The 100th Hunger Games

Yess. I already did the 157th. But then, they began a rebellion. Hard to make Games past that. xD

This time I will have no mercy......

All but one tribute will die. >:D Hehehe!

Also, we will have Chariots and Training POVs this time.

All tributes begin with 2 gifts from mentors.

Extra gifts are given in contests and kills.

Sooo.... Stylists. Gamemakers. Escorts. MENTORS: MUST HAVE BEEN A PREVIOUS VICTOR! Pretty much decide the tributes' strategy to SURVIVE in these Games!

Also~ I did change the name of The Twilight Saga Games to The ugly Barnacle to get it deleted. I didn't wanna do them, it was too much for the Hunger Games.xD



  • NO tribute spaces open.
  • Few mentor spaces are open.
  • Some sylists are open.
  • One Gamemaker spot is open.
  • ALL escorts are closed!
  • These games will not be randomized for scores [ The Gamemakers base them on your training in front of the Gamemakers alone.]
  • We will include reapings, tour, chariots, training, and then the fabulous games.(:
  • There will be a twist. SURPRISE! read D1 Reapings to see.(:
  • The Gamemakers Blog has been created. Read all of it please.



Please include the following.

District/ Gender:



Volunteered or reaped:



Weapon of choice:

You may submit up to 2 tributes only.





Female Interview:

Female Chariot:

Male Interview:

Male Chariot:

~*~The Stylist with the best Chariot will allow the tribute from that district a free gift. You may not be a Stylist for your own tribute's district.~*~

You may submit 2 stylists only.





One idea:

You may submit 1 Gamemaker only.





You may submit 3 escorts only.


District/ Gender:



Games you won (title and username of creator):

Advice for tributes:

~*~You MUST have won a Games to apply. I will be checking to see who the victor is of those games.~*~


District/Gender Name Nickname Age Weapons
1 Male Zac Ashton Zac 17 Axe/Sword

1 Female

Aria Camelliston Aria 17

Bow and Arrows, knife, sword, mace, axe

2 Male Caleb Evans Caleb E. 13 swords and machetes
2 Female Katrina Savant Kat 18 Spear or Bow.
3 Male Bronze Ashen Bronze 17 Sword
3 Female Thalia Combe Thalia 16 Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows
4 Male Surf Waves Surf 16 Trident
4 Female Aqua Waves Aqua 14 Trident
5 Male Ryan Startedafire Ryan 16 Swords and Knives
5 Female Pam Beesley Pam 16 Club
6 Male Bentley Hudson Ben 16 Spiked Mace
6 Female Tamora Summers Tammi 18 Bow and Arrow, Knife, or Sleuth
7 Male Atlas Dunnin Atlas 16 Axe
7 Female Phoebe Northcross Phoebe 17 Axe or bow
8 Male Joseph Anderson Joe 18 Sword, Mace, Hand- to-hand Combat
8 Female Chelsea Landry Chels 12 Sword
9 Male Caleb Stoll Caleb S. 12 Axe
9 Female Annabel Welsburg Anna 14 none
10 Male Dyno Kyrono Dyno 18 Swords and Throwing Darts
10 Female Abital Zertofi Abbi 15 Whip
11 Male John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt JJJ 13 Spear
11 Female Bethany Wakeling Beth 14 Blowgun
12 Male James Wil James 17 Slingshot and Spear
12 Female Roxi Gomez Roxi 18 Knives, Axe


District Name Age Interview Male Interview Female

Chariot Male

Chariot Female
1 Brooklyn Remmingston 23

Reverse color tux.

Long tight white strapless dress studded with diamonds White tux that shimmers Huge shimmering dress
2 Thehulk Hogan 98 Pink bowtie suit Red dress with a princess cut bottom Suit with hammers and nails all over it Gray dress with hammers and nails in the poof.
3 Xana Snowcap 42 Silver tux with green tux Silver Dress with green trim Robotic green microchip suit Robotic green microchip dress
4 Richard Veil 24 Turqouise tuxedo and matching dress shoes Puffy turqouise dress with matching heels. net tuxedo net dress
5 Sabrina Takashi 23 He wears scarlet and black mercenary outfit. He wears a scarlet red muscle shirt and baggy black como pants. He also wears sturdy black boots, a scarlet red belt with a "5" as a belt buckle, two gloves the left being black while the right being scarlet red. His hair is spiked up and he also wears scarlet red contacts. His necklace is a thin dark black chain with a small black dagger at its end. She wears a stuning black and electric yellow outfit. Her under shirt is completely black and only covers the lower waist, upper waist, breast and lower neck leaving the area between her stomac and the body parts around the breast bare. She wears a bright yellow dress that cover the sides of the black under shirt and leaves the arms uncovered. She also bright yellow 5 inch skirt, black stockings that completely cover her legs and dazzling bright yellow 5 inch heels. Her body is almost pale with all the white powder and her hair is short and colored bright yellow. Her nails are painted yellow and have a letter from the word "FIVE" painted on each finger except the thumb which has the roman numeral "V" on it. She wears cyan eye contacts that match her crystal blue earings and necklace that is only a thin black strap with a beautiful light blue crystal at its end.
6 Cardelia Saliti 26 He will wear a grey smokey suit, and the tail will have the same effect. His tie will be "zoomy" and his cuff links will be flat tires. He will wear black leather loafers. His hair will be spiked up, and the shirt under his coat will be the color and look like the consistency of oil, a substance that used to power vehicles. The girl will wear a floor length dress. It is strapless, and it is smoky grey. The dress end gives off a slight smoking effect, like a car. It has a silver and cyan speeding effect like her chariot costume on the waist up. Her hair is covered in silver glitter, and glows in a softer, gentler way. Her makeup is bold, with blue eyeshadow and pale pink lips with a silver dust over top. Silver blush highlights her cheekbones, and her earrings are little headlights that change colors every second. Her hair is twisted up at the top, but then it flows down in big curls. The shoes are sparky black stilettos, and they are accented with bright yellow. she has black and silver bangles, and a cyan blue wire necklace. He will wear a white polo with the zooming effect of the stripes of his shirt. He will wear grey shorts and black sneakers with bright white laces. His hair will have the glowing dust also. She will wear a thigh length, strapped dress. The dress will be white, but the dress will look like cars/trains/planes are zooming through the dress. You can't see the car, but you can see the movement. She will wear black heels to represent tires, and her hair will be in a bun and covered in gold dust that shines and is visible clearly, representing headlights, but not as bright and ugly. She will wear a necklace that also has the "zooming effect," and her earrings will be mini cars that function similarly to real cars. Her eyes are ringed with gold dust, similar to the glowing dust on her hair, but more subdued. Her lashes are a strong bronze-gold, and her lips are bronze
7 Somebodynamed Bob 76 A normal tux A plain white dress. Birthday suit wth glitter. Birthday suit with glitter.
8 Penny Summerglow 34 He is wearing a white suit, that shimmers, but only slightly. His tie is woven, and is black. His cuff links are spools, and his handkerchief is made of different complimentary swaths of fabric sewn together. His shoes are simple leather loafers. His hair is combed down. The girl is wearing a long strapless dress. It is weaver from an iridescent thread that changes colors every time you look at it, and it shimmers softly. Her eyes are framed by white shimmery powder that catches the light. Her lashes are thick and black. She has an elaborate white and lacy necklace. Her hair is in a tight and shiny Bun, held together with a large needle. Her simple slippers are white with a silver bow. Her lips are a soft pink.

He is wearing a shirt made from 4 fabrics, and shorts from 4. He is wearing neutral colors, but they as bright and noticeable as the rainbow colors. His shoes are converse, with the fabric the color of mahogany. His hair is straight and regular.

She is wearing a dress that is made up of different fabrics twisted into a dress around her. The fabric is in 8 layers(representing district 8). The layers are organized by color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, pink, violet), but each layer has a different pattern. She wears gold eyeliner, and bronze eyeshadow. Her lips are the same color as the pink layer. On her neck, she wears a simple gold chain, and a gold scissor charm. Her stilettoes are made from polished cherry wood. Her hair is in a braid down her shoulder like a rope, and sequins are strung through her hair.
9 Molli Michaels 25 He has on a stylish black suit and pinstripe pants. His shoes are black as well. His hair is spiked up and stylish. A very tight and sexy, copper colored dress. The dress has no straps and rests just under her armpits. It goes to her knees. It is slightly wrinkled, but that is part of the design. She has on copper lipstick and light copper eyeshadow/makeup. Her hair is let down and flowy. She has on 2 inch wedges that. The fabric on the shoes is yellow, and the wedge or "heel" itseld looks made of woven rope. The concept is the same, except his clothing is a stylist suit made of woven wheat in a spiraled design. He has on golden contact lenses that make his eyes shine. He still has the gold lipstick, but no makeup. His skin is dusted with gold and shimmers beautifully. His shoes are made of woven wheat. His hair is spiked up and super stylish. She has on a beautiful dress. The dress is made of woven wheat. The top of the dress is tight and formitting, and the wheat is woven in a spiraled design. The top does not have straps, but the top bit is hsaped like the the top of a heart. The bottom of the dress gets progessivley flowy-er is it goes down. It is knee length, and the wheat is woven in a spirals design. Her skin is lightly dusted with gold to make her shimmer and reflect how District 9 is the grain district. She has on long false eyelashes, and her makeup, liptick and eyeshadow are a brilliant gold. She has on golden contact lenses that make her eyes shine. Her hair is let down and flows beautifully. She has on sheek and stylish sandals made of woven wheat.
10 Reserved Raymond 34 An average black and white tuxedo. A long black dress with a trail of silk A priest suit. A nun outfit.
11 Amelia Amissha 19 A bright pink jumpsuit A light pink dress. A doctor suit A sexy nurse outfit
12 Tally Valentina 34 : He will wear a black suit with the same crumpled quality as the dress. His handkerchief looks like its on fire, and moves like it. His tie is fire colored also. He wears casual but fashionable red sneakers with a "12" where the brand would be. His hair is slicked back, and he wears minimal makeup, giving an overall handsome look. She will wear a black strapped dress. It trails on the ground, and has a crumpled look to it, although it is really silky smooth. This is to represent coal. It has fiery veins running through it, that give off a glow. The sparkely veins change like fire She wears a gold necklace with a ruby flower. Her hair is twisted up in a bun, and is covered in a faint gold dust. The bun is held together by a gold chopstick with a yellow topaz gem at the end. Her eyes are surrounded by fiery glitter with faint blue tips, and her lashes are full and black. She wears bold red lipstick. Her high heels are blood red, and the heel is made of amber. Her nails and toe nails are manicured and painted with fire colors, with black crackle over top. The boy will wear a tight red shirt and black shorts. Different shades of yellow, orange, and red streak across his shirt randomly. He wears little makeup, only enough to highlight and bring out sharp angles, and his hair is messy, like he just got back from working in the coal mine. His hair is covered in black dust, and he has a leather necklace that has a glowing bead at the end. He has fiery highlights in his hair, and they glow in the night. He carries a torch, and he can grab fire from it and toss it out the the crowd, which becomes fireworks which say "12". He wears glowing orange sandals. The girl will wear a bandage dress, that's all the colors of lava. The dress reaches the ground beneath the chariot, and the dress "flows" and leaves a trail of fire(since they are last). The lava illuminates her face, on which she wears striking red lipstick, and gold glitter around her face. She has gold eyeliner, and bronze eyeshadow. Her hair is down, and pulled to the side by a ribbon on fire that illuminates the gold glitter on her hair. Her shoes are a tint of right orange that glow, and small rubies adorn the straps of the heeled sandals. On her neck she wears a gold necklace with rubies, topaz, and amber.


Name Age User
Silver Whishart [Head Gamemaker] 21 Katelyn.Danita
Anna Cruise [Co-Head Gamemaker] 20 Ms.finnickodair
Giovanni Lockhearst [Co-Co Head Gamemaker] 29


Tara Bubbly [Head of Mutts] 27 Los95361
Lilyana Styneson [Head Area Designer] 21 AnnieCresta4
Jennifer Ellie [Co-Head of Mutts] 20 TheKatnissEverdeen
Luna Bright [Co-head of Arena Designer] 21 TammyDaisy


District Name Age Appearance
1 Jasper Pevensie 25 Medium height and thin. He wears a black dress shirt with a white caridgan over, with matching white pants and loafers to match. His most striking feature is his pur white lips.
2 Misha Aeryn 27 Electric yellow, wild and crazy, shoulder length hair. Her hair always looks like she just stepped out of a wind tunnel. Light purple eyes that pop out. Always wears purple lipstick and makeup/eyeshadow. Very skinny and slender. Large breasts, small hips. Various tattoos cover all of her visible skin except her face and head.
3 Ryker Zayn 21 Long, straight and smooth brown hair, her bangs held back in a black clip. Sometimes in a neat-ish braid. She wears a red shirt and black skirt. She's not really into looking crazy and outragous, or "normal" in the Capitol, perfers more of a toned down look. Slender and beautiful. Her most striking feature is her light gold eyehadow thak brings out gloden flecks in her dark brown eyes.
4 Sofia Blue 29 Blue Curls and blue makeup. Blue Ruffle Dress with 10-inch heels.
5 Luna Silverstone 23 A very bright green dress with red and white roses printed all over with matching green heels. A small rosebush has somehow been made into a headpeice with her long blonde curls.
6 Lianna Venuel 20 Bright green eyes and long, blond, curly hair to the end of her backbone. Ivory skin, pink lips. Gorgeous. New this year. Wears pink mini dresses with a flared fuscia wing on the shoulder and pink heels.
7 Cenia Lampuket 31 Has very long blue hair and eyelashes literraly pop out
8 Diamond Burlington 26 Short prown hair, bright blue eyes, green lipstick and copper eyeliner.
9 Dan Gutnan 33 Blue lipstick and eyes, purple hair
10 Unithala Mayer 37 Brown eyes, red hair, white lipstick, eyeliner, dress, and heels.
11 Kinnely Berronts 24 Blonde hair, pink contacts, pink dress with hearts in diamonds. Pink heels.
12 Sybill Sumers 22 Tall and beautiful. She wears a shocking bubblegum pink dress with very tall high heels and pink lipstick and a long, curly, bubblegum pink hair to match.

All Gamemakers report to this page.


District Name Age Advice
1 Lily Enderson 31 Stay low, make some good allies, don't grow on them, kill them in the finals and take everything. Live on your own and watch the others kil one another.
2 Ashley Markinson 25 Stay calm, run fast, gain trust, steal stuff.
3 Whitley Boyajian 28 Always believe in yourself. Never doubt that you can and will win the games. Find a trustworthy ally, stay with them for as long as you can. Try not to move around much or make much noise. Try to get a pack from the bloodbath, but avoid fights there and all together.
4 Ali Seashell 21

Ally with the careers and kill them off one by one in their sleep. But once the careers get on to Aqua and Surf and notice they've been the one's killing the others. They will run away and disband the group.

5 Solar Keelan 33 Ally with tributes who seem like valuable assets then leave your alliance when there 12 tributes left.
6 Marson McKellen 18 Find an ally, and use them during the Games, but split up after the Feast, supply yourself at hte bloodbath.
7 Apryl Kuratys 26 Don't go down without a fight. Stay strong, don't let them think you are weak. Most of all, don't give up, i'm not letting my tributes commit suicide.
8 Ayleta Hier 61 In training, really focus on your weaknesses and survival skills.
9 Mariah Cannon 32 Don't expose your best secrets and talents until you enter the training room and make it to your final moments or few tributes are left. Kill. Kill. Kill.
10 Karleigh Harvard 28

Focus on your weaknesses. You must train and fcus on them, sou you can make yourself an overall and more well-rounded tribute.

