My first games! District 1-12 are the tributes.

  • Name
  • Age
  • District
  • Weapon(s) (3 max)
  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • 3 tributes per user
  • You can add a backstory but not needed.


This arena will be a giant waterfall everyone will have a raft to sail down the fall to the cornacopia. Around the outside there are caves. In the caves live Bat mutts. But if you manage to kill 4 the others go away. Every 3 days the waterfall turns into a whirlpool. If you continue to raft and skip the cornacopia you will end up in a log house. The Log houses can fit 4 people each but after 5 days the catch fire and burn down after burning down they will come back.

Name Age District Weapon
Hedonism Splendor 14 1-Male Other tributes
Emerald Everest  16 1-Female Throwing Knives
Alexander Sidorov 16 2-Male Mace
Realy Cooper 15 2-Female Throwing knives/ Crossbow
Damian Byte 14 3-Male Dartgun
Acacia Paragon 13 3-Female Javelin
Alan Seashore 17 4-Male Trident
Reia Sunrise 15 4-Female Bow
Jord Furt 12 5-Male Brick
Nichole Peyton 15 5-Female Knife/dagger
Plarain Rode 17 6-Male Axe
Kiara Brazette 14 6-Female Spear
Jason Huff 17 7-Male Axe
Herba Hemway 17 7- Female Axe
Burgundy Anthrocloth 16 8-Male Great sword/ Sword
Rebekah Ure 12/13 8-Female Blowgun / hands
Noah Cote 13 9-Male Sword/Dagger
Trinity Mace 17 9-Female Knife/ Mace
Tenshin Kubaya 17 10-Male Throwin Knives/ Sword
Rosette Lilith 15 10-Female Trap

Drake Kinli

12 11-Male Katana
Petiola Midrib 16 11-Female Sickle
Falk Avian 13 12-Male Bow
Cinder Marsh 18


Throwing knives/ Baton


Careers:D1 Female, D2 Pair, D4 Pair, D10 Male, 12 Female

Anti-Careers: 5 Pair,  D9 Pair,  11 Male, 12 Male

6 and 3 : 3 Pair, 6 Male


District 1 Emerald Everest PoV

I woke up more exited than usual today. I quickly put on my clothes and tell my mom I love her and that I will see her soon.

I walk fastly with Lepa to get blood drawn. Lepa is only a year younger than me and she wants to volunteer but i ask her to wait until next year that way i can be her mentor after a while she agrees. The Blue curly hair escort shows us the video from the capitol and then she says as always "ladies first". She picks a name and starts to say "Glit-" i cut her off and say "I volunteer as tribute". And trying to act surprised she says " It seems we have a volunteer" i walk up to she stage and she asks "and what is your name? Emerald Everest" She says very well then time for the gentlemen. I know  who the volunteer is gonna be Jin Horakin He's the only good tribute and everyone knows it. But i cant let him. Hes too much of a threat so i use my specialty and i find his eyes and i just flirt with him and lose myself in his eyes i dont even realize that a boy was reaped until i see his hand move to shake my hand. I reconize him its Hedonism Splendor that messed up 14 year old. As i am escorted i see Jin he gives me a horrible look. And i feel great about it because now i am a step closer to winning the 136th Hunger Games.

District 2 Alexander Sidorov PoV

I dont know whether i should volunteer or not. I better decide quick Missy the escort is just about to show the video from the Capitol. I see Enobarias Daughter is the mentor this year. Her win was by far my favorite she did what her mom did and ripped her districts partner throat out. It was awesome! She see me and winks and mouths something that looks like good luck. I think she wants me to volunteer! I hear ladies first and snap out of my daze. I see her pull out a name and before she cn say something I see a pretty orange haired girl shout I Volunteer!!! she walks up on stage and and tells her name. Missy asks again and the girl snaps back at her REALY COOPER!!!!! we got a fiesty girl this year i snap out of another daze just to see Missy pull out a slip i quickly yell "I Volunteer as tribute" i run up to stage and pronounce my name. And Missy says to shake hands and this girl has a strong grip! And Missy says "There you have it, your District 2 tributes

District 3 Damien Byte PoV

Ive always wanted to see a live reaping even though dad told me not to but i sneak out anyway. I go to hide under the crack of the stage but a peacekeeper see's me and grabs me i end up getting my name in the bowl. And as im standing waiting i look around for my mom but i cant see her but all peacekeepers all look the same so thats probabley why. Im standing waiting to see who gets reaped. The ugly escort shows us a really cool video. Ive never seen it. But for some reason everyone seems bored by it? hmm i wonder why? "Ladies First!!" the ugly escort takes like an hour spinning her hand in the bowl. Finally she pull it out with a closed paper and she opens it and says Acacia Paragon!!!! Uhh the girl moans and drags her feet up to the stage.  Now for the guys.. It takes even longer this time with her hand in the bowl. Finally she pulls it out and says  Damien Byte It takes me a minute to realize what just happened then i slowly walk up to the stage and shake Acacias hand and then i see a peacekeeper throw her helmet and run screaming my name. I realize its mom!!! she is held back i goto run to her but im brought back into the the big building. The last thing i heard was 4 gunshots. I now have to win this...for mom

