Welcome Hunger Games fans!


In honor of the countdown to The 74th Hunger Games and the 1st Hunger Games movie on March 23, we've decided to try something different to commemorate the Year of The Hunger Games!

If The Hunger Games were real and The Hunger Games Wiki a real district, we would have the power to send food and aid to our tributes. We have decided to do just that by helping out, a non-profit website dedicated to ending hunger around the world.

Completely free and even fun, anyone can send rice to hungry people around the world by playing a simple game. Each correct answer gets 10 grains, and together, we want to reach 740,000 grains to send to Free Rice as a form of "sponsor gift."

To Play: Simply go to and start playing! No registration or personal information required to play, but we did create a group for The Hunger Games Wiki, so you're welcome to join us if you like.

Remember that each question is 10 grains of rice and you can play as many times as you want! We'll tally the scores on March 23, the day of The Hunger Games!

For us to tally the amount of grain sent:

1. Please take a screenshot of your sponsor gift (rice grains) and post it on your profile or talk page. Remember you can do this multiple times.

2. Then leave a comment on this blog telling us how many you've sent so far!

Prize: To get you even more excited, we're handing out prizes to our citizens.

  • Bronze Seal: Donate 100 grains of rice
  • Silver Seal: Donate 500 grains of rice
  • Gold Seal: Donate 1,000 grains of rice
  • Platinum Seal: Donate 5,000 grains of rice

We want to help stop hunger in our district, so come and sponsor our E-tribute. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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