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As some of you may have noticed...

I haven't been on in 14540697856078079563046850698590257830697590349564,758697894648675674865757455867,68575876976985days. Okay, like two weeks.xD BUT ANYWAYS. BACK TO MY POINT.:3

I have school starting next week, on Sunday I am going home from Tennessee. I'm sorry I haven't been on lately... but I have been dealing with some stuff for JRP (With my agent and bookings for photoshoots) and school-like the News Network I possibly made interview journalist and female anchor for.;D Plus my best friends on here know about a guy I've been busy talking to... and yeah, we're kinda going out now. But there's issues. *Facepalm*


If you are cool enough and have a Twitter or something, tweet me and I will give you my Kik.

And I'll come back to chat for the last time in case you guys are there to talk again.

So you can Kik me.:3

No don't legit KICK Me.

I mean Kik Messenger for iPods.

Cause I always have my iPod with me.

So yeah.

I've also been school shopping and going places with friends while I'm still in Tennessee.

Well I guess that's all.

Btw... I really do want to Kik you guys.(:


That's all.

I love you.! <3


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