11 Zachariah White 35 Stay hidden, keep low, avoid fights. Don't make people angry, and if you can, don't talk to anyone, really. That will make you less of a target.
12 Marianna Coltrane 31 Defend yourself and your allies with fervor. Be smart; don't make much noise or leave a trail. Be conspicuous and unknown.

Official Arena


*Sorry guys plus the third ring: Desert!xP*

The tributes start out in a gigantic lake (the pedastels and the Cornucopia are on an island in the middles of the lake). In this huge lake there are scattered choices of islands with grass, tress, hiding spots and mutts on them. The second ring, if you leave the lake full of islands, is a huge meadow/forest. This rings encircles the lake. The third ring is a desert. It encircles the forrest and the lake rings. And the last ring that surrounds everything else is huge mountains that are dangerous, but contain hiding spots and supplies.

Official Muttations

Official Muttation PlansEdit

Mutt: Metal Hawk Bird

Attack Method: Appears to be just a normal hawk/bird, but when you get within 15 meters of it, it's eyes turn red, and it's feathers turn into knife blades, and it's charges on you.

Location: Trees anywhere.

How to kill it: You don't it's metal! Just get it to fly away.

Mutt: Tribute Mutt

Attack method: Takes the form of a living tribute in the games, when someone tries to kill it, it turns into a vicious bloodthirsty monster, rather like a zombie, and lunges on them, and tries to kill them anyway possible.

How to kill it: Any way you kill a human.

Mutt:Rabid Wolf-Bearian

Method of attack: Gives you rabies or just mauls you to death.

Location: Forest or mountains

How to kill it: The same way you will kill any animal attacking you.

Mutt: Demonic Family Mutt [Apparently, creds to D3T from Head Mutts Gamemaker Tara Bubbly.] If it's okay.:o

Method of attack: Takes the shape of your family then they turn into ghost looking thinks and they kill you by stopping your heart.

How to kill it:Just dont go near it OR just hit it.

Location:Anywhere really.

Mutt:Carnivorous Bird

Method of attack:Pecking and clawing to death

Location:anywhere it could stalk tributes

How it can be killed: A simple Knife to the body will turn it into a pile of feathers

Inspired by Narnia~

Name: Dryad

Home: Narnia

Gender: Female

Height: 5”7

Skills: Lying, convincing, persuading, and scaring tributes.

Strategy to kill tributes: Make them go crazy, and hope they kill themselves

.How to kill: Kill the tree which belongs to the the dryad you’re fighting. (Colors, Shape, ..)




Name: Cyclops

Home: Arena

Gender: Male

Height: 12”4 - 12”9

Skills: Mace, Strength, Size.

Strategy to kill tributes: Search along with some other Cyclops for tributes and kill them.

How to kill: Magic, mace.



Name: Naiad

Home: Arena


Height: 3'7

Skills: Strength, Swimming, Creating waves.

Strategy to kill tributes: When tributes are in the water or on a boat, grab and drown them or create waves to kill them.

How to kill: You can’t kill Naiads, the only thing you can do is flee



These are the 100th Hunger games Muttations!


District 1:

Aria Camelliston :

Jasper Pevensie stood at the stage again this year. I was 17 now, and eager to volunteer. I was wearing my white, flower-laced dress with a bit of a low-cut v-neck that came to the top of my knees. I wore a long, silver heart necklace my mother game me on my thriteenth birthday, white ballet flats, my hair was curled, and I wore pink lipstick. I watched his white lips part as he began to speak.

"Hello, District 1, and welcome to the 100th Hunger Games Reapings!" He smiles, and the crowd goes wild.

"We will first begin with the female tribute." He says, and pulls a name from the jar.

"Taylor Mason-" He begins, and I am the first to shout out.

"I volunteer as tribute!" I cry and rush up as all the others start volunteering.

He chuckles. Standard reaction.

"We have our female tribute, ladies and gentlemen! What is your name, dear?" He smiles brightly. I stand next to him and smile just a radiantly as him.

"My name is Aria Camelliston." I say. The crowd cheers.

"Aria Camelliston.." he murmurs, "Oh! Yes, of course. You were reaped for the 95th Hunger Games!" He cries.

"I was only 12." I whisper, a shiver going through me. I had been horrified at so young.

"Well we're glad to have you now!" He says.

"And before I start for the boys... I would like to announce the twist in this year's games by President Snow." We all stop and stare at him. Twist?

"All male tributes will be given an anonymous female tribute to court to the Capitol's Century Games Masked Ball. All females will be masked. It is the first, but they will attend and mingle amongst possible sponsors and gamemakers to earn likeability or sponsorship. The tribute will reveal only to Gamemakers and sponsors their name and district. The tributes will be hoped to explore one another's personality without a definite knowing of the tribute's name. They will have to figure out in the games themself.

Everyone grows quiet.

"Now for the boy." He says, and pulls a name from the bowl.

Some twist. I plan to stay concealed to myself. Nobody will figure me out. I may mingle with a couple Careers, but only to discuss them. When they ask about me, I will simply leave and leave them wondering who I am.

"Aiden Camelliston!" He cries.

I don't even notice at first. I'm thinking about the ball.

But then..

Wait. Oh my god... not my brother. No. No..

Why isn't anyone volunteering! His eyes widen in fear. He begins to walk towards the stage.

I see a boy in the front row watching the horror on my face. He seems to be sad with me. He looks as if he's deep in thought.

I choke back tears.

My only weakness is seeing those I love get hurt.

"I volunteer as tribute!" the boy I went to school with that was my age walked to the stage.

"My! I nearly thought we would have sibling rivalry." He says. I sigh with relief.

"What a shame." And then he begins laughing.

I glare. He stops.

"Anywhom, what is your name, son?" He asks.

"Zac Ashton." He says.

"These are our District 1 Tributes for the 100th Annual Hunger Games! Aria Camelliston and Zac Ashton!" Jasper yells, and the crowd again goes wild. I look over. Why did he volunteer? He's strong, yes. He's smart, yes. However, I heard he planned to volunteer when he was 18, not 17.

Then I notice he's been staring at me as long or longer than I've stared at him.

Then I realize Jasper held both of our arms up. I smile and laugh to show pride to my country.

But I still remain curious. Who is this boy, and why did he really volunteer?

District 2:

Caleb Evans:

I was in my best suit, but nervous as ever.

Mom kissed my forehead.

"Honey, you're fine!" She assures me. "You won't be reaped. You're only 13. You will volunteer at 18. Remember- your father is the mayor." She winks, and nudges my arm.

Oh, yeah. Because daddy is always there to save the day!

Uh, not. Sarcasm.

"That's why he's never told me Happy Birthday on my birthday, right?" I say and roll my eyes. Maysilea is rolling off of the couch and rubbing her sleepy eyes. She was in a little yellow dress.

"Why do we have to go?" She moans in complaint.

"Because we're required! You will volunteer someday, Maysie, when you get much, much older.." Mom begins.

"And stronger, and faster, and smarterer. I know mommy." She says. She's only 4 and has known for her whole life. It's kind of pathetic.

When we get to the reapings, that crazy, bright yellow-purple lady named Misha Aeryn was on the stage.

"Hellooo, District 2!" She smiles. Everyone begins to cheer.

"Before we begin, I must tell you about this 100th Games's twist!" She exclaims. They began to quiet.

"But don't worry. Especially al of the females, whom will be concealed, opposed to the males by random chice at the capitol. The twist is as follows." She steps up to the microphone and her hands flare out as she reads a card on the podium.

"All male tributes will be given an anonymous female tribute to court to the Capitol's Century Games Masked Ball. All females will be masked. It is the first, but they will attend and mingle amongst possible sponsors and gamemakers to earn likeability or sponsorship. The tribute will reveal only to Gamemakers and sponsors their name and district. The tributes will be hoped to explore one another's personality without a definite knowing of the tribute's name. They will have to figure out the tribute in the games themself." She says. She pauses and looks at us all for a reaction. We remain quiet.

So, we get to read people, pretty much. But the males have to be revealed. Hmm. Nice touch, Snow.


"Now for the Female tribute!" She cries.

"Leanne Millsborough!" She says, and looks for tributes.

Most people are not excited about the Ball where the sponsors and gamemakers decide,

"Hey, I think I want to kill you first because you're boring and I don't like you with our fancy arena equiptment made specially to kill kids!"

So only one girl raises her hand bravely.

"I volunteer." She says, walking to the stage.

"My name is Kat Savant. " She says.

"Well I recognize you. I've met your parents." She says to her.

"Katrina Savant, District 2 Female tribute!" She cries.

"It's Kat." She glares. Misha purses her lips and nods, a bit taken back at her hostility.

"Now for the boy." She says. She pulls a name out.

"Caleb Evans!" She says.

I stand there paralyzed with shock, but walk to the stage and stare at everyone. I feel as if all of Panem stares back.

These Games won't be fun.

"Your District 2 tributes, Katr-" Katrina glares at Misha when she begins.

"Kat Savant and Caleb Evans! Happy Hunger Games!" She exclaims, and people cheer, but not as many.

When we are ushered form the stage, Kat stares daggers.

"I'll kill you first." She says, so matter-of-factly.

It's because I'm 13.

I'm going to die in less than a week.

Kill me now. I think to myself.

District 3:

Thalia Combe:

Ryker Zayn was on the stage again and said, "Hello, District 3!" and we all cheered.

But then she annonuced this year's twist before she said anything else.

And everyone just frowned at her. Why would they do that? Then we would get a good feel of each other's personalities, especially if the Capitol were forcing us to do so. The only good thing was trying to hoax sponsors into liking you, as well as the Gamemakers.

I watch the video of the two failed rebellions on the big screen. Yeah, we get it. The Capitol never looses.

Even though they did and no one knows in this generation after they make it sound like District 13 lost.

I smirk with amusement to myself.

"Good! And now- To switch things up a bit, I will do Males' names first." She smiles.

"Bronze Ashen!" She cries out, and he walks to the stage. He frowns, and faces the crowd.

He was pretty cute.

"Now, for the Female tribute." Zayn calls out, and reaches into the bowl.

I feel seriously bad for the girl ho gets drawn. This is gonna suck, being at the Ball, masked, and telling all of your secrets to people you don't know, and then end up killing.

"Thalia Combe!"

She calls the girls name I realize, and look for the unlucky girl.

My best friend Mariah nudges me.

"Thalia!" She whispers loudly.

"What? Who was it?" I ask.

"Thalia, go before the guards take you!" She exclaims.

"Wait.. what?" My eyes widen in horror.

She nods sadly, and hugs me tightly.

"I will miss you." She whispers. "Come home safe."

Then she pushes me forward. I walk onstage.

"Our tributes from District 3! Bronze Ashen and Thalia Combe!" And the crowd cheers.

We are ushered off the stage by guards.

I think just became a tribute for the Hunger Games.

District 4

Surf Waves:

&nbsp {C Aqua and I got ready for the reapings. She was in a taffeta bubble, blue dress. I was wearing a plain blue button- down, nice jeans, and nice shoes. We walked out and seen Sofia Blue on stage yet again.

"Promise me you won't die." Aqua whispers as she straightens my shirt up.

This was the year I planned to volunteer. She was horrified.

"I promise you, I won't die." I tell her. I will walk back as a winner. I will.

"Welcome, welcome!" Sofia says, "To the District 4 100th Hunger Games reapings." She smiles.

"I will begin with the boys." She says. She pulls a name from the bowl and begins to read it.

Here I go. Aqua looks at me with sadness in her eyes. I nod at her. I am going to do it.

"I volunteer." I say when everyone goes quiet to hear the name. "My name is Surf Waves."

I begin to walk to the stage, everyone watching me.

"Wonderful." She smiles, then drops it.

"Oh, before I go furthur, I must tell you all the twist. Also, the Capitol requires you to speak with at least two other tributes at this event." She says, and explains the twist. Murmurs go through the crowd.

"Hush, hush!" She says. "Now for the Girl tribute." She says, an pulls a name from the bowl.

"Aqua Waves." She says. My sister covers her mouth. My eyes widen.

She walks to the stage and we stare at each other in a moment of horror. Sofia announces our names, the crowd cheers, we're rushed from the stage. We don't speak as we go to the Justice Building.

I will protect her.

By all means neccesary.

District 5

Pam Beesley:

Earlier, we had learned a twist in the games, and nobody volunteered, as no one tends to, in District 5 anywhom. Of course I had to get reaped.

"Pam Beesley!" She cried, and I walked slowly to the stage.

Apparently running doesn't help...

The Peacekeepers carried me to the stage. I was still kicking and trying to run as they lifted me.

Where was I gonna go exactly?

Meh, who knows? But to heck with it.


Of course, it was a bit much. I just wanted to leave a memory in this District before my death so that I would at least be well known for my amazing drama skills and all.

"Is this chick crazy?" One Peacekeeper murmured to the other.

"I dunno what the hell she's doing.." The other said.

That one Peacekeeper was cute.

"Why, hello there, Mr. peacekeeper." I wink playfully.



Plus I'm dying soon, so why not?

He glared at me.

Then they called Ryan Startedafire as the male tribute. Odd name.

As we were ushered from the stage, I faked falling down to my knees.

"Ryan's name sounds like arson to me! He'll kill me! Save me! Remember me, District 5!" I say dramatically with the back of my hand on my forehead to emphasize theatrical behavior. It was fun.

The Peacekeepers carried me again.

I looked up at the cute one with a 'You like krabby patties, don't you, Squidward?" Face I saw in an old book.

He made a revolted face and I stopped.

District 6

Bentley Hudson:

We were seated for the reapings. After the twist was told, they called the female tribute first.

"Tamora Summers!" The new escort Lianna Venuel called out. I must admit, she's hot. This tour is gonna be fun. Tamora walked to the stage, and the crowd cheered for her. She seemed... pleased, for whatever reason.

"And now for the male tribute." She said, and she pulled a name from the bowl. I was going to volunteer when I turned 18. Better, faster, stronger-

"Bentley Hudson!" She cries.

I pause, and look around.

D*mn. It's me.

I walk to the stage. I mean yeah, I was p*ssed off. But at least I've trained for this. I could have used a couple more years. I shake hands with Tamora, and can't wait to meet miss Lianna Venuel on the tour.

District 7

Phoebe Northcross:

I sat at the reapings in a purple dress with one shoulder strap with roses as a decoration. I wore my purple heels and lipstick. I had always loved capitol fashion, but others found it unsightly.

Cenia Lampuket, our Escort, for example, had gorgeous purple hair. But others laughed at it.

After annoucing the twist and watching a video, we began ladies first.

"Now.. the female tribute." She says. She pulls it out.

"Phoebe Northcross!" She cries, and I swallow and walk tothe stage.

I'm horrified, but show pride.

I'm not stupid. I know how to get my way around sponsors without a stupid ball.

She announces the boy.

Atlas Dunnin, a 16 year old. We shake hands, and leave the stage.

District 8

Joseph Anderson:

====&nbsp I was at the reapings, ready to volunteer. Today was my eighteenth birthday. We go through standards, and then they tell us the twist. We announce the girl.====

"Chelsea Landry!" Diamond Burlingston calls, and a small 12 year old comes forward. She reminds me of my sister, she died in the games when she was 12..

I snap out of it, and remind myself why the hell I'm volunteering anyways.

For Cindi.

Diamond calls the male tribute, and I then volunteer.

"I volunteer as tribute." I say, and step forward. I walk to stage.

"My name is Joseph Anderson." I tell her.

They announce both of our names, I shake the girl's shaking hand, and I hold onto it as we walk from the stage and don't let go.

Poor little girl..

