Are you obsessed with the fashion of The Hunger Games? Certainly Cinna, Katniss's prep team, and Katniss's clothes play a huge role in the books. We're willing to bet that it'll spark some heavy debate for the movie as well. Capitolcouturehomepage In lieu of this fact, the "official" Capitol Panem social handles have launched...Capitol Couture, a Tumblr site that will soon feature fashion of The Hunger Games. The site launched only a couple of days ago with a puzzle asking the citizens to crack the password. Today, the password #lookyourbest was revealed by the recruiters, giving us a glimpse into the beautiful Capitol Couture site.

What do you think about Effie as the face of Capitol Couture? What fashion tips and secrets do you hope to find?


Capitol Couture Panem just launched and it is absolutely stunning. A hub for all Hunger Games fans to gather and get the latest information regarding the film and inside information, Capitol Couture has never-before-seen scenes from the film! Be sure to check it out with password #lookyourbest and prepare to be amazed!

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