These are the tributes I created and I don't appreciate people stealing them.

Some picutres won't show.

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Anyways. To the subject.

So, that's what the copyright symbol means...


Kthanks. <3

Tributes you aren't allowed to steal.(:

Name: Aria Camelliston (District 3) Ⓒ NOTICE THE COPYRIGHT.

Especiialy not this one. She's my favorite.

Backstory: Used to always be happy, sweet, and caring all the time. She used to be sensitive when she was angry or hurt about something, forgave everyone, and never held grudges. Then one day her mother was killed by a Peacekeeper for inability to do as she was told when she was extremely sick, and her boyfriend believed he had a good reason to, so Aria lost the sweet side she had when she was angry and became ruthless and full of hate when mad, and held grudges forever.

Age: 16


District: 3

Appearance: Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body

Personality: Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy ; rude and thoughtless when angry, very close to her older brother

Weapon: Bows and arrows

Strengths: Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking

Weaknesses: HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt

Token: A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother .

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, betray, and kill one by one in sleep for several nights, hint at who is next by giving a small cut on their arm ; fake own injury to keep suspicion of who is doing it from her. Keep a few with until end of games.



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Aria Camelliston

Name: Aiden Camelliston (District 3)

Her brother.

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Disctrict: 3

Appearance: Brown hair, distinct hazel eyes, high cheekbones, tanned skin, muscular, handsome

Personality: Funny, nice, caring, kind when happy; like sister when angry, rude and thoughtless, extremely close and protective over his younger sister Aria

Weapon: Knives, Triton, rope, bows and arrows

Strengths: Extremely strong, can lift anything heavy, such as metals and iron, great swimmer, adrenaline rush makes him nearly invincible and superhuman in strength and ruthlessness, strong willied, huge risk taker, looks cause people to fall for him very easily, great at lying

Weakness: Heights, family getting hurt, climbing trees

Token: A golden pin with his family symbol on it, given by his great-grandfather to care for

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, kill off one by one in sleep, fake own injury to imply that he isn't the culprit, keep a few until enemies are out of the way.

Name: Esorellia Snow [District 2] Ⓒ (Ps.- I made her name up. So, that one person- Don't steal that too.)

Second Favorite.

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

District: 2


Appearance: Sandy brown hair (close to blonde), bright blue eyes, olive skin, GORGEOUS, thin

Personality: Sensitive and caring when it comes to others she loves being innocently hurt ; cruel and ruthless in the games for her survival

Weapon: Trained to volunteer all of her life with ~ **Bow and arrows**!, knife, axe, mace, sword, spear

Strengths: Lures people in with personality and beauty ; trained her whole life for the games by family (Related to President Snow), strong, great with bow and arrows (and prety much all weapons, fantastic swimmer and climber, sneaky, stealthy, flexible, extremely fast runner

Weakness: loved ones being hurt

Token: a diamond necklace her great-great grandfather had passed down to her.

Allies: Careers

Strategy: Befriend careers, steal all things and kill as many as possible in final days of games

Backstory: Born and raised in the Capitol ; daughter of President Snow's great- grandson, Coriolanus Snow II (who is next in line to rule), living in District 2 with distant cousins [1]Esorellia (Ezzy)

Maysilea [Maci] Parcels [District 4] (She is pretty new.)

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

District: 4


Appearance: Beautiful, blonde wavy hair with a couple aqua colored streaks, bright blue eyes, pink lips, light skin

Personality: Kind, sweet, polite to friends, cruel and ruthless to enemies [which she considers fellow tributes]

Weapons: Trident, mace, sword

Strengths: Beauty compells people to like and trust her, trained since birth for the Hunger Games, strong, sneaky, stealthy, flexible

Weakness: Fire [2]Maci Parcels Ⓒ Katelyn.danitaToken: A sliver heart locket

Allies: Careers, anyone willing

To conclude..

This isn't just me being irritated with everyone. It's really only a couple people getting on my nerves.





You aren't me.

Grow some swagger, please.

Kthanks. <3

And love you guys who aren't stealing my stuff.:3

That's all folks!:D

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