District 9

Annabel Welsburg:

"Annabel Welsburg." Dan Gutnan had called out. Everyone looked at me when I burst out crying. I clutched onto my mother. {C "No! No mom don't let them!" I screamed, holding on as the Peacekeepers pulled me from her.

Then my little 12-year-old sister began crying.

I touched her fingertips, crying, as they put me on the stage. I rubbed my arms, felt shrunken, and kept my eyes downward.

Dan Gutnant made a repulsed look and seemed to be pulling back from me. Then everyone looked at him.

He announced the male tribute, Caleb Stoll. He is as young as me. He looks mortified as well.

We stare at each other in mutual feeling. I hold his arm, he holds mine for support as we were brought to the Justice Building.

I don't want to die..

District 10

Dyno Kyrono:

The female tribute was a girl named Abital Zertofi.

She seemed a bit displeased when she came to the stage.

Then for the male tribute.

"Dyno Kyrono!" Unithala Mayers called out.

I walk uneasily to the stage.

We shook hands, and were takern to the Justice Building.

Then I decided my strategy.

The girl seems to hate everything right now.

So I need to kill her first.

District 11

Bethany Wakeling:

Kinnely Berronts announced the female tribute.

"Bethany Wakeling." She said, and I walked to the stage with horrible fright. But confidence. I'm strong, good with a blowgun, and I will have allies to feed off of. I know from hours of other games what to do.

They announce the male.

"John Jacob Jungleheimer Schmidt?" She said over the speakers.

He skipped happily to the stage.

I stared at him. I was not shaking its hand. He pulled it back and shurgged with a huge laugh.

What the hell is that. And that name.

We walk off the stage together to the Justice Building.

"HI I'M JACOB WANNA BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER?" He syas and tries to hug me. It effing hugged me and was just trolling.

So I punch it in the face, knocking it off the stage and keep walking.

The crowd gasps and he jumps up with a bloody nose.

"HAAHAHA! Okay. Maybe later!" He says with excitement. "I like you, friend!" He says.

I almost hit it again but peacekeepers stood between us.

District 12

James Wil:

The female tribute, Roxi Gomez, reminded me a lot of a celebrity, as they had been called for things like singing and acting for whatever reason, in the world before Panem rose from the ashes. She was actually quite beautiful.

She looked strong, too. Good ally for the tributes.

"Now, for the male." Sybill Summers with her bubblegum-theme called out.

"James Wil!" She cries, and I walk to the stage. She smirks to herself. I can't help but smile and laugh with all my charm either.

She was my senior girlfriend when I was a freshman. She used to visit District 12 with her family, and we met then.

I shake hands with Roxi, and then Roxi glares at Sybi.

On the way to the Justice Building, I talked to her.

"Hello, Sybi." I say gently.

"Hello, James." She smiles lightly.

This tour is going to be incredibly awkward.

~*~*~* Sorry I had to shorten a few! I just wwas eager to get started already!(; *~*~*~*~*~


In the view of each tribute's journal. Some are shorter than others. Some are more 'minor' chataracters.

Zac [1]:

Today, I volunteered as tribute when I knew I didn't want to. Since we were younger, I had always felt affection for Aria Brooklyn Camelliston. Yes, I even bothered to know her last name. That 'Joseph Anderson' guy hadn't. But of course they hit it off today. Flirting nonstop, that is. But then again, she's beautiful. Lots of guys have liked her. Especially tributes she met today. And she grew up being super popular. Hell, she's the mayor's daughter. Of course everyone likes her. The guy tributes like Thalia obviously, too. And then 'Phoebe Northcross, the girl tribute from his district, had talked for a while with me. I had then realized- I think I like her. I think. But Aria. I volunteered for her. I pretty much risked my everything for her d*mn brother. I swear. So I would love if she could see me. For once.

Also- today, we got our Ball Escort Numbers. I got number 6. We can't show anyone what number we have. At the ball, we find the other person with that number though.

Here's to praying I get to see Aria.

Or maybe even Phoebe.

- Zac Ashton, District 1.

Aria [1]:

When we got on the train for the tour, I met some other tributes. Mainly Careers, which included Zac, me, Thalia, Surf, Aqua, Joseph, James, and Roxi. Which was surprisingly a mix of different districts. I also met Joseph. We flirted a little, and I think he likes me. I sorta hoped so. I have plans on coming out of this thing a winner, but if I were to die, I want to live. I want to finally have that second boyfriend I have been scared to have since my mother died. Zac seemed a little irritated today when I was talking to Joseph and the other tributes today. He was talking to Phoebe though, so I don't see the problem.

Speaking of Zac- I still can't figure out why he volunteered. I assume it may have to do with feeling sympathy for me and my brother, in a position like poor Aqua and Surf.

My Ball Escortee Number today was 3.

Hoping that it is Joseph.

Whoever is reading this, it must be over my dead body considering I will protect it with my all.

But since it's my first entry, you never know when it's your time.

So I have one statement.

For the Capitol. The Gamemakers. Panem. My grandchildren for generations.

The girl on fire still flickers a small flame.

Well, lots of love.

~ Aria Camelliston. <3

District One Tribute

The 100th Hunger Games.

Caleb [2]:

I'm scared. I think the Careers don't like me. I allied with JJJ and Annabel, and I was in the average Career district. But they'd take advantage of my intelligence. Today when I was in my room on the train, I saw some berries. I stared at them. Nightlock, possibly. I thought. I also knew I didn't stand a chance in the arena. I ate a handful, waiting to hit the ground dead. Instead I realized I had eaten blueberries. So I die the hard way in the Games. My number is 8.

I want go home.

~Caleb Evans: District 1 Tribute.

Kat [2]:

It sounds cruel, but the kid from my district will die in about 7 days. It came off wrong. He doesn't deserve a harsh death. So I will kill him quickly in the bloodbath. I have allied with the Careers, although Zac was talking with some girl from District 7. He seemed to be jealous when Joseph and Aria were talking. Which I assume means he volunteered for her.

My escort said Katrina over and over again, until we had dinner.

And I had a knife.

Get the picutre I painted for her?

Also, today, I got my number. It is 12. I hope I don't get some idiot like JJJ.

He's going to die soon too.

Oh, not from me.

Bethany is gonna do it in training, I believe, she hates him so much.

Well. That's it.

Now stop reading my diary you idiot.




Not love,

Kat Savant, District 2, 100th Hunger Games, Entry 1.

Bronze [3]:

An upside to being a Career is these girls. Every year, there's those couple hot ones that stand out more than the others. This year those two would be Thalia and Aria. But I like Thalia. A lot. I was kinda glad when I got reaped with her. I mean, hello celebrity power couple. Plus Aria and Joseph. No denying they were into each other. Even though she flirted with me, as well as Thalia did. They were seductive. So they obviously can be deadly weapons in the Games. Thalia and I had talked a while when in the Justice Building, and she's just wonderful.

My Ball Escort Number is 1.

Thalia, I hope.

Maybe Aria.

- Bronze Ashen, District 3

Thalia [3]:

When I met some Careers today, I saw Bronze from my district. We had talked a bit in the Justice building, and when we got here I flirted with him. I was, mainly, for the Games. A human shield, I guess you could say. Someone to protect me. But I feel wrong that way. I am kind of worried, I am starting to actually like him. I don't want to. I noticed this at first when Aria was talking to Bronze. I bet it was because her little boyfriend was with some other girl.

Meh. I dunno. Just jealous.

Hopefully I will think about this when I go before the judges in training to let it out.



Bethany, poor Bethany.

We heard all about the whole thing from their reapings, and we even got to watch the video. We were laughing, and at that point, JJJ decided to troll Bethany again. The room was dark, and all of the Careers sat together.

All of the... others... sat together.

JJJ made this weird-ass face with his mouth in a giant "O" that was pretty tight and his eyes were big. He giggled a little bit, but he was slowly, slowly, putting his arm around Bethany. He got it to her shoulder and he seemed to feel victorious.

Until her hand snapped up when he was seconds from her shoulder.

She twisted it and flipped him off of the back of the couch.

I think JJJ might die soon.

Well, today, I got my ball number.


Praying it isn't Bronze,

while praying it is.

~ Thalia Combe. </3

District 3 tribute.

100th Hunger Games.

Surf Waves [4]:

We (Aqua and I) met some tributes today. We were unsure of our possible allies. But we know all of the Careers talked today. I made note of Stunner and Charmer. The stunner being the district 1 female, Aria, and the Charmer being the district 3 female, Thalia. Prettty face was Roxi, who wasn't quite so seductive, but she was good-looking. James seemed interested in her. Joseph, from District 8, and Stunner. But also Bronze from 3 and Charmer. Also, Stunner. A tad confusing if you ask me.

Personally, I would love to have Charmer as my escortee.

Anyhow, I got the number 7 for the Ball.

It was entertaining to see Bethany flip JJJ over the couch today.

I just worry about Aqua. I have to protect her.


That's all.

Surf Waves

District 4 Triubte

100th Hunger Games

Aqua Waves [4]:

Today, we got ball numbers. I didn't really care. All I wanted was to save Surf and make sure he comes home a victor. We also kept track of the tributes and their connections. Many couples are coming up obviously..

Well, I just want to get in, help Surf, eat nightlock, let Surf become a victor.

Yup... the gameplan, right there.

I plan to ally with Bethany.

She's tough.

And she really hates JJJ...

Well, I will write in you tomorrow after Chariots.

Until then.

~ Aqua Waves from District 4, reaped to the dreded 100th Hunger Games with her brother.

Ryan Startedafire [5]:

Today Pam kind of scared me. She called me an arsonist! Where'd she get that idea from?

Pssh, I dunno but I really pray I don't get her as my escortee.

I want Aria.

The District 1 girl. She seems to be flirty with Bronze and that guy Johnathan. Zac don't like it much, it appears. But I assume he really likes her, volunteering for her brother. We talked about it a bit, he rambled on and on about how beautiful she was, but then I tuned out after the part about how sweet she is and only heard "blah blah blah."

Yeah, ok.

She's hot.

That's why I want her to be my escortee. Not all of his reasons. Seems bad, but it isn't that bad if you knew me.

My second choice would be Thalia. She and Aria are the best ones here.

Third is Roxi, I guess.

Today I got my ball number - 11.

Can't wait for Chariots.

-Ryan Startedafire.


100th Games.

Pam Beesley [5]:

People apparently think I'm a freak for my little.. show, at the reapings. I tried to talk to Ryan and he screamed and ran away.

But it's okay!!!

I'm used to it from boys. (~*~*~*~ Forever alone ;-; ~*~*~*~*~)

Tomorrow wil be better I hope with the Chariots.


Well goodnight.



Oh wait.

They retireve diaries they find after tribute deaths..



I'm not crazy.

I'm not.

JJJ is!

Caleb Stoll [9]:

Well, I made my alliance today. I think it's kinda wierd they gave all us tributes diaries though.. I know that a few of them had their own so that when they die their family gets it. After the Capitol reads it if desired. I know that I will die soon anyways. So let's make the heck of it. The Capitol is cruel. They hate us all.

I would say something, but I don't want my family hurt.

Anyway, I got my ball escort number today.


Well, that's all.


-Caleb Stoll

District 9

James Wil [12]:

Today was extremely awkward. Roxi seemed angry when Sybi and I would talk. I wouldn't date her again, of course. She even got mad when I looked at Aria and Thalia. Yeah, they're pretty and all. But I think Roxi is the best in my eyes. I'm just too scared to tell her.

I also got my number today.

I pray it isn't Aria or Thalia. Roxi might die. Or kill one of them instead.

Also, JJJ scares me.

That's all.


John Jacob Jinglehiemer-Schmidt [11]:







From the view of Shimmer Cashmere, a Capitol citizen, announcer of Chariots.*

District 1:

Here comes District 1! Wow, they are stunning! Brookyln Remmingston has a wonderful fashion sense. Their faces are absolutely goregeous already! The girl, Aia Camelliston, wears a large princess ball-gown looking dress, The bottom appears to like a rose with white petals outlined in silver sparkles! She wears a silver tiara encrested with blue diamonds. Her shoes match as well, and they boy's tux also matches the blue color. He wears a matching crown, like Aria's tiara. They wave and smile at the crowd. And their Chariot begins to actually float with shimmering glitter under it to lift it up. It leaves a trail of sparkles in multiple colors behind them and disspaears right before District 2's Chariot arrives! It appears that the boy- Zac - is staring at Aria whose head is turned waving to the crowd. He looks at his mentor-it appears- and he smiles at her grabs her hand and leans over to kiss her cheek! Aria's head turns in curiousity of her hand being grabbed and their lips meet! The crowd goes absolutely wild! Aria stares at him in shock and confusion. She looks to the crowd and seems a bit suspicious in the direction of their mentor. She then smiles radiantly and waves at the crowd. They hold their arms up together. How marvelous! A celebrity power couple.

District 2:

And following behind District 1, a tough competition, is District 2! Their standards do not particularly meet District 1's, for the male's tuxedo is onvered in hardware, as is the female's creative dress. They still look a bit boring for Capitol taste. The girl seems.. p*ssed, pardon my french. Her arms are crossed. She seems like a tough competitor. I see that the stylist must have ment for her to appear tough and slightly arrogant. The male is jumping up and down to see past the girl. She holds his head with her hand. He puts. The crowd begins laughing and we watch the next chariot come through.

District 3:

More stunning faces appear as Thalia Combe and Bronze Ashen. They are already holding hands. Perhaps we will see a kiss? No, but Bronze does kiss her hand! What a gentleman. Perhaps yetr another celebrity power couple? Their outfits are not very appealing, but they are unique and they fit to their District's prodession. The male wears a green tuxedo appearing to be a microchip, and the female wears a dress in the same style. The girl twirls and sparks seem to come off of the microchip! Wonderful. The crowd goes wild as the sparks trail behind the Chariot. Very well done by stlist Xana Snowcap.

District 4:

Richard Veil has created these district 4 outfits. We see the poor brother and sister on their Chariot, hands also binded, arms abrupt to their sides, staring out ahead of them in a firm position. They seem to be in charge and strong, a good quality to win these Games. Their outfits may fit the district's profession, but they are not appealing or pleasing to the eye. Nets. NETS. Why on earth of all things you could do for that district, nets? Oh my.. Oh well. Here comes district 5!

====District 5: ====

District 5 appears. The male and female tributes are smiling and waving to the crowd. The male wears scarlet and black mercenary outfit. He wears a scarlet red muscle shirt and baggy black como pants. He also wears sturdy black boots, a scarlet red belt with a "5" as a belt buckle, two gloves the left being black while the right being scarlet red. His hair is spiked up and he also wears scarlet red contacts. His necklace is a thin dark black chain with a small black dagger at its end. The female wears a stuning black and electric yellow outfit. Her under shirt is completely black and only covers the lower waist, upper waist, breast and lower neck leaving the area between her stomach and the body parts around the breast bare. She wears a bright yellow dress that cover the sides of the black under shirt and leaves the arms uncovered. She also bright yellow 5 inch skirt, black stockings that completely cover her legs and dazzling bright yellow 5 inch heels. Her body is almost pale with all the white powder and her hair is short and colored bright yellow. Her nails are painted yellow and have a letter from the word "FIVE" painted on each finger except the thumb which has the roman numeral "V" on it. She wears cyan eye contacts that match her crystal blue earings and necklace that is only a thin black strap with a beautiful light blue crystal at its end. Stunning.

