So, this is my first time making the Games, so... all I have to say is this is the 157th Hunger Games.(:

You may submit up to 3 Tributes or 2 Gamemakers.(:

    • Do NOT blame me if your tribute dies or you dislike your training score! It is in random sequence, and I will follow everything based off from your tribute's profile, so detail if you want a chance at winning .
    • Mild language.


Okay, for those applying, the available places for tributes are: D1F, D1M, D2F, D2M, D3F, D3M, D4F, D4M, D5F, D5M, D6F, D6M, D7F, D7M, D8F, D8M, D9F, D9M, D10, D10M, D11F, D11M, D12F, D12M


*NO open places left for tributes.*


The quicker you get more people, the quicker the games may begin.(;


There are 3 available places for Gamemakers left.


The games will begin soon. Gamemakers available until filled even as he games start.


  • Tribute Scores are now posted. Check the Table of Contents.


  • May the Games Begin.


  • Alex, Lily, and Benny died: Day 1.


  • Remember to check in on the page regularly!(:


  • Try listening to Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift while reading this.. it makes it more real.:D It's all I listen to while I'm writing, too.(;


  • Deaths in Day 2 SO FAR: Janice Gorchrist, Jonathan Hunted, Marie Hier, Alex Donaque .There will be 4 only today. Congratulations to those who have tributes still alive at the moment.
  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
  • Remember: You can send messages to your tributes!





*Remember* You CAN send advice to your tributes.

You can sponsor any group of Allies or any single Tribute.

Weather in the arena will be getting EXTREMELY cold soon. Send tributes cold weather supplies.

New items have been added to things you may send to your tributes.

The items are: Camouflage Tent, HeatUp Pads, and Sweatpants *See Tribute Sponsorship for full details and prices.*

CAREERS: I will be sending Aria a tent to fit all of you.

Unless someone ticks her off, then that person is screwed .:3


Day 3 deaths (5 total) : Demi, Drake, Jet, Venn Lauren [Terri Rosedain killed majority in a quad strike]

11 Tributes left.


Day 4 deaths ( 1 only): Terri Rosedain


Rebellion begins after Conner, Nurie and the Careers meet to discuss



Kills/ Deaths/ Cause of Death

Day 1:

Killed by Death of Cause of Death
(Technically) Aria Camelliston Alexander Gregory Fell on top of own mace
Chrom "Azure" Acovin Lily Kane Throat slit when she tried to flee the bloodbath
Lexi Hart Benny Oakling Stabbed in back during a kiss

Day 2:

Killed by Death of Cause of Death
Harris Quinton Janica Gorchrist Slit throat with sword
Aria Camelliston & Chrom "Azure" Acovin Jonathan Hunted Arrow to stomach, axe to head
Carter Trinket Marine Hier 3 throwing knives to chest, head hit against boulder
Muttations Alex Donaque Flesh eating bugs paralyzed and ate him

Day 3:

Killed by Death of Cause of Death
Nurie Riley Demi Tuskerage Hypothermia, thirst, mace to head
Terri Rosedain Drake Dust Blowgun through stomach
Terri Rosedain Jet Miller Axe to head
Terri Rosedain Venn Heron Axe to chest
Terri Rosedain Lauren Hill Axe to forehead
Killed by Death of Cause of Death
Aria Camelliston & Chrom "Azure" Acovin Terri Rosedain Spear through throat, kicked off off deadly cliff, bled out, inability to recieve oxygen


You must include the following.


  • Name of tribute.
  • age.
  • gender.
  • district.
  • weapon.
  • skills.
  • weaknesses.
  • personality.
  • characteristics. (picture recommended)
  • Token. (optional)
  • Allies.
  • Strategy.
  • Backstories are optional.

*Tributes are wearing a white shirt, a thin, clothy green jacket over top, green khakis, and brown combat boots that are weatherproof. Additional items available in store.*


  • Name.
  • Personality.
  • Creative and/or old Hunger Games effects.


  • District 1:
  • Female:
  • Name: Avery
  • Age: 16
  • District: 1
  • Weapon: Bow And Arrow And Dagger Skills.

    Personality: Flirtacious, Kind But Sometimes Mean and Spiteful. She's Very Drawn To Acer (District 1 Male). She feels strongly against race and stereo types as She's blonde and In other districts blonde's are considered dumb!

    • Training Score: 9

  • Male:
  • Name: Chrom "Azure" Acovin
  • Age:16

District: 1


Characteristics:Chestnut hair,5'10,azure eyes,muscular


Tribute Token:opal anklet

Strengths:animal identification,strength,fast

Weaknesses:Doesn't do well under pressure

Strategy:Kill,Kill and try not to fall in love


Training Score: 10

  • District 2:
  • Female:
  • Name: Aria Camelliston

    Backstory: Used to always be happy, sweet, and caring all the time. She used to be sensitive when she was angry or hurt about something, forgave everyone, and never held grudges. Then one day her mother was killed by a Peacekeeper for inability to do as she was told when she was extremely sick, and her boyfriend believed he had a good reason to, so Aria lost the sweet side she had when she was angry and became ruthless and full of hate when mad, and held grudges forever. ** When she broke up with her boyfriend over the incident, she was very upset and Brandon was there to comfort her. Aria then was unsure of how she felt about Brandon, but she knew she owed him someday for his kindness.

Age: 16


Appearance: Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body

Personality: Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy ; rude and thoughtless when angry, very close to her older brother, flirtatious

Weapon: Bows and arrows

Strengths: Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her (Likeability), trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking. **Used to hunt in the woods secretly so she is very good at hunting and identifying plants (like her childhood friend Katniss did . They met when Aria's parents were traveling Panem and they stopped in District 12.) Never told anyone. Never got caught.

Weaknesses: HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt, distracted by cute guys

Token: A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother .

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, betray, and kill one by one in sleep for several nights, hint at who is next by giving a small cut on their arm ; fake own injury to keep suspicion of who is doing it from her. Keep a few with until end of games and steal all they own. Then hide out someplace colcealed, and wait for them to kill each other or die of starvation from inability to retrieve food. Try to not get attached to any of the Careers.

Training score: 9.5


Name: Brandon Blackfin

Backstory: Comforted Aria after the loss of her mother, had odd emotions about her.

Age: 16

Height: 5,7

District: 2

Appearance: tan, black hair, green eyes, average muscle

Personality: headstrong, outgoing, smart, kind, but still willing to kill to win

Weapon: javelin slingshot and spear, *Used to hunt in the woods illegally like he heard a couple of people in District 12 were from gossip from kids that traveled Panem. Never told anyone. Never got caught.

Strengths: fast, smart, agile

Weaknesses: jmps into things quickly easily distracted and angered

Token: a pin of two swords crossing

  • Training Score: 10

  • District 3:
  • Female:
  • Name of tribute.: Lexi Hart
  • age.: 17
  • gender.: female
  • district.: 3
  • weapon.: Throwing Knives
  • skills. : Running, Memory
  • weaknesses.: Taking her eyes off boys
  • personality.: Pretty, cute, bubbly.
  • characteristics. (picture recommended): She has long blood red hair. Either worn in side-pony tail or down.
  • Token.: (optional): A necklace with her mothers pic in,
  • Allies: Careers
  • Strategy.: Go for the weapons and bags and pick off other tributes.
  • Backstories are optional.: Her mother died when she was 6, and her fathers the mayor. Long list of dating .Training Score: 9.5


Name: Benny Oakling

Age: 12

Appearance: Brown hair to his shoulders, large green eyes and bright freckles.

Backstory: When he was very young, Benny's mother fell addicted to Sleep Syrup and was, obviously, asleep all the time. His father was a diamond finder, always away and coming home with injuries until he was too injured to look after Benny. Benny's older brother Matthew got reaped for the Hunger Games and came 3rd Place, and his older sister Petee was the only person who could look after them. It was a rocky road when the mother passed away after consuming too much syrup and his father lost his arm in an accident, but now they all live peacefully.

Personality: Benny is extremely shy and quiet, and not talked too often. He's scared of loud noises, which won't help in the HG.

Weapons: Throwing Darts

Skills/Strengths: Benny is very good at dart throwing, climbing trees and camoflauge.

Weaknesses: Benny often freezes when he's scared, which won't help in the Arena, and is not good at killing people, full stop.

Ally?: Nope, he's a lone wolf.

Strategy: Stay on the outskirts of the Cornucopia, stay away from the battle then ally up with random people and kill them in their sleeps.

Training score: 5

  • District 4:
  • Female:
  • Name: Sparkle Zidaze

    Age: 17

District: 4

Skill: Amazing with knives, great at getting guys to like her.

Weapon: Knife, Blowgun, Mace

Characteristics: A-maz-ing! Has bleached blonde hair, Purple eyes, and a golden brown tan. (everything about her is natural)

Weakness: She can't beat female opponets as easily, because unless they're lesbo she doesn't have the power of seduction. She also had a childhood arm injury, and so if you his it in a certian, really small spot she will fall onto the ground, crippled with pain. The spot is really small though, and she is careful to make sure that nothing happens to it.

Personality: She's really funny and sweet on the outside, but on the inside she's cold and calculating. She uses people's strengths to turn them into weaknesses, and she has turned seduction into a huge part of her life. One day though, she hopes to really pall in love. She's a really good liar, and and she can even make outrageous lies without shaking in a lie detector.

Allies: The Careers

'Strategy:' She will pretend to fall in love with the strongest, buffest guy in the careers, make him fall in love with her too, and one by one, kill all of the other careers in their sleep. Once it's just her and her "lover" left, she would go around with him, having him help her kill off all of the other tributes untill just a few were left, then she would murder him either in his sleep or in a kiss.

Backround: She was born in a small part of four, and she loved the sea so much that she went swimming every day, and is now one of the fastest swimmers in 4. She can hold her breath for up to 2 minutes, and she loves diving really deep. She had a friend that went into the games, and when she died Sparkle got so mad, and for the rest of the time she watched the hunger games not for entertainment, but to learn from it, and she started going to an all-career school. She went through the guys there really fast, just to try and perfect her seduction methods.

