This is the perfect news for everyone at The Hunger Games Wiki who loves role-playing the Hunger Games!


According to DWTC, there will be two new games based around The Hunger Games: The Hunger Games District 12 Strategy Game and The Hunger Games Jabberjay Card Game.

Official Statement

The Hunger Games District 12 Strategy Game will highlight storyline from the movie. Players will attempt to gather food, clothing, medicine, and more in efforts to avoid The Reaping.

The Hunger Games Jabberjay Card Game is a game of secrets and deduction. Players represent a District or Capitol Citizen, each hiding their identity from their opponents. Their goal is to discover everyone else’s identity, and send them fleeing from the game. Players can also choose to work together to protect one another from the Peacekeepers.

These two, along with collectible tribute figures will be released in March, just in time for the movie. Will you be picking up The Hunger Games games?

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