District 6:

This district looks like a couple of cars! Marvelous! The male wears a white polo with the zooming effect of the stripes of his shirt. He wears grey shorts and black sneakers with bright white laces. His hair has the glowing dust also. The female wears a thigh length, strapped dress. The dress is be white, but the dress looks like cars/trains/planes are zooming through the dress. You can't see the car, but you can see the movement. She wears black heels to represent tires, and her hair is in a bun and covered in gold dust that shines and is visible clearly, representing headlights, but not as bright and ugly. She wears a necklace that also has the "zooming effect," and her earrings will be mini cars that function similarly to real cars. Her eyes are ringed with gold dust, similar to the glowing dust on her hair, but more subdued. Her lashes are a strong bronze-gold, and her lips are bronze. They are fantastic! It will be hard to choose between this district and District 1.

District 7:

District 7 comes out sparkling! With closer inspection... What the hell..


I nearly barf, as several people in the announcers booth now have! Ew! This shows they are confident and fearless! CLEARLY. MESSAGE RECIEVED. Zac, from District 1, sees Phoebe Northcross on the bigscreen and his eyes widen and he blushes. All the other tributes see and gasp. Zac looks down. He is mortified. Oh, gross. EW.

District 8:

They look marvelous. The different fabrics and sequins strung through the female's hair. Beautiful. The female twirls and the male waves. They blow kisses. Chelsea is wearing a dress that is made up of different fabrics twisted into a dress around her. The fabric is in 8 layers(representing district 8). The layers are organized by color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, pink, violet), but each layer has a different pattern. She wears gold eyeliner, and bronze eyeshadow. Her lips are the same color as the pink layer. On her neck, she wears a simple gold chain, and a gold scissor charm. Her stilettoes are made from polished cherry wood. Her hair is in a braid down her shoulder like a rope, and sequins are strung through her hair. Joseph is wearing a shirt made from 4 fabrics, and shorts from 4. He is wearing neutral colors, but they as bright and noticeable as the rainbow colors. His shoes are converse, with the fabric the color of mahogany. His hair is straight and regular. They look stunning as well!

District 9:

The female has on a beautiful dress. The dress is made of woven wheat. The top of the dress is tight and formitting, and the wheat is woven in a spiraled design. The top does not have straps, but the top bit is hsaped like the the top of a heart. The bottom of the dress gets progessivley flowy-er is it goes down. It is knee length, and the wheat is woven in a spirals design. Her skin is lightly dusted with gold to make her shimmer and reflect how District 9 is the grain district. She has on long false eyelashes, and her makeup, liptick and eyeshadow are a brilliant gold. She has on golden contact lenses that make her eyes shine. Her hair is let down and flows beautifully. She has on sheek and stylish sandals made of woven wheat. The male's concept is the same, except his clothing is a stylist suit made of woven wheat in a spiraled design. He has on golden contact lenses that make his eyes shine. He still has the gold lipstick, but no makeup. His skin is dusted with gold and shimmers beautifully. His shoes are made of woven wheat. His hair is spiked up and super stylish. They look gorgeous on their Chariot!

District 10:

Their outfits have absolutely nothing to do with District 10, except for one thing. They carry meat in baskets? The male looks very angry and is dressed as... a... priest? The female is dressed as a nun. The crowd boos and throws tomatoes. The girl yells several words that would get me banned from announcing that are just downright dirty, but the crowd stopped afterwards. Reserved Raymond, their stylist, certainly is reserved..

District 11:

Confusion! The random outfits today are nonsense! These are the tributes that were in a brawl at reapings. The girl, Bethany, is dressed as a sexy nurse and the male, JJJ, is dressed as a doctor. He grins and she has her arms crossed, staring out at the crowd. She pouts. She is not in a good mood. He looks over at her. He wraps his arm around her. He looks over to the crowd and raises an eyebrow to shjow off Bethany, it seems. She screams, picks him up, and... dear god... GET THE PARAMEDICS! Throws him right onto the District 12 Chariots, and then he runs back up onto it. False alarm. Meds can go back to base. JJJ starts dancing like an idiot. The crowd CHEERS. My, odd day in the Capitol.

District 12:

District 12 is appearing as a favorite already. The attractive tributes look absolutely amazing. The girl, Roxi, wears a bandage dress, that's all the colors of lava. The dress reaches the ground beneath the chariot, and the dress "flows" and leaves a trail of fire(since they are last). The lava illuminates her face, on which she wears striking red lipstick, and gold glitter around her face. She has gold eyeliner, and bronze eyeshadow. Her hair is down, and pulled to the side by a ribbon on fire that illuminates the gold glitter on her hair. Her shoes are a tint of right orange that glow, and small rubies adorn the straps of the heeled sandals. On her neck she wears a gold necklace with rubies, topaz, and amber. James smiles at her. He also grabs her hand. She holds his hand and together they conquer the parade. The trail of fire is wonderful for this chariot. James, the male, wears a tight red shirt and black shorts. Different shades of yellow, orange, and red streak across his shirt randomly. He wears little makeup, only enough to highlight and bring out sharp angles, and his hair is messy, like he just got back from working in the coal mine. His hair is covered in black dust, and he has a leather necklace that has a glowing bead at the end. He has fiery highlights in his hair, and they glow in the night. He carries a torch, and he can grab fire from it and toss it out the the crowd, which becomes fireworks which say "12". He wears glowing orange sandals. The crowd is going crazy.

Now to announce the Crowd Favorites!

Crowd Favorites:

Place District Stylist
1 District 12 [Perfection. Beautiful, unique, stylish, amazing. Crowd Favorite for Fashion.] Tally Valentina
2 District 1 [Beautiful! Completely described luxury, stunning, lovely, nearly a tie for first place after the kiss of the seemingly becoming power couple. Flawless.] Brooklyn Remmingston
3 District 6 [Wonderful theme! Ties in with transportation amazingly. Beautiful and intricate designs.] Cardelia Saliti
4 District 5 [Beautiful, a tad confusing to understand at first.] Sabrina Takashi
5 District 9 [ Lovely. Nearly perfected. Simplified, yet elegant and flattering. Only beat by truly amazing designs.] Molli Michaels
6 District 8 [Ties in with textiles very well. Pretty. ] Penny Summerglow
7 District 3 [Very interesting. We would have liked to see a bit more done with these designs, it's a shame they weren't as dazzling as they could have been. Nice touch with sparks and possible celebrity power couple. ] Xana Snowcap
8 District 4 [Theme fits district 4. Boring and bland. Cheesy and average.] Richard Veil
9 District 2 [Theme fits district 2. A bit boring. Shame, it could have been so marvelous. ] Thehulk Hogan
10 District 7 [NAKED. Did not fit 7 standards at all. Sparkles, however, were a nice touch. Some of the crowd enjoyed it, strangely. Shows fearlessness, boldness, and courage.] Somebodynamed Bob
11 District 10 [Very odd. Priest? NUN? ..really? At least they carried meat............] Raymond Reserved
12 District 11 [Sexy nurse and doctor did not tie at all with theme. Hilarious chariot behavior, however. Crowd personality favorite. Amelia Amiisha

The two best outfits recieve an additional gift to that district. The two are:

Distrct 12 [1st place]: 3 additional gifts to James Wil and Roxi Gomez

District 1 [2nd place]: 2 additional gifts to Zac Ashton and Aria Camelliston

District 6 [3rd place]: 1 additional gift to Bentley Hudson and Tamora Summers

The top 5 were extremely hard to choose from! Congrats to the top 5, however and a few others!


Zac Ashton [1]:

&nbsp The Careers are gathered together when we get to the training area. Meaning- Me and Aria from 1',' Bronze and Thalia from 3, Aqua Surf from 4, Joseph from 8, and James and Roxi from 12. We ran through our Bloodbath Strategies and decided to combine. We were going to run to the Curnucopia, knocking, punching, pulling, dragging, and kicking people out of our way running as fast as we can, which was Aria's plan. Then, we'd all get our weapon of choice. If we had more than one and someone else had the same choice but it was their only one, we would pick our second best. We will get what we want at all circumstances. Then we will have a few begin killing and run to the forest as quickly as we possibly can. Then we begin seperate training practice.

I walk over to the axes. I pick up one, and then look over and see Aria and Joseph doing techniques with maces and swords, the only 2 weapons they have in common. She is so much more talented than him. She can use just about any weapon, actually. He only uses those two and hand-to-hand. I get kind of irritated when I see Aria lift her bow up and he tries to help her. He don't even know how to do it.

I then take my axe and slash the dummy in the head, neck, and arms. I get a sword and slice its throat and move on to the net ones down a row and do some tricks while I hit.

Then I see that Aria puts her bow down and glares at Joseph. He backs away. She yells at him for insulting her. He doesn't understand, and she says bows and arrows are her thing. He leaves after he apologizes. She rolls her eyes and he apologizes again as he walks to another station.

I smile. He doesn't get her. I wouldn't have done that. She looks over and sees me smiling at her.

She blushes and tucks her hair behind her ear. I see her smile, and she glances over at me.

I laugh. She goes back to her bows and concentrates.

She's amazing. I am going to talk to her in just minutes once I complete my training in front of the Gamemakers.

I walk in. They look over at me, and I think about the Chariot. I kissed Aria. I smile and the memory, getting energetic, and I do the exact same thing I did out in training.

They nod a bit, taking in my skills. I do a couple flips and spins. They seem semi-impressed. I walk out confidently.

I will talk to Aria after she comes out of training in a minute.

Aria Camelliston [1]:

I really didn't care when Joseph left. I'm fine without him. And when Zac looked over at me.. I just smiled. I blushed. He kissed me on the Chariot. I didn't know what to think, exactly. But I liked it.. I think.. and our mentor loved it as well.

Zac walks out from training grinning. I pick up my bow and arrows watching him until he gets to his station beside me, oblivious I am looking at him. He picks up a spear and tosses it around in his hand, determinating it's weight and speed to the target. I hold up my bow and arrows and aim it at his target.

Bullseye. Again.

As I speak, the bullseye grabs his attention as he goes to throw the spear. He sees the arrow and looks at me.

"So. How was training?" I ask. He opens his mouth to speak, a bit shocked.

"Uhh.." he says, "Um. Well, it went great, actually." He smiles.

"But.. why did you want to know?" He says. I aim my arrow to my target. I send each arrow flying, one a couple seconds from the last. Then I hit a dummy in the heart with one as I speak to him.

"What? I suddenly can't ask a guy from my alliance a question? Let alone one that kissed me?" I laugh.

"What? Oh, no! I was, um, just.. wondering-" He stutters. I laugh again.

"Zac, it's okay. But now it's my turn to ask a question. Why did you kiss me?" I stopped shooting my arrow that landed on bullseye again, put my bow to the side, turned and looked at him deeply in the eyes. I want to know whats up with him. Why he volunteered.

He seemed frigtened, or shy. Embarassed. Then he sees my seriousness and releases a deep breath, staring in my eyes.

"Well. I've really, really liked you since we were in school together. Seeing you hurt like that, well, it hurt me, at the reapings. I then questioned if I had fallen in love. I decided I wanted to protect you. I kissed you on the Chariot because I needed to, and our mentor encouraged it. I didn't want you with Joseph." He answered me simply and truthfully.

"Oh." is all I can say at the time. "That explains a lot." I say. Then I look around. Awkwardly as hell.

"Yeah." He doesn't get all awkward. He keeps staring at me. Kind of lovingly. I felt even more awkward.

Then it's my turn to show the Gamemakers my skills. I walk in. I stop and hold the door, look back, and smile gently, still awkwardly, at Zac. I definitely feel something for him. I just don't know what or how much yet.

The Gamemakers are looking at me. I pick up a bow and arrows.

Then I aim at the dummies. I hit them all in the heart, chest, and neck.

Then, on the targets, I first hit bullseye on all three. Then, I hit right by bullseye, and 2 bullseyes. Finally, I send them all flying within a couple seconds of each one. Boom, crack! , boom.

The first hit bullseye, but the third arrow split the second in half. My jaw drops in shock, especially when the arrow that split the second one hits bullseye. I smirk and turn to the Gamemakers. I put one hand on my hip, and shrug at them. I walk out with pride.

Caleb Evans [2]:

My allies and I met up quietly and began our seperate practice. JJJ just stood there dancing on a tree. I was creeped out when he started sexy dancing like Britney Spears on it. Ehm..

I got my sword and tried to do good at slicing up a dummy. It wasn't easy. I looked around, embarassed. The guy named Bronze smirked and did some fancy moves I can't do. I frown. Then they call me for training.

When I walk in, I take my knife and begin stabbing the dummies. The Gamemakers smirk a bit I noticed, but I slice the dummy's throat and take 10 minutes to saw its head off just because I can.

I leave and feel a bit depressed.

Katrina Savant [2]:

I decided to ally alone. I'll leave it to the others to kill each other off. Then, I'll emerge from the shadows and attack. I used my spear to hit some targets and got some decent hits. Then I seen Caleb walk out of training. He was upset. I saw him twisting a knife around. He was thinking about something.

"Wha're you doing?" I sit next to him.


"Nothing.." he says quietly.

"You want to kill yourself, don't you?" I murmur. He nods. I feel bad for my death threat.

"To make you feel better, I wasn't gonna kill you because I think you're weak." I tell him.

"Really?" He whispers.

"Really. I didn't want you to be upset like you were at reapings. I think you'd be tough competition, actually!" I tell him, nudging his arm with my fist.

"Really?" His eyes brighten. I feel good inside.

"Really." I smile lightly.

They call me.

"Hey, gotta go kid. But don't give up." I tell him and walk to the Gamemakers.

I hit bullseye on all of my targets and bow. I knock the head off of a dummy with my spear. They seem impressed, and I turn and walk out.

Bronze Ashen [3]:

I'd been watching Aria train. She's extremely good with a bow, and she's independent. She can manage almost any weapon too. She gave Joseph the boot when it came to his help. But then Zac tried to get the rebound. I shook my head, and began my training again. I picked up my sword, did a few tricks, and hit the dummy. I then saw Thalia with her throwing knives, hitting bullseye repeatedly while doing tricks as well.

I decide to compliment her. Chicks dig that, right?

"You're good." I tell her.

"Thanks." She says and keeps going at it with her knives.

Must not have nailed it right.

"So.. you.." I look at her. "Look pretty." I say.

She stops and looks over at me with a light laugh.

"Are you.. trying to hit on me?" She laughs again, awkwardly.

"I guess." I shrug with a soft grin. "not very good at it, huh?"

"No, not really." She pauses and looks at me, up and down.

"Muscular, strong, attractive. I tend to stay away from the heartbreaker types." She raises an eyebrow at me.

Sh*t. So she's smart, too.

"Uh.. you know what they say. Don't hate the player, hate the game." I say. She gasps.

"What the hell? Hit on me, then plainly admit you're a player?" She glares.

Then she has a handful of mashed berries. I assume she will smash them in my face.

Well, I'm sort of right.

She certainly smashed my face and berries went everywhere.

With her fist.

Then I'm called to the Gamemakers. I walk off.




I'll just make a move on Aria and Roxi to get her jealous.

And then, she can't have me.

That is, if one of those girls like me..

I do some impressive swings with my sword on the dummy. I leave the room and walk over to Aria, watching Thalia to make sure she sees.

Thalia Combe [3]:

He's seriously trying to get me jealous before my session. It's not my loss if he hits on all those girls. They'll eventually kill him in the arena anyways when they're p*ssed at him for it. I focus on my training with my knives and bows. I hit all the targets, and look over at Bronze from the corner of my eye. He has Aria against a fake tree, leaning against it with one arm while trying to charm her. She has her arms crossed, unimpressed, while Zac glares from across the room at him.

I realize how hard my hits on the target got when I was watching him. I gripped a knife too hard, and I open my hand and watch it drop. I can't believe I'm angry.

I catch my breath, and walk into the training area for the Gamemakers when they call my name.

I throw a bunch of knives, do some tricks, and they seem to like it.

And then I leave.