  • Training Score: 9

  • Male:
  • Name of tribute: Fynn Mystonael
  • age: 15
  • gender: Boy
  • district: 4
  • weapon: Trident, fishing supplies,
  • skills: fishing, fighting, attracting sponsors.
  • weaknesses: too self-centered
  • personality: clever, sneaky. good acting. and kind.
  • characteristics: ripped, black hair, intreging, captivating sea green eyes
  • Token: "The Golden Fish" pin
  • Allies: Careers, then, helps 12 year olds
  • Strategy: use the careers to his advantage then leave them.
  • Training Score: 10

  • District 5:
  • Female:
  • Name: Janica Gorchrist
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • District: 5
  • Weapon(s): Throwing Knives or Sword
  • Skills: Physically average, intelligent, very good at making plans, good at camoflauge, posseses endurance.
  • Personality: Janica is devilish and sly. She is a funny and sarcastic individual who enjoys poking fun at life; however, she is in no way a mean spirited or cruel person. While she is nice and loving, she isn't afraid to kill to survive.
  • Weaknesses: Not the fastest runner, bad at navigation, not an amazing hunter, sometimes can be tempermental.Personality: Janica is devilish and sly. She is a funny and sarcastic individual who enjoys poking fun at life; however, she is in no way a mean spirited or cruel person. While she is nice and loving, she isn't afraid to kill to survive.
  • Characteristics: blue eyes, wavy gray hair (see picture)
  • Token: A small coil
  • .Allies: Anyone who is willing, except for Careers.
  • Strategy: Run and get a bag on the outer rim of the Cornucopia, then run to safety. Try to ally. Try to keep quiet and hidden most of the game, only hunt or move when necessary.
  • Training Score: 8

  • Male:
  • Name of tribute: Harris Quinton
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • District: 5
  • Weapons: Throwing Knives and Combat Knives
  • Skills: Camouflage,Hunting,Stealth and Extremely Fast
  • Weaknesses: Climbing and Gathering Plants/Herbs
  • Personality: Charming, Flirty and Funny
  • Characteristics:Shaggy brown hair, emrald green eyes (see picture)
  • Token: Green Scarf from his sister
  • Allies: Careers or A single Ally
  • Strategy: Grab some throwing knives, dominate the bloodbath and join with the careers
  • Training Score: 10

  • District 6:
  • Female:
  • Name: Venn Heron
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • District: 6
  • Weapon(s): Spear or Mace
  • Skills: Physically strong, very fast runner, amazing at hunting, posseses endurance.
  • Weaknesses: Very quiet and reserved, terrible with any weapon but spear or mace, forgetful, bad swimmer.
  • Personality: Venn is a quiet and reserved person. She has a hard shell exterior which is hard to worm your way into. But, if manage to get her to open up, she'll be your best friend. She does have a tendency to be a tad forgetful as well.
  • Characteristics: Messy brown hair, blue eyes ( see picture)
  • Token: A small wheel
  • .Allies: Anyone who is willing, except for Careers.
  • Strategy: Run and get a bag on the outer rim of the Cornucopia, then run to safety. Try to ally. Try to keep quiet and hidden most of the game, only hunt or move when necessary.
  • Training Score: 7

  • Male:
  • Name:Carter Trinket
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • District: 6
  • Weapon(s): Rope, spear, knife, bows and arrows, mace, etc.
  • Skills: Trained since age 6 by distant relatives in Career districts; girls always seem to like him.
  • Weakness: Water
  • Personality: Modest, kind, laid back, protective
  • Characteristics: curly blonde hair, light brown eyes, high cheekbones, firm jaw, handsome, muscular, 6'2
  • Token: A leather bracelet from his father.
  • Allies: Hopefully Careers.
  • Strategy: Unknown.
  • Training Score: 10

  • District 7:
  • Female:
  • Name of tribute. Demi Truskerage.
  • Age:18
  • gender. Female
  • district. 7
  • weapon. Axe
  • skills. Intimidation, strengthweaknesses. Very headstrong
  • personality. Harsh, brash, determined
  • characteristics. See picture
  • Token. None
  • Allies. Maybe district partner, but otherwise no
  • Strategy. Get stuck in in the bloodbath, then kill anything she sees moving.
  • Training Score: 9

  • Male:
  • Name: Johnathan Hunted

Age: 17

District: 7

Weapon: Swords, knives and an axe

Personality: A bit mean, he is quite upset and can be angered easily, lethal

Appearance: Black slicked back hair, teal eyes. Slim, but strong

Height: 6'2

Background: Jake was a regular guy, until he lost his girlfriend to the Hunger games, from that day on he became one of the most lethal people in the districts. He is very angry and arrogant, but is a bit over confident.

Strengths: Good with swords, knives and quite strong

Weaknesses: Not very fast, and not good at making friends (Alliances)

Training Score: 8

  • District 8:
  • Female:
  • Name of tribute. Marine Hier

    age. 12

gender. Female

district. 8

weapon. Knife

skills. Small, so can fit into tight spaces, agile

weaknesses. Is blind in her left eye personality. Very quiet, talks only to her family and best friends in a whisper

characteristics.See picture (blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty)

Token: her starfish necklace

Allies. Yes, but she won't be able to talk to them.

Strategy. Run and hide.

Training score: 7

  • Male:
  • Name: Jet Miller, 14 (his real name is Jeremiah Ezekiel Tobias, but nobody calls him that)

Weapon: Scythe

Strengths: Endurance, Skilled with scythe

' Personality: Quiet, niceWeaknesses: Small, doesn't think stuff through

Strategy: Pull a Johanna Mason

Token: Hat

History: On the first day of school, his teacher didn't know which of his names to call him by so she called him "Jet" by his initials and it stuck.

Training Score: 7

  • District 9:
  • Female:
  • Name: Nurie Riley
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • District: 9
  • Weapon(s): Club or Bow.
  • Skills: Physically average, good swimmer and climber, good at hunting and tracking, likeable.
  • Weaknesses: Becomes tired quickly, aloof, bad at camoflauge, becomes scared easily.
  • Personality: Nurie is a very headstrong and confident girl. She likes to care for people and keep them safe. She is a leader type of person who doesn't like taking orders. She can be somewhat aloof or unattentive at times, but she has a heart of gold.
  • Characteristics: Blonde hair, golden eyes, ivory skin (see picture)
  • Token: A stalk of wheat.
  • Allies: Anyone who is willing, except for Careers.
  • Strategy: Run and get a bag on the outer rim of the Cornucopia, then run to safety. Try to ally. Try to keep quiet and hidden most of the game, only hunt or move when necessary.
  • Training Score: 7

  • Male:
  • Name: Drake Dust
  • Age: 17
  • Skills- Mining picks his best weaponds. Smart, Strenght, Sword, knives, running, and ok at swimming

    Weakness- Blocking out emotions

Personality- A nice and trust worthy kid

Strategy- Get some useful stuff from the Cornucopia and hailtail it out of there. Run and try to get away from human contact. Ally with trustfull people, he would ally with Azura if she let him. After there is just a handfull of them come out and start to pick his components off. Make sure his kills are quick and painless.

History- Drake has not always lived in the Seam. He use to be a rich kid. He got what he want, and had a happy life. Then his parents died in a car crash and he wasmoved to his uncles. His uncle had lived in the Seam. So he had to get use to liven in the the Seam. His uncle has a son, Ember, around, 12 and 13. Drake and Ember hed grown close and soon they were like brothers.So it wasn't a suprise that when Ember was reaped, Drake stepped up to take his place.

Token- Ember's necklace. The necklace is just a band with a piece of coal on it.

  • District 10:
  • Female:
  • Name of tribute: Terri Rosedain
  • age: 17
  • gender: Female
  • district: 10
  • weapon:Whip or blowgun
  • skills: She is very pretty and knows how to use it toher advantage, although she tries not to use it too often, and she had to be around sick cattle all of the time so she is immune to most sicknesses.
  • weaknesses: She can't use seduction on girls unless they're lesbo and she's not physically strong
  • personality:Funny, sweet, friendly, likeable, sexy
  • characteristics. Sexy, she has long honey blonde hair with white straksa, tan skin, teal eyes, 5'7, muscular but still has a feminine form, curves in all of the right places
  • Token. A silver necklace with a teal stone on it that matches her eyes
  • Allies: No one or maybe one boy, but she doesn't know who
  • Strategy: Get weapons and a pack from the bloodbath but ton'd take any risks that could get her killed, try and stay out of the way, only kill people that get in her way, and take out a lot of people near the end but never take any mindless risks, everything she does it well thought out.
  • 'B'ackstory: She was born inot a dirt poor family and so she always had to do the jobs that no one else would ever do, like herding sck cattle away from the herd and killing them. She has a little sister that's name is apparently Cathy(Thanks, Mysims) and she would do anything to protect her.
  • Training Score: 7.5

  • Male:
  • Name: Alex Donaque

    Age: 12

District: 1/8/9

Weapon: Sword, okay with a bow and arrow

Personality: Kind of funny and crazy, tends to be nice to people when he meets them but he as a very good sense of character, so he can tell if someone is off. Can be a bit hostile to those on his bad side. He is a bit niave and always sees the best in people, but he can be too quick to judge people. Avid reader and writer and has a passion for story telling.

Appearance: Short blonde hair that is just the right length and hue. Not the skinniest, but not the fattest either, blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute.

Height: 4'11

Backstory: Alex grew up in the poor part of the district with his sister Katy. He always protected her in fights and when people insulted her, he was bullied a lot at school, normally about his weight, sexuality and looks which made him very upset and once suicidal. Luckily, his mum and sister was always there for him when things happened, his dad works a lot and isn't home often so he is often left by himself.

Strengths: His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers

Weaknesses: Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.

  • Training Score: 6

  • District 11:
  • Female:
  • Name of tribute: Lauren Hill
  • age:12
  • gender: Female
  • district: 11
  • weapon: Knives(non-throwing),Spears
  • skills: Plants,Climbing, Camoflauge
  • weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, Swimming
  • personality: Shy and quiet
  • characteristics:
  • Training score: 6

  • Male:
  • Name:Alexander Gregory




Appearance:light skinned small thin

personality:hard headed headstrong smart

Weapon: mace and axe

Strengths: smart good with axe and mace

Weaknesses: small weeak frail cant swim

Token:wolf pin

Allies: none

Training Score: 7.5

  • District 12:
  • Female:
  • Name; Lily Kane

    Age; 12

Gender; Female

District; 12

Weapon; Throwing Knives

Skills; Nimbleness. Cutness. Quickness

Weakness; Weak. xD

Personality; Cute, Funny, Kind.

Characteristics; (At the bottom of post)

Token; Tweed Hat

Allies; Somebody. e.e

Stragedy; To get something from the outskirts of the cornucopia and get away before the bloodbath gets too big.

Training Score: 5

  • Male:
  • Name:Connor Richards
    • age: 18
    • 'gender': Male
    • district:12
    • weapon: Spears
    • skills: Hand to hand combat, snares
    • weaknesses: Plants, Swimming
    • personality: Funny
    • characteristics: Long Brown hair, Green eyes, Tall, pale skin
    • Allies: Anyone
    • Strategy: Get something from the outskirts and runaway.
    • Training score: 7

Training Scores

District: Name: Age: Score:
1 (Female) Avery 16 9
1 (Male) Chrom Acovin 16 10
2 (Female) Aria Camelliston 16 9.5
2 (Male) Brandon Blackfin 16 10
3 (Female) Lexi Hart 17 9.5
3 (Male) Benny Oakling 12 5
4 (Female) Sparkle Zindaze 17 9
4 (Male) Fynn Mystonael 15 10
5 (Female) Janica Gorchrist 17 8
5 (Male) Harris Quinton 17 10
6 (Female) Venn Heron 17 7
6 (Male) Carter Trinket 17 10
7 (Female) Demi Truskerage 18 9
7 (Male) Jonathan Hunted 17 8
8 (Female) Marine Hier 12 7
8 (Male) Jet Miller 14 7
9 (Female) Nurie Riley 17 7
9 (Male) Drake Dust 17 10
10 (Female) Terri Rosedain 17 7.5
10 (Male) Alex Donaque 12 6
11 (Female) Lauren Hill 12 6
11 (Male) Alex Gregory 12 7.5
12 (Female) Lily Kane 12 5
12 (Male) Connor Richards 18 7

  • ==Tribute Sponsorship

== Tribute sponsors each get $1,500 to begin with.

