Welcome, you Noobs. <3

You may not known mah name but my tributes were pretty dang popular over the summer.

And I won't be on much.

Like ever.

So here's to me swallowin' my pride... </3

better bid good.

Katelyn.danita (talk) 20:54, November 19, 2012 (UTC)

Most Popular

Name: Aria Camelliston (District 3 Female) Ⓒ *Do not steal Aria's photo or information please.

Backstory: Used to always be happy, sweet, and caring all the time. She used to be sensitive when she was angry or hurt about something, forgave everyone, and never held grudges. Then one day her mother was killed by a Peacekeeper for inability to do as she was told when she was extremely sick, and her boyfriend believed he had a good reason to, so Aria lost the sweet side she had when she was angry and became ruthless and full of hate when mad, and held grudges forever.

Family: Deceased mother, a previous victor, her father- the mayor of District 3, older brother, Aiden, younger siblings- twins Jaycie and Jake.

Age: 16


District: 3

Appearance: Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body

Personality: Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy ; rude and thoughtless when angry, very close to her older brother

Weapon: Bows and arrows

Strengths: Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking

Weaknesses: HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt

Token: A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother .

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, betray, and kill one by one in sleep for several nights, hint at who is next by giving a small cut on their arm ; fake own injury to keep suspicion of who is doing it from her. Keep a few with until end of games.


Aria Camelliston

Bentley Emerson-Odair [District 1] Ⓒ *Please don't steal Bentley's information or photo!*

Age: 17

Height: 6'1


Backstory: Both parents won a Hunger Games, as well as older brother, so he has been trained since birth to volunteer, and win, the Hunger Games. His cousins live in District 4 where he would sometimes spend his summers with his cousin Finnick Odair, hence the name Emerson-Odair. His first and only love was Shimmer Cashmere, who he broke up with when they were 16.

Appearance: Extremely hot, muscular, abs, tan skin, emmerald green eyes, brown hair, fit, high cheekbones

Tumblr ll1mh1axIA1qjrw4vo1 500 large

{C}Personality: Charming, seductive, nice, funny, sweet, thoughtful, determined, charismatic, confident.

Weapon: Axe, Mace, Knives, Sword, Spear

Strengths: Seductive, trained entire life for games, older brother and parents previous victors of Hunger Games, strong, good at climbing, loves swimming [great at it], headstrong, smart, trusting, fast, stealthy

Weaknesses: Bad liar, fire

Token: Necklace made by his father from seashells out of District 4 [Cousin Finnick Odair lived there]

Allies: Careers or others willing.

Strategy: Get in there and win. By all means. Abandon allies at end and steal everything. Kill them at night while they sleep. Win.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to the Cornucopia and don't stop using strength of running, knock, kick, punch, drag, kit, pull any and everyone out of your way. Get what you want and let no one else have it no matter what. Kill, kill, kill. Ally Careers and get out of there.

Interview Angle: Sexy, hot, confident, seductive, sweet, kind, chaming.

All Others [Not as Popular]

Name: Aiden Camelliston (District 3) Ⓒ *Do not steal his picture or information please!!*

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

District: 3

Family: Her mother was a previous victor, named Amelia, and died when he was 16. His Father is the mayor of district 3, his younger sister, Aria, and the twins- Jaclyn- Jaycie for short, and Jacob- Jake for short.

Appearance: Brown hair, distinct hazel eyes, high cheekbones, tanned skin, muscular, handsome

Personality: Funny, nice, caring, kind when happy; like sister when angry, rude and thoughtless, extremely close and protective over his younger sister Aria

Weapon: Knives, Triton, rope, bows and arrows

Strengths: Extremely strong, can lift anything heavy, such as metals and iron, great swimmer, adrenaline rush makes him nearly invincible and superhuman in strength and ruthlessness, strong willied, huge risk taker, looks cause people to fall for him very easily, great at lying

Weakness: Heights, family getting hurt, climbing trees

Token: A golden pin with his family symbol on it, given by his great-grandfather to care for

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, kill off one by one in sleep, fake own injury to imply that he isn't the culprit, keep a few until enemies are out of the way [1]Aiden

Name: Sophie Livingtone [District 2] Ⓒ *Do not steal her picutre or information please!*Edit

Age: 17

Height: 5'6

District: 2


Appearance: Sandy blonde hair (close to brown), gray eyes, ivory skin, beautiful, thin.

Personality: Fun, loving, crazy [the good kind(; ], outgoing, courageous. Bubbly, but headstrong and defiant.

Weapon: Trained to volunteer all of her life with ~ **Bow and arrows**! from her mother ,axe, mace, spear.

