name gender district age weapon fears strength height personality training score
sierra mars female 0 14 bow, throwing knives, throwing axe losing ricardo ranged weapons,resistance to cold,skilled hunter 5'3 social,kind,mystirious 8
ricardo mars male 0 15 machete loesing sierra strong resistance to cold ,master in suvival 5'10 independent, but sefless 4
veronica mordekaiser female 1 18 daggers none fighting skills, strong, extreamly fast 5'8 ruthless,evil,selfish,over-confident, bloodthirsty,heartless 10
sebastian glaze male 1 17 battle axe,axe,throwinf axe training being unfinished superb strength 6'3 funny,likabe,positive attitude 8
matalix gleam female 2 16 blowgun,bow heights,fire climbing,fast,survival skills 5'7 intelligent, great morals (that she will break in the games), and very shy 10
rift stonefeild male 2 18 spear,machete,sword losing strength,fighting,dodging attacks,great with spears 6'2 likeable,social 9
surge trip female 3 14 blowgun,bow blood,tight enclosed spaces agile, stealthy, great climber,plant ID 5'4 quiet, dedicated, focused,intelligent  6
scorpi rex male 3 18 sword, spear diseases close,combat,strong,great distance swimmer 6'5 strict,smart 6
amber seasinde female 4 16 trident,sword,axe falling swimming,holding breath,combat skills 5'6 positive, likable,confident 9

mitchel salmon

male 4 17 trident,net,sword going to jail swimming, holding breath,combat skills 6'3 sweet but also heartless 8
candence snowfall female 5 16 spear,bow,mace failing intelligent,weapon skills,fast 6'2 quiet,but always wanting to hurt people 7
matt hamel male 5 15 sickle,short sword, spear theiving close combat, fast 5'8 smart, independent 7
violet dionaea female 6 15 axe,knives spiders, blood fast, great swimmer 5'7 miled, calm, selfless, loyal, determined 5
yax cratyr male 6 18 fists punishment strong close combat,decent swimmer 5'6 intelligent,rude,arrogant,abnoxious 9
bee clio female 7 13 axe,throwing axe, throwing knives large enclosed spaces smart,independent,resourceful 5'3 sweet,quiet shy 7
jonah dare male 7 14 dagger,knife water suffocatin agile 6'0 laid back,somewhat lazy 4
lacey despin female 8 12 bow,knife, slingshot the careers, snakes climbing trees, hiding 4'9 kind, happy, sweet 8
favian thread male 8 15 twin swords, sickel, spear cannons hearing abilities,smart,social skills 5'11 smart polite shy 6

bailey snowbell

female 9 16 sickle people talking about her behind her back smart,knows land,surprisingly strong for he size 5'3 fragile'gulible 6
ash harper male 9 14 mace,crossbow,scythe drowning fast learner agile,fast 6'1 nice,innocent 1
aera ekieert female 10 18 sickel,throwing stars love strong,healing,medicin 5'10 shy, helpful, caring 9
llara cogan male 10 17 battle axe dying strong,skilled swimmer 6'1 calm,collected,vicious,tempramental 6
fable brass female 11 18 spear,throwing knives crowds range weapons,strong 6'2 clumsy,cold hearted 5
oberon lyx male 11 18 axe,mace walking strong,strong swimmer 6'2 brutish,stubborn 7
petra liit female 12 16 axe,mace snakes insanely strong, vicious, skilled with heavy weapons 5'4 sinister,sick minded 9
pyro vuldren male 12 12 dagger,knife water resistance to heat 5'1 quiet,unable to cooperate with others 2



the three islands

in these games the areana will be made up of three islands the cornucopia being held on the smallest island as you see in the picture has absolutly no resources except at the cornucopia, of course but the are also no mutts this island wil be called island 1. the island directly behind the smallest island is another island with lots of recourses but also very many muttations this is island 2. to the left of the first island in the picture is another island with very little recourses but also a very little amount of mutts this is island 3. this island is also the biggest. but on the islands as the games progress there will be more and more mutts on them. now for the waters in the beginning of the games there will be no mutts in the water but as more tributes die the waters will get more and more infested with mutts making it hared to swim from island to island . 