Surf Waves [4]:

Today, my sister and I practiced with tridents and nailed the dummies proudly. I also noticed Stunner pretty much dumped Joseph, and Zac confessed his feelings (I'm an eavesdropper sometimes.) Then Dazzler punched Bronze, and he tried to rebound with Aria. She left and he walked to Roxi.

I shake my head.

He better not come near Aqua.

"Are you nervous?" Aqua bites her lower lip.

"No." I murmur, and they call my name.

I attack a dummy with my trident and leave.

Decent score?

I hope.

I just want to protect Aqua now.

Aqua Waves [4]:

When Surf came back ,they called me. I went in and nailed the dummy in the head, neck, eyes, stomach, and legs. Then I managed to slice its limbs off and jump from a tree onto it and stab it one last time in the head.

They looked amazed, and I left kind of happy. Surf wasn't.

"Surf. What's wrong?" I frown at him.

"Nothing. Hey, uh, Aqua.. Why don't you go make some new friends?" He says painfully.

"Uh.. Okay. Why, Surf? I have you." And now I'm worried and curious. Why do I need new allies? Surf is enough for me. We can protect each other.

"Just do it, d*mn it, Aqua!" He says. I walk backwards and my eyes largen. I tear up. He never talks to me like this.

"Okay." He sighs. "okay, Aqua!"

I sob.

"I'm sorry. I'm just.. stressed about some stuff. Just make more allies. Please?" He frowns.

I wipe my eyes.

"Okay. You know best." I whisper, and walk over to JJJ, Annabel, and Caleb.

Pam Beesley [5]

I began training for the gamemakers. I take a mace and go crazy on the dummies and jump tree to tree. I climb a couple walls, and do some sneaky rolls and moves with my mace and come up behind the dummy and attack. I leave, hoping I did good. Then I look around at everyone. The brother and sister seem seperated, the brother seems upset. I keep to myself and keep practicing.

Ryan Startedafire [5]:

I go into training and attack a dummy withmy sword. I leave, not impressed with what I did. Then I walk over to Pam, seeing she's alone, but good at focusing and handy with a mace.

"Hey." I say, and go to town with my mace on a dummy as well.

"Hi." She says, keeping at her dummy.

"So... I was thinking. Would you like to form an alliance with me?" I ask her.

"Uh..sure." She says,

"Great." I say.

We talk about strategies, and end up allying with JJJ's alliance.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ From now they will mainly be in pairs for POV by district.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

District [6]:


In training, I'm pretty sure I did good. I left them in awe. Tamora and I formed an alliance together, and we practiced with training dummies.

"So, you scared?" Tamora asks.

"Nah.. I'm gonna win." I say. She smirks and nudges me.

"Really? I thought I was. We can only have one victor." She smirks.

"Exactly! Me." I say.

She laughs at me and pushes me off of the log, not trying to.

I didn't realize we were on a platform. I fell a good 10 feet.

And landed on a tray with tons of weapons, like a mace, on it.

The weapons went flying when I hit and landed on a mace.

I cry out in pain.


I ran down to Bentley. Everyone stopped and stared. Mentors and Gamemakers all came running.

"BENTLEY!" I screamed and ran to him. I saw blood pooling. Everyone ran with whispers, screams, and murmurs and gathered around him. We pulled him up, taking the knives and arrows out of him. We couldn't remove the claws from a blowgun, and got a bit of skin left over on a mace. His face was bloody as well.

He was gasping for air.

"No.. god, no.." I started crying.

"Bentley!" I yell.

He punches my arm playfully like I had him when he fell with what power he had.

"No." I choke up. "No, I didn't mean to. PLEASE. DON'T DIE!" I cry out, and collapse onto his bloody torso.

"I.." deep breath, gag. " for.." dry heave. "give you." He says. Deep breath in. Then he attempts to breathe out. Nothing. Those were his last words.

I feel his lungs stop. I heart his heart stop beating.

"NO! BENTLEY!" I scream, as paramedics take him away, covering him in a white, bloodied tarp. Blood is matted into my hair and all over me now, but I don't care. I go into a corner clutching my hair and crying heavily. Then I get up, run to my quarters, and lay on my bed crying and lock the door.

District 7:


It sucks. A tribute just effing died. In training. By Tamora, "accidently." At least it's one less to worry about killing. We will all die like that soon enough, so why worry about it?

"Shoot." I whistle.

"Crazy." Phoebe murmurs.

"I feel bad for Tamora now."

"Me too." I sigh. I hope it affects her in the games though, honestly. I need to win.

Then they call me to training.


The death was pretty awful, but now we all have to move on with it. So, my day so far.

Zac had seemed interested in me, but now, him and Aria.. I don't know. He must love her. He volunteered for her brother, so I need to get over myself.

But still.

Anywho, Atlas is back from his session. He probably killed it with his axe. Now I go in and try it myself.

District 8:


I miss Aria. Bad. I feel awful, I never ment to offend her! But now Zac is talking to her. So, fml. Wasn't ever that great anyways. But when I was in training, I did great in my opinion. Sword, macde, and beating the dummy to pieces by hand. They liked it. I also feel bad for that guy that died today.. d*mn, that was unexpected. But we all have to go someway here or another.


I tried hard in my session with a sword. I stop, disappointed I am about to leave, but stop.. I am so bothered by Bentley's death! I walk over tothe camouflage station. I get paint, and get to work on the fake tree.





I wrote and drew his face beside it with my secret art talent. I step away.

They look at me, shocked.

The last tribute to write something out was Katniss Everdeen.

I blush, and run out.

Then I start to break down.

I saw a boy die, and couldn't save him.

I'll never last in the Hunger Games like this.

District 9:

Caleb and Anna sat with the rest of their allies. They had all gone to training, and decided they all sucked. They were all extremely upset. Except for JJJ. JJJ wasn't even with them. He was sleeping in a fake tree. He slept through it all. Bethany wasn't upset about Bentley dying, neither were the Careers. It blew past them.

Pathetic. Caleb thinks, coldly. He didn't know how to deal with it.

Anna was worried about Bentley and her training score. She did nothing. She tried to shoot a bow but just shot it backwards, taking half of her hair on the right side with the arrow. She's extremely upset over it.

My life sucks. She thinks, and watches her Allies. Everyone is moping, and sad for Bentley.

District 10:

Dyno and Abital have formed an alliance and think they did good in the training session. They are practicing things they aren't very good at right now and helping each other point out flaws in what they're doing to help them improve and have good strategies in the Games.

District 11:

Bethany Wakeling:

I finished training, proud of what I did. I started to get tired, and wrapped up the res tof today's practice.

JJJ came over to me. He had been dancing on trees, but when I sat down to take a nap, he started dancing on me.

"JJJ!" I scream. " YOU ANNOYING LITTLE A**!" I scream and throw him against the wall.

"OH, YOU WANT TO PLAY TOO?" He makes a retarded- looking winky face and runs at me and slams me against a wall, and paints my face with berries. I scream.

"HELP! HELP! IT'S ATTACKING ME! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!" I scream, and he jumps up off of me when he finishes.

"VOILA. MASTERPIECE." He says admiringly. with a ":3" looking face.

I look in a mirror and scream even more.



"WTF, JJJ. WTF." I scream, and punch it again. Then I try to grab it.

He starts laughing uncontrollably.

" I LOVE YOU TOO BABY." He says, and it kisses me.

I pull it by the hair and throw it in a tree and leave it hanging.


People were laughing and staring at us.

I got a club and beat that little sh*t like a pinata.

John Jacob Jingleheirmer-Schmidt:



















District 12:

James and Roxi talked for a very long time, and when they went to training they saw a huge mess and Silver Whishart, the Headgamemaker, in a totally p*ssed mood and the other Gamemakers were just smiling a lot. They thought it was kind of funny, and JJJ ran up to Bethany and was trying to "GET HIS BBY GRL BACK." with song... Yeah.


District/Gender Name Age Score
1M Zac Ashton 17 10

Aria Camelliston

17 11
2M Caleb Evans 13 4
2F Katrina Savant 18 11
3M Bronze Ashen 17 11
3F Thalia Combe 16 10
4M Surf Waves 16 9
4F Aqua Waves 14 9
5M Ryan Startedafire 16 6
5F Pam Beesley 16 7
6M Bentley Hudson 16 8
6F Tamora Summers 18 9
7M Atlas Dunnin 16 10
7F Phoebe Northcross 17 6
8M Joseph Anderson 18 11
8F Chelsea Landry 12 3
9M Caleb Stoll 12 2
9F Annabel Welsburg 14 0
10M Dyno Kyrono 18 9
10F Abital Zertofi 15 8
11M John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt 13 12
11F Bethany Wakeling 14 9
12M James Wil 17 11
12F Roxi Gomez 18 8


From the view of a Capitol citizen.

Disrict 1

Cesar: "So. Zac. We understand that you gave Aria Camelliston a kiss on the Chariot ride and volunteered for her brother.." he smiles brightly. "What reason is behind that?" He asks us.

Zac: "Well, Cesar, I had the biggest crush on Aria since I was a little kid, and being in these games, I wanted to live while I am dying soon. If that makes sense. Plus she look so stunning in her dress tonight that I'd give anything to kiss her tonight." *laughs with crowd*

Cesar: "Oh, I see." *smiles and laughs as well*. "Have you told her?" He asks.

Zac: "I did. Right before she went into her training session. She was just.. shocked. But before she walked in the doors to her session, she turned, and smiled at me. And at that moment, I made the most important decision I believe I ever have."

Cesar: "Oh-ho-ho! What did you decide!" Cesar exclaims.

Zac: "That.. I love her. And I want to protect her. With my all." He says. The crowd awws.

Cesar: "Oh, this reminds me of the 74th Games, back when-" He stops, his eyes widen, looks at the camera, and shocked audience. He clears his throat, fearfully. NO ONE speaks of Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark.

"Well I hope things work for you. You seem to truly care for her. And I see you scored a 10 in training. Well done, Zac, I love your reverse-colored tux by the way and good luck!"

The crowd begins clapping and cheering for Zac.*

Zac: "Thank you, Cesar." he laughs and he stands and shakes hands with him as he exits the stage.

Cesar:" Next, let's have Zac's lovebird. Please welcome- Aria Camelliston!"

The crowd goes wild as Aria walks out in an absolutely stunning diamond-covered, strapless, tight-fit dress with a slit to her mid thigh in the side with silver stilettos, long, dangling diamond earrings, a charm bracelet, and a her hair was curled into a messy bun with two loose strands. She had manicured nails with sparkling tips and eyes. Her lipstick was light pink. A couple whistles went through the crowd. She laughed and began to blush as she sat, crossed her legs, and puts her hands on her knee.

Aria: *Laughing still, stops and keeps smiling at the crowd with a wave and then turns to Cesar as the crowd stops cheering.*

Cesar: "Why, hello, Ms. Bubbly!" He says. The crowd laughs.

Aria: *giggles* "Hi, Cesar!"

Cesar: "Well you appear to be in a good mood!"

Aria: "Isn't that a good thing?" *Smiles.*

Cesar: *laughs* "Yes, yes it is! You're just a little socialite aren't you? Or in looove." Grins*

Aria: *bites bottom lip* "I guess a little bit of both! Dunno if I'm in "love" so to speak, but I definitely care a lot for Zac and it's shocking that I'm saying this because I thought I liked Joseph until training! On the Chariot, I was shocked he kissed me! I wanted to slap him, but I didn't because I'm not mean." *smiles and chuckles lightly with the crowd*

Cesar: "Ahh, I see. So you decided this when?"

Aria: "Uhh, well, when he came out of training, I started to feel it. Then on my way into my session it got deeper, and just a few minutes ago it got a lot deeper."

Cesar: "Ohh! So when Zac confessed his love for you?" *Smiles*

Aria: *blushes* "Well.. yeah.." *smiles*

Cesar: "So you wouldn't mind this!" *Turns to avoxes and nods.* *Zac walks out*

Aria: *eyes widen* Oh my gosh... *starts blushing blood red and laughing*

Cesar: "How about that kiss you wanted, Zac? Stand up Aria!" *grins*

Aria: *stands up blushing, walks slowly to Zac..*

Zac: "I don't know Cesar! I can't just put her on the spot like that and-"

Aria: *cuts him off and kisses him*

Zac: *confused at first, then puts his hand on her side and kisses her, crowd awws*

Cesar: "See? Nothing to fear, Zac." *laughs.*

Aria: *pulls back and smiles at Zac.* "So you'd give anything to kiss me tonight, huh?" *crowd laughs*

Zac: *starts to blush* "Well.. yes."

Cesar: "Alright, thank you, Zac." *Avoxes take him backstage again.* "So. Training score of 11. Can you win this thing and let me see your bubbly self again?" *Smiles and laughs with crowd*

Aria: "I sure hope so!"

Cesar: "alright." *smiles* "Well, thank you for coming and being such a sweetheart. Oh!- Can I have a hug before you go?"

Aria: "Yes, of course!" *laughs and hugs Cesar tightly.*

Cesar: "So sweet. Thank you. Good luck to you, Aria!"

Aria: *leaves stage as crowd cheers*

District 2:

Cesar: Welcome Caleb Evans to the stage!

Caleb: *walks out in a pink bowtie tux**crowd laughs*

Cesar: Oh.. uh.. colorful, rare, pink there.

Caleb: Yeah, Thehu had to kill a unicorn for it. *everyone laughs*

Cesar: *chuckles* I see.

Caleb: Yep.

Cesar: Are you scared for these games, Caleb? You seemed like it at the reapings.

Caleb: Well, yes. But I'm upset as well.

Cesar: About the Games?

Caleb: No, the poor unicorn... *crowd laughs and caleb does too*

Cesar: *laughs* Oh, okay then!

Cesar: So. You're 13, got a 4 in training. How do you feel about your odds?

Caleb: Well, scared as mess. I was upset about it.

Cesar: I see. Why, though?

Caleb: My mother promised I wouldn't be reaped. And my dad, the mayor..

Cesar: Didn't care.. did he? *frowns*

Caleb: No.. he just.. sat there.

Cesar: Like you were just another tribute?

Caleb: Precisely.

Cesar: Well, I could be your dad. *goes side to side with Caleb and starts laughing* See the resemblence eveeryone? *crowd laughs, a few shout of course*

Caleb: *laughing* Oh, yes!

Cesar: I mean, the blue hair, pale skin.. I see it.

Caleb: *sits back down, everyone still laughing*

Cesar: *Laughing* Well, how are you allies?

Caleb: Great. I picked a colorful bunch.

Cesar: Oh, do you think you can win these games?

Caleb: I don't, actually, Daddy. *crowd laughs*

Cesar: Oh, son! Get out there like a man! *winks and crowd laughs again*

Cesar: Well, on a more serious note, I wish the best of luck to you. Happy Hunger Games! *smiles and the crowd cheers as they shake hands and Caleb leaves the stage* Let's welcome Katrina Savant! *crowd cheers*

Kat: *sits down, arms crossed, in a big red dress* Kat. My name is Kat, d*mn it.

Cesar: Uh... oh. Okay. Well, how do you feel about the games? By the way, you look pretty.

Kat: Great. *sarcasm* I look forward to a death game where teens kill one another. Also, I know. It's disgusting.

Cesar: ........ *awkward silence* Okay. How are your allies?

Kat: I don't know why the hell it's your business.


Kat: Bye. *gets up and walks away.*

Cesar: "... Kat.. Savant.. everyone.. I need a break." *Cameras beep off, crowd is clapping awkwardly.*


==== ====

District 11:

Cesar: Let's welcome Bethany Wakeling to the stage! *crowd cheers*

Bethany: *walks out twitching and sits down.*

Cesar: You look pretty in that light pink dress! But you seem frustrated.

Bethany: JJJ. I hate it.