Strengths: Strong, good at climbing, flexible, good swimmer, seductive.

Weakness: Not very talented with rope, she is insecure and very self-concious inside but won't tell many people, she's afraid of mutts, Bad with spears.

Token: A silver locket with her nickname engraved, with a picture of her mother, father, and herself in it.

Allies: Careers

Game Strategy: Befriend careers, kill as many as possible in final days of games in sleep and steal items little at a time and hide them. [2]Sopie LivingstoneBloodbath Strategy: Run to the Cornucopia and hit, drag, pull, and kick anyone in her way to get what she wants under all circumstances.

Interview Angle: Sweet, cute, funny, determined.

Backstory: Sopie's real full name is Shanequa Shaquetta Optimus Prime Sprinklebottom, given to her by her mother and father Aria Camelliston-Livingstone and Harris Livingstone and "sprinklebottom" given by her aunt, Scarlett Livingstone. She grew up happy and loving. She started hating her name and nickname- Soppy, which sounded like Sloppy, so her mother started calling her Sopie and was later lengthened to Sophie. She liked it and only her father and a few others still call her by one of her other names. Becuase both of her parents are previous victors, she has been trained since she was little to Volunteer and be prepared.

Cordelia Maci Estelle [District 4] Ⓒ *Do not steal her picutre or information please!*Edit

Age: 18

Height: 5'7

District: 4

Volunteered for sister.

Appearance: Turqouise blue hair, bright blue eyes, glowing porcelain skin, pink lips, white teeth. Very pretty.

Personality: Fun and outgoing, silly, sweet, cute. A lot like Cat on Victorious, but with a hidden vicious side that only comes out in desperate measures.

Weapons: Trident, sword

Strengths: strong, sneaky, stealthy, flexible

Weakness: Fire, Can't kill 12 or 13 year olds like her sister.

Token: White seashell necklace.

Allies: Careers, anyone willing.

Backstory: Cordelia has two older brothers and a 12 year old little sister. She grew up attending Career Academy, although she never was one of the most violent there. Cordelia has a very happy, warm, loving home. She has a dark side that has never been seen by anyone before, but it releases in desperate measures and she becomes like her anti-self. {C} [3]Cordellia

Zane Carter Atlantis [District 4 Male]Edit

Age: 17

Height: 6'0

District: 4

Appearance: Short light brown hair, bright green eyes, firm jawline, ivory skin.

Personality: Fun, life of the party, exciting, exhilirating, funny, and ruthless when it comes to.

Weapons: Pretty much everything.

Strengths: Trained at Career Academy, seductive, clever, strong, good swimmer.

Weakness: Fire and climbing.

Token: A seashell.

Allies: Careers.


Shimmer Cashmere [ District 1]Ⓒ *Please don't steal Shimmer's information or photo!*Edit

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

District: 1


Appearance: Beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes, porcelain skin, pink lips, GORGEOUS, thin

Personality: Sensitive and caring when it comes to others she loves being innocently hurt ; cruel and ruthless in the games for her survival

Weapon: Trained to volunteer all of her life with ~ **Bow and arrows**!, knife, axe, mace, sword, spear (pretty much just everything)

Strengths: Lures people in with personality and beauty ; trained her whole life for the games by family (Related to President Snow), strong, great with bow and arrows (and prety much all weapons, fantastic swimmer and climber, sneaky, stealthy, flexible, extremely fast runner, seductive

Weakness: loved ones being hurt

Token: a diamond necklace her great-great grandfather had passed down to her. [5]Shimmer CashmereAllies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, steal all things and kill as many as possible in final days of games

Backstory: Born and raised in the Capitol ; daughter of Effie Trinket's great- granddaughter, born in Capitol)

Bloodbath strategy: Run, run, run and push, drag, kick, pull anyone in your way. Get what you want, and don't let anyone else have it. Kill. Ally Careers.

Interview angle: Smart, sweet, sexy, seductive, determined to win, confident

Made for Special Games [Such as Harry Potter, Narnia, or fairytales.]Edit

Elena Phoebe Prescott [District 5 Female] Ⓒ *Please don't steal Elena's information or photo!*Edit

Age: 18

Height: 5'5


Appearance: Average height, brown curly hair, high cheekbones, pinkish lips, light skin, light brown eyes, thin body, usually wears nice clothes and accessories

Personality: Polite, good manners, intelligent, manipulative, cruel to those lesser of herself. Hates muggles.

Weapon: Mainly wand, knives, bow and arrows, mace.