Comment whom you would like to sponsor. (Example: I would like to sponsor Aria Camelliston.) And your name would end up on the board. When the tribute is in need of a supply, comment like ( Send Aria Camelliston some antibotics.) and the price would be deducted from your $1500.

KEEP IN MIND ALL SPONSORS: 1500 goes by very fast, so only use in dyer situations.! ====Weapons ====







Throwing Knives (5)









Blowgun + 20 darts



Bow And Arrows (+ 15 arrows)
















Sleeping bag












Camoflauge Tent (Technology allows it to blend in with any surrounding setting ; appears invisible until up close ; holds up to 8 people) 14 400

HeatUp Pads(8 pack)

(Packs of pads that when pressured, warm up. To stick in gloves, shoes, sleeping bags, or pockets. Reheatable. Get cold again after certain time period.)

13 25
Sweatpants ( waterproof) 13 100











Water (2L)



Whole meal



Painkillers (2)



Sleeping Syrup







Tribute(s) of sponsor:

Gifts needed/ given:

Money left:

Wolftheasassin53 Brandon Blackfin(2) Blanket *Cold weather supplies needed*


finnick's son

Fynn Mystonael(4)

*Cold weather supplies needed*


GlimmerandSparkle Sparkle Zidaze(4) *Cold weather supplies needed* 1500
Katelyn.danita Aria Camelliston(2) Blanket, Coat, Gloves, Sweater, Camouflage Tent, HeatUp Pads, Sweatpants


Deaphalia911 Chrom "Azure" Acovin[1] Blanket, Coat, Gloves, Sweater, HeatUp Pads, Sweatpants, Fruit, Water


Ruedistrict11 Lauren Hill [11] knife, spear, sleeping bag, gloves


Ruedistrict11 Connor Richards [12] sweater, throwing knives


District3Tribute Nurie Riley sleeping bag, a coat, gloves, sweater, sweatpants


District3Tribute Venn Heron sleeping bag, a coat, gloves, sweater, sweatpants





Name: Sandhole

Home: The arena

Gender: None

Height: None, flat

Skills: Camoflage, killing, moving around arena

Strategy: Suck in the tribute slowly ; similar to quicksand, holds tribute inside, no escape

History: Created by Gamemakers specifically for 157th Hunger Games


Without the sign there..xD
450px-Quicksand warning

(Minus the sign) xD

Name: Parsinis

Home: The arena

Gender: None

Height: Different, but mostly between: 9”1 – 14”7

Skills: Killing, Punching and stabbing with branches.

Strategy: Kill every tribute in path.

History: This mutt was created in the garden of President Snow.



Design of Arena:

The arena is set into 3 parts. Part one is the plains, where the Cornucopia is. The plains have Sandholes hidden everywhere. Part 2 is all forest. Trees everywhere, Parsinis hidden inside. Deadly bugs and bees are in this part. Water is hidden is certain places such as rocks. Part three is large and mystic-like, pieces of land break off into the air leaving the tribute stranded or giving the opportunity to jump from an extremely high point risking death or make an item to sling to the next rock or another part of the arena.


Submit information (Personality, ideas) ; 4 more will be chosen.

Name: Brooklyn Remmingston Head Gamemaker

The mutt trees from President Snow's garden that attack nearby subjects, insects that attach to skin and release deadly acids, quicksand-like holes that travel the area of Part 1, capture, and kill the tribute. There will be deadly scorpions. We will continue Tracker Jackers in the trees of Part 2 of the arena. The water will be sanitized in most parts it is located in, full of flesh eating bacterium in the other two.Nightlock berries will be in the bushes with a very similar color to average blueberries also in Part 2.In Part 3, there will be giant, deadly insects traveling around.

Name: Reserved





Discuss with other tributes who you would like to ally with ; Official pairs will be chosen by me.

Careers: Avery [1], Crom "Azure" Acovin [1], Aria Camelliston [2], Brandon Blackfin [2], Lexi Hart [3], Sparkle Zidaze [4], Fynn Mystonael [4], Carter Trinket [6], Harris Quinton [5]

District 10: Alex and Terri

Thanks for applying(:

And may the odds be ever in your favor.


Avery and Carter, Crom and Lexi, Aria and Brandon, Sparkle and Fynn, Harris and Harris [Forever Alone]

Day 1: May the Games Begin

Avery [1]: Here I go. I hear the clock ticking down one million times slower than my heart. 10..9..8..7..6.. Okay, okay, okay… game plan. Run to the cornucopia, grab an axe, run to the woods. Find the other Careers. Don’t kill without allies. 5...4..3.. Oh, God. I don’t want to die.. I won’t. I won’t die. Yeah, there you go Avery.. Confidence is key-2...1.. DINGG! Crap! No time for distractions. I run to the cornucopia and grab the axe. I start to run for the forest.BAM! I’m on the ground, struggling to get up. Someone is on top of me- someone, well, kind of.. Cute. Curly blonde hair, light brown eyes..Back to reality. I sling over and hold my axe over his head, ready to strike any moment before he has the upper hand.

Chrom [1] : As the clock rang, I run and grab the sword. I turn and see a girl running to the other side of the forest. I come behind her and grab her by the stomach with my arm, squeezing her arms against me as I slit her throat. BOOM! One down, 23 to go. I see a boy with black hair and green eyes. I go to cut his throat as well, but he turns and grabs my arm, causing me to merely slit a little part of his arm. I'm flipped to the ground and feel a stinging pain in my back. I realize he is a career."Wait! Careers!" I yell as he goes to stab my chest with his spear as I lay on the ground where he slammed me.He stops, smirks, helps me up quickly and shakes my hand. "Brandon." He says. "I'm Chrom. Let's move." I say as we run to the forest.

Aria [2]: After I ran to the cornucopia and got a bag and my bow and arrows, I realize there's no time to lose. I need to make a kill and find the careers. From there, we can hunt our dinner and find shelter. I see a young boy, maybe 12, running at me with a mace. I grin and duck as he flies right over me. He slams into the ground right on top of his mace. A couple seconds later, BOOM! One more tribute down. Now to find the careers. I see Brandon running with another boy, and because I know Brandon is a career, so I begin to run towards them.

"Brandon!" I yell. On my way, I see a girl with blonde hair and... is that.. purple eyes? .. running right towards me from Brandon's direction, enraged with a knife. I quickly put up my bow and narrow in on her. Brandon and the boy with him jog at a steady past towards us.

"NO! Sparkle she's a career!" Brandon yells. Sparkle stops and I lower my bow. I think I just met a few careers.

Brandon [2]: As Chrom and I went over to Sparkle and Aria, I stared at Aria. It had been a few years since we last talked. After her mother's death, I had comforted her. I felt her pain. I never understood how I'd felt about her, but now I knew, seeing her hair shimmering in the sun and her blue eyes shining. I realize I would have been.. upset. Very upset, if Sparkle had killed her had I not seen them.

"Okay, so.. I'm Chrom, I assume you know Brandon, considering you yelled his name, and the girl you almost killed was Sparkle." Chrom says.

"Uh.. Hi. I'm Aria." she smiles, and shakes his hand. He seems a little to happy to meet her. Next she smiles at Sparkle and shakes her hand. She turns to me and gets an awkward looking smile. She bites her lip.

"Hey, Brandon." she says, and I shake her hand, nodding with a small grin in return.

"Come on, we can chit chat later. We need to find the other tributes. Let's go to the forest first and look in a minute. We need to settle." Sparkle says, and we head that way.

Lexi [3]: I had gotten my throwing knives and a bag from the cornucopia, managing to avoid attempted kills. I'm so good at this! I'm so gonna win.. I mean, how could I not? Who would ruin my beautiful face? I turn my head, and see the kid from my district. The puny one.The one who likes to throw darts. He only got a 5 in training. Poor kid. Might as well go ahead and end his misery. So, he's number one on my hitlist. I see a big group of good-looking tributes. I identify the girl from 2, Aria, was her name. The girl from 4, Sparkle, the boy, Chrom, from 1, and the other boy from Aria's district, Brandon. I run to them.

"Careers?" I yell loudly. I pull my knives, just in case the usual districts weren't careers for whatever reason.

"Careers." the girl Aria smiles, and waves me in. "You're Lexi Hart, district 3. Right?" she asks.

"Right. And you're Aria, he's Chrom, he's Brandon, and he's Sparkle." I say, proud with my amazing self for my fantastic memory, Gah .. I'm so perfect. At everything. Memory, fighting, running, and my looks..

"But wait. Where's district 1 Avery, district 4 Flynn, and the guy Carter for 6? 6 isn't usually careers.. but.. did you see him in training? A 10. And he's district 6. He wants to be allies. I talked to him." I say.

"The others will find us if they really are true careers." Sparkle snaps. "Any career could do something so simple as tracking other tributes." She says spitefully, as everyone looks at her questionably. Well, she's probably just jealous. Most girls are. But she is almost as beautiful as me. And that Aria girl. I don't like it. Everyone follows Sparkle out into the forest, and I hope that the others will find us.

"Oh, and I have a plan... to get rid of the boy from my district.." I say slyly, and I spill my marvelous plan.

Benny [3]: I walk around, concentrating, horrified. I see the careers in the distance. I could be one, actually. But I'm too scared of betrayal. I don't like all the booms of the cannons, and I feel it is only a matter of time before one of those cannons sound for me. I decided to practice, so I began throwing knives at trees. One stuck in a tree I couldn't see, but I heard it, so I walk over to get it out. When I get there, I see Lexi from my district. She is smiling at me, twisting my knive around in her hand.

"Hello, Benny." She smiles.

Oh no... she's about to kill me. I'm dead. I'm dead. She frowns.

"Don't be scared.. I just wanted to ally with you. The careers are real jerks." She sighs and stands by me.

Isn't she a lot older than me? She can't really like me.. but.. it feels nice to think she does. Plus, she's beautiful, and I might die anyways... so I may as well go with it and live my life while I can.

"So... tell me, Benny. Do you want to ally?" she bites her lower lip and giggles.

I just freeze, and stand there staring at her. She is walking towards me, and she leans against the tree. She's getting incredibly close. I can't breathe. I've never been this close to a girl.

Then she kisses me. I stay frozen. I'm freaked out. Why is she doing this? I don't understand. Then I do. When I feel my own knife digging into my back and through my stomach.

She pulls away and I fall to the ground, gasping for air. I'm dying. It's over.

"Poor Benny... I could never really like you. I mean, have you seen me? And have you looked in a mirror?" She snorts as the other careers walk out from the trees laughing. Great. Humiliation on my death bed. I wish it was at least peaceful. And then it goes black and the world is nothingness in my eyes.