arena outfit

  • both male and female wear weabbed toe water shoes 
    Kalebs hunger games 1

    webbed toe water shoes

  • males wear water proof track shorts
  • females wear spandex
  • both males and females both wear dri fit shirts(different styles)

all the bags from the cornucopia are water proof along with the blankests and sleeping bagss oh and the matches

day one-bloodbath

sierra mars, district 0

we are getting risen up in our tubes i stare at the sement wall surrounding the glass tubemy hands are sweating i suddenly have to pee it takes about 10 second for our pedistales to rise to the arena. were on an island i immediately look for my brother he's about 7 pedistals to my right. our eyes meet i point to the pinnisula pointing to isand 2 he nods indicating thats where we meet.

55 seconds

candence snowfall, district 5

i see the water and think to myself im a fairly good swimmer ill go to that island (thinking about island 3) but first i make a couple kills im fast ill be one of the first to make it to the mouth of the cornupoia the boyoy from 12 is next to me hell be my first kill, ill grab a knife and a mace and go at him. i whisper to him i cant wait for my hands to be covered in my blood 

47 seconds

pyro vuldren, district 12

i just heard the girl from 5 tell me she cant wait for her hands to be covered in my blood i get scared i know i will be dead in the next 5 minuts. i shake my head and think to say to myself quietly "i will make it past the first day" the the girl from 5 just has to chime in and say "no you wont".

42 seconds

bee clio, district 7

i look at the suplies lying close to me and i see a box of matches about 5 feet right in front of me an about 30 feet i see a dagger ill get those two than run to the mout of the cornucopii see a throwing ax lying right out side the mouth of the horn i get that and a bag and runim fast i can do it then i swim to the 3rd islandi can do this i say to myself , i can do this. and if anyone gets in my way ill lodge my axe into their chest. to my right is my district partner, jonah and to my left the boy from 8 favilan i think his name is . hess kind of cute, what am i thinking i might have to kill him in the next 5 minutes!!

20 seconds

sabastian glaze, district district 1 

i am literally jumping up and down on my pedestale right now to my right i have favian thread from 8 and to my left matt hamel from 5 i give him a deathstare and snicker cuz hes my first kill iget in a running position at  10 seconds

10 seconds

victoria mordikaiser, district 1

i am the most left person in the semi -circle of pedistales 10,9,8,7 im so excited i could run of my pedestale rigt now 6,5,4,3,2,1 and the gong goes off i imediatly sprint off my pedistale going to the mouth of the cornucopia i grab two dagger and run and tack the first person in front of me we both fall to the ground with a grunt i sit on top of her and stab her simletaniusly with each dagger in the chest and watch her eyes turn lifeless as i smirk .

petra liit, district 12

i go to sprint to the cornucopia and get stopped by the girl from 1 tackle and stab the girl fron 8 in the chest i go around them and spot a spiked mace about 6 feet out of the mouth of the cornucoia i run to it i pick it up and pick up the bag beside it and sprint away as i run out i spot a knife i snach it up and dive into the water heading the the second island

ricardo mars, district 0

i immediately look for sierra i see her running to the bow "of course she is' i think to myself. I see a machete on the wall in the cornucopia its a risk, that i am going to take. im running as fast as ever as i see sierra and the girl from two figting over the bow there is an pick-axe about 10 feet away from me i grab it and run to sierra and get stopped by the boy from five he has a shortsword in hand he swings i duck by instinct through his legs i see sierra kick the girl from two in the head the girl from two lets go thats all i see as i look up i see the blade heald above 5's head it starts to come down i roll out of the way it sticks in the ground  i stand up and look at him as a tomohawk is thown into his back i see sierra runnung to our meeting place she has the bow and arrows i see two bags i grab the first one and the i see the boy from seven grab it and run im faster than him i shove my pick axe into his side he falls to the ground and yelps in pain i grab the neon green bag say "thank you" then smash his head in with my heel then run to sierra who had a dead bodyabout 15 feet away fom her with a arrow sticking out of his throaton my waty to her i grab the arrow he also ad an mace i grab that two hand her the arrow along with her bag (i kept the bigger one) and jump in the water and swim to island 2.