District 4 Reia Sunrise PoV

After staying in the boat all night im very uncomfortale. But im sure on the train ill get good sleep. Im disguised so my parents dont reconize me. But i see them in the crowd with puffy eyes. Probably because they dont want me to volunteer. But that is my choice not theirs. This year we have a different escort and i dont reconize the mentor. The escort is a guy surprisingly. He sounds joyful and pleasent. He shows us the video but im to distracted to watch it. He says his name is Freddy. Then says "ladies first" he picks out a name and says "E----" "i volunteer as tribute!" everyone looks at me and knows who i am. As i walk up i hear my parents sobbing. He asks my name and i tell him. He walks over to the guy bowl and pulls out a name. I dont know any guys who are going to volunteer this year so im curious to find out. "Allan Seashore!" He walks up on stage and noone volunteered!. i Shake his hand and im escorted out.

District 5 Nichole Peyton PoV

I wake up with a terrabile dream about my brothers death. I didnt realize i was yelling until my mom tapped my shoulder. I feel bad waking everybody up on reaping day but my family understands. I get dressed slowly as possible and drag out of the house. Im sooooooooooo tired and scared everybody is shaking in the crowd all scared to get reaped. The escort shows the stupid video and pulls out s tiny slip of closed paper. "Nichole Peyton" i stand there shocked. and finally a peacekeeper grabs me and drags me to the stage . She reaches in the boys bowl and pulls out a slip and says "Jord Furt" omg not him hes way to nice and hes only 12 and only like 4'8 i shake his sweaty hand and get escorted off stage

District 6 Plarain Rode PoV

Im so tired when i finally get dressed. I just wanna get there and get out. My parents have sort of a guilty look on their faces. I wonder why. I walk with my mom and dad to the reaping place. I get my blood drawn and tell the peacekeeper my name. i wait for the video to be over and then see what poor helpless girl gets reaped now. "Kiarra Brazette!!  Oh not her... "Plarain Rode!!!!!!" shit stay calm i walk up to the stage and shake the girls hand.


Drake Kinli PoV

I rise up to the arena and I see a pink raft next to me and i thats when isee the waterfall. By the time i notice it theres 5 seconds left. 5...4...3...2...1 I jump into the raft and i paddle down the waterfall and fall out of my raft and the last thing i see is my blood in the water.

Jord Furt PoV

I saw that D11 boy fall out of his raft and die. And i am shaking but im still at my pod! I get in tho the raft and safely make it to the bottom. I see A log house ahead as i pass the cornacopia a career throws a knife into my raft i pull it out and paddle quicker. Then i reach the long strip of trees!  i realize as i pass the 1st log hous esomeone is in there! I sprint past and almost trip on a girls body there is a knife in her head! Crap that means theres more people ahead!!! I quietly run past the next log house and i see a guy. I walk  3 miles and find a log house empty. I climb in and see a group of tributes walk by then i realize thats the antis and then i realize im supposed to be with them. They will probably kill me thinking i quit them. The 9 girl says she will check the cabin the others say meet her at the next house and they will decide which one is better. She walks in and sees me and says "jord?" umm hi Rebekah. "why arent you with us?" i kinda forgot. "ok then well ill go get the others and u stay here and make the beds." She leaves and i go open a closet and find a couple of blanket and 4 pillows 1 for each bed. i Hear screaming outside the cabin i open the door and see an axe in Rebekahs head i look up to see the 7 male running at me with an axe i grab my knife out of the couch and i throw it at him it hits his wrist vain up. He yhells in  pain i grab the axe and chop his leg. he falls to his knees and jumps at me i swing and chop his head off... Im a killer...

Really Cooper PoV

The Careers havent made any kills! Thats when i feel a sharp pain through my thigh i pull the knife out and turn around to see the 6's and the 3's they are running at us but were to quick. Alan tridents the d3 girl and i croosbow the 6 girl the 6 guy turns and runs i shhot but i miss! he jumps into a raft and sails under the waterfall. The D12 girls beats the D3 guy to death. IMpressive!! we walk over to the D1 boy and ask him what hes doing then all of a sudden he throws a dead body at me and runs to his raft but he trips and Tenshin goes and slits his throat!

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