Sparkle [4]: We couldn't stop laughing. It was absolutely hilarious. The poor little freak is dead. He thought he had his first girlfriend. I look around at everyone laughing. I notice that Aria is faking a smile and laughing very lightly. If you can even call it a laugh. More of a deep breath with a rythym. "What's up with you?" I ask with a small frown. Everyone stops and looks over at Aria the second the hovercraft collects Benny's body. She watches him go up with a bit of a pouty-sad face. "He was only 12.." she said, her voice cracking, "What if it was one of your little brothers?" she whispered. Closing her eyes and looking at the ground."Don't be so sympathetic, Aria." Chrom laughs gently with a smile. "It's okay, really. Chill out. It's the Hunger Games. It would happen one way or the other." He says easily and puts his hands on her shoulders. She sighs. "Thanks, Chrom. I guess you're right." she says with a reassuring smile to everyone. I could tell she still was hurt by it. I noticed the way Brandon watched her, sympathy, sadness. He stared daggers and Chrom. Why does everyone go for Aria? Well, when Fynn and Carter get here, it may be different. Ironically, Fynn walks up that same second.

"Fynn!" I smile and walk over to him and hug him. He smirks and hugs me back tightly. I knew I was right. Guys always like me. It's my thing. Chrom seemed irriated now, too. Maybe Chrom likes lots of girls. Now I wondered where Avery and Carter were, who were walking up to us. Smiling and laughing. Woo-hoo. Another Romeo and Juliet. Maybe Chrom and Lexi would end up together. Sad, though. We all have to end up killing each other.

Everyone shook hands and greeted each other and talked. It was becoming night. We started making our campout with supplies we had. Everyone got a bag, so that was good. We all had apples, water canteens, and sleeping bags. Well, except for Brandon and Chrom. We had to volunteer people to share bags with. Everyone but Lexi and Aria were freezing and greedy to give up their bag. So Chrom and Lexi shared a bag, and Brandon and Aria did in the most awkward way. Turned opposite ways. We had made a small fire in hopes others wouldn't see us. We decided to take shifts, and Carter was first shift. Fynn was last. Someone got copper wire in their bag, another got rope, another got a net, and someone else got a chizel. What for? Who knows. All I know is I'm tired. And going to sleep now.

Fynn [4]: I had ran straight to the cornucopia when the buzzer sounded and gotten my trident and a bag. I then went straight to the forest and ran as long as I could. I seen a collection of hanging leaves from a Willow Tree, went into and was amazed by what I found. A huge waterfall with water everywhere. I tore a tree branch off and threw it as hard as I could estimating its length to the bottom. It was about 15ft. deep. I could drown someone. The water seemed perfect, though. Too perfect. So I ran to find the other Careers and find cleaner water someplace else. Now, I'm sitting here watching our little camp. Now that everyone is warm and content sleeping in their bags, I put out the fire. it's not needed any longer. It was breaking sunlight soon, and I was thinking about our strategies today. I also thought out when I would kill who. Later on. Suspicon could occur this early, and I need all the stuff and help I can get. Then the anthem plays. The boy from 11, Alex, died today. The girl from 12, Lily, and the boy from 3, of course, as we watched- Benny. I look over the camp. Everyone was asleep and Carter was snoring. I noticed that Chrom and Lexi still faced opposite ways. But Brandon and that Aria girl. Aria had turned towards Brandon in her sleep, and Brandon woke up from restlessness later that night. He turned over and saw Aria by him. he smiled a little bit, and stroked her cheek. Then he watched her. Protectively. He noticed the bag slid down a little bit, and the wind was blowing. He pulled it back up to her neck and smiled. He hesitantly put a protective arm around her, and fell back asleep. This can't end well. Lovebirds never work in the arena. Except for Katniss and Peeta... well, that's different. Maybe. Then, ironically, Aria woke up and saw his arm around her. Her expression showed suprise, pleasure, and discomfort all at once. Then she saw the cut on his arm. She smiled a little, like he had earlier. She looked around. I pretended to sleep so she wouldn't see me. She then sneakily reached in her backpack and pulled out the healing cream. She had been hiding it all night. Saving it. For him. She knew he was hurt. Then she pulled out bandage. She put the ointment on him, then wrapped it up. She then put the stuff back in her bag. I couldn't help but smile. It was sweet. The sun has risen now, and I need to wake everyone soon. Then she saw him getting cold as well, and she curled up closer to him. I hope they last long. I wouldn't kill them. Leave it to nature or someone else.

That's when the axe went swishing by and landed in the tree. Right by Crom's head. Someone was trying to kill him.

End of Day 1------------------------------------------------------

Day 2: Finding Emotions


Janica [5]: I now fear for my life. I am staring at Johnathan in horror. He just threw an axe at the careers. Andmissed, at that point. I am holding my throwing knives. I could kill him off, right now.. but I don't because I would get nothing out of it. Creating a scene, the Careers would find me and kill me. Either way, poor Johnathan will die. And now his weapon is in the hands of the tributes. So I take of running. The trees will conceal me. I'll be fine. I may have a shot at this, I decide, if only I-

Then a sword slit my throat and I tried to yell "Please!" but all that came out was a bloody gurgle. And then my heart stop beating. and it was all black.

Harris [5]: And now for the cannon.. BOOM. Whoops. I had been out in the woods to find the Careers, looking to ally with them. It was then that a girl came running with a boy behind her yelling for her. The Careers were chasing them, quickly. I notice that district 2 female isn't there. Then I see her poised with a bow in a tree behind me, pointed to the running boy and girl. I see this as an opportunity to show the Careers that I am worthy, so I grabbed the girl and slit her throat. She fell to the ground with a bloody gurgle. And then a moment of horror strikes me. She was from my district. Janica. Her father and mine were close friends. If I live to go back home.. they'll both hate me. I feel awful. The girl from district 2's arrow punctures the boy in the stomach, and then the district 1 male slams an axe into his head. BOOM.

"You are?" the male asks me, inching closely with the still bloody axe.

"I'm.. um.. Harris. I wanted to ally with the Careers. And that was to show you that I can do it." I say. The careers exchange glaces. "What was his training score?" he asks them. "He got a 10." one girl says. He looks at everyone, shrugging back towards me.

"You're in." He says, staring at me with observance. He shakes my hand, as does everyone else. I learn everyone's names, and I notice how beautiful two girls are in general. Sparkle and Aria. Effortlessly. Neither wore makeup for the Games, it would be senseless, and their hair was natural. I could get used to this.

"We need clean water and meat. We need to split up." Chrom says. "Fynn, Sparkle- you all find the water. "Harris, Carter. You all find water, too. Brandon, Aria- I know you all can hunt. Aria has practiced since she was 5. And Lexi and I will find meat as well." Chrom says.

"Wait.. hello? What about me?" Avery asks irritably. "I could go with Carter and, um, what's his name.. Harry."

"You could use the time to get to know your ally." Chrom mumbles.

"Okay, so, we could use mockingjays like Katniss and Rue did that one time to signal being safe." Lexi says.

"Yes, we'll do that. Does everyone know the song they used?" He asks. We all nod. "Good. Then it's settled. We meet back here when we're done." Chrom says, and we set out our seperate ways.

Venn [6]: Marine wakes me up and I lazily open one eye, yawn, and blink a lot unitl I'm fully awake.

"Venn." she says. "We need food and water. I'm hungry and thristy." she says in a very quiet whisper.

Uhhhh. I think to myself. It's like babysitting. Then again, the poor girl was reaped at 12. She was skilled with knives, and I had my spear. I got up, sloppily, and put my backpack on. Our outfits were life the 74th Hunger Games's. Bland, boring. I opened up my bag and threw Marine my apple. We made our way out into the forest. We have walked for a while now when Marine sees a stream. I hand her my canteen and nod my head toward the water. She was so quiet. But them again, I wasn't very talkative either. I then see a quail run by. I run after it and stick my speak down into it. It twitches a second, then goes limp. My first kill of the games. I smirk at my stupid joke. I put it in my backpack and see a couple squirrels, and I stick my spear through one and then through the other, like a shishkabob. They both die, and they go in my backback as well. I sit on a rock and wait for Marine. I consider calling her name out. I look around. No risk.

"Marine?" I say loudly. Sort of. Loud to me, at least. I walk on my heels to the creek. "Marine!" I whisper loudly again. I go down it a little bit. I see our canteens on a rock.I pick one up. Empty. Oh, god. She got lost. Or she's dying. I wait for a cannon as I go into panic mode and run frantically looking for her, saying her name.

"Boo!" she whispers, jumping from behinda boulder and giggling. She's okay. "You scared me Marine! Don't do stuff like that." I sigh. She's begun to feel like family to me. In training, even, we had bonded. On the tour, during interviews.. She's like my baby sister. "Just.. go get water, okay?" I say quietly. She nods and goes back to the creek. I rest on a rock and sigh. BOOM. Another tribute dead. I wonder who it is, maybe that- Wait. Wait. It isn't... it might be. Marine? No!!! No it can't be. She jsut left. I sit up quickly and begin down to the creek, running. Then I hear footsteps on the dirt crunching twigs. It was just Marine on her way to the creek still. These Games won't be easy. Only scary. . Maybe she had her first kill. I give her props, she doesn't seem very strong. I become suspicious and begin calling her name again, irritated at her maturity level during a life or death situation. I go down to the creek. And what I see causes me to burst. Marine's bloodied body on top against a rock with blood freshly dripping down her head and three stab marks in her chest. Whoever done it, was very brutal. Maybe throwing knives, and obviously slammed her head against the boulder. I choke up on tears and burst out crying, I hold onto Marine as long as I can. I look to the side and see our canteens sloppily on top of each other. I pick one up, Full. I then look on the boulder, where blood drips by her finger. She had written me a message with her own blood in her last moments. It was a very crooked, jaggedy message. It read "Career" with a line beneath it. Then, the next words infuriated me and I had an emotional and mental breakdown. I needed to die too, now. I couldn't live without her. What she wrote made me angry. At the Careers. At the Capitol. At myself for not being with her to protect her. "I love you" .

Carter [6]: My blonde curls were matted on my forehead. I was sweating. and my forehead was bleeding. I just killed the girl from district 8. She didn't go down without a fight. But it was still easy. We had found a creek with water and she was already there. We couldn't share the creek with anyone, and she's die one way or the other. She saw me lunge towards her with my knife and threw stones at my head. It hurt horribly, but I dealt with it. I threw my knives at her chest. I got them in exactly the middle of her chest near her throat, in her heart, and on the opposite side of her heart. Then I beat her head up against the boulder to assure her death.We left her there. I look over into the distance as we walk around looking for more places to clean off at. Avery and I had gotten into a huge fight during the bloodbath. I tried to kill her, she nearly slammed an axe in my head. Then we realized we were both Careers, got up, and laughed and joked about it, and I like her now. I can't hurt her. I hope she wins. And Harris is just quiet after the brutal killing of District 8, but he was generally quiet before that. We stop at one spot to relax, and Harris leans up against a tree. Avery and I just lay up on a rock and watch the trees. I swear, I just saw that branch move closer to Harris. No... I'm tired and hungry. I'm seeing things.