ash harper, district 9

i was just grab a bag and leave but i go and get caught up in thebloodbath but i need a weapon so i could at least defend myself i spot mace about 20 feet away from me. i grab it and run i see the the girl from 0 and run after i see her pull up her bow and shoot the arrow misses my head by probably 2 inches she pulls out another arrow and shoot again i feel a sharp pain on my throat an everything goes black

amber seaside,district four

in the mouth of the cornucopia is two tridents i happem to be on of the first people to make it to the horn and i grab the tridents and impale the bot from 11 in the stomah he falls to the ground i see mitchal my district partner about 10 feet away and i toss him the trident and almost as soon as he catches it he hurrles it into the district six girl's side who had just got done killing the distict 12 boy with her axe she falls off of him and slowly fades away. then i grab a dagger for each of us and he gabbs the bags and we and start to run away when he falls to the ground with a throwing star in the back of his neck i quickly grab his trident and bags and run to the water as i feel a sharp pain in my lower left calf but just keep running with a limp and make it to the water reach down and grab the metal star out of my leg then swim to the third island. 

favian thread, district 8

i get to the horn and see a sickle i grab it and turn to run i get about ten feet then the boy from 1 sticks his foot i trip and get a mouth full of sand i get on my knees to get up and run again, but he kicks me in the butt and i fall agin this time my head smashes into a rock i am dazed for a second or two and then i look up at the boy he has a huge battle axe in his had he brings it up over his head as if he is going to slam it into my head and he falls to the ground i look at him while he is lying there  with a throwing axe sticking out of his stomach and i look back up to see teh girl from 7 standing over me with a small pink bag and a belt of throwing axes she grabs the axe from 1's stomach and his battle axe, helps me up and says "come on!" i grab my sickle and a bag and run to the water with her we both jump in the water and swim to island 3

surge trip, district 3

i have a box of mathces and a blow gun i look around to find scorpi my district limping to the the water with machete in one had and a set of throwing knives in the other with a light blue back pack on his back on my way over to him i grab a flint and steel inside of a clear water bottle i get to to about ten feet away from him and i call out to him so i dont frighten him and he accidentaly kills me i get to him unzip his bag put the water bottle and take the throwing knives out of his had and put them both in there just befor i zip up the bag i see a yellow blanket. and we get in the water his face clinches up when the cut on the on his upper thigh i asked him what happened he said "the girl from six cut me with her sword but then i cut her stomoch open and she fell to the ground and started to cry i felt bad at first than thout to myself carmas a b*tch isnt it and took the set of throwing knives wrapped around her body then grabbed her bag and ran, limpped to the water." i laugh and say ok then we swim to island 3.

and now all that is left ath the cornucopia are the careers and bailey snowbell but bailey easily gets away with two small axes and a huge backpack full of who knows what,but as soon as she dives into the water rift from 2 throws a spear that slits her side open but she grabs the spear and keeps on swimming to island 3

 bloodbath death log

sebastian glaze, 1

mitchel salmon,4

candence snowfall, 5

matt hamel, 5

violet diona, 6

jonah dare, 7

lacey despin, 8

ash harper, 9

llara cogan, 10

oberon lyx, 11

pyro vuldern, 12

day 1

yax cratyr, district 6

i got out of the bloodbath and to the second island very easy and very fast i got out of the cornucopia with a huge backpack and two brass knuckles i make it to a good camping spot  close to the middle of the island i open up my bag and find a heavy black sleeping bag a water bottle i open up the water bottle and it smells like kool-aid i take a sip it is its cherry kool-aid and one last thing is goggles these will be useful i say to myself i listen for the cannons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12