Cesar: *Starts laughing* That boy you tackled at the reapings and beat up in training? Oh, my! You plan on killing him, I assume, in the Games!

Bethany: *curls up into a ball and cries* I actually 'grabbed a club and beat that little sh*t like a pinata, but... as to killing.. *sob sob*... I CAN'T. IT MIGHT HAUNT ME AS A GHOST. AND I WON'T BE ABLE TO HURT IT. Crying again*

Cesar: *cradles* Shhh.. shh.. It's okay.

Crowd: JJJ + BETHANY. <3

Bethany: *Looks up and stops crying* STFU YOU ASSHOLE. *back down crying*

Cesar: Oh... my... why don't you... go backstage? Good luck dear. *hugs Bethany* Ladies and gentlemen.... BETHANY WAKELING! *crowd cheers as she walks away and dries up her tears.*

Cesar: Next, the one and only, JOHN JACOB JINGLEHIEMER-SCHMIDT! *crowd cheers*

JJJ: *comes out in a pink jumpsuit, people laughing.* HAY GUYZ. LOLZ. LOOK. *Wiggles junk in random girl's face, who screams and punches him there.* NO IM SRRY, I DNT GO THAT FAST. LOLZ. *walks to stage*

Cesar: Ehm.. hello.


Cesar: I didn't realize you were together..


Cesar: Oh! So you broke up..

Bethany: I'M TIRED OF YOU. YOU STUPID LITTLE TROLLING SH*T. *Tackles backwards out of chair. Crowd stands and gasps.*


Bethany: NO. DIE, B*TCH. DIE. *attempts to stab with a sharp necklace*




Peacekeepers: *pull off stage in opposite directions*


Bethany: YOU'LL DIE, YOU LITTLE B*STARD. YOU'LL DIE. *kicking and screaming on the way.*

Cesar: JJJ, everyone... *everyone cheers wildly*

Cesar: Aha! Goodnight everyone! *smiles brightly and walks off stage*

Cesar: *backstage* Fml.. I'm not paid enough.

The Century Games Masked Ball

( Made from )

Male Tribute/ number Female Tribute / number
Bronze Ashen [1] Aqua Waves [1]
James Wil [3] Aria Camelliston [3]
Joseph Anderson [6] Annabel Welsburg [6]
Dyno Kyrono [2] Pam Beesley [2]
Caleb Stoll [12] Kat Savant [12]
Caleb Evans [8] Roxi Gomez [8]
Atlas Dunnin [9] Abital Zertofi [9]
Surf Waves [7] Phoebe Northcross [7]
Zac Ashton [4] Tamora Summers [4]
Bentley Hudson [10] Chelsea Landry [10]
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt [5] Bethany Wakeling [5]
Ryan Startedafire [11] Thalia Combe [11]

The Ball:

From Aria, JJJ, Joseph, and Thalia's POVS. They will be long because there are only 4.(:

Aria Camelliston [1]:

I walked into the ball in tight, form-fitted red dress that was strapless and low-cut. It had pretty designs on the top half in transparent diamond-studs, and there was a slit to the top of my thigh on the right leg. I wore matching red heels and wore slim red gloves. My hair was natural (curly) and in a bun on my head held by a hidden clip, which I let down and let my hair flow. My bangs were voluminous and to the left side in a small curl a tthe end that I thought was cute. I wore a black mask that looked like a butterfly, and my blue eyes seemed to pop out of the mask as many girls' did from the masks their stylists picked. I wore red lipstick, a diamond necklace, bracelet, and dangly earrings from the chariot. My stylist had told me she gave me a "Latino" dance look. I asked for an explanation, and she explained that I had the qualities of being a mixed race, which, in the old days before Panem included several types. She said I appeared to be quite Latino but also American, which she explained everything about to me. Anywho, my number was 3, and I saw the boy holding the three. He was staring at me.

He was breathtaking. His eyes were a blueish-green, his hair a light brown (like mine), and he had a cute smile. I notice he wore a plain black mask. Apparently, the Capitol wanted us all to be covered up, unlike original plans. I noticed one person that I knew. Zac. His features showed through. He smiled at me, I smiled at him. Then he did the same to his partner, just not as radiantly. I noticed how stunning everone else looked as well. I walked to the boy holding his arm behind his back and hand out to me. I smile at him and grab it.

"Hello." He says, and we walk out on the dance floor.

"Hello." I say, and we turn and begin talking like many other tributes. An avox brings us champagne glasses.

"You look... beautiful." He says and laughs nervously. I giggle.

"Thanks. You look nice as well." I respond and he blushes.

A few songs from the old days play. I notice it is all people that used to be famous before Panem.

We talked about the Games and had some laughs for around 10 minutes.

"So. I'm absolutely dying here.. I want to figure out who you are." He says and grins at me.

I don't think so. I have Zac anyways, but tonight, everyone needs to have fun. Unknown fun.

"Well ask questions." I giggle.

"Okay.. do you have allies?" He asks. I say yes.

"Hmm.. alright.. Careers?" He asks. I say yes once again.


"Too much to find out! Come dance with me." I laugh, as all the couples go onto the floor and we all dance slowly to a song called "The Rythm of Love" by the Plain White T's.

"You're great at dancing." He murmurs.

"Thanks. You're not too bad either." I grin. This song is perfect for everyone. "We may only have tonight.." Were some lyrics. We all only have tonight.

I catch a glimpse of a girl screaming. Then I hear a wierd laugh.

It's JJJ and Bethany. He has champagne all over his body. Bethany is p*ssed. We laugh. She found out it was JJJ I believe. Then a Maroon 5 song comes on. "This Love."

We all dance, Gamemakers and possible sponsors watching us.

When that song finishes, we all talk to each other and I realize how funny number 3 [what I call my partner] is.

Then a song by a lady named Shakira comes on called "My Hips Don't Lie" and I began a dance that was traditional my family has done for generations. I suppose a dance my styists, persay, calls, "Latino".

I began to dance, it's what I've been taught since I was little. I teach number three how to follow along with my sharp movements. I do some steps like my family did, and people stop and watch us with shock.

We do a dance, shake, stop a few times, then dip. When I come up we do our signature move. I pul my entie leg up and get on my tiptoes on one foot, then lean a bit as he hold the tip of my hand to help keep me balanced. He looks shocked. Everyone does. Then we begin the dance ahgain. This time, he seems to have the hang of it. I smile. Dancing was my passion back in 1, especially at special events. My entire family did this dance. I look around and see Zac. He glares at number 3. I can't help but laugh a bit to myself.

"Let It Rock" comes on by Kevin Rudolf. We all start dancing again.

"You're amazing at dancing.. I mean.. wow. Where did you learn to dance like that? In my district.." He begins.

"It's my tradition in my family. My stylist says it's "Latino", like she made my style for the night." I say simply.

"Yeah... I think "Latino" may be a really good thing." He says. I laugh. I think that was a compliment.

Then "Catch Me" by Demi Lovato plays.

"Well I hope you enjoy the night because by tomorrow, we could be face to face brawling on the ground, fighting for each other's lives." I sigh, and we go hand-on hand, walking in a circle in sync with the other tributes dancing. Then we go back to the traditional slow dance.

"I won't hurt you." He murmurs, and kisses my head quickly.

No, but I'll hurt him when it comes to. Sorry to say.

"Well, I can't say the same.. I'm sorry." I sigh, and he chuckles.

"I'll be okay as long as you don't make it painful."

I chuckle.

"How about a quick arrow to the heart?" We grin and then he gasps in realization. SH*T. I just told him my weapon. I was most talented at that, and everyone saw in training. D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it.. I repeat in my head.

"You're that girl.." He whispers. "The girl with the new boyfriend from interviews.. aren't you? I thought.. I thought you were the girl from my district.." He says in shock.

"Just tell me your name so that I will know not to kill you. Please. I promise I won't."

I contemplate my choices when "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne begins to play. Not much to lose..

"My name is Aria." I tell him.

He nods.

"Aria... my name is.." He hesitates, "My name is James. I don't quite know who you are yet." He says. The Head Gamemaker walks to the announcer.

"Well, we'll know soon enough." I sigh, and I realize I dont know who he is either yet.

"Attention tributes." We all look at Silver Whishart. "You may begin mingling with others and Gamemakers and sponsors at this time." I then tell James goodbye and walk to a Gamemaker, tell him my name, and have discussion of my talents and score. He seems to be impressed.

JJJ [11]:



"Hello... boy."[ One girl said, looking repulsed.] LOLZ SHES THE ONE I DANCED FOR.


"Ehm. Okay." [She says, the other Gamemakers laugh.]

"You're the dancer from the Private Session." [Gamemakers laugh, and JJJ does too.]




"Oh? In the interview I saw your.. incident." [One Gamemaker says.]


"Eh." [Silver says.]




"LOL GUYZ ITS OK. SHE WILL LEARN 2 DANCE LYK ME SOMEDAY." [they burst our laughing.]

"You're funny." [A gamemaker says.]



[They laugh even harder.]

"If you think for one second you will atually get sponsors and won't die.." [Silver hisses bitter-sweetly.]


".... No, JJJ, you see.." [A Gamemaker begins]

"Shutup it's no use. It won't understand." [Silver says and they shrug in agreement.]



Joseph Anderson [8]:

After I danced with my partner, I realized the girl dancing was Aria. D*mn, I miss her. Whatever, she has Zac now. I had been hoping to find love at the ball, but instead I got a little girl. FUN. And now I have a clingy kid thinking that I am her boyfriend. Oh hell no.

"So.. I want to tell you a secret." She whispers shyly to me. I sigh.


"Promise you won't tell?" She says.

"Yeah, sure whatever."

"PINKY promise?"

"YES. Just get on with it! D*mn!" I say. She frowns. Maybe I was just a but harsh. Okay.. I feel bad now.

"Okay, yes. I'm sorry..I pinky promise." I tell her. She smiles at me.

"Well.. I will tell you who I am. My name is Annabel Welsburg."

GREAT. The little kid crying at the reapings is my escortee. Doesn't get much better! Fml.

"Okay. Hello, Annabel." I murmur.

What else am I supposed to say to a 14-year-old crybaby?

Well, I feel sorry for her. I mean, at least she isn't some jackass like JJJ.So I'll spare her life and have someone else kill her. See I'm a nice person! ..

Don't judge me.

I go over to get some sponsors.

Then "Gold Digger" by Kanye West plays.

Haha... like Aria. She needs her a guy from luxury. I'm not enough. I can't help but laugh out loud and look at Aria. She starts laughing too, looks me up and down, looks at- apparently Zac- smriks, and shrugs cruelly with a simple "Screw you.(:" look at me again.

F*ck her. I give her the bird. She gets a sug expression.

"You wish." She mouths.

Burn in Hell.

Then I talk to the Gamemakers.

"Hello. I am Joseph Anderson, from District 8." I saw with a polite, small, quick, gentlemen like, bow.

"Hello Joseph. Congratulations on yuo 11 in training, by the way. You were very impressive to watch. Also..From what we hear, you insulted a tribute female. Behaving as if you were sexist." They chuckle. How the hell do they know about that?

Oh yeah. I forgot.

The Capitol knows all.

I clear my throat awkwardly and my eyebrows crease.

"You tried to teach her on her own weapon that even you couldn't work." I force a fake laugh.

"Aha... um. Yeah.." I say and scratch the back of my head and look around.

"But we do like you, Joseph. Don't take that the wrong way." A citizen says, smiling reassuringly. They are the sponsors. I breathe out with relief.

"Really? Well, it was nice to meet you." I shake their hands. We nod each other in a farewell.

I pray I get sponsors.

Thalia [3]:

I was wearing an elegant, beautiful, princess gown in light blue. It matches my eyes. The top had the straight line and slightly puffed shoulder straps. The bottom flowed out in light blue, sparkling. My hair was straightened and in a french braid, bunned on my head. I wore blue diamond studs. My lipstick was extremely light pink to match my porcelain skin tone, and I wore a diamond bracelet to match my earrings. My shoes were blue heels. I had a light blue mask on that looked like a bird. My gloves matched. I look truly stunning. When I met my partner, he seemed stunned.

We talked for ever, having a wonderful time.

"Fine By Me" by Andy Grammer plays and we danced to it.

My escort sung in to me quietly in my ear and we both started laughing.

"Well, you don't even know who I am and you never will... we are in a game for death. It won't end well." I smirk, a bit of hope that Bronze and I would make it out alive.

Deep down I wished I weren't here.

I also had the idea of running away with him.

Right now.

But I made myself stop thinking about it before I felt like an idiot.

"I know... but still. I'll think about you. When I'm in the arena.. when I'm dying..

"Marry You" by Bruno Mars comes on.

I start to tear up.. I don't want Bronze to die.

"Wait.. what's wrong?" The boy says.

I wipe my eyes.

"I just... don't want to die without someone." I whisper.

".. Is he here right now?" He frowns.

I nod and bite my bottom lip. I see him across the room with a pretty girl. I can tell it's him.

He can tell it's me. As he dances with her he starts to smile playfully and starts mouthing the words to me across the room. I start smiling while I cry.

He's great. I mean, wonderful.

"And I assume he's over there?" He raises an eyebrow.

I nod and laugh, wiping a tear from my eyes.

"Yes." I whisper.

"And... are you a Career?" he asks. I get confused. Why does he need to know that?


"Yeee..ah?" I say.

"And you're from District 1.." He sighs.

"Um. No." I stop and look up at him. He thinks I'm Aria?

"Oh. 3, then." He says.

Oh sh*t. He is good at this. But how the hell does he know? Does he stalk me or something? I think I look different tonight. But then again, it could just be me.

"Uh.." I begin.

"You are. I analyzed the only 2 couples here." He laughed.

"Aria and Zac, you and Bronze. Give it up Thalia." He smirks and looks down at me.

"Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake comes on.

We start dancing, as well as everyone else.

Well this is gonna get awkward for everyone..

I mean..




We dance anyways, and after the song is over I'm blushing and walk to the Gamemakers, praying that I get some good sponsors for me and Bronze.


and the other tributes I guess.

Then "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction comes on.


1 kill= 1 Gift. Each tribute begins with 1 gift, and additionals for top 3 Chariot Favorites.

District Name of Tribute What the tribute has What they tribute needs



1M Zac Ashton

5 gift[s]
1F Aria Camelliston Bow and arrow, food, water, backpack Nothing 6 gift[s]
2M Caleb Evans

0 gift[s]
2F Kat Savant

2 gift[s]
3M Bronze Ashen Sword, food, water Nothing 3 gift[s]
3F Thalia Combe Throwing knives, food water 2 gift[s]
4M Surf Waves

2 gift[s]
4F Aqua Waves

0 gift[s]
5M Ryan Startedafire

0 gift[s]
5F Pam Beesley

0 gift[s]
6M Bentley Hudson

0 gift[s]
6F Tamora Summers

0 gift[s]
7M Atlas Dunnin

1 gift[s]
7F Phoebe Northcross

0 gift[s]
8M Joseph Anderson

1 gift[s]
8F Chelsea Landry

1 gift[s]
9M Caleb Stoll

0 gift[s]
9F Annabel Welsburg

0 gift[s]
10M Dyno Kyrono

0 gift[s]
10F Abital Zertofi

0 gift[s]
11M John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

1 gift[s]
11F Bethany Wakeling

1 gift[s]
12M James Wil Spear, food, water Nothing 4 gift[s]
12F Roxi Gomez 0 gift[s]

Bentley's gifts went to Tamora after his death.

You may sponsor your own tribute.







Throwing Knives (5)






Blowgun + 20 darts


Bow And Arrow











Sleeping bag















Water (2L)


Whole meal


Painkillers (2)


Sleeping Syrup




Day 1


Zac [1]:


We went up in our tubes.