Strengths: Seduction, ntelligent and manipulative, grew up in Hogwarts, in ther last year when they announced a hogwarts Hunger Games, and she was extremely prepared and willing.

Weakness: Doesn't handle pain easily. [6]Elena Phoebe PrescottToken: a golden ring.

Allies: Anyone Willing.

Strategy: Try to make good allies, betray them in the end. Make someone fall for her, keep them with ehr, convince them to betray their allies and run with her. Then kill him.

Backstory: Elena has full-blooded wizard parents, and as soon as she turned 12, they sent her off to Hogwarts and she had been the top of the class every year since. Elena is Slytherin, and very vicious to others not in Slytherin. She is very popular, and has dated various people in her lifetime of Hogwarts. She is a leader, and she doesn't let anyone or anything ruin her plans or get in her way.

Bloodbath strategy: Run and get what she needs asap, Kill off anyone in sight [besides allies].

Interview angle: Charming, smart, clever, fun personality.

Brooklyn Marie Traspar [District 6 Female] Edit

Age: 15

Appearance: Medium blonde hair with dark brown highlights beneath; deep blue eyes, smooth ivory skin, pink lips

Height: 5'4

Personality: Shy and quiet. She is very sweet, kind, polite, thoughtful, and giving. She's an absolute sweetheart.

Weapon: Spear

Strengths: Clever, fast, agile.

Weaknesses: Not the strongest girl, sometimes too polite.

Interview Angle: Sweet, funny, loving.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away and hide. Get Cornucopia leftovers and share with allies.

Game Strategy: Keep out of other's ways. Only kill if she must.

Allies: District partner or any willing. Preferrably 7,8,9. Lower districts.

Backstory: Brooke is an average girl and bookworm. She's truly beautiful, but hides her potential. She's been in love with her District partner as long as she can remember, and has never gotten the courage to tell him. [7]

'Paisley Tara Woodsworth [District 7 Female]'Edit

Age: 17

Appearance: Curly brown hair, hazel eyes flecked with gold, tanned skin, pink lips.

Height: 5'8

Personality: Very observant of the world around her and smart. She is very mature and focused, and a big socialite. She can get along with just about anyone but immature people. She can appear shy and quiet at first, but inside she is determined at her goals, fun, and loving.

Weapon: Axe, spear, rope, camoflauge.

Strengths: Growing up in the Lumber District, Paisley grew talented with an axe and rope especially- as she used them a lot throughout her life. She is strong, fast, and very clever. She is extremely talented with camoflauge. She is very liked and seen as beautiful- especially by boys- but she tends to not care a lot.

Weaknesses: She isn't the best swimmer.

Interview Angle: Calm, mature, warm, and funny.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to the Cornucopia and hit anyone in your way. Get an axe and go meet her ally [if she has one] and go find water. Then get to safe shelter.

Game Strategy: Stay hidden, sneak attack, and live.

Allies: Only 1 trustworthy ally, or none.


'Saylah Loomingswell [District 8 Female]'Edit

Age: 18

Appearance: Long strawberry-blonde hair, gray-green eyes, tanned smooth skin, rosy pink lips, bright smile.

Height: 5'6

Personality: Energetic, bubbly, fun, creative, artistic, exciting, and funny. She also tends to be air-headed and a bit mean to others, but guys seem to like her for it a lot.

Weapon: Bow and arrows, Mace, sword, knives.

Strengths: Very seductive, quick, great swimmer, good at hiding.

Weaknesses: Airheaded at times, mean, not very strong.

Interview Angle: Fun, socialite, bubbly, and confident.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run in there and get what she wants regardless. Kill, kill, kill.

Game Strategy: Hop around alliances secretly and kill off one in each every night. Fake her own injury to keep suspicion off of herself. In final 5, ditch them all and hide. Kill at night only.

Allies: Careers, or an alliance with strong people.



Evelyn Makenna Rae [District 9 Female] Ⓒ *Edit

Age: 16

Height: 5'6


Appearance: Light skin, hazel/green eyes, pretty, black hair.

Personality: Sarcastic [ only joking with her friends, rarely family], Hostile, don't-touch-me personality, tough, short-tempered, gets in fights often. Hates the Capitol. She has days where she is in a good mood. Every other year usually. She is often underestimated for how she acts and her appearance, but is very smart and has always made A's in school. She loves to sing, and it often calms her. She will not answer to her name- she hates it. She goes by Evie and Evie only.

Weapon: Knives, rope, sickle.

Strengths: Smart, hand-to-hand combat, strong, doesn't trust anyone. Great hider.