bee clio, district 7

me and favian make it to island 3 we stop on the the beach on the west of the island and he says "thank you" i say "hey, maybe you can do the same for me later on and turn and smile at him he smiles back  we sit on a huge rock on the beach we both unzip our bags i open mine up and find 2 bottles of pills, 3 tubes of ointments and a bottle of red liqud the first bottle of pills is just vitamins the next is morphine and the next is codeine the first tube is antibiotical ointment and the other is burn ointment i taste the red liquid its very sweet and i think cough syrup. i am very surprised that the capitol would put this much in one bag. i look over at favian and he has a medium orange sleeping bag and two throwing stars. "we made it past the first day" he says then i say "now lets make it through the first night" ill take first watch he says no way i say if i wated to kill you i wouldve killed you at the cornucopia.

matalix gleam, district 2

me rift and victoria all sit in a circle at the mouth of the cornucopia with a fire between us all with weapons in hand we have about 14 bags left from the cornucopia  it gets dark and is  quiet almost too quiet  as i hear a scream and a cannon we all laugh then victoria immitates  the scream and rift immitates the cannon we all lauugh one mor time and then it gets quiet again

fable brass, island 2 

i was one of the only people who ran directly away from the cornucopia anctually i think i was the only one hopfully i can get sponsered. i lay in the palm tree jungle of island two when i hear a thumping sound it is almost completely dark only the with the light of the moon which isnt very much the thumping sounds like its getting closer and fast then i turn around and there you dont need much light to know what it is a bear towering over me i scream as its razor sharp teeth clamp onto my head and i feel the life flow out of me as i drift away.

scorpi rex, district 3

me and surge both sit at the center of island two we have a fire going we hear the cannon go off and about four minutes later the the panam symbol appears in the sky 12 faces appear in the sky and it turns off i put out the fire and me and surge go to sleep.

day 1 death log

fable brass, district  11 

day 2

petra liit, district 12

i wake up to the sound of scraping metal i reach for my sicklel the not there "looking for this?" a voice  said behing me i get up and and turn to see the girl from 10 sitting on a chopped down palm tree about 20 feet away grab a rock and ran after "uh uh uh i wouldnt do that if i were you" as she pulls out the bright orange and white throwing star i stop as she says "i dont want to kill you i want you as an allie i wouldve killed you in your sleep if i really wanter to kill you" i say "why would you want me as an allie" "because ive seen you hit a training dummy with a mace" "what does it matter i only got a sickle from the cornucopia" "well maybe i didnt only get throwing stars" she says as she throws a mace to me "o my god thank you" "well i wanted a allie who could actually kill another tribute.

rift stonefeild, district 2

i wake up to veronica's lowpitched voice screaming "wake up bitches were going hunting" then matalix screaming back "shut the hell up" i just think to myselff im gonna stay out of this one and and just wke up put on my shirt and my spear and put my machete in the belt i found for it then wrapped it around my waist. veronica also has a belt but hers is full of at least 7 different kinds of knives

"a little excessive?" matalix says

"how about i show you what each of them do" in a develish tone

"i'd like to see you try you stupid cunt" matalix says with her bow aimed at veronicas head

i step in front of bow with the arrow head a couple centameters away from my throat and i say "you really need to stop putting your two sence in" as i push the bow out of ty face and walking over to veronica  and say "and you need to stop being so fucking hostile and calm down a little would you please" then both of the girls sigh angrily and are we going to hunt or what? now lets go and all three of us jump in the water and swam to island 3

serria mars, district 0

i got basicly no sleep last night from the noises i was hearing all night and the scream last night just kept reaplaying in my head i get out of my sleeping bag and turn around to see ricardo hanging upside down from a palm  tree like  a monkey sharpening the small knife he found in his pack

"hows it hanging bro"

"pretty darn good  sis" he says

"whats that huge welt on your neck?"

