slowly let's them drip down her cheeks.

"Pst," Caylin hears from the other side of the room. "Pst," the voice calls again. Caylin looks over with squinting eyes.

"Oli?" she asks. "What is this?"

"I don't know," Oli says still confused of where they are and why they are here. "But what I do know is that it isn't going to be pleasent."

Dani's eyes fly open and then she shrieks. "What the hell?" she curses, waking a couple of the others awake. She looks beside her and sees Haley hanging right beside her, fast asleep, clueless of the fact that she is trapped here. "Aww, she looks so cute sleeping," Dani says with a cute smile. She loos at Haley for a moment efore booting her in the leg. "Wake up!" she hisses. Haley slowly wakes up but doesn't say a word when she is fully concious.

The rest of the teenagers slowly wake up, splitting conversation with each other about "Why are they here" and reasuring eachother that everything will be "Okay." All of a sudden everything is interupted by a voice, dark and mysterious coming from the shadows at the other end of the room. Everyone falls silent as the voice begins to speak.

"Chidren, children, children, It's time to quiet down now," the voice starts. Everyone's heads turn to the shadow and only see a leather boot sticking out od the shadow.

"Who's there?" Callam shouts trying to sound as tough as he can when in reality he is truley scared.

"That is a good question my dear boy," the voice says and a figure emerges from the shodows and everyone gasps when they see him. A tall man, strong and built with red toned skin and a black gotee stands there. Most of the teenagers are confused because the man holds a cloak around him, but some know who he is and some know that this is truley going to me hell. The man slowly moves the cloak off of him, showing his full body. He wears a full body black suit with black leather boots that everyone saw peaking out from the shadow. A devilish smile crosses his face, showing the kids his brightly pollished fangs of teeth. But the main feature about this mysterious man that gives him away is his to large horns sticking from his head.

"Let me introduce myself, my name is Lusipher, but you all know me as the devil, and this is my home, or as you also my know has hell, tartarus or even the abyss. Whatever you call it, it remains the same thing." The kids gaze at him, there mouths gaping open, confused, scared and soar for the cuffs around there wrists have tightened, causing excrushiating pain to fill there arms.

"Why are we here," Zach manages to spit out of his mouth. The devil looks to the gleaming red cross on the ground and then looks up at Zach.

"Again, a very good question. You all are here to represent every mortal in your mortal world. Every single one of you have been chosen to participate in my yearly pagent, a series of challenges that face you with life and death. In the end one of you will remain alive, the other 21 of you dead and forgotten."

"Oh my god," Jade shreaks. "You are a nut job!"

"Well yes, that is me," Lusipher says back bearing his fangs. "But don't you think that when you win you don't get a prize, you have two choices for your prize actually. The first is to stay here with me and be my child, and I'll grant you immortality from old age, or you may be free and preach my word, but every day you will see everything that has been hidden from your world, demons like leviathin and many mre. ou will most likley go mad and insane."

"I can't believe this is happening to me, why me," Cass whines.

"Think of this as an oppertunity, since this my second year doing this, I would like you to meat someone," Lusipher snaps his fingers and flames burst up from the cross in the middle of the room. The fire shines off of the 22 children and then the flames stop, leaving a boy all black standing there. The first thing that catches the tenagers eyes are his beautiful set of black wings that are attactched on to his back. He slowly looks up at them with a straigt look on his face, bad in his eyes they see sadness. Everyone immediatley recognizes the boy, but they are all at a loss of words, nobody knows what to say untill Kiki manages to choke out; "Kaeghan?"

True Colours

"Kaeghan is that you?" Erlend asks the boy standing beside Lucifer. Kaeghan shifts his head and stares his amber shaded eyes over at Erlend. He nods and then looks down at his soft bare feet.

"Kaeghan was the winner of last years pageant," Lucifer says with a evil grin on his smug face. He strokes through Kaeghan's firey red hair and you can see a shudder fall down Kaeghan's spine.

"Your first challenge will commence in about an hour, prepare yourselves and dress yourselves in these." Lucifer snaps his fingers and a pile of black leather suits appear in the corner.

"I can't believe you are doing this Kaeghan," Anna says with a sad look on her face. Kaeghan ignores her and starts to turn away. Lucifer turns around and starts to walk away when Kaeghan stops him and speeks in a hushed voice.

"Father, can't you let them go and get others, these people are all my friends and I can't let them die," he says not daring to look at his father. Lucifer's eyes fill with rage and anger you can see it filling up in his body, his face turning even more red then before. His hand shoots out and grabs Kaeghan by throat and holds him up in the air. Kaeghan struggles and gasps for air.

Lucifer looks at Kaeghan with a dead smile and says, "You are the son of Lucifer, the fallen angel, you don't need friends." He throws Kaeghan to the ground and Kaeghan gasps for air, a red mark shows on his neck.

"Now go to you room," Lucifer says. Kaeghan drops a tear from his eye and then bursts up in flames, transporting him to his room the way he came in here. Lucifer stopped in his footsteps and turned arround slowly, he hissed at the teenagers and then burst up into flames before disapearing. The room was quiet, you could hear a pin drop until Wes broke the silence, "What a rapist." He said adjusting his wrists so they wouldn't hurt as much.

