aka Kyle

  • I live in District 7
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Tree Chopper/Lumber Maker/Hunger Games Tribute
  • I am Male
  • Kanine400

    The 1st Muttation Games

    January 18, 2013 by Kanine400

    Okay, it's Kyle I have come up with a new idea! You have to comment your muttations, they have to be 2-3 animals spliced with a human. Your muttations will enter an arena divided into 12 areas which is where each muttaion will start. Please feel free to start up an argumant in the comments below about whether its muttations or mutations because it'll get me comments.

    P.S. Don't make your mutt overpowered, if I think it is, I won't accept it. Also make the name creative.







    Splice: (e.g. Human+Koala+MountainGoat+Alligator)


    District Male User Splice Female User Splice












    Coming soon...

    Coming soon...

    Coming soon...

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  • Kanine400

    The 1st Annual Riddle Games

    December 19, 2012 by Kanine400

    Hey guys Kyle here :) I made these games cause my other games was unfortunatley deleted >:( anyways, the tributes will get asked a riddle each day, they'll get and two hours to solve it. The tributes that don't get the riddle in two hours, will all be asked a riddle, and the last tribute to answer it will get killed. Each day the riddles will get harder and harder. You might think that thisis boring, well this is where you cacome in, each day, when the riddle is announced, you have to answer it, now, I'm trusting all of you not to go and look on the internet for the answers. Have fun! and may the odds be ever in your favour. BTW you only get two hints so use them wisely.






    1) No swaring/dissing

    2) No spammin…

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  • Kanine400

    Hey guys Kanine here, this is my first annual Survival Games it is alot different from The Hunger Games, here is how it works. Each year the gamemakers will choose a random location in the world and place all of the tributes there for example a desert or a swamp. The games will start as soon as the tributes are in the location, they will find various chests around the location that will have either food, water or a weapon. Each day something bad will happen to the tributes like a tornado or a bushfire. Yes tributes will kill each other like in the Hunger Games, the victor will be who survives that longest. BTW I make up all the names for the locations. I will have 20 tributes. There are no districts just tributes.

    1) No swearing

    2) No getting…

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  • Kanine400

    Something happened and it got rid of my games and i am SO SO SO annoyed

    Words can't describe how annoyed I am right now!

    I'm really sorry to everyone out there who entered tributes in my game

    So sorry i am SOOOOOO angry right now

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  • Kanine400

    The 81st Hunger Games

    October 22, 2012 by Kanine400

    Sorry got rid of it, go here for the one I'm working on now :)

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