When I get up, I see an island and tons of water surrounding us.

The clock begins ticking.


I look over at my surrounding tributes. Aria's beside me, and all of the other tributes follow behind us. The tributes that are in lower districts are on the other side of this.... island, I guess. The Cornucopia had 2 openings, the part nearest to us had the materials in it as soon as you entered.

My heart begins pumping to the beat of the clock. 9......8......7.......6......5......4......3.....

I set my eyes on an axe.

Pace yourself, Zac... Pace yourse-

1........ BEEEEEEP!

D*mn! I need to focus more. I run with all of the other tributes towards the Cornucopia. Some tributes run to the other side, the weak ones, the strong and brave ones run to the front immediately.

Aria kicks and pushes the girl from 7 the boy from 9, the kid from 2, and Joseph [from 8] out of her way violently as she runs to the Cornucopia and grabs her bow and arrows and a backpack.

The 6 female, Tamora Summers, runs at me with a knife, she jumps to tackle me as I go for my axe as quickly as I can and I freak out, thinking I'm going to die soon.

Then I see the arrow go through her stomach.

She falls to the ground in a bloody pool.


Aria runs, retrieves her arrow, grabs my hand, and we run from the Cornucopia to the main island to kill tributes.

"Come on!" Aria cries and we run to the other Careers in theprocess of battles.

I notice the babbling idiot from 11 being dragged away by Bethany to the woods.

I see the wierd chick- Pam Beesley- running the other way, so I grab her and chop her head off-


-and head towards the boy from 9- the weak 12 year old- Caleb Stoll, and slit his neck with my axe.


Kat Savant [2]:

The tributes from 1 were absolutely ruthless killing machines. I had ran to the Cornucopia, grabbed my spear, and ran for the woods. Then I saw poor Caleb, laying on the ground cringing in pain from Aria's boot to his head. I looked both ways at the tributes dueling it out.

I could run and leave him there to suffer... I could be on my way, and safe..

But.. I can't! I just... AGH!

"Sh*t!" I growl, and run to him.

"I told you you were my first kill, d*mn it, Caleb! I'm sorry." I hiss.

"Kill me!" He screams. "Please! Make it stop!" He cries.

I glare at him, I take my spear, and stab it through his head.


I pull it out and look at dead Caleb.

I've been the type to hold it all in, to be tough, to be vicious, to be spiteful, full of hate. But I just killed a little boy from my district crying out to me. I am a f*cking cruel person.

Then, for the first time in my life, I start crying and run away before the hovercraft collects bodies.

Bronze [3]:

I seen the girl from 9 with absolutely no talent attempting to run. I smirk and run at her , tackling her as she screams out and slice her neck.


I hop up and run to find my next kill. I see the girl from 10, run at her, and stab her through the heart and run to find the other Careers.


I see Zac, Aria, and Thalia back to back looking for kills. Thalia locks her eyes on the 7 female running for Aria and throwd 3 knives into her chest.


She fell to the ground in a pool of blood and we all ran to the woods.

I look over and see Surf, Aqua, Joseph, James, and Roxi all at the bloodbath still.

Surf motions everyone towards me for all of the Careers to be together. Then we hear Aqua scream out and hear the choke form Dyno, the 10 Male, slicing her throat and stealing her trident and pack. Surf sees him.

"YOU B*STARD! YOU KILLED MY F*CKING SISTER!" He screamed and ran at him with his trident. He missed the throw because he was shaking, retrieved his trident, and cried over his sister, mumbling, and screaming.

I feel kinda bad for him, but we need to move now.

Joseph, James, and Roxi run over to us and we get over to the edge of the island.

Rest of Day 1:

Surf [4]:

I eventually caught up with the others. I won't speak though. I'm angry, p*ssed, sad, and I want to kill D10. Right now we're trying to find a place to set up camp. Aria and Zac are walking together, Bronze and Thalia right behind them in their own kind of group. They're closer than most of us are right now. Now, I have no one. And I have to win for Aqua.

Promise me you won't die.. promise me you won't die.. promise me you won't die...

Her words echoed in my head from before the reapings when she knew i was going to volunteer.

I'd told her I promised I wouldn't.

Well, whatever. I will win this for her. I will.

Joseph is kind of lingering near Aria, but still standing with James and Roxi.

I just walk alone.

"We have to swim across." Thalia sighs.

Everyone pauses and looks around.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go." She says. We all jump in the water and start swimming to the nearest island. It's remotely small, but we sit and rest for a little while.

Then we see water rising. We all pull up our weapons and prepare to run and swim to the forest. It appears to be a... a...

A water human?

We were mesmirized at first, and she began to float toward us in the water..

But.. she.. is the water?

Then she stops. We all exchange looks.

She then begins fading away and expanding.

"D*MN IT! I SAW THIS IN AN OLD MOVIE! IT'S A NAIAD! RUN!" James yells, and we all jump in the water and swim as quickly as possible to the forest.

We see the waves coming.

I get across. Bronze and Thalia are across. Aria struggles to get up, and a wave approaches. Zac is up. Joseph is up. Roxi can't get over. She screams as a wave begins to crash down and flood over her. Aria starts screaming as she goes down, her hand reaching up from the wave pulling her down. Joseph looks over and freaks out, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. She won't budge. The wave keeps pulling her. He eventually pulls her out and she is unconcious. James jumps in and gets Roxi out, who is also unconcious. They pull them to the grass, and immediately, they pound their chests to get out water, and they cough it up, but still remain unaware.

James carries Roxi as we search for someplace safe, and Zac carries Aria. Joseph insists on carrying her, but Zac refuses.

"Here. We should stay in the cave until they recover." Thalia says, and we all nod in agreement. We go into the cave she found.

We have them laying in their sleeping bags with a fire crackling. We all sit around it and stare absently into the fire, pulling out our food and supplies we have to share until Aria and Roxi get better and we can hunt.

We just need some rest, I realize, as the sun sets and the sky begins to turn gray.

Ryan [5]:

Atlas, Dyno, Chelsea, and I had made an alliance. We had by some miracle, made it across the water to the forest. Atlas recieved an axe. Lucky ass. I had nothing. We were sitting at camp, wordless and traumatized from the bloodbath right now.

I wondered where Aria was and how she was doing.

I know she isn't dead. I saw her run away, I saw her killing. I know she's ruthless. That's why I'm afraid of her. But I just wanted to know how her alliance was. Then I hear a rustling in the trees.

I paused and held my arm out slowly to the other tributes.

"What the hell was that?" Dyno murmurs.

And a trident goes flying from the tree into Dyno's chest.

He falls off of his log gasping and spazzing.

We look up in horror to see a cold expression on the district 4 male's face. He hold knives up threateningly to us all. My eyes widen and I back away. Then I look helplessly at Dyno, then at Atlas with an axe. It was closer to the District 4 male when he jumped from the tree.

He pulled his trident out.

Dyno was still dying. I jump out towards him, desperagte to help him.

"Dyno!" I cry. He may be the strongest one in our alliance. Then a knife flies through my lower arm, at a pressure point. My reflexes had already grabbed the knife, but the pressure point made me drop it just as quickly as I made a noise in pain.

I got horrified and crawled backwards against a tree, watching District 4- Surf, was his name.

"You killed my sister and now you'll suffer." He said through gritted teeth.

He grabs the knife that severed my arm and jabs it through his neck, chest, then heart. He begins bleeding, and soon his body goes limp.


... and he's dead.

Surf runs away, taking his trident and knife with him. He also stole Dyno's Throwing Darts and backpack.

We're screwed. We sit at camp, and the hovercraft collects Dyno's body. Almost immediately, the Capitol's symbol plays in the sky.

It shows 9 tributes. 9. In one day.

These Games are going to be brutal. I already know.

Day 1 Statistics

The Careers: Resting up in a cave. All Careers are okay except for Aria and Roxi. They are still unconcious. Nothing can help them. They are breathing. The Careers plan to hunt and find fresh water in the morning while they take turns watching Aria and Roxi until they heal.

Alliance 1: Dyno was killed by Surf in revenge. They have nothing but Atlas's axe. Ryan needs cut medicine.

Alliance 2: Bethany dragged JJJ into a secluded area, protecting him only because they are from the same district ad doesn't want to shame them, and is going to hurt him if he doesn't shutup. She needs sleeping syrup.

Alliance 3: Katrina is doing great and is making her way to the Mountains, resting up in a meadow.

Day 2

Atlas [7]:

Well... I got my axe yesterday. Now me, Ryan, and Chelsea are out hunting. Ryan's arm is looking pretty gross and we're waiting for sponsors. But we get none.

We found water already, and I killed a groosling and a squirrel. We're just looking for tributes now. An arrow flys by me and nails Chelsea in the heart.


She falls to the ground without a flinch and we immediately know who sent the arrow. Another one comes whistling past my head and I turn around with horror expecting to see my last tribute partner dead. Instead I see two dead grooslings held together by one arrow.


I turn and look at the girl with shock now staring at me. Her eyes... they're piercing blue. She smiles and laughs.

She jumps down from the tree limb and to the ground on her feet, walking towards me. I begin to turn so I can run.

"Stop." She rolls her eyes. I turn with confusion. She'sso elegant, graceful. But deadly. Like... like a vampire. I laugh inside at that realization.

Then the rest of her allies emerge from the woods.

"Sh*t." I murmur and Ryan stands up. I glance off to the distance and see a hovercraft arriving for Chelsea.

Then I realize something..

Aria runs at Ryan and pins him to the tree with her arrow. She walks towards him. Then the 12 girl, Roxi, runs at me. I duck and she rolls on the ground and the other tributes run and attack Ryan and I.

I pick up my axe and slam it into Roxi's side.

James looks mortified.


Great. Ryan's dead now and I'm alone. The hovercraft claw comes down to collect Chelsea... I run.

BOOM! and Roxi's dead.

I jump on it as it rises, and then apparently notices me and slings me across the arena.

I find myself laying in a ton of colorful flowers and laugh my ass off at the raging Careers.

Joseph Anderson [8]:

Aria, Zac, and Bronze are absolutely ruthless. After our raid, James sits in a ball curled up staring into nothing. Everyone else is eating Aria's groosling, Thalia's squirrel, and Surf's water he got yesterday. We're discussing our kills at the moment.

"Atlas is next." James hisses.

"I'm going for the girl alone- Katrina Savant. She'll be dead by tomorrow night." Thalia says.

"I want JJJ." Bronzesays. "He's a pathetic little sh*t." Everyone laughs.

"Did you see him in the Chariots?" Aria grins.

"He literally got thrown into James's chariot." I laugh, and look at him. He smiles a little bit.

"I was so effing scared." Everyone grins.

Aria laughs hardest at a memory, and begins a story.

"Well. This one time, back in District 1, me and my family were dancing, right? And my cousin was going to lift her leg to be spun and her boyfriend accidently slung her across the room and she nocked us all down like bowling pins!" Everyone bursts out hysterically.

James laughs as well, then stops. His expression turns rather serious and he looks at Aria.

"Wait." He whispers. "We haven't really talked much, District 1. What did you say your name was?" He glowers his eyes.

Her eyes meet his and she lowers her voice.

"Aria. " She whispers. She looks deeply into his eyes as if she knows them anywhere. "Hello, James." She murmurs.

He gets a goofy-looking smile that turns into a small laugh and he looks at her again.

"Well damn. There goes my death chart plans." She starts laughing.

"You did promise."

James [12]:

Well, knowing that Aria is my ally is a bit more comforting after Roxi died. Her and Thalia have so many damn people that like them. I wonder how it is for the other girls, outside our alliance. I know she and Zac are a thing, and Joseph seems to have moved on to Thalia. He keeps hitting on her. To the point where Bronze dropped him and Thalia began blushing.

But I told Aria I wouldn't kill her. I may need someone else to do it, I guess.

"Everybody ready to rest up?" Bronze asks, and everyone nods in agreement.

I lay in my sleeping bag, regretting that I ever promised not to kill anyone.

I watch the sky when the anthem plays and when Roxi's face appears, I stare at it. Taking it in as long as I can.

I miss her. I never even told her..

My mind lingers off absently. Then I realize my eyes are getting wet.

Hell no. I'm not even about to cry.

But maybe I have a good reason to. I think about her and her laugh the whole night, wishing she were with me right now. I would have protected her until the end and eaten nightlock, had she not died, I realize. And I'm surprised even with myself.

With everthing still playing through my head I lay down and fall asleep, wondering what will happen tomorrow.

Day 2 Statistics:

The Careers: Camping outside. They are all fine. Nobody needs anything.

Alliance 1: Atlas is camping out in a meadow, and unaware of the mutts surrounding him- the posonous flower gases. Otherwise he is doing great with supplies.

Alliance 2: Kind ok okay. Bethany recieved her Sleeping Syrup and slept easily, JJJ tried to wake her up a ton again hearing noises outside but it didn't work. They are fine with supplies as well.

Alliance 3: Katrina is doing okay and is eclipsing the mountains. She has killed a few mutts and has a mild injury on her cheek. She needs cut medicine and water.

Day 3

JJJ [11]:

Bethny and me are allies. She luvs me. She tellz me evryday she hopes I die in a hole. I lol everytime. Bethny pushed me into a cave and said she prayed mutts was in there! LOLZ THERE WEREN'T. Now were just camping and then I see fire.

"BETHNY? FIRE. FIRE!" I know were gonna die.

So I kiss Bethny lol.

Bethny screams.

"Get the hell off me!" She yelled, and punches me off the log. I LOL AGAIN.

"BUT BETHNY. I LUV YOU BBY."I tell her and I LOL.

"Shut up. Leave me alone. Sit your ass down and stab yourself." LOLOLOL.





Bethany [11]:

I'm so f**king tired of this thing holding me back. I only protect it [well not exactly, I haven't killed it] because it would ashame my district. I can't do that.

I just pray day and night the stupid thing is killed by another tribute or Gamemaker.

But they're all assholes and like to see me suffer apparently.

But then again, the past few days [almost, it's still dark outside- we woke up early] I feel like I'm protecting a baby.. he must be mentally damaged or something. Or just a complete troll.

I see something flicker in the distance.

"Hey.. JJJ.... didn't you say something earlier before I punched you?" My eyes haven't left the light.

"LOL YES BBY. FIRE." He says. My eyes widen, and I grab JJJ and start running and covering my head as the fire knocks over trees and smoke covering the air.

I start coughing, gasping for air. JJJ stops and sits on a rock.

I turn around to him.

"JJJ! GET UP! RUN!" I cry out with what air I have left.

He shakes his head and points up.

I see the tree fall on top of him and scream.

But I keep running, and trip over a bunch of vines on a hill, and I start rolling, thorns scratching my arms, legs, neck, and face as I go. I see red and taste a nasty metallic liquid.

And then I land down at the bottom, the fire lingering in the trees behind me.

My eyes flutter shut foggily, and I can't move no matter how hard I try.

And I don't exactly want to.

Zac [1]:

I didn't know what to think of the mishap with Aria and James last night. I don't think there's anything going on at least.....

But lately Aria and I have been pretty distant. She's been holding to herself and quiet. I think she's homesick. She hasn't said a word.

"You know what's scary?" She finally says. Everyone looks over at her.

"You usually never know when you're gonna die.. but we do. Only one of us can make it out alive, and we are going to end up killing each other. Do you know how scary that is?" She whispers, and looks at each one of us.

We get quiet.

"There's only 11 of us left, and 1 comes out alive." Joseph murmurs.

"If it counts... at least we all can know one thing- we died with honor." Thalia says with a gentle smile.

"No.. we died with humiliation. Being a tribute to show Panem who's in charge isn't the best way to go down." I say.

