• Kalebh513

    136th Hunger Games

    March 25, 2014 by Kalebh513

    My first games! District 1-12 are the tributes.

    • Name
    • Age
    • District
    • Weapon(s) (3 max)
    • Strength
    • Weakness
    • 3 tributes per user
    • You can add a backstory but not needed.

    This arena will be a giant waterfall everyone will have a raft to sail down the fall to the cornacopia. Around the outside there are caves. In the caves live Bat mutts. But if you manage to kill 4 the others go away. Every 3 days the waterfall turns into a whirlpool. If you continue to raft and skip the cornacopia you will end up in a log house. The Log houses can fit 4 people each but after 5 days the catch fire and burn down after burning down they will come back.

    Name Age District Weapon
    Hedonism Splendor 14 1-Male Other tributes
    Emerald Everest  16 1-Female Throwing Knives
    Alexander Sidoro…

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