"i dont know i woke up with it but i do know that it hurts pretty damn bad and it itchy"

"it looks like a spider bite a really big one" i say

ricardo gets off the tree and says "can you scratch my back?"

he turns around and there is a ginirmous spider siting there ar leas 6 inches long and 4 inches wide i smack it off and almost his whole black and wrinkly i scream and he asks what is it are you ok "i say you back its black" what?" he says " the spider mustve been poisonous it made your back completely black and is starting to spread to your neck, fast" he falls to the ground and winces in pain and the blackness starts in his a circle right in the middle of his chest and it turns to a hole his insides are all black too as i notice this thousands of baby spiders crawl out and his eye open wide as he yelps and then a connon and his eyes close i feel a tear fall from my eye and run away

bailey snowbell, district 9

i slept on the third islands beach closest to island 1the huge cut from 2's spear really took a toll on everything when i hear the ocean water start to sloshi look up and the career pack is about 10 yarsds away from the beach i get up and i get up and i start to run when the careers make it to the sand and thegirl from 1 yells out "the girl from 9 get her" i am running but sand is hard to run in sand i make it into the rainforest and the is alot easier i turn to see a arrow hurrling towards me i try to move out of the way but the arrow goes through my arm and pins it to the palm tree behind it i let out a slight yelp in pain i pull the arrow out and throw one of my axe it isnt a throwing axe but it will have to do it sticks into the right hip of the girl from 2 she falls to the ground and screams in pain but the others keep running i keep on running to as i hear a heavy thuds coming up behind me and i feel a sharp pain on my back i fall face firs getting a mouth full of mud roll over and see the girl from 1 with a belt full of different looking dagger all different shapes and sizes i back up kind of doing the crab walk with victoria standiing over me with the belt of intimmidating knives keep backing up until i smack my head on a tree she sits on me pinning my arms to the ground with her knees shes heavy i can barely breath she slowly slices my forehead open with a small jagged knife and i wince in pain and puts it back in her belt she takes out two similar knives she jams them both of them in to each of my sholdurs i scream and start  to cry she evily chuckels then i knee her in the head and punches me in the nose i feel the blood run out i feel the need to wipe it up she has my arms pinned to the ground and even if she didnt my shoulders are in so much pain i couldnt she then takes the knives from my shoulder and lodges them into both of my legs and stands up with the daggers still in my legs at this poin i am sobbing "i want to go home i want to go home" she takes the axe out of my hand and chopps of my left arm at my elbow i barely feel this because i of all of the addrenaline surging through my body "why dont you just kill me" i moan to her "howwould i get sponsers if i didnt i close my eyes "open your eyes" she  screams at me i open my eyes and she grins then says wickedly "i want you to see this she sticks one of her daggers into my stomach and twirls it i try to scream but it comes out as a sigh a i take my last breath and everything goes black.

a couple hours go by with no kills the careers swim back to island 1 and aera and petra and the two faces show ricardo's face and bailey's too serria sits on the the island 2 beach and weeps herself to sleep

day two death chart

  • ricardo mars, district 0
  • bailey snowbell, district 9

sonserships are now viable

sponsership items


  • throwing knives (15)-150
  • throwing axe(15)-150
  • spear(3)-150
  • pick axe-100
  • scythe-100
  • sickle-100
  • dagger- 50
  • mace-100
  • blowgun and darts (10)-150
  • axe-100
  • awl-25
  • wooden club-25
  • machete-100
  • trident (3)-200
  • bow and arrow (15)-200


  • morphien-100
  • ibuproen-50
  • asprin-50
  • burn ointment-50
  • cough syrup-50
  • instant healing-200
  • tent-200
  • night vision goggles-100
  • rope-25
  • spile-50
  • empty bag-15
  • iodine-50
  • flint&steel-50
  • sleeping bag-100
  • towel-10
tribute sponser points
sierra mars


veronica moreskaier 500
matalix gleam 500
rift stonefeild 500
surge trip 500
scorpi rex 500
amber seaside 500
bee clio 500
favian thread 500
aera ekieet 500
petra liit 500

after every tribute kills another tribute from now on they will get 100 mor sponser points

day three

matalix gleam, district 2

that stupid girl from 9 threw an axe at my leg the seven inch cut down to the the bone OMG when i got into the salt water and it was the worst pain i think i have ever felt!

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