"No, he is just a bully," Anna said still tanglingfrom her chain.

"No, he is more of a psychotic," Dani said aquirming around in the chains. "And how the hell do we get out of these chains." The majority of the kids start squirming and shaking trying to get out of the chains. Jade even starts biting the cuff to get out.

"Hell with that," Sam says to Jade as he starts knawing on his own arm. Jade rolls her eyes and then all of a suddent the chand release them and they all fall to the floor. Everyone lands on there feet, with the exception of Alice who falls on her face.

"Oww," she moans. Oli and a few others roll their eyes and Erlend breaks out lughing like a total maniac.

"I guess we know the messed up one in the group," Kekai whispers to Callam. Callam nods and then proceeds towards the pile of outfits. He strips down his clothes and then changes into the full body suit. All the girls sigh when they see his abs. Soon after everyone changes, Cass sweeps her blonde hair out of the way as she zippers the zipper up her back. Wes jumps around, pulling the suit up his body and some of the others go to the corner, trying to hide their bodies from each other.

Once they finish they sit in a circle, waiting for Lucifer to come in and take them to there first challenge.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," Sam 2.0 whines putting his hands on his face.

"We know, it's happening to all of us, but there is no point in whinig about it," Joan hisses at him.

"Shut up you Spanish loser," Sam 2.0 retaliates.

"That's it," Joan shouts and then lunges at Sam 2.0. He grabs Sam 2.0's chest and throws him to the ground. It takes a few minutes to calm the group down, and it take Sam, Wesley, Oli, Kekai and Zach to get Joan off of Sam 2.0.

Haley stares at them, eyes wide open, nervous and frightened. Minutes go by and Lucifer walks back in the room.

"It's time," he says smiling evily.

Chapter 2: The First Challenge

With a snap of the devil's fingers and a blink of the teenagers' eyes the dungeon dissapears and everyone is standing in a vast open land. The ground dried and cracked like the dessert and the sky red with a orange sun beating down on them.

"What the hell is this?" Dani asks. Lucifer chuckles before clapping his hands, causing the ground to start shaking and rumbling.

"Erm, What's happening?" Marlene asks shaking with the ground itself. Suddenly a giant cavernous crack splits down the middle of hell, right in front of the 22 contestants.

"Your first challenge is to jump over this cavern, if you don't manage to jump it, well you die," Lucifer says with a devilish grin.

Everyone gasps. "I'm going to die," splits Cass' mouth, "Oh my god this is real," shoots out of Kiki's mouth and "I'm hungry," slippery spits out of Joan's. Everybody looks at him and then looks away.

"This won't be too hard," Jessica says looking stuck up.

"Oh really," Lucifer says. "Well then you can go first."

"Okay," Jessica says with a smile. She slowly backs up from the group, to get a good running start to hopefully make in over the gorge. The devil just stands there, smiling, trying to hold in the laughter abut this girl. Jessica stops walking backwards and then starts sprinting forwards as fast as she can. Nearing the pit, closer and closer she gets when she gets to the edge she jumnps into the hair. Lucifer moves his finger and the gorge expands, making it huge, making it impossible to jump across.

"No," Jessica shouts before falling to her doom. She screams a blood curdling scream all the way down, until you can hear her no more. All the kids look over at Lucifer. He makes the crevis smaller and then says.

"Let the games begin," he laughs like a bad man before pointing at a small girl. "You there go next."  Mia starts sprinting towards the the gorge. She jumps and then swiftley lands on the other side.

"You," he points to Erlend. Erlend takes a quick running sprint and then jumps over, gliding through the air, landing in the other side. One after one the Devil selects people to go. Berry, Haley, Marlene, Callam and Sam make it to the other side without a problem. Then it was Claudia's turn, she sprinted as fast as she can, but then slightly fumbled when she made it to the edge and that sealed her fate. She slowly fell into the gorge, not saying a word as she drifted down words.

"Claudia no," Erlend shouted. He had a sad look on his face, the poor fellow was close to Claudia, but now Claudia and Jessica both lay splattered at the bottom of the crevis. Next one by one the others jumped. Dani, Oli, Kiki, Cass, Caylin, Anna and Zach safley make it across.  Leaving only Sam 2.0, Wes, Alice, Kekai, Jade and Joan on the other side. Wes ran and jumped, landing firmly on the ground. Alice ran and jumped, landing a little wobbily on the ground. Jade swiftley made it over. Joan jumped, and easily made it to the other side with his firm landing and that left Kekai and Sam 2.0.

Kekai decided to go first, he took a long running start and then jumped, it wasn't a very good jump, not far, not high, just straight and he didn't land on the other side. He didn't land at all, his hands gripped the edge of the other side, not letting go he tries to pull up with all his might.

"Come on Kekai," Jade shouted. Kekai started to pull himself up and thenmade it, pulling him up to his chest and then managing to flip his leg up like on a horse, he crawld up and then flopped on the ground, out of breath and out of words. Sam 2.0 jumped, but slipped, landing him ihn the pit f doom, concluding the first challenge.

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