Everyone's eyes grow wide and look at me with shock.


"Yeah, whatever. I don't plan on winning anyways."

Everyone exchanges nervous murmurs.

Then it starts to get warm.

"Hey, is anyone else getting hot?" I raise an eyebrow.

A few people say yes, others aren't sure what we're talking about.

"Yeah.. really warm." Bronze says, appearing to get curious. Everyone begins their own conversations.

"Aria.. what the hell is wrong with you?" I ask her.

She glares at me.

"What the hell is wrong with me? What about you for asking me that? We're in f**king death games. Of course I'm a bit pissed off." She hisses.

"Well damn.. sorry for asking. But you seem to have something with James, too." I glare.

"JAMES? " She says in a loud whisper.

"No. At the ball, he told me he wouldn't hurt me. I didn't ever have a big thing for him. And me and Joseph dated for what, a few days? He was an ass. So I dumped him, you saw. And by the way- even if I did happen to have a thing with James, you couldn't say a damn thing about it. We were never officially 'going out'. So don't start." She glares at me.

I take that our conversation is over, and I'm a bit hurt and angry. That stung.

"Okay, Aria. Whatever you say." I say bitterly, and turn away. She gets up and walks over and begins talking to James and Thalia.

Then I see some movement from the corner of my eye.

It begins... running?

It's.. it's Surf.

"Guys- hey- SURF!" I yell, and everyone gets up and sees him running awat from us. Abandoning us from what we saw next. We looked the other way, and seen why he left us.

Kat [2]:

I have begun making my way down the mountains at this point. I'm thirsty and my cheek hurts. I just want to go home. As I place my footing and grab a rock, I see smoke, and turn to get a better glimpse. Then my foot slips, and I fall a few feet on my arm and cringe in pain. I think I broke it. I cry out.

"Sh*t!" I yell.

I attempt to climb down as well as I can with one arm, and I have just reached the bottom when I hear a girl screaming. I jump off of the last rock and hop to the ground. it hurt my arm. I cry out and hold it.

Then she passes me and I see fire. I start running as well, grasping my arm.

As I run and dodge flaming branches and leaves, I notice the direction of the fire. I see it coming from every angle, ending at the pond water. And then I'm horrified.

I'm screwed.

How the hell am I supposed to swim with a broken arm?

I get to the edge and see the girl already swimming across, and she lands at the cornucopia and runs inside to hide, I presume. I see the Careers and notice them running through the forest. Behind me is the boy from 7, Atlas.

I then give up, and realize all hope is lost. Waiting for the fire to gain up on me, I sit down. I pull out all of my equptment from my bag and throw them one by one into the water so that no one can have them. then I tear up the bag and throw it in.

I hold onto my journal. The entries about hating the Capitol, planning to kill them, wishing to rebel and missing my mother..

I began tearing out the pages, warm tears streaming my face onto the pages as I do so. My arm is killing me.

My last memory is the past few years of my life. I remember that girl Aria's mother meeting with mine and so many others, plotting to rebel. I remember being prep talked to knowing that someday- no matter how many years from now- Panem would be safe again.

And I silently thank whoever that may be someday, and I see the fire burn the pages I threw to the distance. Then the fire closes in on me, and I jump into the water, sinking to the bottom.


Bronze [3]:

We made it across the water and saw the girl from 2 drown. The boy- Atlas- is nearly across. I prepare my sword. Joseph walks into the Cornucopia, and I can hear a bloody gurgle after a shrilling scream.


He walks out, laughing.

"I killed the girl from 11. She was crying and she begged me not to kill her. So I told her that I wouldn't, and slit her throat." He grins deviously.

"Joseph.. she.. she was 14.. and she seemed to hae just become 14." I furrow my eyebrows painfully. I could never kill anyone at least below 15.

"Well I enjoyed it." He grins deviously again.

And I see the arrow go through his heart.


I turn around in shock to see Aria's eyes set on Joseph's dead body. Thalia and James are looking at me, who were right by her sides.

I understand that they were hurt by what he did, and most of us must die anyways.

The boy from 7 make sit across and starts running. I grab him and slit his throat as well.


It's like the second damn bloodbath.

Aria [1]:

I killed Joseph becuase of how angry I have been with him. We broke up long ago, and he still seemed mad over it. Then he was hitting on Thalia, and last night she told me she kept telling him to stop. Then he killed Bethany, so I ended him. I think the arrow through the heart sent the message.

Now Zac is walking up behind Surf with an axe, and surf is setting up a little memorial where his sister died.

I'm pissed now.

"ZAC!" I scream, and he turns around.

That same second, James throws his spear through his head. I scream. Blood splatters all over me. I wipe it off of my hands and face, and I stare at his limp body, my jaw hanging open. I look at James, and then at Surf.

"I'm so sorry he almost.." I pause, and watch Surf.

"No, it's fine." He says with an easy-going smile. "I can't handle it anymore.. her guilt." He says, and twists his trident around in his hand.

"Do me a favor?" He raises an eyebrow.

I think back to when Katrina Savant's mother and mine would meet at rebellion conferences, and I always wanted to make a change. The same words were told to my mother. I had never told anyone. Anyone. But from a previous incident in my life, a horrible, haunting memory- I had a baby boy. Adam. Named after my father. We raised him as my brother, and now he's a year old. I burst out crying. I miss him, and now he'll never know his mother alive.

But the reason I asked her to do me a favor was that I needed the rebellion passed down generations through my son's family, and she swore to me.

"Of course." I whisper, wiping my tears away with bloodied hands.

"Kill me. And put my body by these leaves where my sister had layed dead at. Stick my trident into the ground." He begs, and looks deeply into my eyes.

James and Thalia look at me.

"I... no, I can't.." I say.

"Please. Please, kill me. I don't want to kill myself. Please. I will be ever in your gratitude." He whispers.

I shakily pull my bow up, and I look at him for one final assurance. He just nods.

"Thank you." He whispers.

I pull back, and shoot the arrow straight to his heart.

Instant death.


And I take his body, and lay it by the leaves. I stab his trident into the ground, and trace his body with leaves as well. I walk back and me, James, Bronze, and Thalia stand together, staring.

We can't kill each other.

So we all decide to camp out in the Cornucopia.

We don't plan on killing each other off very soon.

Let the Gamemakers do it for us.

That night we all layed in the Cornucopia and- for the first time, really- slept soundly.

Even though we know we'll all be dead in less than a week.

Day 4

Thalia [3]:

"Attention, tributes of the 100th Annual Hunger Games, and congratulations to the final 4!"

The voice of the head Gamemaker booms through the arena. It's odd, though. Usually they announce a congratulations to the final 3.

"This year will are lightening things a bit. In the 74th Games, we allowed two victors. We are permitting the same for the 100th Games. It does not have to be the same district, however you may not remain inactive too long. You final 4 are close, it seems, but two-at least- of you must die. May the odds be ever in your favor."

We all stare at each other.

"If it could only be four." I whisper.

"It can't be though... so let's make the most of our lives, right? I mean.. let's get honest." Bronze murmurs quietly.

"What?" Aria raises an eyebrow.

"Either you and James will kill me and Thalia, or..... vice-versa..."

"Bronze!" I yell, and smack his arm. "Don't talk like that!"

"Thalia it's true." He tightens his jaw.

"Well how about you shut up and don't talk about it." I hiss back.

"Guys, guys! Calm down.. I need to go for a walk. Aria- are you going to come?" He asks her.

"Yeah, sure." She stands up and takes his hand, and they walk out together.

I look at Bronze.

"So what now, Bronze? What would you do- if we won the Games together?" I ask him.

"I'd make sure I never lost you.." He tells me.

"By doing what?"

"Well." He blushes. "I'd... I'd..."

I grin, wondering what's going through his head.

"What would you do, Bronze?" I ask lightly and smile at him.

"I'd.. marry you." He blushes again and looks up at me.

I smile, and lean over and kiss him.

"But of course, we'd have to wait a while." I laugh.

"Well, I know. But still."

"And Aria and James... we can't kill them." I tell him painfully.

Because I can't. I can't take my knifes and throw them in my best friend's chest. I can't take her bow and shoot an arrow through James's head. I'd commit suicide because I'd die of guilt and pain.

"So we won't. Let nature- er, the Gamemakers- take their own pick. But for now..." He takes my hands and puts his forehead against mine.

" 'Us' is enough." He tells me, and looks into my eyes.

James [12]:

"So.... what do you think about the whole 'Victors' thing?" He says as we walk around an island.

"Well..... what would happen?" I whisper and look up at him. "We're two... completely.. different districts. I'm from district 1, we're luxury. Everything my entire life has been handed to me on a silver platter. You're from district 12, you're a coalminer. You have to be pressed hard just to make a small diamond when I have them just for the hell of it on dishes that we eat off of." I tell him, and he seems to analyze.

"We'd make it work." he tells me.

"No.. we couldn't. Unless I moved to 12, or you moved to 1. And the chances are slim to- well- none." I sigh.

We lean against a tree.

"Well, we can just pray for 'slim'." He grins, and leans in to kiss me.

I don't know how to react. I won't see him again anways if I win. We look down on the people in 12. They're supposed to be dirty, gross, poor, and just plain out needy. But he isn't. And I can see that now.

"We can always hope for the best." I sigh, and adjust his jacket. I smoothen the wrinkles out, and frown when I hear a noise nearby.

I freak out.

"Let's go. Now." I demand, grab his hand, and we jump into the water and swim across.

"What's wrong?" He asks as we jump out and wring our clothes.

"I just... thought I heard something." I murmur, and look off into the woods at a pair of eyes, glowing, watching.

If I weren't so scared I'd say they were the eyes of Zac Ashton.

But it can't be...

Bronze [3]:

We all have sat around a fire and discussed our day. It's dark out, and we hear an odd howling. A couple, actually. We get concerned when Aria tells us about the glowing eyes she seen.

We just stop thinking about it for now.

Aria and James have officially become a couple, just like me and Thalia.

We're all scared.

"I didn't want to come into the Games to fall in love." I murmur.

Thalia nods, and so does Aria.

"I was pretty much proned." James laughs, "With Sybi and Roxi and all."

Everyone else laughs too.

We decide to go to bed after our groosling meal, and we sleep easily again tonight.

Day 5

James [12]:

I wake up early the next morning from an odd noise.

We all get up and sit there, frozen.

"What was that?" Aria whispers.

"I think we're about to find out.." Thalia says.

We walk out of the Cornucopia. Bronze and Thalia walk a little while to the left, while Aria and I take the right.

"I don't know about this, babe.." Thalia murmurs to Bronze as they walk the other way.

"Neither do I. This is where I saw the eyes." She frowns.

I pause after I hear shuffling, and turn around.

Nothing. I take a deep breath with relief. I was absolutely horrified.

"James!" Aria screams to the top of her lungs and pushes me to the water with her. She lands on top of me and I hear a THUMP! On the land, lead by a snarl. She's swimming and half-dragging me to the island.

It's a Zac Mutt.

She pulls me up on the island and I clutch onto her.

We hear Thalia and Bronze scream.

Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t!!!!!!!

Is all that goes through my head.

Then I see Bronze pull Thalia up onto the Cornucopia.

And they're safe right now, damn it.

"James, James!" Aria yells, demanding my attention. I look at her, and she's grabing my face with her trembling hands.

Hot tears are streaming her cheeks.

The mutt starts swimming towards us.

Aria starts weeping.

"JAMES. LISTEN! Listen to me . RIGHT NOW!" She screams.

"Okay, okay! Come on!" I yell and start to get up. She drags me back down.

"No, James. James. Listen to me. Right now." She says through her teeth, with fear striking her.

"I love you. I love you! Don't forget it. WIN. I love you!" She cries, and I hold onto her when she gets up.

"I love you too- Aria, where the hell- STOP! I love you too, now run!" I demand.

"No. GO, James! You swim better than me! Go, just go! Okay?"

"Aria, no-"

"GO! DAMMIT, GO NOW!" She screams.

"I love you!" She sobs out, and kisses me one last time. Then she jumps into the water on the Zac Mutt.

And I start screaming my ass off when I see it rip her to shreads and hear her screaming.


I swim as hard and as quickly as I can to the woods.

I'm crying. She's dead. She's f**king dead.

And it's my fault. I could have jumped in the water.. I could have..

I pick nightlock off of a nearby bush. I hold it in my trembling hand.

I could still win, as a single victor, for Aria..

But is it really worth living?

Thalia [3]:

I began screaming when I saw Aria torn to shreds.

"NO!!!! ARIA, NO!!! NO!!!!" I screamed, and Bronze held my arms back. "NO!!!" I scream.

"Thalia, shh! SHH!" Bronze yells. "SHHHH! Get out your knives. Throw them."

I take deep breaths and he steadies my trembling hand. I hold it out towards the mutt.

It looks just like Atlas Dunnin- the District 7 male Bronze killed.

He helps me aim and throw it.

It hits it in the neck.

The mutt begins whimpering, but it's still alive.

We throw the second.

In its back. Still going strong, climbing the Cornucopia.

Bronze leans down to slit its throat, but he looses his footing and-


He lands on the ground.

"F**k!" I scream, and jump down. The mutt grabs his leg. He screams.

"NO!" I cry, and take his sword from him. I slit the mutt's throat and it falls down with a few twitches, and-


James... James is dead... but their mutt is still on the island, eating the leftover meat of Aria's.

I look out into the woods and see James, laying dead. With nightlock to his side.

I burst out crying and I won't stop. I collapse into Bronze's arms.

I don't know if it's because I'm so happy, relieved, scared, or sad.

But I think it's all of the above when he starts crying and shaking too. He drops the sword and puts his arms around me, and brushes his fingers through my matted hair.

"We made it." He says trembly. "We won. We're victors, Thalia. We made it." He says hoarsely, and the hovercraft collects James and another one comes to retrieve me and Bronze.

The Victor Tour


Careers: Surf, Aqua, Joseph, James, Roxi, Bronze, Thalia, Zac, and Aria.

'Alliance 1:' Atlas, Dyno, Chelsea, and Ryan.

Alliance 2: JJJ, Bethany. [Wierd, right? O__O]

Alliance 3: Katrina Savant. [Forever alone like a boss.]

Death Chart

Pre- Games Death:

Bentley Hudson- District 6 Male

Place Day District Name Killer
23 1 6 Tamora Summers Aria Camelliston [1]
22 1 5 Pam Beesley Zac Ashton [1]
21 1 9 Caleb Stoll Zac Ashton [1]
20 1 2 Caleb Evans Kat Savant [2]
19 1 9 Annabel Welsburg Bronze Ashen [3]
18 1 10 Abital Zertofi Bronze Ashen [3]
17 1 7 Phoebe Northcross Thalia Combe [3]
16 1 4 Aqua Waves Dyno Kyrono [10]
15 1 10 Dyno Kyrono Surf Waves [4]
14 2 8 Chelsea Landry Aria Camelliston [1]
13 2 5 Ryan Startedafire Aria Camelliston [1]
12 2 12 Roxi Gomez Atlas Dunnin [7]
11 3 11 John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt Gamemaker's fire- crushed by burning tree
10 3 2 Katrina Savant Gamemaker's fire- chased to water, drowned.
9 3 11 Bethany Wakeling Joseph Anderson [8]
8 3 8 Joseph Anderson Aria Camelliston [1]
7 3 7 Atlas Dunnin Bronze Ashen [3]
6 3 1 Zac Ashton James Wil [12]
5 3 4 Surf Waves Suicide/ Aria Camelliston [1]
4 4 1 Aria Camelliston Muttation
3 4 12 James Wil Suicide/ Nightlock


Names: Bronze Ashen and Thalia Combe

Ages: 17 and 16

Districts: Both from District 3

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