Demi [7] : I was so thirsty.. I needed water. I kept seeing illusions. I had a sleeping bag, meat, camp, campfire, everything I need. But no water. I needed water. I layed under a tree and swore I saw a branch move on the other side. No, impossible.. I almost forgot I was hallucinating again. I didnt forget how tired I was. So I layed down to go to sleep. Water... thirst... dying... water..

Jet [8], Nurie [9], Jake [9], Terri [10]:

We were all sitting at our half camp. Alex, Lauren, and Conner were already laying down. We had allied up when we ran from the cornucopia and camped out in the forest. We had a conversation about the Careers and who they've killed. We decided the only way to not get killed by them is to avoid them. Avoiding them is staying away. Staying away is being concealed. Being concealed is being hidden. Being hidden is camoflauge. Camoflauge is Jet's special, unknown ability. And it's time to put that to the test.

Alex [10] Lauren [11], Conner [12]:

Alex: I was thinking about how I will die, and when, and where when I was laying in my sleeping bag. I thought it was crazy how you never know. And from a talk we had earlier, maybe the Careers really weren't as bad this year. Maybe they killed that girl Conner loves so much because they knew she wouldn't make it. I felt something biting me. When I looked down I saw that it was more than one. It was the flesh eating bugs. Suddenly, my whole body was numb and I was paralyzed. I was going to die. The others would see my remains in the morning. I can do nothing. Nothing but pray that I won't die. But I already am.

We decided to go to sleep after Conner told us how much he despised the Careers. Lily, the girl from 12 who died the first day, was his little sister's best friend. She lived with them for 6 months until her mother finished grieving over her father's sudden coalmining death. She returned the day she turned twelve. The day of the reaping. Conner volunteered to protect her, and was angry that a Career had killed her. He blames himself and regrets what his sister would do without Lily or Conner. The idea drove him insane.

Avery [1]:


Another tribute down.

"Who do you think it was?" Lexi frowned.

"I don't know, a little late for a killing, don't you think?" Aria said.

"Yeah, unless it was a sleep killing or muttation." Chrom mumbled.

We were all back at camp and handing out canteens and telling what we caught. We told about how Harris had killed the girl from District 12, and how we had to wake Harris up from where he fell asleep while relaxing under a Parsinis Tree. We had to push him out of the way before the branch stabbed him.

Today, Carter held my hand. When Harris was at the creek, We were walking and telling each other what we would do different with our lives with the choice. I told him my dreams of getting married and having the perfect family. Then he grabbed my hand and walked with me. We skipped and ran around laughing and having a good time. I swear, I have never been so happy.

"We found a cave we could use as a shelter sometime, you know." I said to everyone.

"That would be great. We need to switch things up. We need to move tomorrow night." Crom says.

Aria giggled and looked over at Brandon and he smirked.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, nothing.." Aria smiled.

I plan on finding out. I couldn't wait to know what happened. I know they found they cave already.

Crom [1]: They played the anthem and showed the dead tributes. Apparently, the person who had died earlier was Alex from district 10. I also noticed that Brandon had a bandage on. He might have had a sponsor. Or someone who cared a lot about him and hid it.

Today Lexi and I were hunting, and I had to remind myself of my strategy everytime I was smiling and laughing with her. It echoed in my head differently. Kill, kill, and try not to fall in love. 'Try not to fall in love. 'Fall in love. I shook it off. What did it matter, anyways? I just wish my life were different. I wish I could make decisions for myself. I wish Panem were different.

Aria [2] : I layed down in my sleeping bag. And today, Brandon and I went hunting. We got a groosling, 3 squirrels and 1 quail. Enough to last us all one week. When I told him that I had patched his arm up, he just grinned at me with a glance. Apparently he knew

. We found a cave, and went inside. He was talking to me about my life. I leaned up against the wall, and he took both of my hands while we talked. I then knew that I wouldn't kill him in the games. I knew he wouldn't hurt me, I knew that I'd protect him. Regardless.

When we finished hunting, we went up and stood on a hill overlooking a waterfall with flowers everywhere. The sky was sunny and beautiful, hitting us under the two trees we leaned on that were right by each other, the waterfall in the area beneth them.

"Do think things could ever be the same as it was in Panem?" I whispered to Brandom quietly in his ear so the cameras couldn't hear, and turned back to my tree, looking at him.

He didn't do anything when I asked. Usually people freak out. It is a highly punishible crime in Panem to speak of the Overtaking by Katniss Everdeen. We only spoke of it in school. He didn't even look cautious about the cameras.

"I don't think or wonder. I know." he said simply, souding as if he had thought of it deeply before.

"Maybe.. maybe when we die, we could show them. All of them." I whisper. I look at him. He knows I mean Panem. The viewers think we mean tributes, guaranteed.

"I have a plan invloving all us Careers." He turns to me and smiles gently.

I look at him. we stare at each other a minute, and walk closer. He understand me. I get him. It's just too perfect. I want to take Panem back, and I'm going to make it happen with him. He lifts my chin up.

"You're an amazing girl, Aria." he mumbles as he leans down and kisses me.

I don't resist, but I feel surprised and overwhelmed, and I lay my hand softly on his cheek.

I just hit rock bottom. I knew I was falling for him, but I never thought I'd drop. Until now.

Now he has to win. For me. For us.

End of Day 2.

Day 3: *Cold Conditions Begin*


Brandon [2] : This morning, I wake up in the most wonderful way possible. Aria is on her knees, shaking me and whispering, "Brandon! Wake up! Hurry! It's my shift. It's around 3:00am!" She was smiling. I smile back sleepily and sit up.

"Why? It's so early.." I mumble and nudge her arm with my shoulder playfully. I sit up. She laughs and then gasps as she pushes me back down.

"Because the other tributes will be up in about an hour. Let's go." She whispers.

She nods towards Carter, who is now on last shift, and he grins and nods back.

She grabs my hand and takes me out to the woods. We sit on the rocks watching the sun rise for a moment.

We sit quietly, and she begins to sing.

"I remember tears streaming down your face

When I said, "I'll never let you go". When all those shadows almost killed your light.. I remember, you said, "Don't leave me here alone". But all that's dead and gone and passed..tonight.

Just close your eyes, The sun is going down.

You'll be alright, No one can hurt you now.

Come morning light, You and I'll be safe... and... sound."

she possibly has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.

"That's.. beautiful, Aria." I say breathlessly.

"Thank you.." she blushes and looks down. "Oh! I almost forgot. Let's go."

Then she runs out towards the cave. I look up and see 8 silver parachute tubes flying down.

"Um.. Aria?" I say, pointing upwards. We stop, and they all land right in front of us.

"What're these?" she asks curiously and picks up one. It has a piece of paper says "Aria" on it. I check, as do all the other ones. "What generous sponsors." I mumble. Why does she have 8 items? She's pefectly fine, healthy, and has everything she needs. She disguards my comment and opens the first tube. She sees a few metal poles and a greenish tarp.

"What on earth.." she mumbles, but then it flips out of her hand and onto the ground into a huge full-sized tent. Then it fades in with the background. Aria smiles and her jaw drops.

"No way!" she exclaims, unzipping the front and looking inside. On the inside, it is colored pure silver. But there is a small touch-screen panel inside. I walk in and see some buttons like, "Transparency, Black, Silver, Alarm Clock, Security Alarm, Insolate, Night Light" .

She presses transparency and I can see everything outside of the tent. I gasp. She presses black, and the inside is black. She presses night light. A small light comes from the back of the tent.She presses Silver. It turns silver again. We figured alarm clock meant that it's an alarm clock, obviously. To check out security alarm, we pressed it. Apparently, you set up a passcode to say in front of the tent to let you in. Anyone else attempting to intrude sets off an alarm that is only heard inside. It is very large inside.

She decides to let all of the Careers sleep in it. She opens her other cans. She gets a blanket, Waterproof Coat, Waterproof Gloves, a sweater, some HeatUp Pads and waterproof sweatpants. We didn't exactly get why it was all for cold weather. It is so hot out here. So we put them back up and into her backpack and walk around for a minute.

"I'll share anything you need with you." She smiles and looks at me with her big blue eyes. She's so beautiful. I don't want to lose her. I need her to win.

I see 2 parachutes drifting down again, growing curious.

"Oh, gosh! Look! There's a bush of blueberries!" She gasps excitedly. "I'll be right back." She runs to collect some berries.

"Okay." I smile lightly at her.

I take it as an opportunity to get the can with a note than has my name on it. I run the other way to grab it, and open the can. It's.. a letter. From my mentor. The other can had a blanket in it.

"Don't let your emotions cloud judgement, and don't trust the rest of the Careers."

I frown. Emotions? Judgement? .. He surely doesn't mean Aria. I have wonderful judgement of her. And I need to trust the careers... Or let them trust me.

Aria ran over at that moment and saw a can at my feet.

"Is that for you?" She smiles.

"Huh? Oh... uhh, no. I think another tribute's I ran across. This one is mine." Fake smile, and I pull out my blanket.

"Um.. okay.." she raises an eyebrow. "Well, let's get going back to camp..." she says, and we walk there.

I need to know what my mentor means. I refuse to give up on her. Winning isn't important anymore.

Lexi [3]: Aria and Brandon came back to camp and Carter helped them wake us up. The second I woke up I realized how cold I was. I felt prickles on my skin. Like frozen ice shards. I frown and open my sleepy eyes, and notice that it's snowing and already about an inch thick on the ground. And my sleeping bag. And our fire is out.

Everyone starts freaking out.

"Guys! I got sent a lot of winter supply stuff. And an amazing Camo Tent with special features. And it's insolated. Most of you will probably get some soon too. Follow me!" Aria yelled and started walking out near the cave.

Everyone was following and shivering. We all bundled together. Brandon pulled out a blanket his sponsor sent him, apparently, and covered Aria with it while they walked.

Why can't Chrom have a blanket? I glare over at him.

"What?" He frowns. I look at Aria and Brandon and shrug. I wish he would admit he liked me.

"Oh. Uh..." He frantically looks around, and then reaches in his backpack and pulls out his sleeping bag. He unzips it and hands it to me. How romantic.

" .. Thanks." I murmur.

Aria stops right in front of the cave.

"Here." she smiles, and talks to the air.

"Blue ribbon." she says.

.. Has this chick lost her marbles? That's her token, and it's in her backpack.

Then a random slit appears like a transporter or something, and she walks into it. Everybody gasps.

Then Brandon walks in. Then a HUGE greenish tent appears. We all run and get inside. There's enough room for everyone to stand up and have their own space. We all unpack and put down our stuff. Aria presses a button and shows us all the features. It's truly amazing. We are warm. It's insolated. She can change the inside and outside appearance of the tent. I seriously love this girl right now. Almost as much as I love me.

