i know this has been done before guys but i just thought it was an awesome idea so please help me out with tributes and stuff

contestant template






and every state will have only one contestan (thats what i am calling tributes in these game) from each state cause 1 hundred is just way too many for me to kill off and the more you active you are the longer i will keep your contestant alive, and the carees are texas, new york, gorgia, utah, and california

state name age  gender weapon
alabama quinten swent 17 male throwing knife
alaska allisa lanirich 13 female saw, throwing knives
arizona  sam conta 14 male hammer
arkansas roy mardens 18 male axe, fists
calafonia  emilia song 16 female poisonous blowgun
colorado bella crens 12 female axe
conneticut matt krattiger 15 male kama
delaware  kaelan rosenbaum 18 male hatchet
florida demi hax 16 female machete
gorgia leo toadsworth 17 male sickle
hawaii  sarah schneckloth 14 female throwing star
idaho jacob williamson 13 male machete
illinois eric carlson 17 male double blade sword
indiana intell smith 15 male cleaver
iowa janell andrews 12 female staff
kansas elie lincoln 15 female knife
kentuky  abby elliot 17 female dart gun
louisiana daniel pachee 14 male sickle
maine guy maleconsin 15 male bow and arrows
maryland  samantha cole 12 female mace
massachusets caiden holes 12 male club
michigan zan femna 18 male bow and arrows
minnesota walker ness 16 female short sword
mississippi  miley crops 18 female claws
missouri cale sassono 13 female hatchet
montana penn paro 13 female axe
nebraska ash keliland 17 male machete
nevada chris snyder 17 male spear
new hampshire rarity gem 14 female axe
new jersy eden rose 13 female daggers
hew mexico  ben anderson 15 male daggers
new york shaily doat 18 female sword
north carolina gavin pwell 13 male slingshot
north dakota scott allen 15 male hammer
ohio bryn murphy 17 female kai
oklahoma donald mann 16 male bow and arrows
oregon rheese charlton 16 female mace
pennsylvania haydem mars 15 male morning star
rhode island quinn wilson 12 female trident
south carolina keil somms 17 male spear
south dakota danny banter 12 male machete
tennessee eli winersin 14 male spear, fists
texas analisa latamer 18 female katana
utah hanna felison 12 female sword
vermont clint fetherston 14 male katana
virginia ivette mercedes 16 female stealth
washington  mable ban 12 male fists
west virginia james farg 13 male spear
wisconsin yvonne augustri 18 female scythe
wyoming wiston trist 17 male spear


Hunger games arena usa games

tha arena

the entire arena is dirt there is one huge water lake and a a smaller pond bothe fresh water (blue). there are three rainforests (green). inside the biggest rainforesr is a poisonous pond (weird green) which will kill the contestants in a matter of seconds. in the center of the arena there is a huge colosseum in the center of that is where the bloodbath will be held (grey).  all of the exits that go out of it will be closed until there are 10 contestants dead than will open


the strong ones north west south east the outcasts hotties the norths the souths north east centralish whiskys virginias second north east the I's
texas washinngton florida alaska  new mexico north carolina south carolina maine oklahoma tennessee virginia pennsylvania illinois
new york oregon alabama hawaii arizona north carolina south dakota new hampshire kansas kentucky west virginia

new jersy

california idaho mississippi montana vermont missouri conneticut
gorgia massachusets calarado

rhode island

training score

state score(1-10)
alabama 5
alaska 8
arizona 4
arkansas 2
california 8
colorado  6
conneticut 3
delaware 5
florida 9
gorgia 2
hawaii 9
idaho 4
illinois 8
indiana 5
iowa 6
kansas 3
kentuckey 5
louisiana 7
maine 8
maryland 5
massachusets 3
michigan 6
minnisota 7
mississippi 4
missouri 7
montana 8
nebraska 5
nevada 8
new hampshire 2
new jersy 4
new mexico 6
mew york 7
north carolina 4
north dakota 5
ohio 5
oklahoma 7
oregon 4
pennsylvania 8
rhode island 6
south carolina 7
south dakota 7
tennessee 8
texas 9
utah 6
vermont 4
virginia 8
washington 3
west virgina 6
wisconsin 5
wyoming 4


pov chris snider, illinois

my head is the first to pop out of the black tube the next i see is eric carlsons the boy form illinois 60, 59 i look at the grey stone cornucopia then i notice my surroundings its looks to be an old coluseum i look to find an exit and there is bars on the only two is this where i will fight to my death is this where the games are held this year 57,56

pov ben anderson, new mexico

i stand on my pedistool and see the bars covering both exits and i am thinking what probably what every other contestant is thinking at this piont " is this where 49 children are gong to be slaughtered to death" and then i think well its gonna be a quick games well better for me i can get back to my family sooner 47, 46, 45, 44

pov rheese charlton, oregon

i immediately look for my  team members mable ban and jacob williamson ant then look for a mace i see one its right in the mouth of the horn i look to see if i can find any on the outskirts but nothing right in front of me there is brass knuckles ill grab thoes use those to get all my supplies and then when we  get out of the bloodbath ill give them to mable.and then i see a small axe  right in path with my mace so ill use that as well which i never practiced with an axe but if it helps me defend myself so be it 37, 36, 35

pov sarah schneckloth, hawaii

27, 26,25 all of my allies from the outsiders alliance all got nines so we have huge targets in our backs we made a plan before the games that i will grab as many weapons as possible and they will get supplies but in front of me there lies a bundle of sticks ill grab that for a fire later on in the games 20, 19 ,18, 17and then i see a set of throwing knives and throwing stars on  a small table  in the mout of the cornucopia ill grab both of those and then look for more,14, 13, 12, 11

pov shailey doat, new york 

i am soo excited 10, 9 i see a sword right in my cornucopia im gonna kill so many people i cant wait to have blood streaked across my face  7, 6

abby elliot , kentuckey 

5, 4, 3 , 2, 1 GONG ileap off my pedastool and small container of small liquid on it and run for a huge pink backpack but am stopped by eden rose from new jersy she punches me in the nose and i feel the bright red liquid start pouring out of my nose and i fall to the ground she walks twoards me dagger in hand and stabbs me in the stomach i yelp in pain and then she starts twisting it around and i scream then stabs me in the throat , the last noise i hear is my own cannon 

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