A Hunger Games cookbook? Along with licensed and exciting additions to The Hunger Games series such as The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide are some less "canon" works, such as Hunger Games Cookbook.

The Hunger Games references many fanciful dishes, culturally inspired by each of the Districts and The Capitol. Who can forget Katniss's favorite lamb stew or the special bread from District 11 or District 4? Now The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook will actually teach you to recreate these dishes in your own home!

EW mentions delicious treats like Peeta's "Cinnamon Bakery Bread" and The Capitol's "Super Sweet Potato Rolls" to the wedding cake for Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. Each recipe will come with the explanation and reference from the books when it was mentioned. Pretty detailed, no?

Although not the most practical of cookbooks, it just may be the perfect gift for avid Hunger Games fans or for hosting a Hunger Games-themed party! And just in case you're on the fence, there's a "recipe" for tasting Gale's kiss!

What do you think? Is it too weird or will you be checking it out? Amazon currently has the cookbook in stock AND has the recipe for Katniss's favorite lamb stew!



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