Sparkle [4]: This tent is amazing. I'm wearing capris, boots, a thin, THIN, jacket and a white shirt underneath and I'm still warm. Okay, well, probably mainly because Fynn and I are basically cuddling right now. Just like Avery and Carter, Aria and Brandon, and Crom and Lexi. And, then there's Harris.. laying in his sleeping bag.

Seven parachutes landed outside. Aria pressed a button and the tent sucked them in through a hole and closed back. They were all for Chrom. He opened them all, and put all of them except the HeatUp Pads on like Aria had done as well. Brandon has been acting strange and not talking to everyone as much as he usually does. He's acting like this is the first time we met during Training or something.

"Brandon." I say sternly.

"Yep?" He says.

"What's up with you? You're all.. awkward.Even with Aria." I say. Aria nods a few times and furrows her eyebrows.

"Nothin... just tired... cold.." He sighs.

"If this doesn't end within a week, we're gonna have to go to another part of the arena. We only have a week's worth of food. And a few days left of water." Harris says.

Everyone nods in agreement. Another can comes through the hole. For Aria.

She opens it. It's a letter from her mentor.

"So. Let's do something... fun. We have nothing else to do. The letter told me that only a few tributes have things for the cold so far. And it's all Careers. So I concluded that means nobody will be out today." Aria smiles lightly.

I think a minute. I have a game we could play... Hey, this is great. We can actually connect and have fun together. For the firs ttime.

"How about... Truth or Dare?" I smile slyly. I know my game well.

Everyone exchanges smirks.

Fynn [4]: I'm sitting here cuddling up to Sparkle. I know we'll be together. Soon. But I'm scared. All of us, minus poor Harris, are all getting into relationships. We'll all have to kill each other eventually. But I know, I just know, that Chrom is going to end up trying to kill Aria and Brandon, but they'll beg to save the other. They'd die for each other in the games, guaranteed. They've known each other for years longer than most of us, so it makes since though. I decide to make my first move on Sparkle. But... Oh, God.. I'm nervous. I swallow hard. I reach my fingertips over to her hand, brushing her fingertips lightly..

And she locks our fingers together. She looks over at me and smiles. I blush and look at her.

"So, truth or dare it is?" Sparkle smiles at everyone.

Harris [5]: I sat there watching all the other Career couples. I cuddled my baby, too. She's so sexy. Everyone just hates. And she knows me inside and out. I cuddled myself. I couldn't resist her. Oh god. I'm forever alone. I pull out a stick and start doodling "HQ + HQ = 4EVR <3" in the dirt. Then we began truth or dare.

"First, everyone must make an oath to be 100% true. Everyone left hands up. 'I solemnly swear to be completely honest when asked a question or told to do a dare.' " And everyone did so.

I was first. I have to ask Sparkle.

"Truth or Dare?" I ask her. She thinks a second.

"Truth." She says. Okay, honesty.... I got it.

"Do you think I'll find love in the Games this year?" I ask like a loner.

She and the other start laughing.

"Poor Harris. You're the only one without somebody to lean on. But..Yes, yes I do. From the 12-year-olds." She laughs lightly. "What do you think, guys?" She looks around.

".. He could drop the soap in prison and still be a virgin." Crom says. They die laughing.

"Cool. That's cool. So funny, HAHA. Not." I glare. Now they're just playing with my heart. I know Harris gets how I feel. So she comforts me. I love my baby.

Then Sparkle asks me.

"Truth or dare?" she smiles a kind of twisted smile... I was scared. Harris calmed me down and soothed me.

"Truth." I say.

"Okay... what is your strategy to win the games?" She smirks.

"Uh... honestly, now I'm just winging it. Originally, it was to grab some throwing kinves at the bloodbath and ally with the careers. Now, I just want to get to second base with my girlfriend." I answer. I plan on this tonight.

"Oh." she seems disappointed. "And... girlfriend?" She raises an eyebrow.

"YOU GUYS ARE JUST HATERS." I yell and go back to my corner.

Then it was Chrom's turn. We first pulled out lunch first and ate some quail and squirrel.

Venn [6] : I woke up and I was freezing. I saw the silver parachutes by me. What could they be? I open them. A sleeping bag, coat, gloves, and sweatpants. I put them all (except the sleeping bag) on. I was still cold. I walked around to wake those with silver parachutes. The others deserved to sleep until they awoke to nearly freeze to death. I walked around, and saw that Nurie had parachutes. I awoke her and showed her her stuff. She opened them all and smiled. She put them all on. She places her mace and sleeping bag in her backpack.

"It's so cold out here." She shivers. "And there's a freaking blizzard out here or something. We need to move out when the others wake up." she says.

"And do what? Sleep in a cave like bats?" I ask irritably.

"Well... yes. Until we find warmer areas." she responds.

We walk around camp and stop at Alex's bag. Staring in horror. I begin to breath heavily. He is.... he was.... He.... flesh... one eyeball, remaining muscle.... clothes... I can't... no... I get dizzy and fall backwards, only to be caught by Nurie.


Carter [6] : We finish eating. Now it is Chrom's turn to go. I feel kind of... bonded with the Careers. We keep having laughs and sharing all we own. We're like a family on death row.

"Okay... Lexi. Truth or dare?" He asks.

"Umm.... Truth." she smiles.

"Alright.... Is it true that..." he thinks a second, and looks around. Sparkle puts her hands up in a heart shape and points from Lexi to Crom. He opens his mouth to say it, and hesitates. She motions for him to go. Then a can rolls over to Brandon from the tent hole. I curiously lean over and watch him read it.

The message says, "Brandon, we need to try and pull a Katniss and Peeta. Do whatever it takes for you two to get out of this alive. Show more emotion in public. Show you really love her. - Mentor" He closes it back up and puts it in his backpack. he immediately looks over at Aria.

"Okay.. is it true. That you.. lo....?" he stops.

"Abso- wait. What?" She frowns.

"That you love to... hunt?" He facepalms.

"uhh.... yeah, I guess." she shrugs.

Sparkle glared and gave him a thumbs down.

Okay, now it's my turn. I ask Brandon.

"Truth or dare?" I ask.

"Dare." he says.

This will be good. Especially after that little message I just got a peek of.

"I dare you to kiss Aria and tell her how you feel." I smile. I'm good like that.

Aria flutters her eyelashes bashfully, and looks up at Brandon blushing with embarassment.

"Okay." he says, trying to sound fearless. Even though he doesn't hide his fear well. His eyes haven't left Aria's yet.

"Well, first of all, I love her. I love her smile, her hair, her eyes. I don't only love her for her beauty. I love her for the person she is. The way that she can tell when something's wrong and brighten my world when it feels like nothing's left. Her voice.. it just soothes me. When she sings, I get lost. She's funny, sweet, and sensitive. I've been through Hell and back with her, and I swear I'll do it one million times again if that's what I have to do to get her love in return. I love you, Aria Camelliston. And I'm not scared anymore. You'll make it out alive if I have to kill each and every tribute personally." He tells her, holding her hand on his chest by his heart. She smiles at him. He kisses her. In front of all the Careers. I grin. Finally he tells her.

Demi [7]: I woke up and found snow surrounding me. I can't feel some of my fingers. Then I gasp with joy. Snow! Glorious snow! I stuff handfulls into my mouth, only to discover it doesn't melt into water. Great. I know have hypothermia and no water. I'm going to die soon. I attempt to look for water again. I made it through the forest, licking my dry lips, craving the moistness to return. I get to a cave and limply lean up against the wall. I see a campfire and light it up with a couple rocks. I don't really care if some allies have a camp here. I just want warmth. If I die, I want to die easily. I wish I had sponsors to send water and something to keep me warmer.

"Sponsors." I croak out. I pray the cameras catch my words. "Water. Please. Water." I beg.

Jet [8]: I awake with the other tributes in my allies. We walk over to Nurie and find Venn passed out in her arms. Then we see the remains of Alex. Bones.

"The hovercraft finally collected his body after she passed out." She murmurs.

"What happened!" I yell. Alex was just fine yesterday. Happy, actually!

"Flesh eating bugs." Nurie sighs.

"Well, we have to deal with it. It would have ended badly one way or the other." I remind them.

"For now, let's focus on getting warmer.." I trail off my sentence at sight of smoke.

"Follow me!" I yell, and we run to the cave only to find a frozen, poor girl in the cave.


Nurie [9]: We got to the cave, and Venn woke up all distraught about what she saw. We made made her chill, and showed her Demi. I had to explain quietly that she had hypothermia and was dying of thrist. She refused our canteens, so I planned to kill her off.

"Demi, you should really get some rest." I insist, not wanting to kill her while she was awake. She responded with a glare. So I did what I had to. I dragged her out to the snow and took a mace to her head.


The blood stained the snow, but I didn't mind. She kind of passed as snow white. Lying in the snow. Short, dark hair. Pale skin, thick black eyelashes.. I bid her farewell. Rest easy, Demi.

Drake [9]: After realizing I wanted to live worst than anything, I came up with a plan. I will start confessing my love for Terri. Then I'll kill her. Quickly. I'll shove nightlock down her thoat in her sleep tonight. I felt my necklace and remembered Ember. For her. I walked over to Terri.

"Terri?" I say is a smooth, kind voice.

"Yes?" She smiles politely.

"I have been meaning to tell you.. I think you're just wonderful. And ever since we met in training... Well, I, I... I love you." I hold her hand. I am a horrible person.

"You do?" she bites her lower lip and tucks her hair behind her ear. "I... I love you too." She whispers. She kisses me. Oh no. What have I done.

After we talk, I go outside and pick some nightlock. I'm freezing, but I deal with it. I sit in the snow, thinking about my options. I can get over it. I will kill her with no problem.

Terri [10]: Kissing him was horrible. But it was worth it, because I know his plan. Little does he know I'm going to kill him first. With my blowgun, while he's in the snow picking his precious nightlock. I walk outside.

"Drake?" I say sweetly, and he turns after he throws the berries the other way.

"Hey Terri." He smiles and begins walking towards me.

"You're a pathetic liar." I smile, and point my blowgun to him. It hits him in the stomach and heart. He falls to the ground, staring at me in amazement. Then he goes limp. I kick him to make sure.


Then I rob him of his jacket and leave. I stuff it in my backpack once I return to the cave. The others are outside collecting fruit and water for tonight. Meanwhile, I walk around our camp. I see everyone's bags. I go through them all. Apples, ropes, wires, canteens,meat, and weapons. I collect them all. I grab Lauren and Conner's sleeping bags, just in case I need extras. I also take Conner's bag, to fit more stuff. get a new spear, throwing knives, a sword, knife, and an axe from the Demi girl that Nurie killed. Nurie, Venn, and Jet brought their stuff with them though. So I decide to go on a killing spree. Jet, Nurie, Jake, Venn, and Carter, and Lauen. I grab my axe and get busy.

First, I walk up behind Jet. He, Venn, and Lauren, are away from everyone else. A perfect trio to kill. Plus Venn's new sponsor clothes. I slam my axe into the back of Jet's head, before they notice I sling it across him into Venn's neck and then through Lauren's forehead.