Weaknesses: Has mild depression, can't swim well. Untrustworthy. Hostile.

Token: Long necklace with a blue pendant at the end from her father. [10]EvieAllies: Nobody. Under any conditions.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away at bloodbath. Hide. When everyone is gone, get what is leftover.

Interview angle: Full of hidden emotions, strong, clever.

Game Strategy: Stay hidden, kill often, steal more.

Backstory: Evie grew up as a quiet, shy child that was very observant and fascinated with the world. Her parents would fight nonstop, and she used to run away to the fields and cover her ears to block the world out, turning her hostile through her pre-teen years. Evie used to sing to calm herself down and lull herself to sleep at night. Her father died when she was in her early teen years, and she was always extremely close to him. Her mother was always the cause for arguments, and she couldn't stand her. Evie avoids her mother a lot and stays out of her way. She hates the Capitol and sees their cruelty to all of Panem.


Fiona Reese Brighton [District 10 Female] Ⓒ *Please don't steal Bella's information or photo!*Edit

Age: 14

Height: 5'4 (Short for a 14 year old)


Appearance: Orange hair, porcelain skin, beautiful light brown eyes, pink lips.

Personality: Fun to be around, has blonde moments, daredevil, exciting,real and down-to-earth. Easy to get along with. Extremely honest- sometimes too honest. She can't deal with irritating, fake, or stuck-up people. She'll kill them first. [11]Weapon: Bow and arrows, throwing knives

Strengths: Good liar, great with most weapons, fast swimmer, energetic, flexible, good at hiding. People seem to fall for her easily.

Weaknesses: Can be way to honest sometimes without thinking, blonde at times, bad at climbing. Hates to get dirty. Very girly until she has to get mean for survival.

Token: A locket her parents bought her before they died.

Allies: Anyone willing- preferrably district partners or District 3.

Bloodbath Strategy:Run away and hide, take leftovers at Cornucopia and kill tributes to get their stuff.

Interview angle: Sweet, funny, mischievous, pretty, down to earth, but still dangerous when it comes to.

Game Strategy: Stay in the trees and caves or mountains. Out of sight. Silent killer, secretive. Most people forget about her unless they meet her- if they meet her, she's absolutely unforgettable.

Backstory: Fiona grew up in a very loving home. Her dad a Peacekeeper, her mom lbeautiful and sweet. She has an older brother and sister. Her older brother is nineteen, soon to be twenty. Her sister is seventeen. They have become very close-knit since her parents died in a house fire that occured during school last year. Fiona only just went back to her brother for becoming a legal citizen from a foster home a week before the reapings, as well as her sister from a different one.

Colette Emeline Frasier [District 11 Female]Ⓒ *Please don't steal Cole's information or photo!*Edit

{C}Age: 15


Height: 5'7

Appearance: Crimped black hair almost as big as Rue's- but curlier and tamed, Light brown skin, light brown eyes. Very pretty.

Personality: Mature for her age, serious about life, but she is still fun and a good person. She's very deep and down to earth, and many people like her.

Reaction when Reaped: Shocked and scared. Her sister was reaped and is only 12. She cupped her hand over her mouth and calmed herself before she volunteered. She took a deep breath and collected herself. She promised she'd win. For Rue, for her little sister, for her district. She gave the District's symbol of respect after they stood at her in silence.

Weapons: Throwing knives. [12]ColeStrengths: Sneaky, stealthy, great at climbing and traveling through trees like Rue, smart. Fast.

Weaknesses: Fire and seeing mutts of her family or loved ones.

Token: Her sister's ring.

Allies: Nobody. Maybe- only one at the most.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away and don't stop. Climb a tree and hide, get Cornucopia leftovers.

Game Strategy: Stay in the trees, kill tributes from above, and steal things.

Backstory: Cole was Rue's cousin, and is still very distraught by her death. She has extreme respect for Katniss Everdeen after she placed flowers around her. She has a younger sister- Delilah- who is literally identical to Rue. She is mixed, on her father's side Rue is her cousin. Her mother battles cancer, and her older brother is overprotective of her. But he is now too old to volunteer to protect her. She wants to win so she can save her sister, give her mother proper treatment, and take vengeance out for Rue's death.

Dacey Mariah Hawthorne [District 12 Female]Ⓒ *Please don't steal Dacey's information or photo!*Edit

Age: 16


Height: 5'6

Appearance: Hazel eyes, dark curly brown hair, olive skin.

Personality: Bubbly and energetic; Exciting, likeable girl. Cute and funny. But a bit two-faced.. vicious and ruthless when it comes to.

Reaction when Reaped: Shocked, but then prepared and eager to win.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, spear.

Strengths: Hunts in the wilderness of 12 often and has grown very talented at it; stealthy and agile, clever.

Weaknesses: Being insulted or her family being put down, not the best swimmer.

Token: A piece of coal; her father always told her that if you press a piece of coal hard enough, it makes a diamond.

Allies: Anyone willing. Preferrably districts lower down. Will be alone if she can't trust anyone.

'Interview Angle': Sweet, bubbly, likeable. Vicious when she needs to be.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away and hide. Come back for leftovers and kill other tributes to get her needs.

Game Strategy: Try to keep out of everyone's sight and let everyone kill each other. Kill tributes if she must. Hide in the tops of trees or deepest caves.

Backstory: Dacey is the daughter of Gale Hawthorne. After he moved on from Katniss, he eventually came back to 12 and met a girl. They got married and Dacey was the outcome. She grew up very happy and loving. She still knows Katniss and Peeta, and sees that she still holds a place in her father's heat nobody else can ever have. Her best friend is Primrose, Katniss's daughter. She enjoys hunting and getting a tad dirty sometimes although she doesn't have to anymore. When Panem began the Hunger Games again, she felt more prepared than others and hoped to win for her family once she was reaped. She wasn't scared, just shocked and ready. [13]Dacey Hawthorne

Tatem and Tayla Ashburn [District 13 Pair]Edit

Tatem Ashburn: District 13Edit

Age: 17

Height: 5'9

Appearance: Tanned skin, bright green eyes, brown hair, white smile

Personality: Serious, mature, charming, kind and respectful until he's around friends. Then he's wild, fun, exciting, and energetic. He gets in fights that Tayla has to pull him out of often.

Weapon: Spear, throwing knives, hand-to-hand.

Skills: Fast, great climber, stealthy, agile, seductive.

Weaknesses: Swimming. He can do it, but not very well.

Token: An old golden coin from back in District 2.

Allies: Anyone willing and trustworthy but Careers. Must ally with Tayla.

Interview Angle: Hot, charmer, funny, but also determined to win.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get what he needs and leave. Fight if neccesary, protect Tayla. At all conditions.

Game Strategy: Stay with allies out of sight and save Tayla.

Backstory: He grew up with his paternal twin sister, Tayla, in District 2. She was a previous Victor. They attented the Career Acandemy until they turned 15, and their mother was taken by the Capitol in the Hunger Games with re-reaped Victors for suspicion of Rebellion. Shortly afterwards his father brought Tatem and Tayla to District 13 with a group of people, and they have lived here since.

Twin of Tayla Ashburn.

Tayla Ashburn: District 13Edit

Age: 17

Height: 5'6

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, tanned skin, white smile, pink lips.

Personality: Serious, mature, and funny most of the time- until she's around friends. Then she's wild, fun, exciting, and energetic. Her brother gets in fights that Tayla has to pull him out of often.

Weapon: Bow and arrows, spear, explosives.

Skills: Fast, agile, sneaky, great swimmer, seductive.

Weaknesses: Climbing.

Token: A pearl necklace from her mother in the District 2. She was taken when Victors were re-reaped a year before they came to District 13.

Allies: Anyone willing and trustworthy but Careers. Must ally with Tatem.

Interview Angle: Cute, funny, smart, and an overall fun personality.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away and share with allies. Protect brother.

Game Strategy: Stay low and abandon all allies except for Tatem in final days.

Backstory: She grew up with her paternal twin brother, Tatem. Their mother was taken by the Capitol in the Hunger Games with re-reaped Victors for suspicion of Rebellion. Shortly afterwards his father brought Tatem and Tayla to District 13 with a group of people, and they have lived here since.

Twin of Tatem Ashburn. [14]


Name: Aria Camelliston (District 3 Female) Edit


The Official 157th Hunger Games (unofficially- began Uprising Rebellion)

Cbuscrew344's Hatfield and McCoy Games [Others Unkown- Left in August]

Name: Bentley Emerson-Odair (District 1 Male)Edit


Jake Olmos's 1st Annual Hunger Games

Whatrbooks's 98th Hunger Games (Co-victor of Shimmer Cashmere)

Name: Shimmer Cashmere (District 1 Female)Edit

Won: Whatrbooks's 98th Hunger Games (Co-victor of Bentley Emerson-Odair)

Name: Elena Phoebe Prescott (District 5 Female)Edit


Shadow Seer's Hogwarts Hunger Games

==Let the Bids begin..==

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

And no..

I don't think I will bid me as a tribute unless anyone wanted to. xD

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