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.The fell to the snow in a bloody massacre. I took Jet's scythe, Venn's mace, and I stripped her of her coat, sweatpants, and gloves. I also take her new blanket, Jet's backpack items, and nothing from lauren. I grin at an idea. I trace my finger through the snow, spelling out the words for my other ex-allies : "YOU'RE NEXT. - TERRI"

Connor [12]: Nurie and I ran as soon as we heard the 3 cannons. Now we were concerned. We came to find Jet, Venn, and Lauren dead. With Terri's signature. Nurie began crying over Venn, holding onto her. I ran to the cave and saw Drake dead as well. Nurie and I were on our own. With a very dangerous tribute on the loose.

Brandon [2]: Okay, now it was time to announce our fight for Panem back.

"Attention, everyone." I speak up. Everyone looks at me. Aria is already whispering the plan to people. Our plan is to work it out just like Katniss and Peeta had. We knew District 13 still lived, but they hadn't started another rebellion. We knew that using code would help them to understand. We were to stand on the cornucopia, hold out nightlock, and false a group suicide. First, we had to find the last tributes and team up with them as well. If they object , we must kill them to keep word from being spread. At thuspoint, Aria will try to hit a weak point in the force field and we will cover and duck as the arena explodes. If by then, District 13 had our code correct, a hovercraft from 13 will arrive for us. Now everyone knows because they all scratched their head or face somewhere, our signal of understanding and following with the plan.

"''Please listen carefully, this is extremely important. Help is essential in our alliance, and we must stay strong together. Us. We put the "us" in trust as the Careers of the 157th Hunger Games. Want(s) aren't in the game anymore for us. To have what we need is the biggest deal for us right now, and with that, we can win if we have faith in our allies. Begin to think about where you'd be without your allies. A mess, or better yet, dead, so we need to be different than other Careers in past games, and begin a brand new relationship between us. Rebellion. Against all stereotypes and assumptions there are against us being cruel and heartless. The Capitol makes these games to show our great country who is in control, but it's our job to show that our youth is still thoughtful and caring for one another. Beginning now. When will the day be when you look back on these games if you survive and can honestly say you're proud of what you did? Aria sometimes worries to me about surviving and looking back on painful memories like this. Fires have been started by us, several times, but without help of everyone, it wouldn't be possible, because for example - Avery. Her knowledge of the correct way to rub stones to create a fire changed how we would stay warm, and everyone else has at least one helpful talent, so that makes something for us. Arrow keys. Through time in the Games, we push each other in the correct direction, just like arrow keys. The only way this is possible is to begin with identifying each other, and our own, flaws. Weakspot(s) help us know where to improve, and we teach each other how to strengthen each other. In here, we are family. The way to succeed is to understand each other, and you know what we kind of are for each other?Forcefield(s). Yes, sometimes we may let each other fall, but then we hold each other in and keep each other safe. You can keep that going for future careers. District mayors will have schoolteachers telling about the day we all united as one for these games, even though eventually most of us will die. 13 years from now, we could be known as the ones who made a change."

I look around to see if everyone got the message. Every first word of the sentence sends a message to District 13, and I pray they will get that.

Avery [1]: It was.. a lot to think about. Katniss had whispered our plan to Carter first, and it made its way down to me. I believed we could make it work, but I knew we would have traitors, simply because we are careers. But I accept it, and nod. Then some cans pop in the tent. They are addressed to Crom, Lexi, and Brandon. I notice that Chrom had gotten fruit and water, and put it away in his backpack. Lexi and Brandon had gotten messages.

I still had nothing. Aria turned the transparency on inside the tent as well. When she did, everyone stared about 5 feet from our tent. Blood. In three different places. On the other side there was another blood stain. That would explain the 4 cannons today. So, we had a serial killer on the loose, basically. Fantabulous. Then we saw two tributes going into their tent, what's their names, oh. Nurie and Connor. So that would mean 4 of their other Allies died, and that leaves one missing..

"Guys, that one alliance with Nurie and Connor.. if four of their tributes died, who's the one that's left?" I raise an eyebrow.

Everyone exchanges looks, except Sparkle.

"She killed off the ones that trusted her out of selfishness and left the other two she couldn't find." She says. I almost sense a little bit of humor in her voice.

"Exactly." Chrom murmured.

Now everything was tense. I mean, who can we trust? Who can we not trust? I personally trust many of these people. But not Sparkle. She seems to amused about the Ally betrayal thing. The only things worth the Rebellion is that we don't have to kill the people we love,we can all come out alive, and live in peace if we win. But that's all I need, I guess. Even after Brandon's fake "speech" about trust, we seen this and connected the dots.

And it isn't a pretty picture.

Crom [1] : I got fruit and water from a silver parachute, and put it in my back pack. Then Sparkle went outside to pick some berries (Even though we have tons of food, but whatever.) If it got to the point where we couldn't find a place to survive, I would share it. But, until then, it was mine. After the whole Rebellion thing, I was considering who to trust, and who not to trust. First things first, we need to kill the girl that is killing off her Allies. Obviously, she's alone now. So someone- with the correct equiptment- needs to go find her. I think, and remember who it is.

Terri Rosedain, the girl that got my attention in training. Originally, because she was so pretty, I had thought she was a Career.

Now I'm glad she's not.

"We need to send two tributes to hunt and kill Terri Rosedain. She is the girl." i tell everyone.

"But it's so cold outside." Lexi points out.

"Yes, I know. But I have the correct equiptment, and I know that Aria does. She was the first person to recieve them. So Aria and I will set out to find her tonight and return in the noon tomorrow." Chrom says, and turns to look at everyone.

".. Are you all going to camp out together tonight or.. something?" Brandon asked, and pursed his lips, shifting awkwardly.

Lexi nodded and frowned at him.

"No." I frown. "We will stay up all night, most likely." I say.

"Most likely?" Brandon glares. Aria hits his arm.

I just laugh. "Okay, definitely, Brandon." I say with an eye roll. Aria giggles at him.

"Just.. hurry back. And don't get hurt, okay?" Lexi frowns and hugs me.

I hesitate. My strategy-

Screw my strategy. We're gonna make it out alive. Together.

I hug her back tightly.

"I promise to come back." I tell her and kiss her head. She sighs, backs away, and watches I get up to leave.

Aria and Brandon hug, and I can see in his eyes that he's afraid she'll get hurt.

"I love you. Be careful." He whispers. She answers by kissing him goodbye, and we leave the tent.

"Wait!" Carter and Harris yell. We turn around, and they hand us each a pair of night vision goggles.

My jaw drops, and I look at them. So does Aria.

"We've kept them hidden. Just in case." he says, and man-hugs me.

He goes to man-hug Aria.

"No!" She laughs and gives him a real, brotherly hug. "Thank you. Bye guys."

Then we left and set out to the forest.

Aria [2]: As we walked out in the forest, I pulled out my bow and arrows. Chrom pulled his sword. We walked out deeper through the trees, and then the wind began to blow violently. The Gamemakers are doing this for a reason. Chrom and I pull out our HeatUp Pads and put them in our gloves, boots, and under our beltline to warm our stomachs. We sit and wait. I begin shivering in the cold, even with all my equiptment. Chrom frowns sympathetically.

"Why don't you pull out your sleeping bag?" He suggests.

"I'm going to kill Terri. No distractions. I won't fail. She won't hurt Brandon." I whisper.

"Well maybe... maybe we should call it a night. Take a nap, and I'll keep watchout for you. In the morning we'll hike out beyond." Chrom tells me. I hesitate. Trust or don't trust? I trust him. So I smile and thank him as I pull out my sleeping bag and zip it all the way up.

Day 4: Uprising in Unison

Aria [2] *Continued*:


I hear rustling in the branches. Then I get up and tell him to follow me. I put my arrow up. It's just a mockingjay that-for whatever reason- was here in the blizzard. That must be a sign. It's going to be warm here soon.

Brandon and I begin to run farther out.We reach one part where the snow begins thinning under our feet and the air warming. It got so hot, actually, that we needed to remove our warm clothes. We took our coats, gloves, sweaters, weatpants, and HeatUps off and put them in our backpacks. We then grew extremely hot, and had to pull out our canteens. We hadn't gotten back yet. The others would wonder if we got lost. But we still had until noon.

We had reached a new part of the arena, I believe. It was like a huge fairytale meadow. Beyond the grassy hill and streams we seen ahead, there were mountains beyond glorious mountains with the sun rising from behind them. If we were to fall off, the drop were so deep and deadly that we can't see past the fog. I was horrified of heights, and had to stumble backwards away from it. I noticed Muttations. HUGE insects such as giant bees and mosquitos. Chrom and I had to kill a few that tried to attack us. I felt disgusting, as did Chrom. We hadn't bathed in nearly 4 days.

"We could wash off in that stream." I suggested the one closest to land.

"Um, yes, I suppose. I could wash off in that one." He says and points to the one across the meadow from me.

Well, this would get awkward.

"Uh. Okay. Just.. turn the opposite way from me. I'll turn the other way from you. Got it?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Okay." He says and walks over to his stream. As I get over to mine, I undress. I got all of my clothes and washed them off first,and layed them on a boulder to dry off on. I assume Crom did the same. When I'm completely undressed, I sit on the grass to slide into the stream. I don't hear any movement behind me. I peek out of the corner of my eye to see what Crom is doing, and I'm completely correct. And he's smirking,

Agh. BOYS.

"Chrom! What in Hell are you doing! Turn.around!" I yell as I slide down into the water, cover up with my long hair, and turn around to glare at him after I hear a SPLASH! and know he's in the water now. He just laughs.

"IIIII-mm telllll-ing Lex- iiiii." I sing in a mocking voice to scare and aggravate him.

He stops laughing.

I grin and turn away.

I duck under water and wash out my hair. When I come out, I feel so much fresher. I get my clothes, which are now dry, and put them back on. Chrom was waiting over by a huge flower on the borderline of the freezing forest and this huge meadow.

Then when I walk over there I get curious.

"What're-" I begin, and he covers my mouth. His eyes are locked somewhere, weapon drawn.

I pull my bow and arrows out, poised to that position, too.

It wasn't until the knive was held against my throat and my arms were behind my back and Terri had her finger to her lips in a "shh" form that I realized we should have gone back to back. To watch both directions. And Chrom was still waiting. Then she stabbed him in the stomach, and he dropped to the ground. He wasn't dead.

Then she dropped me down and pulled a Clove. She traced my lips first.

"How about those pretty little pink lips first?" she grins.

Chrom's eyes widened. He looked around and saw where she came from. That cave over there. He slowly pushes backwards with a wince of pain each time. He tears holds his stomach tightly. He sees her stuff and I know what he means. Kill her and take everything. Which, she has a lot.

I attempt to move as she traces my right eyebrow. It makes a small incision that burns like fire.

"Oh, no no no, dear Aria!" she gasps. "Why would you ever try to get away? You see what you've done now, stupid girl. You only hurt yourself every time you flinch." She smirks.

I'm going to die today. Brandon better keep the Rebellion going. He has to.

I never imagined my death to be tortured. I watch Crom helplessly attempt to reach his sword. Only his backpack is in reach, and it's helpless to him. His weapon was far away.

Well, at least I made it this far. I just hope that at least Terri dies.


When I see the knife go through her throat, I smile and stand up as she gags and tries to crawl to the cave. I flip her bach around and retrieve Chrom's throwing knife, as blood pours out in a gurgle from her throat.

"Oh, no no no, dear Terri!" I gasp dramatically, "Why would you ever try to get away? You see what you've done now, stupid girl. You only hurt yourself every time you flinch." I mock cruelly, and lean down closer to her.

"Sweet dreams." I whisper to her and kick her from the edge and watch her flail through the air and through the fog.


Let the Rebellion begin.

Lexi [3] : It was just past noon, and weather was calming down. It stopped snowing, but it was still cold outside.

BOOM. Sparkle smiles when she hears the cannon.

"Okay, where are they?" I ask with irritation.

"I don't know but if they aren't back by sundown I'm going out there and saving Aria. And I suppose Crom."

"Oh, my... if they aren't back yet, that must mean something... horrible. How about we go ahead and eat lunch? I'm starving." she frowns. It may be just me, but she seems to know something.

"How about 'shut the hell up' and quit worrying about yourself for now because Chrom and Aria aren't back yet?" I snap and glare daggers at her, and realize I may have been..... harsh. Oh well.

I thought back to my Mentor's message. "Love Crom and never let go. This is the time to up your game! " Well, it's hard to do when he isn't even here.

Sparkle was glaring at me. Probably killing me in her head. Or plotting my death. She doesn't even want to rebel. It's obvious. She hates Aria, anyways, because they are both pretty.

"I hope Aria and Chrom are okay." Fynn frowns. "I'll help you find them later." he says.

"Why?" Sparkle yells. "Why are they so important! Why can't we just be normal Careers and kill people!" she screams angrily.

Everyone just stares at her. I swear, if we get to District 13 with her like this...

I may have to get ghetto with this child. Ya know, be all like, "I will cut you, Sparkle. I will shank you, homie!"

Naw, I'm juss' kiddin. But seriously. I may just pull hair out. Hahaha no. My hair is to gorgeous to pull out!

Brandon [2]:

I begin to get worried, and Fynn and I pack up some things to go look for Aria and Crom. Avery, Lexi, Carter, and Harry had all decided to come as well. Sparkle held back, but Fynn convinced her.

We were so cold. We were literally huddled, and those of us with blankets combined them and layed themacross us all. I see Aria and Chrom emerging through a mist coming from the distance. They ran to us, holding us tightly and hugging us. I noticed that Chrom had a stomach wound, and Aria had a cut on her right eyebrow. Sparkle's draw dropped in shock.

"What happened?" I frown and rub her upper right eyebrow.

"Uhm.. well." They show us the extra backpacks and weapons. "We killed Terri." She whispered.

"She pulled a Clove and Katniss on Aria. She stabbed me in the stomach to keep me from helping her, and I managed to find my throwing knives and lunge one through her neck. The Aria pulled it out, she bled to death, and was kicked off the cliff of another part of the Arena," Crom says. Sparkle glares them down.

"So she's dead?" Harris grins.

"Dead and gone." Aria smiles.

"We should find Nurie and Connor then, in that case. Discuss our idea." Carter says, and looks at us all.


Nurie [9]: We got a camo tent, two sweatpants, 2 bread, 2 sleeping bags, and HeatUp Pads to share. We each put them in our sleeves and shoes. Connor's sponsor had sent them, but for both of us. We had our tent set up, and we sat outside with out fire. It wasn't snowing anymore, but a couple inches of snow were still left. And it was freezing. Connor and I ate our bread, as we saw all of the Careers headed towards us.

"Oh no.." I whisper. We jump up to go get our weapons, but they stop us.

"No! Wait. We killed Terri for you guys." The district 2 Female says.

We exchange looks and hesitate. She holds up the bags that Terri had stolen. We believe her, and nod. District 2 Male walks over and begins to give us some speech about we wanted to get along and show Panem we are still linked to each other and have a heart or something like that. It was only to stage our plan for the morning. Aria and Lexi, whose names we just learned, told us the plan of the uprising. I was.. excited, in a way. I warned Aria however that Sparkle seems suspicious and angry that she and Chrom lived. She just smiled weakly and say I know. I knew it bothered her. Then they all had to leave, because the Capitol would be suspicious of any two allies combining. So Connor and I opened up our tent and made it blend to the background once they'd gone, in case they were staging us. We were to meet at the Cornucopia tomorrow morning.

Connor [12] : I'm glad my sponsor sent our stuff. But now Nurie and I have made plans to bring everything with us to the Cornucopia, and draw our weapons. Just in case. But until then, I sit and weigh the chance that we can overtake the Capitol again. They don't seem very likely. But for those who seem suspicious, I may kill.

Like Sparkle.

Avery [1]: Back at camp I didn't know what to think. All I knew was that I wanted us all to live. I wondered if we were going to have another Mockingjay. If so, guaranteed to be Aria. She's the bow and arrow girl. She's the one plotting it. If it isn't her, I expect it to be Brandon. Either way, I trust them both to save me. To save everyone here. To save Panem.

Aria [2]: I get 3 parachutes through the hole in the tent. One for me, one for Sparkle, and one for Chrom. Oh, god I hope Crom has medicine for his stomach.

I hand Crom the can and he opens it to find medicine. He has been laying in his sleeping bag moaning and groaning. Lexi helps apply it, and puts my bandage around his stomach. Sparkle reads her letter, and picks up her new coat and stares at it. She puts it down and looks at us all. She looks back at the letter and nods to herself lightly. Then she crawls into her sleeping bag.

Now I open my can to a letter.

"Aria - They love your strategy and lovestory with Brandon, keep it up. Got that? Your whole chance of winning relies on it. Messages have been sent out to him regarding as well to show your love story better. Be trying your hardest to win with him. Safe and sound is what you need to be. Don't get into a lot of trouble. Hesitate a few times when it's life or death, of course, otherwise just stay out of other's ways.


~Your Mentor."

I know that my mentor, Brooklyn, knows me better than that. She sees that we're doing fine. Maybe... aybe she code it, like Brandon had. I look at it again.

"Aria - They love your strategy and lovestory with Brandon, keep it up. Got that? Your whole chance of winning relies on it. Messages have been sent out to him regarding as well to show your love story better. Be trying your hardest to win with him. Safe and sound is what you need to be. Don't get into a lot of trouble. Hesitate a few times when it's life or death, of course, otherwise just stay out of other's ways.


~Your Mentor."

And I find myself smiling and hand the note to Brandon. He looks at me with no idea why I was so glad.

"Her speech kind of reminds me of yours. When you win, tell her I said so." I said. I was amused inside, because I'm just the best actress ever. He just smirks and nods his head in understandment.

Sparkle [4]: My letter from my mentor read like this-

"Sparkle, cool it! Everyone seems to be mad at you right now, and that's not a good thing at the momtent. Just calm things down and be nice, so that they might at least trust you. Having a few friends can be helpful sometimes! Here's a cute coat to help convince you that you need to follow my advice!

~ Your mentor"

.... The coat convinced me. I needed to stop acting like I was shocked Aria and Chrom were alive. Even though I am. Terri swore to me she'd kill them. Easy. But she was wrong.

Dead wrong, now.

Chrom [1]: I felt so much relieve with that medicine in me. And I won't lie. I'm pumped about tomorrow. The game plan is for us all to stand on the cornucopia (except for Harris, Aria, and Brandon, who will appear to be running from our plan) and hold out the nightlock. We get it to our lips, and Aria shoots the bow through the weakspot. When we see the arrow fly, we are to cover, jump, roll, and not worry about blood or broken bones. Only the Uprising. Aria and Brandon will run as soo as the arrow is shot and cover. The District 13 Hovercrafts should then collect us as the Arena explodes and the Capitol comes to collect survivors to torture. I have the oddest feeling that some couples will be torn. Not me and Lexi. I am going to shield her when we duck tomorrow.

End of Day 4

Day 5: May the Games Begin End

Brandon [2]: We head out to the Cornucopia with all we own. When we arrive, Nurie and Conner are already there. Everyone else climbs the cornucopia and stand by them after Harris is in the tree watching Nurie and Conner to make sure they don't kill us off.

Aria and I are in another tree, and she has her arrow poised towards the weakspot. She is extremely nervous.

"Hey." I frown. "It's okay. I'll make sure you're safe." I say as I wrap my arms around her, scared myself. I kissed her with meaning, afraid it would be the last time I could. But I'd never tell her that. We sit and wait for the signal, a mockingjay mimicking the safe song as I plot out how I will save her.

Harris [5]: I sit in the tree and watch over the people climbing the Cornucopia. I know Panem is on edge of there seat in curiousity. The tributes have nightlock in their pockets, but no one else knows that outside of this arena. Once everyone gets up there, Lexi begins her speech. I ehistle the safe song to a nearby mockingjay and listen to it pass down rows of trees.

Lexi [3]: I swallow hard and reach for Chrom's hand. he squeezes it reassuingly and kisses my cheek.

"Attention, Panem." I begin. Chrom and I worked on this most of the night.

"We have discovered that 82 years ago, Katniss Everdeen, our true Mockingjay, and Peeta Mellark were correct on their view of how our sick country is. We salute you, Katniss and Peeta, in your old age, sitting in District 13- yes, we believe it still lives, to the younger viewers- as you watch us sacrifice our all in rebellion for Panem."

I look over at everyone, and we begin to move the nightlock to our lips.

Aria [2]: I get the signal, and aim. Steady. Relax. I shoot my arrow, and it goes flying, shimmering in the light. I wait for Brandon to hold my hand and jump with me, but instead Brandon grabs me by my waist and throws me far from the explosion, and he flies near plain sight of the Capitol.

"Brandon, no!" I scream as the entire Arena begins to explode.

Avery [1]: I see the arrow fly and all the tributes begin to turn to jump away to safety. I see my life before my eyes. I can't do this. I can't live in a world of war and possible torture. So I do what I must and swallow my nightlock. Seconds later the world goes black and I become a limp body with no soul left.

Fynn [4]: The landing was horrible. I think I broke my arm, possibly a few fingers and toes. I saw Avery commit suicide, and the District 13 hovercrafts collecting Aria, Crom, Lexi, Sparkle, Carter, Nurie, Connor and Harris. I then see a hovercraft to collect me and get extremely excited. I can't move, and my body aches. They can repair me. And now I really can be with who I love...

Until I see Brandon being taken by a Capitol hovercraft.

And then I see the Capitol's symbol on the side of the hovercraft I am now entering.


Congratulations to the Survivors: Crom "Azure" Acovin, Aria Camelliston, Brandon Blackfin, Lexi Hart, Sparkle Zindaze, Fynn Mystonael, Harris Quinton, Carter trinket, Nurie Riley, and Connor Richards.

Collected by District 13: Crom, Aria, Lexi, Sparkle, Harris, Carter, Nurie and Connor.

Collected by the Capitol: Brandon Blackfin, Fynn Mystonael


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